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Yamhill County
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FRIDAY, OCT. 20, 18Ö0.
T iie Boers are said to be advanc­
ing upon the British outposts in
Natal. If this report should turn
out to be true the news is likely to
be followed by intelligence to the
effect that the British outposts and
file Boers are moving in the same
W inter has appeared on the scene
unusually early in eastern Oregon,
und if the severity of the winter
weather that is to come must be
foretold according to tin* early date
of its appearance, the conditions will
be severe indeed. Several inches of
snow fell in the mountain districts
the latter part of last week.
F ew citizens can tie found through
but the nation at this day who re
gret that the Union was preserved
There may be some lingering of the
passions of a terrible war, but they
amount to no more than a trace
when compared with the sentiment
recalled by the seventy five million
people rallying under one flag.
T he sending of six or seven inon
warships to Admiral Watson will
make our Asiatic fleet stronger than
any other in Asiatic waters except
possibly that of Great Britain.
will be notice to all the powers ol
Europe and Asia that the United
States proposes to subdue the re­
bellion and to control in its own wav
the Philippine islands.
T here is quite a move on the part
of farmers in various sections of tin
country to raise clover and to di
versify their wheat raising with
Much has been said
in Oregon in the past, year or two
about the necessity of keeping mon
stock on the farms, but the farmers
themselves are the best judges, and
will act with discretion.
¡I the
A t a meeting of confederate vet
erans in Dallas, Tex., on«' of the
members commented with cordial
approval on the fact that many high
places are tilled with men who were
once confederates, and he declared
that “|uch conduct toward those
who had not been in accord with tin1
prevailing power is without a paral
lei in the history of the world.'
A fieah barrel of (’ape Coil cran'ierriee
at Warren & Son’s.
Prof. H. L. Boardman will nguin fill
the pulpit of the Christian church nett
Sunday, morning and evening.
A church bazar will Le given by t’ e
ladies of the C. P. church about Nov.
15th, at the opera house.
I t may be selfish to remember it,
The college at Corvallis now has eti-
Mrs. E. K. Ferguson of Salem returned
but a war in South Africa is just i rolled seven pupils more than the total
1 to her home on Monday, after a visit
what the American farmer needs. last year.
with her son Frank in this city.
It will be like getting presents off a
Frank Rennie has accepted a situation
Miss Annie Adams went to Portland
Christmas tree, for the price of all as assistant miller in one of ths Oregon the last of the week, and will go from
City flouring mills, and will make that there to Pendleton to remain through
kinds of grain is likely to advance.
city his home for the present.
the winter.
W. J. B ryan sat directly behind
Sheriff Henderson and wife and Mr.
Rev. R. W. King was elected presi-
President McKinley on the platform and Mrs. Austin Adams returned Thurs­ dent of the Oregon Baptist ministerial
when he made an address at Peoria day evening of last week from a visit to conference in Portland this week, He
recently, and was the first to con­ Astoria and the Portland exposition.
will fill the position with credit.
Ralph Knapp, a former student of the
gratulate him when he got through.
A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs
After the presidential train had de­ college, late of Astoria, strayed back to Wm. F. Dielschneider on Tuesday, Oct.
McMinnville this week.
He had some 17th. Mr. Dielschneider happened to be
parted, Bryan made an address.
idea of preaching for the Baptists of in Portland, but you bet he hurried
A recent Eastern Oregon storm
Mrs. Geo. W. Jones returned Monday
Mrs. Ambia Griffith went to Portland
blew a Hock of wild geese into the
evening from Whatcom, Wash., where the last of the week to meet her hus­
streets of Baker City where the ex­
she has been several weeks visiting her band, who was returning from Texas.
hausted and helpless birds were
twin sisters, Mrs. Simonds and Mrs. They will remain in Portland for the
picked up by “sportsmen,” and now Reasoner.
the papers arc heading it, “A great
Tile Cumberland Presbyterian church
Arthur Baker was sentenced last week
fall of geese in Baker City.”
—The pastor will preach next Sunday. by Judge Hamilton at Eugene to tbr«.e
“laborers Together with
T he state of Arkansas has be­ God,” 11 a. 111., and “Suicide,” 7:30 years in the penitentiary for publishing
and having in his possession indecent
come weary of lynching negroes, p. 111.
writing aud drawings.
and one of the courts of that state
Those who had looked forward with
Rev. W. S. Gilbert, late chaplain of
has just sentenced a colored man to pleasure to a trip down through the
th« Second Oregon volunteers, has re- |
one hundred and 15 years in the locks by boat this fall will be disappoint­ ceived a call to the pastorate of the Cal­
penitentiary for the usual crime. ed, as we understand all work has been vary Presbyterian church of Portland,
The maximum penalty was one abandoned for the year.
and will very likely accept.
hundred and forty-seven years, but
In the United States court at Portland
W. D. and Robert McDonald are farm­
his lawyer's earnest plea for mercy last Tuesday, the grand jury returned a ing the J. C. Bralv river farm. Nine
induced the judge to take off thirty- true bill in the case of L. W. Martin, three-horse teams are to be put to work
two years, a favor which no doubt indicted on three counts on a charge of with 16-incli plows, and the fall seeding
depositing an obscene letter in the post- will be done at the rate of 15 acres per
the prisoner highly appreciates.
office at McMinnville.
day. T. E. Lohan is living on the place
A teacher said to her primary class the and is employed by the McDonalds.
