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«re Invited to write to
The town of Feodosia, on the Black
sea, gave the celebrated marine painter,
Alvazofsky, who died theie in bis 83<i
year, soon after returning from St.
Petersburg. No eouteni|H>rary Kussiau
“t'lM'* KKT'S do all c-lulmeU far ih.a painter,, except Verestchagin, has en­
And are a trmy wouderfiu medicine. 1 have often
wished for a medicine pleasant to take and ut last joyed a wider reputation, and most of
buw found it in Cascareis since taking them my
biocd has Men uurided and uiy complex ion has un­ the great picture gulleries of Europ*
proved wonderfully and 1 feel much better In every possess examples of Alvazofsky’s work.
Mus. S all Li hi. silla ns. Luttrell. Teuu.
Ka«y anti ( lieiip Viicutloii Trip.
Just think of riding 700 miles for
$12, on a smooth sea. with no dust or
heat, ano getting the finest meals and
every possible attention,without extia
The O. K. A- N. makes thia pos­
Steamers every fifth day, at 8
1*. M., from Portland to San Francisco.
Described Alliteratively us the Place
of “Dust, Dirt aud Disdain.
Mrs- Pinkham for free
advice about their health.
Mrs. Pinkham Is a wo­
If you have painful
periods, backaches or
any of the more serious
Ills of women, write to
Mrs. Pinkham; she has
helped multitudes. Your
loiter will be saoredly
Lydia E. Pinkham’s
Vegetable Oompound Is
known wherever the Eng­
lish language Is spoken.
Nothing else can possi­
bly be so sure to help suf­
fering women. No other
medk»ire has helped so
Remember this when
somei..'ng else is sug­
Mrs. Pinkham's ad­
dress Is Lynn, Mass.
Her helping hand Is
always outstretohed to
suffering women.
Pekin lends itself to nickname anil
alliteration. Au English minister de­
scribed it as the place of “dirt, dust,
aud disdain.” Others have found it,
like Lord Amherst, a city of despair.
Henry Norman says that the two mo­
ments when one appreciates It are the
first sight of its frowniug gates aud the
last. Whatever it is or is not to the
"men of long views,” It must always
be one of the nerve centers of human
interest and iutematioual relations.
During the dynasty of those Mings,
whose name was the warcry of the
Taipings, and is to-day in the mouths
of many of the secret societies that
form the great difficulty of Chinese rule
and management, It was a city of but
second-rate importance.
Their attention was given to the em­
bellishment of the now half-wasted
city of Nankin, often called “the na­
tional capital,” but Pekin has been the
imperial capital since the Ta-Tsings
seized the throne, and those who are
qualified to speak are of opinion that
any notion of degrading it from its
pride of place, to suit the convenience
of European diplomacy, is foredoomed
to failure. It is not ouly the capital
of the Manebus, It is the capital of the
mandarins. The official word is of the
Pekinese stamp, and the Pekinese is
the official language, the tongue of the
graduate aud educated man. To the
ear it lias a pleasanter and softer sound
than the rough dialects of the prov­
inces. and it has been developed and
molded to the elaborate and ornate
phrases of polite society. 'The “sb” is
often heard instead of harder and more
uncouth conjunctions.—Loudon Tele­
Pleasant. Palatable. Potent. Taste Good. o»
Good Never Sicken. Weaken or Gripe. 10c. 25c. 50c.
Oleri lug Keaiedy
To fold gowns of delicate silk, or
those trimmed with delicate ribbons, in
casings of white tissue paper seems tlie
dainty and suitable thing. Scientists,
however, advise the use of brown pa­
per, as in the manufacture of white pa­
per chloride of lime is used, and is
likely to injure the silk.
Live Like a Prince for a Week.
Getting something for nothing is
never realized iu this tough old world,
but you can come mighty near it by
going from Portland to San Frailer co
og the (). K.
N. steamers leaving
Portland every fifth day at 8 1‘. M. A
wonderful ocean trip for only $12 each
way. with meals like mother used to
cook and the best possible attendance,
without being held up for a cent by
waiters aud others.
Motherswill find Mrs. Winslow's Sooth­
The Georgia man who chained up bis ing Syrup the best remedy to use for their
Children during the teething period.
daughter because she married in oppo­
The state of New York has expended
sition to his vviahea merely deniou-
stinted that she was wise iu marrying in the last 20 years $93,690 for investi­
anyone who would take her away from gating committees of various kinds.
