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Santa Claus has notified us that he
will arfive a half hour earlier than
announced last week so that the kid­
dies can also attend a party at the
MILL CITY. OREGON. Till RSI)AY. 1<E< EMI<ER 1:1. 1951
12.50 a Year. J Of a Copy
Mill City theatre on Saturday after-
soon, Dec 22. The time is 1 p.m. in­
stead of 1:30 p.m. as announced
earlier. The Firemen’s Auxiliary are
working overtime in preparing for
the arrival of Santa, and reports are
that he will be well supplied with
Christmas goodies when he arrives.
* * *
Police Chief Kenneth Hunt has
Eirst school job for Old Lady Oregon, like that of any housewife, is to see
asked that the police department’s
that all her children get .in even break out of the family dollar and that the
thanks be extended to all who helped
educational budget is efficiently spent. This, according to Dr. T. ('. Holy
make the dance such a wonderful
in comment on his 100 nagc survey of Oregon’s public schools which was
success last Saturday night. The
released to the interim committee
success of this affair enables the de­
which ordered the survey made.
partment to purchase much needed
do—give Johnny in his one-room
In school language the even break school something Use the same oppor­
* « *
for all Oregon’s kids is called "equal­ tunities for learning as Jimmy has
Anyone who attended the Mill City
ization”. This is what the state basic in his 300-student, modern building.
treatre’s showing
_ on Tuesday and
hool measure of 1947 has tried to
In school language , the second of
Wednesday of this week7 of “Gentle­
Oregon’s educational jobs is called
man’s Agreement” will agree that it
“reoiganization of local school units,
lelivered a staggering blow at anti­
statewide, so that there is only one
semitism and religious and political
kind of school district in Oregon offer­
bigotry. At times in our history,, we
ing both elementary and high school
as a country have inflicted serious
wounds upon minorities.
Since Oregon has made a good
ood start
Arthur Martin Mason, 43, was
man’s Agreement” is a story of a
stricken suddenly by a heart attack
man who spent eight weeks living as
which quickly resulted in his death in the 1947 equalization plan of distri­
a Jew’, he felt the pains of prejudice
buting state funds essentially a good
a Eugene hospital Saturday night,
on he and his young son, that many
one) the major task has now become •
suffer all through their life-time in
Harrisburg Union high school at the reorganization. It isn't the easy way;
the short space of eight weeks—he
it is the only way, In the opinion ot
time of death and had been for the
learned to fight prejudice and neces-
the survey head who goes on to offer,
nt.v for each and everyone of us to
on nearly every page of his detailed
fight this insiduous cancer on society,
appraisal of the state’s schools, evi­
condition was critical.
Mason was
if we are to keep our democracy
born in Mill City, May 19, 1908; and dence that, until there is a uniformity
strong. I can strongly recommend
of strong local districts, led by well-
attended grade and high school in
this picture to all as a must.
trained professional people, equaliza­
* * *
Mill City.
tion is an impossible dream.
Next Tuesday is election day in Mill
Mason married Miss Louise Cath­
“Generous support atone will not as­
City. It is your opportunity to ex­
erine Fletcher in Portland, December
press a preference for city council­
25, 1938. While in Mill City. Mason sure good schools”, the report states
... the plan of organization provided
man. We hope every citizen of Mill
was a member of the Presbyterian
by the people of the state is as signi­
City will show up next Tuesday at
church, After moving to Harrisburg,
ficant as any other factor in deter­
the city hall from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
• : lAaaMfc».: ■
he joined the St. Mary’s Episcopal
mining how the schools are Io develop
Dec. 18th. Two councilmen are to be
church of Eugene.
He received his
and what opportunities are to be pro­
elected to fill the expired terms of
B.A. and M.A. degrees at the Univer­
vided the children. . .”
