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Order« the Completion
Defenses—Excitement Prevails.
5[ir HAM (jftltML
Paris, Nov. 4.—‘‘The sultan has Malvar Appoints Himself Com­
ordered the completion with all speed
Proposed By Board.
of the defenses at Smyrna and the
entrance to the Dardanelles,’’ says
the Constantinople
of the Echo de Paris. “Submarine ISSUES PROCLAMATION TO THE NATIVES
mines will be placed and troops mo­
lb de S«m Need« a Large Variety of Craft to bilized at points where disembarka­ All Who Aid American« or Surrender to Them
tions are likely.
A violent anti­
Will Be Treated as Traitor«— Reor­
Complete the Symmetry and Balance
and fears are
ganized Filipino Forces.
of the Naval Forces
felt for the safety of French residents
in Turkish cities, Constantinople
Manila, Oct. 31. — Malvar has issued
Washington, Nov. 4.—Over and excepted. ”
afcove the four wiirships for which j The officials of the foreign office a new proclamation, appointing him­
c©ngress directed him last season to today informed the Associated Press self captain general and reorganizing
that the information set forth in the the Filipino army under two lieu-
prepare plans as a basis for appro­ dispatches
yesterday was correct. j tenant generals and four generals of
priations at the next session, Secre­ The incorrect
announcement from
tary Long has before him the recom­ Toulon of the return
Admiral Gail­ divisions. Every guide caught aid­
mendations of the board of naval lard’s division, which of created
great ing the Americans will be treated
construction looking to the authori­ sensation, emanated from the a corre
immediately as a traitor. Those who
zation of by congress ot the building spondent of a well known news agen ­ ­ surrender to the Americans will be
of 40 more vessels of classes from bat- I cy. The announcement was that Ad­ treated in the same manner.
tie ships down to tug boats.
The miral Maigret, commandant of the
Malvar considers his own appoint­
plans for the two armored cruisers | Mediterranean fleet, returned to Tou­ ment to be temporary, until the
apil two battle ships projected by con- j lon at 10 o’clock with all his vessels» meeting of the general assembly of
gress last session already have been i including those belonging to Admiral : liberators.
He congratulates the
prepared, and look to the construe- j Gaillard’s diivsion. The correspond­ soldiers on the good work they are
tion of 16,000 ton battle ships and 14,- ent of the news agency referred to doing in the field and also those who
OOo cruisers. The battle ships and confused
the fleets, owing to the dark­ are working for the cause of freedom
cruisers additional to those which the ness. Admiral
has three and liberty in the cities.
clnstruciton board proposed probab­ cruisers and two Gaillard
A hat and umbrella factory, em­
torpedo boat de­
le will be of the same and general stroyers in his squadron.
ploying 600 hands, which recently
type. The board’s complete pianist
found it necessary to close, the ac­
] Three sea going battle ships of
tion constituting the first labor prob­
about 16,000 tons displacement.
lem growing out of the new tariff,
j Two armored cruisers of about 14,-
has decided to remove to Hong Kong.
Franchisele»«« to Be Tried in the Courts to
OOo tons displacement.
Teit Validity of License.
ISix gunboats of about 1,200 tons.
I Six gunboats of about 600 tons.
San Juan, P. K., Nov. 4.—The pier
I Six gunboats of about 200 tons.
property of the New York A Porto Fulfilled the Object of His Jonrney to Siberia
I Two colliers of about 15,000 tons.
Rico Steamship Company has been
—Secured 254 Reindeer.
I One repair ship of about 7,500 tons. seized by the police in the name of
I Six training ships of about 2,000 the peope of Porto Rico under orders
Seattle, Oct. 31. — Dr. Sheldon
received from Governor Hunt. The Jackson, general agent for the bureau
J Four picket boats of about 650 pier, which was erected under a of education in Alaska, has arrived
license of the war department, was in Seattle from the land of his labors,
¡Four tugboats.
burned some months ago, and the having taken passage on the City of
J While the above appears to be a company engaged in rebuiding using Topeka from Ketchian.
