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Serving :
A meeting in the Mill City high
school building is scheduled for next
Monday evening for the purpose of
Vol. VIII—No. 1
taking a vote on the feasibility of
*2.50 a Year, ]()t> a Copy
calling for bids to sell the old grade
school building. In order to sell a
piece of property it is iecessary to get
permission of the legal voters of the
district before taking action to sell­
property. This meeting is called for
that purpose, and the voters will be
asked to vote to sell the old grade
school building before it deteriorates
beyond any salvage value. We be­
“Oregon has a complex, inefficient, uneconomical, and educationally damag­
lieve it is a wise decision to dispose
ing school district organization set-up.” This «as the major conclusion of
of this building. The idea has been
the Interim Committee’s Study of Oregon's Elementary and Secondary schools.
advanced that the city bid on the
The Interim Committee’s study, directed by Dr. T. \. Holy of Ohio State
property and use the materials to
University, recommended that Oregon's school districts be reorganized so that
build an all-weather swimming pool,
every school child in Oregon would live in a unified school district (a district
available for use the year around.
large enough to provide education in
* * *
all twelve grade«) where a local board
At the first council' meeting of
education would have supervision of
1952 the two new council members
the educational program from kinder­
elected at last months city election
garten through high school.
were sworn in and took their seats.
The major purposes of this recom­
John Muir and W. R. Hutcheson are
mendation were (1) to provide better
the two new members of the council
Wednesday evening the city coun­ ¡education for the children of Oregon,
replacing Arey Podrabsky and Carl
cil met for the first session of the j (2) to spend the educational tax dollar
Kelly, retiring members. Don’t for­
new year. The first business of the more wisely, and (3) to insure local
get to thank these two men for the
council was the election of mayor for I control of the educational program.
time and effort they have given in
the ensuing year following the seating
The 1951 session of the Oregon
the past to city affairs; they have
of the new councilmen, John Muir I State Legislature, after long months
worked hard and long and we certainly
appreciate their sacrifice of time that
of serious study and careful consid­
replacing retiring Councilmen Podrab­ eration, enacted this recommendation
they have given without remuneration.
sky and Carl Kelly. Mayor Toman ! into law. This law was widely sup­
* « ♦
declined to be a candidate to succeed ported by the newspaper press, the
“Wes” Greene was elected in a
general public, and informed organ­
closely contested election to the post
During a spirited election in which | izations throughout the state. (The
of mayor for the next year. We are
Councilmen Wes Greene and Jim Oregon S(ate Grange, the only group
sure that ‘‘Wes” will be a hard
O’Leary each received two votes,' to oppose this measure, at the insist­
working mayor and everyone should
Mayor Toman as presiding officer' ence of some of its leaders, has re­
co-operate to the best of their ability
cast the tie-breaking vote for Coun­ ferred it to the people for a vote in
That the new council can do a good
cilman Greene for mayor. Upon re­ the general election of Nevember,
job for the city. Drainage and streets
tiring from the chair Mayor Toman 1952.)
together with sewerage disposal are
presented to the new Mayor Greene
subjects that need council attention
Core of the extensive study and its
a "key" to the city in a dramatic cere­ 275 recommendations, is urgent advice
and guidance. The city council can­
not do it alone (they are only the
to Oregonians that they must reor­
Mayor Greene announced that at ganize their hit-and-miss collection
governing body) and such improve­
, the next meeting of the council he of local school districts if they are
ments must originate with the pro­
would make assignments on the vari­ to get value received from their
perty owners who want such im-
ous posts to be filled by the mayor. educational dollar.
provements and are willing to pay
the bill.
Retiring Mayor Toman entertained
Nearly all recommendations, from
* *
the council at an informal gathering those on reorganization of the Statu
The Santiam Lions club stepped in ■
after the council adjourned.
Department of Education, to the
and did a commendable job again this
school lunch program, taxation and
Christmas time when they furnished
curriculum, are linked to this plan
complete Christmas dinners for five
for a state-wide network of strong and
needy families in Mill City this year.
independent local districts.