Arey Podrabsky and Carl Kelly, who
sity of Oregon. Mason was active in
Take a page from the development of the Columbia river highway system—follow through on it for the North
While Oregon’s proportion of state
have served faithfully their duties on
civic affairs and was a charter mem­
Santiam canyon and look at the lower picture. Here is a section of the new right-of-way from below Mehama
the council. Kelly Is a candidate to
ber of and first president of the Har­ support of schools is not as great as
to Mill City. \ multitude of road huildirg "sins” wc| be atoned for once this federal aid pro ect is complete
succeed himself, but Prodrabsky de­
risburg Lions club. He was also an California and Washington's, the
sometime in September. 1952. One mile of tough travel will he gone forever. Cosmo Gilo, c ntractor, is re-
clined to be a candidate.
officer of Thurston Lodge No. 28, actual amount spent per child, per
sponsible for the grading of the straight route. lpper left is that part of the Little North Santiam which
* » *
A.F. & A.M., worthy patron of Thurs­ year, (approximately $250) is about
must be snanned by a 387-foot re-inforced concrete bridge. \ mobile crane is seen on a 30 by 34 foot coffer-
As time draws near for the city
ton chapter No. 85, O.E.S, and a mem­ even with her neighbor states. The
dam. At this site 150 yards of concrete were poured December _ 5 5. This was the beginning of pier one on the
election to take place parlor prognas-
ber of the B.P.O.E. of Klamath Falls. state also rated an f. for effort to
north hank of the river. C. .1. Eldon, contractor, has the bridge contract. It is estimated the new bridge will
ticators insist the race will be dose
Surviving are his widow, two chil­ support its schools. Tn 1947-48 (last
cost $217.000.
(Photo courtesy of the Capital Journal)
vith no one willing to risk more than a
dren- Martin and Catherine Mason; available figure) sht was 18th among
r>uek in the bett , . ci'^’e
m nr'-
his mother, Mrs. Gertrude Mason of the states, spending 2.98 percent of
andidate. Wm. Hutcheson, the candi­
Harrisburg; three brothers—Clarence her income for schools.
date from the Marion county side of
How it is spent is something else
and Lester of Mill City and George
the city is considered a good risk in
again and this is where the hodge­
Mason of Rickreall.
the betting pools—he made a trip to
Funeral services were held in the podge of local school units makes for
Bend a few days ago and it is under­
Fort miller & Fredrickson chapel in waste,—actual budgetary waste, and
stood he made a number of good cam­
Harold Wiltse. versed in ffre pro­
A Cub Pack meeting in the high Albany, Tuesday afternoon, Dec. 11. waste in terms of poorly educated
The Halsey rat control program ha
paign speeches while on this trip that tection work and civic affairs, as­
produced very satisfactory result-, school on November 26, 1951, with Rev. Ernest Bartham, pastor of the
ought to net him a sizeable number sumes a new role—that of fire chief
Oregon has 1250 school district*—-
This program was the result of a some 90 parents and friends and 50 St. Mary’s Episcopal church officiated.
of votes. Kelly in fiis bid for re­ of the Mill City Volunteer fire depart­
County Survey which indicates that Cubs present for award of achieve­ Interment was made at Fairview cem­ the number per county running from
election became so wrapped up in his ment.
Wiltse was selected as Arlo all communities in the county have rat ment badges signifying the accom- etery, near Gates. Pallbearers were one to more than 90. She has the fol­
-ampaign he wound up in California, Tuers’ successor during the Tuesday
problems of varying degrees.
plishnr.ent of certain fundamental six senior boys from Harrisburg lowing varieties: county unit districts,
taking him so far away it took two night meeting of the volunteer group,
common school districts, county high
Union high school.
The City of Halsey realizing its rat health, sports, and craft requirements.
weeks to get back.
school districts, union high school
'Dec. 11, in the Mill City fire hail. problem requested assistance. The rat
New Cubs to Scoutmaster Steiner
Johnnie Muir, local bakery owner, Tuers served ably as fire chief for
districts, non-high districts, suspended
control program was conducted by by Den Chief Donald Lemke were
eomehow got headed the other way five years.
districts, and rural school districts.
and was heard compaigning at the
The “adequate”’ system of unified
Wilbur Meinert takes over the pres­ | vice Sanitarian, assisted by Fred Web­ ness, Larry Lemke, Dick Maur, and
Legion hall in Salem, a few days ago.
(elementary and high) districts which
Robert Mill. Pins were presented
If results of these campaigning ex­ idency of the Mill City firemen from er, County Sanitarian.
Dr. Holy and his staff propose would
cursions prove successful for these Burnett Cole. Bill Stewart Jr., was | In. April every building in Halsey each new Cub by their parents.
eliminate (1) suspended districts
Cubs, 8 yr. olds, receiving their Niagara, that is a former community (Oregon has 278 of these defunct dis­
worthy candidates they will undoubt­
was inspected for signs of rats. 82*51
edly flood the city with “foreign” sky, secretary; and Martin Hansen, ' of the premises were found to be in- Wolf Badges were presented by Den in the North Santiam canyon near tricts who ship their youngsters out,
I fested. All infested buildings were Chief Ray Steiner, Jr., Bert Provost, Gates, soon will be legally nothing plus a good many more who contract
voters—therefore the local voters are treasurer.
