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    How Are You
times the collar should be pulled for­
ward so as to allow the air to strike the
part On no account should the horse
for the first week or more be allowed
to work In the rain, or be hard pushed
when he Is sweating. Care in the be­
ginning of the season will save the
horse perhaps from being disabled for
work during a large part of the sum­
An Arbor Gateway.
The parsnip Is not only one of the
hardiest of garden vegetables, winter­
ing in the open ground without Injury,
as also does salsify or vegetable oys­
ter, as It Is generally called, but, like
the last meutioued plant, it starts to
growing very early In the spring. So
soon as the leaves start on either, the
roots should be pulled up and carried
to a cool cellar or pit, as the growth of
leaves will very quickly make the roots
unfit for use. All the first leaf growth
Is taken from the root, and is the begin­
ning towards seed formation. The root
rapidly shrivels and loses Its succu­
lence when the leaves grow larger. The
part of the parsnip at the surface of
the ground will taste acrid, and It
doubtless possesses some poisonous
qualities, as Is the common belief
among farmers. No kind of roots which
are biennials are fit to eat after their
second year growth has begun.
Replying to an inquiry about graft­
ing tomato slips on potato vines, the
Philadelphia Record says: “As tomato
cuttings will take root, it is not diffi­
cult to handle them. The process of
grafting tomato on the potato is as yet
experimental, and is not always suc­
cessful. Whole potatoes should be
planted, removing all eyes but one, so
as to get a stocky plant. The tomato
slip should be only large enough to be
of service (about three Inches), and may
be Inserted into the potato vine by
slitting the vine, leaving no bud of the
potato vine. If the bark of the potato
and tomato are united it will be better,
tut It is claimed that such is not al­
ways necessary. Keep the vines moist
at the ground and shade the plants If
Gnessing Weight of Stock.
How to See Plants Grow.
It Is surprising how many farmers
who grow live stock which they some­
times expect to sell on the hoof take
sc little care to ascertain Its weight.
Their Ignorance In this matter often
costs them dear, as the butcher or oth-
et person who buys of them generally
is supplied with scales, and can gener­
ally guess within a few pounds what
an animal will weigh. In the writer's
boyhood, his father frequently bought
cattle and sheep to be fed awhile, and
then butchered, to supply his custom­
ers with beef and mutton. It does not
take long to learn how to guess on the
weight of a beef. The size alone Is not
always a criterion. Old cattle, and es­
pecially old cows, will not weigh so
heavy as they look, and will usually
have more of their weight in Inside fat,
now worth very little, owing to the
competition of cotton-seed oil and other
vegetable oils.—American Cultivator.
To observe plants growing under the
microscope the American Monthly Mi­
croscopical Journal says: “Procure a
little collomia seed. Take one of the
seeds, and with a razor cut off a very
tiny slice, cover with a cover glass and
place under the microscope. The In-
strument must be In a vertical position.
When It is well focused and lighted
moisten It with a drop of water. The
seed will absorb the moisture and throw
out a very large number of spiral
fibers, giving the appearance of vent-
able germination. Beginners will find
It easier if one applies the moisture
while the other looks through the In­
| It will pay to cnrefullv read the descrip­
| tive advertisement of Afabastlne appearing
in this paper, explaining the difference be­
tween those goods and kalsomines.
, Consumers should bear in mind that
] Alabastine is unlike all the various kalso­
mines sold on the market under different
names. Alnbastine stands pre-eminent
* 1 and
alone as a durable wall coating, and
all consumers in buying should see that
the goods are iu package« and properly
Captain Cuttie In Safety.
Milking Device.
Slovenly milking Is often to be ac­
counted for by the small size of the
pall's top. A good deal of the milk will
persist in running
down the outside,
Horns on Domestic Animals.
