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    5—THE Mill, (H Y EN T ER PR I SE
September 20. 1951
Lowell F. Fleetwood Legion Auxiliary
Weds Miss Shattuck Delegates Report
Miss Evangelyn Shattuck, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Shattuck of
Gresham, became the bride of Lowell
I F. Fleetwood, son of Mr. and Mrs.
F. W. Fleetwood of Gates, during a
I simple home wedding ceremony in
The local Eagle auxiliary was host Mill City, Saturay evening, Sept. 15.
Gates—Mrs. Barney ftyal enter­ | Wednesday to Mrs. Ruth Fletcher, Minister Hugh E. Jull of the Mill
tained in honor of her daughter, ’ state president of the Eagles auxil­ | City First Christian church per-
Joan, Friday evening, Sept. 14. The iary. The visit paid the Mill City I formed the wedding ceremony.
The bride wore a brown suit and
occasion marked Joan’s sixteenth j Eagle auxiliary was the official visit
birthday anniversary.
usually made by high officials, Mrs. la pink rosebud corsage. Mrs. Marion
A large group of her schoolmates Inez Haun, president of the local or­ Dorothy, the bridesmaid, wore a pink
and friends were invited to the Ryal ganization welcomed the state presi­ suit decorated with a pink rosebud
Harold Kliewer was the
The business meeting com­ corsage.
home and helped Joan celebrate this dent.
pleted, the remainder of the evening , best man.
the day she was “Sweet sixteen”.
Mrs. Fleetwood is a teacher in the
The party was held on the lawn. was spent in a social hour in the fire
Mill City grade school. Fleetwood is
After the opening of the many gifts hall.
A zone conference of the Eagles employed by Cox & Bryant, oil dis­
received by the honored guest, games
were played, weiners roasted and auxiliaries will be held in Albany tributors in the canyon area. Mrs.
other refreshments served in addi­ ! Sunday, Sept. 23. Mrs. Inez Haun, Fleet wood has taught school in the
tion to the large birthday cake, Mrs. Hazel Nelson, Mrs. Betty Hay­ Mill City school system for six years.
worth, Mrs. Inez Wingo, and Mrs. The newlyweds are making Mill City
lighted With 16 candles.
Those attending the jolly affair Eva DeBolt will attend this zone con- their home.
were Joan, the guest of honor, Bar­ I ference as delegates of the Mill City
bara Haun, Lorena Devine, Marlin auxiliary.
Cole, Maxine Schoeder, Earl Henness,
Wilmer Crites, Jack Oliver, Jerry
Larson, Betty Tucker, Lester Bemish,
Mervin Haun, Jo Anne Wood, Elda
Things are on the move for teen­
Webster, Herbert and Edward Romey,
The party slated for Teen­
Patty Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Del Weg­
Mrs. Rosella Haywood took her agers, Saturday night might not give
ner and Cathy, Phillip and Dicky Hay­
ward, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Garrison, ""turn at being hostess for Gates Lucky that indication, however.
Carilyn Turnidge of Cutler City, Twelve pinochle club today. Hostess i it’s a "backward party”!
The price of admission simply is:
Robert and Viva Lee, and Bill Have- Haywood cheered her guests with a
i come to the Mill City fire hall, Satur­
one-thirty strawberry ice cream sun­ day night dressed backwards! Mrs.
Sending gifts were Mr. and Mrs. dae dessert luncheon. Cookies and
Russell Hoffman, chairman of the
Bob Bonitz, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Völ­ coffee filled out the day’s luncheon.
Teen-ager Canteen this year, prom­
kel, Dorothy Botts and Susie Mielke.
Mrs. Edna Duval moved into the ises, “We’ll get teen-agers into the
high score class and won for herself swing of a swell year even if they
first place, today.
Mrs. Mabie I do start it off ‘backwards’!”
Don't forget the delicious chicken Quarles found fortune had fashioned
dinner served this Sunday from noon the winning pinochle hand for her.
on at the Jordan church by the ladies | Mrs. Ruby Adamson had a slow day
of the church for their school’s bene­ ' and as a result was presented with
I second prize.
fit. Mass will be at 10:30 a.m.
Miss Ryal Becomes
'Sweet Sixteen'
Legion Auxiliary Hosts
State-Wide President
Mrs. Rosella Haywood
Takes Hostess Turn
It’s a Backward’ Party
For Teen-age Canteeners
Gates Homemakers
Repair Cushions
Gates—An all-day meeting of the
Gates home extension unit will be
held Tuesday, October 9. in the recre-
[ation rooms of the Gates high school.
The day’s events start at 10:30 a.m.
A no-host dinner will be served at
noon. Mrs. Marjory White and Mrs.
Try Our 5C Coffee!
