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    January 25, 1951
Revival Campaign Opens
At Free Methodist Church
A Revival campaign was opened at
the F ree Methodist church in North
Mill City, January 21st with Rev.
£. N. Long of Portland, speaking
sightly, Services beginning at 7:30
fach evening.
Rev. Mr. Long has served as pastor
in Oregon for thirty years, and for
the past five years has been engaged
in the Evangelistic field.
All are invited to avail themselves
of this opportunity to take part in
and enjoy gord gospel singing, and
hear sound gospel preaching, accord­
ing to L. C. Gould, pastor of the
church. Some possible subjects in­
clude: “A Sure Foundation”, "Chris­
tian Certainty”, "How Shall Wo
Escape”, and "Pentecostal Power”.
Pastor Gould announced that the
Free Methodist church has an excel­
lent Sunday school and that the chil­
dren enjoy it immensely. The pastor
observed that it was "High time that
wo teach our boys and girls the Gospel
truth”. He urged all that are not
attending eleswhere to send or better
bring their children to this growing
»Sunday school,
We wish to express our sincere
thanks to our many friends and neigh­
bors for the flowers and thoughtful
expressions of help during the illness
and bereavement of our beloved hus­
band, father and brother.
Mrs. Ruth Bass and children
Shirley and Millard
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bass
and family
Mr. and Mrs. James Blum
and family
Test Tube
Vs. Polio
Fur generations polio was ac­
cepted aa one of the "mystery dis­
eases” of mankind, an elusive de­
stroyer and crippier, striking un-
predictably with epidemic force.
Today, medical science knows a
great deal about polio. The "mys­
tery" phase is past. The period of
exploration, discovery and even­
tual conquest is well under way.
With funds provided by the
March of Dimes, the nation’s top
scientists are hard at work in hos­
pital and university laboratories,
exploring every reasonable ap-
proach tnat may lead to the ulti­
mate control of polio epidemics
and conquest of the disease as an
individual affliction.
'Die recent discovery that polio
virus could be grown in test tubes,
using non-nervous tissue as the
culture medium, has been ac­
claimed as a new milestone in polio
research. It has greatly widened
the field for the research scientists
in their efforts to find a vaccine,
drug or serum effective against
infantile paralysis.
In its thirteen years of exist­
ence, the National Foundation for
Infantile Paralysis has authorized
the expenditure of $11,753,736 in
March of Dimes funds for re­
search. Of this amount. $8,841,158
has been granted in the field of
virus research, while $2,912,578
has been allocated to study of
prevention and treatment of the
disease’s crippling after-effects.
There is a sound basis for the
hope that some day polio will be
controlled or wiped out by science
through the March of Dimes,
Don’t Borrow—Subscribe Today!
NOW - - -
Riverside Ramblers
3 piece Western Swing Band
Fri., Sat., Sun. each week
Willamette U. Student
Speaks at Mill City
Local Young People Carey Honored With
Party at Gates
Attend C. E. Rally
Mrs. John Swan has been in Port­
land during the past week caring for
Lieut. Gale Carey, veteran of the
Sunday, January 21, seven members
Rene Charrasse, exchange student her daughter-in-law Mrs. Ronald
1 of the local Christian Endeavor soci­ last world war, was honored, Sat­
from France at Willamette university Swan who has been suffering with *
ety of the Christian church, accom­ urday evening at a farewell party,
was speaker at the Women’» club an attack of the flu.
Mrs. Herbert Schroeder has gone to panied by the minister, Hugh E. Jull, given by the teachers of the local
meeting this past week. His topic
Newberg this last week and taken an attended the Santiam district C. E. schools and held in the recreation
was “The Marshall Plan.”
so that she can be near rally at Harrisburg, and were rooms of the high school.
On display at the meeting by Mrs.
Lieut. Carey has received orders
George Rhoten was a collection of her husband, who is employed there awarded the attendance banner, com­
leather work which she brought back in the lumbering industry with his puted on the basis of the number from Washington to report for duty
present at the rally, miles travelled at Phoenix, Arizona, February 1.
from France recently. Christmas and son.
Clyde Wells has purchased Wayne and average attendance at the reg­ Carey had served on the school
greeting cards were brought to the
meeting to be sent to the hospital Kerr’s 2-place Taylorcraft plane re­ ular weekly meetings of the society. board for the past two years. A din-
cently. He is keeping is hangered . Young people attending were Ken­ I ner was served by the hostesses and
for spastic children.
neth Andrews, Patricia Cree, Wilma for entertainment during the re­
Hostesses for the evening were at the Davis airport near Gates.