To make easier
All the reason for horns on any do­
milking, have a
mestic animal ceased when they came
top made as shown
wholly under man's protecting care. It
in the cut The
was sill right for the animal to defend
flaring sides will
itself with horns while exposed to pred­
catch the stream
atory animals, llko wolves and nears.
of milk and con­
When cattle run wild, us they long did
duct it into the
in the State of Texas, and as they still
pail. It will be
do on the plains of South America,
well to tie a piece
their horns constantly Increased In
of muslin over the
length and formidableness. But under bottom of this top piece, thus straining
civilized conditions there is no need the milk as it goes In to the pail. Let
for horns. In some breeds they have this flaring piece just fit Into the top of
already been bred off. This will doubt­ the pall.—American Agriculturist
less become more general, as dishorn­
ing at least the cows has become a
Seeding Clover.
quite general practice. Cnlves may I m »
There are customs which are rigidly
prevented from ever growing a horn adhered to in the sowing or planting of
by applying a stick of potash on the the staple crops. Clover Is usually
head where-the horns would start, and sown on the wheat land In the spring,
removing the hair, so that the potash the seed being scattered over the
will make a slight sore on the skin.
ground when it is covered with snow in
order to facilitate the work. One of the
Substitute for Roller.
An easily made substitute for a rigid rules Is to sow a certain quantity
roller Is shown herewith. It Is from of seed (as little as possible if seed Is
the Farm Journal. The sides are cut high), and should the stand be light
from two planks, and narrow stripe are the cause is ascribed to everything but
then nailed to the lower edges. This the seed. The fact is that seed should
contrivance can be weighted to any de­ be use more liberally, as much of it is
gree desired and will do good service in destroyed in various ways before germ-
fining or firming the soil. A roller is Inatlon, the saving in seed causing a
one of the most valuable Implements loss of clover. Another point Is to har-
that a farmer can use In making a fine row the wheat, seed down the clover
and then use a roller on the land. The
better the preparation for clover the
more seeds will germinate and the
more perfect the “catch.”
Many are the prayers that are
breathed for those that have gone forth
to brave the dangers of the open ocean,
remarks a writer in The Illustrated
American, yet catastrophes on record
have occurred in still water within
sight, almost within touch of land.
The Episcopal prayer book contains a
formula of praver for those at sea,
which may perhaps include those that
are upon the waters of riverB or an­
chored in harbors. The horrors that
have occurred within close range of
land make more grewsome than humor­
ous the remark of Captain Cuttie, who,
when in a stress of weather, under
close-reefed foresails, with the hatches
battered down, used to retire to his
eabin and murmur as he sipped his
grog, “God help the poor creatures on
shore tonight!”
All Eastern Syrup, «o-called, nsnaliy verv
light coloxed m of heavy body, is made from
glucose. “Tcfl Garden urwt" is made from
Sugar Cane and is strictly pure. It is for sale
by first-class grocers, in cans only. Manufac­
tured br the P acific C oast S yrup C o . All gen­
uine "Tea Garden Dript” have the manufac­
turer’s name lithographed on every can.
First Work for Teams.
Pole varieties are preferred by those
again, and It will require several days
of light work to renew the cuticle which
disuse had allowed to disappear. There
should bo frequent rests, and at such
earlier than the pole varieties, and are
fully equal In quality to the others.
They make a valuable addition to the
garden crops.
almost immediate­
ly. I have taken
two bottles of
the Vegetable
three boxes
of Pills,
and have
also used
the San­
Wash, and
must say I have
never had any-
thing help so much. I have better
I ever had In my life. I
health than _____
feel like a new person, perfectly
strong. I give the Compound all the
credit. I have recommended it to sev­
eral of my friends who are using it
with like results. It has cured me of
several female diseases. I would not
do without Mrs. Pinkham’s remedies
for anything. There is no need of so
much female suffering. Her remedies
are a sure cure.”—M rs . E lla K iunkb ,
Knightstown, Henry Co., Ind.
By the way, the leading druggists
tell us that the demand for Lydia E.
Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound is
simply beyond their power of under­
standing ; and, what is best of all, it
docs the work promptly and well.
CIT« Permanently Cured. N o fits or nervonenee
rlla after fir«» day's use of Dr. Kline’s Greet
Nerve Restore«. Bend fbr FRF. K M.O, trial
bottle and treatise. lifL R. IL l< I -I N E, Ltd., '.no
Arch street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Tn the spring cleanse your system by
using I>r. l’fnnuer's Oregon Blood Purifier.
Is the working capital
of humanity. He who
lose» that I m wrecked
indeed. Is your health
falling you, your am­
bition, vigor, vitality
wasting away ?
