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Sex Hormone« May Reduce
8wine Production Problems
Skilled uee of sex hormones In
hugs offers a possibility of bring­
ing more pork to American dinner
tables and of easing the multiple
problems of swine production at
the same time, according to a re­
port in a national veterinary jour
Dr. L. M. Hutchings of Purdue
university, writing In the Journal
of the American Veterinary Medi­
cal association, said this hormone
technique was developed by Pro­
fessors H. H. Cole and E. H.
Hughes of the University of Cali­
Injection of the hormone, equine
gonadotropin, into sows after the
fortieth day of lactation shortened
as much as two to four weeks the
period between successive farrow-
lngs, Dr. Hutchins stated.
In addition to shortening the far­
rowing season, use of the hormone
would allow greater lifetime pro­
duction per breeding animal—at
least one extra litter per sow—pro­
vided farmers could adjust their
feeding and management schedules
to meet the stepped-up production
Effectiveness of the hormone is
attributed to its marked stimulat­
ing action on the ovaries. In the
hands of experts, ft was over 95 per
cent efficient in bringing about de­
sired results, the writer said.
iO other rub acts faster in
LETS—A purely vegetable laxative to
relieve constipation without the usual
griping, sickening, perturbing sensa­
tions, and does not cause a rash. Try
NR—you will see the difference. Un­
coated or candy coated—their action
is dependable, thorough, yet gentle as
millions of NR’s have proved. Get a
25c box and use as directed.
Crochet These Little Doilies
Our improved pattern — visual with
easy-to-see charts and photo*, and com­
plete directions—makes needlework easy.
Company Improves
Side Delivery Rake
A new side-delivery rake, engi­
neered from the ground up for
power take-off raking and tedding,
and completely designed for mech­
anized farming is now in produc­
Manufacturers declare that a
"history of the side-delivery rake,
which is the machine you see piling
up long rows of hay, straw and
other crops for baling, shows that
there has been little or no change
in the machine since the advent of
the tractor. It is the first all-new
rake in 50 years.”
Exclusive features of the rake
are the floating reel and basket
which permits use of the full length
of the 64 pairs of raking teeth at
all times and a positive chain pitch
control which changes the angle of
the teeth for different raking condi­
Two speeds forward and one
speed for tedding, or reverse rak­
ing, permit the operation of the
First change in the mechanized
side-delivery farm rake since the
advent of the tractor is shown
here. It has been engineered
anew from the ground up and
has floating reel and basket.
rake at high tractor speeds. The
four-bar reel is V-belt powered
from the chain-driven power take­
The rake is this manufacturer’s
third contribution toward complete
mechanization of haymaking. A
first one-man, twine-tying pickup
baler produced commercially, and
the new field bale loader already
have cut huge chunks from the
farmer’s haymaking schedule.
Support for Bossy
Tomorrow Night
—without being awakened
If you'r. lorcd up nifhlly
of ur.M,
do thia: Start t.lun. FOLEY PILLS 11»
S1ussi.h Kldn.y. Th.y our,, kidney, of
«ulra. they ax>th. thoM Irritations , .unlit,
th.». ur,w Aino allay backarh™. la, jpalna.
Are you going through tha func­
tional 'middle ■»•' period peculiar
to women (38 to 52 yrs ) ? Dor. thia
make you suffer from hot flush»»,
feel to nervous, blghstrung. tired I
Then do try Lydia K Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound to relieve such
symptoms Pinkham's Compound
also has what Doctors call a .to
machlo tonlo effect I
Beware Coughs
From Common Colds
Creomulsion relieve.prompt!» because
■I goes right to the seat of the trouble
to help loosen end expel germ Isden
phlegm and aid nature to soothe and
heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial
mucous membranes. Tell sour druggist
to sell you a boule of Creomulsion
ss uh the understanding you must like
the way it quickly allays the cough
or vou are to have your money back
for Cought, Chest Colds, Bronchitis
•— matt* opportunities fot graduale» in
hnr ho«pi(al«, public health, eia.
— lead« Io R
• nell »prrpered a urea need naver l»a
w h ho ut a Job or aa iarome.
