The Yamhill County reporter. (McMinnville, Or.) 1886-1904, February 17, 1899, Image 1

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Entered at the Postoffice in McMinnville,
as Second-class matter.
We place on Sale Saturday
Morning our first shipment of
New Spring Goods.
250 pieces New Wool Dress Fabrics, all the New*
est New York Novelties.
300 pieces New Wash Dress Fabrics consisting of
Some of the most beautiful designs ever originated
in Wash Goods.
40 pieces New Spring Silks in Plaid, in Stripes
and Brocades. Full line TAFFE'J'A SILKS in
Complete line Housekeeping Goods, Sheetings,
Seamless Pillow Case Muslin, Ready-made Sheets
and Pillow Cases, Table Linen, Silkolenes, Prints,
Ginghams, etc.
50 Cases New Shoes.
We’re going to do business this spring if Stock
and Prices talk.
Mrs. H. L. Bancroft of Portland was
doing business in town Tuesday.
Mrs. James L. Masters of McCoy vis­
ited friends in town a part of Monday.
Loran Cos of Portland is spending a
few davs with his mother, who is quite
Edgar Conner and family spent Batu-
day and Sunday visiting relatives in Ball-
Mrs. M. E. Percival spent Monday in
McMinnville returning on the night ex­
Miss Edith Percival made Portland
friends a visit Friday, returning Satur­
Mr. Ball of Harrisburg spent the day
in Whiteson while on his way to Ball­
We are very sorry to bid Mr. Barnhart
goodbye, but we extend the welcoming
hand to his successor.
Rev Turner of the Methodist church
will fill his. regular appointment Satur­
day evening and Sunday.
Among the many who have been vic­
tims of the grip are Mrs. M. A. Cox and
Mrs. Jerome Franklin.
Rev. Scott will begin a series of meet­
ings on Thursday next. Beginning with
Monday next he will be assisted by Rev.
tVliiteman of Independence.
Win. Robbins and Ed Pratt with their
families surprised their home folks by
returning from Nebraska on the Monday
evening train. After the severe cold of
Nebraska they are willing to settle down
in Yamhill county.
Yamhill can boast of a little boy two
years and two months old who can tell
his letters and all the figures to ten
wherever he sees them. His name is
Master Carl Parrot of Whiteson, and his
parents are justly proud of him.
The boys have been playing ball this
Several new pupils are enrolled this
Miss Mann resumed her duties as
teacher of the 3d and 4th grades Tuesday
We finished five months of school last
Friday. We have finished over half the
school year, but have we half completed
our grades'* The writer thinks we have
Lincoln’s birthday was celebrated at
our school by a short program, also by
raising our flag. The flag was up again
on the 15th, being the fiist anniversary
of the destruction of the Maine.
Real Estate Transfers.
From regular Cash prices this month on all Musical Instruments and
Sewing Machines.
Emerson Pianos,
x Kimball and Cottage Organs.
CHAS. GRISSEN, McMinnville. Oregon
Take The Reporter and Get the News
One Dollar Per Year.
Come to The Reporter Office for
Typewriter Papers
Marriage Certificates
Probate Court.
Estate of Alexander Stoutenberg
Bond filed and approved. J. R. Forrest,
Andrew Hewitt and Dingman Stouten­
berg appointed appraisers.
Guardianship of Geo. H. Walker and
John W. W. Walker. Bonds presented
and approved. John Kuns, C. F. Dan­
iels and C. E. Branson appointed ap­
praisers. Inventories filed and approved
Petition for license to sell real estate
At ti e Salvation Army beginning filed and March 8th at 1 p. m. set to bear
Thursday, Feb. 16th, midwinter camp- the same. Notice to be given by publi­
Legal Blanks
Week ending Feb. 15th :
U S to Jos Kenny 160 a sec 10 t 2
r 6............................ Pat
(J S to Edw Griggs 164.20 a sec 4 t
2r6.............................................. Pat
U S to M F Nessly 164 a sec 4 t 2 r 6 Pat
U S to W W Espey 160 a sec 4 t 2
r •Pat
U S to Elmer Espey 160 a sec 10 t
2r6............................................... Pat
U S to Edw P Kenny 160 a sec 10 t
2 r 6..............................................
U S to Frank E White 160 a sec 10
t 2 r 6........................................... Pat
U S to Jno H Rankin 165.20 a sec
4t2r6......................................... Pat
Arthur Barnard and wf to A F
Bliss 124.20 a sec 4 and 10-2-6 $8579 39
Tbe Mutual Benefit Life Ins Co to
Jos Williams 160 a sec8-2-4
.$ 800
L H and S W Baker per assignee
to P C Melotte 10 a near Willam­
ette river..................................
