The Yamhill County reporter. (McMinnville, Or.) 1886-1904, June 23, 1899, Image 7

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“He That Stays
Does the Business/'
Simple Method of Detectiiitr an Irregu­
larity After Boring.
All the world admires “stAying power."
On this quality success depends. The
blood is the best friend the heart has.
Hood's Sarsaparilla is the best friend the
blood ever had; cleanses it »f everything,
gives perfect health and strength.
worst or all trees are the willow, elm
and locust. All of these love water,
aud none of them should be allowed to
grow near uuderdralns or wells. In
some parts of the country willows and
locusts are planted in dooryards. But
if near a well, even If the well be roof­
ed over, their roots will find their way
to tbe water, and spoil it for use.
Never DisappomX
The whistle on the new Atlanta
Milling Company’s mill has been con­
st: noted to be audible at Macon, 40
miles distant.
The glove industry, which was first
settled in Gloversville, N. Y., in 1809,
now representsan investment of no less
than $15,000,000. The operators earn
on an average $3 a day.
Mechanics and laborers will do well
to shun the Philippines. Skilled arti­
sans are paid an equivalent of $15 per
month in gold.
Accountants, book
keepers and clerical employes get from
$30 to $00 per month, and the common
laborer about $4 per month tn gold.
Buffalo’s new Union railroad sta­
tion, to cost $6,000,000, is to have a
waiting room 80x335 feet, said to be
the largest in the world. The other ac­
cessories and the train shed arrange­
ment are on the same liberal scale.
The most important iron ami ma­
chinery works in Brazil is the National
Rolling Mill of Rio de Janeiro, having
a harbor front and railway siding.
These works have a combined power of
350 horse power, with electric instal­
lation, and employ about 400 opera­
A new industry in Kansas is the
manufacture of salt. A large deposit
has been discovered on the line of the
Santa Fe railroad, near the town of
Hutchinson, in the central part of the
state, the largest in the world. More
than $3,000,000 has already been in­
vested in plants to purify it, and the
output last year reached nearly 3,000,-
000 barrels.
There was a young man from l.enore.
Who boldly went off to the war;
The "beef1 made him sick,
He recovered quite quick
By the prompt use of old Jesse Moore.
The most active volcano in the world
Is Mount Sangay, 17,190 feet high,
situated on the eastern chain of the
Andes, South America. It has been in
constant eruption since 1738.
S tate or O hio , C ity of T oledo , (
L ucas C ounty .
I ■
F rank J. C heney makes oath that ho is tilt
senior parter of tlie flrni of F. J. C heney & Co.
doing business in the City of Toledo, County
and state aforesaid, and that said firm will pay
the 8i on ot ONE 11 C N PREP Pt J 1.1. A KS for each
and every case of Catarrh that cannot be cured
by the use of H all ’ s C atarrh C ure .
Sworn to before me ami subscribed in my
presence, this 6th day of December, A. D. 1886.
< —i
Notary Public
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and acts
directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of
the system. Send for testimonials, free.
F. .1. CHENEY A CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, 76c.
Hall’s Family Pills are the best.
Vestadium is a recently discovered
white metallic alloy, of a beautiful ap­
pearance and great strength. It seems
to meet with as quick and general an
acceptance as was the case with alumi­
••A tape worm eighteen feet long al
«east came on the scene after my taking two
C A SC A RETS. This I am sure has caused my
bad health for the past three years. I aw still
taking Cascarets, the only cathartic worthy of
notice by sensible people ”
G ko . W. Bowi.M, Baird, M i M.
r F
I he great difference between
price of home-grown pork and store
bacon makes it a paying job for a
farmer to smoke ills own meat, at least
for home consumption. A smoke­
house is a fine tiling on any farm, but
like many fine tilings, is something of
a luxury. There are many farmers who
cannot afford a well arranged smoke­
house. For tlie
the benefit of these we
give below the sketch anil description
of a smoke-box which will supply the
farmer's table with bacon at no ex­
pense and little trouble.
It is made of a box about 5x3 feet
and 4 feet high. It is without bottom.
Tlie door for putting in and tending
tlie meat is put in the side of tlie box
next tlie top. This is about a foot
wide, with binges on tlie lower side.