Mrs. W. W. Allen and Mrs. Leon
Mrs. Earl Dennis fell and broke her Jull, Vera Loucks, Hazel Neal, Bob mainder of the evening a film, Treas­
ure Island was shown, followed by
Faust. At the business meeting Mrs. leg at her home in Mill City last Shelton and Dick Williams.
Those complimenting Lt.
The next rally will be at Holley in cards.
James O’Leary was voted to member­ Sunday evening. She is reported do­
Carey were Mrs. Gwen Schaer, Mr.
ing well in the Memorial hospital in February.
ship in the club.
The young people of the local and Mrs. Riley Champ, Mr. and Mrs.
Members present were Mrs. Ernest Salem.
Bauer, Mrs. W. W. Allen, Mrs. Ken­
Bill and Judy Bodeker were visitors society will be in charge of the A. T. Barnhardt, Mr. and Mrs. Bently,
neth Crosier, Mrs. Lee Dike, Mrs. Lee in Mill City from their home in Alsea, evening church service this coming of Lyons, Mr. and Mrs. Harold of
Donaldson, Mrs. Harry Dyrhman, last Tuesday evening. They played Sunday, as a part of the organization ¡Stayton, Mrs. Velma Carey and son
Mrs. Leon Faust, Mrs. Charles Har­ in the shuffleboard tournament at the of the first Christian Endeavor James, Harold Wilson, Donald Carey,
of Stayton, Mrs. Gale Carey and
mon, Mrs. W. R. Hutcheson, Miss Mill City Tavern.
Donna Lea, Mr. and Mrs. Don Miley,
M Sgt. Walen O. Hamrick of Cars­
Daisy Geddess, Mrs. Floyd Jones, Miss
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Means, Mr. and
Daisy Hendricson, Mrs. Charles Kelly, well Air Force Base, Ft. Worth, Tex., VVM. MIKKELSON
Mrs. A. McMullin, Mrs. Dorothy
. Mrs. Lee Knowles, Mrs. Arthur spent several days last week with his
Wood, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Klutke,
Kriever, Mrs. Harry Mason, and Mrs. sister-inlaw-, Mrs. Jack Colburn, and ON HONOR ROLL
University of Oregon, Eugene, Jan. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Chance and Mr.
Mr. Colburn. Sgt. Hamrick became
Ozzie Mikkelson.
“weathered in” during an inspection 18—(Special)—William Mikkelson, and Mrs. Clarence Rush.
trip to the 3903rd Radar Bomber son of Mr. and Mrs. Ozzie Mikkelson, mmmui ™uu:nmummi'iMMi ana n w r»'T. i w
Scoring Squadron Detachment at the Mill City, is one of 207 students who
was on the honor roll for fall term
Portland air base.
at the University of Oregon. The
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met Tuesday evening at the home of honor roll includes all students earn­
working body. The first meeting of Mrs. Carl Kelly,
Members present ing at least a 3.5 grade point average
the Explorer Post is scheduled to be were Mesdames Vernon Todd, D. B. which represents halfway between A
held on Monday night, January 29th Hill, Robert Wingo, Lowell Stiffler, and B average in all graded courses.
at 7:30 p.m. at the American Legion
Mikkelson is a sophomore major
George Steffy, Roger Nelson, Frank
hall. All boys between the ages of Hunter, Charles Coville, D. J. Fergu­ in pre-med.
14 and 18 who are interested in a son, Homer Thacker, Lee Ross, Shields
program of indoor, outdoor, social and Remine, James O’Leary, Jack Colburn
Jack Brande, Dr. M. O. Perkins, Dr. C.
service activities are Invited to be and the hostess.
E. Woods, Wayne Robertson, who to­
present. A hot-dog feed will be an
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Epps of Sweet gether with Dr. Irvine were among
added attraction.
Home are spending a few days in the tireless workers in the Lebanon
The troop committee for the Ex­ Mill City tending to their store.
hospital campaign.
plorer Post consists of the following
Mrs. George Roten of Salem spent
Dr. Irvine stated, "Our committee
men: Walt Peterson, E. D. Cooke, several days at the home of Mr. and
comes to congratulate the people of
| Chet Ferguson, Irl Plymale, and J.
Mrs. Lee Ross.
