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    Yamhill County
U. I. AMBURV, F'. <11 tor A I'ropr.
t*. F.<la ’I ESI, «•••elate I'.dilor.
all, and the people whose opinions
now differ will be able to get to­
gether on some platform acceptable
to all before the next election.
You have all heard of the great. ,
drouth in the middle states. The (
people take it philosophically. Here i
are some of the ways in which thev |
keep their courage up: “Tin trouble i
about praying for rain i> that it is
apt to add a loss of fait h to loss of
crops. Still, it is better than fret­
Corn, hay and provisions
will lie scarce, but a niagiiiticent
wheat crop stands between Ivan, as
and a reinstatement of populist, ruli . I
Take a philosophic view. Irj
hasn’t been nearly so hot as it wou’d
have been if it hail been a great deal ,
hotter. Think of - that......... The Does not depend on the start but on the
present season is severely testing; finish. It's staying power which carries
the theory that nothing can be dryer many a runner to victory. It's like that
business. Many a man starts off in
than a populist argument on the ill
race for business success with a
financial question
Here is the the
burst of speed which seems to assure
silver lining. Mosquitoes breed in victory. Presently be begins to falter
swamps and damp places.
The and at last he falls and fails. The cause ?
swamps are all dry as bone dust, Generally "stomach trouble.” No man
hence there will be no mosquitoes. is stronger than his stomach. Business
haste leads to careless and irregular eat­
Berlin dispatches announce that
while tbe German emperor’s lac
erated jaw is improving, it has not
FRIDAY, JULY 20. 1901.
yet reached its normal strength.
His majesty is still compelled to put
Tbe press of the country is print­ his most vigorous, remarks into
ing pictures of democratic presiden­ writing.
tial possibilities with Bryan left out.
----- --------
Elevators at c innville. Yamhill County
This,too,in face of the fact that Bry­ Colonel John S. Mosby, the con­
and at Shedd, linn County.
an has a paper of his own and can t federate leader duriug tbe civil war,
be shut out even if he has to print has been appointed a special agent
AVING purchased the Heudrick Warehouse, I
his own picture in his Commoner.
of the federal land office. He claims
am prepared to receive and store grain. .Many
his present residence in California.
’ experience in the business in the valley
The trutli that riches have wings He has been assigned to duty in Ne­
and in the largest mills of the State enables me to
was never more clearly exemplified braska.
to the farmers the very highest market price
than in the case of John Pondir, who
ing. The stomach and other organs of
digestion and nutrition become diseased.
There is a deadlock among the
for their grain.
just died almost in want in New
A promise of belated relief for the The body is inadequately nourished and
York. He was once an influential ministers of the foreign powers who farmer
’s wife is seen in the proposi­
member of the New York Stock Ex­ are trying to settle up the Chinese tion of a Wisconsin man to establish
Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery
change and a power in Wall street. affair, that promises to be as stub­ a steam laundry at every crossroads cures diseases of the stomach and other
organs of digestion and nutrition. It
born as a senatorial deadlock in Del­ in the state, to which the farmers’ strengthens the stomach and so strength­
washing and ironing may be brought ens the whole body which depends on
An observant Portland woman aware. Great Britain is causing the every
week. As the state is dotted | the stomach for the nourishment from
who has been visiting the Pan-Amer­
all over with creameries and cheese which strength is made.
There is no alcohol in " Golden Medical
ican exposition says the Oregon ex­ best of the indemnity agreement. factories, it would be an easy matter
Discovery,” and it is entirely free from
hibit is nothing to be very proud of, The deadlock has continued a month to operate steam laundries in connec­ opium,
cocaine and all other narcotics.
There is nothing
but that it is far superior to the and there is no apparent prospect tion with them
Accept no substitute for the " Discov­
Washington exhibit, although Wash­ of a settlement. Li Hung Chang is plan. It embodies the principle of ery.” There is no medicine "just as
good ” for diseases of the stomach and
ington appropriated twice as much urging haste.
co-operation which has already been allied organs.
successfully applied to nearly every ” Your ‘ Golden Medical Discovery 1 has per­
money as Oregon did It is also re­
A farmer in Lane county experi­ form of agricultural activity from House, of Charleston, Franklin Co., Ark. "I
marked that the mineral exhibit is
had the worst case of dyspepsia, the doctors
with lime on his wheat field, the old grist and saw mills to the say.
the best of any and attracts the
that they ever saw. After trying seven
modern creamery. Divest the farm­ doctors
everything I could hear of. with no
using it in place of vitriol at sowing er's household of this form of drudg­ benefit, and
most attention.
