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    Yamhill County Reporter
The U. S. battleship Kearsarge has
been placed in oommiislon.
D. 1. A8B111Ï, I-nbllshsr.
Senator Simon, of Oregon, intro­
M c M innville
OREGON duced a bill appropriating $250,000 to An Attack Upon the British
establish a mint at Portland.
Supply Wagons.
Former Judge Wm. 8. Vest, a promi­
nent and wealthy citizen of Minneapo-
■ lis, is dead in Los Angeles, aged 63
Buller has surrounded the Boers at
Colenso and conifielled them to retire Boers From Natal Are Reported to B«
Com pre hen »i ve Review of the Import­
across the Tugela river. The British
Moving to the
A$»i»tanc« of th«
ant Happening« of the l*aat Week
captured 100 prisoners.
Free State Force«.
Culled From the Telegraph Columns*
It is said that Dr. Leyds had for his
sole purpose in going to Germany, the
London, reb. 20.—It is now amply
The Boers now claim to have 120,000 establishment of a German protectorate
confirmed that General Cronje escaped.
fighting men.
over the Boer republic.
Every detail received, however, proves
The army appropriation bill carries
Voluntary requests for retirement how admirable Lord Roberts’ plans
from the navy have come in so rapidly were conceived and were succeeding.
Treaty between the United States since January 1, that forced retire­ But for the unexpected delay at Dekiel
ments will not be necessary.
and Trinidad has been signed.
drift, which was almost intnpassable
At Oakland, Cal., the largest cargo for wagons, the whole Boer force would
Charles Lewis, of Lewisville, Or.,
The delay of
killed himself accidentally while hun­ of lumber ever consigned to that port, have been surrounded.
is now being discharged. It consists one day there gave them their chance
for a hasty retreat.
All the other
Astoria, Or., is taking special pre- of 1,200,000 feet oi Oregon pine.
movements of Lord Roberts were exe­
Dr. William Treacy, witness in the
cautions against the introduction of
cuted on time.
Apparently General
case of Senator Clark, of Montana,
Cronje is retreating with the main
The anti-trust conference has de-
army, and even if he shall escape alto­
clared in favor of the government own­ pre me court judge money for hishonoi. gether, he will probably lose all his
ership of railroads.
The battleship Wisconsin, now build­ baggage.
There is still something doubtful of
A press agent of the defunct Franklin ing at the Union Iron Works, in San
syndicate believes that Miller made a Francisco, is fast nearing completion. about the capture of the British convoy.
She will probably be ready for her trial According to a Daily Mail correspond­
million dollars out of the swindle.
trip before July 1.
ent with the convoy, which consisted
Manufacturing, railway and ice har­
A board of survey has inspected the of 200 wagons, each loaded with 6,000
vesting interests have been greatly
pounds of ration and forage, and each
damaged by severe stoims in New Eng­ United States hospital ship Missouri,
by 16 oxen, it was quite unex­
many repairs are needed. It will prob­ pectedly attacked by a commando
Three well-known citizens of the ably be two months before the vessel supposed to come from Colesburg. The
town of Nanaimo, B. C., were drowned is ready for sea.
escort, consisting of 80 of the Gordon
while on a hunting trip on Vancouver
Highlanders, 40 men of the army serv­
Munir Bey, envoy of the sultan of
ice corps, and a few of Kitchener’s
Turkey at Paris, has presented Presi­
The United States government has dent Loubet with the insignia and horse, maintained a defense until the
• 1 new naval vessels under construc­ grand cordon of the Order of Nichi- I arrival of reinforcements sustaining
tion, which will require in officers mimaz, the highest decoration in the insignificant casualties.
The Standard’s correspodent at
alone, 2,000 men.
Turkish empire.
