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    Campaign For
Lighted Field
Moves Ahead
Civic leaders and sportsmen inter­
ested in furthering the cause of a
lighted play field in the Canyon Tues­
day night in the Mill City fire hall
embarked with resolute hearts on
benefit ticket sales and various fund
raising campaigns with an eye on
the acquiring in the near future of
lighting facilities for the Mill City
grade school athletic field.
Russell Kelly, chairman of the
lighted play field campaign, opened
discussion on the problems aired by
representatives of the social groups
of the canyon.
Mill City Fire Chief Arlo Tuers ex­
pressed a desire for assurance from
responsible quarters that once the
athletic field is lighted those and their
successors making possible the light­
ing improvement on the Mill City
grade school athletic field will be al­
lowed the use of the field provided
they defray the operational expenses
on the lights and their activities do
not conflict with the play schedules of
the Mill City grade and high schools.
Chairman Kelly referred Fire Chief
Tuer’s inquiry to Donald Sheythe,
chairman of the board of directors of
Mill City school district 129-J. Mr.
Sheythe expressed the feeling that he
could see no objection to the use of
the lighted field by the softball play­
ers, etc., as long as the operational
expenses are properly met, having in
mind that a lighted athletic field will
benefit directly the school system.
In the course of the discussion on
the cost of operation of the proposed
athletic field lighting system, R. L.
Stewart, district manager of Moun­
tain States Power company, indicated
that it would cost roughly $2.00 per
hour’s use for power for the proposed
lighting system.
Burton Boroughs
estimated that during the course of
an evening’s lighting one light bulb
would fail and need replacement at a
cost of some $4.
In an interview on the problem of
citizen use of the lighted athletic field
on school grounds, Mill City high
principal Harrison Caughey stated
that “As long as the bills for lighting
are paid and their scheduled play does
not conflict with that of the schools'
then they can use the field.”
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Vol. VII—No. 12
$2.50 a Year. ](),- a Copy
Santiam Valley Grange
Canyon Conclave Site
Those Wanting a Canyon-Wide
Chamber Muster Wed., March 28
J. C. “Doc” Kimmel, chairman of the North Santiam
Chamber of Commerce constitutional committee, issued
today the official call for a canyon-wide organizational
meeting for election of officers of the permanent North
Santiam Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, March 28,
at 8 p.m. in the Santiam Val­
ley Grange hall located be­
tween Lyons and Mehama.
Cub Scout Pack
Now Operating
"Doc" Kimmel, recent associate
chairman of the Santiam Memorial
Hospital financing campaign, again
finds himself in a similar position
with regard to the North Santiam
To quote the words of Mr. Ray Chamber of Commerce. He was the
Steiner, Cubmaster, “Mill City Cub choice of the North Santiam Chamber
Scout Pack No. 84 is now in opera­ of Commerce constitutional and by­
tion.” This announcement culminates law committee that met in the law
several weeks of intensive effort on office of Glen V. Sorensen in Mill City
the part of Mr. Steiner, assisted by last Wednesday.
the Cub Pack committeemen, and was
made at the final organizational meet­ ( After a conference and the laying
ing held at the Steiner residence last of a constitutional framework for the
Don’t turn away from these statistics . . . they’re just cold
North Santiam Chamber, Chairman
Monday night.
figures, you say . . . but they tell a warm story! A story of
Kimmel designated the Santiam
Grange hall in the Lyons community
sympathetic understanding and practical help in an hour of
of the Parent Teachers Association and Wednesday, March 28, the pjace
greatest need!
to sponsor the Cub Scout organization and time for the canyon-wide open
in Mill City, a Pack committee was mass meeting for the election of of­
2,029,007 cases for veterans and their dependents assisted
I organized consisting of Messrs. ficers for the canyon organization for
Charles Harman, Herbert Schunk, this year.
by Red Cross Chapter Home Service workers and 1,095,832 helped
Burton Boroughs, William Tickle, and
by Red Cross Claims Service staffs in V.A. offices.
"We are confident that citizens re­
Eldon Lents.
