The Yamhill County reporter. (McMinnville, Or.) 1886-1904, May 25, 1900, Image 8

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Largest stock of bulk garden seeds at
Daniels’ produce market.
Wanted—Wool and mohair, by M.
B. Hendrick.
Wire cloth for fanning mills, at the
Fence Works.
Miss Fleta Magers entertained a num­
ber of her youug friends at whist last Fri­
day evening.
New 1900 model Kambler bicycles,
clincher or cemented tires, latest im­
proved. I rices »20 to »40. F. W. Spencer.
A. E. Cook is again at hie poet at
Rogers Bros.’, after a siege of typhoid
Farmers, take your poultry, eggs and
produce to the fish and poultry market
and get the highest cash price.
H. A. P almer , Prop.
People are generally remarking upon
Elsia Wright's resemblance to pictures
of Mark Hanna since he removed his
The Racket Store is just the place
To buy your ribbon and your lace,
And everything along our line,
You’ll find is very, very fine.
Sidney Bovingdon, who left here a
couple months ago for Santa Clara, Calif.,
has joined the exodus to Nome.
Wire cloth for fanning mills, at the
Fence Works.
Cyclone cameras, Seeds’ dry plateH, Ve­
loz paper, prints by lamp light and
makes the best pictures; no time lost. O.
O. Hodson sells them.
A Methodist campmeeting is to be held
near the Dundee school house June 1-10
inclusive. Everybody is invited to come
and camp on the grounds. Good shade
and water.
I have money to loan on farm prop­
erty at good terms. Parties wishing to
borrow, call and see me.
R L. C onner .
8. H. Maris estimates his strawberry
crop this year at three-fourths. All his
fruit, be says, is about of the right quan­
tity except petite prunes, which are too
thick. He marketed his first strawber
ries of the Beason on Saturday, the 19th
The annual meeting of Camp Hembree
No. 3, Indian war veterans, will be held
at the opera house, in McMinnville, on
Friday, June 1st, at 10:30 a. m. All
members and other Indian war veterans
are cordially invited to be present.
L ee L ai ohi . in , Capt.
Miss Josie Gortner has written a song
entitled "Only Friends.” It will be pub­
lished in sheet music form, the frontis­
piece being illustrated with pictures of
the Hobbs-Patty quartet, and will be
sung at the commencement exercises of
the city high school.
Don’t be without a sewing machine.
|5 a month, 5 months, will buy a New
Home Climax this month at C. Grie­
John H. Gault has accepted a place as
assistant engineer in the insane asylum
at Salem. He went up on Saturday hist
to go to work. In addition to running
the engine he will have wiring for elec­
tric lights and plumbing to do. Ilis
training at the Agricultural college will
serve him a good turn. —Hillsboro Inde­
Just received at Jones A Adams—a
carload of extra “ Star A Star” cedar
sh'ngles. This is a superior grade of
shingles to any heretofore placed on this
market, but the price is the same as for
ordinary shingles.
Judge J. E. Magers addressed the Phil-
ergian literary society at the college Sat­
urday evening on “The Gold Standard
and Why?” It was an exhaustive re­
view of th* history of money standards
for centuries pant, and though the atten­
dance was small, the judge's remarks
were highly appreciated, and proved him
a highly posted man on the subject.
Mias Hattie E. Pope and Simeon B.
Froat were married at the Baptist parson­
age, in Salem, Wednesday, May 10, Rev.
Ronald McKillop, pastor of the First
Baptist church, officiating. Miss Pope
has many friends in thia county, who
will feel called upon to extend their
hearty congratulations when this impor­
tant aDd happy event becomes generally
Summer Sesrriv,
the class of great powers, and Amer j
leans who have just discovered
where their country stands, or who >
talk as if they had, would benefit
themselves and please everybody
else by keeping silent. Senator
Hoar says that he is tired of this sort
of thing. So are a great majority of
his fellow citizens, but they are rest­
ed and refreshed by his remarks on
the subject. New York Tribune.
To the mountains our people in in­
creasing numbers yearly look for those
days of relaxation and recreation neces­
sary to maintain the human machine
in fair working condition. The languor-
one eloth of the seashore proves very
Deductive while it lasts, but many have
decided that the annual outing should
provide not only radical change of air
and surroundings, but also such stimu­
lation of flagging energies as will providt
brawn and vigor for the return to labor.
