The daily reporter. (McMinnville, Or.) 1886-1887, December 31, 1886, Image 3

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McMinnville, Or.
Dec. 31. 18S6
Wheat was 73 cents sacked
Miss Minnie Kerney goes to
Independence after the holidays.
The Lewiston jury failed to
agree upon the last trial of Hibbs,
this week.
We were in error. The in­
stallation of the Grange officers
to-morrow will not be public.
G. E. Detmering was able to
walk up to his store yesterday
for the second time since Christ­
Eugene Hannah, Esq., of
Walla Walla, is spending the
holidays at his old home near
No train has got through be­
tween The Dalles and Portland
since Monday. Passengers are
transferred by steamers as of old.
Merss. Worprian at the First
National! biyifc are surfeited with
elegant -Calendars for their
friends. Call and capture one.
Frank Hauswirth, one of the
live and energetic citizens of
North Yamhill, was in the city
yesterday, and he did not fail to
The interior decorations of
St. James church where photo­
graphed for the Rector Mr. Fair,
by Price the artist. He secured
a splendid negative.
The roan gilding that strayed
from A. K. Olds’ pasture has
possibly gone over the moun­
tains in the direction of Astoria,
as he was raised in the Nehalem
Ira Hutchens, a lad of about
fifteen years, lost the tips of two
fingers on his right hand, in
Fletcher’s feed mill yesterday.
The surgery was attended to by
Dr. Calbreath, and the little fel­
low stood the operation without
a whimper.
Mr. White's' illness, ha« pre­
vented distribution of the New
Year Reporter. Will all who
wish jt. oblige us by calling al
the office for them.
ordered by mail will be sent out
to-morrow, or on Monday, if
possible to do so.
Messrs. Hodsons have too
much to do to s|,and around and
talk about what they are doing,
but invite customers to call, and
find out and see for themselves
that they are selling as good
goods * tyj ‘ An^bofly, Afid at a
he^lt-l-e'the lowest prices, for a
Farmers who may wish to get
rid of squirrels or‘ gophers can
do sd for a Very Small cost by
purchasing of George Hanson,
at the agricultural warehouse of
Burrtfckoff & Co., Third itreot,
New Year Calls.
M arried .-— In Brownsville, on
The following named ladies Christinas Day, at the residence -
have signified their intention of the brides parents Thomas
of receiving calls from gentle­ Kay, by Rev. C. Sperry, O. P. First National Bank,
men triends and acquaintances on Coshow. Jr., and Miss Libby Kay.
—ornciM s----
New Year day :
We extend hearty congratula-
J acob W orth am ..................... Pivnidvnt
Mrs. W. T. Booth and daugh­ i tions.
D. P. T hompson , ......... . Viee-preaideut
ter, at home.
J ohn W ortman .........................Cashier
Mrs. Dr. Calbreath at her resi­
Tranaact» a Latterai Banknf buaineea.
In terrai allowed i»n lini* deposita.
dence, assisted by .Mrs. W. D.
madv on iatomblr termi.
ST. CHARLES HOTEL. St<ht Exchange
Fenton ; from 1 p. m.
and Telegraphie Tratiataa
ou New York, S m Frane imm and l'ortlaud.
r MÜLTNDH. Prep..
Mrs. A. L. Talmage at her home
ortica hourw—hx.m • a. tu. io 4 p. ni.
Third and B streets.
assisted by Miss Anna Turner ’ll vtI> Corne:
XIVI 1.1.«
and Miss Belle Johnson.
New hoase.' New furniture? VnauruMned
in the oonuiry Rates—41 to «2 per day as
Mrs. E. B. Fellows and Mrs. A. oordmg
to room. Single nx-aU ?» cents
J. Apperson, at the house of lexiging. 2f> t> O cent« according to rxiom. Represents the following sterling oomiuin-
Board and Ixxlging. $4 to gt'. per week. Twc
Mrs. Apperson, from 11 a. m.
Fine Sample Room» for commercial men iea: laHidou A 14ver|*M'l A Glone. North
British A Mercantile. (Vmnierolai Vuma
M iss Lillie Ireland, at her Give rue a call and see for vonreelf.
Fire Aaaooiation, German American, Fire­
man’» Fund, Hartford, Commercial. Anglo
home, assisted by Miss F. E.
