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    Yamhill County Reporter
A Fearful Blizzard Itaglng in the At-
lantic State*.
Sailor Taken Off the Stetson a Bavin«
Portland, Or., Ft b. 2.—If the story
John Burke, w ho came around the
Horn on the American ship Geo. Stet­
to Be Pressed.
son in the capacity of sailor, can be
believed, the officers of this ship are
guilty of the most barbaric cruelties
IS IN NEEDY CIRCUMSTANCES that have been rejiorted at this port in
many a day. The Stetson arrived at
Astoria with a cargo of coal Thursday,
being 74 days out from Baltimore,
Ooiuprelieuaive Review of the Important
r Woodford Will Soon Present
where she took on cargo.
Happening* of the Punt Week C'uk„J
Demand at Madrid—Indemnity
Murphy is in command, and George
From th«) Telegraphic Column*.
. Harvey is first officer.
Timinas Thompson, ex-minister to
The victim of the brutality of the
New York, Feb. 3.—According to
Brazil, ex-representative, ex-secretary
the Washington correspondent of the \ officers, and especially that of First
of state, ami one cf the most prominent
Herald, another demand is to be made Mate Harvey, is a seaman named Amos
Democrats in California, cut his throat
upon Spain for the payment of $75,000 Stone, son of a wealthy jewelry mer­
while temporarily insane at San Jose.
indemnity to the widow of Dr. Ricardo chant of Boston. Stone is said to have
The British Atlas Company, of Pana­
Ruiz for the murder of her husband in been taken off the Stetson at Astoria, a
ma, has offered to purchase railroads
a Guanabacoa jail. The state depart­ raving maniac, having arrived at this
from ocean to ocean and steamers
ment is preparing an instruction to condition as a result of the treatment
owned by the government foi $1,500,-
Minister Woodford, which will be sent he received on the voyage.
000 silver. The government demands
in a few days, in which he will be di­
“Stone was singled out as the special
rected to call the attention of the min­ object of Harvey’s brutality soon after
ister of foreign affairs, Sagasta, to the we left Baltimore,” said Burke in
Word has been received in Spokane
fact that this claim was presented last narrating his story,
“Harvey, for
from Washington that the committoe
summer; that it has not yet been paid, some reason, knockel him insensible
on agriculture has reported favorably
nor, in fact, has a detailed answer been with an iron top maul, and as the
Senator Warren’s amendments for the
received to the note addressed to the of us feared we would be treated like­
establishment of a division of irriga­
late Minister Canovas. Theonly reply wise we were at the point of turning
tion in the agricultural department.
made has been a formal acknowledg­ back four hours after we left port. As
The monthly statement of the public
ment of the receipt of the claim.
soon as we saw what had happened,
debt just issued shows that at the close
There is reason to believe that the we scampered up the masts to turn to.
of business January 31, the debt, less
instruction which the department is The mate, however, informed the cap­
cash in the treasury, amounted to $1,-
preparing will be more vigorous in tain, who bullied us into remaining
011,701,838, an increase for the month
character than that submitted last sum­ with the ship.
of $12,589,771. This increase is ac­
mer. The original note which accom­
counted for by the decrease in the
Stone, as a result of the injury he re>
panied the claim was courteous in tone ceived, was laid up for some days, 'lur­
amount of cash on hand.
and appealed to Spain’s sense of jus­ ing which time he was given but little
The most violent storm known since
Since its presentation the ad­ to eat. As soon as he had recovered
1851 swept the shores of Cape Ann
ministration has made no attempt to sufficiently to venture out and reporj
Tuesday night and early Wednesday
press the claim, partly on account of for duty, Harvey kicked him off th<j
morning, causing heavy loss of life and
the negotiations following the arrival forecastle. ~
From that time on Stone
about $200,000 damage. More than a
of Minister Woodford in Madrid, which was unable to leave his cabin. He
dozen vessels are ashore near Glouces­
have resulted in the inauguration of was starved and beaten almost daily
ter, at least four more are lost and
autonomy in Cuba and the carrying out and by the time we reached Astoria be
many others are damaged. The water
of humane policy in the prosecution of was skin and bones and a raving man-
front of Gloucester harbor and along
the war. It is expected by the adminis­ iac. As we were rounding the Horn,
tho cape is dotted with wrecks and
tration that Spain may take an argu­ where the seas were very bad, Harvey
wreckage, schooners, sloops and other
mentative course, and endeavor to rebut would open the door of Stone’s cabin
vessels having been driven ashore by
the evidence by the United States bo as to let the water in to soak his
the fierce gale.
