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Entered at the Poatoffice tn McMinnville,
as Second-class matter.
One Dollar if paid in advance, Single numbers live cents.
NO. 14.
Prohibition Convention.
The prohibitionists of Yamhill county
Program of the Salem district Epworth
held a mass convention in the W. C. T.
in McMinnville, March
U. hall in McMinnville, last Saturday,
5» league, to be held 1898:
» 31, April 1,2,3, THURSDAY.
March 19th, for the purpose of electing
delegates to the state Convention, and
3:30—Devotions, Amity chapter.
of nominating a county ticket.
Enrollment of delegates.
The convention was called to order at |
Miscellaneous business.
11 o’clock by county chairman Rev. A. ;
Evening—Paper, “What shall the
Hunsaker of McMinnville. Rev. J. T. |
*♦ League do to Defend the Sabbath?’’! J. Watson
of Dayton led in prayer. Tempo
----- AT-----
rary organization was effected, and A. J.
> Vard
Address—“God’sTenth,” Rev. A. N.
*♦ | Fisher,
Hunsaker elected chairman and J. T.
D. D.
Watson secretary. The following com­
mittees were appointed :
8:30—Devotions, Corvallis chapter.
Enrollment, James Dodson, C. F.
9:00—Discussion on paper of previous Mills and T. O. Allison of McMinnville.
Ten Thousand Dollars’ Worth of Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Hats, Caps, » evening.
Order of business, Rev. D.T. Summer­
Boots, Shoes, Dry Goods and Notions to be closed out within the next ten days, è»
Miscellaneous business.
ville, G. C. Christenson and J. B. Dod­
Report of officers.
at less than half their value, or in other words, at your own price, providing you »
son of McMinnville.
Report of chapters.
After these committees reported the
are within reason.
Afternoon, 1:4o—Devotions, Mount temporary officers were made permanent.
Zion chapter.
Will positively pack up and leave here about March 25th, or sooner. Must
The following committees were then ap­
2:00—“True Greatness,” W.C. Swann. pointed :
dispose of them, regardless of cost.
“The Demands of the Church upon
Platform and resolutions, A, P. Macy,
i» onr Young People,” Alberte Cone.
Our sick folks are all improving.
Dayton, R. Pettyjohn, Newberg, and C.
General conference—qualification and F. Mills, McMinnville.
Alliert Yates of Ballston was in^White-
election of its members; its chairman
Nomination, I. B. Dodson, of McMinn­ son Tuesday.
and its duties; time of meeting and its ville, W. P. Heacock of Newberg and A.
Supervisor Conner has been doing
functions, Dr. F. M. Brooks.
P. Macy of Dayton.
some much needed road work during the
The convention then adjourned to 1:30
Paper, “The sacredness of Active Mem­ p. m. At 2 p. m. Chairman Hunsaker past week.
Rev. Turner filled his regular appoint­
bers’ Pledge, and the effects of its Viola­ called the convention to order and read a
% The March term of the circuit court tion,” Mrs. Hattie S. Sackett.
communication from the W. C. T. U., ment. at the Presbyterian church last
for Yamhill county will open next Mon­
Some seem to suppose that C. D. JOHNSON f day, Judge Burnett presiding. The fol­ Address, Rev. H. W. Kellogg, D. D. which was a petition to congress to pro­ Sunday.
Henry Wooley of Portland made a
is out of business, but such is not the case. He | lowing cases are docketed in this depart­
hibit the sales of liquor in all government
8:30—Devotions, Dayton chapter.
buildings. It was unanimously approved very agreeable visit among old friends in
ment :
is again “in the swim” with a good line of
—Reports of committees.
and the officers instructed to sign it on Whiteson one day last week.
% 1 Jno J Spencer and 0 II Irvine vs 9:0J
Election of officers.
A. J. Gant of McMinnville is making
behalf of the convention.
t 2 Thos II Tongue vs John H and J H Fraternal greetings.
The following were elected delegates to garden for Morgan A Quandt near this
MORRISON PLOWS, Etc. | Allen ; action for money.
Unfinished business.
the state convention to be held at New­ place.
