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    The North Santiam’s
Serving the North Santiam
Mill City Enterprise
Looking Up
and Down Win in First
the Canyon League Game
Idanha Man Held
As Fugitive
John Schimpf, about 45, a carpen­
ter, was a: rested in Idanha Wednes­
day by Deputy Sheriff Larry Wright
ori_a fugitive warrant. He was lodged
in the Mill City jail Wednesday eve­
Deputy Wright said he did not
know the nature of the charge, but
said the jailed man was accused of
a felony by Meeker, Colo., author­
Schimpf has been working in Idan­
ha for Justice of the Peace Ed Vick­
ers for whom he was doing carpen­
ter woik at the time of his arrest.
Sriiimipf professed to be utterly in
the dark about the charge against
him. He said he had been a resident
of Oregon, most of the time in Wood­
burn, since 1948.
He related that he had taken a
trip to Nebraska to visit relatives
last summer. In July he stopped for
about a month in Meeker and worked
for a contractor there. Thence he left
by bus for Nebiaska and then return­
ed to Oregon. He has ben in the
Canyon several months.
Schimpf said that about two weeks
ago he sent a money order to his
former employer in Meeker, asking
that his tools be shipped io Idanha.
“You can see blyat I haven’t been
making any secret of my where­
abouts,” he said, “or else I wouldn't
h<jve written to Meeker for my tools.
I don’t know what it’s all about.”
Schrimpf said his wife lives in
In the eyes of the game commis­ iWith several one-sided victorie al­
sion, the various societies for the ready behind them, Mill City high
pieservat on of wildlife anti most schools Timberwolves will meet their
patrons of the out-of-doors, the deer strongest rivals in the Marion County
are innocent creatures which must B League—the Sublimity Saints—on
be coddled and kept harpy. B rt to the local basket ba’! court Friday
Stony Wells, whose spent a good pa it night.
The Saints won the championship
of his 85 years wonying with the
year by only two points over
creatures, they’re just one stjge be­
low a cougar. And that, in Oregon Mill City. The Timberwolves hope to
is lower than a pl-ague rat in China. reverse that result this year. A fiist-
Stony’s gaiden is the chief reason rate contest is forthcoming, because
why he and the deer don’t get along. both teams are made up of veterans
Stony—-when the deer don’t get them from last year.
The Timberwolves won their fiist
first—grows about the finest vege­
game Tuesday night when the
tables in these parts.
strong Aumsville team was defeated,
Of late he’s been raising crops he 35 to 22.
figures people will like but the deer
Miller, Mill City center, held scor­
won’t. He’s ti ie< ^cauliflower, cabbage ing honors for the evening with 12
and broccoli. What happens is that ipoints, and Hunter, foilward, was not
the deer appear to adapt themselves far behind with 10. The two guards
to any kind of a diet, so long as its got in more than their share of points
grown in Stony’s garden.
with 7 for Verbeck and 4 for Law-
To protect his cauliflower and broc­ lance Poole. Leo Poole had one. Two
coli, he erected a realistic scarecrow, subs, Thornley and Wirick, were in
with red hat, red shirt and coat that the game.
alrnos reached the ground. The first
The Timberwolves journeyed to Sa
night the deer stayed away. Stony lem Friday night to take part in the
thought: Perhaps this time I’ve got B. League jamboree which officially
’em fooled.
opens conference play for the season.
Another night passed. The deer al
The teams which took part weie
ready had made friens with the scare divided into two groups representing
crow—in fact, ha nibble cauliflow?r the north and south halves of the
right from under the scareci ow’s county. In the southern group were
Detroit, Gates, Mill City, Aumsville
With thousands of acres of brush and Sublimity. Noithem section was
to brows upon, one would think that Jefferson, St. Paul, Gervais, North
the deer could get along without Marion, Chemarwa and the State
Stony’s garden. I guess they figuie school for the Deaf. South defeated
on it for their salad.
North by 69 to 45.