Jacobsdal, telegraphing February 17,
Willis P. Sullivan, Mayor Phelan’s
Leaders in Polish national circles of says:
•ecretary, was chosen by the board of Chicago say there is a secret National
“An attack was made yesterday
police commissioners of San Francisco Polish League, which is extended upon the rear guard of our main body
to be chief of police.
throughout Euiope and America, and by a force of 1,400 Boers, who were
Sam Beswick, an old and well- that it has existed for 14 years for the hurried up from Colesburg,
known character on the Chicago Board purpose of freeing Poland by force of succeeded in capturing some of our
ot Trade, died as a charity patient iu arms or any other method. They are wagons, but Lord Roberts did not de-
hoping for war between England and lay his march to retake these,
the Baptist hospital of that city.
the Czar.
were few casualties on our side.”
Mexican papers are giving much at­
The last oi our supply columns ar­
Assistant Secretary Allen has been
tention to the proposed construction of
rived from Honey Nest kloof today,
the Nicaragua canal. They believe it
I that the revenue marine service will be having met with no opposition on the
will benefit Mexican trade.
glad to participate in the war college way.
England is suffering from a severe ( exercises of the coming summer, and
Specials from Ladysmith report an
blizzard. Trains are snowed up in all will detail several officers to attend. apparent movement on the Boers to­
directions and street-car lines blocked , Secretary Root has not yet replied to ward the Free State, presumably with
and telegraph and telephone wires are the navy department’s invitation ior the object of assisting General Cronje.
I the army to take part in the course, but
Bonded Warehouses.
The Salvation Army celebrated the 1 Assistant Secretary Allen understands
The presi-
City of Mexico, Feb. 20.—
20th anniversary of its establishment military officers will be detailed.
dent has issued a decree for the estab-
Lord Roberts’ forces have occupied lishment of a system of bonded ware­
in the United States with the baptizing
oi Bootli Tucker’s-baby. The ceremony ' Jacobsdal.
houses at ports of entry, Managers of
took place in New York.
on the
Terrific snow storms are raging in warehouses may lend money
The Vladimir Vostock, one of the
usnal privileges pertaining to this busi­
•tipply ships chartered by the govern­
The house passed the legislative, ex­
ment for the transportation of quarter- ecutive and judicial appropriation bill. ness in foreign countries, collect stor­
age charges, etc. Exemptions of cus­
iiiastFr’s and commissary stores, ar­
General Kelley-Kenny’s brigade cap­ toms duties on the materials for the
rived at San Francisco from Manila.
tured a Boer supply train of 78 wagons construction of the warehouses is grant­
Patriotic women of Vancouver, B. near Jacobsdal.
ed for five years. Several banks here
C., have devised a means to aid the
A blizzard is raging in New York. are interested in this business, and
British soldiers in South Africa. Three Blinding clouds of snow are being New York parties are expected to take
thousand pairs of socks are ready for whirled about by a strong northeast a portion of the capital required. The
shipment, besides sweaters, caps and wind.
business was projectd some years ago,
An armor plate trust, com posed of 15 but was defeated in congress, but it is
The revolution in Venezuela, tinder j firms in the world, which practically now certain to pass.
the leadership of Hernandez, is said to I monopolize armor plate, will be
Steel Plant for Mexico.
be gaining headway.
Chicago, Feb. 20.—A special to the
The treasurer of Nez Perce county,
Will Burts, a negro, was lynched Record from Monterey, Mex., says:
Idaho, was arrested for de]x>siting pub­ near Baskett Mills, S. C., by a mob of Au American syndicate with a capital
lic funds in national banks.
250 men. lh assaulted the wife of a of $10,000,000 will immediately begin
the construction of a great steel plant
Two hundred shareholders of the planter.
iu this city. The plans for the mam­
Panama Canal Company met in Paris
Rear-Admiral Sampson has been
moth concern have been completed and
and chose a new board of directors.
offered and declined the presidency of
the ground purchased for locating the
A bill appropriating $150,000 for the the
several buildings.