For this they urge the mountain climb More Antl-I mperiaiiat Illusions.
aud ramble, the balsam of the mountain
Some of our old ‘‘anti imperialist”
pines, and the clear, unadulterated friends, the St. Louis Republic and
mountain air.
a few otners, we regret -to say, are
In this direction the Shasta Route now fooled once more on the question of
affords a wealth of attractions. The en­
the status of the newly annexed ter-
tire line of road from Ashland to Red­
ding is studded with charming and ac­ j ritory. This time they are fooled by
cessible hotels and camps, where are | William Lochren, a United States
cheer and comfort and healing at reason­ judge for the Minnesota district.
able coat, and where you can hunt, fish, Lochren has been saying, in a case
ride, loaf, or play with equal facility.
i in which this point was not involved
Or if you look for healing waters, none I at all, that the United States consti-
better can be found, hot or cold, than the | tution extends by its own force into
springs of Ashland, Celestin, Anderson. the nation’s newly gained territory.
Bartlett, Byron and Paso Robles.
This was exactly what the democrats
Before visiting Europe, the people of
in congress and the newspapers were
the northwest should see the glories of
for the past three months,
Yosemite valley, and the wondrous
groves of Mariposa and Calaveras; the but nobody in particular took much
Parisians are likely to make inquiries notice of them. All the democrats
are hailing the obiter dictum of
concerning these attractive resorts.
Send to Mr. C. H. Markham, general Lochren, who is a democrat of the
passenger agent, Portland, fur new book­ strict construction stamp, as gospel.
lets on Castle Crag, Shasta Springs. Mc­
Jackson “constantly repulsed the
Cloud River, Yosemite, and excursion idea of the presence of the constitu­
rates thereto.
tion in the territory committed to
Till: nji?
< u>ivui> uud Internal I tupui 1» t all
l.igUlly I pou the Pour.
The Hryanites say that the pres
ent federal taxation throws its bur
den entirely upon the poor and prac­
For Infants and Children.
tical! v exempts the rich. Thi* is one i
of the minor misrepresentations of
existing conditions which every in­
telligent man knows to be false. It
is only intended, of course, to influ­
ence those who are too ignorant to i I
AVegt »We rreparationl'orAs-
know or mentally too sluggish to
i ing the l ead and Reg ula
think. With the exception of the
tuig Ute Skuuachs and Bowels of
import duties on sugar and tea,
which, in the individual case, amount
HI LlHtllN
to a sum too insignificant to be con­
I Promotes Digestion,Cheerful­
sidered seriously, the federal system
of taxation does not touch the poor
ness and Rest.Contains neither
Opiuiñ.Morphine nor Mineral.
man at all. It is entirely optional
N ot N arcotic .
with him whether he contributes a
cent to the support of the Federal
Government. With the exceptions I
PturtfJan Sud~
noted, not a dollar’s worth of im­
Alx.Senrui ★
ForhtiUf Szlis -
ported articles upon which tariff du­
Auitt Setti ♦
ties are levied is used by the poor
]\pptrmint -
ih Coròcn^t.TeiIdk. *
man. or the men of moderate means,
jiiayn Seed -
in this country. Custom house col­
itòkbjrww flavor
lections affect him not at all.
A perfee t Remedy f o r Cons lipa-
As far as internal revenue taxation
tic,n , Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea,
is concerned, all the poor man is
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish­
called upon to pay indirectly is that
ness andLOSS OF SLEEP.
upon beer, spiritsand tobacco. Sub­
Facsimile Signature of
stantial increases in the taxes upon
beer and tobacco were imposed by
the present war revenue tax. Yet
his charge, and in that repulsion he the retail price to the consumer has
was sustained by the federal execu­ remained unchanged. Whatever is
Important to Mothers.
Examine carefully every bottle of CASTORIA. tive government at Washington, and paid by the consumer of either beer,
a >afe and sure remedy for Infante and children.
by each house of congress, each of spirits or tobacco is practically a
and see that it
these authorities refusing to enter­ voluntary tax, for it can hardly be
tain, as breaches of the constitution, pretended that any of these articles
the complaints forwarded against are articles of necessity. No man
fu Use For Over 30 Years.
The Kind You have Always Bought. him by those who had been militari­ would suffer in health, comfort or
ly dealt with under his government.” morals if he refrained entirely from
NOIlt’E OF Mil lan’S > h e .