<>l*ea in girle un«irr 35. high arb«M»l
«ra.l uatra and college girla.
—g*k fot mora Informatia«
•l (he ho« pi «al whera ««*•
«•uld Ulta lo valer narrlng.
Nam e
This scantily-clad bovine beau­
ty attracted wolf whistles at the
second annual National Farm
show in Chicago by appearing in
a newly designed udder support.
The novel "unmentionable” is
said by the manufacturer to in­
crease a cow's milk yield by 35
per cent.
New Animal Repellent
Will Lessen Free Meals
Animal wildlife will find free
lunches fewer and farther between
next year. A new product developed
by the B. F. Goodrich chemical
company and tested by the state of
Maine fish and game department
at its Swan Island wildlife refuge,
ntay be just what farmers have
been seeking
At Swan Island, the new material
has been sprayed on leafy crops by
biologists who observe that it will
not wash off and that a deer, after
nipping at the treated leaves, will
turn up his nose at future free
meals. Certain types of insects also
are discouraged by the action of
the repellent, researchers revealed.
Crop damage by raiding wild
deer runs in excess of $150,000 an­
nually in some districts of Maine
and amounts to millions nationally.
The search for satisfactory repel­
lents has been a major project.
Beef Cattle Reported
Liking Citrus Molasses
Beef cattle really go for citrus
Cattle having access to this feed
not only have shown no hesitation
about lapping it up from troughs,
but have seemed to prefer it.
Cattlemen feeding the molasses
are using a combination of trough
and drum molasses for making the
material available to their animals.
The trough .-cd is J<> inches wide
and about 12 feet long
■ „
Add res 8------------------------
Completely Engineered
For Power Operations
Sswln» Circle Needleerxft Dept
M4 W. Randolph St. Chicano 84. Ill
Enclose 20 cent* for pattern.
Braised Pork Shoulder
•Wax Beans O’Brien
•Cauliflower with Tomato Sauce
Molded Cabbage-
Grapefruit Salad
Hot Biscuits
Orange Chiffon Pie
•Recipe Given
Like melted cheese and creamy
potatoes? They'll be even better
when you add some flavor to them
with celery, onions and frankfurt­
ers and place in potato shells to
serve for a supper or lunch.
Winter Vegetables Need
Pepped-Up Seasonings
For More Meal Appeal
ARE YOU LACKING ideas for the
preparation of winter vegetables?
Glance through this column for real­
ly solid inspiration for I’ve packed
it full of practical ideas and sug­
gestions which you’re certain to find
It’s true that we don’t have as
many vegetables during these cool
months as during
the summer, but
this is the time to
dress and glam­
orize what you
have with inter­
esting seasonings
as well as differ­
ent methods of
Bake instead of
boiling all of them just for the sake
of interest and you’ll save vitamins
as well. Bring out the herbs and
sauces to add new flavors to com-
mon vegetables. Make appetizing
color and texture combinations and
see how the family eats them up!
beans and cook five minutes longer.
Add water and heat to boiling.
• • •
THERE ARE MORE than creamy
potatoes to the following recipe.
With the additional ingredients used
to glorify them, you may use them
for a light lunch or supper.
Stuffed Idaho Surprises
(Serves 6)
3 Idaho potatoes, baked
6 frankfurters, diced
1 cup diced celery
1 small onion
2 to 3 tablespoons shortening
> 2 i>ound quick-melting cheese
Saute the frankfurters, celery and
onion in shortening; add a little wa­
ter and steam until celery is done.
Allow water to evaporate. Cut
baked potatoes lengthwise and re­
move potato from skin. Mash the
potato, adding seasoning and milk
until they are creamy and smooth.
Fill potato shell with frankfurter
mixture; then a thin slice of cheese
and top with the mashed potato.
Place in a moderate (350 degree)
oven until tops are lightly browned,
about 15 to 20 minutes.
