The Yamhill County reporter. (McMinnville, Or.) 1886-1904, April 13, 1900, Image 1

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Entered at the Postoffice in McMinnville,
as Second-class matter.
One Dollarlf paid in advance, Single numbfrstlvecent».
NO. 17
For Infants and Children.
ÄVcgc table Preparation for As­
similating Uic food and Regula­
ting litc Stomachs arai Bowels of
Promote s Digestion,Cheerful­
ness and Rest .Contains neither
Opium.Morphine nor Mineral.
Ths Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
N ot N arcotic .
Pumpkin Sted "
A!x.Senna *
K.ddL Soils -
/niic Seed *
Pppcrmint -
Jfi Co/ôonaà Soda *
ffam Seed -
Ctarified Siapir .
Hi* syrien f lai ar.
I '
A perfect Remedy forConstipa-
tion. Sour Siomach,Diarrhoea.
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish­
ness and LOSS OF SLEEP.
Tac Simile Signature of
You Have
Always Bought.
Is Your Canned Fruit Getting Low?
Save it by buying some of our
dioico Dried Fruit?
We have a good variety—Clean, Choice atid Cheap.
The fine product of our Bakery is the comment oi
our customers each day. We are scrupulously clean
and neat in the production of all our baked goods.
gSf~X\ e Meet Competition on Groceries.
L. E. Walker
properly it takes time. It requires experience and
a complete knowledge of drugs. It requires the
druggist to have a large variety of drugs—fresh
drugs. He must give the best possible work and
for compensation he must be reasonable. With the
above facts remember.we are careful and strive to
please one and all alike. These are reasons why our
prescription file thribbles all in this county. \Ve
are recognized by doctor and customer alike for be­
ing accurate and dispensing only the purest drugs.
ROGERS BROS.’ Pioneer Pharmacists.
Wall Paper
Everything but Ingrains for the next 60
days at a very LARGE DISCOUNT.
Must have room for more paper now on
the road.
Yours Truly,
that neither house of the legislature
should have to exceed 18 clerks, includ­
ing clerks of committees. The republi­
Delegate» Appointed to Mate Con­ can party has frequently promised the
vention and Revolution» Passed.
people retrenchment and economy in
The democrats met in convention at 10 public expenditures and has as often
failed in those promises, showing that it
a. m. Saturday, and were called to order is incapable of reforming itself.
by H. C. Burns, who Was chosen chair­
9. Resolved, That we call the atten­
man, and the office of secretary was filled tion of the people to the fact that our
by Wm. Scott, with Chas. Galloway as taxes are very high, notwithstanding
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
that nearly all that the farmers have to
sell brings a very low price. With wheat
gov *1 »Ax i so sowoew co., sew vows,
Committees were appointed as follows: at a very low figure and hops worth less
Ou credentials and order of business— than the price of harvesting them, the ■
H. Gee, C. Loder, W. W. Walker, Geo. people are in poor condition to pay could report at the next conference.
the heavy taxes imposed upon them by 1
Bryan and J. W. Roth.
the state and county; that it is the duty
Central comitteemen were named by
It’s Just before the battle. Mother,
On resolutions—J. A. Simmons, W.M. of the county court to retrench in expen- the
various precinctB as follows:
In the midnight’s chilly dew,
Ramsey, Claude Ferguson, J. T. Simp­ ditures and not permit the drains on the
Now the Boers are waiting for us—
treasury to grow. We call their atten-
son and W. R. Kirkwood.
O, I wish I was home with you.
United States providing for the election M. B. Hendrick; Bellevue, C. J. Payue;
Adjournment was then taken till I p. of United States senators by the vote of 1
Checowen, J. A. Simmons; East Daytou,
All my comrades have been crying.
m. At that hour convention was called the people.
Wondering what their fate will be.
John Versteeg; West Dayton, Henry
7. Resolved, That the democrats of
to order, and committee reported as fol­
They say they would desert the army,
Bertram ; West CUebalem, W. W. Wal­
But they cannot swim the sea.
lows on credentials:
Senator McBride and Representatives ker; Fairlawn, W. 0. Arthur; North Mc­
Amity—C R Matthis, by F Wright, G Tongue and Moody in voting to impose Minnville,James Henry ; South McMinn­
O, Dear Mother, why did England
Ever send us to this shore?
W Briedwell, M F Corrigan, J W Roth tariff taxes on the trade between Puerto ville, L. G Suitor; North Newberg, L.
I would rather tight with lightning
Rico and the United States as an act of
and F Wright.
F. Hall; South Newberg, R. L. Jones:
Than to risk it with a Boer.
