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the Atlantic Ocean she was joint'd by
the guntioat Marietta, which bad left
San Diego several days after the Ore­
gon. Together they steamed north­
record - breaking cruise of
ward. Captain Clark and the com­
mander of the Marietta learned of tlie
events that had transpired while they
Journey Equal to More than Half the were speeding from the Straits of Ma­
Distance Around the Earth-Beset gellan. War bad been declared April
never thinking of a record-breaking
cruise equal to more than half the dis­
tance around the earth’s surface. The
Oregon is supplied with bunkers that
give her a coal rapacity of 1.594 tons,
i This enables her to steam 4.500 miles
without recoaling. The Oregon’s com-
plement of men numbers 473. Her
armor Is divided as follows: Belt. 18
by Grave Dangers, but Was Always
Heady for Trouble.
progress of the vessel southward after
leaving Callao was attended by great
danger owiug to storms, and for that
reason the Oregon coaled in the Straits
of Magellan instead of attempting to
enter tlie harltor of Valparaiso. When
the joint resolution of Congress de­
clared the Cuban people should be free
and that Spanish sovereignty was at
an end on the Western continent, Cap­
tain Clark was only twenty-four hours
behind schedule time. The Oregon was
the first warship in history to round
that storm-swept point.
"I suffered from a severe stomach
trouble. I could not keep anything on my
stomach. I began taking Hood’s Sarsa­
parilla and it cured me. I can now eat
almost anything 1 wish and my health is
good. Hood's Sarsaparilla has enabled
me to work every day.”—8. J. Fzsoiwx,
Monroe, Or. Remember
Hood's Pills cure Indigestion, biliousness.
Carborundum tn Canada.
The Carborundum Company, of Ni­
agara Falls, N. Y., has made all ar­
rangements for the manufacture of
their product in the Dominion of Can­
ada at an early date. They have pur­
chased a plot of land in Niagara Falls,
Ont., and will at once commence the
erection of a factory, the contract for it
having been awarded. They have also
made a contract with the Canadian
Niagara Falls Power Company for a
block of electrical power to operate the
furnace. In addition to the property
purchased they have taken an option
on additional land, in order that they
may enlarge their plant should they
see tbe necessity of so doing.
The interesting ‘‘wet process” of ex­
tracting copper from pyrites, in use
near Antwerp, is described in a paper
read before the Association of Grad- !
nates of the Ghent Technical School
by L. Breda. From this it appears
that the ore, containing from three to
four per cent of copper, is roasted,
crushed and roasted with salt. The
chlorinated ore in quantities of twenty-
five tons is twice washed with some
660 gallons of water, then with the
waste liquor from the precipitating I
tanks,then with dilute warm sulphuric
acid, and finally with warm water.
The washed ore at last contains only
0.2 per cent of copper. Tlie liquor is i
run into tanks, amt the copper is pro- !
cipitated by scrap iron. The some- i
what remarkable statement is made
that by this means the amount
of copper left in the waste liquor
does not exceed 1.4 gram per gallon.
Exportation of Lumber.
The exports of lumber ftotn this
country have been rapidly increasing
during tbe past two years, and espec­
ially was there a notable increase last
year over the record tor the year be­
fore. In 1896 the value of lumber ex­
ports from this country was $33,000,-
000, while last year there was an in­
crease of more than 20 per cent, the
total being upward of $40,000,000
worth of lumber. In 1895 the value
The standard of the Celestial Empire is a very was about $30,000,000, and for several
queer looking affair. It represents the most years previous to that year the value
grotesque of green dragoons on a yellow ground.
In 1860 it was
The latter is suggestive not only of the national was about the same.
complexion, but also of that of a sufferer from $10,000,000.
biliousness. To remove the unbecoming tint
from the complexion, use Hostetter's Stomach
Hitters, which will speedily regulate your
liver, prevent malaria, and remedy dyspepsia,
nervousness, rheumatism and kidney com­
Mr». Joseph Peterson, Warren, Pa»
•* I have suffered with womb trouble
over fifteen years. I had inflammation,
enlargement, and displacement of thj
“ The doctor wanted me to take treat­
ments, but I had just begun taking
Mrs. Pinkham’s
Compound, and
my husband
said I had
better wait
and see how
much good
that would
do me. I
was so sick
when I began
with her medi­
cine, I could
hardly be on my
feet. I had the
backache con­
stantly, alsoheadaclie, and wassodizzy.