June Burke, home extension agents
I from Salem, will be present. The
repair of inner-spring cushions will
be demonstrated.
makers with cushions needing repair
Next Door to Mill City Variety
may bring them, one yard of new un­
bleached muslin, needles, thimble, and
OPEN EVERY D \Y — 6 a m. to 11 p.m.
ladies interested in the exten­
Dinners ñ X sion All course
from Mill City, Detroit,
Idanha, Gates and Mongold are cord­
5c Coffee
Short Orders
ially invited. The unit will meet the
X X X :: X :: X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X XX XX X X X X X XX
second Tuesday of each month. Mrs.
Floyd Völkel has been chosen chair­
man, Mrs. Elmer Klutke, secretary­
treasurer; of Gates. A vice-chair­
man from Mongold will be named.
Now Open for
Hinz Coffee Shop
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that Washes YOUR Way!
Thoroughly Washes,
Rinses and Spin­
dries Clothes
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the proved and preferred
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clothes really clean.
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wash your favorite way.
ries away light dirt,'
soapy film—prevents re­
circulation through
water, soap, money!
• STYLED to match the
new Hotpoint Clothes
Third and Washington
I’hone 2964, STAÙTON
Although forests are closed to log­
ging, timber owners and logging oper-
I ators are installing locked gates
across forest roads as a fire preven­
tion measure.
Forest service “no admittance”
signs have been posted for years but
have been roundly ignored. Gates,
too, have been torn down many times.
In retaliation, a Weyerhauser gate,
which is considered foolproof, has
been installed by timber owners in
several places. It is built of railroad
iron and is secured by a padlock en­
closed within a metal box. No rdbm
is left for using a hacksaw, hammer,
or even a rifle bullet in dislodging the
lock. Opening this lock with a key,
even, is difficult.
The summer’s exceptional dryness
and low humidity have made logging
operators increasingly aware of fire
danger. A fire originating on a
company’s logging makes that com­
pany liable to the extent of the fire
damage, or to the extent of its assets.
Another reason for installation of
gates is the blocking of thefts. A
number of logging operators have re­
ported theft of power saws when not
protected by gates.
With the deer season approaching,
hunters will be seeking access to the
Some property owners,
however, state that gates are for fire
purposes and will be opened for hunt­
ing season, if weather permits.
With the river at a low level and
wells and springs still lower, several
people are drilling new wells or having
old ones deepened in the search for
more water.
A well oeing drilled on the Lloyd
Sletto property was last reported
! down to 230 feet and still no water,
i The Sletto property is located only a
short distance from the Little North
Santiam river.
The drilled spot was “witched” by
a Silverton man who predicted water.
Don Jenkins was in Portland today |
on business.
“Was a nervous wreck
from agonizing pain
until I found Pazo!”
tayi Mra. A. W., San Antonio, Tttat
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simple piles, with soothing Pazo»' Acta
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inflamed tissues—lubricates dry. hard­
ened parts—helps prevent cracking, sore
nets—reduce swelling. You get real com­
forting help. Don't suffer needless torture
from simple piles. Get Pazo for fast, won­
derful rAwi Ask your doctor about it.
Suppository fform — also tubes with per­
forated pile pipe for easy application.
Taya Osmatni <»w Ssp p a n iw.oa >
Mrs. Tearly Muir and Mrs. Ina
Chase, local Legion auxiliary .ele­
gates to the American Legion conven­
tion in Seaside, report that the Oregon
Legion auxiliary went over the top in
their membership drive for the year.
Mrs. Muir and Mrs. Chase served on
the Girls' State and Poppy Poster
committees at the convention.
They state that Mrs. Hubert Goode,
past national president, gave a very
inspiring talk and presented the
American flag and the National
Legion auxiliary colors to the depart­
ment of Oregon Legion; and requested
that the colors be kept by the depart­
ment until her death.
She expressed the wish, however,
that the colors be at her side on her
The local delegates to the conven­
tion said that after Mrs. Goode's ad­
dress, there were very few dry eyes
in the audience. They point out that
the presentation of these colors is a
very great honor since these partic­
ular colors once graced Arlington
national cemetery memorial services.
New American Legion district
president for Mill City and district
number two will be Mrs. Cecil I.ucht
of Mt. Angel. New auxiliary depart­
ment president is Mrs. W. E. Wilkins
of LaGrande. High-lights of the Sea­
side Legion convention will be given
by the local auxiliary delegates at the
next meeting of the auxiliary. Mon­
day, Oct. 15.
(?<ut Sat
«. 99c
(Children under 10—just 44c)
Maurice Thompsons
Wed in Washington
Mis. Henry Helton (nee Esther
Schindler) widowed mother of three I
children, and Maurice Thompson, son'
of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Thompson of
Portland, were married Wednesday.
Sept. 12, in Stevenson, Wash.
The bride is the proprietor of the I
Mill City cafe, 'The Thing’.