Au abundance of
enlargement of the postotlice building technology.
high grade iron oie and coal is within
at Portland, Or., was passed in the
Three men were caught in a snow easy shipping distance.
The plant
slide in Colorado, near Silverton. Two will make a specialty of manufacturing
After an overhauling at Mare Island were killed and the third saved his life steel rails, aud will be the first in­
navy yard, the Philadelphia will pro­ by running.
dustry of the kind to be established in
ceed to the island of Tutuila, one of
The Abbott-Downing Carriage Com­ Mexico. It will give employment to
the Samoans.
pany, of Concord, N. 11., has made an alxiut 4,000 men in the different de­
A branch of the mineis* union has assignment, with liabilites of $200,000 partments when they are in operation.
Several American capitalists iu Monte­
been formed at Cornucopia. This is ami assets of $600,000.
noteworthy in that it is the first branch
The strike situation at the island of rey are heavy stockholders in the
to tie formed in Oregon.
Martinique is now calm.
Several ar­ enterprise.
The Venezuelan Revolution.
for in­
During the last three months nearly
Havana, Feb. 20.—General Ignacio
250 demented soldier* have arrived in terfering with men at work.
Kan Francisco from the Philippines,
The body of Miss Esther J. Cullen, Andrade, former president of Vene­
and it it said 200 more are on the way. of Olympia, Wash., was found on the zuela, who is now in Havana, said
tide flats of that city. A complete air today:
The Corliss proposition for the gov­
"1 left Venezuela for the good of my
of mystery surrounds her death.
ernment ownership of a Pacific cable
country, as it was claimed that I was
was defeated by the house committee | The Vermont State Federation of the cause of the revolution.
As the
on interstate and foreign commerce, by Women's Clubs is attempting to secure revolution continues, I can scarcely
the appointment of women on the state have been the sole cause.
a vote of 8 to 5.
I confess
board of penal and charitable insti­ that I do not know the precise cause
F. O. Tait, amatuer golf chapmion ol tutions.
of the war. By some it has beeu at­
Great Britain in 1896 and 1898, was
A band of Cree Indinas, camped tributed to the division of the country
killed during General MacDonald's re­
connaissance at Koodersberg, being shot near Butte, Mont., bought a quantity into 20 states by congress. The* revo­
through the body. He had previously of alcohol, and by mistake were given lutionists pretend to consider it uncon­
wood alcohol, three of the band dying stitutional, but they have themselves
been wounded at Magersfontein.
in great agony.
maintained that diivsion.”
The British ship County of Edin­
The Owen brothers, two of the baud- |
Elephant« Ran Amuck.
burgh went ashore near Manasusn life­ its who held up aud robbed a Wells- '
London, Feb. 20.—An exciting scene
saving station, on the Jersey coast, Fargo express car at Fairlutnks, Aril.,
near Point Pleasant. She is hard and have been captured near Pearce, Aril., took place at the Crystal Palace, Syden­
ham. this afternoon.
Two large ele­
fast aground, and it is expected to
by a Tombstone posse.
phants belonging to the circus ran
break up. The crew were taken off iu
Pirates are causing much trouble in amuck, killed their keepers and gored
the breeches buoy by the life-savers.
Chinese waters. A crew from a British another man.
There was a terrible
By an executive order, a certain por­ gunlmat had a lively tight with them panic in the audience attending the
tion of the peninsula in tile district near Choutou Chang, in which several concert in the place. One animal was
of Alaska, immediately north of th, pirates were killed aud one sailor shot. captured after great damage to prop­
southern bouudarv, and embracing
erty. The other escaper! through the
Cauip Point Spencer, has been reserved At El Paso, Texas, a mob of negro grounds, but was captured late this
for public purposes.
The tract is
evening iu the suburbs of Rreckeuham.
located ou the west shore of Port Clar­ city police station with the object of |
ence bay, comprising the peninsula on
Eire in Denver. Colo., destroyed a
which is Point Spencer, aud includes had l>een arrested and during the tight tour-story building. Loss is estimated
■ bout font square miles.
at $150,000.