The governing body over the Mill 'treated with poisoned bait containing Dick Dyerman, Charles Harman. Den­
urged to get over to the city hall
and but a memory if George .1. Ditto outside for part of their children) (2)
early and cast your ballot before the I City volunteer fire fighter-, this area’s Warfarin. Permanent bait stations nis Jenkins, Richard (Dick) Tickle has his way. Ditto this week asked non high school districts (3) union
judges run out of ballots and they are Rural Fire Protection District, held were placed in all buildings on the and Lee McNealy. Badges were that steps be taken legally declaring high districts, and (4) rural school
forced to close the election doors its regular election this week. Mon­ outer blocks of the city to prevent rats given by their parents.
I Niagara dead. He made inquiry of districts (these are the county boards
day, Dec. 10, Frank Blazek was re­ from entering the city.
earlier than usual!
Cub Bears, 9 yr. olds, presented by the Maron county court regarding provided for by 1947 law to act as
* » *
elected for a three-year term to the
Monthly inspections were made Den Chief Arthur Cox and given their vacation of the streets on the plat of budget agencies for the local dis­
The Idanha American Legion post board of directors of that group, dur­ after the initial poisoning. In June Bear badges by parents were: Tom Niagara. Ditto set out in his letter tricts).
and Ladies Auxiliary are “fixin” to ing the business meeting of the dis­ evidence of rats was found in only one Hautala, Donald Dell, Jamie Bough­ to the county court that he owned all
Of the 275 recommendations in the
help Santa Claus spread his cheer next trict in Mill City fire hall.
report, covering every phase of edu­
the land in Niagara.
building. In August one grain ware­ man and Donald Guier.
Thursday evening at 7 p.m. in the
George “Sparky” Ditter of Mill City house and three homes showed signs.
Cubs, 10 yr. olds, receiving their
This early Oregon community was cation from high school athletic* to
Detroit school, according to Henry is the president of the Rural Fire Pro­ In October one home showed evidence Lion badges, were presented by Den
platted, September 29, 1890. John curriculum and school lunches, Dr.
Hiebert, chairman of the Legion’s tection District board; A) Geddes of of rats. In July, September and Chief Donald Lemke and receiving
McNary was the recorder and George Holy say»: “The pls-.n for reorganiza­
Christmas program Tor the kiddies Mill City is secretary-treasurer. Jack November no signs of rats were their badges from their parents were
W. Wright the notary public. The tion of school districts is, without
of the Detroit-Idanha area. Bags Colburn and Wm. Stewart Sr., of Mill found on inspection.
Donald Cree, absent, Alan Tours, and plat involved provded for three blocks question, basic to everything else, It
filled for Santa's distribution are be­ City serve as the other board mem­
along the north bank of the North should receive first attention because
The City of Halsey purchased the Michael Lents.
ing prepared by the Legion and Aux­ bers of the fire district.
it is a first cause of most of the criti­
bait and passed an ordinance to assist
The next rank award, Webio, has Santam river near the railroad right-
iliary and will be passed out in co­
cisms leveled by school minded citi-
the program. The residents were co­ not been awarded due to the short of-way. Six more blocks were laid
operation with the school prograrp on
operative in disposing of their garb- period of time Pack No. 89 has been out up the hill from the railroad.
Thursday evening, Dec. 20th, accord­
Small districts o|M-rate small
The remains of an early attempt to
ing to Mr. Hiebert.
schools (slightly over
Certificates were presented to
« • *
American Legion Auxiliary 3d Mon. The cost of materials for the initial Michael Kelly, Gary Matheny, James generation of power still remains near the high schools in the state
We have been wondering for a long
Lions club meeting.
fewer than 100 pupils). In 1948-49
poisoning and the following six Fend, James Donnally, absent, Brian Niagara. The now rusty equipment
time what the Oregon highway com-
all these schools of less than 100 spent
A.F. 4 A.M. No. 180 stated meet­ months was $115.
mission is planning to do with the
more than $125 per pupil and the
ing third Monday.