NOTICE or su riti FF’X hILE.
was governor of Florida their use. No objects could be more
svi ti.I. K XOW I.EIti.l III’ A l.ltl AT
when he “constantly repuised the legitimately burdened with heavy N Pursuance of a decree and order of sale duly TVTOT1CE Is hereby given that the undersigned
I’OW K ft.
rendered in the Ciicuit Court of the State of 1*1 as Sheriff of Yamhill County, State of Ore­
idea of the presence of the constitu­ taxation than these, and it is insult­ I Oregon,
for the county of Yamhill, on the
gon, under and by virtue of a writ of exe­
There are subjects on which we are tion in the territory under his
day of April, A. D. 19<0. in the suit of Arthur cution issued out of the circuit court of the state
ing to the poor men of the country McPbillins,
plaintiff, vs. Florent e A. Frisby et of Oregon for the county ot Yamhill, on the 25th
unable to agree with Senator Hoar, charge.” The man whose words are
defendants, and under, by virtue of and pur­ day of April, P.K0, bearing said date and under
to intimate that they are clamoring al,
suant to a writ of execution duly issued out of thè seal of said court upon and to enforce a
but he seldom fails in the discussion here quoted is Jackson’s old friend,
for a reduction of taxation on such said court in said suit on the 25th day of April, judgment, decree ami order of sale duly made
of any subject to say in an impres­ TbomM II Benton. The “federal
1900, I will expose for sale aud »ell as the law di­ and entered by said court on the 5th day of
rects, at public sale for cash in hand, to the December, 1899, in a suit therein pending where­
sive manner things that are well executive government at Washing­
highest bid<ier, at the court house door in the in E. E. Laberieaux was Plaintiff and Callsta E.
The stamp taxes affect the really city
of McMinnville, Yamhill comity, Oregon, on Thomason, formerly Caltela E Robertson, Emily
worth saying. Thus in the debate ton” which sustained him was the
Saturday, the 26th day of May, 1900, at the hour II. Ilunie and W. T. Hume were Defendants,
poor not at all. When a man is car­ of one o'clock p. m., the real property described w herein it was ordered, adjudged and decietd
on the armor plate provisions of the government of James Monroe, a dem­
said decree and order of sale, and writ, as fol by said court that said plaintiff’' have and re­
rying a bank account, or is engaging in
lows, to- a it: Lots numbered one (1), two (2). cover off and from the difendants, Calista E.
naval appropriation bill the other ocrat of the old school, and the con­
three (3) and four (1 , in Block No. two (2) in Thomason, formerly Calista 1-2 Robertson, Emuy
in real estate transactions, or in South
Park, the same being a subdivision in the li. Hume and W. T Hume the sum of $.5«oo0
day he disposed of a lot of silly twad­ gress, which backed him up was
buying or selling stocks and bonds, Donation Land Claim of S. F. Staggs and Miner­ together with interest thereon from the 17th
dle about the United States having almost solidly democratic, for the
va Staggs, his wife, Claim No 55, T. 4 S, R. 4. W. day of June, 1898, at the rate of ten per cent, per
Willamette Meridian, Oregon, as thown by annum; the sum of $5n.iHi attorneys fees and
just become a great power in a few Federalist party at that time had he is, according to Demo-Populistic tif
the duly recorded plat thereof.
$16.25 costs ami di. bur^< nient* and the taxes
Dated at McMinnville, Oregon, this 27th day now due on the land described below, and or­
crisp sentences, which were in the disappeared as a national organiza-
of April, 1900.
dering that the real propeity hereafter des­
class. The average wage earner is
cribed be sold in the manner provided by law
main exactly to the point, in spite of tion.
to satisfy said judgment, which real property is
not in the habit of using the tele­
described as follows, lo-wit: The southwest
an unnecessary allusion to “imperi­
What Jackson did as governor of graph lines very often, neither does Timber Land, Act June 3, 1878.—Notice fractional quarter of Section thirty (30), in
Tow nship two (2) south Range three (3), west of
alism” and possibly' one or two slight the newly acquired territory of Flor­
.for Publication.
the Willamette meridian, containing one hun­
exaggerations. “The United States,” ida other governors appointed by he do so much shipping of freight.
dred and fifty and thirty-live hundredths
United States Land Office, Oregon City, Ore.
