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    Filtered at the Postaflice m McMinnville,
an Secoud-clasb matter.
One Dollar if paid in advance, Single numbers Ave cent«.
law which was given to us by men who
got our laws from the same great spirit
you got all your laws?' ”
For Infants and Children.
A brief visit after an absence of thirty mon stuffed Indian, or drawn from the
years from this town was enjoyed the ‘innocuous desuetude’ of an historic vac­
past week bj’ William I.ysander Adame, uum.” He says he regrets that iu his
next younger brother of O. H. Adams of coming book of sketches of pioneer life
this city. Only the oldest old-timers will he cannot attribute Moore’s fairness to
ÄVeßetable Prcparaticnlor As­
remember him, unless, perchance, they the fact that he ‘got his start in Yam­
similating (he Food and Regula
know him as a prominent resident of hill.’ ” Boshneku, the son of Wianishut,
ting ite Stomachs and Bowels of
Hood River. He was one of the earlj- died long ago in Yamhill. Ipowis Van-
school teachers of Yamhill county, and count died ten years ago on the Yakima
at the same time one 01 its most exten­ reservation. Tslamit and Ismallie, who
sive farmers. His was that spot of land came down from middle Oregon to kill
Promotes Digestion,CheerFul­
from which has sprung so many who an old doctor woman squaw, and took
ness and Rest.Contains neither
afterwards became prominent in public with them Kowesha, an Indian who had
Opium.Morphine nor Mineral.
life, among them Gov. Geo. L. Woods, formerly worked on the farm for the
N ot N arcotic .
the McBrides, Rowlands, Deadys and Doctor, are all dead. One of them died
others. The little old log school house soon after getting out of the penitentiary,
of Cid SrSMVTL F.7\
that stood on the Thompson place west where he had served two years, sent from
JKunplm Stiti~
of Carlton was the location where he Lafayette by Judge Boise for shooting
iüx. Scnnu *
taught the young ideaB how to shoot. the medicine squaw, because in her ex-
JltnAfld Sdii ~
Atute Sud .
In the 50’ b he was editor and publisher tensive “lamachin” practice among the
/fy/crawit -
id (d’Anit'O jada .
of the Argus at Oregon City for nine Yakima tribe, she had lost several pa-
ffám dui -
years, the paper afterwards being merged tients. Dr. Adams thus describes the
4lardu <! Sugar -
Mukzivw« Flattr-
into the Salem Statesman.
Hie paper attempted murder and what followed:
was contemporary with the Oregonian,
‘‘The Indian rule then, as all Oregoni­
A perfect Remedy for Cons tipa-
iioii, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea,
then published by Thomas Dryer.
He ans know, was to kill every doctor who
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish­
was appointed by Lincoln receiver of lost a patient. The doctor squaw was
ness and LOSS OF SLEEP.
customs at Astoria, and after serving a then living on my farm with Wianishut
number of years, made a tour of the and Peter’s family. The three Indians
Facsimile Signature of
world for the benefit of his health. Re­ came to the Indian camp riding bare
turning, he had occasion in the practice back on one small pony. Wianishut,
of medicine to go to Hood River. It was Peter and Boshneku, the only males be­
a case of love at first sight, and he pur­ longing to the camp, were not at home.
chased a tract of land and located there­ The testimony in court, in which I was
on. He prospered to his entire satisfac­ sworn in as interpreter, was, as sworn to
tion, and rents large tracts of his farm by Shununwush, that three Indianscame
exact copy of wrapper .
for the cultivation of strawberries. No riding a pony to her camp about three
other spot on the face of the earth has in the afternoon, tied their pony to the
equal attractions for him, and at the age fence, dismounted and entered the cab­
of 80 years he is one of the most sought in. One of them with a cocked revolver
after and active citizens of his town He in his hand, announced their purpose in
has had an interesting career since com­ coming, then seizing the old squaw by
ing to the state in 1848, and is often so­ the hair, dragged her screaming around
licited to write in hook form the many the room, and throwing her head back,
events which came under his observation put the muzzle of his revolver to her nose
and which retain a place in his remark­ and fired, the ball lodging in her neck.
able memory. He hesitates to under­ Wianishut, coming home about sun-
take the work for fear of not know ing dowm and learning what had happened,
where to stop, and the high cost of pub­ came to my house about a mile distant,
Located at Dallas, Polk County, Oregon.
and illustrating.
