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    Playing Field
Light Poles
Now in Place
The tall, lonely looking poles for
the light fixtures for the athletic
field lights were set May 26 and 27
through the co-operative effort of
several men and their equipment.
High climbers already have placed
■ loss-arms on one set of the 80-foot
poles. "Red” Thomas, Marion Kite
of Kite Electric, Don Gessner’s labor
union men, Floyd Jones, and Pete
Simbeni supplied the labor and know­
how in laying out, engineering, and
erecting the field lighting attach­
ments for the field lights. More
cross-arms will go up Sunday.
The ticklish task of setting the
ten huge poles was accomplished by
the men and equipment George Stew­
art, Merle and Jerry, and the Mill
City wrecker; the John Adams’ power
shovel (donated half the cost); Wes
Greene and M. S. P. Co. equipment;
Jack Carey and Vancouver Plywood
equipment; and I.eo Lemke of Lee
Logging Co.
Kelly Lumber Sales, in addition to
their fine work in the campaign for
field lights, has made a gift of the
lumber used in making the cross-arms
for holding the light fixtures for the
entire athletic field lighting system.
The main campaign for athletic
field lights began during the week of
March 15 under the chairmanship of
Russell Kelly. At that time Kelly
■ut-lined the plan for getting a lighted
field so that recreation time in activ­
ities such as softball might be car­
ried on after nightfall. Last year’s
softball league play was severely
handicapped because of the lack of
daylight playing time.
Joint Graduation
Services in Gates
Combined commencement exercises
of the senior class of the Gates high
school and the pupils who had com­
pleted the eighth grade were held in
the Gates high school gymnasium,
Thursday evening, May 31. A capac­
ity crowd attended.
Those receiving diplomas from high
school were Jimmy Carey, June
Mitchell Garrison, Barbara Haun,
Birdie Larson, LaVetta Powelson,
Howard Schroll and Albert Ziebert.
Certificates of graduation were a-
•varded the following members of
the eighth grade class: Patty Stewart,
Valedictorian; John Barnhardt, Salu-
tatorian; Elmer Bilyeu, Eddie Butler,
Darlene Cole, Gordon Devine. Willa
I 'ic';» Viola Petterson, Howard
Powelson, Jaunita Thomas and Allan
Mrs. Don Miley played the pro­
cessional and recessional marches.
The invocation and benediction were
given by Rev. Hugh E. Jull. The
salutatory address was delivered by
Barbara Haun. A flute solo was
played by Earl Loucks; Mrs. Don
Miley accompanied at the piano. Pro­
fessor J. R. Dellenback, of Oregon
State delivered the commencement
address. His subject was “Manana”.
La Vetta Pawelson was valedictorian
of the senior class. Elmer Klutke,
chairman of the board of directors,
presented the diplomas.
Principal Don Miley made the
following special awards: senior
valedictorian, La Vetta Powelson;
senior salutatorian, Barbara Haun;
eighth grade valedictorian, Patty
Stewart; eighth grade Salutatorian,
John Barnhardt; perfect attendance,
Charles Kuhlman and I^atty Stewart;
outstanding bus patrol, Elmer Bil­
yeu; editor of the school paper. Lor­
ena Devine; associate editors of the
Henness; associate editor of the
H^nness; associate editor of the
school paper, Barbara Haun; out­
standing in drama. LaVetta Powel­
son; cheer leaders, Joan Ryal aqd
Birdie Larson; and Danforth Foun­
dation awards to Barbara Haun and
Jimmy Carey, seniors.
V q I. VII—No. 23
$2.50 a Year.
a Copy
’Walker’ Paul Smith Trods
222 in Century-Walk Try
100-Mile Walk Starts in Bend
And Ends at Scene of Airshow
Paul Smith. Oregon’s Walking Man, is staging a 100-mile. Century Walk
from Pilot Butte hotel in Bend via the North Santiam Canyon travel route,
highway 222, to the canyon's only airport, Davis Airport between Gates and
Mill City, and the Third Annual Aviation Day fete. July 15.
Smith, a man 66 years of age and weighing 190 pounds (every pound is
in fighting trim), starts his Century Walk from Bend to Davis Airport,
-Saturday wsstaf, July 11. at -iv
o'clock. Smith plans making the non­
stop 100-mile Century Walk in seven­
teen hours walking time.
If Smith’s goal is realized, he will
finish his record Century Walk at the
Davis Airport just when the “Swede”
Ralston Airshow is in full swing on
the Third Annual Aviation Day at the
Davis Airport. Renowned “Walking
Man” Smith is trying for an all-time
Detroit — A meeting Friday evening walking recoril for a 100-mile walk
of the Canyon Aid association an in the state of Oregon.
