The daily reporter. (McMinnville, Or.) 1886-1887, January 05, 1887, Image 2

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    Th© Daily Reporter,
neys. “Over two years ago I
becHflne a confirmed invalid. My
J). C. IRELAND A CO. PI'BI.IHHERH. all thought 1 was far
Nil boeri pt tun Rate».
1 was
By (Carrier per week............................. lOoeiit* gone in consumption.
( Payable on Hnturdny.)
sure the time had well nigh
hiI gle < opv ....................
By Mail 10 oentu per Month <In Advance.) come when I
must leave my
for td*rrli»iiiK
helpless little children mother­
Will lie made a> tiafactory to all applicant*.
less. With this dreadful fate
McMinnville, Or,
- Jan. 5, 1X87
" --———————— staring me in the face, I resolved
E. E vans , proHuhwif <>f the to trv Warner’s safe cure. My
Lumber exchange Bank, Tona­ husband tried to dissuade me,
wanda, N. Y., writes.January thinking I was too far gone for
15, 18KB I was entirely prostrat­ anything to help me. But I
ed, and was reduced from 17t> to took it, ami in two weeks time I
12B lbs. 1 thought 1 had infla- was like u new creature; and in
niation of the large bowel. The four weeks 1 was able to resume
pain was relieved only by mor­ my household duties”—at this
phine forced under the skin. writing I am perfectly well.
My doctor treated me for intla- Mrs. E. J. Wolf, wife of Rev.
iuation ami catarrh or bowels, Prof. T. Wolf, 1). I)., editor Lu­
an affection sympathic with dis­ theran Quarterly, Gettysburg,
order of the left kidney, I had Pennsylvania. If you write her,
distressing pain, with night, enclose a stamp, and she will
sweats, and .could keep nothing tell you the story is true.
M rs . R uth B rown , Coldwater,
on my stomach, especially li­
quids, and was intensely thirsty. Michigan, if you write enclosing
Feb. 19 1 was uj intense agony a stamp, will tell you it is true
with pain in my left kidney. 1 that in July, 188.5, she “was sud­
then begun Warner’s safe cure. denly paralyzed, and became
In 29 minutes I was relieved. blind, as her doctors claimed,
I refused the doctor's medicines from an enlargement and in­
thereafter. I finally passed a flammation of the kidneys and
large stone from the bladder, Jiver. She was in an uncon­
then my pain ceased.” If you scious state for two weeks; face
write Mr. Evans, enclose stamp ami body bloated, with agoniz­
ing pain; could not keep any­
for reply.
M rs .* J. T. R k - hkt , -5(>2 4th thing on her stomach; irregular
Avenue, IxHiisville, Ky., was a action of the heart. Physicians
confirmed invalid for eleven pronounced her case incurable.
years, daily expecting death. Within a few weeks the paraly­
Doctors pronounced her trouble sis left her, bloat went down, en­
to be neuralgia, female com­ largement of the liver subsided,
plaints and every other known action of the heart became regu­
disease. For months her left lar, and she became well in three
side was paralyzed.
Could months and has felt in good
neither eat, sleep nor walk. Fin­ condition ever since.” Warner’s
ally the doctors gave her up. Bafe cure did this amaziu ; work
She then began to use Warner’s for her and she w ill tell you so.
safe cure, and November 18,
P ropriktor II. B. K inney ,
1885,she wrote “I am as well to­ Weldon house, Earlville, New
day as when a girl, and feel York, was run down by over­
about twenty years younger. work and threatened
Warner’s safe cure has worked a Bright’s disease, followed by
miracle in my case.” Mrs. Rich­ etone in the kidney and bladder,
ey will gladly answer stanqted which produced intense paiu
and spasms. A council of phy­
W. H, Rnonxs, 118 E. Gay sicians did him no good. He
street, Columbus, Ohio, in 1879, passed fresh blood from the uri­
was taken ill with palpitation nary organs. Everything else
and neuralgia of the heart, con­ failing, he was finally fully re­
sequent on diseased kidneys stored to health by Warner’s
“Horrible dyspepsia” also afflict­ safe cure, as hundreds of thou­
ed him. He spent hundreds of sands of other acute sufferers
dollars for relief in vain. He have been. Don’t take Warner’s
took 50 bottles of Warner’s safe word for it. Write to Mr. Kin­
cure and was fully restored to ney (enclosing stamp), and ask
health, gaining 70 pounds while your friendsand neighbors about
□■Ing that great remedy. Write Warner’s safe cure.