Lee Donaldson was siding in this section of the North
i named to represent the PTA on the Santiam Valley and Canyon areas are
Veterans and dependents received $6,441,983 in financial aid
Committee, and Ray Steiner volun­ very much concerned because we have
from chapters.
teered to serve as cubmaster, with no central body to represent them in
Ken Siler as assistant.
the campaign for more year 'round in­
723,000 insurance disability and death claims filed for vet­
An effort was made to contact the dustry,” stated J. C. Kimmel. "Doc”
erans through chapter Home Service.
. parents of all boys in the age group Kimmel said, "This is shown by the
'eligible for membership in the Cub hearty support of the canyon-wide or­
A monthly average of 93,319 veterans and dependents repre­
| Scouts, in order to determine the num- ganizational movement. All realize
I ber interested in the program and to that this movement of forming an
sented by Red Cross Claims Service.
| secure the service« of mothers to con­
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duct the weekly den meetings. The
Break down these figures and think what they mean in terms
Shades of "Harvey”, the giant in­
enthusiastic response * riis survey
visible rabbit— there’s an Easter egg
of the individual veteran . . . troubled in mind or sick at heart.
was most gratifying in that it indi-
hunt extra special for the fleet-of-
What if you or a loved one were one of these? GIVE generously
Icated a potential membership of ap-
foot under 16 years of age in the
I proximately 40 boys in the Cub Pack
Canyon at 12 o'clock noon Saturday
. . . freely!
' with the following ladies volunteering
n the Mill City city park.
to serve as den mothers or assistants:
Every child under 16 is assured of
a fair chance in this Santiam Aerie
Anton Moravec Jr. followed his son,
Mrs. Joseph McNealy, Mrs. Lillian
No. 2745 of Mill City Easter Egg
Provost, Mrs. Arlo Tuers, Mrs. Zella Terry Anton, in death last Wednes­
Festival in the city park Saturday.
Hautala, Mrs. Frank Dell, Mrs. Ken­ day, March 14, and in so doing settled
Three age groups will be arranged.
neth Siler, Mrs. O. D. Jones, Mrs. forever a cloak of stillness over the
Those six years of age and under
Eldon Lents, Mrs. William Tickle, personal efforts he always cheerfully
will have their own Easter egg hunt-
Mrs. Geo. Ditter and Mrs. Grace J lavished in behalf of his community,
family and many friends.
ng grounds. Youngsters aged six to
ten are scheduled for a hunt of their
Just before the sawmill accident
The necessary initial membership
own also. The third age group will
applications have been received and stunned Anton "Tdny” Moravec Jr.
be composed of those 10 to 16 years
forwarded to the Boy Scout Area into fatal unconsciousness, he was
of age.
Council together with the application heartily spearheading activity and
Some lucky Easter egg hunters
for charter. A total of six den groups formulating plans for the 25th re­
will get more than just an Easter egg
are scheduled to start their weekly union of those of the Mill City high
Saturday. Many of the Easter eggs
meetings immediately, and plans are school class of 1926 of which he was a
are marked and a marked egg wins
being formulated for the first Cub member.
An Easter Bonnet contest will high Pack meeting tentatively scheduled
Three needy families were disclosed
a special prize.
Those who were graduated from
Santiam Aerie Eagles Al Haun,
Mill City high school in 1926 are de­
The first payment of funds to Mill at the meeting of the Canyon Aid light the pre-Easter matinee program for Monday night, April 30.
.hairman, George Stewart, John W. City School District 129-J from fed­ Tuesday night at the Detroit high at the Mill City Theatre at 2 p.m.
The Cub Scout program is open to termined now that the planned 25th
Nelson. C. E. Coville and Donald Nel­ eral appropriations under public law school. Two of these families were Saturday afternoon, March 24, for the all boys within the age limits of 8 to re-union be a success in memorial of
son are the hard working committee 874 passed by the 81st congress was taken to the clothing department at Roy Rogers Riders club.
10 inclusive. The membership fee is their classmate, "Tony” Moravec.
shaping Saturday’s Easter egg hunt made public by the office of education the CCC camp for available clothing.