He says the and begged me to go and see the wound­
In a Beautiful and Healthful Location.
greater part of Oregon history as here­ ed squaw. When I entered the lodge
First Term of Sihool Year Opens S°pt. 25, 1901.
tofore variously published, is filled she was holding her head over a wash­
with error. Mr. Adams’ primary object bowl and washing away the blood which
in visiting the valley after so long an was gushing from her nostrils. I went
Complete College and Academic Courses; also
absence, was to find a suitable school in back for medicine, and treated her the
Courses in Music, Art and Business.
which to place his 17-year-old son, who best I knew how. The squaw recovered.
Thorough Instruction.
has a strong bent for mechanics. He The next morning Wianishut and Peter
points out that thirty years ago in a busi­ came to me and said the Indians had
First-class Dormitory Privileges.
ness way there was a store or two and a been back and wanted to “memiluse”
Expenses Reduced to the Minimum.
few prominent residences anil a mill (kill) the old squaw more.
I said,
For Further Information Address
constituting the makeup of this place, ‘Where are the}’ now?’ They answered,
and its growth since has been somewhat ‘Vilasku ulta kiac clatwas sia klonas ka
of a marvel. He has kept trace of part vaska toak cumtux.’ (Now they have
of the old residents only.
He knew gone in a hurry to some distant place,
Andy Shuck was dead, but. had not we cannot say where ) I said, 'saddle
heard of the death of Jonathan Stout, my horse, Peter, as quick as you can.’
and did not know whether Uncle Doc The horse was soon ready at the door,
Sitton still lived. When he learned that where I stood waiting, Winchester rifle
Uncle Doc was still at the old home, he in hand. Peter said, ‘where are you go­
desired very much to see him, but his ing?’ I said, ‘forthose Indians.’ Know­
time for returning home was limited.
ing the Indian habit of shielding all In­
Among other reminiscences of early dian criminals and trying to help them
Astlimalene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent Cure in All Cases.
days, the Doctor gave us some desired to escape from pursuing officers, I said,
information about the Indians who lived 'Peter if you see any of the Indians and
nearly 30 years on his farm, now owned tell them I am after them, I will shoot
by Captain Thompson, six miles north­ you.' I soon found a camp of some 20
west of here.
Wianishut, often called Indians close to the bridge on Baker
Tennis McKi, is still alive, and lives on j creek on the road to where McMinnville
Dismounting I walked into
There is nothing like Asthmalene. It the Yakima reservation, though very old j now is
brings instant relief, even in the worst and totally blind. There are no means camp, Winchester in band,
cases. It cures when all else fails.
of ascertaining his exact age, though the one of the three, was there, I said to
The Rev. C. F. WELLS, of Villa Ridge, Ill.,
says: “Your trial bottle of Astlimalene receiv­ Doctor estimates it at about too years, him, ‘Kowesha, walk out here.’
ed in good condition. I cannot tell you how and perhaps more, from the fact that came out with a hang-dog look. I said,
thankful 1 feel for the good derived from it. I
was a slave, chained with putrid sore throat Wianishut claimed to remember dis­ ‘get on that horse ami don't be very long
and Asthma for ten years. I despaired of ever
being cured. I saw your advertisement for the tinctly when John Jacob Astor’s vessel, about it ’ He obeyed, and I tied him
cure of this dreadful and tormenting disease, the "Tonquin.” landed in Astoria in fast under the horse’s belly, just about
Asthma, and thought you had overspoken your­
selves. hut resolved to give it a trial. To my 1812. Peter, his son-in-law, who mar- 1 where the cinch ha<1 taken possession. I
astonishment, the trial acted like a charm. Send
ried Shuninwush, daughter of Wiani- i then walked to Lafayette, leading my
me a full-size bottle.”
shut, lives with his wife on the Yakima 1 horse, and shoved him into the jail. An
Rev. Dr. Morris Wechsler,
reservation. They both come down to! officer was soon found who pursued Tsla-
Rabbi of the Cong. Bnai I-rm-l
Hood River every summer to pick straw- 1 met and Ismalhee, who had fled to­
Now York, Jant, 1901.
