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T he T riumph
S cience
Remarkable Discovery of an
American Medico-
How Every Reader of This
Paper May ObtaintheNew
and Free Scientific Sys­
tem of Medicine
The hospital annex to the Childs-Drexel home for decrepit union printers at
Colorado Springs, Colo., is now about completed. On the first floor are several
bedrooms, a dining room and a drug room. On the second floor are the wards,
a room for nurses and a serving room. The building is surrounded on the east and
west b\ balconies, so that the sick can sit out all day in the sunshine. Part of
the balconies will be enclosed in glass. The erection of the hospital annex was
decided upon at the biennial meeting of the International Typographical Union
held in the fall of 1896. The necessary money was voted by the uniou.
Apparel Fashioned on Lines of Clothes
for Grown Up Reformers.
The new baby is not outdone by the
new woman nowadays when it comes
to clothes. The little lady has her ap­
parel faithfully fashioned after the
gowns of the grown-up followers of
dress reform. From the so-called “boot­
ies” on her pink toes to the hood-shawl
for her little bald head, the miniature
mistress of the nursery is strictly in
style, from the Jeuness Miller stand­
The idea of dress reform for the baby
sprung into popularity but a short time
ago. Previous to that time an ambi­
tious man with an M. D. to his name
had patterned several pieces of stockin­
et apparel without beauty, which proud
mammas promptly refused to put on
their little ones. Subsequently mem­
bers of tile fair sex succeeded in devel­
oping numerous improvements for the
baby along less exaggerated dress re­
form lines.
The chief advantage of these vest­
ment innovations for the infant over
the old-fashioned modes Is the banish­
ment of that tiny thing which has
been the cause of countless wails in the
nursery—the point of a pin. The cure
for this crying need of the baby was
also accompanied by other improve­
ments in its attire, as to give it pre- j
cisely what women seek to find in their
dress reform gowns. That desidera­
tum is greater freedom of the body and '
more comfort in their clothes, as well
as to reduce to a minimum the neces­
sary pieces of apparel.
One of the more useful additions to
common-sense drees reform for the i
baby are the "booties,” which came out
but a few montlis ago. They are hand-
knitted foot coverings that come to the
knee, where they are fastened with a
tiny ribbon. “Booties” make unneces­
sary the rather awkward-looking pin­
ning blanket. They are dainty little
things, with delicate borders of pale
pink of light blue.
the skirt Is gathered to a yoke over the
shoulder and is buttoned in the back.
As to dresses, the reform baby may
have as many as her mother will per­
mit, only they must conform to the
same effects carried out centuries ago
by the Grecian maiden. That is to say,
the waist line, if there is one, must
scene in The Slocum Laboratory, New York: The Discoverer demonstrating to Medical Men and Students the Value
come close under the arms. Illustrative
and Wonderful Curative Powers of his New Discoveries.
of this idea is the white mull dress with
fancy lace yoke, which has a narrow NOTE.—All readers of this paper can have Three Free Bottles of the Doctor’s New Discoveries, with complete directions,
sash that ties in front in a dainty bow.
bv sending their full address to Dr. Slocum’s Laboratory, 98 Pine street, New York City,
Then for negligee there is the comfort­
able cashmere wrapper delicately em­
The oldest specimen of pure glass
broidered which the baby wears when
We are asserting in the courts our right to the
her first tooth begins to give her trou­ bearing a date, is the head of a lion in
exclusive use of the word “ CASTORIA,” and
a collodion at the British museum. It
“ PITCHER S CASTORIA,” as our Trade Mark.
beam the name of an Egyptian king of
I, Dr. Samuel Pitcher, of Hyannis, Massachusetts,
the lltli dynasty.
was the originator of “ PITCHER’S CASTORIA,”
What Malaria Is.
the same that has borne and does now bear the
“Malaria is not a distinct condition,
fac-simile signature of CHAS. H. FEETCIIER on
germ or poison,” remarked a physician
every wrapper. This is the original ” PITCHER’S
to a Washington Star reporter. "It is
Black and blue colors are not subject to
CASTORIA ” which has been used in the homes
the result of a combination of circum­ fashions this season nor in any season.
of the mothers of America for over thirty years.
stances, conditions and poisons. At They hold their own and will not wash out.
