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1HE WEEK« Kevlew of th. IinporV
Hot Happening. of the Pa.t Week
^Culled From the Telegraph Column..
Buller will return to England.
Germany accepts France’s proposal.
Immense field of coal has been dis­
covered in Alaska.
Reformers defeated the imperial
army on East river.
The Boers are very active in the
Kroonstadt district.
Russians take the first step on the
right bank of the Amur.
Lord Alverstone will be the new lord
chief justico of England.
Mexican troops are having a hard
campaign against Indians.
Captain Shields and his 51 men were
rescued from the Filipinos.
A milk combine has been formed by
milkmen of Vancouver, B. C.
Roosevelt concluded his Kentucky
tour with a speech in Covington.
The rebellion in Southern China is
anti-dynastic rather than anti-foreign.
Yellow fever is expected to increase
in Havana while Bewers are being dug.
Fire at Herrick, Ill., destroyed 10
business houses, causing a loss of $50,-
Therefore They Are Unable
to Meet Strikers.
State ment From tlie Standpoint of the
Owners and Operators—Say Miners'
Union Must Not Go Too Far.
Are Plundering and FoNowing Often«
• Ire Tactics.
Manila, Oct. 15.—The west coast of
the island of Leyte is in a state of tur­
moil. The rebel ladrones are actively
plundering, the disturbers following
offensive taotics, raiding and attack­
ing and then returning to tne garrison­
ed towns, while the Americans pursue
them to the mountains. General Ma-
jica’s officers are surrendering aud his
soldiers, attempting to escape to Samar
in boats, are being captured, and his
organization broken up. The captured
guerrillas and ladrones, when ques­
tioned, stated that ou the 5th instant
80 Americaus attacked 45 rebels, rifled
their stronghold in Camarines province
and routed them, killing 10. Two
Americans were killed and three
Twenty members of the
Thirty-second infantry, in an engage­
ment on the 10th instant, in Batan
province, had one man killed and four
The Philippine commission, of which
Judge Taft is president, today passed
eight bills of minor importance, one
providing for a civil increase of salaries
of several municipal officials, includ­
ing school t iachers, appropriating $7,-
500 in gold for the construction of a
garbage crematory at Mauila and for
the reorganization of the auditor’s
The Wright bill, asking for $1,000,-
000 in gold for the completion of
Spain’s plans for Manila harbor im­
provements, elicited comment from one
representative of Manila’s Interna­
tional Chamber of Commerce to the
effect that, as the merchants had long
beeu paying a special impost fund to
this end, the merchants should belong
to the board controlling the construc­
tion; and that as the United States had
collected $3,000,000 since its occupa-
tio by imposts for harbor improvements,
he failed to see the necessity for the
appropriation of insular funds and sug­
gested the use of a special fund. The
discussion was deferred until Friday.
The United States ha. answered the
Scranton, Pa., Oct: 16.—In response
French note.
to a request for a statement as to his
views on the answer of the United
Roosevelt denounced the Democratic
Mineworkers to the operators’ proposi­
issue of militarism.
tion, T. H. Watkins, president of the
British ministerialists hold 357 seats
Temple Iron Company, which company
and the opposition 205.
is largely interested in coal mining, to­
Horse buyers for German govern­
night gave out a somewhat lengthy
ment are in Eastern Oregon.
statement, in which he says in part:
“We will give our men reasonable
A general uprising is expected in
time to return to work, trusting they
the southern provinces of China.
will see the mistake of being guided
Mgr. ’Cbapelle argues for retention of
and influenced by men who, however
church property iu the Philippines.
honest and sincere they may be in their
An eight-year-old boy cf Roseburg,
efforts to benefit the miners of the an­
Or., was killed accidentally while play­
thracite region, are unable to advise
ing with a rifle.
them intelligently and for their best
John F. Adams, a patient at the good.
One man was killed and 12 injured
“Mr. Mitchell apparently thinks that
in a riot in the anthracite region at Oregon insane asylum, hanged him­
the control of the mining operations
Hazleton, 1’a.
Li Hung Chang expresses regret for rests in the hands of one or two per­
Mrs. Ann Jane Darrah, of Liberty.
sons, notably Mr. Morgan, or that there
Or.,*an aged and blind woman, wa> recent occurrences and thanks Ameri­ is a trust of some sort which can de­
burned to death.
cide the whole question, when, as a
Thomas Sheridan, 50 years old, a la­
Dewet proclaims that burghers who matter of fact, there are only three or
borer employed in a shingle mill at refuse to fight will be made prisoners four of the transportation companies in
Fairhaven, Wash., was run over by a of war.
which any one concerned has any in­
train and killed.
