The Yamhill County reporter. (McMinnville, Or.) 1886-1904, December 22, 1899, Image 7

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FEEL ’tls growing colder
Every year.
And my heart, alas! grows older
Every year.
I ran win no new affect Jon;
I have only recollection.
Deeper sorrow and dejection
Every year.
Of the loves and sorrows blended
Every rear.
Of the Joys of friendship ♦ nded
__ . ,
Every year.
es ^at still might bind me
Tiir»rf and Death resigned me
My Infirmities remind me
Every year.
Ah! how sad to look before us
Every year.
wnen the clouds grow darker o’er us,
Every year,
n'u en
the blossofiis faded.
That to bloom we might have aided.
And Immortal garlands braided.
Every year.
To the past go more dead faces
. .u .
Every reap.
As the loved leave vacant places
Every year.
Everywhere the sail eyes meet us.
In the evening's dusk they greet us«
And to come to them entreat us
Every year.
I os, the shores of life are shifting
Every year.
And we are seaward drifting
Every year.
Old plensureR, clinging, fret us.
The living more forget ns.
There are fewer to rerrot us
Every year.
Ent the truer life draws nigher
Every year.
And Its morning star climbs higher
Every year.
J'nrth’s hold on us grows slighter,
And the heavy burden ilahte*'
And the dawn Immortal brighter
Every year.
YQxETEATED robberies of the «tagv
IfTrcoach which made a weekly trip
¿•Y^from Flagstaff to Pittman Valley.
Ari., finally aroused the rau'chmvu and
Drtall storekeepers along the line to the
ieterniinrttion that something must lie
lone tn put a stop to the holduiw by the
-«ner-’> highwaymen. So bold had'the
In bi« search for tbe daring highwaymen.
Nothing out of tbe usual happened dur­
ing the greater part of his jouruey, and
he war fast beginning to think thut bis
trip would Ire made without incident
when he neared tbe lonely spot at which
almost ail of the robberies bad takeu
place. Standing bis Winchester by his
side and placing his revolvers iu bis
lap. he slowed up and jieered cautiously
on either side. Suddenly, as ire turned
a bend in the narrow pass, a figure loom­
Pres.-nta for th • Poor.
“In your Christmas purchasing do not
be tempted to forget those who. because
of their poverty, are uuable to do any
shopping either for themselves or for
others,” advises Frances E. Lanigan in
the Ladies’ Home Journal. "Let your
presents to them be of a substantial char­
acter—a ton of coal, some warm clothing,
some money, a box of groceries, or a
basket of Christmas marketing, topped
with a bunch of holly. And to the little
childreu in whose homes Christmas is lit­
tle more than a name, send some of the
many bright, new tin toys which are so
inexpensive: some candy, some fruit,
bright red woollen mittens and Tam o’
Shunters, and, if you can afford it, some
good stout shoes and warm stockings. A
piece of bright colored plaid will make a
pretty gift for the little girl who has
never, perhaps, had a new dress in her
life. Accompany your Christmas pres­
ents with some cheery Christmas greet­
ings and some Christmas greens. Be very
sure that this thoughtfulness will bring
its own reward, and that in the years to
come the memory of the Christmas when
you gave the most and received the ¡east
will be the happiest of all memories tu
ed up in tbe center of tbe road und sliout-
"Hands up!"
In an instant tbe agent bad I caught up
hla revolvers, but before he could pull
tlie trigg«» the highwayman tired, and
the rkfuky' agent rolled from his seat a
de^erauly wounded man. Before ad-
vaucijg “ atep-xhe rubber fired again,
killing one of the-iead : horses.
----- -
He then
quickly strod» to the ¿Bach, picked up tlie
■ ouuded man. threw liitn under the seat.
And began fitting the old vehicle. A small
I m )«, containing the money destined for
the.. Pittman Valley office, was nil tiiat
was «fcWred. A« tlie robber hacked out
of the coach hi, eye caught siglit of the
Yulctide Amenities.
little buqd»e of blanket, on tlie seat.
Mias Antique—My stocking was so full
Stooping down he polled aside the cover­
ing, .and wa, startled by hearing a wee they couldn't get anything more in it.