I tried Dr. Fierce’s Golden Medical Dis­
I am cured.”
time. He used the lime liberally, ery and then introduce in the kitchen
Dr. Pierce’s Pleasant Pellets cure
The democrats who have always
vices that are used in hotels and the constipation
clamored for foreign markets anyway, provided that the effect on life of the farmer's wife will begin to
through the medium of free trade the grain was not all that he hoped approach that standard of ease and
great Red uetioq iq all urqrqer [^oods
will doubtless lose all interest in for. At the same time he used vit­ comfort long since attained by the
free trade since we have foreign riol on an adjoining field and there farmer himself.
Prices gut^ay ßoulq
markets in greater measure now was a marked difference. Lime is
Harvesting and threshing crews can
find all supplies fqr the cook wagon at
than ever before, and greater foreign much cheaper than vitriol, and, if it
markets in prospect than any na­ serves the double purpose of insur­ What a splendid opportunity this Kegg’s.
tion of the world ever anticipated. ing grain against smut as well as en­ county will have to exhibit its products John and Walter Adams left the first
In Dress Goods, Shirt Waists, Parasols, Summer Silks
Our foreign markets will be antag­ riching the soil, this discovery is an at the street fair and carnival this fall. of the week for their big ranch in eastern
visitors who may be here from the
onized and denounced as the out­ important one for the grain grower. The
scorched and famine stricken east will Oregon.
------ ►
growth of imperialism
look on with big-eyed wonder
F. S. Harding near Pittsburg gazed on
The futility of the idea of a hostile The committee has named October 3d, the cabin constructed by his wife’s
combination of European nations 4th and 5th for the dates. This will be grandfather in 1820.
Also some lines in Shoes.
The secret service agents of the
the week immediately following the
against the United States is clearly state
fair. It was not possible to get
Miss Stella Patty went to Portland on
United States have the biggest job
Just take a look at our windows and see what a cut
shown by the attitude of Austria away from the Portland exposition, as it Monday to meet her cousin, Miss Stella
yet on their hands in ascertaining
concerning some German tariff leg­ covers all of the fair season.
made in prices.
who took the >30,(MX) out of the mint
J. C. Cooper been appointed sup­ Patty from Tennessee, who will be her
islation which is operating against erintendent and is at work raising the guest for a season.
at San Francisco. That mint and
certain Austrian products. Count funds necessary, and is meeting with Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Harding returned
vault was considered one of the
success. A number of young ladies
Galuchowski, the Austrian minister good
talk of organizing a “ladies’ minstrel’’ Wednesday evening from their eastern
closest guarded and securest depos­
of foreign affairs, has given a hint to be given at the opera house every and southern trip, after an absence of
itories for money in the world, and
McMinnville’s Greatest Store.
that if Germany persists it will call afternoon and evening during the three nearly two months.
yet some one walked away with |30,-
days of the fair. A prominent poultry
out retaliatory legislation by Austria man living near Newberg suggests that Ward Wisecarver writes Iris partner,
000 in gold, and the most discreet
poultry show be one of the features of Dr. Lewis, that he rises in the morning
secret service men in tbe employ of against German products. If the a the
fair. This is a capital idea, and a in Chicago worn out with the heat of
nations of Europe wrangle among
tbe government are unable to find
committee will see that all necessary ar­
themselves on tariff matters, how rangements are made. It is the inten­ the previous Dight, and sighs for Oregon.
even a clue as to who took it or when
can they unite upon a plan to pre­ tion to use about twelve hundred yards The Jacobs-Perkins-Fender party got
it was taken.
l|r nr ' Why go miles to trade, when you can get near
canvas to cover booths along both home from Netarts at midnight Wednes­ QTr
sent a united front to American of
your home Groceries, Work Clothing, Socks,
sides of Third street from B to E.
day. The weather was foggy and rainy
at same prices as elsewhere. See
during most of their absence.
