The Yamhill County reporter. (McMinnville, Or.) 1886-1904, April 01, 1898, Image 5

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War is Declared
Ju my office on »11 the bacterial germs which
infect the butu»u mouth, and destroy the teeth.
Modern detiti»try aims to prevent dental dis­
ease, rather than cure it. But the skillful den­
tist 1» able to repair in a measure the damage
to the teeth caused by neglect. The most mod­
ern methods of Prophylactic Dentistry and re­
placement of lost teeth are used in my practice.
You are invited to call for examination.
and Surgeons.
(Office over Biely’» Bank.)
H. COOK, n. D.
and Surgeon.
Rooms 9 and 10, Union Block,
M c M innviu - x ,
O regon .
Proprietors of
Choice, Fresh Meats, All Kinds
South side Third St. between B and C.
I am located opposite But ns & Daniels and aim
to give all customers good treatment for little
money. Bath rooms in connection. Your pat­
ronage solicited.
Manuffietures and Deals in
».iidbrusbas, and sells them cheaper than they
can be bought anywhere else in the Willamette
Valley. Our all home made sets of harness are
pronounced unsurpassed by those who buy them.
Dealer in and Manufacturer ot
All work guaranteed as represented. Repairing
Of all kinds promptly done. First door south ot
McMinnville National Bank.
Third St., between E and F.
Wilson & Henderson, Props.
Everything first-class
Horses boarded by
day, week or month
Commercial travelers
conveyed to al) points at most reasonable rates.
Give us a call.
Truck and Dray Co.
Goods of all descriptions moved, and careful
handling guaranteed. Collections will be made
monthly. Hauling of all kinds done cheap.
THE McJimVIl.l.E
National Bank
—McMinnville, Oregon.—
Paid up Capital, $50,000
Surplus *10,000.
Transacts a General Banking Business.
Office Hours 9 a. m. to 4 p. m.
LEE LAUGHLIN, President.
J, L. ROGERS, Vice-President.
E. C. APPERSON, Cashier.
W. S. LINK, Assistant Cashier.
will repair vour Buggie» «nd Wagons mannfac
tore Otlice Furniture. Book cssw. Marurobe«,
Bsackelx, Whatnots and all kinds of wood work.
Two Doors East of City Stables.
Proprietor of the
Larsen House
The house Is new »nd first-class Stage offices
and free sample rooms in connection.
Oregon. i
The R eporter and Weekly Oregonian
ene year for $2, strictly in advance.
A thrill of terror is experienced when a
brassy cough of croup sounds through the
house at night. But the terror soon
changes to relief after One Minute Cough
Cure has been administered, bale ami
harmless for children. Hill's Pharmacy.
G. 8. Wright, dentist.
Ride a Columbia.
G. S. Wright, dentist.
A. J. Baker is repainting ids residence.
Fancy stationery at Hembree's.
Mrs. R. Jacobson of Portland is in the
Hill's pharmacy for pure drugs.
AU kinds of cough cures at Hill’s phar­
Typewriter supplies at C. Grissen’«.
Fiue lot of uew buggies just received
New stock of mixed paints at R. M.
at F. W. Spencer’s.
& Co’s.
Eastern oysters in any style kept daily |
Take your prescriptions to Hill’s to
at White’s restaurant.
Hill’s pharmacy’ guarantee their drugs I have them filled.
Bettman A Warren candle their eggs
to be pure. Try them next time.
they leave the store.
The best 25-cent meal in the city is ob- i
Mrs. Ella Parker of Portland is recover­
tainable at T. A. White’s reslauraut.
ing from her severe illness.
Grouse have begun to hoot, and old
The Royal Tailors' agency is at the
settlers say this is a sure sign that there
Grange A Farmers’store.
will be no more frost.
Frank Abram Powell will preach next
Lord's Day at 11 a. m. on “The Form of found at R. M. Wade & Co’s.
Regular preaching services at the Cum­
the Doctrine,” and at 7:30 p. in. on “The
berland Presbyterian church Sunday.
Sun of Righteousness.’’
E. N. Ford has No. 1 baled hay for
Nice dean walls of any color are made
with alabastine, cold water ami a brush, sale. Also pure Plymouth rock eggs.
or wall paper ami Masury’s pure mixed
The Stearns, $50, and the King and
paint. Hodson sells them.
