The daily reporter. (McMinnville, Or.) 1886-1887, November 27, 1886, Image 3

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    The Daily Reporter.
McMinnville, Or.
Nov. 27, 1886
McMinnville never was so lively be-
[are on Thanksgiving day as it was
this week.
Look at the prizes at Grissen’s ; and
ilio «t Rogers <fc Todd’s and E. B.
The firemen’s ball was a most en-
oyable one. and a surfeit of satisfac­
tion to all concerned.
Capt. W. S. Powell, of Dayton, called
.n Thanksgiving and made his thank
offering to the Reporter.
Mrs. D. A. Wallace spent Thanks­
giving, and a birthday (here 26) with
her parents in Corvallis.
Uncle James Fletcher lias got back
to old Yamhill, safe and sound from
hi« journey east, glad to get home.
He was not snowed in.
Clay pigeon shooting was enjoyed
by our sporting “best shots” to their
hearts content, on Thursday, just
»cross the Yamhill river.
J. E. and Cooper Brooks, and Maine
Berry, returned from a prospecting
j»unt far up into the Cascade range
this week. They were absent six weeks,
and had a splendid time.
Take a look into the store of Bax-
ter 4 Martin, and if you do not find
things in fine style, suited to the taste
of the most fastidious, we shall miss
our guess somewhat.
Mrs. Banister has our thanks for a
bountiful remembrance on Thanksgiv­
ing. As she is the mother of a printer-
editof she can more fully than many
others realize our appreciation.
An interesting programme, consist­
ing of music, elocution and tableaux,
will be rendered at the Episcopal
church fair, at the Opera house, De­
eember ist. Refreshments will be
Detniering’s window, decorated with
ill the good things furnished by the
bountiful hand of Providence, was
greatly admired on the 25th. Indeed,
well might all exclaim, I^et us be
We incite special attention to the
-»rd of Dr. Taylor this a. m. His of­
fice is with Dr. H. V. V. Johnson, and
*» he charges nothing for consulta­
tion, and upon the basis of no cure no
pay, persons afflicted with piles or fis­
tula. his specialty, should give him a
call. Dr. Taylor is not a stranger in
®ur midst.
Yesterday morning about four
o’clock, after a long chase, Addie Braly
and his associates were rewarded by
capturing a red fox. The animal elud-
f(1 them for many hours, but was
finally taken in. During the after­
noon of the 25th they also captured a
toon. Both animals were taken not
‘*r from the Riverside farnp
The Hibbs case will be called in the
United States court at Lewiston on
t;-e 7th of December. As it now
•'»nds it is the United States vs.
When next called it may
I* Hibbs vs. the United Ssates, as the
^eligram says he is likely to escape
On * technicality, in which event he
compel a return of the money
from him and damages for false
^Phsonment, injury to business, rep-
nifhon, etc.
lhe new fire bell tolled its first story
A cultus cur was dispatched by the
city marshal’s trusty gun yesterday.
Several more of the same sort need
similar treatment.
A gang of young vandals did a
shameful piece of wor^/ffight before
last upon the windows of Wm. Camp-
bell’s house, latefv vacated hv Mr.
The ladies society of the C. P.
church have decided to postpone
their entertainment till January or
February 1887, instead of giving it
Dec. 10th, 1886. as heretofore an­
McMinnville has the material for a
first class rod and gnu club. There is
Drs. Goucher and Howard. Messrs.
Geo. \\ . Jones, F. W. Redmond. John
W ortman, J. F. M isecarver. Hibbs and
many others who take much pleasure
in this sport, and who would form the
nucleus of a powerful rifle team.
What say you, gentlemen?
C'hurcli Mai tern.
Band of Hope pic-nic at Grange
hall this, Saturday p. m.
Childrens service and baptism at
St. James (Episcopal) church Sunday.
Social meeting at 11 o’clock a. m. to­
morrow, at the Christian church.
M. E. church, H. P. Satchwell pastor
Services Sunday at 11 a. m. and 7 p.
m., Sunday school at 9=30. All are
cordially invited to i^tteiuj. Seats free.
St. James (Catholic) church. Mass
at 10: 30 a. m. on the second and fourth
Sundays of each month. Sunday
school at 2: 30 p. m. every Sunday. J.
S. \yiiipj, rector.
Service^ at the St. James church,
John C. Fair rector, at 11 a. m. and
7;00 p. m. Sunday school at 9:30 a.m.
Friday evening service at 7:00. Seats
free ; all are cordially invited.
Baptist Church, G. J. Burchett pas­
tor. Preaching every Sabbath at 11 a
m and 7 00 p m ; Sunday school at 9=30
a m, all are cordially invited to attend.
C. P. Church, T. H. Henderson pas­
tor. Services Sunday forenoon and
evening. Sunday school at 9 :30 a. m.
All are cordially invited to attend.