John W Warren to N C Simpson
parcel of land in Sheridan.........
Thos G Turner and wf to Jacob
Grauer 87-28 a pt O P Turner d 1
c t 5 r 5..................................... 2674 76
John R Cave and wf to Nathaniel
Crosier 29.81 a t 5 r 3 .............. 1000
Joel A and John R Harris to C W
Peckham lots 3 and 4 blk 12 Oak
Park add to McM........................
J F Peterson and wf to Frank W
Fenton lot 1 blk 16 original town
of McM......................................... 3000
T R Warren and wf to Nicholas
Wall lots 11 and 12 blk 50 Dun­
Seers th» (¡(nature of C hai H F lbtcbn .
la use for more than thirty years, and
Thf KinA Y< h Havt Alwajn fin/kl
Uurnett on the
One Dollar if paid in advance, Singlenumberstive cents.
NO. 9
R o U l A
At the February term of court in Mar­
ion county now in session, Judge Bur­
nett did not fail to call the attention of
the grand jury to the charges of fraud in
connection with the returns of the elec­
tion in that county last June. In his
charge to the grand jury the judge called
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
attention to the matter as follows:
“I deem it to be my duty at this time
aovsi sakimi powmr co ., « w vosk .
to direct special attention to the charges
and reports that some of the tally sheets
Council Proceedings.
and ballots of the June election, held on
the Cth of June last, were altered with
The city council met in called session
Mrs. Patsey Ann Todd, wife of Jona­
the design to change the result in the than Todd, died at her home in this city on the night of the 15th. Present, Coun-
election of one of the circuit judges at Saturday night, February 11th. Mrs. cilmen Wright, Peery, Nelson and Mc­
that time. At the last term of this Todd, formerly Brock, was born near Donald. Tbe following wood bids were
court the grand jury returned indict­ Zanesville, Belmont county, Ohio, May accepted:
ments against seven persons, charging 26th, 1825. At the age of 14 years she re­ 50 cords 2d growth fir @ $1.71 J W Draper
them with tho crime of forgery in con­ moved to Missouri, where on June 21st, 200 “
1.80 M Hillary
nection with this transaction. Owing to 1846, she was united in marriage to Jon­ 50 “
“ 1.74 J II Wilson
an inadvertenco that grand jury was not athan Todd. The family emigrated to 40 “
“ 1.75T11O6 Draper
properly empanelled, and, on motion of Oregon in May,1865, and since that time 75 “
“ 1.76
E Ladd
the defendants, these indictments were they have been esteemed residents of 50 "
1.74 Geo Braithwait
set aside. This objection to the indict­ this city. Tbe living children are : R. 50 “
1.84 G Howenstine
ment being a technical one, and one that H. Todd, Davenport, Wash., Mary E. 30 cords old fir at $2.19
J W Draper
might have been waived by the defend­ Burnett, wife of Rev. P. R. Burnett of 50 '■
II Johnson
ants, the court ordered that they be held Eugene, Or.; Joseph A. and I*. W. Todd 100 “
2.24 George Easterly
to the grand jury empanelled at this term merchants, Tillamook, Or.; Cynthia J. 30 “
Jno Willis
of court, and so they ara for your consid­ Sparks, Martha and George B. Todd of 60 "
Lewis Forbes
F M Heater
McMinnville. Mrs. Todd was one of a 50 “
The statute found at section 70 of the family of eleven children, of w hom Muh- 30 “
G Bruithw ait
act of February 13, 1891, known as the Ion Brock of Woodburn is the only one 100 “
C F Heury
Australian ballot law was here quoted I now living. She had been a member of 75 “
G II Hibbs
Peery introduced new ordinance No.
by the court, after which he continued : , the Christian church for 50 years, and
‘‘You will observe by the provisions of j the funeral was held in the new church 196, providing for the repeal of ordinance
this section, that it is a crime for any | here on Monday at 2 p m., conducted No 181, which w as the ordinance provid­
person whatever to willfully or fraudu-) by Rev. Powell, being the first funeral in ing for free water and light to the may­
lently alter or destroy or break open any J the new church. AH of the above chil­ or and council. The ordinance was
return of any election regulated by the ' dren were present at the burial except passed unanimously, and this is believed
act from which the section is quoted.
the first named, who was unable to be to be the burying of the hatchet. It is
“Willfully implies the simple purpose be present.