Look Carefully at the wrapper and see that it is
certain seasons it is rather prevalent, They are pretty solid colors, and but for the
the kind you have always bought, and has the
not, however, because there is any par­ misery of wearing them, might become
signature of CHAS. H. FLETCHER on the
wrapper. No one has authority from me to use
ticular poison in the air in this city or fashionable. Some men take pride ill wear­
my name except The Centaur Company of which
section, but as the result of very warm ing them as tokens of their profession, as
Chas. H. Fletcher is President.
days and rather cool nights. The bodies soldiers do their st ars. But bruises, black
blue, or both, ought to have immediate
March 8, 1897.
get very much warmed up during the or
attention, for under them mav be a nerve
day, aud the anxiety to cool them in­ hurt or a muscle badly wrenched. A black
Germany has $30,000,000 in gold
clines persons to ride about in open and blue bruise is a bad tiling, not only
coin packed away in 1,000 iron chests
its tender soreness but the contused
cars or sit on the porches or the parks from
blood is prevention of regular circulation. Both the method and results when in the fortress of Spandaou. This is
in the evening. They therefore cool off While sore spots like these will not wash Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant intended for use as an emergency fund
too suddenly, ami the congested condi­ out, there is something that will rub them and refreshing to the taste, and acts in case of war.
tion of things resultant for want of a out in no time, and that is St. Jacobs Oil.
It is peculiarly adapted to their quick cure. gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, S tate of O hio , C ity of T oledo , (
better name is called and known as A
L ucas C ounty .
pennant can be won only by hard
F rank J. C heney makes oath that he is the
malaria. In old-fashioned times the knocks, with scars and bruises, IVit after Liver and Bowels, cleanses the sys­
same condition of things was known the ball is over, if any remain, this one
business in the City of Toledo, County
is the best. Bruises come from con­ aches and fevers and cures habitual doing
and State aforesaid, and that the said firm will
as bilious fever. There are, of course, cure
tusion in all avocations, and it is well to
pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for
many persons who are strong enough remember at all times just what will cure constipation. Syrup of Figs is the each
and every case of C atarrh that cannot be
atarrh C urb .
to resist the evil influences of the night them the best.
only remedy of its kind ever pro­ cured by the use of H all ’ s ' C RANK
air, but in eases where the system is
duced, pleasing to the taste and ac­ Sworn to before me and subscribed in my
Detectives detailed to look after pro­
A. D. 1886.
run down many are very sensitive to
ceptable to the stomach, prompt in
it. I do not know that there is any fessional shoplifters, always look to see its action and truly beneficial in its j seal I
Notary P ud II o .
panacea for this condition. If a person if their suspects are wearing gloves. A
effects, prepared only from the most Hall’s Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and
feels that he is run down, it would be professional, it is declared, never works
directly on the blood and mucous surfaces
healthy and agreeable substances, its acts
of the system. Send for testimonials, free.
well for him to take a tonic prepara­ with gloves on.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
tion for a couple of weeks and particu­ NEW CRAZY SECT IN CONNECTICUT.
Sold by druggists, 75c.
to all and have made it the most
Hall’s Family Pills are the best.
larly to avoid the night air. This rid­
popular remedy known.
ing about the streets in the open cars
A lot
of imimics
fanatics in the
state recently
IOI ui
me tsintv
ivuvuvi* im-
ihi -■
Frozen butterflies are often found on
at night time is very bad for some per­ merged an old rheumatic woman bodily in
Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50 the snow by mountain climbers, and
the water to “heal her” as they said. She
sons, though it does not seem to do any nearly died in consequence. How much better cent hotties by all leading drug­ the inseots are so brittle that they
it would have been to have treated the i>oor
Any reliable druggist who break unless carefully handled. When
old woman tor her infirmity with Hostetter's gists.
Stomach Bitters, which not only cures rheuma­ may not have it on hand will pro­ taken to a wamor climate they recover
tism, but prevents kidney complaint and rem­
edies dyspepsia, constipation, liver trouble and cure it promptly for any one who and fly away.
