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Rich Blood
Geòrgie’'s Gab
Perfectly Healthy People Have i it.
If vou are easily tired, apt to get nervi Olis,
can’t sleep well and »ppctiK? fails, your
blood is not what it ought to be. Rich
blood is show n by strong nerves, healthy
complexion, good appetite, strength and
Hood’s Sarsaparilla makes the
blood rich and thus it cures all troubles
that are due to |>oor, thin blood, like anae­
mia, nervousness, that tired teeling.
Peace in the Family.
All the world knows of the wonder­
ful cures which have been made
Lydia h. Pinkhams Aegetable Com­
pound. yet some women do not realize
that all that is claimed for it is abso­
lutely true.
If all suffering women could be made
to believe that Mrs. Pinkham can do
all she says she can, their suffering
would be ut an end. for they would
at once profit by her advice and be
There isnoinore puzzling thing than
that women will suffer great pain
month after month when every woman
knows of some woman whom .Mrs.
Pinkham has helped, as the letters
from grateful women are constantly
being published at their own request.
The same derangements which make
S sinful or irregular periods with
ull backaches and headaches, and
dragging-down sensations, presently
develop into those serious inflamma­
tions of the feu ¡nine organs which
completely wreck health.
Mrs. Pinkham invites women to
write freely and confidentially to her
•bout their health and get the benefit
of her great experience with the suf­
ferings of women. No living person
can advise you so well. No remedy in
the world has the magnificent record
of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Cotu-
pound for absolute pores of female
ills. Mrs. Pinkhum's address is Lvnn,
Three Letters from Ono
Woman, Showing how She
Sought Mrs. Pinkham’s
Aid, and was cured of
Suppression of the Men­
ses and inflammation of
the Ovaries.
"D kah M ks . P inkham -I have been
In bed a year. Doctors say I have
female weakness. 1 have a had dis­
charge and much soreness across my
ovaries, bearing-down pains and have
not menstruated for ayear. Doctors say
the menses will never appear again.
Hope to hear from you."—Mas. ,1. F.
B rown . Holton. Kans.. April J, 1S98.
"D kar M bs . P inkham I received
your letter. 1 have taken one bottle
•nd a half of your Vegetable Com-
pound, and used two packages of your
Wash, and feel stronger and better.
I oan walk a few steps, but could not
before taking your Compound. I still
have the discharge and am sore across
the ovaries, but not so bad. Every­
one thinks I look better since taking
vou r Vege t a b 1 e Q >m pou n d. “— ,M Rs . J. 1.
B rown . Holton. Kans., Aug. 13, i s as.
•• D ear M um . P inkham —I think it i*
my duty to let you know the good that
Lydia E. Pinkham's Compound has
done me. After I took three bottles,
menses appeared, and I began to feel
stronger and ail my pain was gone:
Yours is the only medicine that ever
helped me. ] am able now to work
•round the house, something 1 did not
expect to do again.'’—M bs ,1. F. B rown ,
Holton, Kans.,,Tan. 25, 189k.
Three More Leiters from
One Woman, Relating how
She was Cured of irreg­
ular Menstruation, Leu-
oorrheoa and Backache.
“What fools some people are,” paw
sed when we were Having a nice so­
ciable Time on the fruut portcb Thur»-
dy nite.
"I no it,” maw told him. "Sometime«
it makes me feel real sad To think they food’s Sarsaparilla
are so menny people in the world tliat Is America’s Greatest Medicine to enrich
can't see their faults as Others see and vitalize the blood. All druggists.
them without thinking They are preju-
This is the time to select the seed
ilist against themselves.”
"Look at the captun and his wife corn, as the growth of stalk, number
next door,” paw says. "I should Think | of ears on stalk and other advantages
can be noticed. Every farmer should
they ot to no Better.”
“What have they Been doing?” maw grow his seed ■'coni in rows separate
from the regular crop, and from select­
If this is
"I rode out iu the same car with the ' ed seed, so as to improve.
captun to-day,” paw anserd. “and we | uot done the seed corn should be mark­
got to talkin' about how jellus It al- j ed in the hold by tying strips of muslin
ways makes a woman to Be told some to the stalks, so as to harvest it when
other woman looks yuug. So he told matured.