The creatures aren’t content with
Mill City played Jefferson, winning
grazing on garden stuff that grows 13-2. Scoring for Mill City we e Hun­
Two Canyon burglaries were solved
- ove
ground.' Theyve !g.
ter, 1; Leo Poole, 8; Miller, 2; Ver­ this week by a coufeasion of a 17
how to grab hold of a carrot and beck,1. Lawrence Poole had a bad year old youth who was caught in
pull it up, nibble off the root and all. night and went scoreless but other­ Nerwberg in the act of pilfering a
One time Stony—as many others wise played a good game.
filling station.
have done—complained to the game
The young man, accoring to police,
In a non-conference game with
commission. So one of the bigshots Stayton here last Tuesday, which the admitted breaking into the Mill City
came up to advise Stony, a mere un­ Wolves won, 39 to 30. Gary Hunter Tavern early Friday morning and
protected human being amongst a shared high point honors with Lyons taking about »8 in dimes and nickels
horde of protected wildlife.
of Stayton with 12 each; Leo Poole, and trying unsuccessfully the same
Said the bigshot:
7; Miller, 9; Verbeck 3; Lawrence night to force an entry into the Hor­
“No, it’s against the law to have Poole, 8.
ner store at Gates.
a dog that runs deer. No, you can’t
The youth also admitted breaking
The B string fared badly, losing
shoot them, except in season, and 47 to 27. Baltimore was high point into an Aumsville filling station and
then just bucks. No, you can’t trap man with 10, for Mill City; Titus of seizing a cash register, which was
found later by Sheriff Denver Young
Stayton had 18.
“In other words, theyve got an
in a dump near Turner. Only a few
open season on me, but I’ve got a
dollars was in the rgister.
closed season on them ?” Stony asked.
Green made his confession to the
Dec. 7 — Aumsvill vs. Mill City;
“That’s right," said the bigshot. Sublimity vs. Detroit; Turner vs. Clackamas County sheriff in Oregon
“Is it gll right if I say ‘shoo’?” Gates.
asked Stony.
Entrance to the tavern here was
Dec. 10—Mill City vs. Sublimity;
The bigshot of the game commis­ Turner vs. Aumsville; Gates vs. De­ gained by cutting a hole through a
sion missed the sarcasm, at first, be- troit.
door panel and lifting out the cross­
bore he said yes.
Dec. 14Mill City vs. Turner; Gates bar. Byron Davis, tavern operator,
“I tell you what you ought to do,” vs. Sublimity; Detroit vs. Aumsville. had estimated his loss at about $20.
he advised. “You ought to build a
The Aumsville filling station oper­
Jan. 7—Gates vs. Mill City; De­
high fence.
D. E Roberts, was expected by­
troit vs. Turner; Sublimity vs Aums­
“Can’t do it,” said Stony, quoting ville.
Sheriff Young to swear out a crim­
the law right back at him. “I’s il­
Jan. 11—Detroit vs. Mill City; inal complaint aigainst Green.
legal in his country to build a fence
Mill, City Police Chief J. T. King
Aumsville vs. Gates; Sublimity vs.
more than four and one-half feet Turner.
and Deputy Sheriff Larry Wright in­
Jan. 14—-Mill City vs. Aumsville; vestigated the local burglaries and
I asked Stony: “Why don’t you put Detroit vs. Sublimity; Gates vs. fingerprints were lifted at the tavern.
Up a light at night?”
Green also acknowledged breaking
“Theyve got a light now. A street
Jan. 18—Sublimity vs. Mill City; into a tavern at Molalla and taking
light. It helps ’em pick out the food Aumsville v s. Turner; Detroit v s. according to police estimate about
they like and not be bothered with 'Gates.
Green was in the toils of the law
Jan. 21—Turner vs. Mill City; Sub­
• • •
limity vs. Gates; Aumsville vs. De­ befor for helping effect the escape
Fact is, the deer problem in this troit.
of another juvenile from Salem Jail,
country isn’t a very funny matter.