Newspapers in the Willamette val­
Anent The Coming Carnival.
The New Merchant.
ley are beginning again to tell cheer­ Oregon produced the best hops
E. J. Koskey’s “Travelers’ Guide and
Reporter—Pledges are now be­
ful tales of farmers with fields of that were grown in America last ing Editor
taken for a fund to carry on another
wheat which will average 35 bushels year, and present indications point to carnival, which makes it an oppurtune braces a dozen towns in this valley.
per acre. It appears probable that a crop equally as good if not better. time for a little suggestion. The papers Forty-four business houses in McMinn­
last year pronounced the street event as
the crop of the valley will be up to H. J. Ottenheimer, a Salem hop buy­ a great success, and most outsiders ville are rdpresented. It is not without
Locks 13c and 2<c, Oil 8c.
the average of recent years, with er, says that if the Oregon grower agreed with the opinion, but it will be considerable error.
Whistles, Handle Bars, Lacing, Bells, Tires, Inner Tubes, Cements, Etc,
last year’s failure omitted. Last will spray industriously when it is tous—it worked itself out to u successful
at the same rates while they last.
year the farmer of good methods necessary, and exercise care in the issue, coupled with good weather. There and growing institution which arose
from the ashes of Lafayette seminary, is
fared but little better than his care­ curing of his hops he will certainly was one thing at the termination that received at this office. It contains some
very unsatisfactory to many people
less neighbor. This year there will get better prices than last year. was
who had contributed, but about which very creditable illustrations of the presi­
be a big difference in favor of the There is a demand for choice Oregon little was openly remarked because it dent, members of the faculty, athletes,
man who deserves tbe large crop. hops, both at home and in England, was too late to do any good. I refer to and buildings. The enrollment shows
♦j J acob W ortman , Pres.
E d H endricks , Vice Pres.
the financial statement published by the
The weather in tbe Willamette valley and no matter what others sell their executive committee, in which the re­ 110 students, of whom nine are from this
J ohn W ortman , Cashier.
A rthur M c P hillips , Asst. Cashier
has for a number of weeks been as hops at, choice Oregon hops will ceipts were properly shown, but when it couuty.
to the expenditures, the item
favorable to wheat as could be ex­ command the top market price. came
The newly-elected principal of the
showed “Total expenditures, $569.25,’’
commercial department of McMinnville
This year all that the grower has to an amount just equaling the receipts,
Subscription $L OO Per Year.
Warehouse and Storage
T he R ace
Sacks Furnished.
Midsummer Clearance Sale
R. Jacobson & Co.,
OPE UCDEI New Store at Hopewell
The First National Bank
do is to remain reasonably firm, and
A woman of New Britain, Conn., not rush his hops on the market.
who is a Christian scientist, main­
tains that mosquitoes have brains
David B. Hill announces that he
and reasoning powers, that it is “out­
the nomination for president
rageous" to kill the “little harmless
which calls out the an­
insects,” and that ail that is neces­
from Bryan that Hill is
sary is to reason with them
and that he
says “If a mosquito is troubling
toe nail;
you just speak to him kindly and
say, ‘Look here, my friend, you that Hill’s heart was not in the cam­
leave me alone and I'll leave you paign of 19<M) and that he took part
alone.’ Then believe that he wont only because he wanted to be presi­
bite you. Even if he does his sting dent later. Ohio Brvanites are dis­
wont hurt. I have done this for gusted with the democratic state
years, and now enjoy having the convention in turning Bryan's face
pretty little things uround and to the wall, and will hold a conven­
tion July 31 for the purpose of put­
listening to their musical buzz.
ting up a state ticket of their own,
* • ♦———-—
The new school book contractors bolting the regular democratic or­
who will supply different books to ganization.
the pupils of the state of Oregon,
August t! will be a great day in
will be required to establish and
annals of Oklahoma, on which
maintain official depositories for the the
13,000 new homes will be established
distribution of books according to in that territory. The method of
the selections of the state superin­ getting lands by drawing, which is
tendent of public instruction. The the plan at the throwing open of the
contractors are required to give new reservations on that date, will
less picturesque and exciting
bonds for the keeping of their agree­ be
than the plan iff getting them by
ment with the state.