Subject for forenoon : Selfishness and
Some of Its Results. Subject for
evening: Do We Owe Anything to
The Band of Hope will meet at noon
to-day, at the M. K church, from
which will march to Grange hall,
where at one o’clock will have the
Picnic Dinner. After which there
will be singing and recitations by the
children, also short sjieeches from dif­
ferent ministers. Parents and friends
of the children are cordially invited.
Thanksgiving day passed off very
pleasantly in McMinnville. The union
service at the C. P. church was largely
attended, and a very instructive ser­
mon listened to from Rev. Mr. Satch­
well. A social service was held at
the Episcopal church, at which a
most excellent sermon was delivered
by the rector, and a liberal offering
made in behalf of Good Samaritan
Now is the time to subscribe.
Avoid and silver ladies watches at
big bargain at the McMinnville je
elry store.
Mikado hair pins and Astrakhan
trimmings at the store of Miss F E
Knight A Hiatt have as uice a J acob W ortm \ n ...................... President
place of business as any on Thin! D. 1’. T hompson ............. Vice-president
street Give them a call.
J ohn W ortman ......................... Cashier
The ladies society of the C. P. church
Transact« * General Banking buaineM.
will give an entertainment Friday
Inleraat allows«) on time <le|xMits.
evening, Dec. 10, 1886.
ColUx-lion« tuada on favorable terms.
Exchange and Telegraphic Tmuafera
The Guild of St. James (Episcopal) on Sight
New York. Ban Francisco mid Portland.
Office hour»— from W a. nt. to 4 p. tn.
church will hold a fair on Wednesday
evening, December 1st.
An attractive part of the Episcopal
church fair, will be a Japanese bazar,
ReunMkuita the following sterling ootnpan-
containing handsome articles for sale.
tee: l/oudoti A Liverpool A Glolx», North
Button, button, who’s got the but­ British A Mercantile, Coni merci a I I Inion
ton? F. W. Redmond has it. Call Fire Aaaooiation, German Amerioau, Fire-
man'a Ftinii, Hartford, Commercial, Anglo
and see his stock going off like hot Neva«la. State investment.
Wheat insurance a speoialty.
The McMinnville Business College
is open every evening at 7 o'clock for
students in writing, drawing and book­
The Weekly Reporter, a faithful
and complete compendium of the
week's news, is furnished for 16| cents
a month.
Miss Belle Johnson, teacher of music
in McMinnville and at McMinnville
college. Residence corner of Second
and C Streets.
McMinnville jewelery store is now
the biggest and largest west of Port-
land and the cheapest in Oregon.
Wm. Holl, proprietor.
Save time and money by handing
your subscription lor any paper or
magazine to Chas. Griesen, he is the
local agent for the American Sub­
This is the time of v<*«r when
scription Co.
If any of our paid up subscribers Merchants all begin to show
We realize that
wish the Scientific American next low prices.
year, or the Supplement, or both; permanent trade cannot be
they can save from 44 cents Co 11.40 made unless one has the cor«
by having ns order for them.
rect styles and correct prices.
Why do you pay for inferior silver We are selling goods at aston­
plated table ware big prices, if
ishingly low prices on the mer­
you get at thp McMinnville jewelry
its of our wares. We know
store, Wm. Holl, the best and fl nest
that there are no better styles
can be had for the same price.
First National Bank
Wtich This Art Gallery
■nadirs’ Cloaks.
These cloaks have got to go because
I am not going to winter them over
this summer, so if you want a long
cloak or a short cloak, a big cloak or
a little cloak, a dear cloak or a cheap
cloak, a tight fitting or Miss Fitting
cloak, or any kind of a fit in cloaks,
go to Appersons.
t Harn tain
The Exchange hotel of North Yam­
hill, containing twenty-two rooms in
all, two stories high, is offered for sale
for cash, or exchange for real estate.
The house is well known to the travel­
ing public, and doing a good business.
The present proprietor's reason for
selling is that he is too far advanced
in age to attend to it, and is determin­
ed to sell if an opportunity is offered,
even at a sacrifice. In fact he is bound
to sell it if a customer comes. North
Yamhill is as rapidly improving town
as any on the west side, is the center
of a large trade, the starting point for
Tillamook bay, the resort for hunters
Remember that there is a home and sportsmen in the summer season,
nursery at Lafayette, when you want and this is the beat chance for a good
man in the whole »Ute For farther
trees. Address E. R Poppleton.
addres- thia oAce, or apply
North Yamhill, Oregon.
Read the Reporter.
of Clothing, no better fitting,
no better made than ours, and
we believe that no one in Mo-
Minn ville is selling Clothing
as cheaply as we are.
We only ask hii inspection
of our goods and a comparison
of prices.
bishop A kay .
M ihiner Y
Direct from New York.
Buy Fashionable Goods From the
Head-quarters of Fashion.
i*i inn r. r.. sin,
NfcNIIanvilla, •»
Fine Job Printen;