Jan. 25—Mill City vs. Gates; Tur­ by passing a saw hidden in a cream-
Many local residents have seen an ner vs. Detroit; Aumsville vs. Sub­ puff.
entire season's woik destroyed in a limity.
single night by the prong - homed
Jan. 28 — Mill City vs. Detroit; FREEDON TRAIN DOCUMENTS .
predators. Al Millsap, in Gates, who Gates vs. Aumsville; Turner vs. Sub­ DISPLAYED IN REPLICA
likes to develop new varieties of veg­
Photographic copies of documents
etables and fruits, has seen his whole
shown in the Freedom Train are on
new orchard almost wrecked by deer DETROIT LOSES TO GERVAIS
displav at the Mountain Stakes Pow­
polishing their horns on young sap­ IN VALLEY TOURNAMENT
er Co. office 1 ere. with a different
lings. ripping off the bark. In the
exhibit weekly.
Starting off the basketball season,
Fem Ridge area, where a rich indus­
Currently is on view a copy of th«
try of berry growing has been de­ Detroit high school lost to Gervais in famous Roger Williams declaration
veloped. farmers had sooner risk a the tournament held in Willamette for religious freedom.
big fine for getting rid of the beastN University gym last Fri
than to see their fields ruined. Be­ score was 22 to 4.
Because of road conditions, the De­
cause a deer will devour acres of
troit team and rootes stayed over­
young shoos in a single night.
A game warden, who a<ked a far night in Salem.
Jefferson and Chemawa won first
mer there if any deer were bothering
and second prizes for their cheering
him. was told:
“Yeah, there were five of ’em. but sections.
three got away.”
• • •
That’s not so any more, because by
Few cr.ips have enjoyei the exper­ freezing, a fresh berry ma ket has
ience of finding an entirely new mar­ been set up the year round. That is
ket like strawberries and raspberries, why many people who have ben in the
now be ng grown so successfully in logging and lumber trades are turn­
hill land in the Canyon area. It used ing their thoughts to a crop which
to be that once the fresh berry ar. 1 would mean an income in a couple of
cannery demand, was met, then her­ years—instead of waiting a hundred
pes bee ane a irug on the market years for the trees to grow up.
Youth Admits
Tavern Theft
Mill City, Gatts, Mongold,
Detroit and Idanha
»2.00 A YEAR. 5 CENTS A C»PY
on Detroit Dam
To Be Called Jan. 4
Younge Held I Bids
In Detroit
Assault Count
Burdette Younge, Detroit hotel
man, cam« out about ey-n this week
in his numerous troubles with the
In his favor was an order by Dis­
trict Judge Joe Felton in Salem on
Tuesday, reducing one count from
assault to kill to assault ami battery.
This was the case of an allege 1 brawl
in the hotel with Forrest Carey, Tur­
ner, several weeks ago.
Jundlge Felton explained that tes­
timony that Younge had attacked Ca­
rey w-ith fists and kicks did not con­
stitute proof of intent to kill.
A silver ring fashioned like a west­
ern saddle, was introduced in evidence
as having been taken from Younge
by a deputy sheriff after the brawl.
Charles de Sully, Idanha first aid
man, also testified as to his emergen­
cy treatment of Carey.
Bail for Younge was set at $1000.
life term in the assault to kill count,
Younge would have faced a possible
but a maximum of a year in jail and
$500 fine in the reduced charge.
Meanwhile, another charge is pend­
ing against Y'ounge over nrore trou­
bles last week end. In Judge Vickeis’
count ?T1 Idanha he was charged with
assault in an alleged attack upon Joe
Wright of Detroit.
Younge is scheduled to return to
Judge Fenton’s court Friday for a
hearing on a charge of illegal sale
of liquor, following the alleged pur­
chase by state liquor commission ag­
ents of whiskey from him last week
end. Margaret Aieh, who was convict­
ed recently of the same offense, and
Joe Cotton, are also charged.
In a civil suit, Mrs. G. R. Dickie
of Detroit, owner of the building now
leased by Younge, is suing to have
the contract voided. The case was
filed last week.
