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    September H. 19 >1
Kindergarten Poses Issues for Mothers
All mothers who are interested in a
Mill City kindergarten for their child­
ren this year should attend a meeting
Tuesday afternoon 1:30 p.m. Septem­
ber 11, at the home of Mrs. Joe Mc­
Nealy in the CBI addition in Mill City.
Since the kindergarten is an inde­
pendent institution, sponsored by the
local I’TA, but not a part of the city
school system, it is necessary that a
number of problems be discussed and
decided upon by the mothers them­
selves. Anyone wishing further in­
formation about this meeting may
phone Mrs. Don Bengston, 4508 in
Mill City.
It was previously announced that
the kindergarten would open Monday,
Sept. 10, but circumstances make nec­
essary cancellation of that date.
“Enjoy Summer Freshness AU Winter Lone”
Wrapping materials should be selected to keep the
moisture in the food and the air out.
HIM RS: 10 A M. to 7 I’M. Meek Da's
» >< MJ' :• >: KWHIK.« tea « M w :: » :: M
>< :< " « ” « » " w >< :< •• :: « c
Lyons Saw Shop
Phone 2871
P. O. Box 12
Teaching Staff Of
Gates Stays Same
Biological Warfare
Could Strike Here
Coach Jubb Notes
Grid-men’s Spunk
For Guaranteed Cleaning
it’s the
Gates The Gates schools will open | If war strikes the United States,
Mill City high football coach John
Monday, September 10. Registration could strike here it is possible the Jubb stated today that his grid-men
of students was held at the school j rich agricultural region of the Pacific show a spunky outlook and exhibit a
house, Wednesday, September 5. All ] Northwest will be subject to some true fighting spirit. He feels that
of last year's teachers were retained form of biological warfare, F. L. this fine quality of his men will go a
for this term, Don Miley, superinten­ Ballard, associate director of the Ore­ long way in tipping the scales in
dent; Howard Means, coach and gon State college extension service, favor of Mill City on Allen Field,
teacher of science; Mrs. Elizabeth Me- 1 said this week in Corvallis.
Thursday evening, September 20.
He said public awareness of the The football artists for Mill City have
Mullen, social studies and girl’s phys­
ical education; Mrs. Dorothy Wood, dangers of biological warfare, espec­ been hard at it since the fourth of
ially on the part of farmers, is asked this month, and will continue the
In the grade school Mrs. Mary by Oregon civil defense and health “hardening up” stuff right on until
| Champ, primary grades; Mrs. Letha officials. This means keeping an game time.
Bently, Mehama, second; Mrs. Gwen accurate tab on unusual crop and
Coach Jubb and his assistant, Bur­
; Schaer, principal and third; Mrs. animal diseases.
ton Boroughs, have been busy lining
Farmers, Ballard said, should re- out their men with uniforms and pro­
'Janet Harold, Stayton, fourth; and
Mrs. Olive Bornhardt, fifth and sixth. | port sicknesses andd deaths among per equipment. Both men are hopeful
The school buildings have been their poultry and livestock—if un­ that more men will turn out for the
completely renovated inside, and a usual—to county extension agents. football season. A good man was
new coat of paint covers the exterior. The same information about unusual taken from the line-up when Gary
Extensive improvements have been crop diseases is also requested.
Peterson pulled out of position the
"Biological agents are nothing tendons in his knee. Doctors' advise
made in the basement of the grade
school. Girls’ and boys’ dressing new,” he saidd. “In Oregon, as in against his returning to the line.
rooms have been remodeled and en­ the entire nation, there is a system
Those who are suited up for foot­
larged, new toilet facilities installed; to prevent and control diseases out­ ball this season are Dick Williams,
a new floor laid in the gymnasium; a breaks of all kinds. This safety net­ Bob Baltimore, Bud Feeback, Daryl
new kitchen built—modern and con­ work covers people, crops, and live­ I Farmen, Lyle Fleetwood, Richard
I Verbeck, Roy Podrabsky, Bill Hamb­
venient; and the dining room enlarged stock.
"Despite our effective health safety lin, Tom Stewart, Phil Carey, Howard
for serving hot lunches.
Mrs. Velma Carey and Mrs. Louisa program, biological warfare does hold Bear, Kenneth Bear, Kenneth Crosier,
Wriglesworth will serve again as dangers we must be prepared to meet. [ Shelby Urftphress, John Melting, Dick
I cooks; Harold Wilson, janitor-bus Farmers should realize that enemy Downer, Dale Andreassen, Al Ward,
driver. Clare Rush will also drive agents, long before visible signs of Delmer Skillings, Donald Nesbitt,
all-out war are apparent, could infect Bob Shelton, Vernon Christensen, Dick
, one of the busses again this year.
animals and crops.