Escalloped Spinach
(Serves 10)
2 eggs, well beaten
2 cups milk
2 cups cracker crumbs
4 tablespoons melted butter
teaspoon salt
2 cups cooked spinach
Mix all ingredients thoroughly, re­
serving about ¡4 cup of buttered
crumbs for the
top. Place in a
buttered casse­
role and cover
Bake in a slow
oven (325 degree)
until crumbs are
browned and the
mixture is set in
the center, about
35 minutes.
French-Fried Cauliflower
(Serves 6 to 8)
4*i cups cooked cauliflowerets
2 eggs, slightly beaten
1 cup dry bread crumbs
Dip cauliflower into slightly beat­
en eggs, roll in bread crumbs and
let stand at least one-half hour.
Here's a new way with carrots,
good to use when you have an
oven meal:
Baked Carrots
(Serves 8) ’
18 small carrots
cup butter
'/i cup sugar
1 teaspoon salt
% teaspoon cinnamon
Yi cup boiling water
Scrape or pare carrots and place
In a casserole. Cream butter, sugar
and cinnamon together; add water
and blend. Pour over carrots and
bake in a moderate (350 degree)
oven for one and one-half hours.
Spiced Red Cabbage
(Serves 6 to 8)
2 tablespoons mixed spices
3 quarts water
1 teaspoon salt
2 pounds red cabbage,shredded
4 tablespoons brown sugar
4 tablespoons vinegar
3 tablespoons butter
Place spices in a small cheese­
cloth bag. Heat water and salt to
boiling, add cabbage and spices and
cook 30 minutes. Drain. Dissolve
sugar in vinegar, add butter and
Cauliflower will look prettier and
combine with cabbage.
In place of plain vinegar in the ’ taste better when you serve it
with canned tomato sauce and a
above recipe, you may use basil
bit of Parmesan cheese as a pep-
vinegar for an interesting varia­
up touch. This may also be used
• • •
as an idea for a vegetable platter,
adding green beans or peas to sur­
round the cauliflower.
dish which will be a delight to bring
to the table. Inexpensive tomato Fry in deep, hot fat (350 degree)
sauce comes in a can. ready to heat until brown. Drain on absorbent pa­
and pour over the vegetable.
•Cauliflower With Tomato Sauce
Broccoli Souffle
(Serves 6»
(Serves 4)
1 medium head cauliflower
3 eggs, separated
1 8-ounce can tomato sauce
cup hot, thick white sauce
2 tablespoons butter or substitute
1 cup chopped, cooked broccoli
4 tablespoons grated cheese
2 tablespoons grated Parmesan
Soak cauliflower in cold, salted
water for 15 minutes. Drain. Place
Beat egg yolks and add to white
in a large pan of sauce. Add broccoli and cheese.
rapidly boiling Fold in stiffly beaten egg whites.
salted water. Pour into a buttered baking dish
Cook, covered, and bake in a moderate (350 de­
for 20 to 25 min­ gree) oven for 50 minutes. Serve
utes or until cau­ with cheese sauce: make two cups
liflower is tender. thick white sauce with three ta­
Drain. Place cauliflower in baking blespoons butter, three tablespoons
dish. Cover top with canned to­ flour and two cups milk. Season
mato sauce. Dot with butter and with one-half teaspoon salt, one-
sprinkle with cheese Bake in a eighth teaspoon pepper and add one-
moderate (350 degree) oven for 15 half cup grated American cheese.
Cook in double boiler until rheese
■Wax Heans O'Brien
(Serves 8 to 8>
Fried Brussels Sprout«
6 tablespoons chopped pimiento
(Serves 6)
6 tablespoons chopped onion
1 onion, chopped
4 tablespoons fat
3 tablespoons butter
■i teaspoon salt
4 cups cooked Brussels Sprouts
4 cups cooked wax bean«
Cook onion in butter until tender,
*i cup water
add sprouts and toss gently until
Cook pimiento and onion in fat for heated thoroughly.
Released by WNU Feature«
two to three minutes Add salt and
Beets will be zippy if you cut
cooked beets into thin strips and
Use These Hints to Make
heat with ' i cup top milk, 2’i tea­
Vegetables Appetizing
Hollow out the halves of eggplant. spoons horseradish and 1 teaspoon
Stuff the shells with a combination salt.