(150 35-100) acres, in Yamhill county, state of
he said, “came out of the war of 1812 that other sterling democrat Jeffer­
March 14, 1900
Oregon. Now therefore, under anti by virtue of
is hereby given that in compliance said writ of execution, judgment, decree
a first-class power, and she lias been son did as governors of the newly upon the commercial community, and N 'OTICE
with the provisions of the act of congress order of sale, anti in pursuance with the
3, 1878, entitled “An act for the sale of mauds thereof, I will on Saturday, the2d day of
u first-class power ever since—a pow­ gained territory of Louisiana, and
timber lands in the States of California, Oregon, June, 1900, at the hour of one o clock p. in. of
Washington Territory,” as extended said day, at the court house door in the city of
er that has kept off the whole of in the Jefferson case, as well as in
to all the public laud states by act of August 4, McMinnville, Yamhill county, Oregon, sell the
Europe from North America and the that of Monroe and Jackson, the size of the tax increases with the 1892, Emma E. Lodge of Portland, county of above described real premises, at public auction
State of Oregon, has this day tiled to the highest bidder for cash in hand, subject
magnitude of the transaction in­ Multnomah,
West Indian islands, except as it was
this office her sworn statement No. 5166, for to redemption, to satisfy said execution, costs
democratic congress fully sustained volved. The great corporations of in
the purchase of the SEJ4 of Section No. 32, in and accruing costs, and 1 will on the day of
there before. There has not been a him. None of the fathers of the
Township No. 1 S., range No. 6 W., and will otter sale put the purchaser of said real premises ink»
the country have contributed more to show that the land sought is more valuable immediate possession thereof, as by said decree
country since that time, great or
for ns limber or stone than lor agricultural pur­ ordered and directed.
democracy ever supposed that the
and to establish her claim to said land be-
Dated this 4th day of May, 1900.
small, that has ventured to tackle constitution of its own force extend­ to the general government under the poses,
iore the Register and Receiver of this office at
stamp taxation, ten times over, than Oregon
city, Oregon, on Saturday, the 2d day of 20-5
Sheriff of Yamhill County, Oregon.
us, and there is not a country on
ed to newly acquired regions. All all the wage earners collectively. June, 1900.
She names as witnesses Paul Rossman. A. T.
earth, great or small, that would not
of them, to use Benton's words about Yet the earnings of the wage earn- Kcliihei and Chas. Delaney, of Salem, Oregon,
have got out of any trouble with us
and Almon E. Lodge of Portland, Oregon.
Y virtue of the judgment rendered, entered
Jackson while he was governor of earners, in the aggregate, are far Any aud all persons claiming adversely the
by diplomacy rather than by war. '
Jj and docketed in the circuit court oi the
lands are requested tu tile their
[ Florida, “constantly repulsed the greater than the earnings of the cor­ above-described
claims in this office on or before said 2d day of I slate of Oregon, for the county of Multnomah,
Some students of history may
.lune, 1900.
CHAS. B. MOORES, Register. i on the 19th day of January, Is1.»«, in favor of the
idea of the presence of the constitu­ porations.
plaintiff amt against defendant in an aeiion
prefer to say that the war of 1812
> pending in said court, in which S. Forehand
tion” in new territory. The theorj’
plaintiff, and the Dundee I’rune Company,
The whole statement that the fed­ Timber Land Act J une 3,1878.—Notice for was
left no doubt in Europe that the Uni­
a private corporation, w as defendant, for the
which the republicans are acting on eral taxes are framed in the inter­
sum of |5,06l 73, with interest thereon at the rate
ted States was destined to become
United States Land Office,
of eight percent per aiiuinu from the 19th day
in the case of Porto Rico, the Philip­ ests of the rieh and against the poor
Oregon City. Oregon, March 14,1900.
of January, ls9», and the further sum of $22.00,
a first class power, but the most cau­
pines and other newly annexed lo­ is directly contradicted bv the facts. VTOTICE is hereby given that in compliance cr>si.sand disbursements, a ceitified transcript
tious of them need not hesitate to
with the provisions of the act of congress | of which said docket was duly find m the office
calities was acted upon by the fath­ —Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
of June 3, 1878, entitled “An act for the sale of of the county clerk of Yamhill county, .state of
admit that the country which emerg­
limber lands in the States of California, Oiegon, Oregon, and said judgment duly docketed in
ers of the democratic party constant­
Nevada and Washington Territory,” as extend­ the judgment docket of said Yamhill county, on
ed intact from the greatest of civil
to ail the public land states by act of August the 20th day of January, 1898. aud of an alias
ly. without any misgivings as to its
I. 1892, Almon E. Lodge of Portland, county of writ ol execution duly issued out of and under
wars, forthwith sent back vast ar­
Multnomah, Slate of Oregon, has this day filed the seal of said court in said cause, njx»n said
Was Aot Our C ouncil.