T iie position taken by the German other day : “If your father gave your
O11 Sunday, the 29th inst., at 2 o'clock
Lutheran church in Illinois on the mother #7 today and #8 tomorrow, w hat
p. in., there will he an unveiling of the
subject of life insurance differs some­ would she have ?” And the small boy
monument of Mrs. Minnie I.ewelling at
what from the objections that most over iu the corner replied : "She would the Masonic cemetery, this city, by the
people put forth against the impor­ have a fit.”
Ladies of Woodcraft, to which all are
tunities of life insurance agents.
The Roseburg Review reports brisk invited. The deceased was a sister of
They have confined themselves ex­ competition among buyers for prunes in Mrs. J. W. Gault and Mrs. B. F. Hart
clusively to the moral and religious southern Douglas county. Representa­ man.
phases of the question, and their tives of a St. Louis house have already
The contract for the construction of J.
objection is based on the grounds bought fifteen carloads; paying 5'2 P. Irvine's new cottage just north of J.
that the expectation of realizing cents for 40 50s with a drop of a half L. Rogers’ residence, has been awarded
cent for each size smaller.
to Wm. Arthur and John Cook, at #1,005.
something from life insurance com­
II. B. Plummer of Polk county claims There were three other bids. This will
panies takes a man's trust from God
the hop picking championship for 1899 be a very pretty cottage, and Richard
and plans it in the insurance
for two pickers in liis Luckiatnute yard. Eksteir had a good deal to say as to the
company. With some people the Mrs. Charles Stafford and daughter, Mrs.
character of the ground plan.
It is to
reverse is true, and in a contest Maggie Oliver, picked twenty boxes in be finished by January 1st, or the con­
where trust and faith were the is­ one «lay of ten hours. They began work tractors will pay the rent.
sues the life insurance companies at 7 o’clock and quit at 5, averaging a
Miss Olive Lambright, who is attend­
would have to hustle for a majority. box for every hour they worked.
ing the stale normal at Monmouth,
The many friends of ex-Governor visited her home in Gopher valley ovei
will be sorry to learn that he Sunday, for the purpose of seeing her
M r . P eyton , who went to the
Philippines for the Episcopal board has experienced five additional strokes brother, William, who has just returned
of paralysis during the past few days, from fifteen months’ absence in Iowa,
of domestic and foreign missions,
says the Eugene Guard. Up to that time taking treatment for rheumatism.
returns to the United States with he was able to come down town, and
Henry Schenk is getting materials
the report that the Tagals are the converse intelligently, though with an
together for the construction of a new
most moral and religious people effort, but now he has lost the power ot
residence for himself next spring. There
that he ever saw and that the United speech.
is a time in the early spring when car­
States had in and around Manila, at
Mrs. Carrie Scott and Mr. F. A. Scott, penters are not busy, which he pro[<os«8
the time of his visit, an army of lather of Charley, arrived Monday even­ to take advantage of, and build him a
45,000 drunkards, rakes and gam­ ing, on a visit to O. H. Adams. Mr. neat cottage just west of L. E. Walker's
blers. Mr. Peyton refers to the vol­ Scott recently came out from Illinois, residence.
unteers who have recently returned having lost all members of his family by
Earl Wright, Jesse Hill and Arch
to their homes; to the young men «leath except his son Charles, in Port- | Terry got home Monday from a famous
who a few months ago left good land, with whom he will in future make | three weeks’ deer hunt in Douglas
his home.
lie was an old neighbor in county, 15 miles in the mountains above
homes to enlist in the service; to all
Illinois to W. D. Wright of this city, j Drain.
They were accompanied by
the gallant young fellows who have
with whom he has had an enjoyable Lee Wright, who lives in that county.
within a few weeks been received reunion.