The five families included a total of
Inadequate districts, run by poor
26 children and adults who could not
professional and business staffs are
have enjoyed a very .plentiful dinner
expensive in themselves and, worse
had it not been for *he >'ood work of
Richard Allen Hunt, L\> S. Army yet, they breed -cndesirable” state
the Lions club and its members.
man. aged 19, caused considerable controls which are even more ex­
Clothing and toys donated by individ­
stir in Mill City, Monday afternoon, pensive, Dr. Holy says.
ual members were also distributed to
by his de-perate escape try. Hunt,
The Holy committee found that
these families, making their holiday
former Los Angeles, Californa, resi­ Oregon which hung behind in its
an enjoyable one. One other family
dent. came to this area without get­ school support rather longer than
was unable to be located in time for
ting the permission of his command­ its companion states, picked up most
Christmas, but since have been taken
ing officer. In army slang this means creditably beginning around 1940 and
care of by this civic organization.
he was A.W.O.L.
now is just about even with Cali­
* * *
Mill City townspeople were more or fornia and Washington in average
This week work began on the Mill
less nonplussed when the boy took to amount spent per child per year
City high school annual “The Timber­
the middle of the North Santiam river *250. (In Oregon, however, conaid-
wolf”, a publication telling the story
in his dash from custody of the mili­ erably less of the total school budget
of school life and activities during
tary authorities alerted for his ap­ comes from the state.)
the past year in the high school. It
prehension. Since he found his es­
Oregon’s great growth in school
becomes a permanent record of events
Cold weather and carbon monoxide
Rolland Sampson Corbin, 72, of
Frances Johnson, daughter of Mr. cape route cut off by the authorities, population will necessitate the build­
and happenings for the entire year, fumes can be a fatal combination Mill City succumbed Wednesday morn­ and Mr» Floyd Johnson of Mill the young man took to the river with
that every student prizes and cher­ | during winter months, the Secretary ing, January 2, 1952. He was a cancer City was struck and injured Thurs­ the idea in mind of crossing it to ing of thousands of additional class­
ishes more than his "sheepskin” in of State’s office warned today. Many victim; and never recovered fully day evening by an automobile driven safety. The depth of the river proved room. larger school districts will
many cases all his life. Never is times accidents in which a driver ha- after undergoing an operation four I by H. M. Methany of Mill City. After too much, so he stood shivering in the make it easier to build more economi­
there a gathering of alumni of a apparently fallen asleep might be months previous to his death. Corbin being taken to Dr. Reid’s office for cold river water for some length of cally and to place new buildings where
they are needed. Failure to reorgan­
school but what the old annuals are traced to carbon monoxide poisoning, was born July 12, 1879, in Findley, first aid, Miss Johnson was taken to time.
ize will cost millions of dollars in
dusted off and fingered through with j the office said.
Ohio, to Sampson and Magdalena a Salem hospital by Mill City ambu­
The young soldier was absent with­ unnecessary building programs and in
much delight in renewing old mem­
Best way to avoid this possibility is
out leave from his Camp Atterburg, unplanned
The Johnson girl and Miss Betty Indiana, army base, where he former­ routes.
to keep a window slightly open to to Clara B. Grandi in 1907.
The publishing of the “annual” pro­ permit fresh air in the car. If fumes
R. S. Corbin is survived by his Lou Cree were walking towards Hill ly served with the military police.
Present school buildings are filled
vides a lot of work and experience seep in through loose floorboards or widow and two daughters, Mrs. Doris Top General store on the left side of After serviceman Hunt was coaxed
for all involved in the gathering and defective exhaust equipment, failure Sheythe of Mill City, and Mrs. Lucille the street when the accident occured from the middleof the North Santiam to the brim. 7,000 new classrooms
planning of its contents. Experience to have an open window could mean Riggs of Martinez, California; a son, Apparently Methany was not travel­ river he was taken to the Mill City must be built within the next ten
Many small districts will find
such as this can only be obtained by I poisoning.
Delmer R. Corbin of South Bend, ing at a very great rate of speed jail and given a dry change of clothes. years. (Continued
on Page 8)
the act of doing, therefore, it is highly
Although the concentration of
valuable as a training project for the i fumes may not be strong enough to was employed at one time on the feet of the spot where his car first
students each year in the business be fatal in itself, the colorless and Pennsylvania Ry. He has lived in Mill struck Mis Johnson.
management and production of this , odorless gas induces drowiness, and City for the past two years, Pre­
The pedestrian-car accident took
i drowiness at the wheel can result in a viously he lived in Newport and place on First St. at about 7:30 p.m.
