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    Canyon Plunge
Kills Palominos
Two great palomino registered
horses met an untimely and quick
death near Detroit Dam, Monday
morning, July 9, at 10:30 a.m. They
were killed seconds after the trailer in
which they were riding and the car
pulling it hurtled into the North San-
tiam River Canyon to a river terrace
some 400 feet below highway 222
and near Kinney Creek, located a
mile or so upstream from the Corps of
Engineers office building at Detroit
Otto’s Lucky Number, a fine stal-
:on, and Alien Sandy, a gelding,
father and son, were the well-trained
show horses of Mr. Thomas W. Allen
of Salem. Mr. Allen stated that he
arried $10,000 fire and theft insur­
ance on these valuable horses, but had
no insurance coverage of such an event
as this tragedy represents.
Otto’s Lucky Number, sire of 380
.olts, was Northwest Champion stock
and range horse and held national
fame. Allen Sandy, Oregon state
champion cutting horse, was con­
sidered as one of the ten best in his
class in the United States. Recently
Mr. Allen gave an exhibition at Top­
penish, Washington, using Allen Sandy
m the role of a cutting horse sans
bridle or control equipment, an un­
paralleled feat.
While driving on his way over
.highway 222 to Silver Lake in east­
ern Oregon, Allen’s 1946 Cadillac
sedan developed steering trouble. He
had turned around and was moving in
second gear towards Detroit Dam
when the front wheels of his car
locked solidly in one position on a
curve cut into the mountain-side
bordering highway 222.
Allen stated that he nearly had the
car and trailer under control for a
safe stop when first, the car, and then,
the trailer, lost traction as the unit
ran upon the sharp loose scattered
rock on the irregular shoulder of the
highway and plunged down the steep
boulder-strewn incline into the gaping
Allen, who was alone in the car,
narrowly escaped injury when he
jumped to safety seconds after he
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ID (Nil \
Ml H\M \
Vol. VII—No. 28
$2.50 a Year.
a Copy
Air Officials Sweat Out
Hours Until Show Time
It is as plain as the nearest calendar on the wall that the Third Annual
Aviation Day. Sunday, July 15, la upon us. Byron Davis and Jim O'Leary,
guiding lights of this momentous air festival, are not quite sure these last
few fleeting hours whether or not they have eaten or slept. Sunday's gala
air day on Davis Airport has consumed already a Paul Bunyan amount of
time and energy. Plans and arrangements are now being made at a maddening
pace and will continue so until the
final guest airplane and guest happily
takes leave of Davis Airport, Sunday
Officials of the "Dam” Mustache
Club today disclosed what the prizes
are for the winning mustaches selected
by the Queen of the Third Annual
A concise explanation of the pur­
I Aviation Day. First prize, appro­
priate enough, is a Schick Super poses and requirements of Oregon’s
electric shaver; second prize is a new Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibil-
man's traveling kit, which is extremely | ity Law which are of immediate in­
compact and flexible for easy use; terest and importance to the great
“Dam" Mustache (Tub members these! These men reflect the mixed “feelings” their respective mustaches no
third prize is a sleek casting rod for majority of motorists was made public
doubt generate. Each of these men must have tossed about the question, "la it north five dollars to get rid
today by Secretary Earl T. Newbry,
many hours of contented fishing.
of this ‘brush’?" Let it be said of these men, “They were gallant!” They chose the course of paying tribute
who will have the sizeable job of
instead to the Third Annual Aviation Day, Sunday, July 15. Applying the yardstick to Jim O'Leary’s fancy
Aviation Day Dance Saturday Nite
administering it.
beard is Milt Irwin. Left to right and all patiently lined up for tally are Jack Colburn, Carl Foster, and
One of these—Princesses Carol Jane
“I hope all Oregon motorists will
Byron Davis.
(Photo courtesy Capital Journal and Robert Veness)
Blazek, Adeline MacDonald, Lorena clip this article, read it over several
Devine, or Donna Ellingson—will be times, and preserve it for future
presented a lovely silverware set be- reference if they have need for quick
I fitting a Queen of the Third Annual information an average motorist is
A whirlwind picked up a shock of
Aviation Day. Dance tickets, cur­ likely to need, except in unusual
hay Friday afternoon from a nearby
rently being sold by the four Queen circumstances.
field and deposited it on a high-vol­
We have studiously
candidates, equal votes for the prin­ avoided technical and legal language,
tage transmission line a mile east
Cafe Mar Dean has the distinction of Cottonwoods. The resulting short-
so that everyone may have an accurate
Jay Personette, custodian of Mill
of being the most recent business circuit tripped automatic protective City high school, was killed instantly door prize laden Third Annual Avia- understanding of this important and
house constructed and put into opera­ switches and left most of Linn county Wednesday afternoon, July 11, by a ation Day Dance in the Mill City high necessary law.”