Dr«. Tail Bro«.' Medicine < 0.
berries, together with several hundred wards home by way of Portland, where
Gentlemen : Your AMhmslrnc 1« an excellent
remedy for Asthmaand Hay Fever,and its com­ other Indians who come on the same er­ an officer found them in an Indian lodge
position alleviates all troubles which combine rand from the Yakima and Warm Springs on the bank of the Willamette just be­
with Asthma. Its success is astonishing and
reservations. From these parties and low Portland, and brought them both
After having it carefully analyzed, we can
state that Astlimalene contain« nr» opium, mor­ other Indians the Doctor says he is able I back. Their friends came and offered
phine. chloroform or ether. Verv truly yours,
to keep a fairly good track of his old- me $30 if I would release them from
time Si wash tillacum friends, which will prison. I told them I had no such pow­
Avon Springs, N. Y . Feb. 1,1901.
be of some interest to old Yamhillers. er, and if it was left to me I would hang
Dr Tnft Bro«. Medicine <’o.
__________ ________
I write this
from a He regrets the fact that Mr. Moores, of them. At the trial before Boise, the old
sense of duty, having tested the wonderful effect the Oregon City land office, failed to , squaw that had heen shot was there as a
of your Asthmalene. for the cure of Asthma.
My wife has been afflicted with spasmodic «sth- gather up and weave into his highly in- I witness. I drew from her a true story of
ma for the past 12years Having exhausted my
own skill as well as ntanv others, 1 chanced to see your sign upon your window on 13oth street. teresting narrative the distinguished the shooting, but she stood up and made
New York. I st »>nce obtained a bottle of Asthmalene. My wife commenced taking it about the pale-faced heroes “who got their start in an eloquent and impassioned speech,
tir«t of November. I very soon noticed a radical improvement. After using one bottle her Asthma
has disappeared and she is entirely free from all symptoms. I feel that I can consistently recom­ j Yamhill.” On the whole, though, the j which being translated ran this way:
mend the medicine to all who are’afflicted with this dktres-ing disease.
‘I do not want you to punish these In­
■ Doctor gives Moores the credit of having
Yours respectfully,
O. D PHELPS. M. 1»
I come nearer the mark of a truthful wri­ dians. They tried to kill me. I know,
Dr. T«ft Rror. Medicine Co
. _
Feb. 5,1901.
ter than has most any one of those who but they didn't succeed, for I am here as
Gentlemen: I was troubled with Asthma for 22 years I have tried numerous remedies, but
If they had
they havi all failed. I ran across your advertt-ement and started with atrial bottle. 1 found re­ “have been dumping their wheelbarrow you see, alive and well.
lief at once. I have since purchased your full-size bottle and I am ever grateful. I have family loads of trash into the distended sides of killed me, I suppose that by Boston law
of four childrerf. and for six vear« was unable to wors I am now in the best of health and am
doing busbies« every dav This testimony you can make such use of as you ace fit.
the Oregonian and other publications they would have to be killed themselve».
Home address. 23.’» Rivington street.
which have been enlightening us with The (ndian law justifies them for killing
67 East 129th st., City.
parly time history, (?) not even except­ any doctor who has lost a patient. 1
ing the brilliant legends of Indian tradi­ have lost patients and perhaps ought to
Then what jus­
tion which have been kindly dished out die. 1 am not dead
to us in the Native Son, after having tice is there in punishing men who were
Do not delay. Write at once, addressing DR TAFT BROS.’ MEDICINE
been pumped out of the belly of a sal-' ordered by their chief to execute Indian
CO., 79 East 130th St., N. Y, City,
Bears the
Dr. W. L. Adams Visits in the City, and Leaves With
Us An interesting Iiit of History.
C. C. POLING, Pres
Trial Bottle Sent Absolutely Free on receipt of Postal.
NO. 36.
