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utiny Among Federal Prisoners
at Leavenworth.
one man
killed and five wounded
the Cordon
of Armed Guards and Escaped—Carried
an Official With Them.
Leavenworth,, Kan., Nov. 11.—One
man was killed, five others were
wounded and 26 deseprate convicts
are at large as a result ot a mutiny
late this afternoon at the site of the
new United States prison, two miles
Southwest of here, where four hun­
dred prisoners from the federal prison,
in charge of 3U armed guards, were at
work. When the trouble began the
rebellious prisoners had only two re­
volvers. These revolvers had been
secreted in one of the walls ot the
building by some unknown person.
There are two walls partly completed
and the rest of tne site of the build­
ing is surounued by a high wooden
Gus. Parker, of Ardmore, I. T., one
Of the ringleaders of the mutiny,
■walked to the corner of the stockade,
where the revolvers were concealed,
and, under cover of some weeds, se­
cured them without being detected.
He returned to the gang and passed
one of the revolvers to Frank Thomp­
son, a negro from South McAlister, 1.
T., who secured it about his person.
When E. Hinds, superintendent of con­
struction, and tuiee unarmed guards
prepared to round up the men at the
end of the day s wora, tne two aimed
convicts covered mem with revolvers,
and, encouraged by the other mutin­
ous convicts, lurced tne men to walk
before them toward the not th west
(corner of the ciockade, where they ex-
. pec ted to make a rush through an
The outside of the stockade was
guarded by armed men, and when the
convicts appeared at the opening
they were met by C. E. Burrows, a
guard, who fought them back, but
who received two shotB in the neck.
The convicts then rushed over to the
I south wall to another opening and
were met by Arthur Trelford, an arm­
ed guard, who is in charge of ail the
I convicts. Trelford resisted the con­
victs and was shot twice, but not dan­
gerously wounded. Defeated in their
attempt to escape at this point, the
men rushed to the guard house, a
temporary frame structure where the
arms are kept. The guards from the
outside rushed in at this point and
drove the convicts away from the
guard house. P. J. Waldrupe, a guard,
shot and killed Ford Quinn, from
Ryan, I. T.
The prisoners then made rush for
the main entrnce, and 26 of them
succeeded in escaping. Most of the
, escaped men are from Indian Ter­
Closely followed by the
guard, the men ran to a nearby forest
and succeeded in evading their pur­
suers. The men went in the direc­
tion of Eas.on, Kan., and it is report-
■ ed that they have held up many farm­
ers, taking horses and clothes en
The convicts in their flight, com­
pelled F. E. Hinds, superintendent of
construction, to go with them, and
he was not allowed to return until
they had gone almost two miles. W.
F. Peasless, one of the fugitives, who
had but 15 months more to serve,
deserted the band a few moments af­
ter Superintendent Hinds was re-
| leased. The two men reached here
almost at the same time. They re­
ported that the fugitives, after hold-
! ing a consultation, decided that they
would form themselves into several
small parties, so that some might es­
cape though others should be cap­
tured. It is the intention of all of
them to attempt to reach the rough
| country southeast of here.
Head Treasurer of the Maccabees Is a Defaulter
—Surety Companies to Bear Loss.
He Refuses Io Pry the
Stone Is Released.
Sofia, Bulgaria, Nov. 12.—Informa­
tion has been received here from
Doubetza that the band of brigands
holding captive M îbb Ellen M. Stone,
the American missionary,
called j
about a fortnight ago at the village
of Smetchevo, and subsequently pro­
ceeded to the monastery of Hilo, but
the movements of troops compelled
the brigands to flee toward the fron­
tier, where they are now in hiding.
It is also asserted that the brigands
have recently been treating t Miss
Stone with mote severity in order to
exercise pressure and to compel a
more ready acceptance of their con­
Consul General Dickinson is inflex |
He insists that the surrender
of Miss Stone must precede or be
simultaneous with the payment of
the ransom.
His attitude is justi­
fied by the known determination of
some members of tile band, particu­
larly the captain, Yanne Sandsby,
to kill Miss Stone and her compan­
ion as soon as the ransom is received,
owing to the fact that the captives
have now acquired information con­
cerning the secret committees. Com­
petent persons, however, express the
opinion that the cupidity of the bri­
gands will overcome their fear of rev­
elations, and all such approve the
declaration of Mr. Dickinson.