Staples are driven in the ends of tlie
door (A, Fig. 4) with hooks (B) to slip
Into the staples and hold the door in
place when closed. For hanging tlie
meat, bore holes through tlie top of the
box, far enough apart so that the
pieces will not touch when hung. To
hang the meat, take stout cord or plia­
ble wire, fasten one end into the meat
and run the other through tlie auger
holes after forming a loop of it. Run
a stick through the loop and your ham
is secure.
A fire put in the box would make It
too warm for tlie contents. To guard
against tills, tlie fire that furnishes tlie
smoke is some distance from the box,
being conducted to it through a cover­
ed trench or several Joints of old stove­
pipe. For the fireplace, dig a hole a
foot or so in depth, a short distance
from tlie box—<5 feet is far enough—
and connect it with the box by a trench
about half as deep as the hole. If a
couple or three joints of old stovepipe
are at hand, place them in the trench
with the upper end coming out under
the box neat' tlie center. An old elbow
Joint makes this an easy thing to do.
The other end of the pipe Is to enter
the hole. Then cover tlie pipe over
with the loose dirt thrown out. Also
bank up the smoke-box and calk all
cracks possible. There will be enough
smoke escape at best to insure the re­
quired draught.
When ready for the fire, start one In
an old kettle or pan. Cobs make the
best material, being easy to handle and
keep well. When a good smoke is go­
ing. set it in tlie hole prepared for it,
and cover over with boards, or better,
a large piece of sheet-iron, tin or some­
thing of the kind. Bank this up so as
to keep the smoke from escaping, and
you are in a fair way to soon have
some first-ciass bacon. Tlie box will
smoke from two to three hundred
pounds at a time. It is inexpensive,
easy to construct, and what is most
essential, a success.—Ohio Farmer.
Hew tn Irrigate Crops.
One of the best short cuts In water­
ing all crops planted in rows is tbe use
of small tubes or boxes made of lath.
sawing common
Pleasant. Palatable Potent. Taste Good Do They are made by
Good. Never Sicken. Weaken, or Gripe. 10c. 23c. 50c
plastering lath in three pieces, sixteen
Inches long, then rip one piece in the
■terlleff Reesedy (<>wp««y. Meatreel. Mew Tark. J13
center anil nail together with two or
and guaranteed by all drug­
three penny nails, so the tubes will be
gists to Cl; KF Tobacco Habit.
square, the width of a lath, about 1%
inches on the outside, and a little less
than three-quarters of an Inch on the
inside. This will also allow a stream
of water sufficiently large for ordinary
soils. These tubes should lie placed
one at the upper end of each irrigation
furrow, connecting it with the feed
ditch. Have the feed ditch as near
level as |>ossil>le. If the feed ditch lias
too much fall the wash will fill up the
SHELBY IDEALS, $20, *25, $30. ends of the tubes. It can be remedied
by placing checks or sluice boxes at
proper Intervals with gates sufficiently
Bend for catalogue. Live agent, wanted.
high to back the water up far enough
to make the water stand nearly still.
SEATTLE. Occasional cleaning of the tulies with
a small switch Is all that Is necessary.
WHY ARE YOU SICK With this arrangement all that Is re-
quired to Irrigate a field Is to turn the
When a little simple cleaning tip of
the blood will remove that tired
water Into the feed ditch and let it
fe. ling, pains in the back, head-
run until the ground is thoroughly
aches, etc., etc.? Take
soaked, which Is a saving of a great
of time and attention.— F. 8. Cal-
It’, a medicine with honest merit—
kins, in St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
pieaaant to take. »1.1» per bottle at
Moore’s Revealed Remedy
your druggist's.
Tree Root« in Underdrain*.
The Greatest Railway Systems of
the United States
They wouldn't use it if it wasn't good.
Costs you no more than poor ink.
Insist upon having it.
Life to a Lacy Liver.
Lacy, leaden livers cause nine-tenthi ot all
deaths. Give your liver life with Cascarets
('»indy Cathartic and save your own life! All
druggiats, 10c, 2«ic, fiOc.
Exports of American manufacturers
are over $1,009,000 a day.