Smith walked and ran from Bend
overall report was brought to the
to Burns, a 164 mile jaunt, in 22 hours
attention of the group.
Canyon Aid was organized in the and 25 minutes in 1911. He walked
Detroit-Idanha communities in Nov­ from Salem to Portland and back in
ember, 1949, for the purpose of aid­ 16 hours and 25 minutes in 1929. He
ing needy local families. December entered and won a 500-mile walking
of that same year officers were race in Star Lake, Wise., in 1905. He
elected and the group incorporated, out-distanced nine other men by nine
Membership in the organization is hours in that walking race. Smith
obtained by donation of cash, cloth- earns his living by engaging in min­
ing, or food, Since organization, such ing operations near Quartsville in
clothing has been made wearable, if Linn county. He has been in the busi­
it were not already, by the North ness of mining for the last 40 years.
The Century Walk ties in with the
Santiam Womens club of Idanha.
! They have renovated and made over a event packed Third Annual Aviation
number of articles as well as made Day at Davis Airport sponsored by
the Mill City and Gates chambers of
| many new garments.
commerce. Aviation Day Queen can­
Cash receipts totalled $575.74, didates, Princesses Carol Jane Blazek,
HE TOURIST TRADE is always best where for­
December 31, 1950,.
Organization Lourena Devine, Adaline MacDonald
ests are green and growing. A great menace to
expense amounted to $10; a treasur­ and Donna Ellingson are in the midst
er’s bond, $5.00. Expenses for the of learning the art of ruling like true
forests is fire; fire that reduces trees to smoldering
benefit dance were $119. Disburse­ royalty.
Mrs. Russell Kelly will
ment for relief amounted to $134.35. escort the princesses in their tour to
snags, dries up streams, kills wildlife and fish, and
Balance December ¡»1 was $307.30. Lebanon and the Strawberry Fair,
destroys recreation areas.
i Since December, Canyon Aid has Friday, June 8. The girls will be at-
1 given direct relief to eleven needy ,tired in their summer finery and their
Man is responsible for ninety percent of our forest
! families in amount $229.65 leaving a best smiles. Those interested in see­
total of $77.65 on hand.
fires through carelessness. We can all help to reduce
ing the future queen of the Third
A plan has been devised which Annual Aviation Day may see Her
this damage by being careful with fire in wooded areas.
will be in full swing June 4-12. The Highness at the Davis Airport Sunday
fund raising is divided into two parts; afternoon when official photographs
We’ll also help Keep America Green.
business and industry, and house-to- will be taken of all the Princesses.
house campaigning.
The soliciting
Jim O’Leary and Byron Davis are
will continue for one week and wind making arrangements for flying in
up with a dinner, June 12, at the
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high school home-economics room.
Service Operators Must
The dinner starts at five in the eve-1
■ ning and continues until 8 p.m.
File OPS Charts Soon
dinner is sponsored by various organ-1
If you are the proprietor of
■ izations such as The Civic club, Will-
The Fraternal Order of Eagl s. barber shop, beauty parlor, or run
Lyons—Mrs. Minnie Smith, 72, of 1 ing Workers, etc. The American
Aerie and Auxiliary, will conduct their bowling alley or automotive repair Lyons, passed away June 3 at the ! Legion Auxiliary is directing the din­
annual joint installation of officers shop, to name a few activities, you Boyce Nursing home in Salem. Mrs. ner event.
The North Santiam Chamber of
at the Mill City Fire hall Sunday, are one of thousands of service Smith was born in Germany and
The Canyon Aid association has in Commerce board of directors disc­
June 10, 2 p.m.
operators who must file ceiling prices came to America with her parents | it one representative appointed from ussed advertising plans and deveL
Installing officer will be Wm. Loy, by June 16 with the Oregon OPS when she was nine years of age. She ¡each organization
K<,,,,,.„v,„„ ,,, in „„
the Canyon. ments during their session at the
G. W. O. G. He will be assisted by office in the Lincoln building. Port- 1 lived at Sibley, Iowa, and Pipestone, These representatives in turn elect Bon Ton cafe in Stayton, Wednesday
Mrs. Loy and the Bend Eagles Auxil- land.
i *"
officers, who execute the desires of night, June 6, President “Doc” Kim­
iary drill team.
According to Carl C. Donaugh, OPS
In 1902 she married Calvin J. the various organizations in relief of mel reported today.