Do Your Feet Ache mid Burn?
me all about it. He sed he got to plaig-
Shake into vour shoes Alien’s Foot Ease,
ing his wife telling her Mrs. Bassett
doesn't look a day mor« Than thirty. a powder for the feet. It makes tight or
The cnptiin’s wife sed she new she Was new shoes feel easy ; gives instant relief to
and bunions, it’s the greatest com­
thirty Five, and so they Got a going it, corns
fort discovery of the age.
(Tires swollen
and now she won’t speak to him.”
feet, blisters and callous spots.
"It makes me perfectly disgusted Fo<»t-Ease is a certain cure tor ingrowing
sweating, smarting, hot. aching feet.
with some people,” maw sed, “when I nails,
We have over 30,000 testimonials. Il cures
bear about the Foolish things they do. w hilc you walk. All druggists and shoe
If he wasn't blind he could see bls wife Flores .- el ir. 25c. Trial |»ackage FREE
\<idre.'S. A.dn S. Olmsted, L«
Hv inni
was rite about it.”
Hoy, N.Y
________ _________
"But what 1 blame him for,” paw
cars as now con-
says, “is sticking to It when lie could
have peace iu the fambly by lettin’ Ills strueted, with most of the metal parts
wife think lie Thot the same as she of aluminum, are 3,000 pounds lighter
did, liecoz it wouldn't do enny harm.” than old ones.
“And I don't see wliy she wanted to
go on Talking about it,” maw told him,
"when she new the womun was thurty
Five and it didn't make enny difference I
whether the captun thot so or uot.”
"Yes.” paw sed, "and if I would of
been him I would of let her go abed
thinkin’ the way she Pleased as long
as it made her happy, and wouldn't
make Mrs. Bassett more'u twenty-nine
or thurty, enny way, and mite----- ”
“Paw,” maw told him, “you’re just
as sillie as the old fool of a captun
About that woman. She'll never see
Thirty-six again, and you no it.”
"Thirty-six?” paw
you're crazy. I'll bet she ain't thirty
Yet. You ean see it by her Ixavks.”
"You no Better than that," maw sed.
“If you don't you must be as blind as a
Must Bear Signature of
“There's no use getting jnto a skrhn-
lnidge iilvout it,” paw anserd. “I ain't
agoin’ to be like the captun. 1 no too
mutch about hewmun naltcher for that.
If you want to think you think she's
See Fac-SImUe Wrapper Below.
thirty-six go ahead and Think so. It
won't hurt her enny or make enny Dif­
ference about what 1 Think. Sowhat's ■
the use getting mad about it? I be­
lieve in Being seusible about these
Things. I'd liither give up even when
I no I'm rite than to have a quart with
a womun about anuther womun's aige.
So if it'll do you enny good to Think
she's six or seven years older Than she
Is go abed and be Happy, and I won't L _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ FOR THE COMPLEXION
say enny more about it. I don't be-
25 cthts I Fnrely
leave in Harpin' on a thing when you
1 III—' , . IISI HIII- ■
no your bretli is wasted. But I can't see
why winiuiin are so blame jellus of one
anutlier's algo, and what's the use
A Milwaukee florist thinks he has
longing her behind her back? What succeeded in producing green carna­
good would it do you if She was forty tions by the use of chemicals while the
instead of twenty-seven or twenty-ate? plants are growing.
It wouldn't make you ennv younger,
would it? That's sumthing I'd like to
Au odd exense for burglary was giv-
have you explane. It' the captuu would eu by a one-legged lioy, aged 14. lie
of had enny sense lie u ould of just said broke into a hardware store in Kansas
all rite when his wife told him she was City. Mo., and was captured, lie
five or six years older than she is and pleaded he wanted to steal some tools
dropped the subject like me. But, which xvould enable him to make u
that's where some people----- ”
wooden leg for himself.