Baker Creek—M B Hendrick, H Gee, injustice an<T of imperialism, and we de­ North Sheridan, W. Raleigh; South
clare the action of congress on this sub­
1 said good-bye Dear Mother,
W J Brower, J F Wirecarver, C V Gallo­ ject to be similar in character and injus­ Sheridan, D. C. Coleman ; North Yam­
O, what fun 1 thought 'twould be
way, W L Hembree by E J Wood.
tice to the acts of the English parlia­ bill, Luke Kuykendall; Willamette, J.
To whip the Boers and get a gold mine,
Bellevue—CJ Payne, John Thornton, ment—imposing taxes on the American T.
Then come proudly home to thee.
R B Griffith, Al Kingery, C W Babcock. colonies without their consent.
the Boers are such good shooters
Resolved, That we favor honesty,
Carlton—W C Hagerty, Geo Oldham, and economy in the transaction of the Hess; Carlton, W. C. Haggerty.
They have most my comrades slain.
Andi know well never conquer—
C Loder, J C Scott.
business of the state and of this county,
On motion of J. C. Cooper, convention
Can't you get me home akaln?
Checowen—H C Gist, J F Johnson, and we denounce the profligacy and ex­ adjourned.
farewell, Mother, I can never
Vine W Pierce, J C McKern, F H Cald­
latures of this state, and we demand re­
Bring those diamonds home to you,
well, J A Simmons.
trenchment and economy in state expen­
For well I know before the sunrise,
Dundee—S Greer, Fred Henry Hagey, ditures, and we specially denounce the
I will bite the morning dew.
employment of hordes of useless clerks,
B Groth.
— VlNkN.
East Dayton—John Versteeg, J E by tlie state legislature, and we declare
tion to the fact that the moneys which Chas. Agee's, Sunday.
Todd, G B Foster, Thos Hall.
they expend are paid by the taxpayers,
The boys have commenced their usual
Section 5 of the bicycle laws of the
West Dayton—H A Bertram, W C H and that the taxpayers have some rights
state of Oregon provides:
Tucker by W A Mellinger, G E Bertram, which the county court is bound to re­ Sunday sport, that of base ball.
spect. We denounce the action of cer­
I Lambright took hii mohair to Mc­
Section 5. The absence of the proper
P J Wirfs.
tain republican politicians of this coun­
West Chelialem—L W Harger, E G ty in attempting to have the salary of Minnville Saturday. He is well satiefled tag from any bicycle shall be considered
with the yield, for which he rece:ved 28c prima facia evidence that the tax has
Fendall, W W Walker, C C Ferguson, tlie county judge increased.
10. Resolved, that while we favor a jiound.
not been paúl. It shall be the duty of
Jesse Everest.
Quite a number of our citizens were in any and all peace officers, deputy sher­
Fairlawn—Wm Scott, A F Arthur, W good roads, we denounce the payment of
extravagant sums to road supervisors for
McMinnville the 4th inst. to form their iffs and bicycle tax collectors to seize,
C Arthur, T J Rowland, O D Scott.
their services.
securely and safely hold all such bicycles
North McMinnville—H C Burns, W M
Whereas, the American Book Co. has opinion of the “boy orator.”
Ramsey, John Crimmons, Orm Wood­ for many years enjoyed an almost exclu­
Mrs. Short and Norman Barnett of until the levied tax and ft additional has
monopoly iti school text-books in
been paid as a fine for such non-pay­
rum, F S Harding, H M Bond, J W Hen­ sive
this state, and whereas, the people of Ballston, visited with their parents, Mr.
the state by reason of said monopoly and Mrs.Jos. Barnett, Saturday and Sun­ ment Therefore, all bicycle owners are
notified that this tax must be paid at
South McMinnville—H S Maloney, J have been paying prices much in excess day.
W. G. H kndkrson ,
C Cooper, W H Fletcher, C P Nelson, T of a similar class of books; and whereas,
Mrs. J. N. Grohe returned home tho
tlie said company’s contract with the
Sheriff of Yamhill Co.
J Hayes, I. G Suitor, Elsia Wright.
first of the month after an absence of
state expires in 1901, therefore, be it
South Newberg—R Everest, C A Bris­
Resolved, That we protest against the six months. She spent the winter at Ileniar kablo Cure ot Hlieuinalisiu.
continuation or renewal of the contract Agnews in California.
tow, R L Jones, Il II Livingood.
K enna , Jackson Co., W. Va.
North Sheridan—W T Raleigh, R L of the said company with the state.
