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sands of people are thinking and say­
ing all over the south.
The demo­
cratic party, as now organized, i.-. a
reactionary party, and has no part
in the present and no faith in the
future. It is not the parly of Jeffer­
son, for it has repudiated or aban
duiied nearly everything lor which
The great steel workers strike ( Jefferson stood.
■'This is the sort of talk which is
which it ifc hoped is in course of set
demerit, will not be the final battle . heard from a large proportion ot the
between capital and labor, for the southern democratic papers of stand­
reason that it appears to be based , ing ami ability. Of course not all
on a false conception of the relations of these papers are preparing to
of capitalists and laborers.
The | come over to the republican party.
steel trust on the one hand is fight Senator McLaurin himself has not
ing to retain the liberty for itself of1 said he has become a republican.
maintaining non-union mills, and the This movement which has started
amalgamated association of steel; agaiuut Bourbonism in the south
workers is fighting for the right to i will make republican voters in that
act as the representative of labor in region. It will cause a break in the
all the mills of the trust, no question < ranks of tne democracy. The bolters
of wages, hours or other conditions ' will come over to the republican side.
of labor beingdirectly involved. The I They will be reenforced by thousands
strikers assume that because the em who are saying nothing now, but
ployers are combined intoone organ who have been waiting a favorable
ization, the employed should be band-! opportunity to get out of the organi­
ed into another, and the interests of zation which still thinks and feels
the two become antagonistic. The as it did in 1865-75. The republican
present strike will decide no vital vote in the south in 1904 will be
point, for there appears to be no vi­ many hundreds of thousands larger
tal point at issue. The public is ap­ than it was in 1900.
athetic, since it cannot very heartily
sympathize with either party to a Wlllll III. Ess SPASISI« SIRVEY.
conflict which never ought to have Fr»tnk L. Strong in the Engineering Magazine
for May.
With the possible exception of
no transfer on a large scale
lias ever been made in modern times
Mr. Bryan advises the democracy of land about which so little is known
to go south to find a candidate. The by either the old or the new owner
advice is interesting, not so much by as in the case of the Philippine is­
way of apparently announcing his lands. Spain, indeed, left many
own retirement from the race as in records, geological, climatical, agri­
suggesting a radical departure from cultural, mining etc., many of which
recent democratic precedents. It is were made with the appearance of
interesting, too, in connection with elaborate painstaking as to facts.
suggestions favorable to the nomina­ These records present many a rosy
tion of a republican candidate from picture to the new arrival. Clear,
that section of the country. The explicit, frequently accompanied by
very considerations which give elaborate drawings, he feels he has
rise to the latter will make it but to follow to success a track made
A few
difficult for the democracy to follow clear by bis predecessors.
Mr. Bryan’s advice. The south is
year by year getting to be less re­ he has learned to distrust all infor­
liable from a democratic standpoint. mation derived from Spanish sources.
To illustrate the Spaniard’s lack
The historic “solid south” has ceased
to exist, and states which for geuer- of accuracy may be cited the case of
ations have figured four years ahead the Manila & Dagupan railroad, some
in the Bourbon column are now car­ 120 miles long, the only railroad on
the islands. The Spanish govern­
ried by the republicans.
The republican position on issues ment had the land surveyed by its
upon which the last campaign was own engineers. Elaborate charts
fought and which bid fair to occupy were prepared, showing all details,
a large part of the next presidential —route, grade fillings, borings for
platforms of both parties received bridge foundations, etc.
