The North Santiam's Mill City enterprise. (Mill City, Or.) 194?-1949, March 24, 1949, Image 1

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    Serving the .\rorth Santiam
The North Santiam’s
Mill City Enterprise
$2.60 A YEAR. 5 CENTS A CttPY
Looking Up City Council Rushes
and Down Through Building Code
the Canyon
struction projects.
The code ts not severe, merely re­
quiring oidinary good building stan­
Today we are laying the founda­
tion for a Mill City that’s going to
Concrete founations will be tlhe
emerge during the next five years
rule henceforth for dwellings a-n d
as one of the most prosperous can­
business houses within the city lim­
yon towns in the state. And the town
its. Certain sanitary codes murt be
and its leadership is deseiving of the
observed, and construction must be
highest praise for the wise and sen­
done to pass fire pievention codes.
sible way it has taken the develop­
A building permit system is set
ments of recent months.
up in the same ordinance. Filing coBt
There is a real basis here for a
is 50 cents, and a permit will cost
future boom. Yet the town has wise­
$5 for tiie first $1000 valuation and
ly avoided- the negative byproduct
$1.50 per $1000 for buildings over
of that state of affairs—speculation,
skyrocketing land prices, foolish ven­
Certain structural requirement are
in the code concerning the strength
On the contrary, land is still avail­
of joists, etc.
able at fair prices for business and
The ordinance is modeled after one
residential requirements. The minor­
Mill City saw a new industry, up written by the League of Oregon
ity that has ridiculous pi ices set on in the air, last Sunday.
property in the Canyon just isn’t get­
There were four planes, from Sil­
ting it sold.
verton, part of them being used as
Noted als as a healthy sign is the trainets at the Davis Airport east of
building now being undertaken by lo­ here. At least six local people have
cal people. Small home and apart­ begun flying lessons, which are be­
ment units are going up, business ing given Wedt^sdays, Saturdays,
blocks are being built, an expression and Sundays by Ted Galbraith, Sil­
Bids for the remodeling and ad­
of real faith in the futuie.
verton flier.
dition for Gates high school gymna­
The residential area is widening
Considerable work is in progress sium were opened by the board of
and filling out. And current and pros­ at the local field. A power line, which directois Monday, with tbe Butler
pective buildings for business are de­ might have been a hazaid to 1
” Construction Co. of Salam low with
veloping a real trading center, almost has been replaced with an un, | •
as if planned.
ground cable, and a telephone line
The board has planned for the job
The great Detroit Dam will pro­ also will be buried at that point.
to be done by the opening of the fall
vide the spur to the development of
Work will proceed, as soon as the term of school.
the city. The new highway, scheduled weather permits, on the- new strip,
Plans call for an addition to the
for completion in early summer, will which need« further grading and
present building of 20x80 feet and
do much to hold the growth which seeding. The new strip connects al­
installation of a new heating system,
comes in the dam building period of ongside the existing one, thus more
dressing rooms, and showers.
four or five years.
than doubling the landing zone.
But to make this growth normal
Byron Davis, owner of the airport,
and lasting, two main tasks remain. has purchased a trainer plane to add
First, is attracting industry into the to his present flying equipment.
Cany«1,«So ih<u iW people who come
The aiiyXrt has become increasing­
here to build the dam can see a way ly popular with Valley airmen, many
to remain with us. Industrial devel­ of whom have recently landed there.
About a third of the $600 quota
opment cannot wait till the dam is
for Mill City in the current drive of
finished. It must proce_/ right now.
the Red Cross has been raised, it
Second, theie must be a better use
was announced this week.
of the fertile hill and mountain land
Additional volunteer workers can­
in the Canyon. One does not have to
vassing the town are Mrs. Ksiith Ma­
prove that the soil is good for fruits
Leiter Hathaway, Mrs.
and berries. That is being proven
The Masonic Lodge Monday night Floyd Fleetwood and Mis. George
year after year by the astounding
crops raised by the Fern Ridge grow­ led off in the current drive to raise Stewart.
funds for a respijtor, with a con­
Only about half tiTThe businesses
been canvassed so ar. Milk bot­
A stable agriculture, added to in­
The campaign to purchase for the tles have been placed in several of
dustry, recreation, cheap power dnd
tourist trade, offers Mill City anil community this lifesaving apparatus them.
