The Yamhill County reporter. (McMinnville, Or.) 1886-1904, March 31, 1899, Image 6

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    "I, Marcia Perkins, hereby give to the
the top of a high ridge, and caught
person who, after my death, becomes
sight of the three Indians. He trem­
Did y’ ever »top your ears up,
the owner of the daguerreotype of Jo­
blingly put bis field glasses to his eyes,
•Nd listen to your teeth.
seph Thurston, In the case of which
and, sure enough, it was Captain Jack,
As they dance ’nd clank 'nd clnrtci
this paper will be placed by me, the MAJ. DRANNAN, THE CAPTOR OF bis squaw aud little girl.
On the crackers underneath?
sum of $2,500,”
“Where are you going. Jack?" asked
Kin y' make your ears go wobbly
That was as far as they went. “O!”
I.ike a donkey when lie brays?
the Major, as he rode up to the big
I'll bet y’ can't make both your thumbs said Eleanor.
I A Veteran Plainsman Who Has Been a chief who bad been causing all the
“Hum," said John, and there wns a
Go roun’ two different ways!
Fighter unit Hunter for Fifty Years —
silence for as many as three seconds.
"Heap hungry.” said Jack, dejected­
Kin y* yawn as if y’ liked it.
“Go on,” said John.
ly. “Guess go Clear creek catch fish. ’
hack of love must stand Justice, pa­
With your mouth shot tight?
“It’s nothing more about us. It’s only
A few hours later the old scout rode
tience, honesty, sincerity aud magnan­
Y' don' know how t’ cluck your tongue— that he,” waving the placidly pictured
Into camp with bls three prisoners. The
imity. Indeed, on these depends t'
Naw, that ain't right!
One of the most famous Indian scouls capture put an end to the Modoc war.
young man, “was her lover. He was
very continuance of love In ma^_/
Kin y' whistle on two fingers.
drowned nt sea, and her house mid oth­ and the last of the great hunters and
Drannan avenged the murder of the
Like a ningine callin' “coal?”
for it is not possible to go on loving
Davis family, which was a sensation­
Say—lemme see your sling shot-»
less that is found which is worthy of
money is to go to the Seamen's Or­ tains fifty years ago Is Major William al horror of the plains thirty years ago.
You got a fishin'-pole?
love. The world Is full of meu ami
| F. Drannan, who still sees service An inoffensive family of settlers was
phans* fund.
women who think, either because they
Y’ can’t stan’ on your head-’u’ han’s
“So Ettie and the others will have to among the Nez I’erces of Idaho. He killed in cold blood by a party of Mexi­
to think so, or, sadly, because they
'Thout a wall to prop—
give up what they have already taken . carries a knife with which he has scalp­ can greasers, who then made off with
must, that one can love where one does
D’ y’ ever go in swimrnin’
possession of, and Instead of every­
their cattle. The deed was laid to the
Au' never tell your I’op?
OME men, nay, many men, not respect. One may pity, may have
killed them In fair tight.
thing will have nothing."
Ute Indians.
The teacher’s watchin’ both of us—
have a reprehensible habit of au Infinite yearing teuderness over
It was Major Drannan who captured
“Good enough," concluded John, In a
“No,” said Drannan, with his usual
She's on to me, I gues'—
showing the notes aud letters what one cannot respect, but love is e
sagacity, “this is the work of greas-
*F she keeps me in f'r talkin' t' you,
by girls not only to other royal birth and recognizes only whtk.
perfectly legal. Thought they could
J’ll—lick you at recess!
is still worse, to wom­ is as royal as itself. The way, then, to
slight you entirely, but Instead they I war. The conflict between the United
—New England Farmer.