Prizes will be awarded for the most $1.00, which covers not only the Area
Mr. and Mrs. Anton Moravec Sr.
in the Mill City city park.
in Washington, D. C., Wednesday, They also received requisitions for ingenious creation by any child under Council fee but also the boy’s first announced the birth of Anton Mor­
groceries. The third family, whose 13 years of age. Material used can achievement book. A thrift plan re­ avec Jr. on April 3, 1908, in Phillips,
Santiam Aerie Auxiliary members March 21.
head has an incurable illness needs be anything—an old hat, crepe paper, quiring weekly dues of 10 cents has Wise. The Moravec family came to
Mrs. John Nelson, chairman; Mrs.
The Mill City district got $5,687.62 financial aid for medical care.
As etc. Assistance in making the bon­ been adopted.
Al Haun, and Mrs. H. F. Hinch. the
Mill City some 10 years later. “Tony”,
women’s committee, have been busy as its part of the public grant for aid funds of the Canyon Aid are running net by another person will be per­
All parents interested in enrolling after entering the Mill City school
low, a committee was named to decide mitted. This contest, while appealing their boy in this program are urged system, in due time was graduated
carrying out the tradition long ago
¡federal activities. Mill City’s school means of raising money.
begun by the Eagles fraternity.
primarily to little girls will be open to to contact the Cubmaster, Mr. Ray and entered Oregon state college and
Al) children in the upper Canyon ! system was declared eligible for as­
This subject was placed before the boys if they wish to enter.
Steiner or Mr. Herbert Schunk, who was a student there during the years
area wishing transportation to the
Santiam Willing. Workers Wednesday
Later he married
In addition to the contest, the pro­ will accept applications and handle 1927 and 1928.
Mill City Easter egg hunt in the city
at the residence of Mrs. James Gordon gram will offer four cartoons, a chap­ the den assignments.
To this
park be at Baldwin’s in Detroit or construction work.
by their representative to the Canyon ter of the serial, "Wild Bill Hickock”,
union was born one child, a son, Terry
Davis’ in Idanha Saturday morning at
Aid, Mrs. George Barney. The club
Anton, who was accidentally drowned
funds can be shown by examination agreed to help with the fund raising a magic show by “Prof. Venesso,” and
11 a.m. sharp.
> three years ago.
of the following list of grade school project and to make clothing for-the
The Moravec berry and poultry
students who received 4-H pins in expected baby in one of the families. Valley” starring Roy Rogers and Gab­
farm on Fern Ridge is a model for
recognition of their health achieve­ The Legion Auxiliary, also have by Hayes.
Others and a monument to the man
All children are invited to join the
clothing for children to 10 years of
who husbanded it.
Tony was past
Receiving first year 4-H pins were age available, if these families are Roy Rogers Riders club. New mem­
master and lecturer of the Santiam
American Legion Auxiliary 3d Mon.
determined to be veterans. The Aux­
Valley grange at the time of his death.
Explorer Scouts Legion hall 7:30 p.
i Jimmy Baltimore, Lynn Brown, Clara iliary, meeting with Mrs. Warren card and a colored photo of Roy Regulation 7 has been extended to
He carried much of the responsibil­
Lions club meeting
¡Caudle, Zita Crosier, Lauren Dart,
A F. 4 A.M. No. 180 stated meet­ Colleen Esteson, Sharoon Gibson. Stoll, last Tuesday night discussed membership pins, and many other tailers throughout the country who ity of the Santiam Memorial hospital
sponsoring a candidate for the Ore­
ing third Monday
said they could not meet the March campaign and the Santiam Soil Con­
premiums and prizes.
Rodney Goble. Penelope Gould, Sherry
servation district work.
Tony di­
O.E.S. meeting. 2d Monday month. Hansen, Juanita Haney, Anna Lee gon Mothers.
