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    M'MINNVILLE, ORE., FRIDAY, FEB. 16, 1900.
Entered at the Portodlcein McMinnville,
as decond-elas. mailer.
For Infants and Children.
One Dollar if paid In advance. Slnglenumbertdvecenla.
NO. 9.
R oyals
A tax of $1.25 was levied on each bi­
Elder Lindsey, pastor of the Christian
cycle in the county except those for sale
church at McMinnville, is preaching at in hands of dealers, and sheriff was or­
the Christian church here this week.
dered to procure necessary receipts and
Ed Cockrau, while chopping in the tags.
Supervisors were appointed for road
timber south of town one day last week, districts as follows:
A bsolutely P ure
had the misfortune to cut one of his feet
District 6, J. P. Johnson; 7. W. J.
j Stater; 5, C. Bartholomew; 8, W. E.
quite badly.
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
Thomas; 10, Wm. Hamilton; II, Van
Farmers hereabout are improving the Parker; 16, Joe Draper; 18, John Web­
good weather by plowing and sowing I ber; 19, J. R Forrest; 20, Smith Steph­
26, Chas Mitchell; 27, D. M. Kirby; 29.
The Degree of Honor will give a public F. J. Stewart; 31, Cary Barker; 2, Scott Laughlin Hiolliers Slave Struck it
drill and supper on the evening of the Bremmer; 4, W. R. Morris; 1, E. B.
After three years of mining on the
14th. Thia bids fair to be one of the Flett.
W. D. McDonald made a business trip
County clerk was authorized to adver­ Klondike, Samuel L. Laughlin, of North
most pleasant events oi the winter, as
tise for bids for furnishing bridge lum­ Yamhill, says he is glad he went there, to Portland on Monday.
the ladies are doing lots of training and ber and fir and oak wood tor county.
as he has "made more money than he
other work in order to make it a success.
could have made in three lifetimes at I For pure home-made buckwheat flour,
He arrived from Dawson, you will find it at Warren A Son’s.
Frank Thomas and F. Robinson have
0 O Hodson, supplies court house$24 85 on the Sth inst , where he left January
The body of Bert J. Clark is among the
bought quite a large band of sheep, and C B Frizzell, house rent............... 5 oo 12. coming out over the ice by dog team,
will try and sec if there is not more mon­ Jas Thomas, care of poor...........
I oo aud reaching Skagway in 12 days. The soldier dead now remaining at San Fran­
ey to be made some other way than by Win Wess, Comd’r post sold'r fund 73 15 Oregonian thus speaks of Mr. Laughlin’s ; cisco.
Mendenhall ez Bibee, supplies for
experiences and quotes that gentleman:
Found, on Third street, a white silk
raising w heat.
poor................................................. U 15
Mr. Laughlin, in company with tw'O j
As spring approaches the hobo also Irwin-Hodson Co,registration laws i 75 brothers, all North Yamhill boys, leit handkerchief. May be obtained at this
makes his appearance, and the average A V R Snyder, justice transcript. 7 oo Portland in the first rush, summer of office.
Sutton, Calkins & Co, mdse for
1897, and were fortunate iu getting hold
A picture puzzle sociable will be held in
citizen as usual, prepares to teed him.
poor ............................................... 34 08 of some good claims ou a tributary of
Those on the sick list, so far as heard Nichols & Gabriel, shingles for
Bonanza creek, 14 miles southeast of Union block, Saturday, Feb. 17th, at
bridge ..................... .................... 8 75 Dawson, aud they have 26 miners at 7:30. Come and be merry.
from, are all improving.
A V R Snyder, registration notice 2 io work at present, drifting in the frozen
February 18th, at 3 p. tn., in the Meth­
A L Stow, brick............................... 1 oo gravel, which is being piled on the
Nichols & Gabriel, suppl’s for poor 6 oo dump, awaiting the summer thaw, when odist church, Mrs. Helen Harford will
W L Hembree, stationery ...
2 25 the gold will be sluiced out. The depth hold a special meeting for the children.