French railroads have ordered 30 lo-
Captain Charles Loeffler has 1>een
comotive* from Philadelphia.
doorkeeper at the entr.vuce ot the exec­
A Leipsic newspaper warns German utive chamber in Washington for over
manufacturers may crowd them out of 80 years.
The oldest consul of the United
A Fiench court sent a man to prison States in continuous service is Horatio
for three months for insulting Queen J. Sprague, who became consul at
Gibraltar in 1848.
Victoria in a pamphlet.
The persons engaged in raising fund,
The queen of Italy has a handker-
chief valued at $30,000. It took sev-, to buy a home in Washington for Rear-
eral women more than 20 year* u Admiral Schley have made another ap­
peal for money.
make it.
Seven Stores Worth •tfO.OOO.
Clarksdale, Miss., Feb. 30. — Fire
which started in the rear of Bacol
Capp«’ general store destroyed seven
brick store, in the business portion of
the city today; lose, $50,000.
College Destroyed by Fir*.
New Orleans. Feb. 20. — The St.
Charles college, at Grand Coteeu, to-
gether with a large and valuable libra­
ry. was destroyed by tire today; lose,
I Woman M Year. Old Undergoes H.irgl-
cul Operation by New Method.
French Force Defeated Rabuh, a Native
Faris, Feb. 19.—M. de Oral*, min­
ister of the colonies, has received a
telegram from the governor of the Opening of Discussion
French Congo, M. De Lamothe, an­
Porto Rican Bill
nouncing the defeat in battle of Rabah,
the principal chieftan of Central Sou­
dan, by a French expedition under M. INTEREST IN THE MEASURE
Rabah has long been the strongest
opponent of the extension of French Preliminary Speeches by Payne, nal-
influence in the Soudan.
It appears
xell .nd Klchard.on—Democrat, Ar-
that he was strongly intrenched at
rayed Agalli.t the Measure.
Kouna. between French Congo and*
Lake Tchad. Kouna was defended by
Washington, Feb. 21.—The debate
12,000 men, with 2,500 rifles and three
cannon. After a desperate fight, the a pen the Puerto Rican tariff bill, which
French demolished the fortress.
Ra­ is to continue throughout the week,
bah, who was wounded during the I and possibly longer opened in the
fight, tied six hours before its conclu- J ' house today. On all liandB it is agreed
sion. The commander of the French that this bill, although it applies only
expedition, however, admits that prac- ' to Puerto Rico, involving, as it does,
ticallv half of bis own force was placed the question of the power to govern
hors de combat. Fortv-three Senaga- our new possessions outside the limita­
lese sharpshooters were killed, and tions of the constitution, is the most
four Europeans, including Captain important measure which will come
Robillot, and 106 Senagalese were before this congress. Interest in the
wounded. The commander of the ex­ bill is intense among the members on
both sides, and there is Argent demand
pedition says in his report:
“We had altogether 820 rifles, so I for time.
The Democrats are solidly arrayed
thought it advisable to continue the
march to Lake Tchad.
Captain against the measure, and they will
Robillot occupied a fortified canton- have powerful support from the Repub­
lican side in McCall (Rep. Mass.), aud
rnent at Tounia.”
The commander of the expedition Littlefield (Rep. Me.), both able and
returned to Bangue to inform the gov­ forceful debaters. How far the Repub­
ernor of the defeat of Rabah. He re­ lican disaffection will extend,
ports that the result will be very im­ whether it will endangel the bill, it
portant, as Rabah is completely de­ is impossible to say at this time.
moralized by his losses, estimated nt Payne (Rep. N. Y.), floor leader of the
majority, refused to agree that a vote
between 2,000 and 3,000 killed.
should be taken upon a substitute to be
offered by the minority. This substi­
tute, which has not yet been framed,
six Hundred of Them Will Be Distrib­
will be in substance the bill originally
uted in Various Cities.
introduced by Payne, providing for free
Austin, Tex., Feb. 19.—A dispatch
trade with Puerto Rico by the exten­
from Manzanillo, Mexico, says that
sion of the customs and revenue laws
the Mexican gunboat Oaxaca has ar­
of the United States over the island.
rived there from the mouth of the
The debate today lacked exciting
Guaymas river with 600 Yaqui Indian
features. It was in the nature of a
prisoners on board.