Lieutenant Jackson detailed him a
keep love secure in married life Is ait
made a mess of it themselves by giving States troops and the Modoc Indians squad of men and be started in pursuit. en,” the Baltimore News quotes a so much to be anxiously watching and
you a cast-off. Insignificant-looking broke out during one of Major Dran- He traveled all day and about 0 o'clock bright girl as saying. "Every woman guarding lest It should escape, or cry­
trinket, which happened to be the most | nan's periodical attempts to “settle at night Black Bess sniffed the air cu­ knows that this Is true. Doubtless ing that love has spread its wings be­
there Is not one of us who has not bad
valuable thing your aunt left after all.'* down” and farm. Couriers dashed up to riously.
cause the first holiday romance is re,
“If everything Is only turned over to his ranch, their horses covered with
“Here's their camp.” said Drannan. submitted to her scrutinizing gaze an placed by graver feeling, but by 11 vlug
us without any trouble,” concluded hh foam, and brought the news that Cap­ triumphantly. Sure enough, by the epistle written by some fair maid to a along simply and honestly and frankly
< 4 yT'S an Insult,” said John Stone; wife. “To think of their pretending tain Jack and his Modocs bad gone on light of the dying embers the little man whom she thoroughly trusted. together, on a high plane, looking most
I the war path.
I “you shall send them right hack. she didn't leave anything.”
posse could discern the forms of the This breach of confidence on the part and always toward 'whatsoever thfqgs
You're Just as near a relative as
greasers. The cattle feeding near were of masculinity—for It Is nothing less— are true, whatsoever things are L«n-
was brought vividly to my notice by a
the Gordons, yet they have got every­ ter, the paper being dated, signed, and I state of great excitement. The In­ those taken from Davis’ ranch.
est, whatsoever things are just, wl,at-
"We’ll give you five minutes to get man who handed me three letters, writ­ soever tilings are lovely, whatsoever
thing. Just because they were there witnessed. Thus the Gordons reluc­ dians killed all the defenseless ranch­
when your aunt died; and then because tantly saw their knowledge of the ers they could and then tied to the lava ready,’’ said the Major to the Mexicans,
"Eve left me with a full heritage of things are of good report.’ Then Ix»ve
they knew you were entitled to some­ daguerreotype's secret came t<si late, beds of Idaho and intrenched them­ who pleaded abjectly, as they were
and I was just wild to see will be not a captive, but a most will­
surrounded. At the end of five min­
thing, In fact, Just as much as they, while the Stones, .with its aid, were
in those notes, I was just ing guest.”
utes they were lined up and shot.
from her estate, have sent you this col enabled to buy n pleasant little home,
tempted and I fell. I read them, I
Girl»' Physical Training.
lection of odds and ends.”
Many mothers who have felt at times
"Hush, John; never mind. It's not enjoy life together, the daguerreotype ments to the regular troops. Nobody career from St. Louis with Kit Carson even criticised them, for you see I am
that young, enthusiastic but lnf.xpe'*'
worth talking about, and we might as case occupying the place of houor.— cared to undertake it. Major Drannan In 1847 and when 15 years old killed his Interested In the man,” says a writer in
saddled Black Bess and started at sun­ first Indian or rattier two of them. the Philadelphia Inquirer. "I was alto­ enced physical culture teacher? ,-ere
well make the best of it. Beggars can't Boston I’ost.
down. All night long the sharp eyes Major Drannan is to-day lithe and agils gether horrid and dishonorable, but one using more zeal than discretion in the
be choosers, you know," sagely re­
the scout and the sagacious nose of and stands 6 feet 2 Inches in bls stock­ thing the Incident did for me. I resolv­ training of their girls, will appreciate
marked his wife.
these words of caution given to moth­
The cause of this outburst was an Reasons Given by One Who Knows his pet mare picked out the trail as un­ ing feet. He still eats bear meat and ed instantly that never would that man
get a scratch of the pen from me any ers and teachers by an experienced di­
erringly as a bloodhound. Before sun­ sleeps on an elk-skin bed.
oblong green pasteboard box, which
the Men of To-day.
