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    Entered at ihe Postoffice in McMinnville,
as Second-class matter.
Prosperity in California.
The Neu Grocery Firm of Warren & Son
Has succeeded that of Bettman & Warren, and
is doing business at the old stand. We are treat­
ing our old friends the best we know how, and we
want to make the acquaintance of many new ones.
Scan our market every morning for Fruits and
Vegetables. We are pushing a hot campaign in
these articles, and they are always choice.
We Haven’t Killed Hany Bears
But we have hammered away night and day for In consecutive years at the pre­
scription counter w ill* the result ol 'having attained the largest prescription tile in
the county. There’s a reason for this. Anyone can dish out patent medicines, but
when it comes to filling prescriptions you want a comp« tent manat the tiller, so to
speak, with a clear eye and a clear head in fact, a man w ho realizes that a human
life hangs in the balance. We do this: it’s our specialty.
ROGERS BROS.’ Pioneer Pharmacists.
a O a O
H o HO
-w*.. a O a Z) a <> a ^_) - m * a /L a O a ^J> a A. ? Ho a *O a ^O w a □ a #O a ^ j «U a O a A. ) a KD rS
Calk Hbout Diamonds
But the place for real intrinsic
at .
Bo sure and see their. Largo Line of
New Goods arriving from New York,
which is the fountain head ot bargains.
Don’t forget about those Star 5 Star
H. MILLS & SON. » »
Beginning Saturday, Oct. 14
I shall sell without reserve the entire stock of R. P.
Bird \ Son, Lafayette, consisting of
Dry Goods, Shoes, Hats,
Hardware and Groceries.
Sales at 2 p. m. and 7 p. m. Daily.
Large additions of entirely new goo«!«, Percales, Calicoes, Muslin
Domestics, Hosiery.
Henry Wade, Auctioneer.
Seasonable Merchandise ¡zm
Air-Tight Heating Stoves
• f s
All Kinds, Sizes
and Prices
Best of Ammunition
for Everybody
O. O.
¡4 '•
One Dollar if paid in advance, Jingle numbers five cents.
« ■Hi t IT CfllHT.
Crocent City, Calif., Oct. Sth, 18W.
E ditor R eporter : Thinking that a
few items from this part might be of in­
terest to some of your readers, while I
am seated on the wharf three-fourths of
a mile from land, while the old Pacific is
roaring beneath me, and the whistling
bouyB like mad bulls are r«>aring on my
right and left hand, I will try to note
some of my observations since leaving
McMinnville Oct. 2d. Arriving at Grant’s
Pass Oct. 3d, too late for the Crescent
City stage, we spent the day taking in
the sights. This place is about three-
fourths the size of McMinnville, and is'
quite lively. The smoke is still rising
from the $150,000 fire, with only about
$25,000 insurance, which falls heavy on
the towu, completely breaking several ol
the business men up. There are seven
sawmills within a radius of 30 miles, cut­
ting on an average 30,000 feet each daily
of sugar pine, which is quite plentiful
here, giving employment to a large num­
ber of teams and men. It is hauled by
teams to Grant's Pass, where the facto­
ries use it for boxes and various other
things. Fifty gold mines and six quartz
mills are within a radius of 25 miles.
Copper mines are also being worked at
present. There is great excitement here
at present about the Gold Ilill mines, 18
miles distant. A large Portland compa­
ny has completed the survey, and expect
to commence immediately to build a
ditch or canal nine feet in the clear at
ttie bottom and 15 feet at the top, 90
miles long, tapping Rogue river, to work
the Gold Hill mines. Arriving at Cret-
centCity Oct. tith, I found quite a change
since the first time I landed here 3J years
ago this fall. After a pleasant greeting
of old friends and relations we note some
of the changes here. Hobbs, Wall A
Co. have jnst completed their new and
extensive latest improved band-saw
mills, capacity about 100,000 feet per day,
employing daily over 200 men in their
camps and mills. Wenger A Co. come
next, with 60,000 feet daily capacity, and
employing about 120 men. There are
various other smaller mills and mines,
60 dairies employ ing about 500 men, so
you see times are good, and we say, Hur­
rah for McKinley ! Enough for the
T. I). H enderson .
During the w inter of 1807 Mr. James
Reed, one of the lending citizens and
merchants of Clay, Clay county, W. Va ,
struck his leg against a cake of ice in
such a manner as to bruise it severely.
It became very much swolen and pained
him so badly that he could not walk
without the. aid of crutches. He was
treated by physicians, also used several
kinds of linament and two and a half
gallons of whiskey in bathing it, but
nothing gave any relief until he began
using Chamberlain’s Pain Balm. This
brought almost a complete cure in a
week’s time and he believes that had he
not used this remedy hie leg would have
had to he amputated. Pain Balm is un­
equaled for sprains, bruises and rheu­
matism. For sale by 8. Howorth & Co.,
Weddings al The Exposition.