a rigid
especially enthusiastic support from
the south. An industrial revolution contract was entered into, and the
has taken place below Mason and work was begun It was discovered
Dixon's line, the effects of which in many cases that the engineers re­
have been shown in the votes cast porting the survey had never been
at every election in which issues upon the ground—that the road as
were at stake affecting the pros­ laid out was inpracticable. Marshes
perity and progress of the country. and quicksands were found where
The protective tariff has no more the drawings indicated solid ground,
vigorous supporters than in certain and dense jungles existed on the
sections of the south
There is no route where the foot of man had ne­
spot in all the land where the nation’s ver trod. Even rivers were there
honor has more jealous defenders. of whose existence the engineers
were ignorant. The English com­
The Filipinos have few’ friends in pany was obliged to expend largely
the home of Fitzhugh Lee, and Joe in excess of the estimated amount,
Wheeler, and Hobson, and Bagley. »nd had to face many grave engineer­
When even South Carolina is rent ing problems the Spanish engineers
from Charleston to Yorkville by the had not dreamed of while surveying
the route from their comfortable
protest against all that Tillman office in Manila.
stands for, the outlook would seem
to suggest little comfort to the em­
|t is predicted that the United
peror-baiters. The democracy can-
States treasury will contain not less
not hope to appeal .successfully to
than $550,000,000 in gold at the close
the south in 1904 on the issues of
the present fiscal year. When
1900 and of 1896.
Grover Cleveland was president—
but that is another story.
a cniiHH T ruoi-um.
—---- ---------
a pair of murderers and bandits.
Yamhill County Reporter i ' to
Wiiv is it that honors are heaped
i upon a dishonest man while honest,
U. I. A»HI H». Edll»r A Propr
j rsepectable, hard-working men lack,
J. 44. IX'KM
A»»»elale Editar
i not only honors, but due apprecia-
■ tion? It is enough to discourage
Subscription $1.00 Per Year
■ decency.
FRIDAY, Al'G. 2. 19ol
A Missouri farmer killed himself
because he couldn’t keep the hogs
out of his corn. Those who never
tried to keep bogs out of corn will
probably consider this a trivial rea­
English papers admit that Great
Britain is on a decline and is losing
trade and political prestige. They
are trying to find out where the
trouble lies, and are viewing with
It is now said that Emperor Will­
iam of Germany will act in the role
of peacemaker to end the Boer war
Emperor William has powerful in­
fluence with the followers of Mr.
Kruger and may be able to bring
about a settlement.
Coleman aDd James Younger, pop­
ularly known in Missouri as “Cole”
and “Jim,” recently released on
parole from the Minnesota peniten­
tiary, have found employment as
salesmen for a tombstone concern.
Having contributed in former years
toward creating a demand for these
articles, it is only proper now that
they should derive some benefit from
the industry they did so much to
In connection with the price of
$6.30 paid for steers and $6.25 paid
for hogs in the Chicago market on
Wednesday, June 12, the Chicago
Daily Drovers’ Journal says: “Not­
withstanding the fact that prevail­
ing prices for both cattle and hogs
are unusually high for this time of
year, everything is encouraging that
high prices will continue for some
time to come, especially on the bet­
ter grades.”
Here is another blow directed at
the ex-candidate. Ex-Senator But­
ler, of North Carolina, the populist
national chairman, declares that his
party will have its own candidate
for the presidency in the field in 1904,
but that he will not be placed on a
sixteen to one platform. Kicked out
of the democratic party, Mr. Brvan
might be disposed to return to his
original populistic allegiance, but
what hope for biin would there be in
so doing, if even the middle-of-the
roadsters repudiate the Chicago and
Kansas City fads.
A determined effort will be made
to secure the passage by the next
congress of a law which will provide
for some effective method of disclos­
ing the actual constituents of goods
sold as woolen goods. This is a
thing which should have been at­
tended to long ago.
The growing
use of shoddy and cotton in goods
sold as genuine all-wool has been in
creasing at such a rate in the past
ten years as to very materially re­
duce the amount of wool used The
fraud is one which can be prevented
in no other way, apparently, than
by national supervision.
Scientists are busy trying to dis
cover thecause of the hot wave, and
some of them have decided that it is
due to solar phenomena ascribed to
sun spots, and declare that intense
heat will continue for four years.