This year David Keyes is business j serious traffic mishap, the office con- Salem, and in Findley, Ohio. Corbin Details about the extent of the injuries
manager and Charles O’Kine is the i eluded.
was a member of the First Presby sustained by the Johnson girl have
terian church of Mill City and en- not as yet been released. The girl’s
assistant and their job is selling ad­
vertising in order to met the cost
joyed gardening as a hobby.
father did report, however, that she
of producing the school annual. They
Rev. D. J. Ferguson will officiate complained about great soreness on
at services 1:30 p.m., Saturday, Jan. her left side. Frances was not
have received excellent co-operation MONDAY—
5, at the Weddle Funeral Home in knocked unconscious by the force of
to date and I can only wish them the
Stayton. Interment will be in the the impact of the car striking her.
best of luck in their job of "balancing
Lions club meeting
the books” for their school annual so
Belcrest Cemetery. Salem.
A.F. 4 A.M. No. 180 stated meet­ bearers will be D. B. Hill, E. L. Roye,
that it will be a success as it should be.
ing third Monday
• • •
Fred Grimes. Lestle J. Sparks, Arthur Mill City PTA Features
O.E.S. meeting, 2d Monday month. Hedge, and Lester Mason.
The operations on the dam resumed
again today after several days shut­ TUESDAY—
All-Student Program
down due to cold weather following
Women's club 8 p.m. 1st. 3rd Tues
An all-student program will be
Christmas and New Year holiday
129-J School Board meeting 2d Tues
at the regular P.T.A. meeting
shutdowns. The weather was down
Riders of the Santiam. 1st Tuesday
A SON—To Mr. and Mrs. Vernon in the high school auditorium.Wednes­
to freezing and temperat«»res of 15
Lions Auxiliary 4th Tuesday
Wooten. Mill City, Dec. 28, at Salem day, January 9, Mrs. James O’Leary
degrees above were reported. This WEDNESDAY—
Memorial hospital.
PTA president states.
evening the temperature had risen
Following the business session, re­
above freezing and the small amount
Santiam Eagles and auxiliary 8 p.m.
freshments will be served by the
of snow left was melting with a slow
at Mill City fire hall.
fourth-grade mothers.
rain coming down. The barometer
Santiam Rebekah 166—1st and 3rd
Not all the program items have
has been rising indicating warmer
Wed at 8 p m.
been determined, but dancing by the
Altar Society 3d Wednesday 8 p.m.
local girls' youth groups will be in­
PTA, second Wednesday 8 p.m.
Interim Committee Urges
School Re-organization
Wes Greene Named
Mill City Mayor
Soldier Takes Dip
In North Santiam
Carbon Monoxide Gas R.S. Corbin Succumbs Johnson Girl Struck
Threat to Driver
Of Advanced Cancer By H. Methany Auto
January 7, 1952
Coming Events . . .
rust Arrived...
on all Savings Accounts
Chance Car Damaged in
Auto Accident Near Bend
Kenneth Chance was forced off
the road near Sisters, while tra-eeling
to Bend last Tuesday. His car was
damaged consi derably when it rolled
over, but neither Chance nor his
passenger were seriously injured.
Mr. Chance was driving a youg man
to Bend at the time of the accident.
Geo. Stewart was called to bring
Chance's automobile home.
rm ksday —
Theta Rho Club for Girls, meets 2d
and 4th Thursdays.
Gates PTA 1st Thursday 8 pm
American Legion 2d and 4th Thurs
Garden club fourth Thursday.
Firemen Auxiliary meets 3d Thurs
Toastmistress Club. 2d 4 4th, 7 p.m.
LOOT meeting
Mil! City TWA meeting last Friday
Farmers Union meeting at Mehama
WOman’s club, 2nd
Health Nurse Scheduled
For Conference Clinic
Th« Marion County public health
nune, Etta Mae Deterir.g will be at
the Mill City Elementary school
Tuesday morning from 9:30 to 11:30
January 8, for a nursing conference
and immunization clinic.
Appointments may be made by cal­
ling Mrs. John Muir at Muirs Bakery.
Timberwolves Meet Gates Pirates Tuesday, Jan. 11 on Local Floor
January I Oth
from the 1st