well. Mr. Harding was granted the
or willingness to do the act or omission
privilege of putting in a water motor. It
referred to, and does not require any in­
Mrs. Rachel E. Peery died at the was ordered that the resignation of Supt.
tent to violate the law or injure another home of her daughter, Mrs. M. D. L. Sliger be asked for, all members present
or acquire any advantage. An act done Rhodes, in this city, early yesterday voting in favor of it except Peeey. No
purposely as distinguished from accident-. morning, of inflammatory rheuma-| reasons for this were discussed. There
ally, is 6aid to be done willfully. To do tisrn, which affected tbe heart. Mrs. is likely to be a petition circulated for
an act fraudulently is to do it with a de­ Peery was born in this county October l Mr. Sliger’s retention.
sire or purpose to wrongfully deprive 26th, 1851, and was married to M. S. |
another from tbe enjoyment of his Peery in 1872. Her busband survives 1 Wednesday evening, February 15th,
her, with two children, Mrs. P. Lung of I promptly at G o’clock, Mies Alice Jones
“The tally «bests delivered to tbe offi­ Dayton and Mrs. Rhodes, and a brother. ot this city was united to Mr. Oscar Tay­
cers are properly included within the | W. A. Kimsey of Albany, and two sis-1 lor of Perrydale. The ceremony was per­
term 'returns,' as included in this stat­ ters, Mrs. M. J. Peery of Sodaville and ' formed in the lecture room of the new
ute. Thsrefure, if you should find that: Mrs. Anna South of Scio. Mrs. Peery | Christian church, Pastor Powell officiat­
any person altered, or in any manner ' was a member of the M. E. church at ing, being the first wedding ever held
changed, any white ballot cast at the Webfoot. The funeral will be held in in the building. One hundred invitations
general election in this county, or any of the M. E. church at Dayton at 1:3d p. were issued, and every person receiving
tbe tally sheets returned to the county tn. today, and interment will be made in one seemed to avail himself of the oppor­
clerk, and that such alteration or changes Oddfellows’ cemetery at that place. The tunity to enjoy the happy occasion. Tho
were made for the purpose of making it procession will leave this city at 11 a. church was beautifully decorated and
festooned with the materials so abun­
appear that some candidate received m. for Dayton.
dant in Oregon for wall garniture. The
more votes than were actually cast for
bride and groom stood under an arch of
him, or with a design to change the re­
Card ot Tlisnki.
laurel from which was sus|>ended a clus­
sult of tho election, you should indict all
We desire to express our heartfelt grat­ ter of mistletoe. The bride was beauti­
persons making such change, as well as
itude to all kind friends who aided in fully adorned in a dark traveling suit and
those who aided or abetted those persons
the sickness and burial of Mrs. Patsey hat. Tho groom was well dressed in
in doing the act.
Ann Todd with their personal kind of­ black, but of course wasn’t so much no­
“Section 1808 of the code also makes
fices and sympathy, and trust they may ticed. Both wore gloves. They entered
it a crime for any person, with intent to be abundantly blessed.
to binging by Misses Spencer and Ram­
injure or defraud any one, to falsely
J onathan T odd and F amily .
sey and a wedding march was played by
make, alter or forge any public record
Mrs. Evenden during congratulations.
whatever, any certificate, return, attes­
The oratorical contest of McMinnville The groom is well-to-do, and his friends
tation of any clerk, notary public, or
college, to bring out the best talent to speak of him as an excellentyoung man.
other officer.
Within the meaning of
represent this institution at the intercol­ The bride is well known and much es­
this act the judges and clerks of election
legiate con Lest to occur March 10th in teemed in McMinnville. The new house­
are public officers, and the tally sheets
this city, was held in the college chapel hold will 1 k > set up in Dallas, for which
are certificates, or returns, or attesta­
last Friday evening. There were but the train was taken the same evening.
tions of those public officers, and are tbe
two contestants, viz: B. F. Blood and A liberal supply of rice was noticed on
legal evidence received by, and upon
V. E. Rowton. Mr. Blood spoke on the the sidewalk in front of the church next
which the canvassing board actually de­
subject, “Is War Ever Just?” He morning. The local editor believes in
termines the results of the election,
claimed it was just under two conditions church weddings—es|>ei'ially for the other
hence they are the subject of forgery
—to defend our liberty, and to protect fellow, and is always better able to give a
witbin the meaning of tbe law, inde­
downtrodden humanity. Mr. Rowton description of the bride’s dress when he
pendent of the provisions already quoted
was unable to deliver bis oration because is invited.
from the election law. There are there­
of sickness, and his paper was read by
fore two statutes bearing upon the act in
Nolle.« tor Hide.