Then maw jumped up and grabbed
Experiments show that a frog de-
her sowing and went in the house and
shimmed the Door ns hard as she could. priced of his brains will live aud cat
“Well, by George,” paw sed. after he and purse existence iu a sort of auto-
looked around quick two or'l'hree times nistic manner.
becoz he thot he mite get hit by some­
thing from behind, that's always the
way when you go to Tawk filosotickle
to a woman. Here I came home all
tired to-night and thot we'd have a
nice soshuble time so I could Forget
about Bizness cares, and that's the way
it turns out. No wqiider so menny
men haft to go away from home to get
a little sunshine in their lives.”—Chi­
cago Times-Herald.
" D ear M rs . P inkham — 1 am suffer- •
Ing and need your aid. J have pains I
In both sid< s ot the womb and a drag- !
ging sensation iu the groin.
•truation irregular and painful; Lave
leucon-hcea. bearing-down pains, sore-
ties» and swelling of the altdomen,
headache, backache: nervousness, and
ean neither eat nor sleep.'— M rs . < ar -,
kie P hillips , Anna, III., July in, 1897.
•‘D ear M rs . P inkham —I want to
thank you for what you have done for
me. When 1 w rote to you I was a
total wreck. Since taking your V ege­
table Compound. Liver Pills and Sana­
tive Wash, iny nerves are stronger
•nd more steady than ever before, and
my backache and those terrible pains
are gone Before 1 took youi medi­
cine 1 weighed less than one hundred
•nd thirty pounds 1 now weigh one
hundred and fifty-five pounds. Your
medicine is a godsen'd to poor weak
women. 1 would !?!<»• to ask vou w hv
I cannot have a child. I have been
married nearly three years.”— M i:s.t ar -
The Foolish Malden.
* ik pHiLUre, Aunt. 111.. Dec. 1. 1897.
“What is love?" asked the maiden.
‘T ear M rs . P inkham - I did just as
Tile misanthrope replied:
Jou advised me. and new I am the
sppv mother of a fine l>aby girl. I
“Love is the most dangerous form of
believe I never would have’ bad her Insanity, teaching Its victim to disre­
without your Vegetable ( ompound.”— gard the first law of nature— self-pres­
M r « C abhik P hili . ii s . Anna, Ill.. Jan
•7, 1899.
“What Is love'-" asked the maiden,
Proof that Falling of the turning to the child, which replied:
“Love Is that which leads my parents
Womb Is Overcome by
Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vege­ to bring me things home, and the re-
gnrd I have for them on such occa-
table Oompound.
"D bar M rs . P inkham — When I
"What is love?” asked the maiden
wrote to you some time Rgo. I had
been suffering from falling of the once more, this time of another maiden
womb for many years without obtain­ of many years.
ing relief It as obliged to wear a
“It I«,’’ said she. “an unsatisfied long­
Bandage all the time; also had bad ing for something you cannot get.”
headache aud backache, feit tired ami
No the maiden sighed and went Into a
worn out. After taking six l-ottles of convent. Foolish maid!
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com-
Had she asked mo. I would have giv-
pound and four boxes of Liver Pill*. 1
discarded _my bandage and have not I en her a few ideas on the subject!—
had to wear it since. 1 am entirely Harper's Bazar.
--------- --------- - -----------
eure<l "—M rs . J. P. Tent t M an , B ox 44 ,
The One-Me«l-a-l»ay Man.
Hamilton. Ohio.
Among eccentric feeders was Dr.