J. Cronin was a McMinnville visitor J C Porter, supplies for poor
. 24 00 of shafts ou their claims ranges from 10
Yesterday morning was the coldest
R E Smith, milk for poor............. I 50 to 100 feet, owing to the distance to bed­
E H. Taylor and Frank Stow' made Telephone Register, blanks and
rock, along which drifts or tunnels are v.-eather of the winter. Rev. Joseph Ho­
business trips to Sheridan Saturday.
advertising..................................... 4 70 run, as indications point to the richest berg’s thermometer registered 2O-"egrees
Miss Mollie Thompson is visiting with A Rea, lumber......................
3 75 deposits. The old-style system of thaw­ 011 an open porch.
J T Hembree, drawing jury..
relatives in McMinnville.
7 00 ing by fires built in the drifts is found to
A Frances Willard memorial service
Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Agee spent a few J S Courtuey, medical attendance io go be satisfactory, and no thawing machines
days last week with friends in McMinn­ Chas Jack, hauling boards ......... 5 00 have yet been used. The frozen gravel will be held in the Methodist church on
Valley Transcript, prt'g................. 27 00 is hard as flint, and will not yield to the Sunday, Feb. 18th, at 7:30. Mrs. Helen
ville, returning to their home Sunday.
3 co pick and shovel until thawed out. Mi­ Harford, state president of the W. C. T.
J. Eborall and wife spent Sunday with Mrs. S. A. Burnett, house rent
Mrs. Eborall’s uncle, Mr. Cockerham, H F Bedwell & Co., mdse for poor 14 50 ners’ wages at present are $6 a day and U., will speak. Special music and reci­
Matthies & Co., meat for poor . . 3 00 board, eight hours being a fair day’s
who lives near Willamina.
C Grissen, stationery...............
io bo work. This is quite a fall from $15 a tations have been prepared. The public
Marion Taylor was visiting in McMinn­ Jas McCain, examining tax collec­
day originally paid, and is considered is cordially invited.
ville for a few days last week.
tion .................................................. *s oo very poor compensation, suggestive of
S. Howorth took his departure Wednes­
Luke Booth and wife of upper Willa­ J D Hibbs, supplies for poor
. 5 oo hard times. The rush to Nome will,
mina visited Saturday and Sunday with City of McJI., water and lights. . U oo therefore, continue, as the cape has a day afternoon for Portland, to be present
the family of D. Evans.
Valley Times, notice to voters.. . I 50 good name in Dawson, and many claims at the marriage of bis friend Ralph
will be abandoned on the Klondike in
Jake Sliger is moving his family and Calbreath & Goucher, medical at­
tendance ....
............................ 8 oo favor of the new Eldorado this summer. Cryeler to a lady named Burdick resid­
belongings to a place in the mountaius,
Or. Telephone Co., rent of phone. 4 IS Mr. Laughlin likes the climate and the ing at St. Johns Messrs. Howorth and
along the Willamina.
5 70 diggings of the northwest territory bet­ Crysler were boys together at Niagara
We are pleased to report that both Irwin-Hodson Co., stationery
3 50 ter than he does the laws, which he says Falls twenty years ago, and during all
Mrs. S. Evenden and Mrs. Lambright Glass & Prudhomme, file books
Sutton, Calkins & Co., uidse for
are almost unbearable. The government
are still improving.
poor................................................. 6 oo figures to grab about 75 per cent of the their wanderings since, their friendship
Quite a number of hunters were seen Frank Hauswirth, poll tax refund­
wealth produced, and the corrupt offi­ has remained firm.
going to the mountains Sunday. It is
ed ..................................................... I 00 cials make matters worse by the manner
There have been various rumors that
supposed they were after bear or panther, D I Pearce, cotu'r salary................. 20 20 of enforcement of the laws. "We pay
as a panther has been prowling around J N Branson, “
" ................. 25 So 10 per cent royalty, $10 a year miners' Judge Magers was going fo Corvallis,
the foot hills lately.