It is never safe to leave a large tree
growing near where an underdrain has
been laid, unless the tile are jointed,
that is, made like the city sewer pipe,
so that one end is smaller, and slides
into the next, making a tightly Utting
joint. As tile are usually laid It is Im­
possible to prevent there tiring a crack
| wide enough to admit the fibrous roots
1 of a tree, which go everywhere In
; search of moisture. In the tile tbe tree
root expands until the tile Is entirely
' filled, and tbe drain is ruined. Almost
»njr large tree will do thia but tbe 4
New York, Oct. 11th, 1898.
Pe-ru-na Drug M’fg Co., Columbus, O.:
Gentlemen—I’e-runa is good for
catarrh. I have tried it and know it.
Wite nails ate null« in Brazil from It relieved me immensely on my trip
imported Belgian wire.
to Cuba, and 1 always have a bottle in
reserve. Since my return I luive not
Mothers will find Mrs. Winslow's Sooth-
Ing Syrup the best remedy to use for their suffered from catarrh, but if I do I
shall use l’e tu-na again. Meantime
children during the teething period.
you might send me another bottle.
Tlie maximum weight of freight lo­
Amos J. Cummings, M. C.
comotives is now 218,000 pounds,
Summer catarrh assumes various
against 100,000 pounds 15 years ago.
It produces dyspepsia aud
bowel complaint. It causes biliousness
and diseases of tlie liver. It deranges
Alien’s Foot-Ease, a powder for the feet.
tlie kidneys and bladder.
It cures painful, swollen smarting, ner­
catarrli may derange tlie whole nervoui
vous feet and instantly takes tlie sting out
of corns and bunions, it’j the greatest system, when it is known to tlie medi­
comfort discovery of the age. Allen’s Foot- cal profession as systemic catarrh.
Ease makes tight or new shoes teel easy.
Pe-ru-na is a specific for all these forms
It ir a certain cure for Ingrowing Nails,
of catarrli.
Pe-ru-na never disap­
sweating, callous and hot, lired, aching
Address Dr. Hartman, Co­
feet. We have over 30,000 testimonials.
Try It tnil'iy. Sold by all druggists and
lumbus. Ohio, for a free book on sum­
shoestores. Bv mail for 25c. iu stamps.
mer catarrh.
Trial package FREE. Address, Allen S.
ore Permanently Cured No fltaor nervouanea
Il » « after Urm days use of Dr. Klines Great
Nerve KvNtorcr. S»n<l for FILI’.it Vd.OO trial
bottle and treat Is«*. l»fc. R. LL KLINK, Ltd., wu
Arch street, FhUudelpliia, Pa.
mi nt introduced by Major' Tnyloi
oil la forced through tlie drill by means
of a small rotary pump, which forms
part of the machine. Although the ,
barrel rotates at a speed of 1,200 revo­
lution per minute, the constant rush of
cold oil to tlie head is sufficient to keep
tlie drill and barrel perfectly cool, and
it also serves to carry away tlie chips
which issue in a constant stream from
Hie rear bushing. Tlie barrel is drilled
to a diameter of 0.2115 inch, anil it take»
( lay Soil for Pear«.
It is universally agreed that a heavy
clay soil Is best for the pear. There are
various reasons for this, the principal
one being that clay soil is always rich
In mineral fertilizers, while a sandy
or gravelly soil is deficient in this kind
of plant food. But the clay soil, though
rich in phosphates and potash, may
not have them In available form, and
may need a dressing in spring of these
minerals in available form. Trees on
clay may need dressings of available
potash and phosphate in the years
when the tree is bearing. On sandy soil
the pear tree always needs these man­
ures. Tbe pear roots deeply, so that It
is never affected by droughts, and In
clay soils It doubtless draws mineral
fertilizers from the subsoil below where
the roots of grain and other crops usu­
ally grow. It is a great mistake to
allow the tap root of a pear tree to be
cut off before It Is transplanted.
Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y.
A London omnil>us earns on an av­
erage $11 per day from passengers and
$35 per day fiom advertisers.
75 minutes to complete tlie operation
Tlie barrels are now taken to th<
straightening room, where tlie opera
tor holds them up toward a white sur­
face with a horizontal black line upon
It and looks through tlie bore. If tlie
bend is downward, tlie curved reflec­
tions of tlie black llitt> on the surface of
tlie bore will be convergent; if upward,
they will be divergent. A few taps
of tlie hammer quickly straighten the
barrel until the reflected lines are per­
fectly true.
Two Lettora to Mra. Pinkham.