Monday evening was wedding night at
the Portland exposition, and it proved
a great attraction.
The names of the contracting parties
H. J. Staley, of Portland, and Miss
Mabel Hitchman, of Marion county.
Peter Anderson and Miss Augusta E.
Cai Ison, of Portland.
W. A. White, of Portland, and Miss
Kate A. Manning, of Clackamas county.
Rev. T. I). Lewis, of University Park,
tied the knots.
He officiated in the
same capacity last year, and, as far as
heard from, those ties have not been un­
Besides a free steamboat excursion to
Astoria and return, the bridal pairs
were well remembered with substantial
presents. There were three sets of fnr-
i niture from the H. C. Breeden Company,
iwo cockstoves from Mr. Kadderly, and
one from the Hunt Hardware Company ;
»everal lioxes of fruit from Louis M.
Spiegl. a «1« sen brooms from Zan Brow.;
three hams from the Union Meat Com­
pany ; fam i era« kers from Bishop A Co.,
ind mush, muab, inneh! enough pack­
ages of patent mush to last through
I many months.
Hatliilton Clark, of Chauncey, Ga.,
save he suffer« d with itching piles
twenty years before trying DeWitt’s
Witch Hazel Salve, two lioxes of which
completely cured Idin. Beware of worth-
; lees and dangerous counterfeits.
I ers Bros.
bean the signature of Caaa. H. Ft-ercttaa.
e The Reporter and Get the News
One Dollar Per Year.
In wee for more than thirty yean, and
7Ar A'<»d ion Hau, Always
Judge Boise's session of circuit court
this week made the following disposition
of fast's:
R L Sabin vs M Fisk et al; fore­
closure. T G^Green for plff, Ramsey A
bsolutely ure
Fenton for deft.](Continued.
Assignment of F W Redmond ; Jacob
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
Wortman, assignee; Spencer A Talmage.
P M Flynn vs P F Brow n and P 11
Robins; foreclosure. Rhodes A Rhodes
A «'nil for n Hepubllcatt City Can.
Notice to Tnxpuyera.
for plff. Default and decree.
is hereby given that all taxes
D A Covert vb Alice A Covert; motion
All republican voters of the city of
to set aside deed. Ramsey A Fenton for McMinnville are hereby called to meet for 1898 unpaid November 10th, 1899,
plff. Motion tostrikeout part of answer in mass convention in the court house will become delimpient and costs will
overruled. New defts admitted. To re­ in the city of McMinnville, Oregon, on be added for their collection. By order
of the county court.
ply iu ten days.
Saturday evening, October 28th, 1899,
\V. G. H enderson , Sheriff.
D I Pierce and J J Carey vs F P Hem­ at the hour of 8 o’clock, for the purpose
bree; suit for an account. J J Spencer of nominating one candidate for mayor,
Crockery and Glusawure at Actual
for plff. To be settled.
one candidate for recorder and one
Assignment of E LWeed; B F Rhodes, candidate for marshal, to be voted for
our entire stock of
assignee; Rhodes A Rhodes. Settled at tile city election to be held in said
at cost, wishing
and bondsmen discharged.
city cn Monday, the 6th day of Novem­
Nathaniel Crosiar and wife vs Jemima ber, 1899. The republican voters of each to make a change in our business and
Hill et al; petition. Irvine A Vinton ward are called to meet at said time end have more room. Call and examine.
J. P. I rvins : A S on .
for pltf. Report affirmed. Deed to lie place tor the purpose of nominating one
candidate for councilman in each ward
I.icen«e« tr Nlnrrjr.
Thoms. Allison vs John J Flynn; con­ to be voted for at said election, and
V. Vincent, 20, of Middleton
firmation. Rhodes A Rhodes for pltf.
to select a connnittiman for the ensuing and Mary I). Heston, 18, of Newberg.
year. W. T. V inton ,!
Married by’ Rev. W. J. Waltz.
Union Savings A Loan Assn, vs E J
W. S. L ink , '- Committee.
Oct. 13—Alonzo Downing, 28, and
O. H. I rivnk , )
Wood; confirmation.
McKinney, 21, of Amity. Married
French A Hufford for plff. Confirmed.
lleatli« in Yamhill County.
by Judge Bird.
Union Savings and Ixian Assn, vs
Oct. 16—Frank S. Thomas, 31, and
A four-month's-old child of Ira White
Minnie Millard and husband; confirma­
tion. French A Hufford for plff. Con­ of McCoy «lied on the 13th inst. It was Mrs. Euphonia Glandon, 31, of North
one of twins.