Yesterday, Mr. Dickinson made
representations to the
Bulgarian government against the
movements of the Bulgarian troops,
reproaching the officials with the tact
that notwithstanding their solemn
promises to give him all assistance in
their power, their action was embar­
rassing the negotiations, retarding a
settlement and placing the life of
Miss Stone in jeopardy. He made a
definite declaration that the Bulgarr-
an government would be held respon­
sible for the death of Miss Stone and
of all the consequences of her death,
should it be proved that the attitude
of the Bulgarian government forced
the brigands to kill their captives.
Department Hat Big Stocks all Over the World
—What It Costs.
Washington, Nov. 12.—A striking
illustration of the growth of the
American navy is presented in a sin­
gle statement in the annual report of
Rear Admiral R.B. Bradford, chief of
the equipment-bureau of the navy,
that he spent $2,227,111 the last fiscal
year for 324,108 tons of coal, at an
average cost of $9.01 per ton.
report says that this was nearly 95,-
815 more tons of coal than was used
during the preceding fiscal year. Ten
years ago the coal consumption was
73,00 tons per annum. The domestic
coal costs $8.60 per ton, and the for­
eign coal, of which 106,066 tons were
used, cost $8.50 per ton.
Bradford has scattered American coal
all over the world wherever suitable
storage could be found.
He has
placed 12.000 tons at Yokohama, and
5,000 tons at Pichilique, Mexico, and
he has sent large quantities of coal to
Guam and to the Philippines.
carried 9,000 tons by water from the
Atlantic coast to Mare Island, Cali­
fornia, where it came into competi­
tion with English Cardiff coal. They
have averaged the same in cost—viz.,
$9.29 per ton—but at present, owing
to the scarcity of American freight
vessels, the best Ca"diff coal is con-
sideraby cheaper at Mare Isiland.
It is recommended that two large
steam 10,000 ton colliers be built to
keep depots supplied in time of-peace,
and to accompany the fleets in time
of war.
A Strike Averted.
Scranton, Pa., Nov. 12.—The com­
munity is greatly relieved by the ac­
tion of the Temple Iron company in
reinstating the alleged blacklisted
men and thereby averting a strike of
its 5,000 men. What prompted the
company to change its position can­
not i>e learned, as none of the officials
will discuss tiie matter.
Port Huron, Mich., Nov. 11.—By his
own written confession, Charles D.
Thompson, supreme finance keeper of
the Supreme Tent, Knights of the
Maccabees, and a prominent vessel
Gasoline in a Kitchen Stove.
and tug man of this city, is a default­
er in the sum of $57,000. Mr. Thomp­
Minonk, III., Nov. 12.—In a fire
son, however, was heavily bonded in that destroyed the home of Joseph
the National Surety Company, of New-
York, and the Fidelity and Deposit Tomashiski, a Polish miner, today,
Company, of Baltimore, and the or­ ! his 12 year old daughter and 11 year
der. therefore, is protected from loss. j old son burned to death. The father
Thompson made no effort to escape and another son, aged 7 years, were
after his defalcation had been dis­ seriously, but not fatally burned. The
covered. He is now at his home man’s daughter attempted to start a
awaiting the action of the bonding blaze in the kitchen stove with gaso­
Kate Greenway Dead.
Turkey Calls on England.
London, Nov. 11.—Miss Kate Gren-
Paris, Nov 6.—“The porte asked
w-ay, the artist, is dead.
Great Britain,” says the Constanti­
Miss Greenway won her fame as nople correspondent of the Echo de
an artist through her sketches and I Paris, “to fulfill the terms of the
paintings of children. These were I convention of 1878, whereby, in ex­
drawn with such a whimsical grace change for the island of Cyprus,
and her children depicted in such Great Britain guaranteed the integ­
dainty fashion, in such a novel garb, rity of the sultan’s Asiatic possess­
that "Greenway” children became the
The porte holds that under
fad. Her art produced a revolution ions.
in the dress of children, leading to the this convention Great Britain should
adoption of sensible as well as pretty protect Asiatic Turkey against attack
styles. She contributed to many mag­ by France, and suggests that Great
azines and illustrated many children's Britain should send «.squadron to the
Levant for that purpose.”
General Greelv at Washington.
Patted Worthiest Check«.
Astoria, Nov. 7.—A man by the
Washington, Nov. 11.—General A.
W. Greeley, chief signal officer, re­ name of E. R. Harroun, who repre­
turned to Washington today after an sented himself to be an advertising
absence of five months spent in the solicitor, arrived in Astoria a few
days ago, and has been engaged in
Philippines inspecting the cable and
different occupations until yesterday,
telegraph service of the islands. Gen­
eral Greeley had an Important confer- when he disappeared for parts un-
•nce In London with the officials of I known. Before leaving he had sev­
(be cable and telegraph companies. eral checks cashed for small amounts.