Purposes of this organization,
Also extended by thirty days is the 1 census in the northeast part of Marion
Howell, Harold Kliewer, Charles
founded two years ago by screen and
radio star Roy Rogers are best date after which a retailer cannot sell ¡county. The Farmers Union and Mill
Chamber of Commerce 2 4 4 noon Marttala, John Mitchel), Terry Muir,
Gregory Peterson. John Roten, Leon­ Final Signing Finishes
summed up in the rules given every any item covered by Regulation 7 un­ City Bohemian club listed “Tony”
less he has received acknowledgment Moravec as being one of them for
member upon joining the club.
Lions Auxiliary 4th Tuesday
ard Slater, Diana Slover, Evelyn Tay-
Women'» club 8 p m. 1st. 3rd Tuea 'lor, Carol Ann Thornley. Larry Urban. Sale of Idanha Company
They are: 1. Be neat and clean; 2. from the Office of Price Stabilization i many years.
Dale Walczak, Frances Ward. Arthur
Idanha—The signing of final pa­ Be courteous and polite; 3. Always of the filing of his chart. Original
I«ast rites for Anton Moravec Jr.
last week concluded the sale of obey your parent«; 4. Protect the deadline of April 28 is extended to I on Saturday afternoon, March 17,
Santiam Eagles and auxiliary 8 p.m.
ier, Camille Goble, Evelyn Johnston, the Harvey Lumber Co. of Idanha to weak and help them; 5. Be brave, but May 30.
at Mill City fire hall.
found Ray Herman. John Lambrecht,
Today'» OPS a< •tion also extends Albert Toman, Bill Brady, Ken Golliet
Santiam Rebekah 166—1st ard 3rd Truman Jones, Donald Lemke. Mar­ George and Roy Russell of Oswego. never take chances; 6. Study hard and
lene Lovel, Winifred Murray. Michael The Russells, father and son, pur­ learn all you can; 7. Be kind to ani­ the deadline from March 29 to April and Lloyd Girod the active pallbear­
Wed. at 8 p m
O’Leary, Phyllis Provost, and Ellen chased the saw and planer mills and mals and care for them; 8. Eat all .30 for retailers to file report« with ers. Honorary pallbearers were Cor­
Altar Society meets 3rd Wed
' Shelton.
Harvey timber in the locality.
your food and never waste any; 9. their charts showing margins which nelius Bateson, Matt Martin, Leonard
Mill City PTA meets 2nd Wed.
Awarded second year 4-H health
Roy, the son, will manage this busi­ Love God and go to Sunday school they had during the "Base Period” Bums, Fernando Smith, Bill Burrell,
City council first Wed. 7:30 p.m. I certificates were: Maurice Bassett,
ness and move with his family to a regularly; 10. Always respect our July 1, 1949 to June 30, 1950. These Ted Freres, Gene Teague, Wendel
I Glenda Christensen, Gerald Golden, house near the mill. The elder Rus­ Flag and our Country.
are the reports which will give the Ere res, and Douglas Heater
Theta Rho Club for Girls, meets 1st Arthur Hedge, Ardis Meeks, Barbara sell will remain in Oswego and operate
Club matinees start at 2 p.m. each retailers and OPS a chance to com­
A graveside ceremony preceded in­
and 3rd Thursdays.
Podrabsky, Deisie Roten. Charles the planer mill he owns there.
Saturday and end promptly at 4:30 pare existing margins with those in terment of the remains beside those
Gates PTA 1st Thursday 8 pm.
Towell, Jean Thomas, and Darrell
Mr. and Mrs. Ford Harvey plan to p.m. for the convenience of parent« use in the year before the Korean of Terry Anton Moravec in the Lone
American Legion 2d and 4th Thurs.
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calling for their children.
remain at their present location.
I outbreak.
Oak cemetery.
Garden club fourth Thursday
Firemen Auxiliary meets 3d Thurs.
The Troubled Veteran Asks For Aid
Easter Egg Hunt
Opens Saturday
Anton Moravec, Jr.
Civic Aid Ceases
Local District
Gets $5,687
Coming Events . . .
1.0 O F. meeting
Mill City IWA meeting last Friday
Canyon K\A Group
Theatre Sponsors
Helps Three Homes Easter Contest
O.P.S. Deadline
Now Is April 30
Lions Club 3d Annual Talent and Amateur Show Thurs., March 29