A l»uon for Mothers!
Formerly children cried when they had to
Dropsy treated free by Dr. II. IT. Green’s
Sons, of Atlanta. Gil. The greatest dropsy
(’asrarets, the family laxative. All drug­
specialists m the world. Bead theiradier- gists,
• XX’.
tlseinent in another column of this paper.
As a rule, the eyesight of women is
Shoe Clerk—Entirely new toeswill
better than that ol men.
be seen in shoes this year. Customer
— Well, I guess I will be satisfied with
I’fso’s <Tlie tor Consumption is an infal­
lible medicine for eonglis and colds.—N.
the same toes I’ve always had.
W. bAMi Kl., Oeeun Grove, N. J., Feb. 17,
----- •------------------------
The end of the busy little bee is US-
ually a painful one.
Like the
or inflammation of this delicate pink
The system is weakened in win­
ter. The delicate lining is more
susceptible to irritation or inflamma­
tion, and thus we have pneumonia,
grip, colds, coughs, fevers, etc., all
catarrhal conditions which may p
easily be checked by one catarrh
That’s the only way ont of it.
You may do--e forever—yon will
not be well until you try the true
cure and that is Pe-ru-na. You
may think your trouble is some i
ather disease and not catarrh. Call
It what you will, one thing is sure,
your system is affected and must be
treated, and Pe-ru-na is the only
remedy which reaches the right
place and dots cure.
Little Liver Pills.
Must Bear Signature of
Everybody knows tlie tragic tale of
tlie limning of tlie manuscript of Car­
lyle's “French Revolution” by John
Mill's housemaid. Carlyle, who took
so tragically the crowing of cocks and
other minor distractions of life, bore
this supreme trial with the heroism he
worshiped in others, it is indeed hard
to say whether for Mill or for Carlyle
the trial were the more severe. Mjll
looked so scared when he came to
break tlie news of tlie catastrophe tliat
at the sight of his face Mrs. Carlyle
was frightened.
Ciinningliame Gra­
ham lias now been through tills fiery
ordeal. The manuscript of “Thirteen
Stories" lie had written jierislied in the
Ballantyne lire in the winter.
Carlyle, undaunted. he set to work to
rewrite them, and the book will'he the
next published product of his uncon­
ventional ibis too self-consciously un­
conventional) pen.
■-m i i n i
hi «;-—
(The Famous
W H I < H
An old man’s idea of a useful person
is one who always has time to play a
game of checkers.
9 oo D rops
Carter*« Ink
The District of Columbia is first iu
the field with its census report, giving
a total population of 278,718, an in­
crease of 20.98 per cent since 1890, ft
rate that would make the total popula-
tiou of the United States about 76,000,-
A Wonderful Flew* lire Trip.
Steamers operated by the O K. A* N.
Co. between Portland anti San Fran­
cisco have been patronized liberally on
every trip this summei.
The trip
down and back can be made for $•4.
That small amount ini hides meals and
berth, with everything lirst-class, and
the best possible attendance,
ers leave Portland every tilth day, at 8
P. M. The round trip from Portland
to San Francisco aud return, can be
made in eight days, giving nearly four
full days iu Sau Francisco for sight­
seeing or business.
Wood Preserver)
/\sn;J<M Serdl ’
jflx Senns '
/¿Ôèkellf Srilf -
Amar Srrd r
.A hmtzhm I -
wan r favor
Aperfecl Remedy I’orConstipa
tiun. Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
FacSmiile Sqjmilure of
Thirty Years
h-......... .....................................................
Branches at Spokane, Seattle Salem. McMInavlllt,
Medford and I.a Orande.
Promotes Digeslion.ChM’rfuI-
ness and Rest.Contains neither
Opium.Morphine nor Mineral.
N ot N arcotic .
Are the bnt that can be made. Nothing
is or can be superior to a Mitchell Vagon,
because it is made of the best r*at«rial -
by experienced workmen which, cou­
pled with 65 year»’ experience in building
wagons, during which time the manu­
facturers have had but one aim, and that
to produce the best possible to build, is a
guarantee of quality. If you buy a Mitchell Wagon, you get the best that can oe made.
AGENTS EVERYWHERE. - if none in your vicinity, we will sell to you direct.
Send for circular.