Queen, $35 bicycles at C. Griesen’s. 15-4
Are yon going to paint your house”
Attorney J. II. Townsend of Dallas
Consult Elsia Wright ahout paints and was looking after a case in circuit court
oils, lie will give you the best material this week.
at least cost.
In the spring is the time to paint your
We are pleased to see Mr. O. H. Adams house. Let R. M. Wade & Co. figure on
again able to be about on the street, after your paint bill.
being kept indoors two months with
Call and see the new high-lift Ameri­
rheumatism of the knee.
can sulky and gang plows, at F. W.
The three millinery stores of this city Spencer’s.
all made handsome displays of head gear
A son of Alex. McKinley of Peavine
at their openings last Saturday. They ridge, aged about 12 years, died on Fri
are filled with the progressive spirit in day night.
their art .
Lester Neal’s 19th birthday anniver­
Yamhill lodge No 10, Degree of Honor, sary was celebrated by his friends at his
will give a social, April 6th, and will home Saturday night..
serve ice cream, coffee and cake, at Ja­
A local militiaman believes that if he
cobson’s old stand in Union block.
be should go to war and be shot in the
Price 10 cents. Everybody invited.
back, he would receive a back pension.
The secular church was dismissed Sun­
H. C. Burns bought a macaw down at
day evening in favor of the lecture at the
It can't talk much now, but
opera house. Nettie Olds-Haight will
speak next Sunday at 7 :30 p. in. Sub­ will learn under association with its
ject, “Some Reasons for Secular Work.” owner.
It would do you good to see how pleased
Music. Everybody invited.
Rev. Elmer E. Thompson, late pastor the boys are when they get one of those
of tlie Presbyterian church of this city, three piece suits from the Racket store,
sends us a copy of the Golden City, Mo., at $1.49 and up.
Free Press, of which he has taken edi­
torial charge. He held the same posi­
tion eight vears ago, before coming west. Tuesday morning to visit his uncle Hi-
The political teachings of the paper are rum Rummel of this place, und may de­
cide to locate in Oregon, as her many
We are anxious to do a little good in charms are impressed upon him.
this world and can think of no pleasanter
The McMinnville Steam Laundry does
or better way to do it than by rec­ washing far superior to that done in
ommending One Minute Cough Cure as a Portland or by the cheap China laun­
preventive of pneumonia, consumption dries, and we sprinkle our laundry by
and other serious lung troubles that fol­ hand, not by filling the mouth with
low neglected colds. Hill’s Pharmacy. water.
Woodmen of the World and Home
Those suffering from neuralgia, rheu­
circle Women of Woodcraft, will cele­ matism, or any other disease, should
brate the anniversary of the latter order, give T. M. Neal, the magnetic healer, a
at their hall on Saturday evening, April trial and be convinced of his power to re­
2d. The program will consist of short lieve suffering. Found at his residence
addresses and good music, followed by a at eaBt end of Third street in the Todd
social. All friends of the order are cor­ property.
dially invited.
The Grand Ronde Indians are “up to
Thos. Rowland returned home from
tricks.” They are learning that if they
Portland Monday evening, where he has
have a row on the reservation and kil*
been waiting on his son, Clyde, who was
somebody, that their services will be in
recently injured in falling down the ele­
demand later as witnesses before the
vator shaft, at the Imperial hotel. He
grand jury,and their pockets will he lined
reported his son as still half unconscious,
with a few dollars as fees and mileage.
but the physicians were growing more
A number have been in town this week
hopeful of his recovery. It is believed
without, subpoenas, asking to be sub­
he fell two stories.
poenaed, as they “only had a quarter
Attorney A. M. Cannon of Albany was left.” They have learned that if they
attending court in this city on Monday. ' are used liefore the grand jury and skip
Though a young man, it was observed by home before the trial, they are likely to
spectators in court that his features bear be sent for again.
striking resemblance to thope of Daniel j
Mr. Chas. Grissen returned from Cali­
Webster, and it is believed he bus a bril­
on Friday. He was more than
liant future as a lawyer. He was attor- |
ney for the plaintiff in the case of Holt ever impressed with that state as the
paradise of the world and the center of
vs. Spaulding.
