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    Yamhill County
11. I. 4SIIIBV, Editor A l*ropr.
W II 1
they are political intriguers inimical
to China. That notion is, of course, I
a monstrous error; but it may be a
strange and paradoxical irony of
fate that its falsity can be demon -
strated only by making it largely
true. N. Y. Tribune.
It is not to Christianity as a relig­
ion, but to Christians as suspected
political agents of foreign powers,
Subscription $1 OO Per Year.
that the Chinese object. That is Lord
Salisbury’s explanation of the case,
and it is exactly confirmed by other
i not t n i i li.
Rp*<linxnottcesln local coluuno 10 cents per
Nu Liability to Stockholders.
Stock Absolutely Non-Assessable.
line for first week a ml 5 cents per line I hereafter. authoritative testimony. To say that
Display advertisements, annual rates, one inch
Bryan's panacea for our economic
per month 41; each additional inch 50 cents p« r is not to cast any reflection upon
Accept 16
Obituary and marriage notices not exceeding missionaries as a whole or upon mis­ ills in 1896 was silver.
From many diseases. Children
10 lines published free, if furnished in time to sionary work as such.
It is simply to 1 und the United States will have
be current news. Additional matter 10 cent* per
to set forth what is in the Chinese all the money it needs. Accept the who are well nourished success­
fully resist disease to which an
mind and to emphasize the need of gold standard and there will be fur­ ill - nourished child succumbs.
tact as well as of piety and fervor— ther commercial contraction, for Your child lias enough food.
the need that missionaries should bp there is not gold enough in the world
Does the food make flesh? If
On Saturday last Chinook salmon as wist' as serpents as well as harm­ to warrant making it the unit of
not there is something wrong
with the stomach and other or­
sold to the canneries on the Colum less as doves. It is also to admit value. The country went for gold,
Owns 15,000 acres of the best oil lands in the best oil fields
bia at 8e per pound, which Fish the regrettable fact that guile and and let us see what has been the re­ gans of digestion and nutrition.
; between Oakland and San Diego. Lands situate in the counties
That wrong can be quickly
Commissioner Reed says is the high­ hypocrisy, to some degree, are no sult in these Pacific states:
; of Merced, San Benito, Fresno, Monterey, San Louis Obispo,
righted by the use of
more unknown to the Chinese than
est ever paid in Oregon.
Kings, Kern, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, and Orange.
On December 17, 1896, six weeks
to other races, even to the extent of after Brvan had been defeated, indi­
Governor Roosevelt s tour to the professing piety for the sake of vidual deposits in the national banks
5000 Acres Leased to Capitalists on Royalty.
west lay through Kansas this week profit. There is a treaty stipulation of Oregon, Washington and Idaho
In ninety-eight cases out of
10,000 Acres Reserved for Development.
and in many places a speech was de­ with China to the effect not only that were $17,294,269.60, a decrease of
hundred it completely cures
At Emporia, when lie missionaries shall be protected, but over $8,000,000 since December,
indigestion and other diseases of
spoke of 10 to I , a woman in the also that native converts to Christi­ 1892. This was the period when
the digestive and nutritive sys­
This Company also owns Two M illion F ive H undred T hous ­
crowd became excited, threw her anity shall not be persecuted on ac­ money was still in hiding, having
tem in both young and old. You
and S hares of the Capital Stock of 50 of the best oil companies
arms wildly in the air and shouted count of their faith. There is only been driven to cover by the fear of
in California, thus covering as thoroughly as can be done all the
can consult Dr. Pierce by letter
oil fields.
free. Ad-
dress Dr. R. V.
“Thank God, we don’t want 16 to 1, too good reason to fear that some Bryanite success. With the return
Buffalo, N. Y.
Chinese have taken advantage of this of confidence, our deposits rapidly
and we won’t have it.”
Par Value of this stock is from $i.oo to $10.00 per Share.
------ • • «------
provision. They have professed to accumulated, and on April 26, 1900,
♦ *
Democratic newspapers are even accept Christianity, but have done so the date of the last report to the
criticising the rhetoric of the repub­ merely for the sake of what amounts comptroller of the currency, they
Medical Advis­
lican platform. They say “there is to exemption from Chinese law. They amounted in Oregon, Washington
1st—Royalties collected on 5000 acres.
er, paper cov­
no continuity of style about it; it have then gone on to deal unjustly and Idaho to $34.897,104.56.
2d—Dividends collected from 2,500,000 shares of stock held
ers, is sent on receipt
in 50 companies.
of 21 cents to pay cost
does not bear about it the impress with their neighbors, and when the total has been exceeded but once
of mailing only.