showing that Ruiz was not murdered clothes and bedding. I have also seen
A Washington special says: Repre­
and by counter evidence that he com­ Harvey open the door to Stone’s cabin
sentative Ellis, of Oregon, is very anxi­
mitted suicide.
and with a heavy leather strap beat
ous to have the land south of Hood
The department received a lettei him until big welts stood out on his
River and Mount Hood excluded from
from Mrs. Ruiz recently, in which she legs and back. Stone, who was al­
the Cascade forest reserve, and opened
asked to be informed as to steps taken ready losing his reason, would not
•up to settlement. He holds that this New York Hotel Burned, With Probably to procure payment of her claim. Mrs.
wince under this scourging and stood
land, being very fertile ami well locat­
Fatal Results.
Ruiz wrote that she was in needy cir­ like a statue, without saying a word in
ed, should be given up to farm and
Gloversville, Feb. 3.—The Alvord j cumstances and expresesed the hope ,!
school purposes, and opened to those house, a five-story brick building, was that the United States would do all it remonstrance. An effort was made to
wishing to avail themselves of its destroyed by fire between 7 and 8 could to obtain the indemnity de­ obliterate the marks on Stone’s body
before the ship reached Astoria, but
many advantages. Just now the in­ o’clock this morning. Six persons manded.
without success, anil he will carry the
terior department has the matter un­ perished in the flames, and a dozen
The action to be taken by the depart- I marks with him to the grave. During
der consideration, hut from what Mr. others were more or less injured in ment effectually disposes of reports
much of the time that Stone was
Ellis has heard from officials there, making their escape. The dead are:
which have persistently been in circu­ cooped up in his cabin he had nothing
and from his colleagues in congress, ho
E. C. Kimball, of Indianapolis, his ; lation for several months alleging that
feels tolerably certain of succeeding in wife and daughter; Benjamin F. Strick­ Minister de Lome had privately settled but refuse to eat and the place was the
having thiB land thrown open to settle­ land; Henry C. Day; Charles C. Rup- j with MrB. Ruiz, as was done by his most foul smelling I was ever in. He
was abused like a dog even during the
government in the Delgado case.
time he was
irons. It made me sick
Chief of Police Jansen,of Milwaukee,
Mr. Kimball was an agent for a glove !
to look at him, even as accustomed as
has decided to put a stop to all boxing factory of this city, and Mr. Strickland
I am to see displays of brutality on the
contests in that city in the future.
and Mr. Day were business men. Rup- .
high seas.”
Allen Fairbank, a Miner,
Dead, at
Mrs. Julia Dorr, the well-known pert was a bellboy in the hotel.
Burke’s story is corroborated in ev­
Wheaton, Illinois.
The tiremen searched all day in the
authoress and poet, is reported to be
ery detail by Ernest Weyl, Ira Dierks
critically ill at her home in Rutland, runis for the remains of the victims,
Chicago, Feb. 3.—Allen Fairbank. of and Charles Russell, three others of
but their effort was unrewarded. Elec­ Wheaton, Ill., is dead, and in his death the crew.
Mrs. Hearst, widow of Senator tric lights have been strung over the that town lost a most unique citizen.
Hearst, is visiting the City of Mexico, ruins, and a large foroe will continue ! Horse trader, accumulator of stocks,
and has been received with public the search all night. The two travel­ bonds and mortgages, miser—he left
ing men reported missing were account­ behind him a bunch of property worth A Harrowing Tale Conies From the
ed for late tonight, leaving six victims.
Newfoundland Coast.