Mrs. Charles Wolverton is local
the Canyon a pe: manent future of was launched by Police Chief J. T.
stable prosperity.
Let’s not settle merely for a lum­ ly of Dennis Bevier, 9, in a millpond
ber industry. Let’s not be satisfied here.
The respirator is on display in the
A charter member of tlhe American
when it was organized in
more in this region to offer than
years ago was given spe­
monstrations of the equipment. Last cial tribute at a local post meeting
From Clay Cochran, secretary of the Sunday Mr. Blum, a fireman with here Thursday.
He is Ernest Ragsdale, also a char
Salem Chamber of Commerce, comes the Salem force, and Mr. Neep, an
member of the local post. Mr.
a suggestion—and an offer. Here it
ed the machine at a meeting in the Ragsdale displayed membership pa­
pers he received 30 years ago.
When comes the time, i n early Mill City Theatre.
He served in France under Gen.
Chief King was optimistic that the
summer, for the North Santiam High
whose former private secre­
way to be opened for traffic, it ought
tary, Mrs. O. K. DeWitt, was pres­
to be done with a flourish. Mr. Coch­ money to buy the machine soon.
The respirator is useful, not only ent at last week’s meeting here.
ran suggests that a big barbecue be
The local post has gone over its
held in the Canyon, with Salem, Stay­ in cases of drowning, but also of
of 30 members. Guy Sorensen
ton and other cities along the route,
is commander, Dr. David J. Fergus­
plus the Canyon communities par­ and gas poisoning.
The respirator attachment is auto- on, adjutant.
ticipating. His offer is that Salem
will pitch in to help make an event matic, and adjusts itself to the lung
of it. Notables will be brought here capacity of an infant or an adult.
George Ditto, Niagara, this week
to cut the tape officially opening the
to the Marion County
route, which provides the best and
Court that the hill road there had
lowest pass through the Cascades to
become nearly impassable due to use
California and the East from the
by heavy equipment of the Bonne-
vifle line clearing project. The court
The publicity for this area would
A suggested first project for the ordered rock work on the bad stretcdi.
he worth more than any single event
newly formed Garden Club will be
could bring.
And it would be the chance for landscaping the steep bank just to
this region, if it had a pavilion show­ I the North of the downtown section
ing what the Canyon has to offer, to on the Marion side of the river.
Although the project ha» not de­
sell this beautiful area to thousands
finitely been decided upon, there was
of visitors.
much concurrence with the idea at
The Enterprise can claim a wide last week’s meeting.
About 25 persons joined and the
readership. Mort distant of its read­
ers is Karl-Heinz Hoffmann, a young charter officers are: Mrs Ftances
German who is a friend of Lt. Lloyd Dolezal, president. Mrs.. Maggie
Hoeye, a local boy who served in the .Shaw, vice ^resident, and Mrs. Vir-
! ginia Robison, secret«) /-treasurer.
occupation force.
A special meeting has been called
Karl is already fairly handy with
the English language, but there are for Thursday evening. March 31. at
a few things in The Enterprise that the Albert T »man home
Ài/// City. Cates, Mongold,
Detroit and Idanha
A model building code for small
cities was passed unanimously Wed-
nesray night by the city council, and
an emergency clause put it into ef-
feet immediately.
The council chose to act swiftly
because it wanted to stop before it
ever got started the election of sub­
standard homes and business places,
a common practice around big con-
Davis Airport
Given Boost
$250,000 Housing
Project On Way
Jake Prince, an employee at the
Lower Breitenbush Springs by E. C.