- —m-----------------
nervous prostration. Give it a systematic trial. wishes to try it.
Do not accept any
Portsmouth, N. II., high school girls
advertised an approaching school
1 benefit by appearing on tlie streets as
“sandwich men,” with placards hung
1 about their necks.
liable to female diseases, especially
those who arc constantly on their feet.
Often they aro unable to perform their
duties, their suffering is so intense.
When the first
symptoms present
themselves, such as
backache, pains
in groins, head­
ache, dizzi­
harm to others. On the whole, how­
ever, I think there are more harmed by
It than otherwise. If people must go
out I would advise that they wear
clothing somewhat heavier than that
worn by them during the day.”
About Adam.
A curious Jewish tradition reports
that Adam was entirely clothed in
a hard, horny skin, and only lost It and
became subject to evil spirits on losing
Paradise. The nails are the remnants
of tlris dress, and whoever cuts them
off and throws them away does himself
an Injury. An old Persian chronicle
says that Eve also possesed this dress
and tlie nails were left to remind them
of Paradise.
So Ingenious.
"Simplex answered an advertisement
in which somebody offered to sell him
the secret for preventing trousers from
getting fringes around the bottom.”
“What did they tell him?”
"To wear knickerbockers.”—Cleve­
land Plain Dealer.
Making Haa'e Slowly.
"And this,” said the gold-seeker, bit­
terly, as he toiled painfully through
I the deep snow at the rate of five miles
a day; ‘this la what Is known as ‘the
rush to Klondike!1 ”—Puck.
swelled feet,
blues, etc.,
they should at
once write Mrs. Pinkham at Lynn,
Mass., stating symptoms, She will
tell them exactly what to do.
G rack B. S tansbury , Pratt, Kansas,
Bays:—“ I suffered from intense pains in
the womb andovaries, and the backache
was dreadful. I had leucorrhoea in it;
worst form. Thus I dragged along.
At last I wrote to Mrs. Pinkham for
advice. Her answer came promptly.
I read carefully her letter, and con­
cluded to try Lydia E. Pinkham s Veg­
etable Compound. After taking two
bottles I felt much better; but after
using six bottles I was cured.”
OF A r save 4-Fndorsed by the D p
partnaent of the Interior and to b* used by V.
■ army officers detailed to Alaska. The best and
most (’stalled map of Alaska in «-xlatenre. Will be
mailed upon receipt of price (fOC) In Jr stamp«, or
money order. RUDOLPH KRAFT, Publisher.
P. O. Box 111, Portland Or.
Gold nr M.
RlìfìR ffir tracina
lost "or and
11UUU FOWLER. Box 337,Southington.Conn
Chase county, Kansas.
Workers in the wide, unexplored field of
modern chemistry are daily astounding the
world with new wonders, Professor and
layman vie with each other in their coni-
mendahle efforts to lessen the ills of human­
ity. Yesterday it was Pasteur and Kock,
and today it is Slocum, witli a new discov­
ery wliicfi is the result of years of careful
study and research.
Foremost among the world’s greatest
chemists stands T. A. Slocum, of New York
Citv. His researches ami experiments,
patiently carried on for years, have finally
culminated in results which are proving as
beneucial to humanity us the discoveries of
any chemist,ancient or modern. Ilisefforts
which for years had been directed toward
the discovery of a positive cure for con­
sumption, were filially successful, and al­
ready liis "new scientific system of medi­
cine” lias, by its timely use, permanently
cured thousands of apparently hopeless
eases, and it seems a necessary and humane
duty to bring such facts to the attention or
ull invalids.
Tlie medical profession throughout
America and Europe are almost unainioua
in the opinion that nearly all physical ail­
ments naturally tend to the generation of
consumption. The aitlicted die in the
short, cold days of winter much faster than
in tlie long, hot days of summer.
The Doctor has proved the dreaded dis­
ease to be curable beyond a doubt, in any
climate, and has on file in his American
and European laboratories thousands or
letters of heartfelt gratitude from those
benefited or cured in all parts of the world.