Bishop, tho man who assassinated Dr. Davis, of Westfield, N. Y., jumped something like $403,000.
For years he had lived in a cottage
the Brazilian minister of war last No­
Feb. 2.—The Red Cross
from the third story. He struck the
vember, has committed Buicide in wires opposite tho second story and was without a trace of even ordinary com­ line steamship Portia arrived today
The rule of his life was rigid
thrown to the ground, and was not ! economy. Banks to him were institu­ four days overdue from St. John’s, N.
There is much excitement in Bolivia seriously hurt. J. H. Barry, of Troy, tions not to be trusted, and he kept his F., and Halifax, after a desperate en­
and the press is urging the govern­ jumped from the third story, and was possessions at home. Mortgages, bonds counter with a pack of ice off the New­
ment to prepare for an impending war only slightly injured. Elwood Delong, and stocks he secreted in nooks known foundland coast, and with a harrowing
with Peru.
a flrenian, was seriously frozen, and only to himself his wife or the house­ tale of blizzards and destituion in the
coast section of that country. Hun­
Over half a million pounds of Andrew Watson, of Toronto, Ont., keeper.
dreds of men, women, and children
naptha were burned and several per­ jumped from the fourth floor to a shed
Two strangers passed a night with dead or dying from exposure and star­
sons lost their lives during a conflagra­ and was slightly hurt.
Fairbank 12 years ago. He told them vation with abundance close by ami
tion at Baku, Russia.
The fire started on the ground floor, he was rich, that he had no faith in
hundreds more threatened with a like
Rear Admiral McNair, who has been about 7 o’clock and shot up through banks and that he kept his money in
fate are the conditions reported by the
succeeded in command of the Asiatic
the house.
In the morning they went Portia.
squadron by Commodore Dewey, has acted aH flues to the stories above with away. Two weeks later they returned
The Portia was penned in by huge
lightning-like speed. Almost imme­ masked and accompanied by several
arrived in San Francisco.
They demanded Fair­ Arctic floes in plain sight of St. John’s
Three men were killed and four in­ diately after the flames were discovered other men.
The miser refused to unabe to move. She managed to es­
jured in a head-end collision between the alarm was sounded through the bank’s money.
them the biding cape by the merest accident.
two freight trains on the Louisvillo <&
Many other craft, several of them
place. Hot irons applied to his bare
Nashville, near Upton, Ky.
relief vessels sent by the Canadian
was a wild scramble on the part of the feet failed to open his mouth.
A ledge of free milling quartz ten guests to escape with their personal
government to succor destitute fisher­
feet wide and assaying as high as $500 property, but many were forced to flee tried his wife with the same result. men, had to abandon their errands of
a ton was struck in the Roanoke mine without saving anything. A few of (
mercy and return to St. John’s, where
near, Mokelumne hill, Cal., at a depth the guests made their escape by the from Dora, the housekeeper, and the they were still in the ice when the Por­
of 400 feet.
stairways, but tho smoke booh cut off ernment bonds and about $1,300 in tia struggled into clear water.
The Central Labor Union, of New this retreat
Among the detained fleet at St.
currency. The robbers were captured,
York, has passed a resolution opposing
The next resort of tho imprisoned and Fairbank recovered most of the John’s were a dozen or more sailing
the bill pending in the New York leg­ people was the windows.
vessels loaded with codfish for England
A h their money and all of the bonds.
islature for the opening of tho theater* terror-stricken faces appeared, the little
and Brazil.
in that city on Sunday.
The city of St. John’s was in a terri­
crowd below watched breathlessly, hop­
ble condition on account of the bliz­
George S. Yantio and A. M. Hydo, ing against hope that all would ne
of Sheboygan, have started on a jour­ saved. The guests who were thus en­ T o u h K Edison Think* He Ilan the Se- zard, the streets being rendered impas­
sable. Railroads had suspended work
ney to the Holy Land, whore they go trapped did not long hesitate to take
cret in Sight.
and the poor were suffering through
to carry assistance to a colony of Dun- the risk of jumping, though some were
New York, Feb. 3.—Thomas A. Edi­ hunger and cold.