The result of the hunt was the killing
with enthusiasm by tlx* American
The grand lodge K. of P. will meet in of nine deer, one of which weighed 1&0
people. It is an easy thing to speak Astoria next year. The minimum in­
pounds shorn of the hide and head.
of 45,000 men in terms of general itiation fee was fixed at $15, and $10 for Earl says he is sure of killing two of the
reproach, but it is an infamous thing, persons organizing a lodge. The grand I deer himself, lhe balance were mixed
and the board of missions of the body voted to present every member! shots. The boys had a splendid hunt,
great protestant denomination which of the oriler in Oregon who served in the ' but it was over the aw fullest road they J
An ever saw.
he represents will do less than Its late war a very handsome medal.
duty if it does not repudiate at once official roster of the soldier knights will
the reckless calumniator of Ameri­ also be printed in th« grand lodge pro­
ceedings. W. T. Vinton was appointed
can manhood.
grand chancellor for Diana lodge
----- .—»•«------ —
The city election avers the first Mon­ of this city.
T he war in Luzon has been eclipsed j
by the yacht race between the Co- ,
lunibia and Shamrock.
When that 1 Harvey Henderson was over from Sa-
event transpires we will now and 1 lem on business last Tuesday.
then get a breeze from over Philip­
Mrs. W. H. Logan and her brother
Frank have been visiting in Dallas this
pine way.
The Albany Herald has the following
day in Novetnlier, which falls on the
(till. There seems to Iv a sentiment concerning a well known ami well-like«l
forming for the putting out of two tick- native Yamhiller: “Some of the Salem
ets along party lines.
It has been papers have suggested the name of
rumored that ex-Mayor Chrisman was . Judge II. H. Hewitt, of this city, as a
seeking a nomination to the mayoralty. | suitable man for governor of Oregon.
Hi* declares this is not so. The grounds i It will be some time before a new gov- i
H otels in Portland are. crowded on which he would accept 11 nomination ernor is to be elected, but it is pleasant
with pleasure seekers, her whole­ would be by a general caucus declaring to see genuine ability recognize«! by our
sale houses with buyers, aud all the for him because they wanted him, and neighbors. Judge I l«witt is one of Ore­
gon's big brainv men, of whom the
railroads centering in the metrópoli« not on political lines. Hi* rays he has
had all the honor Iheiy is in it, ia out, stat«- has need.”
are so full of loaded freight ears
and would rather stay out. It iabelieved
Seventeen wagons loaded with people,
that there is scarcely room for pas that all the present councilmen, with
all tlu- way from Chadron, Nebraska,
senger and mail trains.
This is possibly one or two exceptions, as also arrivcil at Waterville, Or., Wednesday.
sufficiently indicative of prosperity Mayor McPhilli|>fl, would accept a re- I coming aero«« the mountains via the
throughout the Northwest without nomination. The Re)>orter is l>o<>niiiig McKenzie route. They are here to j ur-
the necessity of mentioning how the no candidates, but it is interested in see­ 1 « base lands in Lane county ami become
busy fleet of steamers is crowding ing a harmonious lot of eity officers settlers and citizens, ami are first class
It will 1« remembere«! that
the fish out of the rivers up into the chosen. The chances for harmony are people.
good when city officers remember that < Attorney Harbaugh came here via the
mountain streams.
they are the servants of the people, and railroad last spring as the advance agent
when the people rememl>er that they can of these people Junction Citv Times.
T he Sultan of Turkey is umloubt lieat work with und through their officers
School district No. 43 in Columbia
cdly in deep water, no difference not by fighting and back-biting, as if for
| county has but one pupil of school age.
whether be has drowned a few wives, ordaineil enemies, but by personal <on- ! Its father and mother were members of
or is himself a victim to the aqua ferenee as to tiie needs of the city ami by I the la>ar«l of directors, ami another
pura of the IVwphoru«. A telegram their ever present right of |*etition. member of the family was the teacher.
in Sunday's Oregonian says that the These are about the only meana the city The question went up to State Supt.
“Sultan of Turkey has been drowned j officers have of accurately learning the Ackerman whether said district was en­
in the Bosphorus and several ladies wishes of their constituents, and no titled to money from the county aud
' officer of the people when approached i state school liimis.
The attorney-gen­
of his harem are suspected
in this wav is going to refuse a resp««ct-
S. F. Chronicle of the same date had ful and considerate hearing af any griev­ eral. to whom the question was reterml,
a dispatch that “the Sultan had ance or desire. l-et the city work along says the apportionment must be made it
i the district is regularly organized.
drowned in tiie Bosphorus several this line, and she can't help but forge
ladies of his harem suspected of in ahead.
trigues. ”
The reader will choose
John Rohr, lhe painter, ia kept at
between the two dispatches, aud go
home with a fractured rib, due to a fall.
into mourning accordingly.
Hears the ..(nature of Cuaa It FltSHUl
In as* for more than thirty years, sad
AT.J >**■ /fa iv .l.'imjt
God’s Good messing
“ I fee! that God has blessed Dr. Acker with special knowledge to prepare
that grand medicine called Acker s English Remedy for Throat and Lung
Troubles. It saves children every tune when they are attacked by croup.