Nevada. State 'nveMtui-ut
Russ, and Mrs. Geo. A. Wilcox.
Wheat insurance a «i>ecially.
Third Street, MoMinnville, Oregon.
Miss Mary L. Johnson, at the
residence of C. D. Johnson, as­
sisted by Miss Marv Carlin, Miss
Tine Holiday Goods
Nellie Dumphery, and Miss Ida
(Suooesaor to L. ROOT.)
Dealer in
Miss Maggie Wright, at the
residence of W. D. Wright,assist-' AH Freeh Jooda, Grocarits. Flour. Bacca. «e;
We have a large and Complete
ed by Miss Katie Nelson, and
Slurrare tad Crocktry.
stock consisting of:
Miss Ellen Bangasser and Miss t-W~trooda delivered to purubeaer» in the nt
Christmut Card«.
Sarah Osborn; from 1 p. m. till
Children« Books,
5 o,clock.
Aiotlce oi Co-Parlnrrwhip.
into (\> 1‘artnership with
The Inland Empire is under Having entered
D. M Caldwell, in the
snow, but as the ground was not
frozen it will be of immense In Shobe’s building, opposite the Piiat oAce.
the Arm will lw known iui COLLARD A
benefit to the grass crops.
.......... —
Mr. Ualduell will h II cik I tu
The Three Sisters gave the lite MHiil» of Ihr public.
steamer Salem a lively chase up All Mien will be forcHaii at tied rock price«.
Orders delivered to any part >>f the city free
the river the other day, keeping «/^TtrachargT
ahead of her several miles, al- j
though the Salem is noted for McMinnville, Or., Dec. 27th, l|WK
speed. The N. S. Bentley had
TKI <’k.
already lowered the time be­
tween Corvallis ami Albany half
an hour, before she sunk.
The woman Ida Garrard mys­
teriously disappeared, has re­
turned to her home.
Oregonian intimates that there
are several strange ¿ircupi-
stances in this matter that would
bear investigation, but if the
twain go borne and “sin no
more” the public should be sat­
isfied to let it rest.
Having pnraliaaed the Strain property, and
permanently located in McMinnville, am
ready U1 do all kinds of Truck and Dsliw-
ery Work at abort notice All goods en
trusted to our care will be carefully handled,
and promptly delivered. Al*> keep on hand
Wood of all kinds as cheap as the cheapest.
Orders left at the City I>r»J store will bo
promptly attended to.
Autograph, Photo Album«,
Notion«, Band Mirren.
Drew ng C om «, Odor
CMOS, Poosu.
Scrap Books,
Ptrfumoi, Combs, Bruthas, Toilet Article«.
We call Special Attention to
our stock of Ladies Portmonna-
ies in leather and plush,
which are chen|>er than ever
before offered.
An elegant
edition of Webster’s Unabridg­
ed Dictionary will be given
away. Every purchaser buy­
ing One Dollars worth oi Holi­
day G< mm I s , gets a chance.
Ten chances for every Ten Doi-
lars. Come and learn particu
lars of
Ladies gold and silver watches at a
big bargain at the McMinnville jew­
elry «tore.
McMinnville, jewelery store is now
the biggest and largest west of Port­
land and the cheapest in Oregon.
Wm. Holl, proprietor.
Miss Belle Johnson , teacher of music
in McMinnville and at McMinnville
college. Residence corner of Second
and C Streets.
Chas. (fawning has established a
wood yard in thia citj^ and sells oak
16-inch cut at |400. per cord ; fir four
feet, |2.25, and dlher qualities in like
Why do you pay for inferior silver
plated table ware big prices, if
yon get at the McMinnville jewelry
store, Wuy Holl, the best and finest
can be had for the same Drice.
AdVertfamenU, etc., "intehrfed Mr
who has the sole agency for publication in Th« Wsekly Reporter
YfcWlhlll cotthty1, fot the sale of must be handed ib Tuesday moralfig.'
Smith's Exterminator which has We cannot in future deviate frf>ni this
only to hd seen to be tried.
Yateh Thia Art «tilery.
M. < < 1ML1 ya n vi 11 «
To Bishop & Kay» We fo
with a wish to get first choice
of Holiday Furnishing Goods.
Neckware and
and Silk ^andtrerchfefi.
bottom prices.