Oct. 18—Frisby Maulding, 22, of Polk
Mrs. Morgan, a county charge, died at
Sarah Smith vs R A Bird, Admr. of
ami Onie Delashmutt, 21, of
Tlios Carlin esl et a) ¡confirmation. Mil­ Whitcaon, Oct. 11 th, age« I 63 years,
Yamhill county.
ler A Miller for plff. Confirmed.
Mrs. Lucinda Simmons died in upper
John Euery vs E E Iielyer, Admr. W Happy valley on the 11th inst., of in­
Probnle Court.
J Helyer Est. et al; confirmation, Jno. flammation of the bowels. She was 76
Guardianship of Alma .Swanson et al.
J Spencer for plff. Confirmed.
years old. Burial was made at Oregon Petition for order to sell real estate filed
Henry Dilberger vs Clyde G Atkin; City.
and Dec. 6, 1899, at 10 a. m. set to hear
confirmation. S B Huston for plff. Con­
Mrs. Elizabeth Hewitt of the Wheat- same. Publication ordered.
land neighborhood, relict of Henry II.
Guardianship of Riley Shadden.
Geo Flett vs Scott Flett; confirmation. Hewitt, died Saturday, Oct. 14th, of
Boml filed and approved. Guardian to
Ramsey A Fenton for plff. Confirmed. dropsy, aged 76 years. The funeral oc­
file his inventory Nov. 1, 1900.
Emma B Torrance vs Peter Osterried ; curred on Sunday at Hopewell, con­
Guardianship of Mary Esther Davis.
Ramsey A Fenton for ducted by Rev. C. E. Crandall of the
Inventory and appraisement filed and
plff. Confirmed.
Dayton M. E. church. All the living chil­ approved.
The Canadian and American Mtg and dren of the Hewitt family are believe I to
Guardianship of Otto Pape. First an­
Trust Co vs Albert O Yates; confir­ have been present at the funeral. The nual report filed and approved. Guard­
mation. Ramsey A Fenton for plff.
family consisted ct ten children, one ian allowed $10 for his services to date.
«laughter an«l nine sone, the former
Estate of Nora A. Drnniiller. J. W.
Mary E Smith vs Elizabeth Harger et having died, and the sons aro all living. Hobbs appointed a«lmr. Bonds fixed at
al; confirmation. Irvine A Vinton for They are: Judge II. II. Hewitt, of the
$1600, filed and approved. W. G. Hen-
plff. Confirmed.
circuit court, Albany; Dr. J. L. Hewitt, dsrson, W. T. Macy onT J. M. Yoconi
Wm Campbell vs P F Brow n and P H Portland; D. M. Hewitt, Polk county;
appointed appraisers.
Robins; confirmation. Irvine A Vinton A. W., J. A., J.C.,11. W. and L. L Hewitt,
Estate of J. H. Brown. J. T. Simpson
for plff. Confirmed.
Yamhill; M. C. Hewitt, Sacramento,
Phillip Liwengart vs M V Ensley and Cal. The daughter, who did several appointed administrator, with boml
Isabel! Ensley, his wife; foreclosure. years ago, was the mother of Ilrs, E. 11. fixed at ^700, filed ami approved.
Estate of David W. McCall.
Irvine A Vinton for pit*. Decree of fore­ and L. M. anil Carl Thornton, of Port­
land. It is claimed that Mr. aud Mrs.
Victoria Belleque vs John Belleque; Hewitt came through with the first Property exempt from execution set off
Widow alloweil f2o per
divorce. Irvine A Vinton for plff. Di­ wagon train, and that Mr. Hewitt drove to willow.
month «luring administration. Petition
vorce granted.
the first wagon down the western slojies
Sami T Laird vs Hattie M Osborne of the Blue mountains, and tho second to sell personal property for cash filed
and husband; confirmation of sale. wagon into Tho Dalles. He would have and approved.
Estate of Chas. Bovaril. Petition for
Irvine A Vinton for plff. Confirmed.
driven the first wagon into The Dnller,
Sarah J Lowery vs Robert F Lowery ; but another man hapened to get aheau or«ler to sell personal property ol estate
divorce. J J Spencer for plff. Divorce of him. Before this train of immigrants at public sale for cash in hand approved.
Estate of A. B. Faulconer. List of
grar.t?d. Children awarded to plff.
came with wagons it is claimed that the claims against estate filed. Widow
Laura Potter vs Marvin L Potter; di­ running gears of a wagon were brought
vorce. C C Linden, Irvine A Vinton for across the Rocky mountains, but that alloweil $10 per month from Cct. 15,'
1899, continuing one year. Report of
plff. Divorce granted. Child awarded was all.
sale of personal property approved.
to plff.