Every mother should know about
it. and I will till about my expe­
rience. I In boy of four
years to <1 le. with croup. M y doctor
d.d a.l he could, but the child
c mid Lot be made to vomit. That
va - '.«fore 1 kne vof Acker’s Eng-
lid.i Remedy. After I did hear of
it, I got a bottle. When our little
lighted inont Ts-old girl was
.-.trie-ken with croup,'I gave her
this medicine, and inside of twenty
minutes she vomited and was bet­
ter right away. During the win­
ter she had eroup four times, and
it brought her through each time
all right. I, myself, had bronchitis
pretty 1 a l, and Ackers English
Remedy cured me completely.
Before I close, I want to tell you
of nry neighbor's boy, named Jobe Nana. He had bronchitis, too. He got
worse all the time. My husband went over to his house and told him about my
case. Then lus mother went to town, got a 50-cent bottle of Acker’s English
Remedy, and lie took it. He came over toour house afew days later and said he
was all right, and also said two doses relieved him from the start. You can un­
derstand by my letter why I think so much of Acker’s English Remedy. I re­
peat that God’s blessing must surely have been bestowed upon Dr. Acker.”
(Signed) M rs . J ohn Y f . ackk , Rochester, Pa.
Sold at 25c , 50c. and $1 abottle, throughout the United Stales and Canada;
and m England, at is. ad., 2S. 3d., 4s. 6d. If you are not satisfied after buying,
return the bottle to your druggist, and get your money back.
IFc authorize the above guarantee. IF. JI. HOOKER CO., Proprietors, New York.
For Sale by ROGERS BROS.
is Arriving!
Larger and Prettier
than ever.
Dry Goods,
Capes, Etc
Eastern Prices.
( )ur (loods Sell on Merit
Jfeiv fall ótcck
Already Arriving
I have ordered a Large Stock of New Furni­
ture for the Fall trade, much of it being already
here, and more yet to arrive. A specially large
supply of Bedroom Suits. The stock is more than
will go in my store room, and I am placing them
on display- the Racket store. Come and see us.
White’s Restaurant
The well-known place for the best meal in the eity.
N ew D ining R oom
The Largest in McMinnville, lias been recently fitted with best of
taste. Liberal service and all you can eat.
Fruits, Candies, Nuts and Cigars.
(jive Us a Call.
Worth Reading.
"You will find enclosed thirty-one
one-cent stamps for one of Dr. Pierce’s
Medical Advisers, cloth bound,” writes
James E. Crampton, Esq., of Sharps­
burg, Washington Co., Md. " This book
is tor a friend of mine who is using
your ‘Gohlen Medical Discovery,' and I
cannot praise your medicine too highly.
1 was in business in Baltimore an«l had
rheumatism for three months ; couldn’t
walk at all. I tried the liest da-tors I
could get, but they «lid me no ggal. I
took three bottles of Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery ami it cured me
sound. I came home to Sharpsburg,
ami there were three cases of «Efferent
diseases. I advised the patients to use
Dr. Pierce's medicines, which they did,
ami all weie cured."
"Golden Medical Discovery " contains
no alcohol, cocaine, nor other narcotic.
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense
Medical Adviser, 1008 pages, is sent free
on receipt of stamps to pay expense of
mailing «>■/>. Semi 21 one-cent stamps
for the book bound in paper, or 31
stamps for cloth binding, to Dr. R. V
Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
Other Oregon tow ns get in tiie dark.
Albany now shares this fate. The city
has been paying $r.,S jx-r month for 17
arc street lights, and the incandescents
used around the city hall, the engine
houses and the jail. The contract called
for #8 60 for the first 15 lights, and #9
for all additional lights, the incandes­
cents not being counted. The citv has
be« 11 running behind financially fir
several years and the counciltnen do not
lielieve that the city can afford to pav
$ 18«x> per year for lights under the ci:-
They have talked of a
service of about (1200 per year, some
members thinking perhaps that nearly
the same number of lights could be se­
cured for that amount and others that a
reduction in the number of lights and
price might be made, ami that they
could probably arrange a “moonlight
schedule*’ such as is adopted in tnanv
cities, but thus far they have faileil to
reach an agreement.
The Grange store is again making in­
ternal improvements in the way of a
new stairway and doable entrance there- i
A clock should be more than a time-
k?t‘i»er. It should combine beauty and
attractiveness uith accurate timekeep­
ing. We have not a clock but looks well
and time* well, too. Tastes will differ,
so will pri xs, and we can tit all condi­
tions of buyers’limits. Buy your clock
of a practical clock maker who knows
how to take care of it for you—and will
do it. Buy here and we will see that you
have a TIMEPIECE as well as an orna­
ment, and an ornament as well as a time
W"i. I».
0*' ecljqeider JeuJel
£u)o Qoora belou) Postoci