Mrs. J ohn W illiams , Englishtown,
N. J., writes:
“ D ear Mas. P inkiiam :—I cannot be­
gin to tell you how I suffered before
taking your remedies. I was so weak
that I could hardly walk across the floor
without falling. I had womb trouble
and such a bearing-down feeling ; also
suffered with my back and limbs, pain
in womb, inflammation of the bladder,
piles and indigestion. Before I had
taken one bottle of Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound I felt a great deal
better, and nftcr taking two aud one-
half bottles and half a box of your
Liver Pills I was cured. If more would
tako your medicine they would not
have to suffer so much.”
Mrs. J oseph P eterson , 513 East St.,
Warren, Pa., writes:
“D ear M rs . P inkham :—I have suf­
fered with womb trouble over fifteen
years. I had inflammation, enlarge­
ment and displacement of the womb.
I had the backache constantly, also
headache, and was so dizzy. I had
heart trouble, it seemed as though my
heart was in my throat at times chok­
ing me. I could not walk around and
I could not lie down, for then my heart
would beat so fast I would feel as
though I was smothering. I had to
sit up in bed nights in order to breathe.
I was so weak I conld not do any­
“ I have now taken several bot­
tles of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound, and used three pack­
ages of Sanative Wash, and can say
I am perfectly cured. I do not think
I cruld have lived long if Mrs. Pink­
ham's medicine had not helped me."
Artificial Fertilization,
scientific investigation demon*
strated that the failure of some ot
the California fig orchards to beat
fruits was due to the failure of the pol­
len to reach tlie female flower. Arti­
ficial fertilization was attempted and
pollen was introduced into the flowers
by a blowpipe at tlie proper period of
growth. The trees so treated produced
excellent fruit. Agents of tlie Cali­
fornia tig-growers wlio were sent to
Smyrna to study the methods used in
Unit country, where the best and larg­
est supply of figs come from, found
that the trees were fertilized by a curi­
Don't try to knock a street car over
ous bee, which carried the pollen from
flower to flower. The Smyrna tig­ with your bicycle until you've prac­
growers would not sell any of these ticed well on pedestrians.
Don't take the other man's bike when
bees. The California agents obtained
some secretly, however, but they died leaving. It may be a better make than
yours; but It’s safer to take your own.
before reaching Los Angeles.
A duster very slightly moistened with
No Grass for Working Horses.
It seems almost cruel not to give paraffin will do more to make and keep
horses a feed of grass occasionally, tlie enamel of a machine bright than
even when they are hard working at half an hour's polishing.
Never eaT a hearty meal before go­
this season, wher grass and clover are
at their prime. Yet every farmer ing on a ride, as if you do you are In­
knows that If allowed to run to grass, volving a great risk of bringing on syn­
even for a few hours, the working cope, which is almost invariably fatal.
horse will lose his appetite for the solid
Don’t be nervous when you meet a
food that gives him strength, and bo young lady acquaintance. Smile con­
An old man named Gregor Berds
incapable for several days thereafter fidently, take off your cap with either
of doing a full day's work. Horses are hand, or both, and choose a soft place of Erlau, in South Hungary, committed
suicide because a little grandson had
exceedingly fond of grass and clover. to fall.
broken his favorite pipe.
Near iiis
Sometimes, if old hay Is scarce, the
Don't ride at less than thirty miles body was found a note on which was
farmer tries to economize by cutting an hour if you are passing a horse anil
some clover, and after drying it nearly carriage. It is so refreshing to the I written: “My pipe is dead; 1
into hay feeding it in place of the hay. nerves of the horse, if the animal is a
But even this has to be given very little high-spirited.
carefully or it will work Injury.
Men cyclists, many of whom are also
smokers, need never be at a loss for a
Jersey Cow Nameless,
patch In case of a puncture; a rubber
tobacco pouch will always furnish the
necessary material.
In removing a valve stem take a
piece of iron a screwdriver will do-
heat it and lay it on tlie top of the stem
base. Tlie base will then curl up and
can lie easily removed.
The latest fad Is the fashion of hav­
ing dress-guards to match one's cos­
If yon suffer from Epilepsy, Fits.