But an Emporia, Kansas, minister
disagrees with the scientists uud de­
clares, ‘'The present atmospheric
conditions are it punishment of God
for the'cohlne—lukewarmness and
indifference of our people in religious
Accepting the theory of
the first gentleman, there is consola­
tion in the fact that the sun spots or
other solar phenomena do not. inter­
fere with the usual delightful climate
of Oregon. And then if the other
one is correct, what a nice, pious lot
of people, by the same token, we
jnust be out here in Oregon.
Young Girls
Are often engaged in doing the work of
a home under the most trying condi­
Nature cries out against the
stooping an<l lifting, the running lip and
_ down stairs at times
Ï when labor should
y be as light as possi­
ble. It is owing to
overstrain or self-
ueglect under these
conditions that the
foundation is laid
for serious woman­
ly disease. Irregu­
larity is the first
step to impaired
womanly health.
Perfect regularity
may be established
by the use of Dr.
Pierce’s Favorite
Prescription. It
will heal inflamma­
tion and ulceration
and cure female
weakness. It
makes weak wom­
en strong and sick
women well.
' It gives me much
Pleasure,” writes Mias
lia Sapp, of James­
town. Cuilford County
N C "to thank Dr Pierce for the great good
received from the use of his Favorite Prescrip­
tion ’ and Golden Medical Discovery. I had
suffered for three years or more at monthly pe­
riods It seemed as though I would die with
pains in my back and stomach. I could not
stand at all without fainting. Had given up all
hope of ever being cured? when one of my
friends insisted upon my trying Dr Pierce’s
Favorite Prescription. With but little faith I
tried it. and before I had taken half a bottle I
felt better. Now I have taken two bottles of
Favorite Prescription and one of • Golden
Medical Discovery,' and I am entirely cured, and
in two months time when all other medicines
had failed."
Dr. Pierce’s Common Sense Medical
Adviser, paper covers, sent free on re­
ceipt of 21 one-cent stamps, to pay ex­
pense of mailing only. Address Dr,
R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
ITU AVI NG selected plans for a two-story and base-
Lf~Ll ment brick building, I must move and clear
the ground, and as it is cheaper to handle cash than
goods, I will sell for the next 60 days for cash:
25c per gal
Machine Oil
. 80c per gal
Boiled Linseed Oil. . ..
. 15c a lb
Engine Compound
1} Leather Belting...........
. . 8c per ft
....... 5c per ft
11 Rubber Belting
Other widths in proportion
Wall Paper from 25 to 50 per cent discount
Large size, 8 inch Tin Wash Boilers, Copper
Large size galvanized water bucket..................... 25c
St. Louis Washer (same as Boss)
. .
Western Washer
Large Camp Stove ..
No. 8 Cook Stove and Pipe..................
3-ft Wall Tents with Poles
21-qt 2 X Re-tinned Dishpan
of The McMinnville National Bank at McMinn­
ville, in the State of Oregon, at the close of busi-
ness, July 15, 1901:
Loans and Discount»............
Overdrafts, secured and unse­
cured ........................................
U.S Bonds to secure circula­
tion ...........................................
U. S. Bonds on hand...............
Stocks, securities, etc...............
Banking-house, furniture and
Due from State banks and
................ ,.
Due from approved reserve
Internal Revenue Stamps
Checks and other cash items
Notes of other National banks
Fractional paper currency,
niekles and cents.......
Lawful money reserve in Bank,
121 122 95
Legal tender notes
419 OU
Redemption fund with U. S.
Treasurer (5 per cent of cir­
I You Are Interested
If you are a buyer of Groceries in getting the ft»
Ml. 3857.
most and the best for your money.
In the
coming and going of grocery’ stores the little
opera house grocery’ goes right along.
Sugar, Coffee, Flour and fruits are down to
bottom prices this month. Come and see.