When roll see a woman start out of
her house after dark in a stealthy fash
ion. with a bag in tier arms, it means
.he i- < hi her way to drop kittens into
some yard.
Mitchell Wagons
The New York department of high­
ways bus purchased four new sand­
sprinkling carts, w hich are to tie used
on the driveways of the park and on
asphalted streets. They will sprinkle a
tine layer of «and on the driveway, to
make rough plai-ea sinoolh, nn«l by the
same prisa-sH it is thought that slippery
asphalt p.iements can be safer
when covered witii ice or rain.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
An oil painting of Frederick Stearns,
of Detroit, who gave the Stearns collec­
tion of musical instrument, to the Uni­
versity of Michigan, has l>een placed iu
the Stearns room in the mnsemn build­
ing. Tlie painting was a gift to the
university from Mr. Stearns’ son.
One application is all that is required. It lasts for yean. If
your dealer cannot supply you, write for circulars and information to the
following distributing agents: Perfection Pile Preserving Co., Seattle,
Wash.; Fisher. Thorsen & Co., Portland, Oregon.; Whittier, Coburn &
Co., San Francisco, Cal.
Sand Sprinklers.
In hot weather, and make ft pure, rich and
healthy with lloud's Sarsaparilla, which
has a toning, invigorating efleet on the
whole system. It creates a good appetite,
strengthens the nerves, overcomes that
tired feeling and braces you up to resist
tlie efTects of the heat and the danger ol
serious illness.
For Infants and Children.
AVcgetable Preparation for As -
similat’mg lite Fikul and Refi ula
linfi the Stomachs and Bowels of
I f <i) good and so cheap that no family can
afford io be without it. Is yours Carter's.
• •
Impertinence Justly Itesented.
•‘I would like," she said, mqvlng shy­
ly up to the counter, “to get some col­
lars for my husband."
"Yes, ma’am,” answered the affable
clerk; “what nnmlier. please?”
Then she flared up and replied:
“Sir! The church 1 belong to doesn’t
recognize divorces, ami we have onlv
lived in i'hicago six months, anyway.”
—Chicago Times-11 era Id.
Nearly every man trie, to tell Irish
.tories; only one io a tbou*.nd cu tall
them welt
See Fac-Simile Wrapper Below.
Keep Your
Blood Coot
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Lint ted.”
Maurice Hewlett,
whose “Forest
Menlo Park. San Mateo County. Cal. Lovers" is now two years old, and who
with its new buildings, newly furnishe<
and complete laboratories, beautiful <ur lias in the interval produced no sus­
roundings and home influences. is one o
tained romance, is well ou his way to
the best equinped schools tor the training complete a uew book, of which the
of boys ami yqung men on the coast. It
is in charge of Dr. Irnil. lloitt ami is ac­ title is already announced. “Richard
credited at the universities-. >emi for cat­ Yea and Nay.” This imperious Rich­
alog. Tenth year begins August 6, 1900.
ard is Richard Coeur de Lion, of whom
Scott, to name one only, has made such
After a man passes 40 he is greatly
line use in romance.
encouraged if he has enough hair t
"Miss Johnston typewrites her own
get a tangle in it.
stories," writes Annie Kendrick Walk­
er in tlie New York Times Saturday
Review after an interview witii Miss
Mary Johnston, tlie author of "To
Have and To Hold," which is now
past its 200th thousand.
“She spent
last summer at a fashionable resort in
the Alleghenies, and the dick of her
typewriter was frequently beard far
into Hie summer’s night, as she was at
work on the concluding chapters of
’To Have and Io Hold,’ then running
serially in tlie Atlantic Monthly."
“When I get to be a man,” said the
boy, who has a good memory for
phrases, “I’m going to strive to culti
vate an unselfish nature.”
“That’s right,” replied his tether.
“How are you going about it?”
“Well, in the first place, if I have
any little boys. I’ll let them shoot
their own fireworks, instead of telling i
them they must let me do it, fot fear'
they will hurt themselves.”
While in congress Jerry Simpson
Is the Best Medicine Money Can Buy.
saved most of his salary and invested |
the money iu land and cattle. He is H ood ' s Pu ts cure constipation. Price 25 oenta.
now rated at $40,000.
When he first
went to congress he had to borrow !
From Richmond, Va., to Atlanta,
Ga., along the line of the priuoipal
money to buy a railroad ticket.
railways, it seems as il it were impos­
K fl'll I ift'iice.
