The daily reporter. (McMinnville, Or.) 1886-1887, September 21, 1886, Image 2

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    box into which everything should fall.
Tk© Oatfy Reporter,
<■ iaKi. am > a co. 1'i ni.isnEKs.
*1 -r—On— : .
*(■« t»«cri|»tion Hier«.
By ('¡urta® per »wk.. ...................... lo (tenta
uFiunibls on Saturday.)
’-OPT or
a -------
3 "
I,II) cents per Month (In Advance.)
Ual rv lor Advertising
Will t«« mol« satinfactiiry to all applicants.
McMinnville, Or.
Sept. 21, 1886
Look Upon Thia Prctwr©
I prefer galvanized iron to wood, as it
cannot become saturated with the foul
liquids aud is easier cleansed. The
back or aide of the building should be
so constructed that this box could be
easily removed am! nmptied and an­
other pul in its place. When the box
is put in position, the bottom of it
should be covered with dry eaith or
ashes to the depth of four inches.
When this simple and inexpensive
arrangement is made, it only requires
a little dry earth or ashes sprinkled
Some criticism is passed in army
circles upon the report tlmt Geronimo
did not surrender to Gi n. Miles uncon­ daily over the contents of the box, but
ditionally , ami then' ia danger that he
Then Upon This
In order to do
can not be punished in a manner on whenever used
that Would insure him liiajust deserts. this there should be a box of dry earth
Il is' Argubd that Gen. (’rook conk or ashes in one corner of the privy,
have done as much in capturing the with a small shovel with which to
chief, bad Im been w illing to make cer­ throw it in.”
tain guarantees of safe keeping and
exemption from punishment, but he
Smith A (’lark’s sash, blind and
strove to take the murderci wherever
Im Alight be /mind, and refused to eli­ door factory was destroyed by fire at
te: into any negotiation whatever .is Victoria Saturday.
A young Vermont fisherman hav­
to the disposition that might be made
married a freckled faced girl,
oi uUe om « i '..< If thyre is any difficulty
in the way qf meting out his just des­ wrote to an old chum that he had just
erts to him, it |M-rhaps arises from the landed a speckled beauty.
Etta (». Tliwaites has commenced
sulairdinate in the office of the secre­
After which call at A. I. Apperaou'»
tary of war. The peculiar relations an action for divorce from her artist take a look at the goods
between the Indians ami the I’nited husband in Multnomah county. Airs. Conger's Double Seated Drawers and Chest-
States makes (lie position of Geronimo Keys wiil perhaps follow suit
Shield Undershirt.
Cattle an quarentined at Chicago
somewhat peculiar. Il he Acre a
By tlir Way,
white man he could Is tried and hung against pleuro-pneunmnia. The dis­
Doyon realize the astonishingly low price* al
in the ordinary way
But being an ease has been lingering about there
Indian, there will no doubt be a great since last fall, in a herd of milk cows.
Boston now Boasts the champion Meu s Suits from up, and Bova’ Sait*
deal nt sentimental gush wast<d over
from $8 .'si up. NO SHODDY.
But the propriety of hanging yacht.thechampion slugger, th«* cham-
him will probably be the prevailing »ioii philosopher, champion poet, the
champion novelist and the champion
defaultei <>f America. Culture counts.
r t i sb: />b- rrt-HiHi).
Portland has raised $• MX),(MM) for the
rhe typhoid outbreak in Synu use, < ’harleston sufferers so far: but the
New Yore, in 1879. wan caused by the 'elegr:im is reliably uifornie 1 that a
overflow <>! a privy vault jsilluting the certain wealthy ri -id. nt has promised
People living in the same |0.50
block and under similar conditions,
I’rinc« Alexander, of Bulgaria, w hen
except as to (he water they drank. es- In- paints up his old coat of arms
CH|M-<I entirely The typhoid outbreak again, might appropriately affix the
among the German troops m 1882 was motto
ll< who tights and runs Ample room to eaw for horses.
teams at Hs«rea«onable rates as any where ii
proven by searching investigation to away may liv« to fight anoit^ r «lay." Oregon. \i w stab's Third St., McMinnvilli
have occurred from i similar <
Jnliu- Baum A < o., of San bTan-|
l. I>. Ilo»«;ird. il. D.
Die following naa ¡pt how to build a cisco made assignment on Saturday
plivy vault ami how to keep it in con­ It was a surpr -e. as they were con-
AH defects of the ef
dition is taken from John T Met on
sight,namely, PresbyopU H
Outside speculation’caused the failure
nell’s letter in the Sanitary Plumber
¡►Myopia. HyjicriuetropitB
Diplopia ¡when glasses atM
In small towns and countrv places
’1 ii< Kit n
req ni red to oorrect the de
then' .should 1* no mu h thing under
fective eye I am prewired to meet. I testtblH
U the residence of C. p. Howe, in this
seat a- a privy vault.
There should city, Mis- Martha Howe to Mr. D. .A.Snv- sight andfitethe proper lens to spectacles a»
der of Davton It. v n i
¡eye-glasses Give mo a call and satisfy year
• n. Kev. G. J. Burohett, officwt- seWes. Office Third Street. MoMiunviW
be a strongly
galvanized iron J*”
1 Oregon