Wtch resulted in an agreement to re- The checks were drawn on the First
4bce the tolls to and from Manila on National bank, of this city, and
GBvernment business about one-third. ! signed by himself.
That Was the Plan of Natives of
Luzon, P. I.
Attack Frustrated —Twenty
Five Filipinos Killed, One Hundred
Seventy-Five Houses Burned.
Minister, Over the Manchurian Treaty.
Pekin, Nov. 11.—A violent dispute
with Paul Lessar, Ruslan Minister to
China, over the Manchurian treaty, ap­
pears to, have been the immediate
cause of the death of Li Hung Chang.
The diplomatic events preceding
this tragic climax nave enabled Japan
for a moment to frustrate the designs
of Russia. A fortnight ago the Jap­
anese Legation secured a reliable out­
line of tne terms of the treaty and
thereupon demanded that the Chinese
plenipotentiaries officially lay before
them the text, basing this demand up­
on the allegation that Japanese inter­
ests were involved in any change of
the status of Manchuria.
The Chi­
nese plenipotentiaries iefused to com­
ply with the demand. Thereupon, tne
Japanese Government, from Tokio,
communicated with the Southern Vice­
roys aud induced them to use their
influence with the impress Dowager
against the treaty. In the meantime,
the Empiess Dowager instructed la
Hung cnang to communicate the
treaty, after certain modifications, to
the Ministers of the powers, and, if
they did not object, to sign the same.
Li Hung Chang visited M. Lessar
and explained to him the instructions.
The Rusian Minister strongly object­
ed to tevealing the text of the treaty
to the Ministers of the other powers,
and a stormy interview ensued. Li
Hung Chang went home in a violent
passion aud had a hemorrhage, which
the doctors attributed to the over­
exertion of a weakened system.
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Bureau of Information for travelers —a place where
they can learn what it will cost to reach ANY point in
America or Europe; how long the trip will take, and
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Omaha. Chicago, Kansas City, St. Louis—and
Manila. Nov. 7.—A plot to massa­
cre the America garrison at Moncada,
province of Tarlac, Island of Luzon,
has been revealed by the wife of one of,
the conspirators. Several town offi­
cials are implicated. The woman
who revealed the plot hid a dettxitive .
beneath the house in which the lead­
A. C. S hildon , General Agent,
ers of the conspiracy were meeting.
Cor. Third and Stark Sts., Portland, Ore.
Arrests followed and many incrimi­
nating papers were seized.
The plan was to set fire to a house [
close to the barracks, after dark, and
when the soldiers came out to assist I
in extinguishing the flames, 150 con- ;
spirators, armed with bolos, were to I
rush on the guard, capture their arms I
and proceed to massacre the garrison, i
Commissioner ¡¡Wright today took
the oath of office as governor.
will be acting governor during the
absence of Governor Taft, who prob­
ably will be unable to resume his
duties for some days to come.
newspapers approve of the appoint­
Asthmalene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent Cure in All Cases.
The United States Philippine com­
mission today passed the treason laws,
with slight alterations. Several Fili­
pinos spoke against them.
The Federalists are holding a con­ Twenty.Eighth Infantry packing Up at Van­
vention to arrange for a petition to couver— a>a)«r Roach mil Be in oununand.
congress, asking that body to grant
Vancouver, Wash., Nov. 11.—Major
autonomy to the Philippines, with a
There is nothing like Asthmalene. It
Roach, uow at Dulse Barracks, Idaho,
brings instant relief, even in the worst
governor appointed by the president will be iu cuiuaiaud of cue four com- ;
It cures when all else fails.
of the United States, with veto power panies of the Twenty-eighth Infantry j
The Rev. C. F. WELL8. of Villa Ridge, Ill.,
over the two houses, the senate to which will sail from Portland for the ■
says: “Your trial bottle of Asthmalene receiv­
consist of 30 members, 14 of them to Philippines on the transport Rose-
ed in good condition. I cannot tell you how
thankful 1 feel for the good derived from it. I
lie named by the governor and 16 to craus November lo. Those compan­
was a slave, chained with putrid sore throat
be elected. In case' of the death of ies of the tegimeat which will sail
and Asthma for ten years I despaired of ever
being cured. I saw your advertisement for the
the governor, it is proposed that his from San Francisco on the transport j
cure of this dreadful and tormenting disease,
duties shall devolve upon the presi­ Grant on the same date will be in 1
Asthma, and thought you had overspoken your­
selves. but resolved to give it a trial. To my
dent of the senate, temporarily. The command of Coionei Mott Hooten. In j
astonishment, the trial acted like a charm. Send
lower house, according to the pro­
me a full-size bottle.’’
nel Hooten for age it was believed
posed plan, shall consist of a repre­ that
officer would not be ordered to
sentative for each 100,000 inhabi­ the far East. Coionei Hooten, how- :
Rev. Dr. Morris Wechsler,
Rabbi of the Cong. Bnai Israel.
tants. Finally, the Federalists desire ever, expeets no such order, and has !