“D kar M rs P inkham —For nea-
fteorge Fordyce, an eminent anatomist.
two years I was unable to work,
was very weak aud could nut stand ot Cfis theory, based on the habits of the
Ion. was that one gorging repast a day
i nr ”
—w r
<tlt, -*
flginmf*.? 1< of thr womb. I begac t< was amply «nrtleient for any human be-
use Lydia K. Pink ham a Vegetable Con; Ing. lie ale only once in twenty-four
hours, and then at 4 o’clock In the af-
pound, and after lining hr* bottle»
feel like a new woman.”—M r ». P. N
ternoon. At till* meal- he consumed
^LAH, i (influence. W. Va.
half a broiled chicken, a pound and a
half of rump steak, vegetables and
chee«e. lie devoted an hour and a
C. Ilie; 1
R Mb X H Vf I
half to the consumption of this meal,
aim* %ii***r
jnth Corn«
and in drinking a tankard of strong
• le, a quart l*»ttle of jiort wine and
half a pint of brandy. Dr. Fordyce
UQ efau . „
•ootlniied this regime for twenty year«,
ram«« Good. F»« 1
Ham < <•’!<! i*yrug
tn t»me. FoldI b
and during that time he enjoyed per­
fect health.
Little Liver Pills.
! AwgetaUe Preparation for As
si mila l ink’ the Food and lieg ula
ling the Stomachs arel Bowels of
Promoles Digeslion.Ch?erfiil
nessaiKiRcst.Coiitíiins neither
Opitini.Morphine nor Mineral
N ot N arcotic .
A Joke That la Not a Juke.
Mrs. Short—Oli, dear! I do wish
we were rich. Just think of the good
we could do if we ouly liad luU of
Mr. Short—True, my dear; but we
can do a great deal of good iu a quiet
way now.
Mrs. short—Yes, of course—but no
one will ever hear of it.
At Orotavo, off the west coast of
Northern Africa, grew the famous
dragog tiee, said to lie the oldest iu
the world. It was destroyed by a hur­
ricane in 1867. Hundreds ol years ago
its huge, hollow trunk was used as a
temple by the Guanchis. Later the
conquering Portuguese dedicated it to.
Christian worship.
The Other End
About the time of the collapse of the
confederacy, ex-Senator Wigfall was
crossing the Mississippi, making his
wav to Texas. He assumed the char­
acter of an ultra-union man.
Ou the !
ferry-boat with him was a federal ofti- ]
cer, with whom Wigal! got iuto con- |
Tire above picture shows the house where George Dewey was liorn Deceni-
versation. The officer confided to him ber 26, 1887. it was occupied by the Dewey family until after the death of
that he was chasing Wigfall.
“If I the admiral's father. It theu came iuto the poiwessiou of Captain Edward
fall in with the trator. I’ll hang him to Dewey, who sold it to its present owner and occupant, T. R. Gordon, Esq.,
the first tree.” “Yes,” vehemently in the summer of 1889. --
Mr. Gordon
- -
moved it to its present 6ite in the follow-
remarked Wigfall, ‘‘and I will be pull­ ing February 1890, and has occupied it until-the present time.
Mr. aud Mrs.
ing at one end.”
Gordon are unfailing in their courtesy to the tbuuands who visit this shriue,
the birthplace of Admiral Dewey.
Our Scotch Soldiers*
A recent letter from T. R. Gordon to the Peruua Drug M’f'g Co., Colum­
“To preserve the jewel of liberty iu
the framework of freedom,” is
i the in- bus, O., reads as follows:
“It is with great satisfaction that I find myself able, after an extended trial
seription beneath a statue of Abraham
Lincoln erected on Scottish soil aud to write you iu this emphatic manner of the gooil your Peruna has done my
sacred to the memory of the Scottish- wife.
••She has been troubled with catarrh from Childhood, and
American soldiers who died I for our
uuiou in the civil war.
Such mouu- whenever she has a cold, or any unusual condition of the weather
mints as this should typify e terna! it was worse than usual, and seemed more than she could bear.
The dropping in her throat at night prevented refreshing Bleep, in fact, we had
come to look upon it as incurable, and from tiie many remedies used iu vain,
A reaction has set in against women
we had reason to.
removing their hats in church, and
••We are thankful and happy to say that your -Peruna' has been
Rev. W. D. Holly, of Christ Episcopal
church at Hackensack, N. J., forbids of great benefit to her, and I confidently look for a complete and
the women of his flock to take off their entire cure. High praise is not too much to bestow upon your remedy."