L. E. Walker.
A letter received from Supt. J. A. Sim­ I
mons of the West Side mining com pant’
from their mine in the Sumpter district
conveys the news that he is sinking on a
six-foot ledge, three feet of which is solid
Through the liberality of Mc­
21,571 95 quartz, carrying good values in gold,
Minnville's Leading Merchants,
some of the precious metal being visible
2,500 00 to the naked eye. This is good news to
1339,27« 89 the West Side stockholders, and those
Purchased from the old reliable music
in this community are correspondingly
Capital Stock paid in................
50.000 00 jubilant............... Work continues unabat­ dealer Geo. C. Will, Salem Oregon, will
Snrulus fund...............................
10,000 00
be given to the one holding the largest
Undivided protits, les
less ex­
ed on the coal prospect on the Goeser number of coupons on November 16th.
penses anu
id taxes paid
17,746 13
place by the Portland Coal Development 1901. All coupons must be signed by
National Bank notes outstand
47,540 00 company, and, though no startling de­ the merchant issuing the coupon, and by
Due to State banks and bank­
The purchaser can
467 29 velopments have been made duriug the the holder of same
give his or her coupons to some one else
Individual deposits subject to
check ......................................
172,808 64 week, Supt. Steadman informs us that and let them sign them. It will pay you
Demand certificates of deposit
40,664 83 everything is meeting with the com­ to trade at the following stores and re­
$339,276 89 pany’s fullest expectations and, there­ ceive a coupon with every 25c C ash pur ­
State of Oregon, County of Yamhill, ss.
fore, very encouraging. He informs us chase :
1, E. C. Apperson, cashier of the above-named
McMinnville Grange & Farmers store,
bank, do solemnly swear that the above state­ also that the company highly appreci­
Dry Goods, Clothing &. Shoes.
ment is true to the best of my knowledge and be
.. E. .............
on exhibition at this store.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 31st so far shown them by the residents of
H. C. Bums, Furniture Store.
day of July. 1901
J. G. Wiesner—Cigars and Tobacco.
this section.—North Yamhill Record.
Notary Public for Oregon.
Wm. F. Dielschaeider & Bro., jewelers.
The Congregationalists of Forest
Willard & Ehrman & Co., meat mar­
W m . CAMPBELL. -Directors. Grove will build a new church on the ket.
Rogers Bros , Drugstore
site of the one recently burned.
T. A. White—White's Restaurant.
8. P. Houser—Second-hand store and
Sewing Machines.
Geo. L. Williams—Bookstore.
Miss Rida Newby is home from Cottage
F. W. Spencer—Hardware, Farm Ma­
chinery, Bicycles and Sewing Machines.
Grove, where she was visiting her sister,
J. S. Roscoe—Bicycle Sundries and
Mrs. Warner.
Henry Miller, who is working in
Mrs. C W. Spring—Photo Gallery.
The liability to disease is greatly
A. J. Loban, Harness Shop.
Washington, is here visiting his mother lesse led when the blood is in good con
<S Hendershott—Confectionery
and other relatives.
dition, and the circulation healthy and Triplett
C. F. Daniels—Feed. Seed & Produce.
Threshing will be in full blast next vigorous. For then all refuse inattei
Lambert Bros.—Groceries &. Commis­
week anil it is believed the yield of is promptly carried out of the system : sion.
otherwise it would rapidly accumulate
grain will be gratifying to all.
Wills’ Modern
Advertising Plan
A $100 A. B. Chase Parlor Organ
— fermentation would take place, the
blood become polluted and the consti
tution so weakened that a simple
malady might result seriously.
A healthy, active circulation meant
There will be an ice cream social at
digestion and strong, healthy
the hall Saturday mgfit. The citizens
are getting it up to show their good will
As a blood putifier and tonic S. S. S
toward Mr. Simmons, who lost his saw has no equal It is the safest atid best
mill by fire last Thursday evening.
remedy for old people and children
Rev. Cane preached to a crowded because it contains no minerals, but is
house last Sunday night. Subject—“The made exclusively of roots and herbs.