more than an innocent ‘I will be pleased rector who is a physician as well: “In
rise the Major rode Into Jacksonville
had Just arrived, anil whose contents,
There Is a good deal of discussion and told the sheriff to gather a strong
to have you,’ etc. He won’t even get the great race of life,” she said, "health
so Eleanor Slone said, were not worth over the fact that many women tlo not
that If he can be reached by telephone. is no handicap to a woman. But
the express paid on It. An accompany­ marry, lu fact one would almost Imag­ posse, as Captain Jack was on the war
Some People in Every Community
“Two other men don’t hesitate to say strength is not necessarily synonymous
ing note, addressed to Mrs. Stone In ine that It Is only the men who marry path and murdering settlers by the
W ho Are Never t-atlstieil.
they read each other's mail. In­ with health. Some of the muscles may
explanation of the box, was as follows: nowadays. There is a reason for it, of
In every community there are chronic deed, one of them does most of the cor­ be strong, and some may be weak.
"Dear Eleanor: I send you herewith course, and there seems to be an effort
growlers, always finding fault with tht respondence for the firm, and if his Strength should never be the primary
what mother, May and I have picked on the part of many to find It out. Some
existing condition of things, and no chum is busy makes a draft of an an­ aim of physical education. Exercises
out as your share of Aunt Marcia's be­ say It Is because she is "too vain," oth­
better satisfied with attempts that are i swer to the letter which it is necessary- for beginners should be of the simplest,
longings. They weren’t as much as an­ ers that she Is "too extravagant,” "too
should be responded to immediately, and, while graceful movements should
made in the line of improvement.
ticipated, and we divided the rest mercenary,” “too modern.” However,
A Western village had been sorely the latter copying it docilely at his leis­ be cultivated, too much attention
among ourselves, as we had the care of Winifred Black throws a few luterest­
scourged by fire, its principal business ure. In this way the one wus writing should not be given to the prettiness
her In her last illness. Your affectionate ing side lights on the subject, many of
portion having been burned twice. to the other's fiancee, while she, poor of the exericses. Great care must be
which show the color of truth. She
There was no tire department, the citi­ girl, was pouring out her heart to her taken that in all physical exercises
Eleanor Stone took the note and flung says:
zens apparently being of the opinion betrothed. Innocent that the outpour­ there shall be correct posture that shall
It In tlie stove. “So much for my
"The modern woman doesn't marry
ings were read by this rank outsider, allow free circulation. Twenty min­
that it would be too expensive.
cousin's affection. It's too bad. I know because the right man doesn't ask her.
Among them was a man of the name wbo.having no sympathy In the matter, utes’ exercise taken out of doors is
Aunt Marcia must have bad some mon­ Women to-day are Just as anxious to
of Grinders, who, while invariably must have had no end of amusement worth an hour's exercise In a class
ey, mid as for the bother of her last Ill­ be married as their grandmothers were;
room that lacks pure air. Running in
grumbling at the lack of enterprise dis­ out of it.
ness, It was self-sought, which makes sensible, honest women are living to­
"A girl should never write anything the fresh air is magnificent exercise for
played by the business men of the
me doubly sure she left something, for day, and the man who wants to marry
place, opposed any and every attempt In a letter to a man that she doesn't a girl, and graceful movements In run­
the Gordons are not the kind to put one of them can do so, but they are not
to organize a fire department. “We are mind a select coterie of his friends see­ ning will be found conservative of
themselves out for not king. It we only looking for that kind of woman. A
ing—fiancee or no fiancee.
taxed too heavily already,” he said.
bud Just a little of her money to tide man falls In love with an empty-head­
"There is a general idea that only
But after the second disastrous fire
us over until you get well and put us ou ed, heartless doll for her pretty face,
How to Climb Stairs.
there was such a clamor for better pro­ very young men are addicted to this cus­
Many people will be surprised to
our feet again.”
