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    VOL. XXX
Entered at the Postoffice In McMinnville,
as Second-class matter.
Metropolitan Airs.
-------- a
An Epoch in the City's History Now
One Dollar if paid in advance, 8inglenumbersflvecentB.
R oyal ex
A bsolutely P ure
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
spy At e»«ino powots co., new
Tlio Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been
in use for over 30 years, has borne the signature of
and has been made under his per-
■Z/, sonal supervision since its infancy.
Allow no one to deceive you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and Substitutes are but Ex­
periments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children—Experience against Experiment.
Castoria is a substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops
and Soothing Syrups. It is Harmless and Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
ami Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children’s Panacea-The Mother’s Friend.
" Prominently and beautifully suspended at 20 points 111
the streets of McMinnville are the new arc lights. Since the
arrival of the new dynamo on the nth inst., the city super­
intendent and engineer have been busy with the work of get­
ting the new machinery and
lamps in position. The work
is nearly accomplished, and it
I i
is expected that Mr. Gran-
■ I
stroiu will announce ‘‘Let ’er
go Gallagher” tomorrow, the
21st inst. This will mark an
epoch of importance in the
city’s history. Along with it
* A
» •
comes the decision of Judge
Boise, which covers the dis­
r / >
f 4
pute in the city council, and
r i
opens the way for a final ad­
justment of the trouble.
z May the city’s light so shine that our neighbors seeing
our brilliancy and progressiveness may be constained to fol­
low in our footsteps.
The Kind You Ha?o Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
J*Is Your Canned Fruit Getting Low?
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Choice Dried Fruits
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£4TWe Meet Competition on Groceries.
L. E. Walker.
■ i ±- ,
jo, set out above, was ascertained by
counting the number of councilmen in
office at the time transaction occurs, and
not the number elected or to which the
municipality is entitled. In these cases,
they claim that after Durham resigned
there were only five members of the
council and that three votes were a ma­
jority of five. Mr. Nelson received three
yqtes aud the other two were cast for
other parries, and the council decided
that Nelson, having received q majority
of all the members of the council was
dply elected. In other words, the de­
fendants claimed that when the charter
speaks of a majority of the council or
members thereof, it means members ac­
tually in office, and that the seat that
was vacant should not be counted. The
other side claimed that iu determining
how many councilmen constitute a ma­
jority of the council or members thereof,
the court is required to hold that the
number of councilmen is six, whether
that number are in office or not at the
! time the transaction in question oc­
curred. The court h*-ld with the relator
on this joint and decided that a major
ity of the council or the members there-
cf was four at all times, whether there
were six members in office or only five,
properly it takes time. It requires experience and
a complete knowledge of drugs. It requires the
druggist to have a large .variety of drugs—fresh
•drugs. He must give the best possible work and
for compensation he must be reasonable. With the
above facts remember we are careful and strive to
please one and all alike. These are reasons why our
prescription file thribbles all in this county. We
are recognised by doctor and customer alike for be­
ing accurate and dispensing only the purest drugs.
ROGERS BROS.’ Pioneer Pharmacists.
Wall Paper
and that when the charter speaks of a
majority of the couucil or of the mem-
The two cuies instituted to contest the
j tiers thereof it means a majority of all
election of R. Nelson and O. O. Ilodson
j the members elected, although there
as councilmen of the city of McMinnville
i may be a vacancy in the couucil.
were argued Wednesday before Judge
The other point insisted on by the de­
Boise in the circuit comi. The argument
fendants, and which was more fully dis­
lasted nearly all day, the plaintiff or re­
cussed by counsel, was the question of
lator being represented by James McCain
jurisdiction of the court to inquire into
aud J. J. Spencer, and the defendants by
the validity ot the election or apjjoint-
Ramsey it Fenton. Many books were
ment of councilmen. Section 16 of the
cited on each side and commented on at
charter provides that “the council is the
final judge of the qualifications and
There were two points in the cases,one
election of its own members."
being as to the number of councilmen
Onr supreme court in the case of Simon
necessary to constitute a majority of the
vs. the Council of Portland, held that
council. The charter of the city provides i
language like the above in the charter of
that vacancies in the count il shall be ■
the city of Portland made the council of
tilled by appointment of a majority of
that city the final judge of the election
thè council.
of the mayor and couuciltuen, aud that
Sec. 30 of the charter is a. follows "A
the courts could not inquire into such
majority ot the whole number constitut­
ing the council is a majority of the elections. The relator claimed that this
provision of the charter does not apply
council or uieml>ers thereof within tlie
meaning of this act, and not otherwise, to a councilman appointed by the coun­
cil, and the couit sustained this conten­
[unless otherwise expressly provided,
tion, and held that the court had juris­
j The concurrence of a majority of a quo
mtn is a sufficient majority to determine diction to inquire into the action of the
any question or matter other than the council in making the appointments of
final passage of an ordinance and the both the defendants. Tlie court held
that neither of the defeudants was legal­
appointment or removal of an officer. ”
The counsel for the relator claimed ly appointed or elected, because neither
1 that it required the votes of four council­ of them received a jnajority of the coun­
men in all cases to appoint an officer, cil, although Mr. Nelson received the
as the charter provides for the election the vote, of a majority of all the mem­
of six councilmen, and that "a majority bers of the council in office at the time
of the council” means a majority of sir, the appointment was made. The court
whether the council is full or not
The overruled the demurrers to the com-
counsel for the defendants claimed that jdaiuts aud gave ten days for the filing of
a majority of the couucil under section answer*.
hew Teachers.