I could not walk around, and I could not
lie down, for then my heart would beat
so fast I would feel as though I was
6motherir.g. I had to sit up in bed
nights in order to breathe. I was so
weak I could not do anything. I have
now taken several bottles of Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and
used three packages of Sanative Wash,
and can say I am perfectly cured. I do
not think I could have lived long if Mrs.
Pinkham's medicine had not helped u>e. ”
ceiving large invoices of the celebrated Stough­
ton wagons. These are superior to any ever put
upon this market. Before buying a wagon call
and examine, or write for catalogue. Address
toot of Morrison street, Puri land, Oregon.
Keeps Milk Pure.
25, and the crew’s of both boats set up
a mighty cheer when they received the
news of the capture of Spanish vessels
off the coast of Cuba.
Spain’s crack torpedo boat, tbe Tem-
erarlo, made a bluff at the Oregon, but
immediately slunk away into the Bay
of Montevideo and hid behind a penin­
sular when she got w’ithln observation
distance of Uncle Sam's mighty sea
fighter. The least inclination of tbe
Temerarfo to disrespect the friendly
character of the harbor would have
resulted lu the sinking of tbe Spaniard
under five tons of steel projectiles into
the waters of the bay. Two days after
the American vessels arrived at Rio de
Janeiro the Temararto arrived. Bra­
zilian officials, however, were active
and said they would prevent any clash
between tlie representatives of the two
governments. New's of tbe magnifi­
cent victory of Dewey’s fleet reached
the Americans in Rio de Janeiro. With­
in the harbor of Brazil’s capital the Or­
egon ami Marietta were joined by the
dynamite cruiser Buffalo, recently pur­
chased from that government.
Orders came from tbe Navy Depart-
ment to proceed, and tbe fleet of three
vessels steamed out of tlie harbor of
Rio de Janeiro May 4. They were in­
structed to stop at every cable port en
route and receive instructions.
Oregon Itullt in the West.
All the material for tbe construction
and armament of the Oregon came
from the far Western States. The iron
mines of California, Oregon, Washing­
ton. Nevada. Colorado, and New Mex­
ico supplied the crude metal which was
afterward converted into steel for the
hull, great strips of armor and ponder-
ous castings for the guns. The big bat­
tleship built by the Union Iron
I Works, San Francisco.
On her trial
trip an average of 16.79 knots was
maintained and 11,111 horsepower was
iuches; deck, 2% inches; barbettes, 17
inches; turrets, 15 inches; casements,
0 Inches. The main battery of the Ore­
gon consists of four 13-inch. eight 8-
lnch and four slow-flre G-lnch guns.
This outfit is not surpassed by any bat­
tleship in the world. The supplement­
ary rapid-fire battery consists of twen­
ty 6-pounders, six 1-pounders, four
Gatlings, two field guns and three tor­
pedo tubes.
Ancient Methods of bignaltng.
The fabulous honor of being the first
Inventor of the art of signaling Is be­
stowed by certain classical writers up­
on the Ingenious Palamedes. This hero
may have introduced improvements in
detail, but it Is certain that long ire-
fore the time of the Trojan war the
Egyptians and Assyrians, If not the
Chinese and other nations of remote
antiquity—of whom monumental rec­
ords alone remain to us—had developed
regular methods of signaling by fire,
smoko, flags, etc.
Tbe great wall, built by the Chinese
age« ago, and 1,500 miles long, Is stud­
ded with towers. Between these sig­
nals were interchanged when troops
had to Ire collected in order to resist at­
tack at any point threatened by the
Tartars or “outer barbarians.” By
Maj. Bouclieraeder and others it has
been considered that the huge tower of
Babel was erected for similar as well
as for a number of different purposes.
That is to say, for the signaling not
necessarily of any particular words or
sentences, but of expected events, im­
perial decrees, military orders and oth­
er ¡ratters intended to be understood
through conventional signals, whether
of lights, flags, semaphores or other de­
vices, by all the motley host of nation­
alities and languages of which the
Chaldean empire was composed.—Corn­
The Lion of St. Mark.
World's Great Cities.