No one having, or threatened with, any
disease, should hesitate a day, but should
write at once. Facts prove that the Doctor
has discovered a reliable and absolute cure
for Consumption (Tuberculosis) and all
bronchial, throat, luug and chest troubles,
stubborn coughs, catarrhal affections. scrof­
ula, general decline aud weakness, loss of
uesh, and all wasting conditions, and to
demonstrate its wonderful merits, he will
send Three Free ilotUes (all different) of
his New Discoveries, with full instructions,
to any reader of this paper.
Simply write to T. A. Slocum, M. C., 99
Pine street. New York, giving full address.
There is no charge for correspondence­
advice—strictly professional aud confiden­
Knowing, as we do, of the undoubted
efficacy of The Slocum System of Medicine,
we urge every sufferer to take advantage of
this most liberal proposition.
A system of medical treatment that will
cure catarrh, lung troubles and consump­
tion is certainly good for—and will cure—-
any wasting disease that humanity is heir
Please tell the Doctor, when writing, that
you read his generous offer in our paper.
The city of Santa Fe, New Mexico,
is without rats, mice and cats, sb tho
air is too rarefied for those animals.
...For You
All Eastern Syrup, so-called, usually very
light colored and of heavy body, is made from
glucose. "Tea Garden urine” >s made from ♦
Sugar (lane and is strictly pure. It is for sale ♦
by first-class grocers, in cans only. Manufac­ ♦ if you plant our now Vineleaa Bunch
Yam Potato«* aud get on the market 6 ♦
tured by the P acific C oast SYatie Co. All gen­
weeks before your neighbors. Earl ir at,
uine "Tea Garden Drive” have the manufac­
I.Hi'grat, SweetcMt mid Mo«1. Pro­
Infant schools began in Now Lanark, turer's name lithographed on every can.
ductive known. Postpaid 3<>cts. per
Scotland, in 1815, in England not till
by express, not prepaid, ir»cts.
For lung and chest diseases, Piso's Cure „ pound,
Send lOcts. for large catalogue of 50 seed
is the best medicine we have used. Mrs. : novelties with testimonial« front al) over
J. L. Northcutt, Windsor, Ont., Canada.
the Union, and large starting package of
iour new homegrown <
which costs
Sets. a pound to raise rnd two crops
A rabbit with two well developed
a year in the south. Special prices to
Agents who make
offices, or factories, are peculiarly horns was recently shot in the fields of
selling this wonderful seed. Address,
After being swimlt* <1 by all others, send us stamp
for particulars of King Solomon's Treasure, the
ONLY renewer of manly strength.
CHEMICAL CO., P. O. Box 747. Philadelphia, Pa.
In order to raise church funds, a substitute.
Georgia minister charged admission to
an entertainment where the contestants
engaged in a ginger cake eating com­
The tiny shirt with a bit of riblion
bow at the neck is made of white cash-
mere these days, as the knitted ones
are considered old-fashioend by the
dress reformers. It is edged with silk
and buttoned down the front.
To take the place of time-honored
linen band for the baby's wais» which
had to be rolled around the little one
and then securely pinned in place, the
reformers have made a knitted band.
This innovation is firmly held in place
by two straps which go over the shoul­
ders. At the lower part of the knitted
band is a pad to which the diaper may
be attached. This garment obviates
any unequal pressure on the laxly and
throws part of the strain on the shoul­
ders rather than all about the waist.
The modern baby must also have a
bath robe. This necessity is made of
light-colored nun's veiling and tufted
with a bright zphyr. Two tiny cords
•ecure it at the neck, and It Is brlar-
•titched with fancy floss.
The little cashmere sacque of white
embroidered with a delicate color Is
loose in cut to aillow freedom, while the
sleeves are smaU as becomes the style
of the dress reform baby.
The reform idea is likewise carried
out in the mull underskirt with deep
embroidery on the edge. In place of
the conventional band about the waist.
A mechanical device recently pat-
ented pastes paper labels on 100,000
tins in ten hours.
A local South Shore train came into
collision with a Grand Trunk local at
St. Lambert, Canada, and August
Bourbon and James Coudry were
Four hundred years ago only
seven metals were known,
there are 51, 30 of which have
been diecovered within the present
Joy and gladness shine forth in the eye of
the manly and strong. Confidence, self-esteem
and love of society come with the return of na­
ture’s vigor. Electricity, the force of vitality,
makes men great. It brings back the fire of
youth. It helps manhood.