industrial enterprise. A brother-in-law
A full load of sulky, gang and walking whom he visited hail disposed of his ap­
plows direct from the factory of John
ple crop from a seven-acre orchard five
Deere & Co. will arrive this week, at Man­
years old, for the price of $800. He sold
ning Bro’s. It will paj’ you to see them. to a shippers’ syndicate, who bought the
They will also have fifty buggies, hacks
fruit on the trees, paying half the price
and carriages direct from the factory of down, balance when fruit was all picked,
A. A. Cooper in a few days. Don’t buy and they did the [licking. The man got
until you see them ; they are high grade over a hundred dollars an acre for his
goodsand will be sold at prices never year’s work; which consisted in caring
before offered iu Yamhill. So come and for his orchard. Mr. Grissen says the
see us.
M anning B ros .
coming industry in fruit in California is
Mrs Marv Cook, of Carthage, Mo., was apples and grapes. Many prime orchards
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Cald­ are being eradicated and apple trees put
well the past week. Mrs. Cook was a in. The land is too valuable for prunes.
schoolmate of our county treasurer in Too many countries can raise prunes,
Missouri. It was learned incidentally but they can’t raise good apples. The
that Mrs. Cook was well acquainted and big shippers do not particularly seek a
was a neighbor with an elder sister of J. home market. They expect to find it in
B. Gardner, and knew many of Mr. and England, China, and other foreign
Mrs. Gardner’s people whom they have countries. The fruit is handled as gently
not seen for 23 years. Of course they as a young baby, ami carefully rolled in
“did the honors” to the lady at tea, as pa|>er, so that the apples arc just as pal­
they well know how, and the informa­ atable now as they were last fall. It is a
tion and pleasure resulting was better well-known fact that Oregon is a still
than a letter from the old home.
better apple country than California, and
Fruit Commissioner H. E. Doscli says whenever we take equal care of our or­
that commercially there has been no chards and fruit propagation aa to varie­
damage to fruit by the late frosts. Apri- ties, and learn to handle it properly for
cots have been injured about 50 per cent, shipment, a like profit will accrue to
[•aches aliont 25 per cent and some early Oregonians. Mr. Grissen was also im­
varieties of black cherries have been pressed with the enterprise shown in the
quite ruined, but the damage will prove construction of good roads. From Salinas
no 1 >ss. Almonds have escaped injury, to Monterey, a distance of twenty miles,
and no damage has been done to Bart­ a crushed rock road has been built which
lett pears or the marketable varieties of has almost the smoothness of a floor.
cherries. It may. therefore, be stated The Californians figure, and that rightly,
that the frosts have done no damage to that the first thing a new comer observe«
the fruit crop, and that there is very is the character of the roads. If they are
slight danger of any damage from frost not good, the conclusion is that the land
this Reason. The only thing now to be is not valuable; that if products were
feared is heavy, cold rains while the or­ abundant there would he lietter means of
chards are in blossom, but the prospects getting them to shipping stations. The
are good for escaping these. Mr. Maris habit Oregonians are getting of going to
of this city says the peaches are done for California, is sure to result in thealworp-
at his place, but he believes the other i tion of ideas that will eventually result
in good at home. Who will be the next?
fruit will pull through.
Consisting of Organdies, Scotch Lawns,
Bonnie Doon and Trilby Flannelettes,
Wash Goods and other Dress Fabrics,
Indescribable in a newspaper article
They must be seen to be appreciated
Fact New (ioods in livery Department
>f Fresh Staple Groceries. If you want the best
, try the uew White House Blend. If you
ant the cheapest, try that ten-cent roast.
The Light of the Future.
Second-handiNew Goods
Why not be independent and own
your own little gas plant,which will give
four time» more light than ordinary gas
orelectric lights at one-half the cost” Ap­
plicable for use in stores, churches, fac­
tories, hotels, residences and country
homes; safor than ordinary gas or kero­
sene lamps. Approved by all the boards
of underwriters throughout the United
States. We want a first-class agent iu
every town. Write for catalogues and
T iie A cetylene G as M achine C o .,
Akron, Ohio.
Are now on sale at the New Store o)«po»ite White's Restaurant.
Bedroom Suits, Mattresses, Chairs, Trunks,
Valises, Bed Lounges, Tinware, and
General Second-hand Stock of Goods
L Page's Woven Wire Feucing.