The teachers' examining board finished
its work April 14th, and found the fol­
lowing to have passed.
First grade—E. F. Perkins, J. B. Stil­
well, W. S. Buell and C. E. Hoskin*.
Second grade—Eva Keys and Annie
Third grade—Jasper Miller, Leuna
Martin, Jas. Dodson, Emma Gill, Ray
Wisecarver, Myrtle Gardner, Jennie
Jones, Elizabeth Gowdy, Ida Stewartson
Pearl Harris, Susie Branson, Edward
Dodson, Irene Bones, Grace Dudley,
Manetta Jones, Orba Branson, Ora De­
lashmutt and Nina Baxter.
Primary—Lenora Rinehart aud Marga­
ret Inglis.
NO. 18.
In re*|>onse to a request from The Re­
porter for her impression of the perform­
ance of tlie great Paderewbki, Mrs. Annie
Evenden, of the chair of music of Mc­
Minnville college, whose opinion all will
regard as thoroughly competent, lias
kindly given us the following expression :
“A very large and brilliant audience
greeted Paderewski on his first visit to
Portland. He certainly received an ova­
tion such as never was tendered another
pianist in that city. Paderewski is to my
miud the greatest living artist. Of course
there are others who can possibly
equal him in tecnique, but not one has
his wonderful poaer to make the piano
sing. Some of his tones were merely
breathed out, and yet could be beard
perfectly in any part of the house. That
in itself, I think, ranks hint first. Then
again, no one can so completely cast a
spell over his audience and hold them
syiell-bound, as Paderewski does. His
personal magnetism is very great, in fact
his audience Beein almost hypnotized.
During eaclt number we could almost
hear a |>iu drop. His strength is phe­
nomenal, and yet his extreme delicacy
of touch is equally as wonderful. He is
an extremely nervous and sensitive man,
but yet you can sec he has the most per­
fect control over himself. It is a study
in itself to watch his face, for it expresses
every emotion expressed by the muBic.
The astonishing and beautiful effects he
get* by his clever manipulation of the
pedals, is a study to all pianists. Now,
to speak of some of his numbers. His
rendering of the celebrated ‘Waldstein’
sonata was a revelation to uh all. Those
who are familiar with it will realize the
greatness of the work, aud understand
fully the almost unsurmountable diffi­
culties with which it is replete. It is an
example of how technical brilliancy in
the performer may be displayed without
injuring the real musical aud poetical
parts of it. It seemed no effort to hint,
however, and 1 do not think that any­
one there that evening had " ever heard
the Waldstein really played before. The
great power that is needed in the ‘Alle­
gro con brio’ was brought out grandly,
yet you realized that there was still more
behind. H ib playing of Chopin’s funer­
al march showed his exquisite singing
tones to perfection. Thero were a- num­
ber there who were not ashamed to shed
a tear. There is a very pathetic little
story attached to the march, aud Pade­
rewski played it with the mort intense
feeling. It is acknowledged to be the
most beautiful funeral inarch evtr writ­
ten. It was the Liszt Rhapsodie, though,
that carried his audience by storm. He
seemed in that number to throw away
ti*control, and give vent to the wild and
tumultuous feelings caused by the style
of music he was playing. 1 certainly
never heard it played so wonderfully be­
fore, uml I have heard at least six other
great artists play it. The audience al­
most went wild at the finiah. It was the
last number on the program. Another
great charm with Padorew ski is, be ha*
no mannerisms at the piano, and is per­
fectly quiet and self-poHse»sed. To stun
him tip in a few words: ‘He is a real
artist.' ”
The weather is delightful at present.
Mt. Fred Larkins lias’sold out his
grocery store to a man from Salem.
Please Cali aud Settle.
Mrs. Eliza Perry has returned among
I desire payment within the next ten us after an absence of over a year back
day* of all account* due and all my out­ to Indiana on a visit among relatives.
standing note* overdue.
Several j>eople are on the sick list thi*
C. D. J ohnson .
week. Mrs. Carr, Mrs. Dony and J. E.
Hubbard. Hon. A. R. Burbank was able
to be up town this week.
Bears ths signature of C kas . H Ft iTcasa.