3d—Oil produced from 10,000 acres.
of the rhetorician, nor ring with the latter have resented it and have since national banking was begun in
Address Or. Pierce, as above.
fervor of the early framers of repub­ visited righteous retribution upon the northwest—December 2, 1899—
It covers the Oil Interests of the State aijd will expand with
lican platforms.” Oh, well, its plain them they have fled to the mission­ when the deposits were- $35,243,374-
them. Its eggs are not all in one basket.
enough to be understood, and the aries with the cry that they' were .19. Six weeks after Bryan's defeat
It offers 50 chances to one compared to any other oil company.
republicans will try to get along with being persecuted for their faith’s in 1896, our loans and discounts were
It is as sure to pay large dividends as there ¡soil in California.
Everyone is happy.
it. The common people will also un­ sake; and the missionaries have in «14,410,762.51; April 26, I960, they
Its plan is a new one and the best and safest yet conceived.
Business men endorse the plan as do sensible, prudent peo­
derstand it.
the best of faith made appeal to the were «20,438,943.84.
Win. Clemens house.
ple everywhere.
consul or minister, and so the whole
Since the overthrow of Bryanism
Why buy the stock of an oil company having limited re­
The Pendleton East Oregonian is pressure of a foreign power has been nearly four years ago. the individ­
sources when you can in one company invest in the entire oil field
he is improving in health.
sending out marked copies urging brought to bear upon the Chinese ual deposits of the national banks of
of California? Why do it?
the candidacy of Robert D. Inman of government for the protection
■otection ot
of Oregon, Washington and Idaho have The ladies of the United Artisans
The California Consolidated Petroleum Company has men be­
hind it of capital and high reputation. There are few people on
Portland for governor on the demo­ some hypocritical rasca al from thefl increased over $17,500.000, and the served ice cream and coffee on Saturday
the Pacific Coast who do not know some of the directors at least
cratic ticket. There is a question penalty of his misdeeds. There Is loans and discounts over $6,000,000. to help the sugar beet enterprise.
by reputation. Their names are not only a guarantee of the hon­
The Friends yearly meeting was large­
for the people here, as well as for no cause for wonder at Chinese re­ Between December 17, 1896, and
est handling of the money but of the success of the company.
ly attended. Business sessions occupied
Mr. Inman. Does that gentleman sentment at such doings.
This company is not a trust. It is not connected directly or
April 26, 1900, the individual depos­ the day time, and church services in the
indirectly with the Standard Oil Company, all rumors to the con­
desire to be immolated on an altar of
Nor is that all. Tn some places its of the national banks of all the evening. Saturday eve Mrs. Hobson of
trary notwithstanding.
fusion; and conceding a very remote where con verts are numerous the lat­
Pacific coast states and territories— Illinois preached a powerful sermon, and
The stock of this company can be bought for a short time at
possibility of electing a democratic ter have grouped themselves together
fifty cents per share, which is one-half of the par value. This
Oregon, Washington, California, Sunday Rev. David Hadley spoke to a
governor, do the people want another in a village or a part of a i illage of
offer will positively be withdrawn and stock advanced to $1.00
Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Arizona and crowded house.
sawmill man for the place, in view their own, so as to form a distinct Alaska—have increased from $37,- Well, the beet sugar plant is a sure
per share as soon as the block of Treasury Stock offered for sale
has been sold.
of past experience?
community. They have there adopted 888,660.87 to $75,269,683.76, and thing for Newberg. Saturday was the
Should the limited amount of stock offered at 50 cents per
their own manners and customs, loans and discounts from «34,958,479-
be sold before receiving your application your money will
The local newspaper reflects the their local regulations and ordinances
be promptly returned. “First" come, first served,” is the Com-
.11 to $55,184,733.44. Here we have an immense throng of people was in
business interests of the town in its and have made themselves largely
panv's policy in selling this stock.
abundance of money and enlarged drawing card, it remained for our towns­
advertising columns. A business independent of Chinese law. They
Purchasers may engage stock at once'by paying one-fourth
use of it in business. Is this pros­ men, Rev. Carl and Hon. C. A. Butt to
of purchase price, 121 cents per share, and balance within sixty
man looking for a location always are subject, of course, to imperial
perity or is it a myth? Are we made the talk of the day. Rev. Carl is
days from date of application. Following form of application
examines the newspapers to see how sovereignty, but in local affairs they
may be used:
dreaming when the money we re­ a forcible speaker, and gave some inter­
his particular line is represented. have become almost autonomous, a
quire is passed to us by the banker esting personal observations, in regard
If he is a druggist and finds no drug sort of a petty imperium in imperio.
instead of being told, as we were in to the industry. Hon. Butt made a neat
ads in the paper, he concludes there This may have been done without
................................................................. 1900
1896, that Bryanism had rendered talk and kept audience in good humor
are no druggists, or if there are, they any intention of disloyalty to the
President California Consolidated Petroleum Company,
the financial world panicky and made
are dead. If ho is a doctor or law­ Chinese government, or of antago­
“the boys" made a noisy demonstration
loans hazardous?