The price of food
kards, who went to Palestine in No­ rescued from their perilous positions by
jr., is experimenting with an air­ advanced until beyond the reach of
vember, 1895.
ship which he believes will be a suc­
George C. Howard, superintendent windows, several being more or less in­ cess. It is the invention of Frank the poor.
Several miles off shore the Portia
of achools of West Bridgewater, Mass., jured.
Sauther, of Milwaukee, but Edison hit passed the steamer Grandland, fast in
Struck a Post.
moderator at tho last town meeting
by accident on a gas which he believes
ami ex-state representative, is a self-
Rosalia,Wash.. Fob. 3.—The 4-vear- is the only thing required to make the the ice, and in a perilous condition.
confessed forger to the exent of $300, old son of Judge Schurra was killed this ship a practical one. Sails were sub­
and is under arrest.
morning while coasting. At a sharp stituted instead of any propelling
Ross W. Latahaw, of Kansas City, turn his «led left the road and pitched power. Mr. Edison says:
Warship Will Be Sent There to Protect
Its progress was
ex-justice of the peace, was acquitted down the hill.
“It was at this point that I con­
Our Intercut*.
a jury in the criminal court of the stoppo ! at a fence, a post of which the ceived the really new principle. It
New York, Feb. 2.—The American
charge of attempting to bribe a juror in boy struck with his head. His skull struck me that it would I m 1 a good idea
the recent trial of Dr. Goddard for th« was fractured and the barbed wire pene­ to inflate th« sails with gas, thus mak­ flag will soon be displayed in Samoan
trated iiis scalp. He lived about 20 ing them serve as balloons as well as waters by a man-of-war says a Herald
murder of Fred J. Jackson.
supplying the sailing power. It would correspondent. The vessel will be th«
Mrs. Lucille Blackburn Lane, daugh­
Wag«*« lncrrttflcil Ten Per Cent.
not do to make baggy balloons for the Mohican, which has been converted
ter of ex-Senator Blackburn, of Ken­
sails, so they are divided into numer­ into a training-ship. Since the arrival
tucky, who accidentally shot hersell
compartments, which, when inflat­ in Washington of ex-Consul-General
with a revolver two weeks ago, is again
resemble water bags. The tubes Churchill, the president and assistant
in a serious condition, after a period ol
secretary of state have been convinced
improvement, and her relatives and tho Gogebio range, and employing running to the balloon are tapped in that American interests demand that
physicians are apprehensive lest the
an American man-of-war shall visit
wound, with new complications which crease of 10 per cent in the wages of all sail, and rubber tubes carry gas to two Samoa.
jibs. The compartments of the main­
have set in, may result fatally.
sail are connected by narrow openings,
While tho steamship Coptic, which
There is no intention on the part of
The I.ake States.
the gas thus flowing freely through the
arrived in San Francisco recently, was
Chicago, Feb. 8. — Reports from vari­ entire sail. A rudder completes the the administration to abandon the in­
lying in Shanghai, she narrowly es-
terests of this government in Samoa,
ous towns in Michigan, Wisconsin and
<ia|>ed being sent to tho bottom by the Indiana tell of severe blizzards. The airship.
and Mr. Churchill doesnot recommend
falling of a large weight of bullion wind is blowing a gale and huge snow
it. although he says the only reason
from her deck to her hold. Six tons of drifts aie l>eing piled on the highways.
why this government should continue
flour racks, piled in the hold, was all All trains are mon' or less delayed. A
its hold on the islands is because it is
that prevented the precious metal from report front Marquette, Mich., states the that the inflated sail idea is the one morally bound to do so by the course
that is going to solve the aerial prob­
going through the vessel's bottom. As storm on the lake is fearful.
pursued in the past.
it was. the falling mars penterated five
Mr. Churchill states that if the
In 1801 the price of the quarter
of the tiers.
Third Mate Athens and
In th« number of murders Italy leads loaf in England reached about 87 v» Unite'! States was to withdraw from
Storekeeper Murphy were injured in
the islands they would be divided by
tho accident, and the mate was left at Europe. In the number of suicides cents. Thia was in the time of the Na-
Russia is ahead.