Lewis Small came out Wednesday to
Resolved, That we urge upon the rep­
About three years ago iny wife bad an
Churchman, J T Simpson, J E Cronin, resentatives elect to use every influence
visit with his uncles, the Casey Bros.
attack of rheumatism which confined her
P A Flynn.
with the governor of the state to appoint
Mrs. J. Eborall returned home Wed­ to her bed for over a month and rendered
North Yamhiil—Luke Kuykendall,Jno a noti-political commission who shall se­
Harris, Jas Gaunt, C C Tallman, W B lect a new series of text-books with an nesday after a visit of ten days’ duration her unable to walk a step without assist­
eye single to benefit the schools and the
| Gilpin by Kuykendall, M M Goodrich, people of the state, and not the corpora­ with relatives in and near McMinnville. ance, her limbs being swollen to double
Walter Scott and wife have moved up their normal size. Mr. 8. Maddox in­
W A Dickinson by Kuykendall.
from their home near Sheridan to the sisted on my using Chamberlain’s Pain
South Sheridan-—1) S Southmayd, R
The resolution referring to Mr. Bryan
Daniels & Agee saw mill, where they are Balm. I purchased a fifty-cent bottle and
i Iv ie.
called forth considerable applause.
during the spring and sum­ used it according to the directions and the
Hopewell—J T Wood, W R Kirkwood,
Hendrick moved adoption of report,
next morning she walked to breakfast
i A P Magness, J F Allison.
and motion carried unanimously.
without assistance in any manner, and
Willamina—Jno Veach, W D Paflcer,
Gee moved that chair appoint four tel­
she has not had a similar attack since.—
I Claude Gentry, Paul Fundman, proxy lers; motion carried, and Gee, Corrigan, spent Monday in Sheridan.
\. B. B absons . For sale by Howortb A
I for ull absentees.
Bayne, F. Wright and Nelson were ap­
Co., druggists.
South Newberg—J C Sawyer, L F pointed.
In almost every neighborhood there is
Hall, Hugli Nelson, W H Morris.
Motion carried to vote for delegatee by
The frost was very severe here on last some one whose life has been saved by
Lafayette—Van Parker, Geo Bryan, T ballot and that majority of votes elect.
B Nelson. J J Carey, W R Derby.
At this point Raleigh referred back to Saturday and Sunday nights. Can’t tell Chamberlains Colic,Cholera and Diarbu-a
Remedy, or who has been cured of chron­
The chairman spoke of there being no the resolutions and wanted them to say the damage to fruit as yet.
The praise service at the Y. M. C. A. ic diarrhoea by the use of that medicine.
delegation from Whitcson, and Labe something about the partiality of the
on last Sunday at 3 p. tn. led by Prof. Such |iersons make a point of telling of it
Morin said there were only three pres­ county court in registering voters.
whenever opportunity offers, hoping that
ent at the primary and 110 business w’as
Lafe Hall thought it was the duty of C. Kantner, was of good effect and pow­ it may be the means of saving other lives.
doue. E R Broadwell and Labe Morin the clerk to register the voters instead er. He referred to the first praise ser­ For sale by Howorlh A Co., druggists.
were seated with two votes each to rep­ orthe court. The chair seemed to ignore vice before this world was made that we
resent Whiteson On motion of Walker the complaint as without foundation, and have record of—Job 38:-"When the star
Fine Honda 10 McMinnville.
angels sang and all the sons of God
the report was adopted.
the matter was dropped.
The St. Charles store is located on one
Willamette substituted the name of J.
Here the chair erred in the order of shouted for joy.”
of the most prominent corners in the city
P. Wood for Magness.
business, and the election of a central
Rev. Lovell of Pennsylvania will lead and is known for its good stock and
Hendrick moved that each delegation committeeman for the state was first dis- the Y. M. C. A. on next Sunday, and reasonable prices. “All goods sold at a
profit.”—No baits,—Our coffee alone has
appoint its own proxies for absentees. l>osedof. M. B. Hendrick was nomi­ will preach at night.
made us famous. Come to see ns often,
nated. He withdrew and named Capt.
Jo Melotte and family will go east of you’ll get fine treatment. N. E. K kgo .
Raleigh reported no delegates from H. L. Heath. W. M. Ramaey was nomi­ the mountains by team soon.
South Sheridan, and moved that J. T. nated, but explained that he would not Melotte will go with them.
The Heat In 'I he World.