This program demonstrates that a ke, Bert Bothwell, Dennis Hunt, Larry far short of its goal yet may be seen
;ake formed at the corner of the high­
along the banks of the North Santiam most expensive spent $2200 per pupil.
O.E.S. meeting. 2d Monday month. city may be rid of rats by the use of Bennett, Delbert Hill, absent.
way as it passes through Lyons in
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| poisoned bait containing Warfarin and
Certificates of appreciation by the river. The incomplete dam masonry-
front of Thiel's store and the Lyons rVESDAY—
Chamber of Commerce 2 4 4 noon
5 ariety store. It is big enough to go
Before Niagara assumes the role
| and rubbish.
warded by Chairman I-ents to retir­
swimmin' in if it was warm enough
of a memory Ditto must follow a
or are they going to raise ducks!
course outlined by the county court.
Mrs. Ken Siler.
129-J School Board meeting 2d Tues
It certainly must be the responsibility
A new Cub Scout, Michael Kelley
of the state highway commission to
Riders of the Santiam. 1st Tuesday
from Michigan was received into the
Lions Auxiliary 4th Tuesday
properly drain this body of water off
the highway. It’s been there long WEDNESDAY—
A number of Cubs became eligible
enough and I am sure they know of
Boy Scouts, 7:30, H. S. Recreation
Marion countv commissioners have for badge awards after the date set
it* existence.
Santiam Eagles and auxiliary 8 p m. nlaced a loaef limit of 36.000 gross for a determination of those eligible
bounds on al) axles of a vehicle or which is two weeks before the Pack
Mill City Garden club held its
at Mill City fire hall
Santiam Rebekah 166 1st and 3rd combination of vehicles that travel meeting to permit registration in the annual election of officer* at the
a certain portion of secondary high-
home of Mr*. Herbert Schroeder, Nov.
Wed. at 8 p m.
wav 162 located on the North side of field office at Albany and receipt of 29th.
City council first Wed. 7:30 p.m.
the badge* from that office.
the North Santiam river.
Re-elected to hold office in 1952
Altar Society 3d Wednesday 8 p.m.
Den Chiefs, Scouts assisting the
The section of road involved start*
PTA. second Wednesday 8 p.m.
at Dewitt road, which ix located some Den mothers, receiving their certifi­ were Mrs. Harold Pound, president;
three miles in a westerly direction cates and shoulder cords were, Donald Mr-. ('. M. Cline, vice president and
from Mil) Citv. The strin with the I^mke. Ray Steiner, Jr., Arthur Cox, Mrs. James Rose, secretary-treasurer.
Theta Rho Club for Girls, meets 2d load limit extends easterly towards
Appointive committee- will be an­
Gregory Peterson and John Taylor.
and 4th Thursdays.
Mill Citv. a distance of I1* miles.
The December theme for the I)en* is nounced by the president at an early
Gates PTA 1st Thursday 8 pm.
The section of highwav restricted is
American Legion 2d and 4th Thurs. uart of the new right-of-wav grade “Achievement*”. No December pack
Member* will meet with Mr;. C
meeting will be held.
Garden club fourth Thursday.
evening to m
The theme for January 28, 1952. Dolezal on Friday e\
Firemen Auxiliary meet* 3d Thurs.
Taylor’s bridge has a load limit Award* will be made at thi* meeting decoration* for the State Federa
Toastmistress Club. 2d 4 4th, 7 p.m.
Bring your mate!
that in effect permit* passage only of to those boy» qualifying by January Flower show
and ideas along to thi* mee
automobiles. Log haulers, therefore, 18th.
LOO F meeting.
The next regular meet ini
Group stinging by the Cub» and
must seek a route around and have
Mill City TWA meeting last Friday been u>ing the now restricted section their parent» was conducted by Ray at the Albert Toman Sr.
Farmers Union meeting at Mehama of the future freeway to Detroit dam Steiner while a special act was being Dec. 20. Thi* will be the •
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Woman's club, 2nd
and over the Cascade*.
Old Lady’ Oregon Must
Give All Youth Fair Deal
Arthur Mason Dies
Of Heart Attack
Harold Wiltse Wiil
Head Local Firemen
Rat Control Program Cub Pack Meeting
Big Local Affair
Proves Successful
Niagara Soon Less
Than Has Been
Coming Events . . .
Log Haulers Faced With
Highway Load Limits
Mill City Garden Club
Plan for Flower Show
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