Dr. Sanden’s Electric Belt
Is the chosen spring from which is drawn the
vital energy which infusee the veins of mea
and develops the ñervo aud physical powena
The vigorous standard of our race is improved
by it.
Do you wish to read the Rtory of how vital
force is renewed by electricity? If so, gel Dr.
Sanden’s b«H>k. “Three Classes of Men,” which
will be sent closely sealed, free from observa»
tion, upon request.
A book for the ladles, “Maid, Wife and
Mother,” can be had for the asking.
The famous Appliance and Remed lea of
the Eide Medical Co. bow for the Aral time
offered on trial without expense to »ar
honest num. Not a dollar to ho paid
in advance. Cure Effects of Error,
or Bxcemee In Oldor 1 oung. Manhood
Fully Restored. Tow to Enlarge and
Btremrthen Weak, Undeveloped Portion,
of Body. Abeolutelr unfailing Home
Treatment. No O. O. f>. or other scheme.
A plain offer by a Arm of high atnndlu g.
263 West Waahiugtuu St., Portland, Ost
Please mention this Paper.
If Chinese children do not obey their
parents, and the latter whip them to
death, the law has no punishment for
them, as obedience to parents is the
cardinal virtue.
W. T. Woodward, the Kentucky
horsebreeder, is going about telling his
We wiab tocsin 130,<>00 new cos- X
friends that he has been cured of rheu­
tomem. *a J hen- « ofter
13 Day Radinh,
10~ 9
matism by carrying old electric light
’k<. Early Hprinc Turnip,
10c •
“ Earliest Rad Beet,
10c W
carbons in his pocket.
*♦ Bismarck Cucumber,
10c A
•* Que-jn Victoria Lettuce, lf>o S
'• Klondyka Melon.
llfo ,
M Jnmbo Giant Onion,
Brilliant Flower Beede, l£c 1
Werth tl.OO, for 14 rente.
Above 10 pkce. worth 41 «0, wo will (
mail yu’i free, together with our <
great Plant and Heed Catalogue
upon receipt of thia notice and 14c 1 '
Doeta<e. We invite yonr trade and 1 1
know when you on< e try Ralier'a I I
aerda yon will never ret along with ( i
out thani Potntnrn at B 1 .AO i i
a ||b I. (at a log alone 4c No»P.C.( ,
Two New York men have invented
an electrical dental mallet for use in
hardening tooth filling, the tool having
a central bar, which strikes hack and
forth as the current is made and broken.
The combination of a lamp, bell and
brake for cyclers’ use has been patent­
ed, the bell being set in the back of
the lamp tn position to be struck by
a clapper attached to the brake plunger.
The tramways, omnibuses, and un­
derground railways in and around
London within a radius of five miles,
carry each year, it is calculated, about
453,000,000 passengers.
The annual convention of the
Brotherhood of Steam Shovel and
Dredge Engineers, in session at Chi­
cago, passed resolutions favoring a 21-
foot channel in the Chicago river and
the construction of the Nicaragua canal
by American capital.
< IMKI, WHI. . (
Is it Wrong?
Get it Right.
Keep it Right.
Moore's Revealed Remedy will do it. Three
doses will make you feel better. Get it from
your druggist or any wholesale drug house, or
from Stewart A Holmes Drug Co., Seattle.
grow paying crop* boesuae they're
freab and alwaye the beet. For
eale every where. Refuse substitute*.
Slick to Ferry’* 8eeda and prosper.
18DS Heed Annual free. Write for it.
D. M. FERRY * CO., Detroit. Mich.
Mate money by succesful
speculation tn Chicago. We
buy and sell wheal on mar-
___ _ _ gin». Fortunes have bee*
made on a »mall beginning by trading in fw-
lores. W trite (or full particular». Best of ret*
erence given. . S*Yer*i
______ „ year»'
experience on the
Chicago Board of Trade, and a thorough know«
ledge of the business Send
" ** for our free refer-
enee book. **\
Chicago Board of Trade Brokers. Offices ia
Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Wash.
P ortland , OR