Easter was observed in the churches
Ja use for more than thirty years, sud
Sunday on a grand style. How grand
Vu KinB You Hov. Aluruyi Bought.
the lesson, to wake up in the morning
and know that our friends are asleep, not
dead. Jesus rose again; we shall rise
Reed’s Fence is Best on Earth again. This life is not all.
vqsk .
Whooping cough is quite prevalent in
M. McDonald was a Portland visitor
last week.
Easter Sunday was appropriately ob­
served in the various churches.
Mrs. C. E. Smith and children have
returned from a visit in Linn county.
Last week Mrs. C. T. Belcher, of Port­
land, visited with her father and brother,
J. C. and W. W. Nelson.
Mrs. VanOrsdel of Pendleton, grand
guardian neighbor of the Women of
Woodcraft, paid an official visit to Burr
Oak circle on Tuesday. A good meet­
ing is reported. She was entertained by
Mrs. Annie McDonald while in the city.
Police To Contractor*.
Sealed bide will be received by the un­
dersigned upto Saturday, May 5th, 1900,
ior the construction of a two-story brick
block 60x80 feet, according to plans and
specifications to lie seeu at. my store.
Bidders are expected to furnish bond for
the faithful performance of tbe work, in
the sum of |10,0J0. The right to reject
any or all bids is reserved.
McMinnville, April 19th, I960.
11. C. B i ’ bnb .
Notice To Contractor«.
Sealed bids will be received by the un­
dersigned up to Saturday, May 5th, 1900,
for the construction of a two story brick
block 30x85 feet, according to plans and
specifications to be Heon at my store.
Bidders are expected to furnish bond for
the faithful performance of the work, in
the sum of $8,000. The right to reject
any or all bills is reserved.
McMinnville, April 19th, 1900.
P. M. F lynn .
Probate Court
Estate of Martha Shadden, Petition
to set aside probate of will and codi­
cil and to admit to probate later will set
for hearing May loth, a. d., 1900, at one
o’clock. Citation to issue.
Estate of Peter Wirfs. Final account
filed and Tuesday, June 5th, at one p. tu.
set to hear same.
Estate of J. IT. Maddux. Petition of
Jas. M. Pugh for removal of administra­
te' and the appointment of another filed
and May 1th at ten o’clock set to hejrr
same. Citation to issue to administra
tor B. N. Daniel to show cause why lie
should not be removed.
■.Icensea to Marry.
April iz—Wilber Dudley, 37, and
Florence Shepherd, 17, both of North
April 16—Marion A. Palmer, 33, of
Lane county and Eva L. Fletcher, 18, of
Keglstrat ion, April ISth.
Amity, 132, Baker Creek, 134; Bellevue,
74; Carlton, 103; Checowen, 116; Dun-
dee, 56; Eaat Dayton, 11a; West Dayton,
7a; Fairlawn, tao; Lafayette, 106; North
McMinnvrlle, 136; South McMinnville,
• 75’. North NeWberg, 160; South New­
berg, 137; North Yamhill, 1*4; North
Sheridan, 119; South Sheridan, 44;
Wliiteson, 50; Willumette, 68; Willamina
96, West Chehalem, 123. Total, 3359.
To The Public.
Section 5 of the bicycle laws of the
state of Oregon provides:
Section 5. The absence of the proper
tag from any bicycle shall be considered
prima facia evidence that the tax has
not been paid. It shall be the duty of
any anil all peace officers, deputy sher­
iffs and bicycle tax collectors to seize,
securely and safely hold all such bicycles
until the levied tax and ft additional has
been paid as a fine for such non-pay­
ment Therefore, all bicycle owner* are
notified that this tax must be paid by
May ist.
W. G. H enderson ,
Sheriff of Yamhill Co.
Aatlea tn ilor*e Hreeder*.
For the Money.
Everything but Ingrains for the next 60
days at a very LARGE DISCOUNT.
Must have room for more paper now on
the road.
Yours Truly,
■ Woob J Pscd cm f r.tsd us out lore-sr
My stallion Van S. and Pollux, will
We believe Chamberlain'« Cough Rem­ make tbe season as follows: Amity,
edy is the beet in the world. A few weeks Mondays and Tuesdays ; Sheridan, Wed­
Ranch or Residence. Hard, ago we suffered with a severe cold and a nesdays and Thursday*; McMinnville,
troublesome cough, and having read their Friday* and Saturdays, beginning April
Galvanized Steel Wire.
J. W. H xnby .
advertisements in our own and other pa­ I 2d.
pers we jxirchased a Imtlle to see if it
Mede tn Six Heights, 18 to 58 in. High.
Fare a <ald lu Ono Day.
would effect us. It cured ns before the
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine tablet*.
bottle was more than half used. It is the
best medicine out for colds ard coughs. All drnggista refund money if it fail* to
McMinnville Fence Works,
—Tbe Herald, Andersonville, Ind. For cure. The genuine lias L. B. Q. ou each
M c M utnvillr , O h .
tablet. For sale by Roger* Bro*.
sale by Howorth 4 Co., druggists.
The Bru lu I he World.