Kennedy, was trailed by a cougar as
he made his way by snowshoes from
the resort after being snowbound
since last fall. He got out last week.
Mr. Prince, who left for Albany
after he made it to Detroit, said the
cougar followed him most of the way.
Deer and elk, he said, were feed­
ing happily on hay which was taken
into the area by volunteers several
weeks ago.
Mason’s Give $50
For Respirator
1st Project Studied
Bv Garden Club
Edison Vickers of Idanha has an­
nounced the formation of a company
to build homes in uhe Upper Canyon
area for the influx of population ex­
pected soon in that area A $100,000
housing project of 12 homes is plan­
Parents Face
Rap if Kids
On Tract
In Park
A $200,009 to $250,000 housing pro­
ject for Mill City awaited this week
only a few details of land transfer
to set the vaat home development on
its wby and under construction burly
next month.
Go Astray
Gravel Firm Starts
The Colgan Construction Co. has
leased a quarry and gravel site from
Al Geddes, near MW City, and will
set up soon a rock crusher, screening
plant and maintain a fleet of trucks.
J. R. Colgan, formerly of Pendle­
ton, is manager of the new business.
He had been engaged in similar bus­
iness there. Mr. Colgan has pureha -
ed most <>f his equipment and was
awaiting a fheport on the rock at
the site. It passed a favorable gov­
ernment teat last week.
Mr. Colgan is making his home
in Mill City.
in his precise English, something of WITNESS CALLED IN CASE
this nature:
“I like to nead about Mill City and | Bill Bi. kett. Elkhorn, was subpoe-
I understand most of what is in the ned to appear in court Friday as a
newspaper. However, I have looked i w tness against Bill Rciwrts of Aum»
in my dictions y ffnd I canr->t find rill who is charged with spotlighting
any such words as ETAOIN or deer on the Bickett property last fall.
The case was postponed for the
SHRDLU. Will you tell me what they
third time.
Price OK’d
Agreement upon a price of $2400
for three to four acres of park land
was made between the Santiam Lions
Club and Consolidated Builders, Inc.,
contractors for tlhe $65,000,000 De-
From now on, it’s going to be the I troit Dam 12 miles above Mill City.
parent who will be penalised in the
Al Bauer, general manager of the
With the advent of spring, the delinquency of a minor.
contracting concern, and a commit­
night hunter will again be on the
The Mill City Council Wednesday tee of the Lions Club including Ro­
prowl. An honest citizen by day, but night passed an ordinance, following
bert Veness, Albert Toman and Carl
an illegal marauder at night
the line of one passed recently in Kelly, negotiated the price of the
Last fall, the buzzards circling a many Oregon cities, including Salem,
tract this week.
hundred feet from the Gates hill tes­ that holds a patent responsible for
Agreement also was reached for
tified to a night hunter’s careless aim child delinquency.
the purchase of several small adja­
A big 4-point buck had been wound­
If parental neglect is the cause, cent tracts, one tbe home place of
ed with a small caliber gun and left they must face the courts along with Leonard Herman, who agreed to sell
to die.
their children.
virtually at cost to help get the home
Not only do the wild creatures
project here.
suffer, but no one’s property is safe. ELECTRICAL FIRM TO LOCATE
Coatly Homes Planned.
One of Bill Bickett’s cows died last
Robert Taylor, a former Mill City
CBI representrtives have stated it
year on his Elkhorn farm as the re­ resident, ha« arranged to establish is their intention to build homes in
sult of a “spotlighter’s” bullett
an electrical contracting business in the $8000 to $10,000 class, and to
The year before a goat was killed. Mill City. He has several local con­ develop the entire area into a planned
Why can't people realise that Il­ tracts at this time. He is from Leba section, with landscaping and other
legal hunting only deprives everyone non.
of game that is rightfully his, and
About 25 homes for key personnel
can be had in abundance if the laws OUT OF HOSPITAL
are to ba built. Company representa­
are obeyed?