Rods soldin the last Ten Days
tO.G.&E. Estes
Did you notice the fine assortment of
ancy crockery al Bettman A Warron’a?
All kinds of Fine,
The New Home and Wheeler A Wil­
Difficult and
son sewing machines, needles and extras old Watches re­
at ('. Grissen’«.
paired and made
to run as good
Jesse Irvine has accepted a position
as new at
with a mercantile firm in Rufus, Or., and
expects to leave McMinnville tomorrow.
M. B. Hendrick says the outlook for
peaches is better than he first thought.
He believes there will lie a half crop, and
that the fruit crop as a whole will be
There are three little things which do
more work than any othor three little
things created—they are the ant, the bee
and DeWitt’s Little Early Risers,the last
being the famous little pills for stomach
and liver troubles. Hill’s Pharmacy.
Attention is called to the very excel­
lent news service in The Reporter this
week. American and Spanish reports
on the Maine disaster, the state conven­
tion, the Omaha exposition, naval infor­
mation, etc., combine to make a good
[taper. It is a copy worth preserving, as
in years to come you may wish to refer
to this affair with Spain. If you are not
a subscriber you should become one.
In the Oregon National Guard there
are about 1425 men. The number of
persons in Oregon subject to military
duty is 59,000. The question has been
raised as to the power of the president to
call out the O. N. G. The military code
of Oregon provides: "All commissioned
officers and ail militia organizations are
at all times subject to be called into active
service by the commander-in-cliief, or
the president of the United States, and
when so called, each officer shall lie
mustered according to his commission,
and each organization will, as far ns pos
sihle, lie kept intact.”
Iæt war be declared—on the bad roads.
Now is the time to tlx them As one
brother says, “we need an awakening.”
Three approaches to McMinnville have
been in bad condition all winter and
Beveral winters past. We don’t want peo­
ple to come within a half mile of town,
and lie force« 1 to walk in. I «et a "good
mails ' meeting tie called and some plan
devised to repair these places at once.
It can be done at small coat, if concerted
action is taken. I .et the citizen« lie
ready to [mt the mayor and city council
on the Imck for any move tbev may make
toward this improvement. We venture
that if they furnish the material the work
will Im donated free of charge. Let the
work be done at once.
p' Agent» for
All kind» of Watcbos, Clock)
and Jewelry for aale at
hard time« price».
Jeoielry Store
For Nnle.
Far Nnle or Trade.
Small farm adjoining Newberg. Good
A good, well established business iu
location, g<xxl improvements. Inquire McMinnville. W’ill sell or trsde for a
of W. I.. W abrek , McMinnville, Ore.
farm near thia city. For further particu­
lars inquire at this offico.
A New Departure.
The laleat and newest patterns of wall
paper just arrived at C. Griseen’e. 9-4
Mohair and wool. Highest price [mid.
M. B. H inorice .
To Cure a «'old In One Day
Hev E. Edwards, pastor of the English
Take laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. Baptist church at Minersville, Pa., when
All druggists refund the money if it fails suffering with rheumatism, was advised
to cure. 25c. For sale by Rogers Bros. to try Chamberlain’« Pain Balin. He
suy« : "A few applications of this lini­
farm to Trade.
ment proved a great service to me. It
A farm near Newberg, consisting of i subdued inflammation and relieved ths
240 acre«, 100 in cultivation, to exchange [min. Should any sufferer profit by giv­
for a larger place. Inquire at this office. ing Pain'Baim a trial it will please me.”
For sale by S. Howorth A Co.
"A word to the wise is sufficient’* and
a word from the wise should be sufficient
but you ask, who are the wise .’ Those I ^'Druggist
who know. The oft repeated experience
fur agenerous
of trustworthy persons may lie taken for
knowledge. Mr. W. M. Terry say« Cham­
berlain’s Cough Remedy gives lietter sat
isfactoin than any in the market. He lias
lieen in the drug business at Elkton,Ky.,
contains no cocaine,
for twelve years ; has sold hundreds of mercury nor any other
bottles nt this remedy and nearly all injurious
It la quickly Absorbed
other cough medicines manufactured, litres
inveì Relief
iujiipi at
which shows conclusively that Chamber
Iain’s is the most satisfactory to the peo­
ple, and ia the beet. For sale by 8. Ho-
worth A Co.
Ely's Cream Balm
t SSST cold ' shead