They were cap­
long range bombardment before the
tured in the battle fought about three
lash of the contending forces in battle.
weeks ago near Mazocola.
The pris­
Payne opened with a general argument
oners will be taken to Gnadalajara, and
in support of the bill, going largely
there distributed to the various interior
into the material side of the situation,
cities. They will not be conlined in
w hich the bill is designed to relieve.
prisons, but will be kept under surveil-
Richardson, the Democratic leader,
ance for a few years, until they have
joined issue upon the power of congress
become educated in the habits of the
to enact the proposed legislation, and
Mexican people when they will be
allowed to return to their tribe and im­ Dalzell (Rep. Pa.), backed up Payne
with a constitutional and legal aigu-
part their newly acquired knowledge
ment. All three were listened to with
to their fellow tribesmen.
When the Oxaca left the Yaqui river close attention.
the government troops were making
good progress toward subduing the
rebels. General Torres had divided
his command, and the two armies were
to advance into the Yaqui country from
two different points. No official con­
firmation is obtainable as to the gov­
ernment’s loss in the recent battles,
but it is reported that there were ovei
400 killed and wounded. It is claimed
that the Yaquis left 200 killed, about
300 wounded and 600 captured.
Unusual Scene in the Kentucky State
Frankfort, Kv., Feb. 21.—The Demo­
crats held a session of the senate, with
President Pro Tern. Carter presiding,
this morning, and adjourned to meet
The Republicans had ad-
at 10:30.
jonrned Saturday to meet at 10:30
When the senate convened, both
and Marshall presided.
Bacon's Resolution.
Republicans recognizing Mr. Marshall,
Washington, Feb. 17.—Considera­
adjourned after prayer, and, led by
tion of the financial matter having
Lieutenant-Governor Marshall, the Re­
been concluded, discussion of the Phil­ i
publican senators left the hall.
ippine question was resumed in the Democratic senators, recognizing Presi­
senate today. McEenrv, (Rep. La.),
dent Pro Tern. Carter, paid no atten­
strongly opposed the permanent acquis-
tion to the Republican proceedings,
tion of the islands, and believed the
and continued in session. The Demo­
United States ought to relinquish them cratic senate then adopted a motion,
as soon as the authority of this country
introduced by Mr. Allen, of Lexington,
had been asserted. Stewart, (Silver
to reaffirm the former action of the sen­
Nevada), took a pronounced position
ate by which Goebel was declared gov­
in favor of the admission of the products ernor. This prevailed on a viva voice
of any of the island possessions of the
Senator Triplett, anti-Goebel
United states free of duty. The bill
Democrat, voted with the Democrats
providing a form of government for the
for the purpose of making a quorum.
territory of Hawaii was read, but be­
The Democratic senators adjourned
yond that formality nothing was done after adopting the Allen resolution.
with it.
The house Democrats will follow the
Injured at Fire«.
action of the senate Democrats, ratify­
Chicago, Feb. 19. —Eight persons ing the former proceedings in the Goe­
were injured, one fatally, in four fires bel and Taylor and the Beckham-
that occurred late last night and early Marshall contests. The house convened
this morning in the residence portion at noon. Speaker Trimble presiding.
of the city. In all about 35 lives were The journal of the Democratic legisla­
imperiled by the fires, and there were ture, siting at Louisville, was read.
heroic deeds of rescue by the tiremen. Hickman (Dem.) demanded a roll call
M. W. Littlefield, Mrs. M. W. Little­ to ascertain the presence of a quorum.
field, Curtis Jamieson and Frank The Republicans did not answer to
llampden were overcome by smoke and their names and only 53 of the 60 Dem­
rescued by firemen.