New York, Jan 3, 1901.
that every Filipino be pardoned for made ready to accompany his regi- ,
Drs. Taft Bros,* Medicine Co.
Gentlemen : Your Asthmalene is an excellent
political offenses arising from the war. ment to San Francisco next Tuesday. I
remedy for Asthma and Hay Fever, and its com­
The sessions of the Federalist conven­ Lieutepant-Colonel John Stretch, the
position alleviates all troubles which combine
with Asthma. Its success is astonishing and
tion were noisy and turbulent. The second officer in command, will also
chairman had difficulty in controlling sail on the Grant.
After having it carefully analyzed, we can
Evidence of the marching orders
state that Asthmalene contains no opium, mor­
the convention.
phine, chloroform or ether. Very truly yours«
Paterno has been expelled by the are to be seen on every hand at Van­
Federal party, Buencamino saying couver Barracks. The “packing up"
is about at an end, and the baggage
that his union with Sabella Rios for and frieght will be shipped to San
Avon Springs. N. YFeb. 1,1901.
Dr. Taft Bros. Medicine Co.
the formation of another party de­ Francisco at once.
Gentlemen: 1 write this testimonial from <
barred him from connection with
sense of duty, having tested the wonderftil effect
of your Asthmalene, for the cure of Asthma.
the Federalists.
“The petition,”
My wife has been afflicted with spasmodic asth­
Beuencamino said, “to be sent to
ma for the past 12 years. Having exhausted my
own skill as well as many others, 1 chanced to see your sign upon your window on 130th street.
congress must be as pure as crystal.
Rich Ledge Found on the Site of the Federal New York. I at once obtained a bottle of Asthmalene. My wife commenced taking it about the
It would not be so if Paterno were
first of November. I very soon noticed a radical improvement. After using one bottle her Asthma
has disappeared and she is entirely free from all symptoms. I feel that lean consistently recom­
allowed to participate in it.”
mend the medicine to all who are afflicted with this distressing disease.
Paterno was formerly president of
Yours respectfully,
Helena, Mont., Nov. 11.—A ledge of
the so-called
Filipino cabinet. free-milling gold ore was struck to­
Buencamino is one of the directors of day while grading the foundation for Dr. Taft Bros. Medicine Co
Feb. 5, 1901.
I was ti on bled with Asthma fpr 22 years. I have tried numerous remedies, but
the Federal party and was at one time the United States Federal building, they Gentlemen:
av • all failed. I ran across your advertisement and started with a trial bottle. 1 found re­
a member of the so-called Filipino
lief nt once. I have since purchased your full-size bottle, and I am ever grateful. I have family
ledge iB a very strong one ot iron of four children, and for six years w as unable to work. I am now in the best of health and am
doing business every day. This testimony you can make such use of as you see fl t.
Advices from Tacloban, capital of, stained quartz, containing tree-mil-
Home address, 235 Rivingion street.
67 East 129 th st., City.
the Island of Leyte, rej>ort that the ting the contract for the Government
presidentes of the various towns in building, expressly stipulated that
the island have waited on Brigadier any finds of mineral made by the con­
General Smith and complained to tractor should go to the Government.
him that the people are unable to This is the seconu strike of rich ore
Do not delay. Write at once, addressing DR. TAFT BROS.’ MEDICINB
procure food because of the blockade made within the Helena city limits
that is maintained along the Strait within the last 30 days. The ledge i CO., 79 East 130th St., N. Y. City.
of San Juanico. General Smith re­ extends across the street under the
plied that the strictest kind of a residence of Colonel Thomas Cruse,
blockade would be continued until and was shown up again while grad­
the people of Leyte brought in their ing for a street at a point about 1000
feet northwest of the Government
guns and gave the authorities full building site. The ground through
information concerning the insurg­ which the ledge runs is the best resi­
Re-covered and
ents who infest the country. All the dence district in elena. There are a
arguments of the officials of the towns series of these big ledges running
were unavailing.
northwest and southeast across the
Full line of repairs and all repair work done
General Smith has ordered the de­ site of the city. The diversity In In­
in the best style. South side Third Street near
portation of the wife of General Luk- terests in the ground has been the
ban, leader of the Samar revolution­ difficulty in the way of development.
Addrets of tht Cherokees.