All fresh goods. He has had experience enough in this X
Afternoon, 1:45—Devotious, Canby berg April 13th, 1898:
3 The Home Insurance Co of New-
A number of friends gave Mr. and
line to know what such goods can be sold for.
J. C. Wills and Zimri Mills, West Che­ Mrs. Frank Harpole a pleasant surprise
vs C J Taff; action for money.
At the old Stand, north of Grange Store.
1 York
2:00—“The Discipline; Necessity of halem ; J. K. Blair, Moses Votaw, H. C. Friday eveniug, that being the 25th anni­
4 Multnomah Box Co vs Jones &
its study,” Prof. Jas. T. Matthews.
Miller, W. P. Heacock, Rev. R. Petty­ versary of their wedding day.
Smith; action for money.
“The League; Its Influence on the john, Newberg ; M. Terrell, D. Tailman,
5 Sweet, Orr & Co vs A Oberdorfer,
Mrs. Henry Remiugton was taken sud­
receiver; action to recover possession of Church in the District; Its Efficiency M. 8. Adams, John Ileaton, Springbrook ; denly ill Tuesday. Dr. Woods of Amity
and Defects,” Rev. John 1‘arsonB, D. D. A. P. Macy. T. O. Allison, D. A. Snyder, was called and under his treatment she
personal property.
Open Parliament—The use we make of W. L. Arnold, John Arms, L. II. De­ is improving.
6 J G Martin vs The J M Rusi'ell Co;
the bible.
Forde, Dayton; J. B. Dodson, James
action for money.
A lively little blaze occurred last Fri­
Evening—Paper, “Loyalty to the Dodson, I. B. Dodson, G. C. Christenson,
7 ItS Goodrich vs A E Hall, action
on the roof of the bouse occupied by
Church and Pastor and What does Loy­ W. A. Benedict, A. L Black, T. K.Cone,
for money.
Frank Harpole, but timely assistance
C. F. Mills, Rev. A. J. Hunsaker of Mc­
SME Hendrick & Co vs S T Munk-
prevented much damage being done.
Address, Rev. W. H. Iliff.
ers; action for money.
tg.----------------- i
Delegate B. O. Snuffer of Amity was a
9 Jane Wisecarver vs J N Wisecarver,
The following platform was adopted:
on the early morning tram last
executor of Jacob Wisecarver, deceased ;
6:00—Sunrise prayer meeting.
He switched off at this place,
action for money.
9:30—Love Feast, conducted by Rev.
for people inclined to sickness to purify the blood
ation of principles : Believing the liquor and, in company with Delegate W. G.
10 C D and D C Latourette vs Henry C. G. Harmon.
and place the system in proper condition for change
traffic to be a foe to civilization, the arch
Wilbern and Geo E Linn ; confirmation.
11:00—Sermon, Rev. M. C. Wire, D. D. enemy of popular government and a pub­ Robbins of Whiteson, took the seven
in weather and in diet. Nothing better for this^^
11 Farmers and Traders National
Afternoon, 3:00—Junior work, con­ lic nuisance, the citadel of the forces o’clock to attend the state convention of
that corrupt politics, promote poverty the combiued combinations, extract par­
Bank vs A G Smith ; action for money. ducted by Miss L. L. Culver.
and crime, degrade the nation's home ty, or whatever it’s name is, that met in
12 Lydia B Goulding vs J W Spencer;
Clark’s Sarsaparilla.
Evening—Address, Rev. H. T. Atkin­ life, thwart the will of the people and de­
PorUand last Wednesday.
action for money.
liver our country into the hands of rapa­
You can never realize the full merit of this medicine until
13 Timothy Goodrich vs J W Exon ;
cious class interests, we declare for the
Address, Rev. H. Gould.
l ook School Notes.
you try it. The YAMFIILL PHARMACY sells it and all ¡U 3 ejectment.
entire suppression of the manufacture,
Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper.
other goods kept in a first-class drugstore.
sale, exportation, importation and trans­ Claude Walker was absent Tuesday.
14 L J Cain vs E F Duvall; action
Both steamboat companies offer one portation of alcoholic liquors as a bever­
filled with the utmost accuracy.
.'i for money.