The two small I ocrats were present. The house adopt­
children of Mrs. H. E. Bump, sleeping I ed a resolution directing the custodian
on the first floor, were also overcome of public buildings to drape the legis-
by smoke and rescued by their mother lative halls and statehouse with em­
at the peril of her life.
lilems of mourning, aud to place the
The total loss will not amount to state capitol flag at half-mast, on ac-
$50,000. Most of the tires were caused count of the death of Governor Goebel.
by overheated furnaces.
The contest matter was not taken up.
Chicago. Feb. 21.—Mrs. Mary Arndt,
in spite of her 83 years, watched a sur­
geon at the county hospital today am­
putate her right leg near the hip with­
out giving any evidence of pain.
operation proved successful.
method by which the operation was
performed was of great interest to the
surgeons, and is said in professional
circles to be a great step in surgery in
America. Dr. Samuel Weber, a mem­
ber of the advisory staff of the hospital,
ha«l charge of the operation, which >*
said to be the first of its nature per­
formed in America, and the second
known to medical men, the fii.-
being been pel formed in Europe.
Weber made a study of the initial
operation, and concluded the method
might be employed for the amputation
of lower limbs of patients who were
unable to withstand the effects of
The method consists in the deaden­
ing of the nerves in the limbs by the
injection of cocaine in the vertebral
cavity above the point where the nerves
controlling the lower limbs branch
from the spinal chord.
The patient had suffered a gangrenous
affection of the leg, ami amputation
became necessary to save her life. She
was not in a condition to make the use
of an anaesthetic safe, and the surgeon
decided to try the method which had
proved successful in a Berlin hospital.
The drug was injected into the patient’»
vertebral cavity a short distance below
the waist line, and soon she announced
that she had lost all feeling in her
lower limbs, while she was fully con-
scions of what was going on and had
the full use of all her faculties.
The limb was removed two inches
below the hip, and after the effect of
the drug had passed away the woman
said she felt well. The prospects foi
her recovery are good.
General Hopcloly
London, Feb. 21.—A member of the
cabinet told H. W. Lucy tonight that
the war office had received a telegram
announcing that General Cronje was
hopelessly surrounded. Mr. Wyndham
was beset with anxious members of
the house, but would only reply that
the government’s news was extremely
satisfactory. The sole explanation ol
the government’s withholding good
news is that confirmation and more
details are awaited.
The situation, as disclosed by corre-
spondents over the Free State border,
is tantalizing to the public expectation.
The elementary facts are that the Boers
are trekking eastward toward Bloemfon­
tein with slow moving baggage trains,
and that they are pursued by Lord.
Kitchener with General Kelly-Kenny’s
division. General MacDonald, with
the Highlanders, made a forced march
to Koodoosrand ford and Sunday pushed
20 miles eastward.
General French
left Kimberley Saturday, going along
the Modder river. Lord Kitchener is
trying to outmarch and to outflank
the Boers, thus checking their retreat,
if possible, and driving them back in
to the hands of MacDonald and French.
Captain Loughborough'i Report; of the
Washington, Feb. 21.—General Mc­
Kibben, commanding the department
of Texas, has forwarded to the adju­
tant-general a copy of the following­
telegram from Captain Loughliorough,
commanding the troops at Fort Bliss,
Texas, in regard to the trouble with
the local authorities at El Paso, Texas,
on the 17th.
“Through negligence or connivanc»
of noncommissioned officers in charge
of the barracks, arm racks were opened
last night and a number of rifles taken
out. One soldier was killed, and I
learn one guard at the city jail, where
two soldiers were held for drukenness
and disorderly conduct.