Miss Pert—You poor thing! And was
liltie voice say:
"Is yon my papa? I’m his Christmus that ull you got?—American Humorist.
g>f’: mamma »ent me.”
Holiday Troubles.
"You bet I’m yqur papa, and I take vou
ns th* most precious Christmas gift mor­
“What do you intend to get your hus­
tal man ever jot.’’
band for a Christmas gift?"
Fondly clasping the cooing baby in his
“I can't make up iny nnud whether to
vn before they had big brawny arms, he leaped
t resistance.
coach, cut loose the dead horse and ik
■e. and G. Frank living companion, and then Inshe.i he
Flagstaff, finally remaining pair into a run in the dirotion
ve the coach on of Pittman \ alley. A moment latv., as
.need his inten-
stood in the middle of the pa««, he
>d to'' •
gave a shrill wbiatle. and from a clump
of pine trees on tbe s! Io of the road
■merged a tall aud pov- •> I elk. Without
’he gt-
<al moved
•• who
The Marriageable Age.
stole down hi« coarse, weather-beaten
face. "You are my Christmas present, Here*» an Improved Wheel for the C m
as* all them things is yotir'n. I've taken
of the Soldivr».
many a chance for my life to get ’em. but
The value of bicycles iu warfare has
I never will do it again for your sake, been fully demonstrated, and all the
for I’ve got somethin' to live for, an' I’ll large armies of the world now have a
raise you like a lady.”
bleyi'le corps. To meet the peculiar
The highwaymau then knelt on the
requirements of the case, however, spe­
ground floor of the cavern nnd prayed
that he might be forgiven as he stroked I cial "military” bicycles are necessary,
the golden curls of his little companion, which differ from the ordinary type as
much as the original high wheels dif­
on which his tears glistened like dew.
“Sh*. sh', boys.” said the sheriff as he fered front the modem racer. A mili­
slowly backed out of the cavern. "Come tary bicycle must have provision for
on, don’t make a noise; we ain't seen carrying the soldier’s knapsack, canteen
him do nothin'. He’ll never rob another and gun. and the latter must be carried
coach, for she's made a man of him. and In a convenient position, so that th«
he got the best Christmas gift Santa
Claus ever had in bis big storehouse.”
Agent Willard recovered and five years
ago came to Chicago and is the owner of
a small hay and teed store in Belden
aveuue.—Chicago Tribune.
A ipinster who is still living in hope
say a the marriageable age is anywhere
between the seminary and the ceme­
tery.—Chicago Daily News.
The Typewriter Invention.
A statistician has proven that the inven­
tion ot the t \ pew rile r has given employ­
ment to 500,000 people, but he fails to state
how many cases ot weak stomachs it has
induced. All people of sedentary occii -
i>aiioii need Hostetter’s
It helps nature to bear
ensues troni coniinement.
If you haven't a regular, healthy movement of IM
bowel» every day, you’ri sick, or will be. Keep your
bowel» open, and be well. Force, in the shape or
violent physic or pili poison, is dangerous. Th»
smoothest, easiest, most perfect way of keeping th»
bowels clear and clean is to take
Foolish men make feasts and wise
men eat them.
w’e offer One Hundred Dollars Pov/ard for any
case of Catarrh that can not bo cure! by Hall’s
Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props.. Toledo, 0
We the undersigned, h»ve known F.J.Cheuoy
for the past 15 vears, and believe him perfectly
honorable in all busin ss transaction erd tin-
anciali ’ able to carry out any obligations medt
by taeir firm.
wist & T ruax ,
Who esale Druggists,Toledo, ‘
W aldino , innan & Mxrvis.
V» no)e«ale Drug ists, Toledo. O.
TlalVsCatarrh Cure is t ken n many , ac in*
■’ircciiy on the blood and m cous surfaces o
the system. Pri e 75c per bo .le. bo.d by at
drug. ists. Testlmoni Is free.
Uall’s Family Pub r th • 1 est.
Mexico sold the United States $2,-
000,000 worth of hides last year.
Pleasant, Palatable. Potent, Taste Good Do Good.