Here are the facts, in question and
tion in Mill City. Cafe Mar Dean is without electricity for about ten blow upon the head caused by a fall­ school gymnasium Saturday night,
located near Ralph Nibler’s service minutes.
ing tree on the timberland of his son- July 14. Queen’s silverware set and answer form, about the new law as
station and Hathaway's garage on
Mountain States servicemen were in-law, Ernest Miller, who lives near
prepared by the Secretary of State’s
in the Mill City State Bank. Voting office:
highway 222 on the way to Detroit able to free the hay from the power Gates.
for Queen will come to an abrupt halt
lines with long insulated pike poles.
What I m the Safety Responsibility
Mr. and Mrs. Personette were spend­
The neat, new, spic and span cafe Three other similar outages occurred ing part of their summer vacation with at 11:00 p.m. Saturday night. The
Law ?
has ideal fountain service and features over the weekend.
It is an Act of the Legislature to
the Millers when the fatal accident winner of the Queen contest announced
sea foods on its menu. The interior
protect everyone in Oregon against
occured. Mr. Personette was watch­ 1 at the air day hop.
of this new Mill City business house
ing the falling of some timber.
financially irresponsible owners or
There is one man in Mill City who is attractively decorated with a pleas­
operators of motor vehicles who be­
Funeral services will be this Friday 100-Mile Century Walk
is pretty upset. He is not sure ing and dignified color scheme. The
“Walker” Paul Smith has named come involved in accidents. It also
afternoon at 2 p.m. in the First Chris­
whether he should get sore or hop in Jepsens, Martin and Mrs. Wardine
tian church in Mill City. Mr. Hugh his official time-keeper for the 100- promote« street and highway safety
the air with joy. You see, it’s this Jepsen, owners of Cafe Mar Dean,
Jull will officiate. Interment will be mile Century Walk. Bend to Davis by facilitating the state’s ability to
All nurses, graduate and practical, in the Fox Valley Cemetery.
way. Al Molnar, owner of a Rich­ have put many long and painstaking
Airport. Present plans call for remove habitual accident causers from
field service station, sent hi* wife to hours into the actual construction of doctors' secretaries and social workers
Smith’s departure from Bend’s Pilot behind the wheel. The law replaces
from Benton. Polk, Marion and Linn
a Salem doctor for a routine check-up, their cafe.
Butte hotel promptly at 6 p.m. Sat­ the present Financial Responsibility
There is pleoty of parking space Counties are invited to a Tuberculosis
Tuesday afte>nov... Tha* same eve­
urday afternoon, July It. The time­ Law.
ning a telelphone cal! came warning at the Cafe Mar Dean and a surpris­ institute in Albany, Tuesday, July 17. Minnesota State Group
keeper will drive ahead of Smith over When Does It Become Effective?
him that his wife was in the Salem ing amount of roominess inside the The Linn County Health Department
j the entire route and click the stop­
It becomes effective on August 2,
General hospital, then the caller cafe itself, where one can choose be­ sponsors this meeting.
watch when the tape is broken by him and on the same day repeal of the
tween three styles of service. Avail­
promptly broke the connection.
The Minnesota State Society will on Davis Airport, Sunday, July 15. | present Financial Responsibility Law
The object of the institute is »bow­
Being a devoted spouse, Al just able to customers is the privilege of ing these groups how they can meet hold their grand annual picnic at Smith will take no time out for eating, takes effect.
about “busted” a tug getting to that individual group tables, booths or the questions and problems that will Jantzen Beach Park, Portland, Sun­ rest, or sleep, but will continue walk­ Whom Does It Affect?
hospital and to his wife’s bedside. A | counter service all constructed in good arise in their communities concerning day, July 29.
ing until his goal is reached.
It affects all motor vehicle owners
certain Ford pick-up never will be the taste and pleasing to the eye.