The American Man.
sible to get out of sight of new cotton
“He isn’t nearly so bright as he
Much comparison lias been made be­
thinks he is,” said the young woman ta een ihe endurance of tlie Chinese and mills, either iu operation or iu course
the American working man. Those witii of construction. These mills are prin­
who discusses her acquaintances.
Cayenne, authority say that the average working cipally the growth of the last decade.
“No,” answered
man of America is us su;>erior to tlie Chi­
“and that's a very fortunate circum­ nese as Hostetter’s Stomach Bitters is to !
For Ladles and Gentlemen.
If he were, we couldn’t look any other dyspepsia cure. The Bitters
While the old library or smoking
at him without using apiece of smoked
car hauled next the baggage oar was
prevents malaria.
glass. ”
quite a convenience for men, it prao-
Thre great man has greatness in him ticall.v shut out the best half of human­
Appropi-iatel.v Naineil.
ity— the ladies. The observation car
‘•Why are they called pyramids, pa?” before the occasion brings it out.
on the Northern Pacific’s crack train,
asked George, who was lookiug at a
I’lillmaii Sleeping Cara.
the “North Coast Limited” gives up
picture of those wonders of Egypt.
These cars are standard the world to the ladies the best part of a thor­
“They are vailed pyramids, my son,”
replied the father, without hesitation, over; well and strongly built, beauti­ oughly modern oar, which by the way
“because, you see, they appear auiid fully furnished, service unequalled. is carried at the rear end of this train.
The Northern I'aeitic is the onlv rail­ Daily service and all classes of tickets
the general desolation of the desert.”
I way runniug l'ullmans—first class and are honored on this train without extra
tourist. Portland, Or., to St. Paul aud fares.
Minneapolis. Try our “North Coast |
Scotch Woodcock.—Cut some stala
.. e offer One linin’.red Dollars reward for any Limited,” daily service. There is no
case of Catarrh iliatvan not bo cured by llall’a
bread into thin slices aud then into
Catarrh. Cure.
rounds aud saute them in a little but­
F. J. CHENEY A- CO., Props., Toledo, O. train.
We tlie undersigned, have known F.J. Cheney
ter iu the chafing dish. Spread them
for the past 15 ' ear», and believe him perfectly
Into two well
Irrigation is of the utmost import­ with anchovy paste.
hoim-abl in all bushi ss transaction and fin­
ancial''* able to cur: y out any obligations made ance iu Persia, ns cultivation depends beaten eggs stir two tablespoonfuls of
by t.ieir lirm.
ujion it, and water is extremely dear. anchovy paste; add half a cup of
W ist A T ruax ,
Wliolesal tiruxirlsts, Toledo,
It has been suggested that artesian cream; turn it into the chafing dish,
W aiding , K ixnan < fc M arvin ,
well manufacturers might tind an ex­ and cook over the hot water, stirring
V» nolesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Eall’sCatxrrhCure ist ken n- rnally.acting cellent opening once that the success constantly till thick. Serve
it on
'iree :y on the blood and tn co us surfaces ot
sauted bread.
the s;.-si in. Pr* o tic per bo’lie. bold by al. of these wells was assured.
drug. 1st». Testiinoul Is free.
Hall s Family Phis r th > best.
Liquid hydrogen is transparent, and
the lightest, as well as the coldest
liquid known, a cork sinking in it like
lead. A whitish substance seen at the
bottom of the vessel on Professor De
war’s first exhibition was really solid
Caramel Custard—One cup white
air or air ice.
sugar, put ou stove and brown, not
burn, When well cooled add cup hot
I'oiirigt Sleeper.
Keep on stove until sugar dis-
The handsomest tourist sleeper that water,
Beat si^eitgs light, add one
ver turned a wheel. The electric solves.
— ..... _ in., flavor with
lighted Pullman tourist sleeper on the and one-half quarts milk,
“North Coast Limited,” daily service vanila, then add syrup and bake slow­
It should be watched carefully,
between Portland and St. Paul and ly.
Miuneajadis. Try our “North Coast that it does not boil.