Arm racks
are now locked and the keys are in my
possession. All ammunition has been
placed under lock and key. I have not
permitted any one to leave the garri­
son. I am co-operating with the civil
authorities and will do everything in
my power to Iring the guilty parties
to justice.”
General McKibbon adds that he ha*
ordered an additional officer to Fort
Bliss, and that he will make a thorough
Locomotive Exploded.
The Inter-Ocean’« Sult,
investigation. He says further trouble
Topeka, Kan., Feb. 19.—Two men
Springfield, Ill., Feb. 21.—In the is apprehended.
were instantly killed and three fright­ appeal of tlio Inter-Ocean Publishing
Drove Rebel. From Rich Country.
fully injured by the explosion of a loc­ Company against the Associated Press,
Oaxaca, Mexico, Feb. 21.—General
omotive boiler in the Santa Fe round­ the supreme court today rendered an Bravo’s force of government troops ha»
house this afternoon. The dead are: opinion leversing the decree entered by driven back the Maya Indians and
John Heustis, a boilermaker; Nels the Cook county circuit court and the taken possession of several important
Linden, tireman. The injured are: J. appellate court for the first district, towns that were occupied by the re­
L. Beardsley, will probably die; Artie and remanded the case to the the cir­ bels during the week. The country
Sailor, bruised and badly shaken up, cuit court, with directions to enter a occupied by the Mayas is little known
and Bert Shields, face cut and one eye decree as prayed for in the original bill to the outside world. Its natural riches
injured. Tne explosion was caused by filed by the Inter-Ocean Publishing are great. An army officer with Gen­
compressed air, w hich was to be used Company, to restrain the Associated eral Bravo’s troops writes as follows
as a motive power in the "midget” Press from suspending or expelling the of the country:
locomotive, a small switch engine. petitioner from its in >mbership and
"All this vast territory which is
Beardsley was lettinc the air into the from refusing to tnrnsish it news ac- now being reconquered contains fabu­
cording to its contract.
tioiler when the explosion occurred.
lous wealth and an exuberant fertility
of soil, which can raise everything in
C'alitvrrM« Big Tree Grove Sold.
Washington, Feb. 21.—The president the way of agriculture. Its forests are
San Francisco, Feb.
17. — Robert
signed the proclamation making extensive aud have all the precious
Whiteside, of Duluth. Mina., has prac­
woods. The whole country is well
the Samoan treaty. The procla­
tically purchased the Calaveras Big
watered. There is an abundance of
for game, the singing birds, many with
Tree grove, having paid the company I
owning it $1.000 for an option of 90 the section relative to the exchange of -plendid plumage, are everywhere.
days. The price for the grove is $100,- ratifications, and recites the treaty in Deer and mountain tnrkey are here by
000, and it consists of 8,800 acres. exteneo.
the thousands.
Edwin Mayo Dead.
He has already purchased 5.000 acres
Quebec, Feb. 21. — Edwin Mayo, of
jt timber land west of the Calaveras
Marching on Guaymas.
grove and has bonded two other large the "Pndd'nhead Wilson” companv.
Austin, Tex., Feb. 21.—Information
tracts east and south of the big tree dropped dead in the Chateau Frontenac reaching here today from Ortiz, Met.,
park. A joint resolution is (vending in today. Mr. Mayo and his wife were is to the effect that a courier has been
He was dispatched after Generl Torres and the
iongress authorising the secretary of staying at the Frontenac.
he interior to open negotiations for chatting with Edwin Varney, manager Mexican forces.
The cause of thi*
bonding of the Calaveras county groves of the Academy, until alx>ut 2 o’clock. special messeenger is that information
of sequoia gigantea for a government When Mr. Varney started to take his has been received that the main body
I leave. Mr. Mayo arose to see him out. of 2,000 kaquis are marching on Guay­
and suddenly fell back in his chair. mas. with a view of capturing the
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