He brings
startling amount of naval construe- I the old pile foundation contending additional details of the exjteriences
tjon to recommend to congress, it is ! that it still has rights under the of Lieutenant Bertholf, who was
stated that it is after all, nearly a license of the secretary of war and it sent to Siberia to purchase reindeer
repetition of the program submitted was simply repairing damage done by for thg government.
to that body through Secretary Long the elements.
The council ruled
Dr. Jackson tells a different tale
bi* the construction board last year, that the company had no right to do of the daring young revenue officer,
and is even smaller than the aggre­ so without a new insular franchise. who, it now appears, was never in
gate tonnage proposed to be author­ The action taken places the mat­ danger, and near starvation in his
ised by the general or Dewey board.
ter in a position where the governor long and tedious journey through
I In each case it is explained the can pass upon the rights of the par­ Siberia.
r» commendations are but the steps to ties concerned. The company has
Lieutenant Bertholf left Washing­
be taken to carry out the general pol made an application for an injunc­ ton, D. C., last January, going to St.
icy of providing the United Statet tion, will sue to recover damages and Petersburg, thence to' Irkutsk.
with a modern navy of sufficient! will test the validity of Secretary From there he disapppeared on the
strength and made of harmonious Root’s license under the civil re­ steppes.
His mission, as seated
units. This policy was thought out gime.
above, was to procure a herd of rein­
carefully by the two boards, and if it
deer of larger size than those now
is carried out as proposed, they de­
in Alaska.
A revenue cutter was to
ciare that the symmetrical navy final­
meet him and convey the animals,
ly provided would be very much more Min Stone'« Abductor'« Are Holding Out and the lieutenant, to Alaska, but
effective than the more numerous
owing to circumstances, the govern­
for Full Sum.
navies of several of the European
ment could not send one, and it was
Constantinople, Nov. 4.—I.ate to­ thought for a time he might perish.
day the case of Miss Stone again be­ ■ A short time ago there came a
came serious. The brigands are still brief notice that he bad landed at
holding out for the £25,000 ransom, Port Clarence with a herd of rein­
Kitchener Reports a Disaster to British—The and it is feared that should they per­ deer.
He was not expected to return
sist in their demand Miss Stone will for a year or more, but his usual re­
Loss Was Heavy.
have to be sacrificed. Nevertheless, sourceful ability evidently brought
London, Nov. 4.—Lord Kitchener the negotiations are still proceeding. him out earlier. He traveled across
Has reported to the war office a dis­
Anxiety prevails this evening at the Russia and Siberia very rapidly,
aster to the British, near Bethel,^East­ United States legation whence there going with trained guides in storms
ern Transvaal in which two guns were has been an active exchange of tele­ often when many men would have
lost nine officers were killed and 13 grams between Secretary Eddy and
in some camp retreat.
wounded and 54 men killed and 160 various points. Mr. Eddy had a long rested
After leaving the railway, he tra­
wounded. Following is the text of conference with Sir Nicholas R. versed 1,500 miles of unknown Siberia
Lord Kitchener’s dispatch :
O’Conner, the British ambassador until near Orla, on the Okhotsk sea,
I “I have just heard of a severe at­ here, who is actively assisting in the he found the breed of reindeer he
tack made on the rear guard of Col­ efforts to bring about Miss Stone’s wanted, purchased 254 head and got
onel Benson’s column when about 20 release.
them to Baroness Korfg bay, where
northwest of Bethel, near Broken
So far from there being any con shipment could lie made. He then
■aagte, during a thick mist.
The firmation of the rumors of her death retraced his steps to Vladivostock
strength of the enemy is reported to circulating in the Bulgarian bonier under very trying conditions.
tiave been 1,000.
They rushed two districts, it is said here that another one instance broke a trail through
ns with the rear guard, but it is letter, written two days ago, has been snow waist deep for a distance of 100
Uncertain whether they were able to received from her.
mile.-,. This he accomplished by rid­
remove them. I fear our casualties
ing the reindeer ahead, under saddle,
Were heavy.