When others fall coo-
For tlie speedy, safe and permanent cure of all
Nervous, Chronic aud Special disease», even
in their moil aggravated forms. There is no man
iu the world who has effected so many permanent
cure« In both Men aud Women of troubles which
other phyalcans of acknowledged ability had given*
up as hopeless as this eminent specialist.
NKKVOVg DEBILITY and all Its attending
ailment«, of YOUNG. MIDDLE-AGED and OLlJ
MEN. The aw Ail e fleets of neglected or Improp­
erly treated cases, causing drains, weakness of
body and brain, dizifness, (Idling memory, lack of
energy and confidence, pains In back, loins and
kidneve, and ninny other distressing symptom«,
unfitting one for study, business or enjoyment of
life. Dr Ratcliffe can cure you, no matter who or
what has failed.
WEAK MEN. He restores lost vigor and vi­
tality to weak men. Organs of the body whlq^
have been weakened through disease, overwork,
excesses or lndle<*retlon« are restored to full power,
strength and vigor through his own successful ays*
tem of treatment.
VARICOCELE, hydrocele, swelling and ten*
deme of the glands treated with unfailing success.
SPECIAL DI8EARIR, Inflammation, dll.
charges, etc., which, Lr neglected or Improperly
treated, break down the system, cause kidney and
bladder diseases, eta
di N uanes O f women . Prompt «nd ee.
pedal attention given to all their many ailment»,
WRITE If yon arb aware of any trouble. DO
NOT DELAY. Call on Dr. Ratcliffe today. Ifyoft
cannot call, write hint. ills valuable book free to
all sufferers. CONSULTATION FREE and eonfl-
dentlal at office or by letter.
s e rrf
Waterloo, la., has a church for which
one glacial boulder furnished practical­
ly all the materia).
After lining swtndlod by all others, send neetamr
for partlenlnra of Kmg Solomon’« Treaenr«, th.
ON LT renewer of manly strength.
CHEMICAL CD., P. O. Box ?<7, Philadelphta. Pa
It I h Known »n
The law which at present governs
the practice of law in France forbids
tho simnltnenous practice of medicine
and pharmacy, even by a person who
may be in possession of diplomas in
both subjects.
Use Dr. Plunder's Oregon Blood Purifier now.
They Rejected Money.
Write to ns about it. Our book on
painting BENT FREE.
Cleveland Oil A Paint Ml;. Co.,
In this country and in the trivilised
world generally wo are so accustomed
to the circulation of coinB that we are
apt to forget that there are millions of
human beings who know nothing what­
ever of coins, and conduct their transac­
tions by means of cowries, brass rods,
pieces of cotton or cloth and divers
othor articles. On the West coast of
Africa brass and copper rods are in
vogue, and form an important article
of commerce from the Birmingham dis­
How to go, when to go, where
trict of England. Recently an effort
to go, wind to take and
where to get it.
has been made to displace this form of
With maps showing trails, etc., FREE for asking.
There died recently in the village of
Mauvages, Alsace, a man by the name silver coins, but without success.
of Becu, who is the last of the family
from which Mme. <iu Barry sprang.
Her real name was Becu, and she was > ”4 Perfect Type of the Highest Order of
Excellence in Manufacture."
l>orn in Vancouleurs, a short distance \
from Mauvages.
It is said that one person in 800 is
King is the most ancient of titles. blind to the X rays: that is, when
It, or its equivalent, is found in every looking through the fluoroscope they
cannot see the bones of the hand, coins
known language.
in a book, etc. This is no doubt an­
I believe mv prompt use of Piso’s Cure alogous to color blindness.
prevented quick consumption.—Mrs. Lucy
Wallace, Marquette, Kans., Dec. 12, ’95.
We are asserting In the court« our right to the
Pictures can be adjusted at any exclusive use of the word ” CASTOKIA,” and
height by a new device consisting of a " PITCHER’SCASTOKIA," as ourTrade Mark.
rod with a flat hook at the upper end I, Dr. Samuel Pitcher, of Hyannis, Massachusetts,
to fasten it on the molding and a series was the originator of “ PITCHER'S CASTOKIA,’’
the same that has borne and does now bear the
of ratchet teeth on the back Bi<le of the lac-simile signature of CHAS. H. FLETCHER on
rod, with a sliding member to engage every wrapper. This is the original “ PITCHER'S
the teeth and support the picture.