K P bird, money advanced .......... 13 SO license; $15 for recording a claim, and Ashland, and other points to engage in
salary................................. 66 65 $17.50 for re-recording. Besides this, business. He informs a Reporter man
NO11TH YAtlllll.l.
the government retains every 10 alter­ that he does not know that he will leave
Mrs. M 7J Hoxter, Florence Critt­
enden home.................................. 8 oo nate claims for itself, so that a miner is
helping the Ottawa government accum­ Yamhill county at all. The Judge ha»
J. W. Bones of Sheridan was in our Good Samaritan hospital, care of
wealth every turn he makes.” He grown up here, and has warm attach­
city the last of the week, looking after
finds the Canadians narrow-minded and ment for Yamhill’s environments and
Mc.M Grange & Farmers Co., mdse
his “health."
for poor.......................................... 56 50 very jealous of Americans. This feel­ her people, and it would be like pulling
Lester Daniels made our town a flying
R Jacobson, overpaid tax............. 45 oo ing is due to the fact that Americans heartstrings to leave.
visit Saturday last.
Nichols dt Gabriel, mdse for poor 3i 82 rushed in there and made the country,
Mrs. J. C. McKern has been on the
and at the same time got hold of it.
It seems like presumption to dispute
sick list for the last few days, but is re­
Nome seems to have charms for the suc­
Notice ol IBulb tor Wood.
ported as being on the mend.
cessful Klondiker, too, as Mr. Laughlin such a veteran gardener as S. H. Maris,
Sealed bids for furnishing wood will be is arranging to ship a cargo of cattle and who says he doesn't see how we can pos­
Sam Laughlin came in on the evening
train Saturday, having just arrived from received by the county clerk as follows: horses to the cape by the first steamer sibly have strawberries this year, but
Dawsou City, where he reports every­ Fifteen cords of second growth fir wood available.
"That’s the only place for a we’ve a notion to offer to wager him a
thing as being in a flourishing condition. of good quality and well seasoned. Twen­ young man,” he says, alluding to the new hat that we will. He bases his pre­
ty-live cords of oak pole wood, well sea­ frozen north. “What can a young man
The body of Richard E. Petry, our soned and to be not less than three in­
soldier boy who died in Manila, arrived ches in diameter at the small end, both do here? There is a fortune in that diction on the fact that the plants have
home Saturday evening, Feb. ioth, and fir and oak wood to be full 48 inches long country for the man who will work and repeatedly bloomed during the mild
was buried Wednesday last with the sol­ and the fir to be split small enough for take care of himself, though, of course, winter, and have bloomed themselves
he has risks to run in getting there, and
dier’s burial.
use in ordinary heating stoves. All to
a rough life after he arrives, but, out. We base our belief on the fact that
Lola Perkins, the fourth daughter of be carefully corded up on grounds just also
never win.” In speaking we want them, and can hardly conceive
N. H. Perkins ami wife, died at her home north of court house not later than Sep­ of the venture,
municipal justice is admin­ of Oregon failing on strawberries.
iu this city Wednesday evening, Feb. 7, tember 1st, 1900. The county court re­ istered way
Dawson, he says men are
aged 17 years, 7 months ami 26 days, serves the right to reject any or all bids. brought in
On Thursday evening of last week an
before the court, charged with
and was buried in the I. O. O. F. ceme­ Bids to be opened on the 8th day of having been drunk.
"Do you plead unknown man was run over and killed
tery Friday. Rev. Leach preached the March, 1900, at 10 a. nr. By order of guilty or not guilty?” asks
the judge. by the southbound passenger on the
funeral. Lola was a good girl and will the court.
"Guilty, your honor.” "Fifty dollars
be missed by her many friends. The
Feb, 12, 1900.
and costs,” says the judge.
Another west side at a point one mile east of
bereaved family have the sympathy of
J. II. N elson , C o . Clerk.
culprit pleads "Not guilty.” “Fifty Forest Grove. The body was discovered
the entire community.
dollars and costs,” says the judge. The the next morning, when life yet existed,
Glen Henderson, deputy sheriff, was Notice for Hid« lor Bridge 1.umber. incident is related to show how Klon-
though the head was badly cut, and
in our city the last of the week.