Germany and Great Britain.
jwleonic war.
Shanghai for surgical treatment.
New York, Feb. 3.—The storm which
began Sunday night swept over New
York stato with great fury, and today
was central in the New England states.
Northern New York is Htiowhonnd,
and the extent of damage in New Eng­
land cannot be approximated. Reports
from Boston, with which placo com­
munication was established tonight
under great difficulties, after that city
had been shut off from New York for
many hours, indicate sòme lose of life,
and an immense amount of damage to
Business has been at a
standstill in many of the smaller towns;
wires all over the country are down;
roads are blockaded, and railway traffic
greatly imjieded.
The “up-the-state”
residents have suffered with cold,
which ranged sb low as 20 degree« and
more below zero. At Albany, Troy,
Saratoga and many other places in the
state, as much as two and three feet of
snow has fallen, and reports tonight are
that the blizzard is utili blowing, the
worst storm since the memorable one
of 1888.
Residents of this city have had to
battle their way to business against a
gale of wind that at times swept along
at 40 miles an hour and carried sheets
of snow with it.
Much delay was caused to the rail­
road mail service, so that the northern
part of the state has been practically
cut off, and trains on the New York
Central were from four to five hours
late. From 10,000 to 20,000 men have
been at work with thousands of teams
on the streets clearing away the snow,
yet there has been no appreciable de­
crease in the amount piled up in every
Portions of Long island suffered al­
most as much from the storm as the
towns far up the state.
The east end
of the island has been blockaded by the
drifting snow. The Long Island rail­
road waB completely closed today.
Snow plows, driven by five of the most
powerful engines of the road, are now
battling with the drifts on the eastern
section of the road, which may be
clear by tomorrow.
« m io B Picific
Chairman Hitt on Hawaii’s
Strategic Importance.
viding tiie
for Pro­
Armor Plant—Sixty-Nine Received.
Chicago, Feb. 1.—The Post’s Wash­
ington correspondent sends this inter­
view with Chairman Hitt, of the house
committee on foreign relation«:
“The gist, in my opinion, in the
whole Hawaiian situation lies in the
strategic position of the little group of
islands as a basis of operations for
guarding our west coast. There is a
strong resemblance in this case to the
Bermudas, exeept that the Bermudas
are not so commanding. That is, there
are other island« to the south of them
which would, in case of conflict, to
some extent take their place with Eu­
ropean powers, even if they possessed
the Bermudas. In the possession of
the Hawaiian islands we would have
what might be considered safety for
our Western coast against the naval
powers, except Great Britain, which
could still get coal for her ships from
the British Columbia ports and use that
base for naval operations. The subor­
dinate features, the question of sugar,
the character of tho population, the
inode of government, etc., take up a
great deal of attention, but I think
they are of minor importance.
“We have now by treaty certain ex­
clusive rights, but that is a terminable
The Hawaiian republic is,
theoretically, an independent nation,
but is wholly incapable of defending
itself and preserving its independence,
and the moment that we come into a
conflict, any naval power presenting
itself will take possession. Once it is
possessed by a power like Japan. Eng­
land or Germany, it will be the story
of the Bermudas over again, only a
stronger and more effective Bermuda
on our Western coast. With a coaling
station 3,000 miles out, we could
double the time and length of effective
cruises of our warships going out from
San Francisco. Having no neighbor­
ing islands, it leaves the immense ex­
panse of the Northern Pacific utterly
inhospitable to our opponents, if we
hold it. It is thus of great value as a
base for defense or for an enemy to
operate against us,
“I have thought for many years that
these islands were of essential import­
ance to ue. The impression that I got
when in the state department in 1881
remains with me. When the question
of extending the reciprocity treaty
was then under consideration, I was
impressed with these facts. The sugar
question and its branches is a matter
of competing interests. Once incor­
porated, they all go into the hopper to­
gether, as completely as the beet root
of Nebraska and the cane of Louisiana. ”
The Teller Resolution Buried by a Ma­
jority of Fifty Votes.