CASTORIA ” which has been used in the homes
Absolutely Pure,
of the mothers of America for over thirty years.
Look Carefully at the wrapper and see that it is
the kind you have always bought, and has the
Allen’s Foot-Ease, a powder for the feet. signature of CHAS. H. FLETCHER on the
It cures painful, swollen smarting feet and wrapper. No one has authority from me to use
Is •
instantly takes the sting out of corns and
bunions. It’s the greatest comfort discov­ my name except The Centaur Company of which ■-
Be »ure that you get the Genuine Article,
ery of the age, Ailen's Foot-Ease makes
March ¡, 1S97.
tight-btting or new shoes feel easy. It is a
made at DORCHESTER. MASS, by
But few farmers accumulate as much
manure as they desire. Instead of
spreading the manure over too much
seedbed, but scarcely one farmer out land. It will be better to use only one-
of ten owns a roller. The cost or the half of the farm for crops and grow
certain cure for chilblains, sweating, damp,
trouble to make one Is the excuse given green material on the other half to be callous and hot, tired aching feet. We
for their absence from the farm tools.
have over tO.OOO testimonials of enres. Try
not be many years before every acre It today. Sold by all druggists and shoe
Lie* and Mites.
By mail for 25c. in stamps. Tria
For preventing lice and mites, more will double Its evarage yield, and the package FREE. Address Allen 8. 01m
profits will be larger because the ex­ ■ted, Le Roy, N. Y.
depends on the care of poultry than
penses will be correspondingly re­
upon the style of the building. The
The largest hotel in the world is the
hen house should be sprayed Inside with duced.
Waldorf-Astoria, in New York city,
kerosene once a month during the sum­
a $10,000,000 establishment, built by
mer, paying especial attention to work­
One of the garden crops that thor­ millionaires for millionaires.
ing the oil Into the roosts and down oughly understands how to take care
into the crevices, also around the nest of Itself Is rhubarb. If pianteti In earth
boxes. Clear out the droppings at least that Is not very dry. It will continue for
once a week. Lice and mites breed In many years without receiving any par­
the droppings. After cleaning put in a ticular attention. It Is, however, very
little fresh earth. It will be a good fond of high living, and those who de­
plan to smoke the Inside with sulphur sire to have large and succulent stalks
If the house is tight enough. Give the should give a good top-dressing of man­
hens a box of earth to dust tn and add ure every season.—Meehan's Monthly.
some powdered sulphur. Keep the In-
Lima Beano.
aide of the house well whitewashed.
After their winter’s rest. If it has been who grow Lima beans for market, as
such, horses need to be broken Into there are “old standards” that are fa­
work very gradually. Their necks and vorites. The bush Limas are probably
breasts, where the harness chafed, and to be preferred, as they may be planted
which had been toughened by a whole In rows and be easily worked. They
season's work, have grown tender require no supports, and are usually
Improved Plumb-Bob.
In a new plumb-bob the center is
hollow and contains a horizontal shaft
carrying a spring drum on which the
oord is wound, with a central hole ia
the top for its ¡tassage in unwinding.
Tomato Grafting:.
the device, or will when covered with
vines. If the vines bear grapes the use­
ful part will be very apparent. When
such ornamenting of one’s premises can
be combined with that which is purely
useful, there Is small excuse for not
having farm premises more attractive.
Ask Your Doctor
what effect alum has upon the stomach. Then
make up your mind whether you will put any
more low-price baking powder into your husband’s
or children’s food.
Schilling's Best is pure cream of tartar and
soda. Nothing else.
Parsnips for Late Use.
The »ketch herewith, from the Or­
ange Judd Farmer, gives a suggestion
that can be adopted in many situations
both as to utility and beauty. Where
there is a path through a farm fence
near one’s buildings, necessitating a
narrow gate, this gateway can be com­
bined with an arbor, as shown in the
cut. This gives the ornamental part of
Work in the Patent Office.
In 1807 there were received 45,601
applications for patents, and in addi­
tion a large number of applications for
This Spring?
designs, trade-marks, eta
Tired, nervous?
granted numbered 28.729, including
Can’t get rested?
Tortured with boils, humors?
¡designs; 65 patents were reissued, 1,671
That is not strange. Impurities have been trade-marks registered and 14 labels
accumulating in your blood during winter and
The number of (intents
it has become Impoverished, This is the ex­ i aud 16 prints.