Colonel Benson was
taking turns as they became exhaust­
wounded, but not seriously. A re­
ed with the continued effort. Arriv­
lieving column will reach him this
Plot to Wreck North Coait Limited in Mon- ing at Vladivostock, Lieutenant Bert­
morning. ” •
holf chartered a Russian tramp
tana Unearthed.
, Later Lord Kitchener telegraphed
steamer and returned to the point
•s follows:
St. Paul, Nov. 4.—Northern Pacific where he had the reindeer located,
j “Colonel Barton, who marched secret service men are working on loaded them safely and landed them
from the constabulary line yesterday, what they believe was a plot to wreck in excellent condition at Port Clar­
reached Benson’s column early this and rob the North Coast Limited ence, where they are now being
morning unopposed. He reports that train two weeks ago near Deer Lodge, wintered.
Colonel Benson died of his wounds.’’ Mont. The imted was late in reach­
ing Butte west bound, and it was run­
Four Malted Schooner Aihore.
Iowa Bank Burglarized.
ning fast to regain its schedule.
Port Townsend, Wash., Oct. 31.—
Matlock, la., Nov. 4.—Early today Near Deer Lodge the engine struck
the Bank of Matlock was buiglarized a pile of bridge timber upon the As a result of last night’s storm, a
by six men, who secured about $2.000. track.
Every coach in the train four-masted schooner is ashore an
Of this amount $300 was in silver, except the observation car was de­ Smith Island, and seas are breaking
iour of the men acted as guards railed. Both the engineer and fire-1 over her. A re[>ort was brought here
Outside while the other two went in­ man stuck to their posts, applied the this evening by the steamer Lydia
side. The safe and vault were shat- air brakes and the train was stopped Thomi>son, which passed the scene
W?red by dynamite and the building within its own length, all the coaches of the disaster late in the afternoon,
badly wrecked. There is absolutely remaining upright.
Evidence has but, owing to the heavy seas, was un­
no clew,and no effort was made to fol- been obtained that the timbers were able to approach close enough to
Itiw the robbers, because all were intentionally placed on the track and ascertain the name of the vessel.
leavily armed.
The total loss in the detectives have succeeded in j Shipping men say the stranded ves­
money and damage to the safe and connecting the men in the plot. No sel is the E. K. Wood, from San
Pedro, bound for Whatcom.
Building is over $4,000.
arrests have been made.
Addition of Forty Vessels Is
Shamrock Not for S*l*.
Jimiic* Wsntt Bo«r Colonlito.
Queenstown, Nov. 1.—Sir Thomas
Lipton, who arrived here today on
board the White Star line steamer
Celtic from New York, said to a rep­
resentative of the Associated Press
that the report that the Shamrock II
was for sale in New York was quite
untrue, and he intended racing her
in American waters next season. He
reiterated his purpose to again chal­
lenge for the America’s cup and ex­
pressed himself asbeingquite satisfied
with the manner in which the Sham-
rock II had been sailed.
New York. Oct. 31.—Czolgoaz was
hanged in effigy at Hampstead, L. I.,
tonight with elaborate ceremonial
hisses, catcalls and groans. Moses
A. Baldwin Post No. 44, G. A. R..
marched with the elaliorately con­
structed effigy to Smith's hotel, where
it was swung up to a tree and many
pistol shots were fired at it. Rockets,
Roman candles and red fire were
burned, and under the swinging effigy
a fire of tar barrels was started.
Wiil Expose Rsinmaken.
Boer Commando Surprued.
Plague Death« at Liverpool.
Recommendation for
Columbia River.
Washington, Nov. 1.—The recom­
mendations of General Gillespie, chief
of engineers, compare with the recom­
mendations made by Captain Langtitt,
in charge of the river and harbor
work in the Northwest, as follows:
Captain Ge neral
Langtitt Gillespie
Mouth of the Columbia........ ffxO.Wo
Canal at Cascades ................. l.'«U,U00
Columbia and Lower Willam­
ette ........................................ 72X000
Willamette above Portland... 70.000
Tillamook Ray...................