Polio Strikes
Detroit Girl
County health authorities were on
the alert in the Canyon this week
for signs of infantile paralysis, fol­
lowing a serious case of the dread
disease in Detroit late last wek.
The small daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. P. E Fry was stricken. The girl
was rushed to Salem, where Dr. Stone
of the County Dept, of Health diag­
nosed her case as polio, and sent the
victim to Dohrnbecker Hospital in
Portland where she was reported to
be seriously paralyzed.
Miss Schneider, county nurse, told
school authorities and parents in the
Canyon that there was no occasion
for alarm but to take certain pre­
cautions. They are:
Be on the alert for colds and flu.
See that children are given supple­
mentary vitamins.
Report any ferous condition imme­
Scout Parley Set
A regional Scout meeting and din­
ner will be held in the social rooms
of Gates high school Tuesday evening
Dec. 14 A special speaker will be in
Scout lerulers an9 committeemen
from Stayton, Ly | s, MThama, Mill
City and other towns in the aiea will
be present. All adults interested in
Scouting are invited to attend. Tw<
dinner T<r ?1.
The annual Christmas party of the
Gates Women’s Club will be held the
evening of Dec. 16 at the home of
Mrs. Joe Joaquin. A short program
and exchange of gifts by the mem­
bers will provide entertainment for
the evening. Each member is request­
ed to bring a gift not to exceed $1
Report cards were handed out Wed­ in price for the tree.
nesday at Mill City high school, and
20 per cent of the student body was ARMY RECRUITERS HERE
Sgt. K. M. Smith, Salem area Ail
listed on the honor roll. They are:
Freshmen: Arlone Kuhlman, Dolo­ Force recruiting officer, was inMill
res Pool, Alona Daly, Bob Shelton, City Tuesday to interview prospec­
Leia Kelly, Donna Cooke and Daryl tive enlistees for the army. None
were signer! up.
Sgt. Smith will return again Jan
Sophomores: Wanda Vandermeer,
Marlene Verbeck, and LaVetta Pow- 11. He said Air»Force recruits will
go to Wichita Falls, Tex., and regu­
< son.
Juniors: Dolores Brewer ami Phyl­ lar army enlistees to Ft. Ord. Calif.
He stated that both services are of­
lis Timm.
Seniors: Marian King and David fering extensive technical training, in
one case, 43 weeks of radio training.
The loeflf headquarters will be at
the postoflice.
Dog Show Presented.
Tuesday morning Billy Watkins
and his dog. Major, presented a pro­
gram for the student bodies of Mill
City and Gates high schools and the
local grade school. The program was
one of a series of entertainment of
the National Assembly. Major, an
outstanding dog, could subtract, add,
read an count.
Newcomers to Oregon wbo have
started out with green, wet wood to
heat their home and cook by have
troubles not near as great as the
Heavy snow in the Canyon the past Byers Construction Co. which is cut-
week halted virtually every logging ing a right-of-way up the Canyon
operation and slowed lumber produc­ from Lyons to the Detroit damaite.
For the Byers firm has to burn
tion almost to a standstill.
Construction work on the Noith several million board feet of wet and
Santiam Highway also was affected, green woor along a strip of brushy
with the Kuckenberg Construction land about 160 feet wide and 18 miles
Co. marking time on grade work, the long.
This week the crew had progressed
Port Construction Co. closing down
five miles up from Lyons, but
for several days on the Breitenbush
tons of old rubber, flame­
bridge, and thw H. O. Montag Co.
as the army used and
down for awhile on its wall construc­
a lot of patience to keep the fires
tion work.
Warm ran« and wind from the kindled.
Merchantable logs have been piled
west early this week brought some
hope that the snow, at least at low­ to the side, but smaller stuff an f old,
rotton timber, soaked by weeks of
er levels, would melt.
At Detroit over the week end 15 rain, h: s to be disposed of.