Mrs. Roten, just this area and you workers on the
T. King with Glen Sorensen as Post returned from a tour of Europe.
great record you have established,”
I Advisor.
Last Saturday evening friends of and added “there will be a great in­
Mr. Sorensen is the local attorney
Russell King surprised him with a crease of population in this beautiful
and is a veteran of World War II.
birthday party at his home. After farming area, many industries will
Norman Jensen has accepted the
an evening of canasta a delicious come by the bringing in of electric
¡job of assistant advisor.
He was
spread was enjoyed by the following power and when the Detroit dam is
advisor last year and did a fine job
couples, Mr. and Mrs. Cloyd Cox, Mr. built there will be a great recreation
but felt he didn't have the time to and Mrs. Lester Masen, Mr. and Mrs.
center for the people in this entire
devote to it again. Norman works
Special Hallmark Volenbnes
George Crook, Mr. and Mrs. Lowell valley and canyon . . . there is no
I for CBI and is also a veteran of Stiffler, and Mr. and Mrs. George
for children to send . . . per­
question about the need of a hospital
World War II.
fect for that school Valentine
to serve this area and you are meeting
Mr. Lethin will be in Mill City
box. Gay colorful figures,
the need.”
on Monday night, February Sth at
red hearts that will appeol to
Distinguished Guests
¡which time he will show a film on
any child. See our large se­
The following distinguished guests
Explorer Scouting. All boys of Ex­
were present and introduced:
lection today.
plorer age along with their parents
Harley Libby, Jefferson, past presi­
are invited to see this interesting
dent of the Farmers Union; Father
picture. Maybe there will be more for a group of small communities, '
Mathew Jonas, Stayton; Father Jo­
agricuultral and industrial areas. The
potential area population for this
Be an island of calm confidence in campaign was 6.000. You obtained resenting the Oregonian, Oregon
The average of
a world of turmoil—not blind wish­ 2,034 subscribers.
Journal, and Oregon Statesman; Chris
ful thinking, but belief in the power subscriptions per donor was $180. Kowitz, Jr. and Ben Maxwell, repre­
for right of a God who cares. -Speers. You are now celebrating a great vic­ senting the Capital Journal; Drs.
Headquarters for Hallmark Cards
tory made possible through the volun­
Beauchamp, Betzer and Stuckart.
330 Court St., SALEM
The restrictions on child labor in teer workers and the 2.034 subscribers, Stayton; and Drs. Hosch and Prill of
industry were increased by the amend­
ments to the federal wage and hour chants, owners of industries and pro­
fessional men. The real work will
now begin. In order to have a hos­
pital that will truly serve the people,
you workers in the financing cam­
paign and the members of the hos­
pital association, its board of direc­
tors and officers, the Women's Hos­
Phone 2-4542
pital Auxiliary together with the pub­
lic at lai ge must take a very active
interest in the payment of subscrip­
tion contracts and when built in its
operation. The people of this area
have demonstrated that this is a great
self - reliant American community,
546 N. High, SALEM
who have shown in a practical man­
ner that they believe the first duty
of the citizens is to provide modern
hospital facilities for the protection
of the life and health of the people
who reside in this area. This work
has been done and the money given
by those who place human lives above
property values — Those Who Care.”
Guests From Lebanon
A delegation of citizens who were
active in the recent campaign to fi- !
nance Lebanon Community Hospital
headed by Dr. N. E. Irvine attended
the victory dinner.
Dr. Irvine is well known for his
standing in the medical profession
in the state of Oregon. He is a mem­
ber of the state board of health and
si’l DS
10 lbs.
was recently re-appointed to this of­
fice. Dr. Irvine introduced the other
members of the Lebanon committee: ;
COm Ml Brands
Scout Troops-
Hospital Campaign-
Edward Williams
Bales & Brady
• This Weeks •
Largest Trade-Ins
Used Furniture
1J.IL f
K /l/l Z
■ Dll’.
in Oregon on
Personal property taxpayers are re­
quired to file an invoice as of Jan­
uary 1st, 1961. with the Assessor for
an assessment base
must be filed on or before March 2. (
Penalty provided after due
Truck and automobiles carrying
State license plates and furniture in
private homes are exempt
Furniture in Hotels, Apartments
and Rooming Houses are subject to
If you have not received an assess­
ment blank, please notify the Asses­
sor's Office.
Linn County Assessor.
Fresh Vegetables
and Meats
Gates General Store
m / ll ary