The total ex­
perience of m<hl people. Therefore they take that expired was 12,926.
Hood's Sarsaparilla to purify their blood in penditures, $1,22,848; the receipts over
expenditures, $252,798. The total bal­
I. M. White, Salem, Or., says: ance to the credit of the patent office in
“The members of our family have de­ the treasury of the United States Jan­
rived much benefit from the use of uary 1, 1898, was $4,970,488.
Hood’s Sarsaparilla. My father was
In proportion to population more
severely troubled with humor, but it patents were issued to citizens of Con­ Want to Feel What They Are Fating.
The inhabitants of Sikas, Turkey,
readily yielded to Hood’s Sarsaparilla.’’ necticut than to those of any other state
Next owing to tho oppression of the tax
Thomas A. Coleman, Davidson, Or.: —one to every 786 inhabitants.
gatherer, who, the more industrious he
“Four or five years ago X had sores in order are the following: Massaehu- , finds them the more he demands, and
on my feet so that I was unable to wear
that out of proportion to the means,
shoes. I saw Hood's Sarsaparilla ad­ sey, Rhode Island, New York.
To residents of England 706 patents have no ambition to lead other than a
vertised tooure scrofula, and I procured
hand-to-mouth existence. Their prin­
two bottles. By the time I had taken j were issued; to residents of Germany, cipal food is made from unsifted whole
them my feet were well.’’
The number of applications received [ wheat, that has been threshed on the
for examination during the year was ’ ground by means of a drag drawn re­
peatedly over it by oxen, and ususally
parilia greater than for any other in the his­ has a largo admixture of dirt and
Is America’s Greatest Medtetne. Sold by all
The people prefer this to fine
druggists, fl; six for $5. Be sure to get Hood’s. ing action December 28 last numbered stones.
grade flour, because they say they can
core liver Ills; easy to 11,382, due to the inadequacy of the'
Hood’s Pills take, easy to operate. 26c. i office force. For the 10 years begin- feel they are eating something.
I ning in 1840 the average number of
Swallowing His Words.
application was 1,186, and for the eight
“While I was at Mosoow," writes a years beginning with 1890 it has grown
In the groat cities of the United States the
condition of the metropolitan poor is con­
traveler, whose words are reproduced | to 41,479 per year.
stantly being ameliorated by the grand ben­
by the Detroit Free Press, “a volume
evolences of wealthy people. Hanltarv reform!
are frequently suggested and carried out with
was published in favor of the liberty of
earnestness and intelligence. Among sanitary’
In this book the iniquitous | With the bloom and beauty of the season, reforms thewe produced by Hostetter’s Stom­
ach Bitter? in dyspeptic stomach, disordered
conduct of the publio functionaries, i its balmy airs aud delightful temperature, liver,
bowels or nervous system are very con­
and even of the sovereign, were cen [ we feel like living with new life, and are spicuous.
sured severely. The book created in­ I therefore often very careless in taking care
The Sadbury river aqueduct in 859
dignation, and the offender was at once of ourselves. It is this forgetfulness that days, has delivered 15,857,300,000 gal­
taken into custody. After being tried lays us liable to attacks of rheumatism, the lons to Chestnut Hill reservoir, and
in a summary way, he was condemned more liable because we think there is little 35,500,000 to Lake Cochituate.
of its coming on, but rheumatism is
to eat his own words.
A scaffold was l ' danger
nn easy thing to take and sometiniesa hard
nows THIS?
erected in a public square, the imperial thing to get rid of unless we take the advice
provost, the magistrates and the physi­ of others and learn that the best way pos­
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any
cians of the czar attending, the book sible is to use St. Jacob's Oil. It has been case of Catarrh that caa not bo cured by Hall's
used so long as a sure cure that this advice Catarrh Cure.
was separated from the binding, and is
given in good faith from the testimony
F. J. CHENEY & COV Prop«., Toledo, O.
the margin cut off.
The author was of thousands.
We tho undersigned, have known F. J.Cheney
past 15 rears, and betleve him perfectly
then served, leaf by leaf, by the pro­
If an Egyptian dies before noon the honorablo in all business transactions and fin­
vost, and was obliged to swallow this
ancially able to carry out any obligations made
unpalatable stuff on pain of the knout, funeral must take place the same day. by their firm. W bst A Tn VAX,
more feared in Russia than death. As I If death occurs after noon the funeral
Wholesale Drti,gists. Toledo, O.