According to tlie latest authority on
population the great cities of the world
are, in the order of their size, ns fol­
lows: London, with a population of
4,231,431; New York (Greater), 3,200,-
000; Parts, 2,447,957; Berlin, 1,077,351;
Canton, 1,600,000; Vienna, 1.364,548;
Tokio, Japan, 1.214.113; Philadelphia.
1,142,653; Chicago, 1,090,850; St. Peters­
burg, 1,035,439, anti Pekin, 1,000,000.
Very Shocking Drama.
Captain Clark was warned by cable
of the dangers that lay in his path and
answered that he was ready to engage
the entire Spanish fleet if his superiors
so desired. A brief summary of the
joint resolutions were sent him for the
entertainment of his men. together
with a "tip” that a declaration of war
•nd actual hostilities would be forth-
acming. When the Oregon turned Into
Hood’s Sa srparllla Has Cured a
Severe itomach Trouble.
Is America's Greatest Medicine, fl; six for »•>.
The great lion of St. Mark is about
to be restored to the doges' ancient pal­
aces in Venice. Tills was the lion
erected by Audrea Gritti, who became
doge in 1523. and who, in the fifteen
years of his rule, restored to liis city
all the possessions she held before the
league of Cambrai. Gritti died in 1538,
having won a threefold glory as pa­
triot. soldier and statesman. lie left
liehind him as Ills monument tlie fa­
mous higli-relief figure of the lion,
which adorned the middle gallery of
the doges' palace on its best side. Tlie
lion stood at a height of twenty-three
meters from the ground; its paw on tlie
open gospel and the doge kneeling in
prayer by its side, and where it remain­
ed until tbe break-up of the oligarchy
and the vandalism of democratic Ven­
ice swept it away. In May, 1895. the
Italian ministry of fine arts undertook
tbe work of its restoration, and out of
a large number of competing sculptors
Signor Urbano Botosso was chosen to
give the lion liack to Venice. His work
—a majestic lion and the doge in his
robes of state kneeling by its side—Is
now complete, and will adorn the an­
cient [wilace of the doges in a few
weeks.—Philadelphia Bulletin.
On the Lookout for Trouble.
Extracting Copper.
Hood’s Sarsaparilla
First to Round the Horn.
When tbe Oregon started oil her un-
paralleled cruise of 13,000 miles and
steamed through the Golden Gate, fir­
ing her salute of good-by to the flag
that floats over the Presidio on Muroh
19, Capt. Charles E. Clark and his crew
were as much in ignorance of her ulti­
mate destination as the rest of the
world. Captain Clark was told to make
Callao his first stopping place. The
big vessel, with its tremendous load of
guns and protecting turrets, ran into
a heavy sea before It had got out of
sight of California's promontories.
The captain’s orders did not provide
for a return. The ship’s prow liad
been headed for the coast of Peru and
the course was never changed in spite
of protracted bad weather. While
many tons of steel were pounding on
the Pacific the men who direct the
game of wnr and use the warships as
so many pieces at chess were debating
what disposition should be made of the
redoubtable floating battery.
“Fighting Bob” Evans was left the dis­
position of the big ship. “Dewey, with
the Olympia, can lick the entire Span­
ish Asiatic squadron,” was Evans’ esti­
mate. and tlie destination of the Ore­
gon was settled.
Great anxiety was felt for the "pride
of the navy” when April 1 came and
she had not been sighted off the coast
of Peru, as expected, but on April 8 the
bold lines of tbe battleship were de­
scribed off Callao. She had fought a
long battle with the elements, had
come out victorious without a mark.
The Oregon coaled at Callao and there
Captain Clark received a sealed packet
containing Ills orders. When the ship
had headed about and steered into the
open sea, Captain Clark communicated
the story of tlie Maine's report and its
reception by the American people to
Ills men, in addition to the route of
their excursion around Cape Hora,
Officers and crew exercised the great­
est precaution when war with Spain
promised to become the sequel to the
Maine disaster. Tlie ship was given a
coat of iron gray and her searchlight
swept the horizon for hostile sails. The
Works Every Day
A Swede has patented an apparatus
to assist in keeping milk pure, which
consists of two tubes with flaring tops
to be attached to tlie arms in milking,
to carry the milk into the lower ends
of the tubes connecting a covered pail,
thus decreasing the size of the openings
exposed to a minimum.