T. R. Gordon.
headgear, He quoted from the Bible
Address The Peruna Medicine Co., Columbus, O., for free book ou catairli.
thus in support of his staud: “But
every woman that prayeth with her
A simple cement for broken china ot
All the soap in Paraguay is made
head uncovered dishonored! her head.”
fiom cocoa oil.
Cows eat the pulp earthenware is made of powdered quick­
from the nuts, leaving the hull enclos­ lime, sifted through a coarse muslin
ing the kernel clean and smooth.
A bag over the white of an egg.
By local applications, as they cannot reach the
diseased portion ot the ear. 'there is only one cow will clean 40 to 50 nuts per night, j
Mothers will find Mrs. Winslow's Sooth­
way to cure deainess. an<l that is by constitu­
Carter'! Ink Ta ScientiAcally
ing Syrup the best remedy to use for thei>
tional rente'lie-. lieafness ia caused by »u in­
flamed condition ol llie mucous lining of the compounded of the be.*t materials. If your Children during the teething period.
Eu-isebian Tillie. When this tube gets in­
flamed v on liave a rumbling sonnd or imper­
fect hearing, and when it is entirely closed
deafness is t he result, and unless the lnflamuis-
tlon ean be taken out and this tube restored to
Its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed
forever; nine eases on: ot ten are caused by
catarrh, w hich is nothing but an inflamed
condition oi the mucous surfaces.
We will give One ilundred liollars for any
case of Dealneas(caused be catarrh) that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for
Circulars, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. O.
Sold by Druggists. 75c
Hall s Family Pills are tba beet.
The announcement that Peking is
pronounced ‘‘Peh-king” will lie apt,
says tlie Clevelnnd 1’laiudealer, to
pique paragrabpera.
dealer dues not keep it lie can get it for
Dish towels should be washed in
luke-warm water before scalding; other­
A pet robin awoke a farmer in New wise the grease and staius will be set.
Jersey in time for him to frighten !
awav burglars. The price of pet robin- '
burglar alarms will now go up.
I am sure 1‘iso's Cure for Consumption
saved my life three year, ago—M rs . T ikis .
I’oHBiKs. Maple Street, Norwich, N. Y.,
Feb. 17, 1900.
Dr. Wilde, the new Argentine min­
ister at Washington, says that more
daily papers are published iu lluenos
Ayres than in New York City.
When bouillon is served in cups a
spoon is laid in the saucer, and it may
be eaten either from the sjmonor drunk
directly from tlie cups. Covered cups
are very seldom used for this purpose,
but when they aie, each person removes
the cover and places it just at one side
ot her plate, and when the course is re­
moved the servant takes away the cov­
A Sure Tiling for You.
Every la»dy’s consti pan <1 now and (hen, ami
the only Mire, pure, harmless cure is ('asrarvls
< iimiy Cathartic. Buy and ir\ I All druggists,
10c, 2.x,l 50c.
‘‘All the world loves a lover” is an
old proverb. But all women love a
wedding. And the bride's dress is
more important than the music, or tlie
decorations, the bride's father, the
bridesmaids, the ushers or die clergy­
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
A state lunch iu China consists of
140 dishes.
Aperfeci Remedy forfonslipn
lion. Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea
Worms.! ohvh I skhw .Feverish
ness «ml Loss or S leep .
Fac Sunil« Signature of
Alb rfiOiilhs <»l<t
l j 1>
s - i « C. i ms
lluMuli be. Detroit. Ilion.
P>ni»nnt. I’nlaf.uble Potent. 'Paste tiood. Do
Good, Never Sicken. Weusen. or Gripe. Itlc.
iter!!■< 11 •■*•<(y ('«Mpany. « ItlMg«, Muntreal, Kew Isrk.
Chisel Bit
Solid Tooth '
Cross Cut
All Kinds of
Portland Branch,
GO First Street.