Mrs. John Young, one pf three in­ tive« said CBI elected to build per­
Educate your children to enjoy and jured in an automobile wreck last manent homes instead of temporary
conserve the wildlife— a rich herit­ week above Detroit, was- released le- ones because they felt the resale val­
i cently from a Bend hospital, after a ue after they have completed the dam
(Mrs. Roberts is Elkhorn corre«- few days Nervation. She tx^Rcts
would he greater than cheeper con­
pondent of The Enterprise.)
to return home sooji.
struction and would well pay over
She has been staying at the home what the extra cost might be.
of Harold Pugh in Bend. Mr. Pugh,
Russell Hoffman, general superin­
with John Young, were the others tendent of tffe job, has been in Mill
Edison Vickers, upper Canyon bus­ injured and are making satisfactory City or the damsite most of the week
inessman, was elected president of recovery.
and other engineers have been assist­
the Canyon Commercial Club at its
ing him in planning for the construc­
last meeting.
tion procedures.
Other officer« include, Ray John­
The Boy Scouts Monday night held
Vince Palmer assisted by Carl Pal­
son, vice pi evident, Nolan Rasnick, court of honor and presented a pro- mier last week completed the spe< ■
secretary-treasurer, and Otto Russell gram here. Participants in the pro- I ifications on the clearing to be done
and Len Davis, directors.
gram included June and Lorena De­ at the damsite and the Cundey Creek
vine, < Gates, Ernest Podrabsky, Don quarry area. The two tracts are about
Ficek and Kirk Wirick. Police Chief 140 acres, of which over 25 must be
Clarence Nidhol, Silverton, recent­ J. T. King demonstrated the uses of grubbed.
ly purchase prodperty in the Gates a respirator, a fund for which is now
Six or more concerns had indicated
section on Highway 222, for the er­ being sought.
interest in bidding on the subcontract
ection of a plumbing shop. The pro­
and the company will open bids this
perty was owned by Al Haun of Mill 70 AT LYONS X-RAYED
Friday at 3 p.m.
Seventy persons took the ebast X-
In the meantime very little hiring
David M. Reid was the broker.
ray examination when the county mo of workers has been done, although
bile unit was in Lyons Thursday.
hundieds of applicant« came here the
Mrs. Geoge Huffman was local past week.
Dr. Chester Hamblin, pastor of the chairman, and several women assist­
From Washington came news of
First Presbyterian Church of Salem ed her.
the approval by the House appropri­
and president of the Oregon Feder­
ations committee of the fund sought
ation of Churches, has been selected CAR DAMAGED IN HIT- RUN
by the Army Engineers for Dstroit
as speaker for the Mill City high
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Carleton had Dam in the fiscal year of 1949 *50.
school commencement May 26. Mor­ their car badly damaged Thursday The full amount of the request-$11,-
ton Boothe, Albany, a former Navy evening when struck by a hit-and-run 380,000 was approved. The deficiency
chaplain, will give tbe baccalaureate driver when they were returning to appropriation of $2,000,000 for the
address here May 22.
their home in Fox Valley. No one <iam this fiscal year met similar ap­
was injured.
proval by the Senate appropriations
The season's first commercial load ELKHORN TEACHER SIGNED
of lumber left the upper Canyon via
Mrs. Patrick of Mehama has sign­
truck March 15. Production ie almost er a contract to teach school at Elk­
back to normal this week.
horn next year.
Spotlight Hunters
Salem Firm Low
Called Spoilers
In Gates Gym Bid
Red Cross Drive
Third of the Way
Plans Housing
THIS VIEW, taken with a small camera by Bust Fleetwood from Byron
chure prepared by the Mill City Ch amber of Commerce.
Davis’ plane, appea « in the bro­
Mrs. Barbara Pennick, her partner,
Mrs. N. L. Pennick, botti of Gates,
and Fred Lindemann, Lyons, passed
examination« last week for real es­
tate brokers’ licenses.
The Pennicks operate their busi­
ness in Gates and Mr. Lindemann
has an office in Lyons.