Hillsboro is voting for a queen for her
Native Sons’ carnival, which occurs the
first days of October.
Dr. Thompson of Independence savs
he has married nearly 1000 couple, 250
couple being in Corvallis alone. This is
The Portland Coal & Development Co. a rare record among clergymen.
continues to get good reports from sam­
It is reported that the postoffice at
ples mined on its property near North
Newport is a fright, as it is not equipped
The first sample assayed
tor handling the mails for such crowds
showed high in moisture, because it was
as gather there during the summer
mined in a damp place, and was not months.
seasoned. It was taken from the ledge
Horst Brothers, prominent hop buy­
last Saturday and analyzed the following
have declared their insolvency.
Monday. The second sample was taken
out the same day as the first, but it was They owned 1200 acres of land in Polk
not assayed until Thursday.
In the and Marion counties. This is mortgaged
for $125,000.
meantime it had become seasoned, and
The La Grande beet sugar factory has
the result was less moisture and a great­
er per cent of fixed carbon. The differ­ begun marketing the first of its sugar
ence between the two assays is shown in output of this year. The factory will
use 15,000 tons of beets this year against
the following comparison:
First. Second. 9,000 tons last year.
Per ct. Per ct.
A 50-minute schedule is to be put on
Moisture................................ 17-50
15 60 the electric line from Portland to Oregon
Volatile combustibles........ 30 20
28 00 City, which shortens the time 20 min­
Fixed carbon...................... 46.80
49.20 utes, and makes it the same as the trains
Dark brown ash.................. 5 50
*7.20 on the Southern Pacific.
♦Light brown ash.
The Eugene city council had an ordi­
J. H. Fisk, who made the second as­ nance before it at its meeting, Tuesday
say, reported to the company that 100 night, raising the saloon licence of that
parts of raw coal gave a residue, not city from $400 to $rooo per year. The
coke, of 56.4 per cent. This residue was matter was laid on the table by a vote of
composed of 87.05 per cent carbon and 3 to 2.
12.95 per cent ash. There was very lit-
Two of the judges and executioners of
tie sulphur or phosphorous, Reporting the Bender family reside in this state,
on the coal, Mr. Fisk said:
one near Oakville and one at Salem.
“This is the best coal of the kind that They say they know the Benders are
I have yet analyzed in Oregon.
It is »lead and that they were in their graves
far superior to the Bucoda coal, which in less than 24 hours after the discovery
used to sell in this market for $5 a ton. of Dr. York's remains.
The moisture is about the same, while
Southern Oregon has suffered some’
the fixed carbon is much higher and the
what from drouth this year.
In Jack-
ash 10 per cent less.”—Oregonian, Sat­
son county, which raises a considerable
quantity of corn, that crop is nearly a
failure and it is reported that in conse­
Stops the Cough and Work« Off
quence there are a good many more pigs
the Cold.
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets curea there than they have grain to feed .
cold in one day. No cure, no pay. Price
The Salem city council has adopted
25 cents.
resolutions directing the issuance of
$30,000 in 4 per cent 15-year bonds for
Teacher« Receiving Certificate«.
the purpose of refunding that amount of
First Grade—James A. Campbell, 5 per cent bridge bonds, due October I.
Mildred Daugherty,
Daisy D. Pape, The bonds will lie subject to payment
Cora E. Comer, Minnie Helyer, Bessie at any time, and will be issued in
Leighton, J. J. Ellyson, Mary A. Bur­ amounts to suit small investors.
rows, Flora Blough, Annie L. Dudley,
P. A. Kline, a wealthy property owner
W. A. Johnston, Pearl Leonard.
of Brook, Indiana, started this week on
Second Grade—Anna Carter, Stella the trip to his home. He has been ex­
Smith, Hattie G. Brown, Pearl Church­ ploring in Oregon and Washington and
now goes east to dispose of interests
Third Grade—Edna McNeill,D.Chesla there with the intention to return and
Bones, Grace Webster, Myrtle Stewart- invest $25,000 in farm lands of Wash­
son, Alice J. Kidder, Mabel Neal, Bessie ington county near Forest r'-ove.—Hills­
Daugherty, Christine K. Seitters, Mabel boro Independent.