Walter Wilson is sick with the measles.
and one-fifth rates, round trip, from all age, the manufacture and sale of such
15 P D Thomason vs Lars Gregeraon ; points along the Willamette to Weeton. liquors for medicinal, scientific and me­ There are about 160 pupils enrolled
purposes to be conducted by the
action for money.
From Weston to McMinnville by team chanical
government without profit and under and in daily attendance.
16 A M Holt vs Chas K Spaulding; is 50 cents, round trip.
Minnie Sutherland is again absent
strict regulations. Recognizing and de­
action for money.
A ggie G inn G ould , Secretary.
claring tiie suppression of the liquor traf­ from school on account of sickness.
17 Stout & Martin vs Yamhill Coun­
fic to be the dominant issue in national,
Miss Gray has secured some fine co­
state and municipal politics, we invite to
ty ; action for money.
from the east, which she will use
18 First National Bank of McMinn­
this one issue with us agree in the full in nature study.
ville, Or., vs F W and Martha A Red­
belief that the party thus created will be
The 7th and Sth grades have been do­
Sheriff’s tax bond approved.
mond; action for money.
endowed with the requisite wisdom,
Clerk ordered to advertise for bids for patriotism, courage and ability to take ing some practical work in physiology the
19 L J Cain vs C E Duvall; action for
bridges to be built at or near Holdredge’s up and speedily settle all social, finan­ past week, having had a heart and eye
cial, economic and industrial questions dissected in class work.
20 James Savage as executor vs Sam­ and Bannister’s places.
that may present themselves.
uel Buel; action for money.
The following ticket was placed in the
Columbus School Note«.
21 The Chehalem Valley Bank vs O Mrs. Eccleston, house rent........ f 6 00 field:
Hutchens has dropped hie studies
V Allen; action formoney.
State senator, A. P. Macy, Dayton.
Austin & Wilsey, hdwr................. 1 50
in the ninth grade.
22 Albert E and Joseph Kinney, part­ O. O. Hodson, hdwr..................... 31 50
Joint representative, W. L. Arnold,
ners as Kinney Bros., vs J F Conrad; ac­ II. L. Heath, printing ................. 6 95 Dayton.
Ethel Harris was absent Tuesday on
tion for money.
of sickness.
Representatives, N. C. Christenson,
J. C. Porter, mdse.......... ............ 13 00
23 Albert E Kinney and Joseph Kin­ O.O. Hodson, road plow.............. 14 00 Newberg, ami C. F. Mills, McMinnville.
Next Friday morning the prizes for the
ney, partners as Kinney Bros, vs W E A. Boise, gravel ........................ 2 12
local composition contest will be awarded.
County judge. D. A. Suyder, Dayton.
Mendenhall; action for money.
Sheriff, G. C. Christenson, McMinn­ Amba Daniels and Etta Redmond
" ............................ . 22 07
24 Margaret Balmer vs F Hauswirth; II. J. Littlefield, inedcl assistance 21 00 ville.
were absent from school on Wednesday.
action for money.
Cierk, J. T. Watson, Dayton.
J. W. Henry, expenses ............... 18 15
The ninth grade has decided to have
Recorder, C. E. Newhouse, Newberg. a composition contest. Instead of writ­
I have been afflicted with rheumatism
Chamberlain’* (ouxli Remedy.
Treasurer, B. F. Hartmuu, McMinn­ ing two compositions for the next two
for fourteen years and nothing seemed to
give any relief. I was able to get around
mouths they will write one, and Pro­
Assessor, Richard Everest, Newberg. fessor has offered a prize for the best one.
all the time, but constantly suffering. I coughs, colds, croup, whooping cough and
School Superintendent, J. C. Lucas,
L. E. WALKER, Proprietor.
ha<l tried everything I could hear of and influenza. It has become famous for its
Calvin Stanley is in Ixis Angeles, Cali­
at last was told to try Chamberlain’s cures of these diseases, over a large part West Chehalem.
.. Miss Georgia Storey of Mc­
Pain Balm, which I did, and was im­ of the civilized world. The most flatter­ Commissioner, C. Zimmerman, North fornia.
Fresh and Cured Meats.
Minnville stopped off here last Sunday
mediately relieved and in a short time ing testimonials have been received, giv­ Yamhill.