The wife of General Lukban was
Tahlequah, I. T., Nov. 11.—T. M.
the main cause of the refusal of the
to surrender. Buffington, principal chief of the Che­
Some of the principal men. who have rokee Nation, in his annual address
been captured are willing that their to the National Council of his tribe,
wives be held as hostages while they recommended per capita payment to Chlcago-
Salt Lake, Denver. Ft.
people on account of the failure portland
Worth, Omaha, K hu ­ 4:30 p. m.
go into the field for the purpose of the
of crops this year, and that a com­ Special
fus City, St. Louis,
persuading their relatives to surren­ mission to negotiate a treaty be ap­ 9:00 a. m.
Chicago and East.
pointed. Two thousand people were Atlantic
Lake, Denver, Ft 8:10 a. m.
Four native police officers were present, including the Dawes Com­ Express
Worth, Omaha. Kau­
killed and their horses captured yes­ mission and other United States offi­ 9 p. nc..
Nafe. Always reliable. I.adlea. ask Druggist for
nas City, Nt. Louis,
(HKIIfAtrK* EWULIMI In lied and
Chicago and East.
terday at Baybay. Island of Leyte.
«■old metallic boxes, sealed with blue ribbon.
Take no other. Kefuae dangeroa« aubatl-
Lieutenant Julien E. Caujot, with
Walla Walla. L-wiston
tutlon« and imitation«. Buy of your Druggist,
a detachment of scouts, encountered
or send 4r. in stamps for Particulars, Testi­
Spokane, Mimitapo-
monial« and •• Hellef for I,a«tl<•«.’’ in letter *
lis, St. Paul, Duluth,
Washington, Nov. 11.—General Gree-
b Iyer
a body of insurgents southeast of
by return Mall. 10,000 Testimonials. Hold by
Calbalgan, Samar Island, ami in the ly has received a cablegram from Ma­
and East.
fight which followed 25 rebels were nila announcing that the Islands of ;
Madison •Mjuiire,
I* HI LA., PA.
One hundred anil seventy- Masbate and Panay have been con- j sp. m.
Mention thia *spsr.
All Hailing dales sub­
nected by cable. It is expected that
five houses were burned and 5.000 I this cable will materially assist the
ject to change.
For San Francisco—
pounds <>f rice and 2,000 pounds of Army operations now in progress.
Sail every 5 days.
palsy were captured.
Trial Bottle Sent Absolutely Free on receipt of Postal.
O regon
SHOgr L ine
a»» U nion P acific
Boers Got Awry With Two Guns.
Pretoria, Nov. 6.—It is now known
that the Boers got away with the two
guns captured from Colonel Benson’s
column in the recent engagement
near Brackenlaagte, Transvaal.
$300,000 Grain Elevator Fire.
Port Huron, Mich., Nov. 6. — Fire
tonight destroyed two large adjoining
elevators, owned by the Botsford
Elevator company, entailing a loss
of $800,000. The loss on the buildings
is estimated at $125,000: on the 265,-
(XXI bushels of grain, $175,000.
Daily Ex.
8 p. in
10 p. m.
The Warren Disabled,
Washington, Nov. 8.—A dispatch
from Manila was received at the war
department today confirming the
news that the transport Warren had
, lieen disabled, and stating that the
Hancock had lieen coaled and dis­
patched to Kobe, Japan, where the
Warren now is, to bring the Warren’s
i passengers to San Francisco. The
I congressional party, who has been
visiting the Philippines, were among
the Warren’s passengers.
Columbia River 5tmrs
To Astoria and Way-
Willamette River
6 a. m.
City. Newberg,
Ex Sunday Oregon
Salem Independence
aud Way-Landings.
1:30 p m.
Willamette and Yam­
3:30 p. m.
7 a. m.
hill River».
Tue. Thur.
Oregon City, Dayton,
and Hat.
and Way-landings.
and Fri.
To Reform Russian Factory Laws.
Socialism in Holland.
New York, Nov. 6.—According to
advices from St. Petersburg to the
London Times and the New York
Times, the Russian minister of fi­
nance, M. Witte, js engaged on a
scheme with a view to substantial re­
forms in the factory regulations.
The scheme will shortly be submitted
to the council of state. M. Witte is
convinced that the proposed reforms
will strengthen the handicapped in­
dustrial position of Russia.
New York, Ndv. 8.—The proposed
boycott of British commerce, says the
correspondent of the London Times
and transmitted to the New York
Times, has degenerated in Holland j
into a simple manifestation of social­
ism against capital.
Many who
would otherwise sympathize with thr
movement detest socialism and there­
fore withhold their support.
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