Life of
The life of a cast iron water main is
stated, in a ropoit recently made to the
Mellxrrne, Australia city engineer, to
average about thirty years.
taken up after forty years of service the
iron is generally worth ess, even for
scrap. Mild steel pipes List about as
long, but the oust of jointing and hiv­
Another Toe Clip.
A New Yorker has patented a toe­ ing, as well ns tlie cost of the pipes
clip, in which a curved plate is pivoted themselves, is considerably less for
on an axis parallel to the pedal axis steel than for cast-iron.
and a short distance above and beyond S tate of O hio , city of T oledo ,
L ucas C ounty .
the latter, so that when the foot is
F rank J. C heney makes o&th tbat he is the
pushed into the pedal one portion of the senior
parter of the tirin of F. J. C heney A Co.,
plate catches tlie toe and the opposite doing business in the City of Toledo, Cou ny
and State aforesaid, and that siid firm will pav
end presses against the instep.
the sum ot ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for each
A powder to be shaken into the shoes.
At this season your feet feel swollen, ner­
vous. and hot, and get tired easily. If you
have smarting feet or tight shoes, try
Alien’s Foot-Ease. It cools tlie feet anil
makes walking easy. Cures swollen and
sweating feet, blisters and callous spots.
Relieves corns and bunions of all pain and
gives rest and comfort. Ten thousand tes­
timonials of cures. Try it today. Sold by
all druggists ami shoe stores for 25c. Sent
by mail for 25c in stamps. Trial package
FREE. Address Allen 8. Olmsted, Le
Roy, New York.
keeps and does its work
Very young children are not sensitive
to pain to any great extent.
Denger calculates that sensibility is sel­
dom clearly shown in less than four or
five weeks after birth, and before that
time infants do not shed tears.
I believe Pico’s (Tire is the only medi­
cine that will cure consumption.—Anna
M. Ross, Williamsport, Pa., Nov. 12, '95.
The leaf of a creeping uiom found in
the West Indies, known as the "life
plant,” is absolutely indestructible by
any means except immersion in boiling
wuter or the application of red hot iron.
Ma«e money by «uccesful
UU U L II I «I'ecuiaiimi m < hicago Ue
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• ■ 11 fall I Rin«. Fortune, hare been
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tures. Write for full particulars. Best of r.«-
erence given. Several year«’ experience on the
Chicago Board of Trade, and a thorough know­
ledge of the bn.lm
Send for onr free refer­
ence book, downing , hopkins a co .,
Chicago Board of Trad
Offices in
Portland, Oregon and Seattle. Wash.
developed, 2,111 in excess of tbe con­
“Ain’t that new drama simply dis­ Plain or with Cutter. Th. heat needle In th» mar-
gusting 7’
set. Vsed by all-ack sewers. Tor sale by aU gen­
In size the Oregon is only surpassed [ “Ain’t iti The idea of that big, hand­ eral merchandise eterea, or by
by one ship in tbe navy—the Iowa. some villain getting that dear little
tan Market street, Han Francleco. Cal.
Tbe displacement of tbe Pacific-born heroine into that dark room and then
monster is 10,288 tons. Tbe excess not even attempting to kiss her.”—
weight of the Iowa comes from her Puck.
high decks, which are supposed to
make her more seaworthy. When the
What has become of the old-fashion­
Oregon was constructed she was In- ed boy who had his nose held, and took
tended for coast service, her designer* I castor oil J
Is th? working capital
of hunmnity. He who
loses that ih wrecked
indeed. Is your health
fading you, your am­
bition, vigor, vitality
wasting an ay ?
When others fail con­
For tho speedy,
_ ,__ ,___
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Nervous, C’hroni ic ___
... Special diseases,
In their moat aggravated lorms. There is no man
In the world who has effected so many permanent
cures lu both Men and Women of troubles which
other phyatcaoa of acknowledged ability had given
up as hopeless as this eminent specialist.
h'IRVOl'S DEBILITY and all its attending YOUNtL M1DDLR-AGED and OLD
MEN. The awful eflecte of neglected or improp­
erly treated cast's, causing drains, weakness of
body and brain, dlxxlnesa, falling memory, lack of
energy and confidence, pains in liack, loins and
kidneys, and many other distressing symptoms,
infilling one for st inly, business or enjoyment or
life. Dr Rat cl I tie can cure you, no matter who or
what bus failed.