and then complains because he find»
tection in the future that the town trus­ tom, but this is a mistake. Men of 33, know that there is a scientific way of
Aunt Marcia was Miss Marcia Per­ the doll's head Is hollow. When a man
tees purchased a chemical engine, with which Is certainly an age of discretion, walking upstairs. A physician, In tell­
kins, a maiden great aunt of Eleanor chooses a sweetheart because she
books, ladders and the usual parapher­ have no more conscience about show­ ing how it is done, says that usually a
Stone, who had lived somewhat as a wears 'dead swell' clothes, and then
nalia, provided a room, and a voluu- ing letters than a boy of 18.”
person will tread on the ball of the foot
recluse and who hud recently died.
falls to lamenting over the cupidity ot
teer company was organized.
In taking each step. This Is distinctly
Eleanor turned the box upside down, woman '»hen that same girls asks hlui
Society Women Keep Young.
“It's a waste of money,” said Grind-
gazing regretfully lit the little heap on what 111, revenue Is before she decides
The fashlouable woman looks as a bad practice; it wears aud tires the
ers. ‘It will be twenty years before young aud rosy at 50 as the unfash­ muscles, as It throws the entire sus­
the table. There was an old fashioned about loving him he is not quite as logl
bone hairpin, two bits of lace, sur­ cal as he might be. Now, Is he, really i of the regular army forces stationed at there’s another big tire, Mark my ionable woman generally looks at 30? pended weight of the body on the mus­
words, Lightning doesn't strike three It Is because she takes care of herself. cles of the legs and feet.
mounted with lavender bows, such as
"Any woman worth marrying will Idnkvllle, sent for Major Drannan and
Iu walking upstairs the point to be
old ladles wear for caps, two or three marry the man she loves even if be commissioned him to organize a scout­ times In the same place. Y'ou'll see.”
The uufashionable woman gets her
Several years passed without any beauty sleep every night and never dis­ secured Is the most equal distribution
Cheesecloth dusters, live handkerchiefs, can't scrape up money enough to pay ing force. With tills force he scouted
a hair ring, and an old fashioned the minister. She may not be happy a strip of country about forty miles real occasion for the services of the sipates in the matter of balls and little of the body’s weight possible. The feet
daguerreotype in a rusty black mid gilt with him after she marries him, but it long every day In front of where Cap­ new tire department. The company, it suppers, while the rest of the world is should be placed squarely on the step,
case, showing the faded countenance of will not be his poverty that makes her tain Jack and his men were Intrenched is true, turned out in response to sev­ asleep. She eats her three meals a day heel and all. aud then the work should
eral false alarms, and always made a and at just the proper hours. Every­ be done slowly and deliberately. In
a genteel looking youth of past date.
miserable. The great law of uatural in the lava beds, because the officers
"There," said Mrs. Stone, derisively, selection holds Its sway with the Jusl feared an uprising of the Utes as well. creditable display when ou parade, but thing on her table is wholesome and this way there is no strain upon any
“Is my share of niy late lamented aunt’s as well as with the unjust. You can't Not an Indian showed his head. Their Grinders was irreconcilable.
intended to keep her skin rosy and her muscle; but each one does its duty In
“Look at It!” he exclaimed. "Five little body lissome. SI thinks it al­ a natural manner.
estate, and here mu 1. who expected a educate the huuiau nature out of a stronghold was nothing more than a
hundred or two, anyway, as hard up woman any more than you can refine big cave In the lava rock, but ft was hundred dollars thrown away—abso­ most Immoral to clog the pores of the
The practice of bending nearly double
as anybody could be, with John sick It out of a man.
absolutely secure. There was only one lutely thrown away! I told you we skin with powder anil pomade, and when ascending stairs is extremely per­
and unable to work, while Aunt Susan.
