The daily reporter. (McMinnville, Or.) 1886-1887, February 02, 1887, Image 2

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great was the chagrin of the
elders that the exodus was post­
TheORN now runs into Wal­
poned, and Brigham did not la Walla, Dayton, etc-., independ­
Mit b*cri |>t ion Hut«**.
ent of the NPR.
By Carrier per wwk............................ )<• cents
Dealers In
Ira Mayfield, supposed to be
J. B. Knapp, of Portland, is
• Payable on Saturday.)
Singh- < opy
........ B M
in receipt of samples of butter somewhere in the Central valley,
By Mail 40 oents per Month li Advance.»
made in Wisconsin when the can learn something to his bene­ HARDWARE,
Knie» tor % <1 vert ibi uii
thermometer was several degrees fit by calling or writing to the
Will be made satisfactory to !• applicants.
¡below, which is finer than any Albany Bulletin office.
“A> if the legislature was not
butter in Oregon, and this leads
Feb. 2. 1887
McMinnville. Or.
t<> the suggestion: If sucii butter infliction enough, the chicken Agiicultural Imp ements, Pumps,
as the samples sent him, cun be pox and scarlet fever have broken
The Latest Mormon Fraud.
Pipes, Etc.
¡made in mid-winter with the out at Salem.” That’s a pretty
Alli of which will be sold as
So it seems Brigham Young thermometer below zero, Orego- way to talk about our assembly­
did not «lie, and was not bur­ • iiians have yet much to learn in men, Mrs. Telegram.
ied. I miisputable cvidenc«* of ¡the art and practice of dairying.
Washington fashion corre­
As the times will allow.
these facts has been produce«!. Lt demonstrates that there is spondents say that in tony army
The latest is in the dispatches yet plenty of work to be done
by circles it has become a la mode We Make a Specialty of all
Kind* of Job Work Par­
to-dav. “As ♦•vervom- knows, 'the dairy association in its la­ to powder the hair among the
the death of Brigham Young bors for the dairy reform, and it gentlemen as well as the ladies.
was not mysterious. The ar­ i i* to be hoped that the state leg­ This will be the first experience Iron and Tin Roofing,
rangements for the funeral were) islature now in session will pass a good many of our army offi­
Galvanized iron Cornices and window caps.
conducted with the greatest pri-1 the needed amendments to the cers have ever had with powder.
In faot we do anything that conies in
our line, withneatness and dis
vacy, and not until the body! dairy law that the dairy commis­
Under the provisions of an
patch and,
was laid out. was anyone allowed sioner may be fully armed and act pending in congress regulat­
to see it. 'I’ll«* body m the c««f- equipped to protect this most ing the signal, service, it will Never Tell You it Can’t be Done.
. fin, shown only to a few, was an important growing industry of be possible for the college at
Bring on your designs and we will cut your
ingeniously prepared wax figure. our state from bogus imitations. this place to become a station.
patterns, and do your work, and
don’t you forget it.
A Frenchman was brought from If such butter can be The short time which must lapse
France some time before the
* re- produced on dry feed in winter however between this and the South east cor. 'id and C streets, McMinn­
ville. Oregon
A. H. A- O. O. HODSON.
ported death of Young, and set without coloring, the use of col­ final adjournment of
the 49th
- to work to make a lite-like head oring matter ought to be abol­ congress, the act will
not pass
and body of th«» M«>rmon proph- ished.
before next session.
_el, i«s tin* figure was to represent
It is asserted upofi the best of
A chick of an inquiring turn
him after death.
So reimtnk- authority that eastern Oregon is
ask- w’jiy the girls only are per­
ably wdl was the work dom­ the best health resort for our
mitted to drill for the broom
that the ligure deceived ina ny citizens. A great mistake is
brigade at the firemens fail?
,,who saw it.
When ii came "Hide by doctors here in sending
Be cause it is an implement of
time for Young to die the ligure people suffering from throat am!
their profession,’ which may be­
,was prepared for burial.
The lung troubles to southern Cali­
come Useful in the domestic
subse«|uent myterious funeral fornia. It is a fatal move in
circle, ami a mode of defense in
arrangements, together with the most cases. It is not so much
aggravated cases where the pa­
strung«* death; can all be easily the mild, dry climate which such
ternal head of the family pro­
¡recalled. The Frenchman who sufferers need, as a high eleva­ vokes a racket, mv son.
made the wax figure was shipped tion, and persons suffering from
Senator Mitchell has intro­
back to his native country', and such troubles are more likely to duced a resolution directing the
the Mormons watched him well. be benefitted by a residence in secretary of the interior to ad­ Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday,
Although this guard was kept eastern Oregon. S. (J. Skidmore,. vise the senate whether four
February 22d, 23d and 24th,
up, the man told his secret, and Hamilton Corbett, Charles Ross, townships or any other quantity
it was published, but the Mor­ Herbet Northrup, E. Albright, G. of the public lands in Wasco
mons manage«! to keep it from Hoyt are eases in point. These county have within the past
Thera will be prizes given on the following
wide circulation. All hav«* heard gentleman and many others who year, been withdrawn from set- mimed
1st and 2d prize for best and 2d best ex­
it in Utah, but the Mormons ¡could be named, went to south- tlement and attached to the hibit
of Kensington painting.
1st and 2d prize, for best and 2d best ex­
have managed to decry it. The lern California, hoping to be Warm springs reservation, and hibit
<>f Kensington embroidery.
reason of Young's disappearance benefitted, and the result is, in if so, on what authority and for 1st and 2d prize, for best and 2d best ex­
hibit of outline work by a child under 14
from earth was for resurrection. each case their lives were short- j what purpose has this been years of age.
1st and 2d best, for best and 2d best ex­
'I'he M«irmons thought the Uni­ ened. There are numerous in- I done,
hibit of work of any kind by a boy under 14
years of age.
ted States government would stances where people, suffering) Wells, I’argo A Co. have with- 1st and 2d prize, for best and 2d best ex­
of cravon work.
give them trouble, ami er«» this from such complaints, have had ’drawn from the NPR. and from hibit
There will also be a prize given for the
heaviest, lightest and prettiest baby under 1
they had ma«!«» every a i Tange- their health restored bv a stav ^le ocean steamers of the ORN. year
of age.
ment for an exodus to Moxie«». in «‘astern Oregon, especially I i heir business in this state is Parade of' Firemen TuvMla) af­
The leaders collected money, when* they combined active ex- now confined to the stage lines
and bought a vast tract of land ercise with roughing it in the an«! the OCR and OPR lines, Doors will be open at 7 o’clock,
p. in. dally, during the
and pai«l for it in gold. They high altitude of that region. i In order to reach the outer world
intemled that old Brigham Two late instances w'ere cited, with heavy freights consigned
—All are invited to Attend—
Young should rise from the when Chas. Macrum and B. C. to their care, they have com­ Admission 25 Cents.
grave 1«) order the faithful to de­ Watson, whose health was very pleted arrangements with the By Order of
C ommittee .
part to Mexico, but when the poor and who have l»een per­ steamers plying between Ya-
land bought came to be prepar­ fectly restore«! by a stay in east­ quina and San Francisco, by
ed it was found that the Mexi­ ern Oregon, and it looks as if which line they will send and
cans hat! cheated them, and sold this were the best IfHdth resort receive all such consignments
them a lot of mountains. So. for our citizens.
I in the future.
The Daily Reporter,
A. H. & 0. 0. HODSON
Garrison Opera House,
Fine Job Printers,
McMiunrille, Oregon.