WEAKMKN. He restores 1'»st vigor and vi­
tality to weak men. Organs of the body which
have been weakened through diMM», OVtfWflrt,
excesses or Indiscretions ar? restored to full power,
strength and vigor through his own successful sys­
tem of treatment.
VARICOCELE, hydrocele, swelling and ten­
derness of the glamls treated with uDialling success.
SPECIAL DISEASES, hila in mat! on, dis­
charges, etc., which, If neglected or Improperly
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DISEASES OF WOMEN. Prompt and es­
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I a'i NiitP'rers. CONSULTATION FKEE and confi­
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A New Lifeboat.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
An Envelope Addreaier.
The Klondyke
For Infants and Children.
and every case of Catarrh that cannot be cured
by the use of H all ' s C atarrh C ure .
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presence, thus 6th day of December, A. D. ISSo.
’_ »
Notary Public
Hall s Catarrh Cure is taken internally and acts
directly on the blood and mucous surfaces oi
the system. Send for testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY de CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, *5c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
An English patent is for an automa­
tic envelope addresser. The machine
has a series of stencil plates with dif­
For Workmen's Lunches,
ferent names on them and which are
A recently patented wrapper in Eng­ fed one at a time against an ink roll­
land is esj>ecially suitable for carrying er with the envelope pressed against it
workmen’s meal». It is made of water­ by anothei roller to print the address.
proof material, and is shaped with a
glTQ Fbrmanentiy Cured. No Hu or nervousnes
rigid piece in the center. The flaps mw
after first «lays use of Dr. Kline’s Great
are secured by buttons or hooks and Nerve Restorer. Bend for FKhK 9» 4.On trial
bottle and treatise. DR. ft. H. KLINE, Ltd., imu
eyes. When not in use it can be folded Arch street. Philadelphia, Pa.
into small space, a strap forms the
New Laclna Hook.
A new lacing hook has been de­
signed for shoes which has an eyelet
stamped into the leather, witti a hook
hinged on one side which shuts and
holds the lace as soon as the latter is
baking powder is Schilling's drawn
tight, all the hooks opening at
Best baking powder.
It once when tlie knot at the top is untied.
A French inventor has designed a
new lifeboat, which has a weighted
keel extending low enough from the
bottom of the boat to prevent its over­
turning, while air-tight compartments
are placed in the ends and sides which
will keep it from sinking when full of
- -------- MANU» AC TU«0*’’
°« PICTO»^
is due not only to the originality and
simplicity of the combination, but also
to the care and skill with which it is
manufactured by scientific processes
known to the C alifornia F ig S vrup
Co. only, and we wish to impress upon
all the importance of purchasing the
true and original remedy. As the
genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured
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only, a knowledge of that fact will
assist one in avoiding the worthless
imitations manufactured by other par­
he hitfl
__ _____
ties. The
hi^h standing of the
C ali ­
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cal profession, and the satisfaction
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given to millions of families, makes
the name of tlie Company a guaranty
of the excellence of Its remedy. It is
far in advance of all other laxatives,
as it acts on the kidneys, liver and
bowels without irritating or weaken­
ing them, and it does not gripe nor
nauseate. In order to get its beneficial
effects, please remember the Dame of
the Company —
Portland to Chicago Without Change
Quirk Time.
I iiion Denuts.
l ersiiiialli Conducted Excursions.
BuKKHge Checked to Dcstinifit lou.
¡.div Kates.
I>irect line to Trans-MI• 11
* • 11>j»t and
InternstIonsl Exposition held in Omaha.
SfhrHska, June to November»
Write undersigned for rates, time tables and
other information pertaining to Union i’acitio
R. K.
R. W. BAXTER, Gen. Agent,
135 Third Ht., Portland, Oregon«
. Moore Revealed Remedy will do it. Three
* will make you leel better. Get It from
your druygitt or eny whole..le drug bouee, or
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N. P. N. V
No. »4.
HEN writing to ndtertlaer. plea.e
mention tliT. paper.
We lead and originate
fashions in....
Cor. Second end Stark Sts.