"A master of the science of economic» place to get In, a narrow passage, but shouldn't have any more fires, but you she believes in nature absolutely. And nicious. It cramps the lungs, and
Ettie and May Gordon, wlui know noth will elope with an extravagant creature there were numerous rifle boles on the wouldn't listen to me.”
just there is the difference. The fash­ makes the heart work harder. A slight­
Ing of hard times, lire probably basking Just as quickly as a proud, high-temper­ east and south sides.
One day. however, a fierce blaze broke ionable woman believes In art. She ly forward Inclination Is all that is nec­
lu the sunshine of her dollars.”
General Wheaton determined one day out in one of the stores In the rebuilt knows that nature Is a wonderful essary to make the method of golug up­
ed woman will mysteriously fall In love
At this point, being of n philosophical with a stupid nobody. Dan Cupid, on taking Captain Jack by storm and business district. The fire company restorative, but she has Infinitely more stairs above described a much less la­
turn of mind, she gathered up her In­ Esq., has gone out of fashion, but he for three days the whole command, was promptly on hand, and by stren­ faith In art and science. When the borious task than It usually is.
heritance, put it away in the closet, mid Isn't dead, not by any manner of backi-d by howitzers, were turned loose uous exertions put out the flames be­ wrinkles begin to come the fashionable
Boxing a Bride's Ear.
devoted herself to her husband, who means, and never will be. Men put on the Indians. The assault failed. fore much damage was done. The work I woman knows of pomades and mas­
In Lithuania, a province of Russia,
lay grumbling on the sofa, a victim lu women on a pedestal, but they Bet the General Wheaton lost sixty of bls men, of the "tire boys" was creditable In tha seurs. She has found that the Turkish
It Is customary that the bride's ears
the clutches of rheumatism.
while the Indians did not appear to highest degree, and it was the general bath will do more towards making her should be boxed before the marriage
pedestal In the mud.
Several weeks Inter Eleanor was
opinion that they had saved the town eyes lustrous and her skin clear than ceremony. No matter bow tender­
"A woman's friends hoar of her mar­ have been singed.
brooding over the financial situation, riage with a sigh of relief. A man's
General Canby took command and from a third calamity.
all the ten-hour sleep and whole-wheat­ hearted the mother may be, she always
when the bell rang, and an elderly mini friends hear of his marriage with a tried to take Captain Jack by storm
"What do you think of our Are de­ bread remedies in the world. She makes It a point of administering a
stood at the door, lie Introduced him­ gasp of incredulity.”
himself. He lost 100 men and failed.
partment now. Grinders?" ssked one wears corsets—snug ones, too—but they hearty smack to her daughter In the
self as "Mr. I'lavers,” and said that
A conference was arranged between of the exultant merchants—the one, in are corsets that fit the figure and do
presence of witnesses, and a note Is
being the Gordons' family lawyer, mid
For Players and Typewriters.
General Canby, his chaplain. Colonel fact. In whose store the fire had started. not grip It In a cast-iron vise, aud she
made of the fact. The mother's inten­
hap|ienlng to be In town that day. he
In this age of wear and tear on tha Thomas, two Interpreters, and Captain
“H’mph!” growled Grinders. “How hangs her skirts from the hips. But tion Is a kind one, though the custom
bail come at their request to ask a little nerves anything to save them from Jack, all without arms. Before it was much did you lose?"
she can dance all night nnd be as fresh Itself Is bad. The reason for It Is to pro­
shock Is a great help. Scientists have held Major Drannan went to Colonel
“Only about thirty-five dollars.” re­ aud rosy next day as If she had never tect the bride should her marriage
Id Mrs Stone cure to part with Invented a rubber thimble to protect Miller, Canby’s aid, and said:
pik'd the merchant. "Mostly empty seen the Inside of a ballroom.—New- prove an unhappy one. In that case she
“Colonel, If the general ever goes to boxes. The boys put the fire out before Orleans Picayune.
a little old fashioned daguerreotype the the fingers In piano playing and type­
will sue for a divorce, and her plea will
Gordons had sent her In a tsix of things writing. The tips of the fingers are not that council with Captaiu Jack he will It got into my goods.”
be that she was forced into the mar­
that were Mias Perkins'?"
only nerve centers, but one of the most never come out alive.”