Garden Seeds in Package and Bulk.
on her way home from Salem and made
cured. I am happy to say that it has ing accounts of its good works; of the ag­ Surveyor, T. K. Cone, McMinnville.
Highest price paid for Poultry and Produce
Coroner, J. E. Smith, Newberg.
a short visit with her brother, F. H.
not since returned.—J osh . E doab , Ger­ gravating and persistent coughs it has
A resolution of thanks was tendered to Storey.......Harrison Crater arrived home
Hides and Tallow bought.
mantown, Cal. For Bale by 8. Howorth cured; of severe colds that have yielded
promptly to its soothing effects, and of the W. C. T. U. for kindness shown tiie from Honolulu the first of the week where
& Co.
the dangerous attacks of croup it has | convention.
he went in company with C. E. Hoskins
Probate Court.
cured, often saving tiie life of the child. ' The following county executive com­ and family to spend the winter. He
Estate of Abigail Stanbrough. Bond I The extensive use of it for whooping mittee was elected: A. J. Hunsaker, was delighted with the trip and says it is
All kind, of Watches, Clock filed and approved. M. Votaw, C. E. cough has shown that it robs that disease chairman; J. B. Dodson, secretary and a most splendid place fora man who has
All kinds of Fine,
and Jewelry for Mie at
Smith and W. E. Howard appointed ap­ of all dangerous consequences. Sold by treasurer; C. F. Mills, A. P. Macy and plenty of money to spend, but a very
Difficult and
hard times prices.
! S. Howorth A Co.
W. P. Heacock.
poor place for one who has no business
old Watches re­
Estate of Jacob Wisecarver. Petition
After encouraging remarks by state established and who must de;>end on his
paired and made
Hida Wanted.
to sell fencing material granted, and per­
organizer N. A. Baker, and assistant work for a living ....... Samuel Parrott of
to run as good
mission granted to buy a tew fence posts
Sealed bids will be received by the State Secretary E. O. Miller, of Portland, Dundee, who returned from a trip to The
as new at
as prayed for.
county clerk of Yamhill county up to the convention adjourned.
Dalles and Goldendale. Washington, the
Petition of L. A. and T. M. Messing to April 6th, 1H98, at 1 p. m., for new bridges ' A mass meeting was held in the court first of the week was in town Tuesday
adopt Frank Wolforth, a minor and ward at or near Bannister’s and Holdredge’s house at 8 p. m. Rev. D. T. Summer­ and stated that lie was well pleased with
of the Boys’ and Girls’ Aid Society of places. Said bridges to be built accord-; ville of McMinnville s|Mike on the "Ne­ the country east of the mountains and
Oregon, granted and name changed.
ing to the plans and specifications for cessity of a Prohibition Party.” and N. [ that he contemplates moving hie family
Estate of Jacob T. Williamson. Petition same, now on file in the clerk’s office. A. Baker on “Hard Times, Their Cause to The Dalles aliont the first of the
of widow to have property exempt from The right to reject any and all bids is re­ and Remedy.” The prohibitionists of month. When they are located he will
execution set apart to her as described served. Said bids to be opened on Wed­ Yamhill county, as well as the state at look about and cbojee a location for bus­
in said petition granted.
nesday, April 6th, 1898, at 1 p. m. at the lnrge, are in earnest and are going to do ' iness. Mr. Parrott ie one of our eubetan-
Balance of personal property belonging county court room.
their best during the coming campaign. tial citizens in this part of Yambill and
to said estate ordered sold by the exe­
J. T. W atson , Secretary,
C. E. D ukenfield , County Clerk.
hia friends will lie sorry to see him leave
cutors at private Bale for cash in hand.
Dated March 21st, 1898.
the county.—Newberg Graphic.
Estate of Comfort Virgil Remington.
The best thing on wheels is that spring
Final account filed and Tuesday, May
The Stearns bicycle, ’98 model, *50, at tooth harrow at Hodson’s. All sizes and
Take your prescriptions to Hill's to
C. Griesen’a.
I prices. Call and see them,
3d, 1898, at 10 a. m., set to hear same.
have them tilled.
Redmond’s Old Stand.
w e
! Often
AT necessary
n. t . Hum
Jeiuelry Store