The Mill City enterprise. (Mill City, Or.) 1949-1998, June 22, 1950, Page 8, Image 8

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MILL ein
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cruson, Gail
and Jerry of Ashland spent the week
ad With relatives. Gall and Jerry r<
malned for a few weeks visit.
Mrs IJoyd Comstock and Terry
Ann of Myrtle Creek have been vied
Ing her mother, Mrs Russell Moberg
Clair Mohser of Sand Point. Idaho,
is visiting at the home of his uncle
Mrs. M Peetz, mother of Mrs. W
R. Hutcheson leaves today for Oak­
and aunt Mr and Mrs. Tommie Craig land to attend the wedding of a
Mi and Mrs. Robert Landro, Mrs
Mrs Ed Salvon and children or
Anna Swift and Mrs. Carl Chance Portland are visiting this week at the
attended the funeral services for Mrs home of Mr and Mrs Walter P-'er-
Verna Caraway Foreman in Portland
Tuesday morning
Attending the grand chapter OES
Vetta Powelson is visiting her of Oregon in Portland laut week were
grandmother, Mrs Grace Powelson Mrs Wm McCoy, worthy matron of
In McMinnville.
Marilyn chapter, Mr and Mrs Lav
Mr and Mis
Mrs Bud Strom of Con- rence Walworth, worthy patron and
«■ord. California were visitors at the j chaplain. Mrs. Ed Rupp, grand rep-
home this week
resentative of Louisiana. Mrs. Wil-
W R Hutcheson hörne
ham Shuey, grand page, and Mrs.
Lorena McElvain
Betty Lou Cree is visiting her cou- '•
sins, Mr. and Mrs Blaine Hanks and
Nancy, at McMinnville. Hanks is an
announcer for the McMinnville radio
Patricia Cree is spending the week
in Salem with Mr and Mrs. John
Wehrli and Sharon
Donald Cree is in Salem for a few
days with his cousins, Dale and Lloyd
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Baltimore,
Bob and Jim and Darrell Farnem
spent the weekend fishing at Crane
Prairie reservoir.
j Mr and Mrs. Lowell Cree and Don-
nie spent the weekend fishing at
South Twin lake.
Mrs. Eugene Carey and Diane of
Portland were weekend guests at the
Carl Chance home.
Don Peterson of Tacoma, Wash.,
spent the weekend at the home of
Mrs. Anna Swift. Mrs. Peterson and
her three daughters accompanied him
home after spending the week here
with her mother.
Quips & Quotes
So I says to the boss. •'Pete,” 1
said, "suppose I should want to write
a political gem at some time or other.
Will it be censored if we don't
agree?" "No,” he said, “if it’s print­
able we'll print it.” “Thanks, Pete,”
I replied, "of course I'm not much
interested in writing political jargon
but I just wondered in case the oc­
casion should arise.”
Now it looks to me as the occasion
has arisen. No, I didn't vote at the
big school election the other *night.
Have to live in the district you know.
Nevertheless a guy hears a lot of
chit chat. Reminds me in a way of
the neighbor kids in the alley. “You
did!” “I didn't!” “Did too!” ... and
on and on .and on. Aw shutup I'm
tempted to say at times. LITTLE
people always show their banners
best when they've just won or lost
Overheard some "mighty minds” with
a size ten hatband gloating over the
big victory THEY swung.
around the corner was the guy yelling
we've been robbed. He was for the
Might be well to remember that
the good ol' U.S.A, was built on the
principle of gilvng every one a voice.
I guess their was a mighty fine turn
out at the school election and every
one was able to vote for the person
they liked.
Now for goodness sake, whether
you won or lost why not be gracious
about it. Not much sense in mim­
icking the neighbors kids in the alley
is there?
Some 20 centuries ago there was a
carpenter who gave us answers to
many problems of life. Wonder his
advice in this case would have been
to “love one another".
Air Show Contest­
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! sold by the winner of the preliminary
contest when she competes with the
candidates from the other canyon
One type will entitle the purchaser
to attend the ball at which the queen
will be crowned, Saturday, July 15.
These will sell for $1.25 and will give
the princess 25 votes in the competi­
The second type of ticket in the
second contest will sell for 25 cents
and will give the princess-candidate
five votes. These tickets will not
enable the purchaser to attend the
The communities of Idanha. Detroit,
Gates, Lyons, and Mehama are ex­
pected to enter a contestant in the
contest for queen of the air show.
Date Changed For-
at Savings of
57— To
The tires you have always wanted
can now be yours at a price you
can easily afford to pay. Each in
its class is the safest, strongest
tire on the road ... the fastest
stopping tire, rain or shine . . .
the softest riding, most com­
fortable tire made today. Don’t
miss this great opportunity to
wiv with iajtty.
at Savings of
at Savings of
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IC. J. Bacon. Elmer Barney, Julia
Bassett, Lewis F Beers, Frank Bla­
zek, Jessie Bodeker, Eddie Brand,
Karen Briggs, W. H. Burlingame,
David E Carter, R. W. Carter, Wayne
<?hamberlain, Betty Christensen, Mary
E. Clark. Jack D. Colburn, Kathryn
Colburn, Mavis Wargnier. Rosa Daly.
H. F. Dean, George R. Ditter, Bar­
bara Enlow. Mrs. D. J. Ferguson,
Curtis Floyd. Walter Gregory, Clydu
L. Hathaway, Inez M. Haun, Mrs. R.
L. Heacox, Cecil Hendershott, and
Ruby Herman.
1 John B Herron, Frank O. Johnson.
I Dolores Hollingsworth, Alice Hoeye,
C. L. Hopkins, Telmar G. Iverson,
Dean W. Jackson. Don Jenkins, Nor­
man C. Jensen. Merle Johnson, Be-
I atrice Jones. A. A. Kallio, C. W. Kan­
gas. R F Kelly. Ruth Kerr. T. A
Kimery. L. A Knowles. Otto J.
Koencke, George Laird, R C. Lake,
I-emke Billv B. Mc­
Ghee. K W. Martig. Mrs’ Wilbur
Mienert. Frances Merrill, Frank V.
Merrill. John A. Muir, D. J. Nelson.
Mrs. D. J. Nelson. Don Nelson, Vera
Nelson, and Mrs Frank Nist.
Glessner J. Parks, Barbara R. Pen­
nick. W. M Pennick, Ledora Pinks­
ton. Chas. J. Porter. Mrs Chas. J
Porter. Ernest Ragsdale. W. S. Re-
1 mine. Mrs W. S. Remine. Alice I.
Roberts. B. A. Roy, Henry Schick.
Fred Schmick. Verne Shaw. Bertha
Shepherd, Margaret R Siler, Jessie
Slater. Joe D Slater, Aline Steffy.
Wm. R Stewart. R L. Stiffler, Frank
R Stovall. Robert S. Sullivan. Lettie
A Swan. A Toman, Clyde Wells.
Edrie A. Wells. Mack Williams. For­
rest Baker. Ruth Baker. Sarah Miller.
Minnie C. Persoaett. Mary Rada. C.
R. Stewart, C. F Stewart. S. W
Stewart, and Lillie Roy.
$437 TO $]Q?9
- w -
Finest mate­
rial*. York done promptly ...
and guaranteed. Let ua give
▼0« a free eetimate.
Maker s
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