To Clean Oatrich Feather*.
"H’mph!” growled Grinders again.
riage against her will, and on that
The Major repeated his warning “Five hundred dollars to put out a
Eleanor's curiosity and suspicions sensitive parts of the body. Conse­
Cut some white curd soap lu small
score the verdict of the Judge will be
pieces, pour boiling water on them, and
were aroused by the sudden desire for quently the finger nerves receive many again and again, but Captain Thomas thlrty-flve-dollar fire!”
in her favor.
this worthless relic of former days. Mr. severe shocks In practicing or type­ said, “The Lord will protect us." ami
Aud after that he grumbled worse add a little pearlash. When the soap
A Story of Mary Lamb.
i'lavers explained that the ladles had writing. The new thimbles are made General Canby laughed at the Idea of thau ever.—Youth's Companion.
Is quite dissolved and the mixture Is
Mrs. Cowden Clarke, who recently
cool enough for the band to bear,
taken n fancy for It, as mi antique of rubber, to tit the ends of the fingers treachery.
The conference was held and General
plunge the feathers Into It; draw the died In England, was fond of telling
merely. They would la* quite willing to like gloves, and will lessen the shock to
The "Lady” Question In Germany.
how her Latin teacher, Mary Lamb,
purchase It. and If a $10 hill would la' the nerve centers. The speed also Is Canby, together with Colouel Thomas
Germany Is having Its "ladies” and feathers through the hand until the
any object-----
Increased 10 per cent, by their use. It and George Meacham. Interpreter, were "gentlemen” question. A controversy dirt appears squeezed out of them; pass Ella’s sister, entertained her with a
"No." answered Eleanor, spurred on Iscertalnthat theendsof the fingers are traitorously shot down by the Indians. has arisen with regard to the style them through a clean lather with some fellow pupil at dinner. When the little
party was seated at the table the teach­
Capture of Capt. Jack.
to refusal by a sudden conviction. "I kept from becoming callous and the
which should be adopted In addressing blue In It, then rinse in cold water with
Major Drannan then had the cave married women. There are, in the blue, to give them a good color. Beat er said: “Now, remember, we all pick
didn't get many of my mint's things, nails from splitting.
surrounded by a double ring of guards, language of the fatherland, four names the feathers against the band to shake our bones. It Isn't considered vulgar
but what 1 did I shall keep,” where­
knowing very well that the supply of whereby that delightful class may lx off the water and dry by shaking them here to pick bones.”
A Discouraging Sign.
upon she arose mid |adltely but unmis­
"How Is your son getting along with horse meat on which the Indians were designated—gemahlln (consort), gattln near a Are. When perfectly dry curl
To Remove Freckle* and Tan.
takably bowed the astonished old gen­
his literary work, Mrs. Rockingham?" living was at>out exhausted. Soon he (spouse), frau (lady), and weib (wife). each fiber separately with a blUDt
Venice soap, one ounce; lemon Juice,
tleman out.
"1 don't believe he's making much found that Jack was sending the To save the not Infrequent disputes knife or ivory paper-folder.
one-half ounce; oil of bitter almond,
Then she hurried to the closet, and.
one-quarter ounce; deliquidated oil of
rummaging around, soon found the headway. Nobody ain't accused hint squaws aud children away, to save and heartburnings which arise from
Tooth Paet«,
tartar, one-quarter ounce; oil of rhod-
box, and In It the daguerreotype case. of stenlln’ any of his wrltln's from any­ food. Every ludlan that attempted to Impertinence and Ignorance In the use
Violet tooth paste Is the latest and
This she opened and la*gan to scratch It body else, so I guess they can’t atuouut escape was captured by Drannan aud of any one of these terms. It Is now perfumes the breath. Violet tablets lum. three drops.
bls men. They all said, “We heap hun­
till over with her thumbnail and to Hu­ to much."- Chicago News.
proposed that one shall be officially al­ are carried by some women in the
For Chipped Hand*.
ger its surface carefully, hoping, all the
lotted to each of the recognized grada­ glove or pocket, in place of sachets.
