The Mill City enterprise. (Mill City, Or.) 1949-1998, November 15, 1951, Page 10, Image 10

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New Detroit Site
Nearing Readiness
November 15. 19~»1
Detroit Parents
Discuss Schools
Mrs. Agnes Booth, sperintendent of
The tractor from the Hammond
Lumber company in Sweet Home was Marion County schools was present at
returned to that vicinity today having a meeting of parents called by the
been for the past five or six weeks Detroit school board in the school
clearing and assisting in burning on gymnasium on Tuesday evening of
the lots in the Hammond addition to this week. The meeting was for the
Detroit in the vicinity of the grade purpose of discussing the disposition
school. A number of lots have been of the high school in this community,
sold in that addition in the past few the present building being available
weeks and there is considerable activ­ only until June 1st.
Mr. Otis White, superintendent of
ity there.
Ray Sophy who finished burning on Detroit schools reviewed briefly the
his lots two or three weeks ago is previous meetinges held on this sub­
busy with forms and with pouring of ject at Gates and Mill City and bring-
cement in preparation for his new ■ ing them up to date presented Mrs.
store which it is planned will be a Booth who outlined ways and means
General merchandise store and which for the school board and community
will include two lots with fronts on to proceed in the disposition.
Mrs. Booth stated that there are
three streets one of those being the
four ways they might proceed and
new highway building.
felt it only fair that she should out-
Guy Moore is erecting a building i line for them all four ways and let
which was to have been the new post­ I them choose. No. 1. Keep the school
office but which has been leased to the here and build a new high school.
Benton-Lincoln electric company as This would not be difficult she ex-
an office. The lot for the new tele­ 1 plained since there is only an indebted­
phone office has been cleared and ness of $500 against the school.
There is to be work started soon. The No. 2. She suggested that they might
Christian church at Detroit has selec­ form a Union high school district
ted a lot which the Hammond lumber with some other school to educate
company is donating to the church. their boys and girls. No. 3. She
This lot together with one which the j said they might consolidate with Mill
church will purchase is fairly cen­ I City and Gates as had been suggested
trally located. The present church at an earlier meeting held in Mill
building has not yet been purchased | City with Mr. Turnbull of the State December 15. This is necessary to
allow ample time for issuance of 1952
by the army engineers.
' Department. No. 4. She said they certificates by the new year, according
| form a Union hogh school district to Administrator W. A. Bingham.
which in her oponion was merely a
The mere act of filing an applica-
I back door to consolidation. When
asked by a parent what her choice tionfor a 1952 license will not legally
A SON—To Mr. and Mra. A. E. would be she said consolidation, since permit an operator to sell alcoholic
'Armstrong Jr., Mil ICity, Nov. 15, at it was the most economical from the beverages after December 31 unless
^ftlem Memorial hospital.
standpoint of teachers, textbooks and he has a valid license certificate or a
A SON —To Mr. and Mrs. Paul school room space as well as adminis­ letter from the commission authoriz­
Wargnier, Lyons, Route 1, Nov. 11, tration.
ing such sale, Btngham said.
at Salem General hospital.
Following Mrs. Booths departure
Prospective licensees of the Oregon
A DAUGHTER—To Mr. and Mrs. Mr. White again took the chair for liquor control commission will be re­
(Wayne Tompkins, Idanha, Nov. 11, at i further discussion and a motion was quired after January 1 to post public
I made by Ray Sophy that the petition notices of application on their prem­
Salem Memorial hospital.
now in the hands of the clerk Jim Gor­ ises before their applications are con­
don be circulated for the purpose of sidered, the commission decided at its
obtaining the wish of this community November meeting. The new policy
on the disposition of the school. The provides that a placard be posted at
motion carried. This will mean that least ten days before an application is
those who sign the petition are not submitted to the local governing body
at this time asking for consolidation for approval. The commission states
but merely a move to ascertain the that the ten-day notification period
wish of the community.
was deemed advisable to give resi­
dents of an area opportunity to make
known any opinions regarding the
Just Arrived
A rm
Have you noticed that red is the
truly important fashion color this
Fall? From morn till midnight
you'll see it in suits, dresses, cock­
tail frocks and sumptious evening
gowns and, of course, in all kinds
of fabrics.
^ mong
A ncient B abylonians , X)
R cmeoy F or graying HR i R was n mixture
of ground up pigs ' feet pnd G oose fat ’.
establishment of a new licensed out­
The commission also directed the
staff to file with the Office of Price
Stabilization appropriate records of
Commission prices and procedures
used to determine the retail price of
liquor sold in state agencies and
stores. OPS requested that this data
be filed before the first of the year
so that the Commission could re­
price all liquors sold by its stores and
agencies in accordance with new'ly
issued regulations of the Office of
Price Stabilization.
Two regulations were revised by
the commission. Regulation 1 was
changed to prohibit delivery of alcoh­
olic beverages, including beer, to or
from licensed premises after closing
hours. This change will not prevent
the delivery of a restaurant or club
patron's bottle to him after closing
time if he is not visibly intoxicated.
A second revision established min­
imum lighting requirements in areas
of premises where food and beverages
are served and consumed at one foot­
The minimum requirement
for portions of premises where food
and beverages are prepared is still
ten foot-candles.
I *,fB ill
Couldn’t leave the color red till
we ¿"vgested a saucy starched red
petticoat •»* wear under a dark
suit or dress. And if you're penny-
wise you'll make it yourself — a
half-slip of muslin, the bottom
flounce of eyelet embroidery. Dye
a bright red with all-purpose dye,
starch and you're walking in high
* * *
When rhinestone Jewelry needs
a little brightening up, douse it in
an ammonia bath or spread tooth­
paste on a soft brush and gently
go over stones, then rinse in warm
water and dry. Your gems will glit­
ter beautifully!
Don't you Just love those little
individual fruit tarts? And do you
want to know how you can make
’em easy as can be? Use the backs
—yes, I said backs—of your 3-inch
muffin tins to make shells. Bake,
then fill with fresh fruit; top with
whipped cream for a sort of fruit
salad dessert. Delicious!
Don't throw those odd earrings
away. Use as lapel pins or string
on your charm bracelet. They make
mighty pretty ornaments. _
For Guaranteed Cleaning
it’s the
Mill City
Close« at 6 P.M.
Liquor Control--
Tax Consultant
Bookkeeping, Accounting and
Tax Service
Telephone Illi
Rubber Boot
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will, therefore, adhere to the policy
which it has heretofore declared con­
cerning this problem. This policy
provides as follows: Whenever it
shall come to the attention of any of
the officers or agents of the Commis­
sion that any form of amusement
device is apparently being used for
the purpose of gambling or conducting
lotteries in violation of law, the
matter will be promptly reported to
the District Attorney of the County
involved. If a conviction is obtained
for gambling or conducting lotteries
unon licensed premises, the Commis­
sion will take such action regarding
the licensee conducting such premises
as may be deemed appropriate."
The statement was signed by chair­
man R. L. Elfstrom and Commissioner
iW. A. Spangler.
Licensees of the Oregon liquor con-
Itrol commission are reminded that a1!
leurrent license certificates expire at
midnight December 31, and that re-
I newal applications and fees should be
sent to the commission prior to
We hope you are pleased
with our service.
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