Property of Mr. A. J. Arthur. Winner tume. The lace guard, consisting of
of first prize at tbe Royal Jersey Agri­ cord passed in and out the holes, is un­ Spasms, Spells, Failing Sickness, St.
cultural and
Horticultural shows, doubtedly more satisfactory than tha Vitus’ Dam e, &c., have children, rela­
tives, friends or neighbors that do so,
net te<l ones.
or know people that are afflicted, my
Riders of bevel gear bicycles are in­ New Discovery, Epilepticide, will give
Fnnfl iwers as Pean Poles.
The selecting and cutting of poles for formed that Jumping on the (icdals is immediate relief and PERMANENTLY
not tlie way to get tlie liest results. A CUBE them, anil all yon are asked to
the vines of the bean to grow on Is no
steady, even pressure Is the proper do is to send for a FREE BUTTLE and
easy task, even where timber is plenti­
thing. Tlie smile suggestion Is worthy try it. it has cured thousands where
ful, and In a prairie country It Is a
of tlie consideration of all riders Irre- everything else failed.
Mv 90-page
problem. I have found a substitute for
spective of the wheel used.
illustrated Book, “Epilepsy Permanent­
the ¡>ole In the old-fashioned sunflower,
One of tlie latest applications of the ly Cured,” FREE
one stalk for each bill. They are orna­
When writing please mention read­
mental. the seed is good for the poul­ penny-ln-tlie-slot principle Is a bicycle­
try, and the stalks make fine kindling pump which can Is* thrown into gear ing this in this paper, and give name,
wood. Some may claim that the sun­ for filling a tire by Inserting a coin. As AGE ami full address. All oorrespond-
flower will take the strength of the soon ns the filled tire Is removed a dice professionally confidential.
Wm. MAY, M. D.,
ground from the beans, but my experi­ lever locks tbe pump, which can be
N«w Y«rk City.
ence does not agree with this. The laused to work again only by dropping Ms, Lsborstar,. 94 Sin* St,
finest beans I ever raised were grown in another coin.
w ith sunflowers for poles.-J. L. Irwin.
Harshly expressed: "I am deter­
mined to preserve the honor of the ONE FOR A DOSE. Gur« Birk Hcadaeh*
• s4 Dyspepsia, Remos« Pimples anil Purity th«
French army,” slroutcd the man wlio Blood,
Aid IH«‘stion andPresent Biliousness. I>o
There may properly tie a border of
bnd tieen figuring prominently in tlie tot Grip« orHlrken To rone I nr. sou, we will mail
frM.orfull I»1 for Mr. Irli. ItOSANKL
Dreyfus case. “You’re doing worse CO., Thil«-I«.,
I*rum, Bold ii, Dr’is.lsts.
bouse, and it is well to plant a vine of
than that.’’ answered the blunt Ameri­
some sort by tbe piazza. Nothing is
can soldier: “you’re embalming it”—
better for this purpose than the com­
Washington Star.
I •- Kir 44 for unnatural
mon woodbine or Virginia creeper.
■ r nr -
dmcharK*«. in flammat ion»,
In 1
j lA«s
Akebia and actinidia, two new Japan­
. ■ <rv - • I
irritatioM or uherufiona
Tbe Miitresa—Mary, don't let me
u> Strisiur»
ma co un membrane«.
ese climbers, are also good. In general, lat'h you kissing that butler again.
Fr» ve a u '■■ntagioa.
Painleea, and not aatrin-
a better effect is produced by planting The Maid Lor’, mum, I don't mean to.
THFE y MS C hem CAI C q . gent or poieonuua.
•old bv nratftlat«,
"a NO '
In masses and borders than by dotting but you do Isibarouu' so! K.ausas City
or «ent In plain wrapper,
U. X. A
the plants here aud there over the Ind'pend.uL
bv Bipreea, prepaid, for
•I '«, or 3 bottled, |a.75.
Circular »«at mb retuoat.
Point« In Planting the Lawn,
In tlie manufacture of Krng-.hvgen-
sen rifles at tlie Springfield Arsenal the
drill, which lias to puss through JO1/,
inches of barrel, is provided witli a
1-32-invh oilholt* which extends through
Tlie flailing imliistiy of Maryland
its whole length, and feeds oil directly gives employment to 43,813 persons.
nt the iMiint of tlie drill. Tills hole,
which takes the place of the old chan­
nel cut along the side of the drill, says
the Scientific American, Is an improve-
When one of her friends is sick Mrs.