So, if that fire doesn't start very
inches of snow almost isolated the
upper Canvon community tor a time. quickly this morning, think of lives
Reports from the Little North and hi» j >b of burning wood that’s a
Fork section irv heated that the same lot wetter fhan any that’s in your
weather conditions and effect on log­
The same job will be encountered
ging were being experienced.
the contractor who wins the bid
Tuesday the effect of the weather
on employment was apparent with for clearing 78 acres in the Detroit
I dameite area. Like Byers', his job
the large number who were lined up
for unemployment compensation of­ ' too must be ready by spring when
fices terr*j>yarily set up here by the construction is due to begin.
state commission.
Honor Student
List Announced
Burning Green
Wood No Joke on
Bonneville Job
Snow Slows Work
Project to Be
Let In February
Bide on at leant $20,000.009 of con
struction on the Detroit Dam will be
invited by the Army Engineers soon
after 'the first of the year.
The new announcement, made on
Wednesday by Col. O. E. Walsh, dis­
trict Army Enginees, in Portland,
indicates that the project has been
advanced by several months. Prev­
iously, Col. Walsh had said bidding
would begin in the spring.
The district engineer said the for­
mal birl invitation on the main struc­
ture which is »part of the vast Wilam-
ett Valley flood control project, will
be issued Jan 4 and opening will be
about Feb 24.
The contract will not include the
powerhouse on the Big Cliff regulat­
ing reservoir. Total cost of the dam,
he said, would be about $65 million
hfothing in the Walsh announce­
ment gave the reason for the »ptpar-
ent setting up the time table on the
The work will be awarded as a
whole to one bidtier and completion
will be required in 1300 calendar days
—a little over three and a half years
after notice to start.
Prospective bidders will meet with
Col. Walsh early in February for a
conference with material* suppliers
and review of specifications, he said,
and then will inripect the site.
Major features of the work to be
included in the contract are:
1. Clearing the damsite area. (Ap-
gaigaUy, h & h bids on a separata con­
tract for that job are not antici­
2. Diversion and care of the river
during the construction period.
3. Excavation nnd embankments re­
quired for construction cf the con­
crete dam foundation, stilling basin
and outlet channel, approach road­
way and retaining walls, and for the
power house.
4. Construction of the concrete dam
and appurtenant structures.
Estimated materials required i n-
elude 1,400,000 barrels of cement, 1,-
450,00 cubic yards of concrete. 400,-
000 cubic yards of solid rock excava­
tion, 315,000 cubic yards of common
excavation, 4,259,000 pounds of steel
reinforcement, and 3,115,00<r~ipounJs
of steel penstocks.
Speaking to 100 persons attending
a meeting of the Willamette Project
Corum itte in Salem Wednesday, Col.
Walsh said that neary $50 million in
damage in the Willamet Valley had
resulted from floods since 1943. Even
worse flood* have occurred in the
past, which today would do consid­
erable destruction, he said.
Col. Walsh said $1,266,00 was ap­
propriated for the Detroit dam in
1948 and $3,500,000 for the fiscal
year of 1949. Most of this year’s op­
erations dealt with the relocation of
the North Santiam highway, whi<4>,
he said, should be opened by June 1,
The Hitchman Lumber Co. of Fox
Valley suspended operations indefi­
nitely last week.
Mt. Jefferson Lumber Co. and the
veneer division closed Nov. 30. Pre­
sent plans are to resume production
Jan. 3.
The new Frere* and Frank mill in
Lyons plan* to continue operations
with a short shutdown over the holi­
Col. Walsh also said that the South­
ern Pacific line will be abandoned on
next July 1. Lumber and logs now
transported by rail will thereafter be
carried by trucks over the new road.
Huber Ray, sawmill executive, was
elected a director for th« Idanha Ru­
ral Fire District. Election was held at
the First Aid Station.
Charles de Sully was a dinner guest
st th« Foots home and enjoyed soms
of the salmon they caught.
Mr. and Mrs. Haseman of the Has«
man Trucking Co. and Jat^j llyjmsn
and hi* wife spent the week end tn
For tland.