A case of illness, suspected to be bu­ fluence, and they do not represent 30
The American marines from Pekin stionic plague, is reported at Stepney, per cent of the whole anthracite ton­
nage. More than 100 different com­
have arrived at Taku, where they will a parish suburb of London.
panies and individuals are interested
be joined by the Tien Tsin battalion,
Records that fell into the hands ol in mining the total tonnage, and no
and sail on the Indiana for Cavite.
correspondents show that Chinese au­ one man can control or have the slight­
The wife of a minister at Atchison, thorities supported the Boxer move­ est influence over their action.
Kan., jumped into a cistern with her
“One thing the companies are ap­
8-year-old child and both were
parently agreed upon is that they will
A dispatch from Port Limon, Colom­ not agree. Efforts have been made for
drowned. The woman was insane.
A cablegram received from Commie? bia, says that a serious fire broke out years to get some plan to which all AN ANARCHIST’S CONFESSION.
sioner-General Peck, at Paris, contains and that several prominent commercial could agree to control the tonnage, so
an announcement of final results ob­ buildings were destroyed.
that fair prices could be secured for a Assansln’s Accomplice Tell, of
tlie American Plots-
tained at the exposition by the coun­
The sultan of Tutkey has leased to product which requires so large an
New York, Oct. 15.—A dispatch to
tries in the way of awards. The Unit­ Germany for 30 years the island of investment of money with such great
ed States received 2,475 awards; Ger Uroan, in the Red sea. 40 miles north risk to the labor employed, as well as the Journal and Advertiser from Rome,
many, 1,820; Great Britain, 1,117; of Kamaran, for a coaling station.
the capital employed, but effort after says: The anarchist Bertollani, ar­
Russia, 1,413.
The United States
effort has failed through failure to rested at Milan as a suspected accom­
leads not only in the grand total, but
agree on a plan that would not violate plice of Bresci, has marie a confession
also in all grades of awards, from throughout Germany for the year show the laws and to which ill could agree. about anarchist plots.
"I have known about these plots for
grand prizes to merely honorable men­ that it is more abundant ami of more
“But Mr. Mitchell comes here and
excellent quality than for several years says in effe t that no mineworkers a long time,” he said. “It was I who
shall go to work until every operator sent the letter to the crown prosecutor
Referring to the mooted purchase of
Miss Amanda Fairman, a prominent does just exaclty what the other does at Naples, warning him in advance that
the Danish West indies by the United
States, the Copenhagen correspondent young lady of Philipsburg, Mont., was and that the Lehigh and Schuylkill Italian anarchists were coming from
of the Daily Telegraph says: “The re­ found dead in her room, having been men must have a new basis before the America to kill the king, but thev paid
newed negotiations will result, 1 be­ shot with a shotgun. A shotgun was men in the Lackawana aud Wyoming no attention to my letter. At an an­
archist meeting iu Paterson, N. J.,
lieve, ill the purchase. The opposition lyinpon the table. The suicide theory regions can go to work.
"The United Mineworkers will lav seven men were selected to kill kings
party in the Dauish parliament favors is denied, and it is believed she was
themselves open if they have uot al­ and chiefs of states. One oi them was
the transaction, but urges the govern­ murdered.
ready done so to the charge of being alloted to kill McKinley or Bryan dur­
ment to obtain a larger price than the
Li ITung Chang is in Pekin.
I do
the largest and most dangerous trust to ing the presidential campaign.
United States has previously offered.
Southern rebels defeated General the public welfare that has ever exist­ not know the name of the man who
It is understood that America wishes
ed aud the organization will make the was assigned to this duty. The recent
to use St. Croix as a naval coaling Ho’s army near San Chun.
The submarine boat Holland has mistake of all others—that of going too Chicago plot was independent of that
far and using its power to hurt the hatched at Paterson. I believe other
llryan concluded his tour of Illinois. been placed in commission.
plots having the same object, have been
Russia urges that the Chinese in­ ested. as well as those directly inter­ organized in the United States. An­
Cecil Rhodes will re-enter politics.
demnity question be arbitrated.