Wheelock, Nellie Stockman, Lillian
The Corvallis Times reports that the
Green Peak Fruit Farm Co., in which
Primary certificate—Minnie Newby.
Prof. Bristow of this city is interested,
W A. Johnston received the highest
which has 1 to acres of prunes, besides
general average, viz, 95% per cent.
30 acres of apples and 20 of pears, now
There were three failures.
has an Allen dryer and is building two
tunnel Kurtz dryers
It also intends to
Board ol I'qiinll-zatloll.
erect a 30-stock Schneider evaporator,
Notice is hereby given that the board and expects to be able to cure in all
of equalization of Yamhill county, Ore­ 1200 bushels of fruit every 24 hours.
gon, will meet at the court house on
The Oregonian reports that there are
Monday, August 26th, at 10 a. m. and
4,500 rural free delivery mail routes in
continue in session for one week, for the
operation. There are 357 representa­
purpose of examining and correcting the
tives in congress, wherefore there are on
assessment rolls in any errors that may
an average t2>i routes to each congress­
occur thereon in valuation or description
man. But in the First district of Ore­
of property, and for transacting any gon there are known to be 20 routes.
other business that may lawfully come
That over number of eight is to the
before the board, and all parties inter­
credit of Congressman Tongue, and he
ested are requested to appear before said
can’t be blamed with neglecting his
board at said time and place, and show people.
cause, if any, why their assessment
Alfalfa is showing up remarkably well
should not remain upon the roll. Do
at the Oregon experiment station.
not neglect to examine your assessment,
When Dr. Withycombe took charge of
as the assessor has no power to correct
the station he found a piece of land in
errors after the meeting of the board.
alfalfa of several years’ standing. Last
Dated this 31st day of July, 1901.
year he gave this piece a treatment of
J. M. Y o C om ,
land plaster and the growth of alfalfa
County Assessor of Yamhill Co.
was so encouraging that he seeded a
new plat this year.
The old plat has
Only One Way to Iko It.
this year given two heavy cuttings and
Get from Portland to Chicago in 72 is now about 15 inches high again.
hours—just 3 days. The ‘‘Chicago-Port­
On the 30th day of next month there
land Special,” leaving Portland daily at
be thrown open to settlers two
9 a. tn. via O. R. & N., arrives at Chi­
cago at 9:30 the third day. New York townships of the Cascade forest reserve,
an<l Boston are reached the fourth day. situated west of Silver lake. The open­
This train, acknowledged to be the fast­ ing of this land for the entrance of set­
est between the northwest and the east,
is solidly vestibule»! and its equipment tlers has been accomplished largely
is unsurpassed. Fullman drawing room through the efforts of the Little Des­
sleeping cars, np-lo-date tourist sleeping chutes Irrigation company, which owns
cars, library smoking cars, free reclining a large irrigating ditch in that country
chair cars, and unexcelled dining cars,
the meals on which are equal to those and some 13 sections of land along the
served at the very best hotels. Remem­ course of the ditch. The company will
ber thia train runs solid Portland to extend their ditch into the area of land!
Chicago; there in no change ol cars, and
that is to l>e opened for settlement.
the good of it is, it coats no more to ride
on it than on other routes. We have is expected that there will be a geteraL
other trains. The ‘‘Pacific Express” rush for these lands, as they axe very
leaves Poitlan<l daily at 9 p.m. via Hunt­ productive, and when irrigated will be
ington, and the “Spokane Flyer” leaves doubly so. The result is watched with
at tt p. m. daily via Spokane and the
east. For rate«, sleeping car reserva­ keenest interest throughout southern
tions, etc., call on or write to any O. R. Oregon.
AN. agent, or write tn A. 1.. C raig ,
A Hillsboro woman told her hueband,
General Passenger Agent,
that when «he got to heaven she intended
Portland, Oregon.
asking Shakespeare if be really wrote
his plays, and when her husband sug­
that fsMsibly Shakespeare would
not be there she promptly replied, ‘‘Thea,
you ask him.”
Assayer Fisk's Report on The Vani­
llin County Find.