Cauliflower leaves should not be
of cooked eggplant mixed with sau­
teed mushrooms, onion and cream discarded Cook, covered for 15
sauce. Cover with crumbs ar.d ake minutes and add them to white
in a casserole in a hot (400*F.) sauce.
Wax beans will be appetizing
oven for 20 minutes
Onions may be hollowed out and when served with toasted, slivered
filled with mushrooms and cheese i almonds
Chives or mint, chopped and sdd-
sauce, then baked in a covered cas­
serole tn a moderate oven for an ! ed to melted butter will do flavor-
| some things to cooked carrots.
Luscious Bran Muffins!
... with Raisins!
Tasty Kellogg's All-Bran and lus­
cious raisins ... a mouth-water­
ing flavor combination!
2 tablespoons
1 cup sifted
14 cup sugar
314 teaspoon«
or molasses
1 egg
1CAT-Brak°6gS H teaspoon salt
s, cup milk
H cup raisins
Blend shortening and sugar thor­
oughly; add egg and beat well.
Stir in Kellogg's All-Bran and
milk. Let soak until most of
moisture is taken up. Sift flour
with baking powder and salt;
stir in raisins. Add to first mix­
ture and stir only until flour dis­
appears. Fill greased muffin pans
two-thirds full. Bake in a mod­
erately hot oven (400’F.) 25 to
30 minutes. Make 9 marvelous
"THREE little doilies! Just see
* how easy they are to crochet.
One is pineapple design, one fern,
one is pretty flower-petals!
• • ♦
Quick, order now and have these ready i
for gifts
Pattern 7151; crochet direc« ,
tions for three.
America'» meet
famous ■•turai
Issati«» cereal—
ti» s Sowrtul lodar!
Always remember that dark col­
ors are slimming and a dark skirt
will minimize large hips.
Pieces cut from an old felt hat
or slippers and glued to the bot­
tom of table legs will help prevent
scratch marks on kitchen lino­
You can improvise shoulder cov­
ers to hang over dresses, in the
closet with old pillow cases. Just j
make a slit in the closed end and
slip over the hanger.
— •—
Save the peels of oranges and
tangerines, dry them in the oven (
and store in glass jars. They give
puddings and custards a delicious '
To line cake pans easily with
wax paper, grease pan lightly,
cover with a piece of waxed paper
and insert another pan identical or
nearly so. Trim off the edges.
In sewing braid or rick-rack on
any kind of fabric, use scotch
tape to hold firmly in place. When
the machine work is done, simply
peel off the tape.
— •—
.Many people believe breakfast
just isn't breakfast without a bowl
of steaming hot cereal every
morning. Dried fruits added to the
cereal while it cooks gives it a
most pleasant flavor.
— •—
To save frosting a butter cake,
sprinkle the batter with finely
chopped filberts before baking; do
not use on sponge type cakes since
the batter is not heavy enough to
hold the nuts and they will sink to
the bottom.
sfieq. Get Well
From Your Cough
Duo to a Cold
cv, O
Q Cough
are puny...
Weakly children who need more natural
Vitamins begin to grow and develop wh*n
you give them go<MLtaating Scott’s Emulsion
every day. It helps promote strong bones,
sound teeth, a h unity body — helps ’em fight
off colds I Scott’s is a HIGH
‘gold mine" of natural A4D
Vitamins and energy-building
natural oil. TXSTES GOOD-
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MORE than just a tonic —
if'» powerful nourishment!
J (fl
J u L liäc ßmj.
SauuiqA ßonrtA
Then change to SANO,
the safer cigarette with
51.6%* LESS
Not a Substitute—Not Modi rated
Sano’j scientific process cuts nico­
tine content to half that of ordinary
cigarettes. Yet skillful blending
makes every puff a pleasure.
Quick relief with
Don't give in to head-cold
misery— get Vtelholelem Feel
Mentholatum s famous combi
nation of menthol, camphor
and other fast-acting ingredi
ents help thin out thick mucus,
lessen congestion and swelling,
soothe smarting nostrils. Soon
soreness eases up. head starts
to clear, you can breathe again
tn comfort 35« and 75».