One of the running for them and pouncing on
methods untier consideration is to them which prevailed in the opening
give retailers, no matter in what in 1889 On the whole the new way
part of the state thev may be lo­ will be better than the old. The
1980 plan gave an advantage to the
cated, the same discount, the same young and sturdy, and those with
margin of profit.
This would put fleet horses, while the 1901 method
dealers in Portland, Astoria. Ash­ gives young and old, poor and well-
land. Lakeview mid all other towns to do, an equal chance. There will
be less violence under this year s
in the state on precisely the same system, less litigaUou gad Jess
trouble and expense.
The tariff question is discussed The RitroiiTKR «nd Weeklv Oregonian
from different standpoints bv repub­ one vear for ♦?. strictly in advance
Dr J. F Calbreath came over from
licans in different sections of the
yesterday to make arrangement*
country. But popular government Salem
for the erectiou of an additional dryer at
is only a series of compromises after the big prune orchard west of town.
and a total failure to show what the
items of expense were. It was thought
at the time that the committee did not
prepare this statement, although their
signatures were attached. Contributors
to public functions of this character
wish to see explicit accounting for all
monies raised, and if it isn’t forthcom­
ing. there is sure to be suspicion of a
Your correspondent, with
others, desires to throw out this timely
suggestion to the present executive com
niittee, that they finance the coming
affair according to business principles,
that tbe mistake mav not be repeated.
W. E. T. The <>no«l W ork Proreed.
The Fortland Coal Development Co.,
recently organized by a number of busi­
ness men of Portland, have secured con­
tracts on several pieces ot land near
North Yamhill and are now actually en­
gaged with a force of tnen in develop­
ment work on the Peter Goeser place
about four miles northeast of this town.
Their princij'al object in development
appears to be for the discovery and de­
velopment of coal deposits, although
their work will eventually go far enough
to determine if there is petroleum or
other mineral products in this section,
it is now believed. Their work so far
has consisted in drilling into the grounds
where was believed there were coal de­
posits. and. although the work is yet in
its most preliminary stage, it has de­
veloped results which the company re­
gards very encouraging.—North Yam
Hill Record.
College is Prof. Frank B. Rutherford, of
Atkinson’s business college, Sacramento.
Mr. Rutherford and family will remove
to this city before the fall term opens.
The Oldest Bank in Yamhill County. Established in 1885.
Capital and Surplus, $90,000.
Buys and sells exchange on all the principal cities of the United
States, and draws direct on all the principal points in Europe. The
accounts of Firms and Individuals solicited.
Eczema is caused by an aci 1 humor in
:he blood coming in contact with the
skin and producing great redness and in­
flammation ; little pustular eruptions form
and discharge a thin, sticky fluid, which
tries and scales off ; sometimes tlie skin is
hard, dry ami fissured. Eczema ill any
form is a tormenting, stubborn disease,
and the itching and burning at times arc
almost unbearable; the acid burning
humor seem* to ooze out and set the skin
an fire. Salves, washes nor other exter­
nal applications do any real good, for as
long as the poison remains in the blood
it will keep the skin irritated.
" For three years I
had Tetter on my
hands which canaca
them to swrU to twice
their natural size. Fart
af the tune tbe disease
was tn the form , f run­
ning sores, very pain­
ful. nnd causing me
mrch discomfort Four
lectors sairl the Tetter
had progressed too far
:o be cured, and they
eould d- nothing for
ate 11 -ok onlv three
bottles of S s. s. and
iris completely cured,
Miss O«a Robert« is assisting in the t hi- was fifteen years
First National bank.
igo. and I have never
lince seen any sign of mv otd tr >ub.e " — M rs .
Geo. Martin and wife will spend Au- | L D J ackbox .,!*!* NcGec St . Kans«*City Mo.
gust in the vicinity of Mt. Hood, in com-
panv with Mr. Martin's brother and
Mr. and Mrs Arthur McPhillipa drove
to Woods on Wednesday for « reason of
Of McMinnville, Oregon.