Never Sicken, Weaken, or Gripe. 10c. 20c. 50c Writ»
for free sample, and booklet on bealtb. Address
Starling Reardy ( ompaay, Cblea«»' ■oatraal. Naw Terk. ttU
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money if it
Fence xml Wire Works.
fails to cure. E. \V. Grove’s signature PORTLAND WIRE .1 IRON WORKS: WlltB
is on each box. 25c.
and iron fencing; ofiice railing. etc. 334 Alder«
In Austrian hotels it is still custom­
ary to charge extra for candles.
rider on Jumping off may grasp It In­
chinery, supplies 48-60 First St., Portland, Or.
Eat Them Tike Candy.
stantly. It must also be disposed so as
JOHN POOLE. P ortland , O regon .
not to fatigue the rider or interfere with carets Candy Cathartic, the medicine of today. can
give you the best bargains in general
his pedaling. Another important fea­ Fills and liquids are out of date. All drug- machinery, engines, boilers, tanks, pumps,
plows, belts and windmills. The new
ture In to provide for the wheel when
steel IXL windmill, sold by him, is un­
the rider dismounts. It |s hardly prac­
He who is not true to himself is a equalled.
ticable to take time to stand the wheel traitor to Heaven.
upright every time the rider dismounts,
Mothers will find Mrs. Winslow’s Sooth­
and In the ease of the wheel shown iu
ing Syrup the best remedy to use for th' 'V
the illustration this feature is nicely ahtldren during the teething period.
provided for by extension handle bars,
Ever use it? You should.
Michigan, Ohio and Indiana lime
which telescope when the wheel Is be­
ing ridden. The rider can. on dismount­ makers are forming a trust.
ing, either trail the wheel behind him,
We will forfeit $1,000 if any of our pub-
8team Pumpa
or in emergency abandon it instantly. lished testimonials are proven to l>e not
and Water
The gun is carried vertically in a rest, genuine. T he I’tso Co., Warren, l’a.
over the small front wheel.
Pumping Plant« ot
Wyoming’s coal mines are producing
Any Capacity
22,000 tons per day.
Girls with JibiiioiiH.
Young ladles who think it tlieir mis­
sion in life to visit the poor need an
enormous amount of tact to carry them
smoothly over the hidden shoals of the
pride among the lowly that resents
patronage. One of a set of girls who
lately have been devoting themselves
to poor vis ting In the slum district met
with tile unexpected In her last round.
She was a novice in the work, and not
quite up in the regulation questions.
Iler natty tailor-made was severely
and expensively simple, her collar the
highest she could possibly wear and
the crown of lier hat was so big it
would scarcely go through the narrow
doorway. She seated lierself on the
edge of a chair, and her hostess continu­
ed scrubbing over in the other corner,
as if just she nnd the floor were alone.
Finally tlie determim d-to-Le poor vis­
itor stammered:
“Does your husband drink?”
“No. Does yours?” came the wry
sudden reply, which drove the tailor-
made and tbe big bat into outer sun­
VITALITY low, debilitated or exhausted cured by
Dr. Kline’s Invigorating Tonic. FREER. Trial
Bottle containing 2 Weeks* treatment. I)r. Kline’s
Institute, 83 i Arih St., Philadelphia. Founded l»7i.
At Koberta, Ga., cotton soed costs
15 cents a bushel.
The Pleasantest, Most Powerful and
Effective Neveifailing Remedy for
”t> to 35 First Street, Portland, Or.
Machinery—All Kind«.
■ ATA atul Maxie Lantern Bargain i.irt
111 III No. 15 now readv for mailing.
ANDREWS, 109 Montgomery
IU I U st. San Francisco.
PKKVKNTINK, the greatest antisentio and
{erinicide known. Will cure all female tro»-
Gr'PPe’ Catarrh,
>h s. Positively safe ant! certain. No wodibb
safe without it Mail orders promptly filled.
Will cure any ache or uain known $1 a box. Agents wanted Big money made..
REN ADD DRUG CO., A 161 I a Salle street.
in the human body. Send for trial bottle,
----- ,
This offer lasts 30 days only. Large bottle (300 Chicago, Ill.
doses of 5 DROPS each) or 3 for |2.‘>0.
167 «nd 163 Dearborn St. Chicago.
Horrid Rheumatic Pains
Are caused by tbe i in purl ties in th« blood. Yon
will be relieved of the pain quickiy, your bloo<
The O. R. & N. and Oregon Short will be made pure by
Idne have added a buffet, smoking ami
library car to their Portland-Cliioago
Easy and pleasant to take. One bottle give«
through train, nnd a dining car service relief.