Guardianship of Jos. Kloucheck.
S R Baxter, trustee, vs Mary and J
‘‘Our baby was sick for a month with Second annual account of guardian filed
W Turner; foreclosure. R L Conner severe cough and catarrhal fever. Al­
ami approved.
for plff. Settle«].
though we tried many remedies she kept
Estate of Nels Christenson. Fourth
Bertha L Hibbs vs J F Hibbs; divorce. getting worse until we used One Minute
semi-annual account filed and approved.
Irvine A Vinton for plff. Divorce grant­ Cough Cure.—it relieved at once and
Estate of Anna Thibodo. Final ac­
ed. Custody of child awarded plff. •
cured her in a few days.” B. L. Nance, count filed and Nov. 18, 1899, at 10 a. m.
John Eborall vs Sarah M Cook, J W Brin. High School, Bluffdale, Texas.
set to hear same.
Cook et al; foreclosure. Ramsey A Rogers Bros.
Fenton for plff Settled.
■lentil ol Otto I’npc.
dur Npectnl Hargaln Column.
M E Walker vs W S Walker; divorce.
of Tuesday gives the
The Reporter is introducing a new anil
Ramsey A Fenton for plff. Divorce
following account of the death of a young
granted. Child to remain with plff until interesting feature in newspaper adver­
tising which is meeting with great pop­ man reared in this county in the West
further orders.
Chehalcm neighborhood. The brother
Emma B Torrance vs Frederick ularity among a«lvertisers all over the
August, of whom mention is made, was
Quappe; foreclosure. Ramsey A Fenton country. Mr. W. P. Bolton, solicitor,
formerly in the stationery business in
for plff. Default and decree of foreclos­ interviewe«! some of our business firms
during the week, with good success. this city :
Otto Pape, the nephew of Mr. and
Union Savings A Loan Assn vs Lillian The idea is new and novel, and has Mrs. B. Pape, died yesterday afternoon
M Howorth, now Lillian M Coplin; features that will induce people to con­ at 2 o'clock, after an illness of three
stantly read it. The bargain columns weeks. The l«oy was 15 years old, and
order for deed. Confirmed.
ia*en at the home of his uncle for the
Joseph R Lewis va C A Scott; action will be made a special feature of this has
past six years, his parents having died
for money. Cotton, Teal A Minor for paper for three months at small cost. some years ago.
He was an estimable
The advertisements will be frequently boy. He entered school at the opening
plff. Appeale«! to supreme court.
T C Smith vs Isaac Amy ami wf; con­ changed for patrons, au«l written for this year, and attendeil two days, when
taken sick. His ailment was very pe­
firmation. M E Pogue for plff. Contin­ them in attractive style. If you have culiar,
being what is calle«l coo sump­
tion of the ttones. The bones soon com­
E E Laberteaux vs C E Thomason et particular attention called, place it in menced to soften and so continued in
al; foreclosure. O Day A Tarpley for the Reporter’s special bargain column. spite of every effort to arrest the progress
of the disease. Dre. Flinn and Wilson
plff. Passed.
had the case in hand, but nothing could
State school boar«! of commissioners vs
be done. The boy suffered very intense­
L II Baker et al; foreclosure.
ly. He has a brother—August Pape—
South, Pt. Pleasant, VV. Va., contracted who lives in Albina.
Magers for plff. Passe«!.
Minnie B Warner va J B Warner; di­ a severe col«l which was attended from
Rick Headache absolutely aud
vorce. Ramsey A Fenton for plff. Di­ the tieginning by violent coughing. He permanently cured by naing Moki Tea. A
vorce granted.
pleasant herb drink. Cures constipation
Arthur McPhillipfl vs Florence A so-called ‘specifics,’ usually kept in the
and indigestion, makes you eat, sleep,
Frisby et al; foreclosure. Arthur Mc-
work ami happy. Satisfaction go a ran teed
Phillips and Rhodes A Rhodes for plff. I bottle of Chamberlain’s cough remedy, or money back. 25 AbOcts. Rogers Bros.
Leave granted to file amended complaint
fully recommend it to the public.” For
and case continued.
Yamhill lodge No. 10, D. of H.. had a
sale by 8. Howorth A Co., druggists.
In the matter of the estate of J T Wil­
--w » e « —■-----
feast of watermelon last Friday evening.
liamson. deceased ; appeal. Continued.
Marion county’s crop of prunes It was a generous treat on the part of
amounted to four carloads this year. The Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fletcher, and wra
The New Home and Climax sewing first shipment was made on Monday. enjoyed, though the weather was cold
to 5 and the donors were unable to be
machines, needles and extras at C. Grie­ The grower« have received from
cents f. o. b.
~ A