Mr. Wallace. The subject was, “The
question, and parties may be indicted
Sealed bids will be received by the un­
Call of the West to her Sons and Daugh­
under either statute.
ters.’’ The chief call is to protect onr dersigned for the furnishing of 15 cords
‘‘All persons concerned in tbe commis­
country from socialism and class distinc­ of old fir, 15 cords second-growth fir of
sion of the crime, whether directly com­
tion, and the strife between capital and good merchantable quality, and 25 cords
mitting the crime, or aiding and abetting
labor. With the rapid development of of ork grub wood. All of the above wood
in it, are principals, though not present, the west comes tbe influx of greedy capi­ to be full 48 inches long, tho oak to be
and are to be tried and punisned as such.
tal, and we have not the time to settle nothing less than 3 inches in diameter
It may be that only one poison actually
these questions with the deliberation at small end. The fir wood to be split
bandied the pen, but other persons
that was afforded the cast. Tbe judges into sticks small enough for use in com­
knowing about it, and aiding and abet­
of the orations were Revs. Fender and mon sized heating stoves. Bids will be
ting by encouraging it, were equally B.F. Rhodes of thia city and Prof. Metzger received for all or any part of said oak or
guilty, and should be dealt with in like
of Lafayette. Mr. Blood won with an av­ fir wood, the same to be corded up on the
erage of 91 per cent, and Mr. Rowton ground just north of the court house, and
had 90^ per cent. Other parts of the also for the same sawed in two twice and
Cure a Cold in One Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. program were an instrumental solo by neatly ricked up in the basement of tho
All druggists refund money if it fails to Mrs. Virginia Watson, a vocal solo by court house on or before September let,
cure. Tbe genuine has L. B. Q. on each ( Miss Jennie Snyder, a duet by Misses 1899. Right to reject any or all bids re­
served. These bids will be opened at the
Glen and Christa Seittera.
tablet. For sale by Rogers Bros.
regular term of the county court on tbe
------------------ ----------
9th day of March, 1899, at one o’clock p.
Advertised betters.
Beers the »¡(ssture of C has . H. P i . btckb &
The following letters remain uncalled m., in the county court room.
In use for more than thirty years, snd
J. H. N ilson ,
for in the McMinnville poetoffice:
Cllne, Mrs Polly
Clerk of Yamhill County.
T>u Kt»4 Fa« /few Alwapr Bng/U.
Merkt, Mn Kate
We have special arrangements with
the following leading publications,
whereby we are able to offer them in
Yambill county has 31 indigent wards connection with our own at exceedingly .
whom it is now providing for, not count­ low rates, as follows : The R efortik
ing children. The matter of seen ring a •nd
suitable place where these wards could Weekly Inter Ocean......... ..... .. ........................
be kept together and the expense of their St. IxxilsGlobe-Demoerat. seml-weeklp----- - 1J0
keeping reduced, js receiving tbe serious Rural Northwest, Portland, semi-monthly... 1.26 j
consideration of tbe county board at the Ofegonlan, weekly..... .................... -............. - 2.00
’s Magazine, monthly....................... 1JV>
present time. If each a course were McClure
Cosmopolitan Magarine, monthly................ 1 M
adopted, probably about 20 out of the 31 The Weekly Sen Praoclsco Call........ ............ 1.70
would be admieeabie to the poor bouse.
The Weekly New York Tribune ....—..... -...- 1 26
Cstllne, Wtn
Csllings, Jesse
Coyle, Ebert
Gregory, Cbes
Johnson, Mn C A
Johnson, Mn Suda
Kelley, L H
Merchant, Carrie <2)
Pearson, Miss Beede
Price, I K
Robertson. Mrs •
Hauterbtiry. B F
Spenser, G
Thompson, Miss Ory
¿ebenen 4 New
Mallett •! keeled Hide.
Sealed bids will he received by the un­
dersigned for furnishing of lumber in the
several road districts of Yatnhil) county
in wagonload lots, to be delivered when
and where directed by the super visora of
J ames M c C ain , P. M.
each road district, for the year 1899.
Feh. 15th, 1899.
The county reserves tbe right to reject
any or all bids. These bids will be
Cure ■ Csld in One Day.
ojiened at the county court room on Wed­
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. nesday, March Sth, at one o’clot k p. m.,
All druggists refund money if it fails to said bids not to apply where bri laes are
J H. N elson ,
cure. The genuine has L. B. Q. on each let by contract.
Clerk of Yamhill County.
tablet. For sale by Rogers Bros. 46m6