Simpson of North Sheridan cast their be here long. Hendrick wanted Heath
We believe Chamberlain’s Cough Rem­
Mrs. Joda Hays and little daughter
proxies. Carried.
declared the unanimous nominee, but went to Tillamook this week to join her edy is the beet in the world. A few weeks
Report of committee oil order of busi­ the balloting proceeded and resulted in
ago we suffered with a severe cold and a
husband, who went several weeks ago.
ness recommended, first, reports of com­ 78 vote« for Heath out of a total of 86.
troublesome cough, and having read their
Young Mr. Scott has been home on a
mittees in order of appointment, second,
advertisements in our own and other pa­
Nomination of delegates was .next in
election of a county committeeman for order, and the following gentlemen were visit from Albany college for the past pers we purchased a bottle to see if it
the slate; third, election of eleven dele­ named: J. 8. Allison, II. C. Burns, week.
would effect us. It cured us before the
Harry Dupuy ha9 been home from the bottle was more than half used. It is the
gates to the state convention; fourth, John Versteeg, F. H. Caldwell, C. J.
choosing a committeeman from each pre­ Bayne, C. G. Scott, C. C. Ferguson, Dr. Corvallis school visiting relatives and best medicine out for colds and coughs.
cinct for a new county committee. The Matthis, J. C. Sawyer, Fred Hess, C. B. friends.
—The Herald, Andersonville, Ind. For
report was adopted.
The relatives and friends have decided | sale by Howorth A Co., druggists.
Nelson, J. F. Simpson, H. Bertram, Bau)
Committee on resolutions reported as 1 Fundman and W. C. Arthur. Morin to have the body of C. W. Watts brought
For Nair.
wanted to know il all precincts were home from Dawson City for burial, as
To the Yamhill County Democratic ' now represented. Twenty ballots were soon as the river opens for steamboating
Two heating and one cook stove and
convention: We, the undersigned, your
on the Yukon.
some household furniture; 1 ladies’ side
committee on resolutions, beg leave to , taken to secure eleven delegates, the
Farmers are busy seeding now. A saddle; 1 two-year-old Van 8. gelding; 1
submit the accompanying resolutions, vote running as high as 103. Those
yearling heifer; 1 milch cow ; 1 cart; 1
and recommend that they be adopted by elected are as follows: H. C. Burns, large acreage of grain will be »own.
the convention
stove; 1 baby carriage. Inquire of
C. R. Matthis, F. H. Caldwell, C. G.
Messrs. Job Carey, Henry Bros,
I. Resolved, That we hereby reaffirm Scott, J. F. Simpson, H. A. Bertram, C.
M rs . A lick S immons or A. E. C ook .
our Adherence to the Chicago platform
adopted by the democratic national con­ ’ J. Bayne, Claud Ferguson, C. B. Nelson, yards and put them to grain.
Baul Fundman and I-ee Jones.
vention of 1896.
No move on the locks yet. Too much
Bears th« signature of C has . H. F l etc hi
J. C. Cooper moved that the chair ap­
1. That we most heartily endorse our
water iu the river, Hope to see work
In use for more than thirty years, and
bold and fearless leader, Hon. W. J. Bry­ point a committee of seven toconfer with
move forward soon.
an for president.
7Ar Kind Foa Ha vs Always Bought.
the advisory committee appointed by the
3. That we condemn the present re­
The united Evangelical church has
publican administration for the disgrace­ |XTp<i!i*ts to pass upon the question of signed a recommendation to conference
Felice to Horae Hrsrlrra.
ful manner in which it is treating the fusion for the coming campaign. The
My stallion Van S. and Pollux, will
Puerto Ricans in withholding the bene­ vote stood 46 lor and 7 against the mo­ that meets at Hillsboro soon for Prof.
Bitner to be made a minister. He is a make the season as follows: Amity,
fit» of free trade with the states.
tion. Just what the wishes are of the
I 4 Resolved, That we favor the adop­
young man.
Mondays and Tuesdays; Sheridan, Wed­
tion of the initiative and referendum so , other 47 who did not vote, is a matter of
The nomination of Hon. T. H. Tongue nesdays and Thursdays; McMinnville,
far as they may be practicable in legis- conjecture, but it is a fair presumption
for congress gives satisfaction in Y am- Fridays and Saturdays, beginning April
' lation.
that they are notin favor ot it.
5. Resolved, That we favor the adop­
Mr. Burns appointed M. B. Hendrick, hill county.
J. W. H enry .
tion and enforcement of such legislation
Prof. Kantner attended a concert in
national and state as shall be necessary J. C. Sawyer, J. F. Allison, C. Loder, W.
Cara <t l aid In One Day.
to de stroy the trusts formed for the pur­ F. Raleigh, Frank Wright and E. J. Portland this week of a very high order
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine tablets.
pose of controlling the business of the Wood. Mr. Fergnson asked what this . of musical talent.
country to the detriment of the consu­ committee is expected to do. Mr. Burns
All druggists refund money if it fails to
Alleghany is the newest Oregon post- cure. The genuine bee L. B Q. on each
6. Resolved. That we demand an replied that bedidn’t know, it wasn’tbia
tablet. For sale by Roger» Bros.
amendment to the constitution of the committee. Cooper said the committee office, situated in Cooe county.