Take The Reporter and Get the News
The Shasta Route
Through the liberality of Mc­
Minnville’s Leading Merchants,
A $100 A. B. Chase Parlor Organ
Trains leave McMinnville for Portland and
Purchased from the old reliable music
way stations at 5:58 a m., and 8:06 p. m. Leave
dealer Geo. C. Will, Salem. Oregon, will
for Corvallis at 10 a m.
Leave Portland.................... 8:30 a. m. 8:30 p. m.
Leave Albanv.............
12:30p.m. 1135 p.m.
Arrive at Ashland............12*55 a. m. 12 35 p. m.
Sacramento................5:10 p. m. 5:00 a. m. i
San Francisco.......... 7.45 p. m. 8:45 a. m.
Ogden .................... 4:55 a. m. 7 00 a m.
Denver............... ......... t»:S0a. m. 9.15 p m.
Kansas City ............. 7:25 a.m. 7 25 a.m.
Chicago...................... 7 45 a. m. 8:30 p. m.
Los Angeles............... 2 00 p. m.
Fl Paso...................... 600 p. m.
Fort Worth................. 6:30a.m.
City of Mexico
11:30 a. m.
......... 7 00 > m
New Orleans .
6:30p. m.
6 42 a m.
New York
.12 10 pm
<05 a. m.
6.00 p.m.
6:»^ a. m.
11 JO a m.
7 00 a. m.
6 42 a.m.
12 10 p m.
I S S. S. neutralizes this «cid poison,
; tools the blood and restores it to a hr.Utliy,
natural state, and the rough, unhealthy
Pullman and Tourist cars on both trains.
I tkin becomes soft, smooth and clear,
Chair car» Sacramento to Ogden and El Paso,
cures Tetter, Ery­ and Tourist car? to Chicago, St. Louis. New Or­
sipelas. Psoriasis, Salt leans and Washington.
Rneum and all skin
A. 8. Pense, former station agent at
diseases due to a pois­
Connecting at San Francisco with several
this place, is still in Good Samaritan !
oned condition ot the steamship
lines for Honolulu. Japan. China,
ItoepHiff. incapacitated by rheumatism | aiood. Send tor our book and write us Philippines, Central and South America.
of tlie leg He writes that be has qnit; tbout vour case. Our physicians have
nade these diseases a life study, and can
naming a date for returning to work.
Sec MR A. « PENCE, agent at McMinnville
Help you by their advice; we make no
Mr. D F Marzolf. la'« of Michigan :barge for this service. All correspondence «talion, or address
ie the new assistant station agent at this • conducted tu strictest confidence
place. J O. Smith, tlie former assistant,
Gen. Passenger Agen t. i
take« the station at Sherwood,
Portland, Or.
Wills' Modern
Advertising Plan_ _
be given to the one holding the largest
number of coupons on November 16th,
1901. All coupons must be signed by
the merchant issuing the coupon, and by
the holder of same The purchaser can
give his or her coupons to some one else
and let them sign them. It will pay you
to trade at the following stores and re­
ceive a coupon with every 25c C ash pur­
chase :
McMinnville Grange & Farmers store,
Dry Goods. Clothing it Shoes.
on exhibition at this store.
H. C. Bums, Furniture Store.
J. G. Wiesner—Cigars and Tobacco.
Wnt.F, Dielschnetder & Bro., jewelers.
Willard St Ehrman St Co., meat mar­
Rogers Bros . Drugstore
T. A. White—White's Restaurant.
S. P. Houser—Second hand store and
Sewing Machines.
Geo L. Williams—Bookstore.
F W Spencer—Hardware, Farm Ma
chtnerv. Bicycles and Sewing Machines
J. S. Roscoe—Bicycle Sundries and
Mrs. C W. Spring—Photo Gallery.
A. J. Loban. Harness Shop.
Triplett 4 Hendershott—Confectionery
C. F. Daniela—Feed, Seed A Produce.
Laml>ert Bros.—Groceries & Comtnts