No other remedy so thoroughly and
Sabbatli ’’ He clearly proved that we
effectually cleanses the blood of im
are not living under the old Jewish laws,
purities. At the
and not bound to keep Saturday or the
same time it builds
Sabbath as the Adventists claim.
up the weak and de
bilitated, and reno
Mr. Roth started his new thresher last
vates the entire sys
Saturday evening and it runs to perfec­
tern It cures permanently all mannei
tion. They threshed less than one acre of blood and skin troubles.
Dr. Matthis and family are visiting
Mr Matthis’parents, Mr. and Mrs. J,
Woods, who live at Slab creek.
The Shasta Route
The St Louis Globe Democrat says
Trains leave McMinnville for Portland an.i
“The stalwart democratic news­ Mr. Harrv Pierce is able to take up his
way station« at 5 5-8 a m.. and 3 06 p m
for Corvallis at 10 a. m.
paper, the Chattanooga Times, ex­ work again in the storu.
claims, in refering to Tillman, of Harvest is beginning in earnest, as the
Leave Portland.............
South Carolina, ’What a fall it is | binders are cutting the golden grain.
8 30 a m. 8:30 p. m.
Leave Albany............
.12:30 p. in. 11:35 p. m.
Arriv< at Ashland
from Calhoun, Pinckney, Legare.
a. m 12:35 p. m
The new road sprinkler is a great im­
5:10 p. m. 5:00 a m.
Cheeves, Orr. Thompson, the Hamp provement to our town. as the dust is
9an Francisco.
.7.45 p". m. 8 45 a. m.
tons, Butler, Rutledge, Johnson and getting very deep.
Ogden ................. 4:55 a m. 7 00 a m
a host of other lights the old north
Miss Ella Strong left for Seaside of oats and got 45 bushels by measure,
Denver.................. ......9'30 a m 915 p. m.
E. E. Kallj, of Urbans, O., writes
state has given the country, to this Thursday, where site will spend a few and the same will weigh at least 50 bush­ I Mr
Kansas Citv
h i Eczema cr. my hands and face foi
.... 7:25 a m 7:25 a. io.
l hlcago...........
.... 7 45 a m. S:SO p. ru.
five j e-v.-s. it would break out in little
bumptuous rowdy.' This outburst of weeks w ith friends.
els, which shows that the oats will make white pustules. crusts would f-'rm anc
drop off. leaving the skin red and I’.flam
righteous democratic indignation is Rev Matlock, ex-pastor at this place, over 50 bushels per acre.
ed. The doctors did ma no good. I used
Loi Angeles......... .... 2 00 p. m. *05 a. m.
El Paw................ .... 6 00 p. in. 6:00 p.m.
all tha medicated soaps ard salvos without
incited by Tillman's recent tirade of preached in the Christian church Sun­
benedt. S. S. S. cured me, and my skit
Fort Worth
. 6 3(1 a. m. 6:90 a. rçi.
here trying to convince the people that is as clear and smooth as any one's.”
City of Mexico
1130 a m. 1130 a 51.
vulgarity agaiust his colleague, Sena day morning and evening.
-7 Oo a. m. 7 00 a. xh
Mrs. Henry Siegfried, of Capo May, N
New Orleans
tor McLaurin, who has been telling Mrs. Howe aiul family left for New-
6 2. p. m 6 30 p m.
J., says that ta eniy-otie bottles of S. 8. S
a^hington .
. . . 6 4'2 a in 6 a tn
some plain truths to the soutn about j port on Wednesday, where they will
New York..........
12:10 p. xu. 12.10 p. xa.
tors and friends thought her eaaa hope
as a day of worship. Saturday, or the less.
its political stagnation in the past probably spend the summer.
Jewish Sabbath, is the proper day they
i T. Gardner. Flnrctj—, 3 C.