Try Alim'« Foot Kase,
which grasps one without warning,
the mucous membrane which lines
the entire body suddenly becomes!
weakened in some spot ami disease j
is established. It may be of the*
lungs, the head, throat, stomach,
bowels, or any other organ. \Vh>re-
ever it is. and whatever it seems, it
all springs from the same cause—
4hlca<*. Mnntreal. hew lurk. 3lS
MR TH Dlfi Sold and guaranteed by all drug-
ifU'IU'DAV iriiuto 4'1 KF. Tobacco Habit
Ham Salad.—Chop fine one cup ol
ham; soak one cnp of bread crumbs in
one-half cup of sweet milk; add one
teaspoonful each of dry custard and cel­
ery seed and a little pepper. Turn all
into a sauce pan and heat thoroughly. |
Serve hot on a small platter, garnished i
with slices of hard-boiled eggs.
A powder to be shaken into the shoes. At
this season vour feet feel swollen, nervoib
and hot. and get tired easily. If you nav<:
smarting feet or tight shoes, try Allen'
A literary autobiography of William
Foot-Ease. It cools the feet ami ma>.e<
walking easy.
Cures ingrowing naiis. Dean llowells, bearing the title of
»woolen and sweating feet, blisters and “My Acquaintance Among Authors:
callous spots. Believes corns mid bunion*
of all pain and gives rest ami comfort. \V< A Personal Retrospect of American Lit­
have 30,000 testimonials.
fry it todav erature.” is to be run as a serial before
Fold bv all druggists amt shoe dealers f<n being brought out In book form.
25c. Trial package F II E E. Address A lien
Elizabeth Robbins, the
fi. Olmstead, LeRov, N. Y.
actress who gained a reputation in
A Nebraska man who saw a twistei England as an interpreter of characters
»tart writes about it to a magazine. iu Ibsen’s plays, and whose first novel,
It is harm teas at the start but very “Tlie Open Question,” excited conald-
powerful when some farmer tries to erable comment last year, will publish
stop it by havng his house in its path. her second work of fiction in the au-
An rii.ein.h Matnw.
Celebrated Russian Fainter.
Neutiss tilt, paper.
Made of the Best Material», thoroughly seasoned, by competent workmen. It stand«
without an equal. Call on uur Agent, or address
320-938 East Morrison Street, Portland, Oregon.
a Proposition
Isn’t it reaaonabU to suppose that a firm of
< HD find quick un«! permanent relief
for ►«•rtoiK and Mrt’iuiu «hsiroy’iig
troll bici* in
Thon«an<l« huK* n«e«l it mid thouMRndt*
now ptHi*« •. I
t>'*inimiently. |1
per bioitie at yonr di iixki H' b .
ITCHING Pile« produce moNtnre and ratine Itching
Till* form, at wen a« Blind Blredlua or Protriollng
i ' i
are cured bv Dr.Boeanko’e Pile Remed;.
Kn>pa fu-blutf and b eetling Abaorba tnfnorw. 5o< a
Jar aMrijKK'xiR or aeol by mail. Treatise free. Write
me abuut your cbm . Dll. HOMANKO. Fb lad a. Pa.
th year« experience could tell yon the best way
tog- t goo<t value for your moneyT I! you are
making improvementM iu your hou«e. or build­
ing a new hoti-e, no matter how small or large
the *i»m you whh to spend in electrical or gae
fixture«, firepiscrs, mantel furniture, etc., you
will - hv »’ money and be well auited if you con-
-tilt TH K JO »IN KtlCKKlT CO., VI FI tb S
. street, I'orrlantl, Oregon.
. W
Hsv« in»de Dropsy and it» co«-
plication« a specially for twenty
year» with toe moet wond-rfnl
succeee. Hare cored «any tbow-
S1.1.B. 0SMV3C0S8,
Box X,
Atlant», 0«
Dayton's Fly Killer
PoiiTLaxD, Oatuoa.
ran give you th« brat bargain» in general
Paed a few minutes even­ maeninery, engine,, bollera, tanka, pumps,
ing-. will rid votir hotiaa
of Hies and Moequltoea. , plow,, belts and windmills. Tbs new
No mark or at<in left on steel IXL windmill, sold by him, is un-
the Cellini* or walb. I equalled.
Work* like magic. Price
«e. 3S-1WOO.
2.’» cents. W’rite for book* ' !». P. Jt. E.
let. Da r ton Hardware
HKN wrltle, I. »dr.rtlwre ,le*N
Ce.f Kort land,Oref oft.
■n.wtl.n <bio pap.r-