5.» 00
Siu slaw River*..................... 65,000
36,0 0
Coos River........................... 3,000
Lewin River (Wash)........... 11,960
Cowlitz River...................... 7.000
General Gillespie’s report states
that 25 of the principal harbors of
tiie United States now have sufficient
heavy guns and mortars mounted to
permit of effective defense work
against naval attack. He briefly de­
scribes the original project framed by
the Endicott board for the coast de­
fense, and shows how it has been
amended from year to year. The im­
provements were the change of rapid
fire guns and the elimination of arm­
ored defenses.
Provision has been
made for emplacing 125 heavy gui s.
325 rapid fire guns and 376 mortars.
Now General Gillespie wants sites
for more new mortar batteries, and
more guns and and mortar batteries,
and asks an appropriation of $4,000,-
An estimate of $300,000 is submitted
for preservation and repair of fortifi­
cations. which is less than one-half
per cent of their value. During the .
year negotiations have proceeded for I
the purchase of fortification sites in '
Boston harbor (two), in Narragansett
(three), New York harbor extension !
of Fort Newton (three), Port Royal,
San Francisco, San Diego. St. Johns
river, Foit St. Philip and Cape Hen­
ry, Va. With few exceptions tnese;
sites must be procured by condemna­
tion. An estimate of $2,(XX), 1)00 is
submitted for purchase of sites. For
the construction of submarine mines
and storage iacilities, an estimate of
$100,000 is submitted. For search­
lights an estimate of $500.000 for in­
stallation, and an appropriation of
$500,000 for mains and conduits is
urgently recommended.
The esti­
mates submitted will fully equip with I
searchlights four more important
French Squadron Leaves Toulon to Force the
Porte to Settle.
Asthmalene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent Cure in All Caaea.
There is nothing like Asthmalene. It
brings instant relief, even in the worst
cases. It cures when all else fails.
The Rev. C. F. WELLS, of Villa Ridge, III.,
Bays: “Your trial bottle of Asthmalene receiv­
ed* in good condition. I cannot tell you how
thankful I feel for the good derived from It. I
was a slave, chained with putrid sore throat
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Rev. Dr. Morris Wechsler,
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New York, Jan 3, 1901.
Drs. Taft Bros,’ Medicine Co.
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Dr. Taft Bros. Medicine Co.
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My wife has been afflicted with spasmodic asth­
ma for the past 12 Years. Having exhausted my
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New York. I at once obtained a bottle of Asthmalene. My wife commenced taking it about the
first of November. I very soon noticed a radical improvement. After using one bottle her Asthma
has disappeared and she is entirely free from all symptoms. I feel that lean consistently recom­
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Yours respectfully,
O. D. I’HELI’S, M. D.
Trial Bottle Sent Absolutely Free on receipt of Postal.
S hojçt L ine
E»rl Li’» Condition Grave.
Pekin, Nov. 4.—Li Hung Chang’s
foreign physicains tonight pro­
nounced his condition grave.
has had hemorrhages for the last two
His death would probably
affect the negotiations as to Man­
churia,which he had been conducting
with M. Paul Lessar, Russian min­
ister to China.
City Marshal Killed.
Prescott, Ariz., Nov. 4.—H. C.
Cox, city marshal of Prescott, was
shot and instantly killed by Charles
Levy, colored, this afternoon.
had attempted to arrest Levy on a
trival charge. Levy esc«[>ed. Citi­
zens generally closed their stoics and
offices, and are in pursuit of the
Butte, Mont., Oct. 31.— Butte was
struck by a blizzard early this even­
ing. The temperature drop|>ed sud­
denly nearly 25 degrees, and a fine
snow, almost of the character of.hail,
began falling.
The wind, which
blew a gale, was bitterly cold, and
there was considerable suffering in
various ]>ortions of the city where no
provision had been made for the
appearance of winter at such an early
Big Orang* and Lemon Crop.