yer he looks over the professional nism toward the local and provincial
that was a foretaste of the 4th of July .
curds to see if bis profession is rep­ authorities. Nevertheless it is al­
I hereby subscribe for........ ..................shares of the capital stq^k
I..U.» VET IB.
resented. Among the farmers the ways annoying to the Chinese—as it first to be affected by the financial
of your company at fifty cents per share, and enclose herewith
home paper has a similar mission. would be to us or to any other peo­ crisis in the early '90s, and the last Mr. William Westerfield spent several
..................... as a payment of 25 per cent, of purchase price of
The prospective buyer likes an invi­ ple—and it often becomes quite in­ to feel the new prosperity. Between days with us of late. He now lives in
same, and will pay balance on or before 60 days from this date.
tation to come and trade with the tolerable. Vet if the Chinese author­
Grass Valley, eastern Oregon.
On receipt of balance forward Stock Certificate to me at my ad­
merchants. Advertising is not a ities interfere and attempt to enforce age clause of 1890 and the visitation
Mr. Goheen arrived at home on the
luxury, but an economic proposition, upon the Christian community the
night of the 3d.
Name... .
recognized by all the best and most reminder that it is just as much sub­ disaster to last us until well into the Mrs. Watts spent the 4th in Portland.
successful business men the world ject to the civil law of China as ever
So did Mr. Vickrey and family.
dard, promised in 1896, and enacted
the cry of persecution for faith's sake into law, has lifted us out of the de­ Messrs. Olds sold their hops at a little
Make all drafts, money orders, etc., payable to the California
is again raised. Add to this the fact pression into which the silver heresy less than 5 cents |>er pound. Not much
Petroleum Co. Prospectus mailed on application.
Nothing so enrages our democratic that the Christian powers behind the
made at such prices.
brethren as the suggestion that pros missionaries are constantly making had east us. and established us upon
Rev. A. A. Winter returned from the
perily and republican administra­ aggressions upon China, forcing her a firm basis. Our financial position, Dallas campineeting, reported a good
tions go hand in hand. It makes to modify her laws and customs to so sensitive to flurries ten years ago, meeting.
R. E. BlH. kburn, the Presidrnt an<l General Manager ot the CalifornU Consoli­
dated Petroleiun Coinpauy, has achieved sueceaa in the Inaiigiiialion m.l ninnage-
them as mad us the sting of a hornet. suit their selfish purposes, and seiz­ is now so strong that, though the Mr. C. A. Burt spent the 4H1 at home.
liienl of large enterprises. He Is know n as < nl Jornia’s "<iri-hanl King.’’
Hon. Will A. Harns, the Company’s Vice-President aim Attorney, i~ a lawyer and
They are now kept busy criticising ing bits of her territory, and it is lit­ Boer war caused stringency in Eng­ Some people went to Salem.
orator of national reputation, and Is acknowledged authority on mining law-
I.. Johnson, .secretary, who. though largely interested in gold mining prop­
the republican national platform tle wonder that those Chinese who
erties will devote Ills time and executive abilities solely to the Company ’> inter, ts
S And rotis, Treasurer, tsone of Southern California's soli.l citizens win,
along this line. One organ of the judge tilings by appearances come
deservedly, holds the confidence of the public. His good impress has been left main
All glad that the warship Oregon is
the law* ol (his commonwealth.
party says: “The beneficence of the to the conclusion that Christians are Not a dollar was withdrawn from
t. W live is the Assistant General Passenger Agent of the Southern Pacific Rail
afloat again.
rains which have come to the just really political agents, intent upon the banks nor a loan called in to Died at Lafayette, Or , July 4th, at 10
road Company, which responsible position be has held for many years to the satisfac­
of that corporation and the public.
aud the unjust, the employment and undermining and overthrowing the meet demands from the east or from a. in., Mrs. S. M. B. White of liver and
P. J. Beveridge, son vf ex Governor Beveridge of Illino’s, is one of the most active
Angeles capitalists. The electric railway from this city, via Hollywood, to San­
demaud created by the war with Chinese government anil partitioning abroad. All over the Pacific coast lung trouble. She was confined to her
ta Monica, is the latest monument to his enterprise
M. Hale, one of the leading dry goods merchants of Los Angeles, is one of the
the stock of money is large, and it is lied but little. Will be buried in the
Spain, to which Mr. McKinley was the Chinese empire.
four Hale brothers who own dry goods establishments in San Francisco. Sacramento
Salinas. Petaluma, l.os Angeles and New York.
opposed, and the impulse given in
The directorate’s reference: Bradstreet's, or any bank in California.