Some of the Kanoff, Denny Marttala, and Bill
diseases possible to spread are anth­ Hoffman.
rax, glanders, fowl pox, Newcastle
Football schedule for 1951 for Mill
disease, and rinderpest. Many types City is as follows:
of plant plagues andd pests could be HOME TEAM
used to attack food crops,” Ballard
Thursday, Sept. 20
Football practice has begun on the said.
Mill City (night game) Lebanon “B”
campus of Mill City high school, as
The extension director said farmers
Friday, Sept. 28
the current band of gridiron hopefuls can forget about so-called “mystery” ♦Mill City (night game)
will assert as they nurse their aching germs and poisons. No type of bio­
Friday, Oct. 5
and weary frames after a session of logical warfare, he declared, could kill ♦Gervais (afternoon)
Mill City
said practice.
Calisthenics and or sicken every person living in a
Friday, Oct. 12
fundamentals make up the larger large area or city.
♦Mill City (night game)
part of early drills as coach Jubb
Ballard urged that farmers get the
Friday, Oct. 19
whips his team into condition for the federal booklet, “What You Should j * Sublimity (afternoon)
Mill City
first game, with the Lebanon “B” Know About Biological Warfare.”
Thursday, Oct. 25
squad, just sixteen days away.
It is available at local civil defense Mill City (night)
Sweet Home “B”
This year the team will operate headquarters or from the government
Friday, Nov. 2
from a modified “T” formation, in­ printing office, Washington, D. C., Philomath
Mill City
stead of the straight “T”, as it has for 10 cents.
for the past two years. This is the
* Indicates league games.
same formation that has made the ( Make sure your cigarette is out!
Home team column indicates home
University of Oklahoma one of foot­
games for Mill City.
ball’s powerhouses.
Football practice is shaking other­
wise dormant bodies out of the leth- i
argy they fell into following the in- I
tramural track m eet last spring, j
Soon also dormant minds will awaken
Bickett returned home
and start the old-nine-month grind at
Saturday evening after spending four
; schoolbooks.
weeks at the home of her uncle and
What a shock! Can you imagine
lililí littHttiittint'i ■iiiif^iiiinmiiiiiiiiiiiiiit'uiiiuiriiii iiihiih iiirniiiiiirBiiiiiinn aunt Mr. and Mrs. A. I.. Billington of
getting out of bed before noon?
Sweet Home. Since returning home
When school starts, expectant stud­
she has been on the sick list.
ents will rouse just about the same
Mr. and Mrs. Ike Myers drove to
time that they were in the habit of
A Friendly Place
Portland, Sunday where they were
going to bed during the summer.
dinner guests at the home of Mr. and
They will sharpen their pencils,
Mrs. Dutch Luthkie. In the after­
To While Away
I merrily wend their way to the same
noon they visited their daughter, Mrs.
scene from which they emerged last
E. J. Del Sol, and small grandson,
Your Idle Hours
spring, and rise to new scholastic
Richard John, in a Portland hospital.
heights. And the athletes . . . strict
Richard, who is the fourth child in the
training no women, no late hours, ,
Del Sol family, arrived August 28 and
no dames, no smoking, no broads, no ‘
weighed seven pounds.
liquid refreshments (except water
Dr. and Mrs. Carl Wilson of Silver-
and milk), no skirts, and, worst of i
have been vacationing the past
all, no studying because they might '
i two weeks at their summer home on
forget their football plays. I was
the Little North Fork.
only fooling — only college football
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Billington of
players can get away without study­
Sweet Home were over-night visitors
ing, we peasants must grace the
at the Bickett home Saturday night.
classrooms with our presence once in
Sunday they drove to the coast.
a couple of whiles or two.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Sischo were a-
Freshman initiation is coming up,
mong those attending the state fair,
too. New and drXktic rules will be
set up. We hope an impression will
be made thereby upon the minds of
the neophytes of the necessity for
discretion when speaking to an
Today’s freshman
have lost the sense of respect for their
elders which is, I believe, necessary
for a well-rounded adjustment to
high school levels of thought ... a ah
m m-m-m! Further, these frosh
should be privileged to “volunteer”
for "service work” around the school.
A “spot” of duty would strengthen
their backs and school spirit. A
noble cause, I say! Not many upper-
classes would be willing to sacrifice
“At the Bottom of the Hill”
so much for the green neophytes.
Another thing presses for a doin’—
revival of the letterman’s club. The
last initiated member of the old club
has long since been graduated.
Now those who carry on must or-
nize a new club for Mill City High's
Happy new schoolyear!
Mill City
Cloaea at 6 P.M.
We hope you are pleased
with our service.
Mom s and Pop s
Mill City
Mill City Hi-Liles
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Russell Kelly. Manager
RTWUlt COHRNT • *0rrLA<©_ 3« GOW