Her |
parents are Mr. and Mrs. William
Schindler of Salem. Mrs. Thompson’s '
former husband, father of Marion,
Ralph, and James Helton, was killed !
two and a half years ago by a train
near Tulelake, Calif., where the Hel­
tons had a homestead.
The groom is a high climber for
the Nygard Logging company. He
was given a field commission of first '
lieutenant during World War II and
was in seven different invasions in 1
the South Pacific.
John S. Wynn,
brother-in-law of Thompson, has a
homestead in Tulelake, Calif. Thomp­
son’s sister, Mrs. F. A. Gabel, has
just returned from Hawaii after 18
years of service as a nurse, both in
and out pf the army in Hawaii.
Currently the Thompsons are mak­
ing their home in Mill City, but ulti- I
matel.v will make Eugene their home.
SI S \\ II \YU ARI) in
I'll Climb The Highest
Wonderful Storv About a
Young Minister
In Technicolor
Desert Hawk
Gates Girl Scouts
Kept Very Active
During the past summer, the Gates
troops of Girl Scouts, under the
leadership of Mrs. C. Antonia Thomas
and Mrs. Alura Chance, made a num-
| her of very interesting trips.
Their first day-long outing, Gloria
5:00 P. M.
11:00 A. M.
and Barbara Crowshaw, Ellen and
Roberta Chance, Juanita Thomas, Mil­
2:00 P. M.
8:30 P. M.
dred Spry, Susie Gordan, Ann Marie
Hirte and Donnalee Oliver went to
1 Petersen’s rock gardens near Red­
mond, saw the Lava River Cave state
12 Noon to 8 P.M.
park, picnicked, swam, and had a
¡thoroughly enjoyable day.
June 17th the girls went swimming
With MARY BARTON Playing
1 at Breitenbush and made definite pro-
Your Favorite Music on the
1 gress in this sport. September 5th,
some of the girls and their leaders,
Hammond Organ
Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Chance, spent
the afternoon at the state fair.
The most ambitious trip of all, how-
j ever, was the three-day camping trip
made by the First Class Scouts to
j Crater Lake national park. The girls
kept a picture record of the trip begin­
ning with the Pumice Desert. The
first day, after various stops made
during the drive around the rim, the
girls finally stopped and made camp,
i They pitched the tent, put up wind |
Downtown Salem
breaks and laid out their sleeping
On State Street
bags, and, of course, photographed
-------------------------------------------- - the other gal’s mistakes when off
The Stratton
In Technicolor
Bov Rogers Riders Club
Matinee 2:00 p.m.
Doors open at 7:20 P.M,
h Complete show can be seen any
time up to 8:30
guard. Later on they took a nature­
hike along Dutton Ridge and Crystal
Way. That evening the girls care­
fully put their food supplies away
(and were they glad) for bears are
nocturnal visitors, and are hungry.
For Friday’s camp, the drive was
made to Collier’s state park. Al­
though no overnight camping is per­
mitted there, an exception was made
in the case of the Girl Scouts. Sat­
urday morning the girls drove to
Klamath Falls where they saw peli­
can, swan, mallard and canvas back
ducks, merganster and greeb. Coot
and sea gulls were an added touch.
So that they could prove they had been
in the state of California, they went
as far as the checking station. Not
content with this much sightseeing, on
the way home stops were made at any
point that might prove of interest,
even at the Marion Forks fish hatch­
ery, where the girls found that the
fish would bite a finger thrust in the
3 on« minuto blattt
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under bed or heavy
Go Io prepaied
«Kott« I um oft «1
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Obe, Wjrdgnb
Co to >s«i(ned
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of line of windows
Bury lac« m arm
Ote» mur teacher
Goto imgnrd
stwlto quart,
la th»
Drop to ground or
due lor co»« Bury
1*« m «imc
ObwW»*« Go
Io noirnt OK’d
bunting or she««.
Drop to floor Bury
lace m arms
Grt oat
Go to
«ar*-1 OXd huM
<r Ihrtr r
t Mt« tire ail dear and obey watrucfiMS
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» J
In Technicolor
Local Cub Scouts Will
Picnic Sunday, Sept. 23
The September pack meeting of the i
Cub Scouts will take the form of a
picnic at the Mill City park Sunday,
September 23, starting at 2:00 p.m.
An interesting program of games and
contests have been arranged which
will insure a good time for all in at­
The weekly den meetings of the
Cube were resumed this week after
having been discontinued during the
summer vacation period. The com­
mittee extends a hearty invitation to
all boys who have not yet enrolled
in the pack. They may attend the
picnic Sunday, and bring their parents
so that they can become acquainted
with the Cub Scout program and its
contribution to the welfare of the boys
of the community.
The age limit of the Cubs is 8 to 11 I
inclusive. The committee has set as
its goal 100% enrollment in the pack
of all boys in the community within
the age limit
from our Vegetable Cooler
Gates General Store