London, Nov. 1.—Lord Kitchener
London, Oct. 31.—The local govern­
M ashington, Nov. 4.—Professor
M i 11 is L. Moore, chief of the weather , in a dispatch from Pretoria says ment l>oard has issued a statement
bureau, and his assistant combat the Colonel Byng suprrised a Boer com­ that two persons died from the plague
theory of the efficacy of shooting as a mando October 25, and captured 22 in October at Liverpool, according to
means of destroying hailstorms and prisoners, including Field Cornets
•ay none of the report« of experiments Spanneberg and Onisthuisen. Colo­ the bacteriological tests made after
Three suspected cases
in Europe has shaken their opinion. nel Fortescue, the dispatch adds, had the deaths.
Professor Moore will issue a report a day long running fight with Muel­ and all who have been in contact
■hort’y on the subject, elaborating his ler’s Boer command, Octolier 27, with the suspected persons have been
views of the investigations and ex­ ; northward of Balmoral. He killed placed under observation. |The board
periments that have been conducted four Boers a 11 captured 54 prisoners, says that the plague was at first
¡thought to be influenza.
| 36 wagons and much stock.
along these lines.
Paris, Nov. 1.—‘‘The entire French
Mediterranean squadron left yester­
day afternoon,” says the Toulon cor­
Taft Bros. Medicine Co.
Feb. 5, 1901.
respondent of the Figaro. “While Dr. Gentlemen:
I was ttoubled with Asthma for 22 years. I have tried numerous remedies, but
I found re­
one division put in at Iles d’Hyeres, lief at once. I have since purchased your full-size bottle, and I am ever grateful. I have
another, composed of three battle of four children, and for six years was unable to work. I am now in the best of health and am
business every day. This testimony you can make such use of as you see fit.
ships and two cruisers, proceeded to doing
Home address, 235 Rivington street.
67 East 129th st., City.
the Levant.
Two thousand troops
will be added to this for*e.
“Admiral Caillard’s orders are that
if complete satisfaction is not given
by the Ottoman government to all
Do not delay. Write at once, addressing DR. TAFT BROS.’ MEDICINB
the claims of France he will seize
the custom house of the port nearest CO., 79 East 130th St., N. Y. City.
the squadron.
It is believed his
destination is the island of Mitylene
or Salonica. The island commands
the entrance to the Dardenelles and
the Gulf of Smyrna.”
Several morning pajters confirm
Re-covered and
the Figaro’s Toulon advices. Ru­
mors to the same effect were current
in Paris late last evening, but the for­
Full line of repairs and all repair work done
eign office professed to know nothing
In the best style. South side Third Street near
about the matter.
Blizzard at Butte.
Czolgosz Hanged in Effigv.
Kingston, Jamaica, Nov. 4.— The
British ship Darien, from Liverpool
for South American ports, arrived
here today from Colon, Colombia.
She brought reports that business
continues at a standstill at Colon.
Merchants here are arranging a
meeting for the purpose of requesting
the imjierial government to take
steps to have a large number of Boers
permanently settled on the Island of
San Francisco, Oct. 31. — The
orange and lemon shipments to the
East from Southern California last
season aggregated 22,500 cars.
It ia
expected that the shipments tbia
season will not fall abort of 26,OOq
cars. The orange crop of Northern
California also promises to largely
exceed that of last year, and a feeling
of general satisfaction prevails in
«o union P acific
9:00 a. m.
9 p. m.
6 p. m.
S p. m.
Daily Ex.
8 p. in
10 p. m.
P ennyroyal pills
Salt Lake, Denver. Ft.
Worth, Omaha, Kan­ 4:30 p. m.
sas City, St. Ixiuis,
Chicago and East.
Salt Lake, Denver, Ft. 8:40 a. m.
Worth. Omaha. Kan­
sas City, Bt. Ixiuis,
Chicago and East.
Walla Walla, I^wistor.
Spokane, Minneapo­
lis, St. Paul, Duluth,
Milwaukee, Chicago
and East.
All Bailing date» sub­
ject to change.
For San Francisco—
Sail every 1» days.
Columbia River Stmrs
To Astoria and Way-
7 a. m.
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all Druggist«.
4 pm.
•10« Madison AR|«are.
Maatlea thia MP«*»
The St. Louis
Willamette River.
p m.
8 a. m.
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Ex Sunday
Haleffi Independence
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