him and enclose a stamp. He’ll
C aft . G borgk B. W iltbark ,
tell you the welcome story.
919 Spruce street, Philadelphia,
C onsumption is often only an Pennsylvania, if now on land,
indirect result of deranged kid­ will, if you write and enclose a
stamp for reply, tell you that
“three years ago w hen in Cen­
tral America: he was prostrated
with kidney and iiver trouble of
a very serious nature. He was
delirious, skin very dark, liver
enlarged one-third, stomach too
sensitive for the simplest food.”
Seven bottles of Warner’s safe
cure completely cured and saved * -APPEllNONH
his life.
“M y D octor ’ s B ill for the Wants You to get right
past four years has not been $10,”
writes F. G. Bailey, of 30 South
down to business-
9th street, Dayton, Ohio. He
had vertigo, indigestion, great
nervousness, inflammation of the Because you feel that times are a lit­
bladder, kidney disease and
tle hard is just the reason you
bleeding piles. Eighteen bottles
should take advantage of our popu­
of Warner’s safe cure permanent-
lar way of doing business.
ly cured him, as he will tell you
if you write him and enclose a We ask you to buy Good Goods at low
stamped envelope. Ask your
friends and neighbors about
For they are cheaper in the long run.
Warner’s safe cure.
M rs . J. J. B ayne , 52 Lake Look better,
Avenue, Rochester, New York, Fit neater,
will tell you if you write, en­ And are nicer in every way.
closing stamp, that this wonder­
ful story is true: “In 1882 I was It is for your interest and our interest.
taken to the Clifton Springs Economy for you,
Sanitarium, in a most deplora­
And makes you solid customers of
ble condition, with congestion
of liver, constant cold hands and
feet, rushing of blood to the We give you plain, honest talk and
head, purple spots on my face,
let our competitors feed you on
and my skin was as yellow as a
lemon. The slightest food could
not be taken without such dis­ We show you the new and exclusive
tress and spasms that my cries
could be heard a long distance.
I had prolapsus very severely, Latest Novelties,
profuse leucorrhoea, and uterine Finest qualities in Seasonable Goods
ulceration so that I could not
for fall and Winter.
wear a supporter. The doctors
said that I had the worst case Mens’, Youths’ and Boys’ Tailor-fit­
they ever saw. In two months
ting clothing.
I lost 40 pounds of flesh, and
Our Specialties.
suffering all the time from in­
tense headaches, and unable to Dry Goods. Drees Goods, Clothing and
obtain sleep, while cold, clammy
Groceries. Boots and Shoes, Hata,
sweats would break out over my
Capa and Underwear.
body frequently. Under the
The prices tell.
operation of Warner’s safe cure
iny skin cleared up and I began The quality sells.
to gain flesh, and was able to The best assortment.
walk one full mile. My case All the leading styles.
created such an interest at the Prices which startle everybody.
Sanitarium that Warner’s safe
People of taste and economy, now is
cure- has since been prescril»e<l
for its patients with good re-1 your chance.
suits. I never was so healthy in Our specialty—To please our cus­
my life.
Fire Department Notice
Our Aims—To save money for our
There will be a regular meet­
ing of the Hook and Ladder Our Intentions—To do better by you
company this evening; and to­ than anyone else.
morrow evening a meeting of For your sake, for our sake, for good­
the entire department is called
ness sake, come and let us save your
for at 8 o’clock p. m. upon
business of importance.