“Our company will be glad to dis­ archists have killed kings and queens,
The empress dowager is said to be
the matter with our employes now they should kill a president of a
have won a strike and gone to work.
when they are ready to meet us with a republic to show the world that for an­
Roberts will name his own succes­
The members of the Chilean cabinet view of going back to work, without archists there are neither monarchies
have resigned, owing to a political regard to what Schuylkill operators nor republics, and that a king is as
Colville Indiau reservation is opened cause.
may do. The strike has already cost cheap as a president.”
for settlement.
us a great deal of money, aud the men
Transport Broke Down.
The National League baseball season
Seattle. Oct. 15. — Major Rnhlen,
Roosevelt spoke to an immense audi­ came to a close with Brooklyn the pen­ much more, as well as loss of trade,
which we may not recover in years. assistant quartermaster here, has been
ence in St. Louis.
nant winner.
Iu the meantime soft coal mines are notified by the quartermaster-general
Canada will sell crown mining
Charles Fargo, second vice-president working night and day tilling the place that the Kangtse, the freighter tinder
clams in Klondike.
of the American Express Company, it of anthracite coal.”
charter to carry animals aud supplies
General Brooke urges reorganization dead at Chicago.
from Seattle to Mauila, has met with
of the army on modern lines.
an accident off Singapore, and will
The Loraine, <)., plant of the Federal
Conger has prepared a list of Chinese Steel Company has been closed, shut­ Thirty Vessel» Driven Ashore -Nova probably not enter the government
service. She broke her shaft and is
officials that should be punished.
ting out 3,000 men.
Scotia Swept.
Idaho Soldiers’ Home was destroyed
The queen regent of Spain will ar­
Halifax, N. S., Oct. 16.—Additional expected to be laid up for at least five
by tire. One inmate was suffocated.
bitrate the differences at present exist­ disasters to shipping on this coast are weeks. As a result of the accident to
between Peru and Chili.
reported. The known list of vessels the Kangtse, several additional vessels
The American Bible Society fur­
will probably be at once chartered.
nishes a list ot missionaries killed by
A clergyman of Blair, Neb., convict­ driven ashore now numbers 30, mostly The Mogul has alreaady beeu chartered
ed of bigamy, was sentenced to font owned in the province aud Newfound­ from Dodwell & Co., and will carry
land. The loss all over the country
part of the cargo intended for the
General MacArthur reported to the years iu the penitentiary.
ami iu the neighboring provinces Kangtse. She will be loaded with for­
war department that the transport
Dysentery is raging among the troops through teriific rainfalls and washouts
Rosemans and the transport Argyle at Tien Tsin and the German conting­ and damage to orchards aud buildings age aud will go under tonnage charter.
arrived at Manila with Light Batteries ent will transfer its headquarters to
The Mogul is not expected to arrive
bv heavy winds will be very many here until about November 1.
C and M, Seventh artillery, Majoi G. Pekin.
thousands of dollars.
G. Greenough.
Floods in New Brunswick.
I'he steel plants of the Illinois Steel
The Canadian Pacific wires connect­
P. II. Gilhoolev, counsel for the Works, at South Chicago, were closed ing Cape Breton with the rest of Nova
St. John, N. B., Oct., 15.—The
Elizabethport, N. J., Banking Com­ down, 2,500 men being tbrowu out of Scotia are completely broken at the province of New Brnuswick has re­
pany, announced that William Schiie- employment.
straits of Causo, where the cable was ceived a terrible drenching from a rain
ber, a missing clerk of the bank, was a
A minor official of the Vatican at fouled by a schooner dragging her an­ storm which lasted 108 hours, and
defaulter to the amount of $50,000, Rome has been arrested on the charge chor in the recent gale.
which tn amount equals 10 inches.
and that the bank directors hud made of giving the thieves access to the
Heavy rain is falling again today Not a train is moving on the Canadian
good the aomuut of the shortage.
room from which the sum of about throughout Nova Scotia. Rivers and Pacific Railway between St. John and
Lord George llamiltou, secretary of 350,000 lire was recently stolen.
lakes everywhere are overflowing and Vanceboro, or on the branch lines of
state for India, has received the fol­
destroying property. There has been the road to St. Andrews, St. Stephen,
Striking coal miners will accept the uo Canadian Pacitio train from Mon­ Fredericton or Woodstock. The tie-up
lowing from laird Curzon: “The gen­
eral condition of crops is excellent, 10 per cent increase in wages offered treal in four day» aud a serious wreck is due to washouts. Conditions are
aud except in a pait of Bombay famine by the operators if it lasts all winter. of the Sydney express caused by a the woist which have existed iu the
conditions are disappearing The to­ However, the men will not resume washout is reported in Cape Breeton. Canadian road's history, and thous­
tal numlier on the relief list lias fallen work until officially ordered by union
Th» Gloucester schooner Mystery, at ands of dollars are represented in the
damage already done and in loss ot
to 2,746,000.”