legality or justice. The average
in this office his sworn statement No. 5167, for judgment, to me duty directed and dated the
mies to the fields and shops and em­
the purchase of the NE^X of Section No. 32 in llih day of May, 1900, commanding me that out
modern democratic newspaper, how­ 0n a promiuent page of The Reporter Township
No. 1 S. Range No. 6 W.,and will oiler ot the- personal property of the said defendant,
barked with such energy upon a ca­
proof tn show that the land sought is more valu­ or, if sufficient cannot he found, then out of the
ever. not only is ignoraut of the his­ last week appeared the follow ing:
reer of unparalleled industrial de­
able for its timber or stone than for agricultural real property belonging to said defendant, in
tory of its country, but knows very “At a meeting of the city council, the purposes, and to establish his claim to said land said Yamhill county, ou or after said 20th day of
velopment that it was able to pay off
of the churches in town, urged before the Register and Receiver of this office at January. 1898, I satisfy the said iull of $5061.73,
little about the history and actions pastors
City, on Saturday, the 2d day of June, with said interest and’ said costs and disburse­
passing of an ordinance to close the can Oregon
♦700,01HI,000 of indebtedness in ten
ments, and the further sum of $23.00 accrued
of its own party.—Globe Democrat. dy, bicycle and barber shops on Sunday, 1900.
He names as w itnesses Paul Rossman, A. T
costs upon former execution upon aid judg­
years thereafter belonged in the fore­
only allowing the livery stable to do busi­ Kelliher ami Chas. Delaney of Salem. Oregon, ment, and the custsof and upon said alias writ.
and Mrs. A. E. Lodge of Portland, Oregon.
I did on the 17th day of May. 1900, duly levy up­
front of the nations, Europe may
■ .Iran««« tn Marry.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
the following described real property situat­
some are objecting. But for the well be­ above described lands are requested to tile their on
ed in the county of Yamhill, and state of Ore­
have gained in consequence of the
May 19—Albert Dunn, 22, and Clara ing of the boys it is a good move.”
claim'» in thia office on or before said 2d day of gon, to-wit: Tracts numbered one [1], two (2),
June. 1900.
CHAS. B. MOORES. Register.
war with Spain a clearer knowledge Watson. 20, of Dayton.
fbree [3], four (4), five (5), six (6 . seven (7), eight
The explanation is, that through the
[8], nine i*.»), ten (10), eleven [11], twelve [12],
of our resources and capacity and
thirteen [13], fourteen <U), fifteen (15 , sixteen
May 23—Clias Gregory. 27, and Sophia intricacies of making up forms a portion
[16], seventeen (17), eighteen [18], nineteen [19],
have put a new estimate on our in­ J. Tharp, 18, of Bellevue.
twenty (20), twenty-one [21], twenty-two (22),
of the Newberg correspondent's letter be DO YOU WANT ONE
twenty-three (23). twenty four (24), twenty-five
fluence in the affairs of the world,
came detached from the balance, thus
HUNDRED DOL i L i ARS? (25),
twenty-eix (26), twenty seven (27), twenty­
(28), twenty-nine (29). thirty (30), thirty-one
but she did not wait until that con­ New lot of all wool cash mere and serge causing consternation among the Mc­ Any good man or woman can organize a eight
(31), thirty-two (321, thirty-three (33), thirty-four
thirty five
flict bad been decided to assign us to remnants nt the Racket store.
D. B. Kingery and family returned 1
Saturday evening to McMinnville after J
sojourning through the winter at San .
Jose, Calif. For the present they will j
reside in McMinnville, occupying the I
Manning property opposite Wm. Canip-
Surgical operations and flesh destroying plasters are useless, painful and dangerous, and besides, never cure Cancer.
No matter how often a cancerous sore is removed, another comes at or near the same point, and always in a worse form.
bell’s. Mr. Kingery thinks Oregon just
Does not this prove conclusively that Cancer is a blood disease, and that it is folly to attempt to cure this deep-seated, dangerous
as g<MH) as our neighbor on the south,
blood trouble t>v cutting or burning out the sore, which, after all. is only an outward sign of the disease—a place of exit for
but hie good wile still expresses toiue the poison ?
preference for the golden state.
Cancer runs in families through many generations, and those whose ancestors have been afflicted with it are liable at any
time to be stricken with the deadly tualadv
The Great Northern and Northern Pa-1
cific railroads have voluntarily reduced
the local passenger fare in Oregon and
Washington from 4 to 3 cents a mile. | —further proof that Cancer is a disease of the blood
To cure a blood disease liketlns you must cure the entire blood system--remove every trace of the poison. Nothing cures
Now will Mr. Huntington meet tills on
the great Southern Pacific. The roads Cancer effectually and permanently but 8 S. S.