Sealed bids will be received for furnish­ dike officials all have an eye to tlirift, death ensued in a short time. The man
Snow fell to the depth of about one ing lumber for the different road districts from gold commissioner down.
followed the occupation of repairing
inch Tuesday evening.
in Yamhill county in wagon load lots for
Quite a number of McMinnville peo­ the year 1930, to be delivered when and
DeWitt’s Little Early Kiners purify chairs, and recently wired all the chairs
ple were in our city Wednesday, to at- •ahere directed by the supervisor of each the blood, clean the liver, invigorate the in the court house in this county. He
district, lumber to be good and sound.
tend the funeral of R. E. Perry.
had told different persons that he had a
Bids to be opened on the Sth day of aystem. Famous little pilla for consti­
March, 1900, at 1 o’clock p. in. The pation and liver troubles. Kogers Bros. brother by the name of Brown on the
Oak Hill stock farm of C. E. Ladd near
county court reserves the right to reject
any and all bids. By order of the court.
North Yamhill, whom he hud not seen
Mrs. Clem Blum of McMinnville is in
Feb. 12th, 1900.
town visiting relatives and friends.
The ladies of Phil Sheridan Circle G. for 13 years, and that he was on bis way
* o . Clerk.
~ '
II. N elson , C
A. R. observed Lincoln day Monday to see him. The foreman on the farm,
Mr. C. J. Bishop of Fortland visited
evening at the Baptist church. There however, sa)s that lie was not hie broth­
over Sunday at W. W. Nelsen’s near
Coluinbu* School Notea.
was a good attendance, largely made up er. The coroner's jury exonerated the
Friday closes the fifth month of school. of children from the public schools.
The young people of the Epworth
train crew from any blame, as no one
The boys seemed to enjoy themselves The McMinnville band was present and
league will hold a basket social at Cra­
saw the mau at the time of the accident.
ter's hall on Thursday evening.
Rev. Joseph Hoberg lea in
The arrest of W. W. Smith, H. D. Bur­
Judge R. P. Bird was in town on Sun­ snow.
A portrait of Lincoln was
Colds seem to be an epidemic in our prayer,
day, to examine Mrs. Will Heston for
dette and A. M. Waddel for trespassing
insanity. She was conveyed to Salem building. Nearly everyone is "barking” school children. Mrs. C. W. Talmage upon bicycle paths was not carried to
on Monday; the second time she has and several of the pupils are absent on sang a patriotic solo. Rev. H. T. At­
trial this week, all parties pleading guilty
that account.
been committed to the asylum.
kinson addressed the people on "Lincoln,
The 9th and 10th grades have taken the Man,” and was followed by Rev. and paying a fine of $10 and costs.
Several social events have taken place
during the past week, in honor of Mr. up Civil Government. This is a very Geo. W’. Fender on "Lincoln, the States­ These gentlemen are among Yamhill's
and Mrs. G I’. Kenyon, prior to their interesting as well as an important man,”
Rev. R. W. King spoke on best citizens, and so far as we know each
departure for their new home in Califor­ study.
Lincoln’s religion, and made nim out an trespassed inadvertently, and each by
They leave on Thursday next.
Mr. Okerson was a visitor in the High orthodox Christian. One of the pret­
Among the events was a tea given for *chool and made a short speech. He is tiest parts of the program was a flag sa­ his action has said that he wanted the
Mrs. Kenyon by Mrs. Verona Nelson at agent for a book, but as the rules do not lute by Children while singing “ Avert* law upheld. This was right. Gentle
I reader, if you have traveled the roads this
her suburban home. The invited guests I allow any of the time from 9 a. m. to 4 ica.”
were Mrs. G. P. Kenyon, Mrs. J. C Saw­ ■ p. m. to be taken up by agents, he did
winter and saw that smooth path on one
yer, Mrs. Dr. Rossiter, Mrs. J. C. Porter. not take many orders in our building.