Uaneo, reports one man lost at sea.
In northern Panay, October 12, Com­
The Americau Bridge Company
Mauila, Oct. 16.—Captain Deve­
closed a contract to furnish all of the pany 1), Twenty-sixth United States
Burglars Koh the Vatican.
structural steel to be used in the erec­ volunteer infantry, was attacked by a reaux Shields, who, with 51 men of
Rome. Oct. 15.—A number of the
tion of a big arsenal at Kure. Japan. force of Tagals. The enemy lost 20
papers here publish the extraordinary
The money value ef the contract is be­ men killed and 40 wounded, while the United States volunteer infautry, was statement that the securities valued at
tween $ 250,000 and f300,000. It Americans had two men wounded. captured by the insurgents last month 857.000 lire, the theft of which from
will require six mouths to turnish the Twenty-two prisoners and 12 rifles and in the island of Marinduqne, was ies- the Vatican was recently reported to
material, aud it must lai delivered at a quantity of ammunition were cap­ cued yesterday by the American rescue the Italian police, had been stolen
force with all the members of hit some time previous to February last,
Kure within a year.
and were sold in that month on the
Officials of the North German Lloyd
A colony of 500 Sicilians from New
Steamship Company at New York City Orleans is to leave for Hawaii early in
The naval board to examine the old Paris bourse. They were stolen, it is
have awarded a contract (or a menu- January, under the leadership of Father frigate Constitution has reported to asserted, bv order of an Italian capital­
meut to be erected iu a plot owned by Nusca, an Italian priest. The colony the naw department that it will cost ist. If the story be true the more re­
the company in a cemetery in North will be in the employ of an American about $400,000 to place that vessel iu cent burglary was committed with the
Hudson, in memory of the persons who company, which has large sugar inter­ condition, such as is contemplated by object of deceiving the authorities.
lost their lives in the great tire that ests in the Hawaiian islands. The the Boaton Patriotic Society, which is This theory has produced a great im­
destroyed the piers ail I steamers of the company will build a church, school raising a mud for the rehabilitation of pression at the Vatican, but it is uot
gvuetally credited.
Miiupany at Hoboken, on Juue 30 last. and homes for the Sicilians.
“Old Ironsides.”
White Idacklwrries and green roses
have beeu propagated iu Lousiaua this
Seventv-two new coal mines have
been opened in Prussia thia rear, in­
creasing the output for 1900 by 2,500,-
000 tons.
Wbat promises to be the beet apple
crop iu the history of Canada—uot
merely the quantity, but quality—is
now fast approaching the harvest sea­
Road improvements has begun in the
Philippines, with money collected
iruni customs at Mauila.
Ixwin Pease, of Hadley, Mass., died
at the age of 100 His father lived to
be 99. and his six brothers and sisters
all |>assed 70.
James Ellis Tucker has sailed for
Honolulu to revive the customs law
and service of the Hawaiian islands so
as to bring them up to the standard of
those at home.
Mulue Goee to Nagasaki.
New Zealand Mall ’lervlee.
Wellington, N. Z., Oct. 15. —The
house of representatives today approved
the postmaster-general's agreement
with Messis. Spreckels to coutinne for
a year the San Francisco mail service.
The vessels will run every three weeks
instead of mouthly. liegiuning Novem­
ber I. The time from San Francisco
to Auckland will not exceed 16 days,
in siui -^« -nt favoring a Vancouver
Mdoi **» v-irried without a division.
London, Oct. 15.—The American
Ladies' committee has received a dis­
patch from Wei Hai Wei, dated Wed­
nesday, October 10, reporting the re­
turn there of the American hospital
ship Main« horn Taku with many in­
valid» cn board, of whom two officials
and 69 men are Americans, and 19 of
th» latter belong to the Ninth infan­
try. The Maine will sail for Nagasaki
Hartl Work I. New.ary to Secure Con-
gre.aional Kecognltlon.
Sweeping Everything Before
Them in South China.
Sun Yat’s Army Is Now Investing the
Prefectural City of Hui Chou—Great
Activity in Canton.