W ai , dins , K innan A M arvin ,
Boon as the medical gentlemen were of may not be delayed after the uext day.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 0.
the opinion that he had eaten as much
nail's Catarrh Cure Is takenlntarnally, acting
on the blood and mneons surface« o!
as he could with safety, the transgressor ABOUT CHANGE OF LIFE, directly
tho system. Price 75c per bottle. Sold by all
was returned to prison. This punish­ i *
druggists. Testimonials free.
l “ I suffered for eight years, and
Hall's Family PIII b rjo the best.
ment was renewed the following days,
could find no permanent relief until
until after several hearty meals, every
An Oregon inventor has devised ;
one year ago. My trouble was Change
leaf of the book was actually swal­
of Life. I tried Lydia E. Pinkham's steam plow which he thinks capable
Vegetable Compound, and relief came of plowing 15 acres a day.
Costs Less Titan ohe cent a Cop,
George Sewell Boutwell, the youngest
man ever elected governor of Massa­
chusetts, and now the oldest of her ex-
I governor«, has just celebrated his 80th
birthday. ft is 47 years since he was
chosen governor.
There are 805 miles of street rail­
ways in St. Louis now, and they carry
100,000,000 passengers a year.
E stablishbd
it S ck
Make money by eucce.lul
Ilf U L fl I .peculation In Chicago. W.
n I U I ,"ly &n<1 "11
on mar.
■ w I I mail I Rins. Fortune, have been
made on a email beginning by trading In fu-
tore«. Write for full particular«. Best of ref­
erence given. Several years’ experience oa th«
Chicago Board of Trade, and a thorough know­
ledge of the business. Send for onr free refer­
ence book. DOWNING, HOPKINS A Co.,
Chicago Board of Trade Brokers. Offices tn
Portland, Oregon and Beattie, Wash.
Is it Wrong?
Get it Right
Keep it Right
Moore’s Revealed Remedy will doit. Three
doses will make you feel better. Get it from
your druggist or any wholesale drug house, or
trom Stewart & Holmes Drug Co., Seattle.
EYE .........
Plain rrr with Cutter. The best needle In the mar.
keL Used by all sack sewers. For sale by all geo«
oral merchandise stores, or by
M0 Market Street, Han Francisco, CaL
fbr tracing and locating Gold or Silver
lost or burled treasures. M. 1>.
roWLJKH, Box 07, Southington,Conn.
Beet Cough Byrup
in time. Woli
No. IS. ’•«.
are «tuck on the wall with decaylnR animal!
■nne. Alabaatln. is a cement, whirh goes j
through a pro<-«M of ««tting, harden* with age, ,
Alabaatlne Ik • durable and natural ooetlng ran be re-coated and re-deoorate'l from tlm. to
for «.11« «nd celling, entirely different from time without having to waah and ecrape off lta
all kalaomine preparation«, made ready f.r n«e old coat« before renewing.
in white or twelve beautiful tint, b? tbealmpl. ,
addition of water (l*te«t make belnf adapted
to mix with cold water) pat up In «rr powder
form. In 5 pound packaxeo, with tall alrectlona
•n .very p^tkage._________ _____
Particularly throat and lang dlScaltlM.
wrongly attributed to other eauae., 1« th. ra-
■ult of aaaaaltary condition«oi walla and 0.11-
Ke'somfnM are cheap temporary prepuetlmn ¡ lnga. Think of kavlng b^lroom« covered with
Manufacturad from chalk., slays, whiUng. *W., | layen of molding Roar paste to feed verai.,
with paper to bide tb.m and absorb the mot(-
tnre of retplratlon, and an animal gin. enltare
ground on II. fac. for dlaeaM germa; thia hav­
ing «trong color, added, Ilk. a colored ihlrt, to
bide the dirt; then think of “the naity
practice” of repeating thl. papering, without
removing tho old, and a number ol Umm, at
that, a. many do. Than think of a room coated
with pare, paroa., permanent Alaba.tine,
which I. minted with but little trouble or ex-
penae, and la purifying and .weet-em.lling and
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