tn Editor*« Lite *av«d by (hauibrr- side within easy reach, you know that
Mrs. M. McDonald, Mrs. C. H Barrie,
Director Irvine was a visitor Wednes­
lain*« tough Remedy*
you have either traveled it or been great­
Mrs C. E Smith, Mrs J. W. Barrie of day morning. He made a few remarks
Newberg, and Grandma Kenyon of about his old school days, about the ad­
During the early part of October, 1890, ly tempted to. Mr. Waddel in this con­
vantages that we now have, and said 1 contracted a bad cold, which settled on nection makes a good suggestion. He
that l»oth the schools in this district my lungs and was neglected until I feared ’ j says it would be only fair to the traveler
Miss Annie E. Gunning, Tyre, Mich., were in good condition. Come again.
that consumption bad appeared in an in- [ j to post an occasional reminder along the
says, ”1 suffered a long time from dys­
cipient state. I was constantly coughing ' path to suggest to people that what
pepsia; lost flesh anti became very weak.
l.icrn.M to Marry.
and trying to expel something which I seems to be a side road in winter is real-
Kudo) Dye|>e|»ia Cure completely cured
Feb. 12—Edward Coates, 21, and Leia
1 could not. I became alarmed, and after 1 ! ly a summer bicycle path.
He appreci­
me” It digests what you eat and cure* I. Hewitt, 18, of Wheatland.
aud par-
alt forms of stomach trouble. It never
Mr. J. Sheer, Sedalia, Mo., saved his liottle of Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy, 1 licularly in the summer time, when it
fails to give immediate relief in the
child’s life by One Minute Cough Cure. ‘ and tbe result was immediate improve- keeps the scorcher out of the way of
worst ca*es. Kogers Bro*.
Doctors had given her up to die with : ment, and after I had used three bottles fractious horses, having also had experi­
Harry Watkins of Boise, Idaho, has croup. It's an infallible cure for coughs, 1 my lungs were restored to their healthy ence along that line. These arrests were
Ilia colds, grippe, pneumonia, bronchitis and state.—B. 8. Edwards, publisher of The made on complaint of George Easterly,
been in Portland the past week,
smiling countenance has not yet been vis­ throat and lung troubles, Relieve« at Review, Wyant, III. For sale by Ho­ who is employed for that purpose Look
out for him. The law must be upheld.
worth A Co., druggist«.
once. Rogers Bros.
ible in McMinnville.
j&’ecetabie Preparation for As­
simila t ing the food and Reg ula -
ting the Stomachs and Bowels of
-TÀy«. HltflB E\3-
Promotes Digestion.Clicerfiil-
ncss and Rest.Con tains neither
Snum.Morphine nor MiBcrdl.
I Bears the
N arcotic .
cf OLI UrSilILtie FITOHëtl
Alx.Scnr-a *
sja -
elnisc Sud *
jUppermint -
Z/l CwSCiieS Sole •
fióre Siiti -
ilnnftíH Sti-urr .
A perfect Remedy forConslipa-
tion. Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea
I Worms .Convulsions .feverish­
ness and LOSS OF SLEEP-
Far Simile Signature of
J acob W ortman , Pres.
J ohn W ortman , Cashier.
F. d H endricks , Vice Tres.
A rthur M c P hillips , Asst. Cashier
The First National Bank
Of McMinnville, Oregon.
The Oldest Bank in Yamhill County. Established in 1885.
Capital and Surplus, $90,000.
Buys and sells exchange on all the principal cities of the United
States, and draws direct on all the principal points in Europe. The
accounts of Firms and Individuals solicited.
properly it takes time. Jt requires experience and
a complete knowledge of drugs. It requires the
druggist to have a large variety of drugs—fresh
drugs. He must give ttie best possible work, and
for compensation he must be reasonable. With the
above facts remember we are careful and strive to
please one and all alike. These are reasons whv our
prescription file thribbles all in this countv. We
are recognized by doctor and customer alike for be­
ing accurate and dispensing only the purest drugs
ROGERS BROS.’ Pioneer Pharmacists
Mitchell, Lewis &Staver
con PAN Y.
Will have samples of their
1900 Bicycles
in about January 15th. Will be pleased to show
you the latest up-to-date wheel ever shown.
Investigate the merits of BRASS LINED
TUBING, iu a moist climate wheie your bicycle
frame requires protection from rust on the inside
as well as on the outside.
Also carry a full line of FARM MACHINERY AND VEHICLES.
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