Washington, Oct. 16.—All the great
appropriations of the government are
based upon the estimates of the several
At this time of the year the various
offices are preparing their plans and
estimates for tlie operations of the fiscal
year beginning on July 1, 1901, and^
ending June 30, 1902. These estimates
will lie transmitted to congress and em-^
bodied in the appropriation bills, most
of which will be considered and passed
during February, as congress adjourns
on March 4, it being the short sessions
The estimates which have peculiar N
importa nce to the arid regions are those
for the continuance of the measure­
ments of rivers, the examination of
underground waters, and especially the
survey of reservoir sites, and reports
upon the cost and value of reclamation
□f large areas of fertile arid lands.
Hong Kong, Oct. 17.—Sun Yat Sen,
iccording to reports from Canton, has
taken the town of Kiu Shan, on East
River, aud is now investing the prefec­
toral city of Hui Chou. A force of im­
perial troops from Canton was defeated
by the reformers, 200 being killed.
The advices say also that there is
great activity in Canton in preparation
For Surveys.
for dispatching troops to the disturbed
At the last session of congress the
National Irrigation Association ener­
getically endeavored to have the annual
Progress of Campbell's Column.
Tien Tsin, Oct. 17.—The British col­ appropriation of the geological survey
umn under Lord Campbell, which for this purpose increased from the
forms part ot the expedition against almost absurdly sum of $50,000 to the
Pao Ting Fu, and is making a detour amount of $250,000, this being more in
to the south of the Pao Ting river, accordance with the needs of the coun­
reached Tu Liu, on the grand canal, try. The increase was made in the
senate, but in conference with the
Sir Ernest M. Satow, who succeed» house of representatives a compromise
Sir Claude McDonald as British minis­ of $ 100,»>00 was reached, the conces­
ter to China, has started for Pekin. sion being made that at the next session
M. de Giers, the Russian minister, is the sum of $250,000 would be favorably
•ikely to return soon.
Organized Effective Work.
A lesson that can be learned from the
An Appeal to the Czar.
Berlin, Oct. 17.—The Chinese minis­ attitude of many of the Eastern states
ter to Russia. Yang Yu, who visited as regards river and harbor improve­
Emperor Nicholas at Lividia yester­ ments; these improvements are not left
day strongly appealed lor the interces­ to chance or regarded with indifference,
sion of the emperor in his favor and but the claims of each locality are
presented to him a letter from Emperor made known and systematically push­
Kwaug Hsu, together with documen­ ed by organized effort. such as
tary evidence going to show that the boards of trade
Chinese ruler aud court are less to associations. Eastern interests are or­
blame for the anti-foreign outbreak ganized for work, and when an Eastern
than the Russian emperor had been led locality wants a river and harbor appro­
priation it goes alter it in a thorough,
to believe.
systematic manner, and sooner or later
Reactionary Edicts.
gets it. This is what the West can
London, Oct. 17.—“Since the Chi­ aud should do. Every Western noard
nese court arrived at the new capital, of trade, chamber of commerce aud
Sinan Fu,” says a special dispatch from commercial organization should bestir
Shanghai, dated yesterday, “reaction­ itself individually, bring all the influ­
ary edicts removing the moderates from ence it can to bear upon the senators
high offices have been issued, showing aud congressmen of its state, and act­
that Prince Tuan holds the imperial ively co-operate with the National Ir­
rigation Association to not only insure
The Daily Chronicle has the follow­ favorable congressional action on these
ing from Vienna: “None of the pow­ survey estimates, but to otherwise ad­
ers except France and the United vance the interests of the arid region
States approves the Russian proposal through national channels.
against China to the arbitration tribun­
Irrigation Congress Meeting.
al at The Hague.”
The ninth annual session of the Na­
tional Irrigation Congress will meet at
Germany Accepts Frsnoe’s Proposal.
Chicago Illinois, November 20-23,
Berlin, Oct. 17.—The Berlin Neuete 1900.
Nachrichteu says that it understand!
that Germany’s answer to the note ol PANAMA CANAL GOING AHEAD.
M. Delcasse, French minister of for­
eign affairs, was dispatched today, and Will Be Built Even If Vnited State.