Oil of cocoanut, one ounce; lemon
line night Drannan. scouting a«
To Float Stranded Vessels.
while, that she had not let a $10 bill go
tions of the “scale social.” In this There is a substitute for the old sach­ juice, one-quarter ounce: alcohol, one-
Vessels can l»e easily removed from usunk crossed the trail of three In­ manner.
for nothing
a general's wife shall be ets powder, but It is expensive. Violet half ounce; glycerine, two ouncea: rose
dians. One track was quite large and
It might really be a wlilm of Aunt sandluirs by a new apparatus consist
known as his "consort;” she of .in offi flannel costs $15 a yard, but cut up In water, one and one-quarter ouncea.
long, a second smaller, and one quite
Susan's, after all. to want the old thing,
clal of the next lower grade shall be bits as long as the cloth lasts. There is
Ix>ng-l)elayed Correction.
that happy persons “spouse;” the also a preparation for the hair, which
yet somehow it seemed to Eleanor that be attached to the sides of the vessel
Postmaster Tuttle, of Carthage, Mo.,
she had once heart! Aunt Marcia speak
middle-class partner becomes her hus­ makes my lady s tresses as fragrant as
little girl are running away,” said
has just received frond the Federal
of a daguerreotype case with a secret saud from nrouud the bull uutll the
band's "lady.” aud the workingman's she wishes.
Drannan to Black Bess. "They are
government a draft for $8.26 In pay
ship floats free.
helpmate Is simply his "wife."—New
spring anti false back which was a
starving, and they've started out to
ment of a debt that has been running
Love in the Home.
Orleans Picayune.
much prlxetl possession, the gift of a
The first thing a tnan does when he Clear cteek to catch fish.”
since tha cfvU war. but of which Tuttle
dtar friend.
gets married Is to try to practice eevu-
The Major had been In the saddle
Pruyn—Have you heard that horrible life love Is so sufficient and loving to knew nothing. It ap|>ears that In set-
Suddenly she gave a gasp and John
otuy by shaving himself.
twenty-four hours, but he never hesi­ story about old Stlffe being burled simple that there nvui« no other need ling with Captain Tuttle for hia ser­
looked up from Ills couch In time to
tated. He took up the trail and fol­ alive?
Dr. Bolus (hastily)—Burled In life.” says the Ladles' Home Jour­ vice« as a soldier one day's pay waa
lav something white Hutter to the floor.
The great trouble la. people haven't lowed It as rapidly a* he could push alive? Impossible! Why. he was one
nal. "But by and by. when care t>e- overlooked. It took Uncle Sam thirty-
Forgetting bls rheumatism, he sprang very good sense, anil they are not dis­ • head. Across miles aud miles of grav­
of my patients.—Exchange.
glns to shadow them, when duties pre­ four years to discover the error.
from the sofa mid stotsl, reading over posed to be very fair.
el ridge there was nothing to go by
sent themselves, and. strangely enough,
In Finland women have the right ot
Eleanor's shoulder a bit of writing on
Some men walk so lazy and worth­
except sometimes a bent twig or a
conflict with each other, when convic­ suffrage. They usnrp men's privileges
a scrap of paper that meant much to
T iki many excuses for failure to do
pebble turned by the feet. Finally the
tions clash and tastes differ, then both and are carpenters, paperiianger%
those two.
your duty are worse than none at aU.
Major looked down In the valley from are on their way to a saloon.
husband and wife begin to realise that bricklayers and slaughterers.