Brother Loy is not only an officer director, both personal services and Jamison of White, South Dakota and help in needy situations in the
The Canyon-wide representatives
of the Grand Aerie, but he is secretary those rendered in connection with In 1927 Mr. Jamison died. She, with community where quick and ready heard a report by the highways com-
of the Bend Aerie, No. 2089, as well trade and commerce, are governed by her sons, then moved to San Bernar- ,
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mittee in regard to the bill-board
as past president of his own Aerie in OPS regulation No. 34 on services, dino, California.
publicizing the North Santiam Can-
Bend. He is a past state president which freezes prices to highest
yon route to Bend, highway 222. The
In 1935 she came to Salem and mar- |
and the secretary-treasurer of the charged between December 19, 1950 ried Paul Smith the following year.
special sign has been constructed
Oregon state member.-hip department and January 26, 1951.
| He preceded her in death February
and the background painting ia com­
of the Eagles.
Affected by the June 16 filing re­ 4, 1947. Mrs. Smith was a member
plete. The lettering-work must yet
Guests are welcomed for observa­ quirement are operators of radio re­ of the Methodist Community church
lie done before the sign can be erected
tion of the gala installation cere­ pair shops, cleaning and laundry of Lyons, the Eastern Star lodge .4
north of Lancaster Avenue on high­
Kenneth Hunt stepped up a big way 99 near Salem.
establishments, service station opera­ Jefferson, and Royal Neighbors of
notch Friday, June 1, when he began
tions (except sale of petroleum pro­ America.
Through the efforts of the Canyon­
ducts), car and truck rentals, appli­
She leaves two sons, Darrell R. of wearing officially the Chief of Police wide chamber funds were raised from
ance rentals, shoe repairs, painting, San Bernardino, Calif., and Donald c. badge of the Mill City Police Depart­ generous community citizens for the
plumbing, services performed in con­ Jamison of San Mateo, Calif., two ment. Chief of Police Hunt was en­ construction of this unique sign,
nection with installation of household brothers, P. J. and John Moritz of gaged by the Mil) City council last which depicts highway 222 as the
items, day nursery services, and many Salem, two sisters, Mrs. Catherine J February as a patrolman. When the shortest route south and east across
Lyon of Lyons, and Mrs. Marie Bosch resignation of J. T. King as Chief of Oregon. On the sign are reproduc­
Miss Connie Cross, pretty brunette
Police occurred recently, the council tions of the points of interest seen
Meat markets in the Oregon OPS of Brooks.
equestrienne from Salem, was named district have until June 18 to post
Funeral services will be held at the designated Hunt the new Chief of along the route such as Detroit Dam,
queen of the 16th annua) St. Paul official OPS retail beef ceiling price Weddle mortuary in Stayton, Wednes­ Police.
the Ski Ixxige, and Suttle Lake.
rodeo during a trail ride attended by lists, Carl C. Donaugh, director, an day afternoon, June 6, at 2 p.m.
Chief of Police Hunt has performed
The Canyon-wide chamber directors
more than 300 persons Sunday.
nounced Friday.
Rev. O. L, Jones of Lyons will offic­ police work for the City of Salem and are exploring avenues by which the
Winners of the afternoon horseback
iate. Mrs. Wendel Weddle will be the State of Oregon prior to his enter­ North Santiam Canyon can become
games were: Men’s pony race—Dick
soloist and in charge of the music. ing the Mill City police department. a "must” for tourists eager for a
Schultz, Mill City, first; John Baker,
Burial will be in the City View ceme­ He has lived for many years in the satisfying tour through beautiful
Turner, second; J. W. Benson, Hills­
tery in Salem. Wallaoe Power, state. His parents are Mr. and Mrs. scenery.
boro, third.
James Lande, Albert Julian, Merrill Albert Hunt of Salem.
Boys’ pony race--Kenny Miller,
Brassfield, George Huffman, and Wil­ Mill City’s capable new police chief
Gresham, first; Derwood. Douglas
lard Hartnell are the pallbears.
Gresham, second; Billy Schultz, Mill
, 9; Lawrcr « , 7; Connie Lou 'New Deal’ Agency
Miss Jeannine Bentley, Linfield
City, third. Girls’ pony race—Joan College
3; and Stevens. 19 months.