'lake. Nicaragua Enterprise.
that it is friendly in tone and raises no
New York, Oct. 17.—M. llutin, di­
objections to the principles set forth
by M. Delcasse. It does not assert rector-general and president of the
that the reply deals with all his propo­ board of directors ot the Panama Canal
Company; General Abbott, chief engi­
neer, aud W. N. Cromwell, counsel for
Warning to White Women.
the canal company, were passengers on.,
Berlin, Oct. 17.—A dispatch re­ tlie steamship La Lorraine from Havre/
ceived here from Shanghai says ths
“The Panama Canal Company,” said
British consul there warns Europear General Abbott, “is waiting for the
women against coming north fiom recommendation of the Walker com­
Hong Koug in the hope of joining their mission to congress and for the action
husbands, the situation in the Yangste of that body. 1 believe that the decis­
valley being very serious.
ion will be in favor of the Panama
canal as being more feasible and eco­
nomical and giving better results. If
Lord the decision is against the Panama
canal the company will nevertheless go
Roberts' Departure.
London, Oct. 17.—Commenting upon on building it. I believe that if both
the activity of the Boers and the state­ the Panama and Nicaragua canals are
ment from Cape Town that Lord Ro­ built nine-tenths of the vessels will
berts has postponed his home-coming, choose the Panama canal as being the
better. What the Walker commission
the Standard says:
“There are certain indications point­ heard when in Paris was a revelation
ing to the conclusion that unexpected to it. Already between three and four
difficulties have arisen which Lord million cubic yards have been taken
Roberts deems grave enough to delay out down there and two-fifths of the
his return for some time to come. The work has been done.
facts suggest that it is impossible yet to
Killed a Postmaster.
denude South Africa of any substantial
Chicago, Oct. 17.—A dispatch to the
portion of the large army now engaged
in dominating a sullen and recalcitrant Record from Guadalajara, Mexico,
says: A band of brigands, under the
Tfie editorial finally calls for the leadership of the notorious Pedro
severest measures against irreconcila­ Flores, has been committing numerous
ble Boers, “prompt and ruthless pun murders aud robberies in the Autlai
ishment for every insurgent burghet district of this state for several months.
News has just reached here that the
caught in delicto.’’
robbers made a bold raid on the town
of Autlan and killed the postmaster.
Marching Resumed.
Hazleton, Pa., Oct. 17.—The threat­ Following this unprovoked murder they
ened march of the strikers to Panthei looted the place and terrorized the
creek valley started from this section populace. They have a stronghold in
tonight. The objective (joints of tne the mountans and a detachment of
marchers are Lansford, iu Carlton rurales has gone in pursuit of them.
county, and Coaidale, in Schuylkill
Again Driven From Mansfield.
county. These towus are about 20
Mansfield, O., Oct. 16.—The Dow-
miles south of Hazleton, and the strik­
ers expect to reach their destination ieite Deacon Homer Kessler, of Chi­
early tomorrow morning. Most of the cago, made another unsuccessful at­
collieries in that section are operated tempt to hold services here today. He
by the Lehigh Valley Coal & Naviga­ was taken in charge by the police while
tion Company. They have been work­ bolding services at the home of F. D.
ing all through the strike, despite the Caverand was sent out of the city on
efforts of numerous organizers sent to the east-bound Pcnnsvlavma passenger
that section for the purpose of 'getting train at noon.
the men to quit.
New York Cigarmakers' Strike.
Yellow Fever Will Increase.
Havana, Oct. 16.—It is generally
admitted that yellow fever wil increase
in Havana when the streets are opened
for the installation of the sewers, a
work which will probably require three
years. Major Lodge, paymaster for
the division of Cuba, is down with the
New York, Oct. 15.—Samuel Gom-
pers, president of the American Federa-
toin of Labor, is in the city toendeavoW
to settle the cigannakers’ strike, which
has lasted now for more than four
months. He bad conferences with
representatives of firms who formerly
employed aliont 4,000 of the 5,000
cigarmakers who are still out.
Car Sheds Burned.
Cleveland, O., Oct. 17.—The cat
The Child Was Mutilated.
sheds of the Cleveland & Eastern Elec­
O., Oct. 17.—The dead
tric Railway Company at Gates Milla,
together with a number of cars and body of Ada Lanta, the 12-year-old
othei property, have l>een destroyed by daughter of Charles Lanta, a carpenter,
was found in the rear of her father’s
fire. The loss is $100,060.
residence last night. A surprise party
Fire in an Indiana Town.
had been tendered her parents and
Sullivan. Ind., Oct. 17.—Fire to­ while the guests were playing cards
night destroyed the large building in the little girl left the bouse. Her ab-
the public square occupied by Barton sence was not discovered for half an
Bro».' department store. Loss, $100,« hour and after a search of the premises
her bodv was fonnd.