McKinley semis tier a basket of flowers
daily from tlie White House conserva­
Keep Young Hnir. Growing.
There Is an impression among farm­
ers that hogs In summer at pasture can
get enough with the swill from the
house and what they can get in the
fields. This was all right so long as
skim-milk, one of the best foods for
growth, was part of the swill, and un­
eaten refuse from the table was also
thrown in. But in many places the
skimmed milk is now sold in some
form, while a better use for table re­
fuse is found in giving it to the poul­
try. So the pig is starved iu summer,
which Is the time he ought to grow
the fastest, aud is the poorest prepara­
tion for the heavy coni feeding that
will begin In September and continue
until tlie pig Is turned over to th<!
butcher. A half-starved animal loses
the power of digesting hearty food, for
the stomach, like every other organ of
the body, needs to have something to
do to keep in good health and strength.
Exhibit« at Paria.
Ther? will be a large exhibit from thia
country at the Paris exposition in 11KM),
which will prove very interesting to all,
but no more so than the news that the
remedy, Hostetter's
Stomach Bitter*, will cure dvspensia. indi­
gestion ami constipation. To nil sufferers
a trial is recoin mended.
No pain: new process; fine gold work. DR.
LANGWORTH Y, N W. cor 1 hlrd uni MorritOB
Fence mi«l Wire Work».
ainl iron fencing ; office railing, etc. 331 Alder«
ill Me li I no ry mid Supplie«.
• ÏW8TÔN a * • ’ . I \-.l\l -, BOI! ! RiL ¡SC
chinery, supplies. 48-5U First St., Portland, Or.
Write for Catalogue.
J, I, FREEMAN. Agent,
2SD East Water Street,
all kindj
29 to 35 First Streit
P ortland , O regon .
enn give you the best bargains in general
machinery, engines, boilers, tanks, pumps,
plows, belts and windmills. The new
steel 1 X L windmill, sold by him, is un­
I |1\\ I rd III '’III 8; MA< HINRRY AND
vehicles; send for catalogue. 18M-VJ4 Front SL
WholcMMle l>ruggl«t« mid I’hotogriephle
sin ppi lea.
< <> 1IIAND14I
Fourth Street, Portland, Oregon.
------------- —--------------------------------——;
...GO EAST...
----- VIA------
Through Viilare ami Tourlat Sleeper»«
Dining mid Bufiet Smoking;
Library Car«.
....FAST TIM?....
Service and Scenery Unequalled.
For Ticket« and ail information apply ta
your nearest agent, or address
C P. and T. A., Portland.
R. C. STEVENS, G. W. P A , Seattle.
rr~ XOTE Til E N AME.
I I EP KF j K I. Washington. D. C.. they will re-
I I eeive quick replies. B dii N. H. Vols.
Siaff 20(h Corps. Prosecuting claims since 1K7L
TT( ’III N < ipi I *« produce inolwtiir»: «nd oau»«* it crii nie.
This form, ««
I ■« Blind, Bi»- -ding or Protruding
Pile« «r- cur. I by Dr. Bolan <o’a Pile Remedy
Hto|>4 itehmy «ml nlf^ainp. Al « >rbn tumor«. N'c a
Jnr at <1 rngffint« r ««nt l»y mail. ì'r»*ati«n fr-*r Writ»
uie about your caae. DR. B’ >SA X KO, Philada., P k
■ •
Part I ml am and teatl-
moiilalH in plain sealed
letter M ailed F hkb .
FRENCH DRUQCO.,3814 1383 Pearl St., New York
W« RU«r«nt«« to at e»ery case we un<b rt.ka
Ho..t put it off: write for particular, at once
<'. H. WOOIIAKD * CO., Ksprrt Truaa
> Itter«, ms Second Street. Portland, Or.
For Gonorrh«»-« «nd Gleet ret PabM'a Okay Rreciflr. N
la tha ONLY Birdlcine whicn will cure each and every
reae. NO CASE known >« haa ever fail»*«! to cur«, ne
matter how wrioiia or of how foot standlmr IfcwillB
from ife uae will axtnnKh you. It •• absolutely ««r*»
prevent« etrl« tore, «nd run l>e taken without Inronv»
' Bienre and detention from buein»-«. PRICE. >3'10. FrB
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