Earns $14 Million
Keller, Sheridan, first; Marilyn Gar-
Since Chief of Police Kenneth Hunt
rigue, Hillsboro, second; Gloria Jerde, by the Mill City Enterprise as its Lyons Woman Hurled
A Roosevelt bureau, Home Owners
Albany, third. Men’s sack race— circulation representative. Miss Bent­
Mill City Ordinance 14, section 7, Ix>an Corporation, closed shop last
Claude Coleman. Salem, first; J. W.
which deals with a curfew at 10:30 month by turning over a 314.0tW.0O0
Benson. Hillsboro, second.
Texas Mrs. J. M. Bentley of Lyons, route 1.
Mrs. Hazel DeWeerd of Lyons was p.m. for youngsters under 18 years surplus to the United States Treas­
Miss Bentley, who is now a junior thrown out the left rear door of the i of age. The ordinance in question ury as its final act.
barrel race—Joe Van Dyke, Hillsboro,
first; Ross McBirney. Forest Grove, at Linfield College, was grsduated car in which she was riding Monday indicate* that in case a youngster is
HOLC was established by Congress
second; and Clarence Van Dyke, Hills­ from Stayton high school in 1949 and night during a two-car collision.
picked up for violation of the curfew, in 1933 during the depression years
was at the same time awarded a
boro, third.
Mrs. DeWeerd was taken to the a citation will be issued and the for the re-financing of defaulted
Local residents attending the St. scholarship to Linfield College She Salem General hospital where head 1 youngster and his parent will be mortgages on homes. The agency
Paul rodeo trail ride festivities Sun­ completed one year of grade school at injuries were treated, rhe impact of thereby required to appear in court. has not made any loans since 1936.
day were: Fred Gruschke and Morris Fox Valley subsequent to the Bentley the two cars’ colliding hurled the
Councilman Jim O’Leary, Mill City In the years 1933 to 1936 HOLC
Howe of Mill City; Dick Schultz, family's moving to Oregon from Lyons woman to the street.
police commissioner, when Hunt was re-financed 1,017,821 defaulted home
Buck Schultz, Phyllis Door, and Les
William B. Marshall of Lyons, under consideration a* the new Chief loans.
Chrond of Lyons; W Z. Heater. Bert
Miss Bentley’s father is employed route 1, was the driver of the car in of Police, expressed confidence in
This government lending and mort-
Stapleton, Walt Heater, and Dolph at the Detroit Dam, and her mother which Mrs. DeWeerd was a passenger. Hunt's ability which alone had been gage-holding agency aided thousands
Heater of Sublimity; Margaret. Bill is a teacher in thF Gates school sys­ Her condition is reported by the hos- proved by his patrol work while in 1 of people during the depression
and Billy Kergil. Wanda O’Brien. tem. The Enterprise's new circula­ pital as being “good”.
Mill City.
These same people made possible the
Marian Hunt, , Gene "Prague. Gene tion representative is majoring in
John Stapleton of Salem was the
Currently Chief Hunt is readying HOLC surplus of $14.000,000 The
Wan, O. C. Lovell, and Mr. and Mrs speech at Linfield College and will driver of the other vehicle invalved the scene of the Annual Policeman’s [ HOLC made investments of $3,500,
Harry Jones of Stayton.
resume her studies this fall.
in the collision Monday.
000,000 during its life.
Canyon Group
Devises Fund
Raising Plans
The Right Road Is the Green Road
Minnie Smith
Succumbs in Salem
Eagles Hold Joint
Rites in Mill City
™ Canyon Directors
Explore Publicity
Kenneth Hunt Made
New Police Chief
Rodeo Queen Named
Coming Events . . . During Trail Ride
American Legion Auxiliary 3d Mon.
Lions club meeting.
A.F. A A.M. No. 180 stated meet­
ing third Monday.
O.E.S. meeting, 2d Monday month.
Boy Scouts at City park, 7 p.m.
Chamber of Commerce 2 4 4 noon
Lions Auxiliary 4th Tuesday
Women’s club 8 p.m. 1st. 3rd Tues.
129-J School Board meeting 2d Tues
Santiam Eagles and auxiliary 8 p.m.
at Mill City fire hall.
Santiam Rebekah 166—1st and 3rd
Wed at 8 pm
Mill City PT A meets 2nd Wed.
City council first Wed. 7:30 p.m.
Altar Society meets 3rd Wed
Theta Rho Club for Girls, meets 1st
and 3rd Thursdays.
Gates PT A 1st Thursday 8 pm.
American Legion 2d and 4th Thurs
Garden club fourth Thursday
Firemen Auxiliary meets 3d Thurs.
LOOP meeting
Mill City TWA meeting last Friday
Farmers Union meeting at Mehama
Woman’s elub. 2nd and 4th.
Enterprise Engages
Miss Bentley Today