F. G. Quimby, president, is making “Walker" Smith hopes that he can and operators, including non-residents,
the mass chest X-ray survey planned
The Jepsens keep Cafe Mar Dean for the Willamette Valley this sum­ preparations for one of the largest make the grueling trek in less than (except vehicles owned by the United
same after its straightening of high­
way 222's curves! In Mehama, Mol­ open for service weekdays 11:30 a.m. mer.
gatherings of al) time. On July 30, 17 hours. Bend and Sisters chambers State«, the State of Oregon or its
nar got more horses, a ’41 Buick, for to 10:30 p.m. and Sundays 2 p.m. to
The nursing section of the Oregon 1950, about 5000 attended, represent­ of commerce have been contacted re­ political subdivisions, or any munici­
the remainder of the flight to Salem. 11:30 p.m. Assisting the Jepsens in State Board of Health has arranged ing 84 of the 87 counties in the state. garding this 100-mile Century Walk. pality therein), when they become in­
In Salem, much to his amazement, the operation of Cafe Mar Dean are for the speakers. Subject for dis­
Prizes are slated for the county Speculation about this Century Walk volved in an accident resulting In
Molnar discovered he was the father of Mrs. Anna Jenkins and Mrs. Grace cussion include: mental hygiene as­ having the largest representation at is running at a feverish pitch, and each death, injury or property damage.
James A. Molnar, weight 5 lbs. 16 oz.!
pects of tuberculosis follow-up; tech­ this picnic. Guests should get their day Smith is collared and queried What Mast You Do After An
The arrival of this first son to the
niques of interviewing; nursing fol­ passes at the West Gate. There will about his health and confidence.
Accident ?
Molnars completely surprised even
low-up of tuberculosis suspects.
be stations for each county, bearing Air Show' Starts at 2 P.M.
24 hours after a motor
their family doctor, who that same
The meeting will be in the Albany its number.
The biggest show of all, the vehicle accident resulting in death, in­
afternoon had thoroughly examined
Veterans' Memorial Hall at 5th and
The picnic program starts at 2:00
jury or property damage, the operator
Mrs. Molnar. Proud poppa wishes
Lyon Streets, July 17, 9:00 a.m. to p.m. Introduction of the presidents of “Swede” Ralston airshow is all set. of every car involved must file a
some certain user of a telephone
4:10 p.m.
other states' organizations will follow.
■ be in for a few surprises in the way of written report with the secretary of
would use a few more plain words
thrills that they have not been told stae. Official forms for this purpose
when calling him to a hospital in the
The forces generating inflation are
in advance publicity. Wide may be obtained from any regional
1 gaining strength and “the danger of
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for parking will give every
i economic collapse may be nearer than
we think”, Dr. Paul A. Volpe, Oregon
following the aerial feats of “Swede”
' district OPS price executive, declared
Ralston, the renowned acrobatic pilot.
! Friday noon at a meeting of the
A SON—To Mr. and Mrs. Alex i Portland City club at the Benson hotel. >
Aviation Day officials have named
Molnar, Mehama, Juiy 10, at Salem
Don Gessner and Russell Kelly as the
“Uncontrolled inflation tears up the
Memorial hospital.
official greeters for the guests of the
fabric and devours the substance of I
A SON—To Mr. and Mrs. Francis our ecomomy", Volpe
Third Annual Aviation Day, Sunday,
Mr. Berton I^ewis Allen, who passed
Stratton. Mill City, July 10, at Salem “It disorganizes prices and incomes, i
July 15. Byron Davis today flew Joe away Wednesday morning, July 4,
General hospital.
Bowes to Albany where Bowe* was was long familiar figure in the -Mill
fosters economic injustice, foments 1
A DAUGHTER—To Mr. and Mrs. social conflict and corrodes produc­
sworn in as a special deputy just for City community. He was born on hi«
Arthur Robinson, Mill City, July 12, tion.”
the Third Annual Aviation Day father’s farm in the town of Summit,
at Salem Memorial hospital.
activity. On top of being a big man
“This is the eleventh hour in the
Wisconsin. May 13, 1876.
physically, Joe Bowes -is now a man
controlling of inflation,” the price
Mr. Allen learned >iis trade and
of authority duly commissioned. The worked in Mauston, Wisconsin, until
executive pointed out. “Uncontrolled j
inflation is almost upon us now. We |
1896 when he secured a job in Mon­
| patrolling Davis Airport during the
know its spiralling signs.”
tello, Wisconsin where he met his
festivities Sunday.
American Legion Auxiliary 3d Mon.
Referring to the “price of high
future wife. July 4, 1902, he married
For those who are early birds there
Lions club meeting.
prices”, Volpe declared that “If in­
I Miss Agness Straight. Three children
A.F. A A.M. No. 180 stated meet­ flation is not controlled, the Congress
i A breakfast of ham and com-on-the- were bom to thia union Althea Arvilla,
| may not pass tax bills fast enough to
ing third Monday.
in 1903, Adeibert Amos, in 1905, and
| cob will be served Sportsmen pilots Paul Russell Allen, in 1919.