It.(0 |,er bottle nt your druggist's.
lias been inangmirated. Tiie train is
equipped with tbe latest oliair cars,
day conches and luxurious first-class
8ent/y*e«,in plain, sealed envelope. Writ»
nnd ordinary sleepeis. Direct coitnec-
to-day for this book:.containing Partlc®-
Inrs and Testimonials of Dll. MARTEL’S
tiou marie nt Granger with Union Pa-
cific, and nt Ogden with Rio Orando
Praised by thousands of satisfied ladies a»
line, from all points in Oregon, Wash­
safe, always reliable and without an equal.
ington ami Idaho to all Eastern cities.
Mold Dy nil drmrgisrsiu metel box, FrvitdL
flag on top in Blue, white and lied. Take no other.
For information, rates, etc., call on Frunoli
Drug Co.,881 * BeJ PuurlBl., New York City.
any O. R. & N. agent, or address W.
II. Hurlburt, General Passenger Agent,
Pott land.
Improved Trulli Equipment.
Moore’s Revealed Remedy.
Kellef for Women
French Female Pills.
Merely a Question of Spelling.
He was the engineer of an ocean liner
and prided himself on his knowledge of
electricity. On one of his b: i< f stays at
home he accompanied his wife to a Climate, Scenery and Nature's Sani-
ta riiim.
party. The subject of electricity com­
Scenery, altitude, sunshine and air,
ing up. be indignantly combated tlie
idea tliat it was possible for two people constitute the factors which are rapid­
Always cheaper
to p.o luce an electric al current through ly making Colorado the health and
In tbe end than »uy »eeda
tlie body of a tit.rd l.y simple physical pleasure grounds of tbe world.
that only cowt half an much.
Here the sun shines 357 days of the
Tented, true to name, freMh and
contact. His wife and a fr.end said
reliable. Al ways the beet. A h K
they would prove It. and, lead ng him average year, Bild it blend« with the
tor Ferry’s— take no other«.
to a window, told him to pull up his I crisp, electric mountain air to produce
Write for 1800 Need Annual.
sleeves and place both hands flat on the
Detroit, Mi<-b.
glass. They then, on either side, took
a firm grip on bls wrists. At the end can picture the majestic grandeur of
the scenery along the line of the Denver
of a few moments his wife snId
& Rio Grande Railroad in Colorado.
“Don’t you feel a pain, Willy?"
I’arties going East should travel via
"No!” he replied, and returned a like
this line which is known all over the ITCHING Pilei»proance moisture and chump itching.
negative to a second a ud a third In­
world as the Scenic Line of the world. This form, sh well ah Blind, Bleeding or Protruding
give him lace curtains, a dinner set. new quiry.
Piles are cured uy Dr. Bosanko’s Pile Homed»
For any information regarding rates, Bt<»ps itching and Bleeding. Ahsorrs tumom. fine«
portieres or a drawing room clock."—Chi­
At this third response most of the
Jar at druggists or s«ut l»y mail. Trent ir.u free Writs
cago Kecord.
time tables, etc., call on or address R. uic about your case. DR. BONA N KO, Fuilada., P jl
company began to laugh, and it sud-
C. Nichol, general agent, 251 Wash­
di n y flashed into Ills mind that tlie
Discover. <1.
ington street, Portland, Or., or any
"Papa,” said little I’etie, "does Kriss pronunciation of pain and pane was tbe agent of the O. R. & N. Co., or South­ c
Ü«e Big
I d . . r>..t m-ns,
Kringie bring little boys toys ahead of same.
In I to 5 dar«.
ern Pacific Company.
irritations or ul
of in <i co u « r
r not to stricture.
“No, my son.” replied the father.
“Why do you ask?”
Teacher—Try to
remember this:
Mold by I-rtiggrlaf«,
“1 was a wonderin’ what them new
Milton, the poet,wan Idiud. Do you
or M ilt iu plain wrapper,
n. s. i.
express, prepaid, for
toys was I found away back in the loft
•1.00, or 3 botti, h .
behind tbe trunks
(’Irruí, r »• nt o»i request.