This is a statement of the case as tions permit into new enterprises, Henry burying grounds at Lafayette.
many directions by the south Afri
some of the most competent observ­ or is being used to enlarge old ones.
For Further Information, Call or Address
License* to Vlnrry.
can war, are all beiœvolently assimi
ers, including missionaries, have In Oregon we se<^ it going into Estall Null, 24, to Frank Weed, 26.
Room 212 Laughlin Building,
Los Angeles, Cal.
luted us results of republican wisdom
seen it. We repeat that it is not a mines, creameries, public and pri­ Bessie Rounds. 20, to B. W. Johnson.
and statesmanship." It is a queer
condemnation of missionaries or of vate improvements, manufactures 28.
fact, and one which must be very ag­
missionary work. If is merely a rec- and business. In eastern Oregon
D. C. Buffimi, 24, and Mary A. Ranch,
gravating to the opposition, that so
(ignition of evils that have crept into money will be available, if there is 18.
many good things seem to happen
such work, chiefly through the guile no disturbance of conditions, for
during the republican rule and a like
I. N. Collard is home from Bonneville.
of some of the Chinese themselves. railroad extension and irrigation
preponderance of evil things during
It is no argument against mission­ works that will develop a semi arid
Forest Narver ami wife of Sprague,
the reign of the democrats. They
are visiting in this city.
seem to recognize the reality of this
region capable <>f sustaining a popu­
condition in one of their late pleas, favor of prosecuting it with renewed lation of 1 LOO.UOO and make it tribu­ George Flesher came home from Olym­
whim they say “Let us in this time zeal on the highest possible plane of
pia to spend the Fourth with his family.
the country is on a gold basis now. ■ disinterestedness and with the ut­ tary to Portland. Everywhere the Mrs. J. W. Henry left on Thursday of
Traction or Portable, Simple or Com­
and we can’t do you any harm in the most possible tact. Neither is it an (K'ople arc prosperous and contented
atilt enjoying the ls-st times they last week, to spend the summer with rel­
next four years, anyway.
pound. Wood or Straw Burners.
argument agatfist prompt and rigor­ , have ever known. They don’t want atives at Boise.
8. A. Manning has been quite severely
A union Suuday is lioul picnic will lx* ous suppression of the prtsent re- It! to 1
They don't want Brvan,
ill of pneumonia since Saturday, but is
held next Tuesday at llir place known as ■ volt. For it is the duty of law and
Jim Owen’s hill, near McCal'e vlmnel. It order to suppress a riot, no matter nor bis crown of thorn«, nor his considerably better now.
cross of gold. They do not want the
will be part ici paled in bv Hie McMinn-
Moreover, nation bound so that it cannot par­ Mr«. I.atourette ami daughter Freda
ville M E. Bunday si bool and also the what may be its cause.
removed to Oregou City this week, and
M> Calm « c I hhi I. Arrangement« are n<>w the old principle of power and re-
ticipate in the trade to be opened up this city thereby loses some good people.
twing made to se< me enough teams to
take the McMinnville school to llie
in the orient. They don't want the
Mrs. B E. Clubineof Centralia. Wash .
grounds, and through the kiii<hit*ss of i side (towers have for years been ex- Chicago platform or any edition of
Automatic Stackers. Wind Stack*
v l I V. Ofi
is here oa a visit to her aged father, 8.
some of the church members this will hi* cruising their authority in China,
Power«. Threshermen’s
it. And they don t want the present F. Harding, and will probably remain era. Horse
Announcement will
....... of ............
All Kinds.
_ _
next Sunday. The start will lie made pnu tically coercing the Chinese gov- democratic party
several weeks.
from the church at 8 o’clock, and all are I ernment; and therefore they are un-
Miss Estella Noll of this city and F. E.
reques'eil uol to forget to bring their din , tier a mitral responsibility for main­
neo along.
W. R. B rown, Amity, Oregon, has a Weed of Oregon City, were married at
F. W. SPENCER, Local Agent, McMinnville, Ore.
tenance of order there. But it is de-
steel skein wide tire Wel>er wag­ the residence of J. E. Noll by E. North-
The l>all game on Saturday between
| sirable always to keep in mind that on for $S.> cash. Also a new reversible up on Thursday. June 28. There were
the Chetuawae and the home team »»•
' Chinese hatred is directed. not ■ lisi’harro'v for $40. Also a fine driving but few guests, but a good many nice
won by the former IS to ti. On Sunday
the St. Banis beat our boys 9 to 4. Oa against Christianity as a religion, mare, six years old, aired l‘T Coenr presents were given the happv couple
Tneeday the home team played Corvallis but against Christians personally, <!’ Alene, dam Kishar, which he wishes The Reporter extends its hearty con­
and the scors went against them 12 to 7.I aud that because of a notion that j io sell
J. <•. ECU MIS, Akkot-iufr Editor.
Russell ’
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