O.E.S. meeting, 2d Monday month. keep up with the expeditures for mili-
making the Davis Airport Breakfast
The Allen family moved to Oregon
Hop sponsored by the Mill City-Gates in 1911 and located in Albany. They
“Taxes are being increased with
Boy Scouts at City park. 7 pm.
each session of Congress”, Volpe
then moved to Mill City in 1916, where
Chamber of Commerce 2 4 4 noon pointed out. “Last year. Congress ,
planes are expected Sunday, if the Mr. Allen was employed by the Ham­
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raised taxes in September and again
mond Lumber Co. During World War
Lions Auxiliary 4th Tuesday
in December. ‘ All the increased rev­
I the Allen family was engaged in
Women's club 8 p m. 1st, 3rd Tues enue was wasted by inflation.”
work in Portland.
129-J School Board meeting 2d Tues
Oklahoma Signs Point
Pointing to effect of price controls.
In 1923 they returned to Mill City
Volpe said that from the beginning
and purchased the Schumacher place
To Oklahoma Picnic
Santiam Eagles and auxiliary 8 p.m. of the Korean war to February 1951
on the mountain one mile north of
when OPS controls took effect, prices
at Mill City fire hall.
“Oklahoma” signs in Corvallis, Sun- Mill City. A home was made here
Santiam Rebekah 166—1st and 3rd of consumer goods rose 8 per cent.
lay, July 15, will mark the way to the until 1948, when the poor health of
Since the general "freeze”, consumer
Wed. at 8 pm
all-day Oklahoma Picnic being held Mr. Allen made necessary his moving
prices have risen less than 1 per cent.
Mill City PTA meets 2nd Wed.
[ in Avery Park, the city of Corvallis, to Mill City and the present Allen
From Korea to the price freeze, whole­
City council first Wed. 7:30 p.m.
according to Elvy C. Cecil, president residence on Broadway Street.
sale prices rose almost 15 per cent.
Altar Society meets 3rd Wed
of the Oklahoma Club. All Okla-
Mr. Berton Allen leaves behind his
Since the freeze, they have risen lees
homaians are welcome.
widow, one daughter, Mrs. L. F.
than 4 of 1 per cent. From Korea
Cecil stated there will be games, Knight of Fort Benton, Montana, two
Theta Rho Club for Girls, meets 2d to the price freeze, basic commodity i
prizes, and a basket lunch at 12:30, sons, Adeibert Amos of Oregon and
and 4th Thursdays.
prices rose more than 58 per cent.
I Sunday, July 15, in Avery Park in Staff Sergeant Paul R. Allen of the
Gates PTA 1st Thursday 8 p.m.
Since the freeze, they have declined
The Daria Airport airplane pictured prore» it has an appreciative nature
The "Oklahoma” group U. S. Air Force in Fort Dix, New
American Legion 2d and 4th Thurs by more than 11 per cent.
by ita allowing the»» four, pretty Aviation Day Prineennea much freedom
in the park will be identified by large Jersey; two grandchildren, William
Garden club fourth Thursday
“We need controls to save our
lettered signs.
Tysie and Nina Elizabeth Knight; and
Firemen Auxiliary meets 3d Thurs. homes, our land, and our freedom", , with its engine cowl and propeller hub. Sitting bark to back on the
airplane's engine cowl are Mme Coral Jane Blaieh. Mill CHy Queen can­
Anyone born in Oklahoma, reared one great-grandchild, Barbara Ann
Volpe concluded.
didate on the left, and Mhm Imrena Devine. Gate« Qneen contestant
there, or having relatives living there, Knight of Fort Benton, Montana
I.OOF meeting.
on the right. Standing, left to right, one hand on the propeller hub.
etc. are invited and should bring their
Minister Iceland Parsons of Salem
Mill City rwx meeting last Friday
are Mmn (datine MacDonald Lyons-Mehama Air Qneen aspirant, and
lunch to the ’’Oklahoma Picnic” in officiated at the last rites, Tuesday
Farmers Unioa meeting at Mehama
Mi»» Donna Ellingson. Detroit-Idanha Queen entrant.
Corvallis, Sunday, July 15, for a fine afternoon, July 10, at 2 p.m. in the
Woman's club. 2nd
I Mill City Presbyterian church.
(Photo coorte»y of The Statesman and Robert Veness)
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Motoring Law
Cafe Afar Dean Most
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Al Molnars Upset
About Some Things
Air. Jay Personette
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Linn County Hosts
X-Ray Institute
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Generating Bust’
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Berton Allen Rites
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