Here’s a Proposition
l*n'f it
to «■upiM'sc tlmt h flrm of
Ho vrnr» experience could id! \< hi the best u hv
to g< I Koo<i \ ai'ie for your money? H you arc
making improviunenis in your iiouxe, or build­
ing a new home, no mailer bow *niall or lary
Ibeaum you «1st to-p« ml in eit ririra! or
fixtures, lilepiact s, m»inlel furniture, <•!<•., v<>
will save mnne\ and be well united if vou coil
null TH K .HHI \ It \ It Hit I T < O., HI First
Street. t’oi'ilrtlHl, Oregon.
pocket inhaler .
UUIL l I i u
A K'inr.'iteiMl f'nre for Catarrh an*!
Conaumption. All DritvgiMrt, |1.U>.
W. H. SMITH 4 CO, Bwffilo. N.Y, Plop's.
You can’t make a mistake it you get a
Gin, Brandy, Rum
Mx blvM ♦
t./« -
"I bava nono H daya at a time without a
movement of the bowel», not being able to
ino»« them except by iihtug hut wuter lnleciloua.
! t'hrunie eonat ipaf Inn for »even venia placed me la
ihla terrlbig condition : during t bnt lime I did ev-
•rvthiDg I hen rd of bui- never round u ny relief: such
waa my cane until 1 began uaing CASCAHKT& I
now ha ve from one to I hive pmaahkc « a day. and If I
vai rich I would give IKD W for each moveineut; 1|
la aueii a relief.'
a ï i . ms il !.. li int ,
In all scientific branche« are in such demand
now, so as to be far beyond the supply. The
reason oi this is bt'causc never in the history of
tlw Ibusiic <'oast lias there been such activity
in Mining, Eb‘ciri<‘. R. H. building and gene ih I
Engineering Work. The Vandpr S h II' ch School
ol PraeiicHi, Civtl, Mining, EleetriCRl Engineer,
iini. Assaying Cynnide, ete., which I hl - been vs-
taulislied since Tw>4, being the oldest prnclieal
s 'hool of todiiv, having machine shop, electric
plants, and all necessary apparatus,admits sin.
dents of all ascs, at all times, regardless of
their present eoncalion. Illustrated catalogm-H
are mailed to any address by mentioning ihi«
paper ami addressing 933 Market St., S. F., Cal.
A novel plan of edm-nliou h«s boon
adopted iu Copenhagen, Denmark. No
books arc used, but the Isiys are in­
structed orally, when at the Kame time
t-hev perforin some light manual work.
For Infants and Children
For Over
Thirty Years
12 full qn»rt«.
•’<‘r r* Ion, I’.TO.
rolìT AM! ■!.
Order* loi t_’ > On *n<l n;***rd deli* ere<l I. re to
»•-«rent K.i.rua-l or st. muer tatelliig. Illaidì
I.-e. and Koga.
BataVliabed ¡0 Yeara.
< 4 l.l KOKN I A.
Mitchell, beuiis & Slaver Co.
ITi IIISG Pl lea piod uca moisture and rauae
. -— Iu
Thia form, as well
Hltnd. Bleedlug or Protruding
Pile* are <*urrdbjr Dr. Bosanko'« Fila Remedy.
Stop* Hrhlnic an<l hieerl'ng Absorlm tnmora. 90c a
■lar af druirgieta or wDi by n>a|i. Treatise free. Write
rue aboui your can*. DR. BOSA.XKO. Pb lada. Pa.
.„de Drop y and it» com-
Have wa.l 4 a A • spec.auy for treaty Think they mu-l xrln amt hear their ■uttering,
w..h tas most wonderfal lit ihl« ehflgtilene.l a«* there la no need of il
suíc ^ bs .
aud ease».
*> •*. S. Z. 3IWÎ : C3V3*
Atlaata, Ga.
Boi K,
JOHN POOLK, PoRTtawn, O*zaox,
e*n rive you the best betgalu* in general
Diachinery. engines, boiler*.tanks, pumps,
plows, belts and windmills. The new
*iee| f X J, windmill, »old hy him, 1* un
•o nailed.
Their com plaint« timi a cure Iu
rioore’s Revealed Remedy
It .loran'l diMpisant.
N. r. X. ti.
|: at your drusglat