8. 8. S. enters the circulation, searches out and removes all taint, and stops the formation of cancerous cells No mere tonic
have taken this step because they believe or ordinary blood medicine can do this. S. S. 8 goes down to the very roots of the disease, and forces out the deadly poison,
the increased travol will more than com­ allowing the sore to heal naturally and permanently S S S at the aanie time purifies the blond and builds up the general health
A little pimple, a harmless looking wart or mole, a lump in the breast, a cut or bruise that refuses to
pensate them for tlie difference. This it
heal under ordinary treatment, should all be looked upon with suspicion, as this is often the beginning of
the second reduction in a little over a
a bail form of cancer
year. Mr. Charlton of the Notihern Pa­
Mrs Snrsh M Keesllng al Windsor Ave Bristol Tean. writes
>m «1 years old and for three vests had «ilfcred with a severe form of
cific ewv« of it: "Our experience goes to
Cancer on my jaw which the doctors in this citv said wse incurable, and
eiiow that the first reduction we made
that I could not live more than six month« I aoepted their statement as
tme. and had given up all hope of ever being self again, when my drug
niatettally increase,! onr passenger earn-
gist, knowing of mv condition tec. nimended S S S. After taking n few
bottles the sore begin to heal, muc h to the .urpri-e of the physicians and
itigain Oregon and Washingion. Thia
in a short time made a complete cure. I have gained in flesh, my appetite
second cut in tariffs, we believe, will do
is splendid sleep is refreshing
in fact am enjoying perfect henlth
the same thing. It will tend to stimu­
Our medical department is tn charge of physicians of lout
experience, who are especially skilled in treating Cancer anil <1 other blood diseases Write for anv advice
late travel, and assist in building up pop-
or information wanted, we make no charge whatever tor this service.
nlou* centers.”
Ct?* Cannot be Cut Out or
Removed with Plasters
Only Blood Diseasos can be Transmitted from One Generation to Another
The Kind You Have
Bears the
You Have
Omaha, Nebraska. Teachers and students find thirty-seven [37], thirty-eight
(38), thirty-
the woik highly remunerative and pleasant nine
The h tiding fraternal society in the west. Pays forty-six (46), forty-seven (47), forty-eight [48],
death, disability and old age claims, anti issues torty-nine r®>], fifty .50i, fifty-one, [51], fifty-two
joint policies for man and wife. Fays sick and [52], fifty-three (53). fifty-four [54], fifty-five[56],
accident claims.
Lodge* in thirty states. fifty-six [56], fifty-seven ,57». titty-eight (58), fifty-
Large membership of men and women, Bplen nine [59], sixty [601, sixty-one 161], sixty-two [62],
did reserve plan. If you care to make IBM) or sixty-nine f69i and seventy [70] of Dundee Or-
niore in a week or two, write .to the general chaid Homes Number 2. as shown by the duly
I Manager, Banker « Union of the World. Port recorded plat of said Dundee Oichard Homes
land, Oregon, for a contract as Local or District Number '2, in the r« corder’*» office of said Yam­
hill county.
Manager and organize a lodge.
Now therefoi®, by virtue of said alias/writ rtf
Every Day’s Delay Means Your
execution and said judgment, and in compli­
ance with tiie command'» of said writ, 1 will, on
Monied Loss.
gatuiday, the 16th day of June, 1900, at the hour
of 10 o’clock a. m., at the front d.-or of the coun­
ty court house in thecity of McMinnville, said
county of Yamhill and state of Oregon, sell by
public auction, subject to redemption, to the
highest bidder for lawful money of the United
States, cash in hand, all the right, title, interest
and estate w hich the *aid defendant now has
or had on nr at any time since the 2oth day of
January, 1898, in or to the ab »ve described real
projM rty or any part thereof, to satisfy 'aid alu..s
writ nt execution, judgment, ¡nt; n st costs «><1
disbursements, accrued tosis and all accruing
Dated McMinnville, Oregon .May 17th, 1900.
Sheriff of Yamhill County, Oregon.
Come to The Reporter office for
Importer and Breeder of the
Finest Strains Belgian Hares
East Oakland. Calif.
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Typewriter Papers
; Marriage Certificates
7 Legal Blanks
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