Mrs. Cottle has rented her place ami
two or three decades.
iered for year« with Poll« Two bot­
i lichar
say, and attempt to prove. They are
tles of 3. S. 3. put his Hoed in rood con and Tourist cars on both trains.
TL* perversene-,-. of human nature
Chair car« Sacramento to Oyten and El Paso,
“Southern papers of the better will probably leave for Washington in a nice appearing ladies and gentlemen dition and the Boils disappeared.
and Tourist cars to Chicago, Si Louis. New Or-
usoruie uuM'e illustrated in the action class are nearly all with McLaurin 1 short time to join her husband
Send for our free book, and wnb lean* and \A asnington
but the doctrine they teach has few fol­
our physicinns hout your case
•of the silly (U’.ople of Minnesota, who in the new departure which he has Mr. Cunningham has purchased the lowers and sympathizers here.
advice free.
Are going duff over the Younger proclaimed. ’Senator McLaurin has drug store at this place and Miss Nellie La»t Thursday about op. m the Sim­ Medical
A. "
at,San Francisco with several
?hûT"à<ip irV.* ior, Honolulu, Japan. Chin»,
.brothers, recently ,. voled from tbe sounded the bugle note and the clans
Philippines, Central and South America.
mons saw mill, situated about half a
mite south of town, was discovered to be
Minnesota state priteMi
Women will rally,' exclaims the Richmond, time.
Mrs. Helen D. liarford, president on fire. Mr. Simmons .and help were at
.flock around them and peo6Km>n,t Va., Tinies. The Charlotte, N. C.,
Sc» MR. A. S PENCE, agent st McMinnville
supper and by the time they and others
«citizens invite them to dinner, imig •Observer says “McLaurin’s speech
’OTICE i< twrebr riven th»t the undersigned station, or address
ha« been by the county court ot Yambill
Obe people are doing everything to • »»* gjj tegument for the assertion of Baptist church Sunday at 11 a. ill got there the mill was past saving The cotintv, Oregon duty appointed executrix of the
Everyone invited to be present
traction engine whs gotten out, but the lore «111 and testament of Isidore Ertle. de­
den. Passenger Agent.
ilium feel welcome to the cities ' southern jwunhnod. for the extention
Portland, Or.
Among the camper^ nt Meadow lake mill and quite a lot of lumber and logs raid estate are hereby notified and required to
wiiere ,weiity-six years ago it was of southern trade for the abaudon
This is the third time present the «ame duly verified within six
this week are Rev. Dav and family, Dr. were burned up
months from the date of this notice, to «aid ex­
almost wup<<aible to prevent them inent <>f old ami settled issces and
Coffeen and wife. Mr Edson’s. Mr. that Mr. Simmons has bad a loss of this ecutrix at the otBceof R L. < onner, in the city Steamer Bonita^-sz^^^-^
'from being mobbed, If it conquer- for the spread of democratic ideas Merchaat'a end Mrs. Swanson and fam-1 kind, atid it seems that luck is against of McMinnville. tn Yamhill countr. state of oj.
, heyiex McMinnville for Portland and way
Dated this 90th day of Julr, A. D. 1901.
ing hero came ho«,.< from a war, over the earth.' In the same strait: iljr. Tlic lake ^em tv be a very invit­ him.
landings ruestay, Thursday and Saturday
mart * m ertle
6 uu Arrive» trutn Portland on
Minnesota could have no honors left the Louisville Evening Post declares ing place, judging from the laige num­ The RsroRTra and Weekly Oregonian Fxecutrix of the Last Will and Testament 01
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 6 p. m
Isidore Ertle. deceased.
trip »1.50 Freight at lowest
io show him which it has pot pbovp
ber who Ireqneut it.
I ope ycxr for
strictly in wlvsnce
R. L. CONNER. Att y for said Estate
L. P. HOSFORD. Muter.