Washington, Feb. 2.—The house to-
day buried the Teller resolution, de­
claring the bonds of the United States
payable in silver, under an adverse
majority of 500 votes. The Repub­
licans were
solidly arruyed
opiMisition, with two exceptions—Lin-
ney of North Carolina, who voted with
the Democrats and Populists, ami
White of North Carolina, the only col­
ored member of the house, who an­
swered “present,” when hi« name was
called. The desertions from the Demo­
cratic side were MoAleer of Pennsyl­
vania, and Elliott of South Carolina.
Both voted with the Republicans
against the proposition.
Speaker Reed, although it is not cus­
tomary for him to vote, hail his name
called, and, amid the cheers of his fol­
lowers, went on record in opposition tc
the resolution.
The vote was reached after five hours
of debate, under a special order, adopt­
ed at the opening of the session today.
The limited time allowed for debate,
and the pressure of members for an
opportunity to be heard, was so great
that the leaders on both sides were
compelled to farm out the time by
minutes. This detracted much from
the continuity of the discussion, but it
in some measure intensified the inter­
est in the galleries, which were crowded
all day, and the combatants on the floor
were cheered by their respective sym­
pathizers. Many of the senators from
the other side of the capitol were pres­
ent to listen to the arguments. The
majority, under the leadership of Ding­
ley. who made a carefully prepared
speech, sounded the key-note of the op­
position, assumed the position that the
last clause of the resolution was in
reality a disguised declaration for tho
free coinage of silver, while the assault­
ing Democrats, under the direction of
Bailey, maintained that the defeat of
the resolution was another step in the
direction of the establishment of the
gold standard, to which he alleged both
the president and Secretary Gage had
irrevocably committed the Republican
The debate was at times fast and
heated, but there were no sensational
incidents, beyond the hissing of Rhea,
when he said that, as the author of the
‘‘crime ot ’73,” the hottest place in
hades would be reserved for the present
secretary of the state.
The vote on the resolution was:
Ayes, 132; noes, 182.
Today’s session of the senate lasted
six hours, two of the general appropria­
tion bills—that for the army, carrying
$23,243,492, and that for the legisla­
ture, executive and judicial depart­
passed, the latter, consisting of 121
pages, occupying the attention of the
senate during the greater part of the
session. After a brief executive ses­
sion the senate adjourned.
Frozen Bodies of Mother and Daughter
Found Near Burlington.
Armor Plant Bid*.
Burlington, la., Feb. 1.—The dead
Washington, Feb. 1.—Proposals were and frozen bodies of Mrs. Fanny Rath-
opened today in the office of Secretary burn and her 12-year-old daughter
of the Navy Long for the construction Mary were discovered this afternoon in
of a government armor plant. There pools of blood at their lonely home
were 69 bids, covering every phase of west of this city. The woman’s head
the advertisement. There were only had been split open with an ax. The
two bids to furnish a complete plant, body of the child was found in a bed­
and only one of these named a figure. room off the kitchen with the throat
The Hungtington, W. Va., chamber cut from ear to ear. Evidences of a
of commerce offered to follow specifica­ horrible struggle for life were present
tions and build the complete plant for on all sides. Evidently the girl had
been brutally assaulted by the mur­
Another offer to supply a complete derer, and her torn clothing indicared
plant came from the John P. Holland she had fought desperately for her
Company, of New York, but no figure honor. Having accomplished the deed,
was named, the company simply offer­ her assailant had cut her throat. The
ing to do this for a sum of money and girl’s hand showed cuts received in at­
within a period less than estimated by tempting to defend herself. Blood was
the armor board in its report. The scattered ail over the bed and on the
bid was accompanied by the expression floor. The body of the woman was
of an opinion that armor should be ex­ found to be badly eaten by rats, and
cluded in the construction contracts of presented a horrible sight.
all vessels, by which policy congress
Several arrests have been made, and
and the country would understand the the police are actively engaged in run­
full cost of ships and their protection, ning down several clews. It is be­
the price of armor would be reduced, lieved the crime was commited several
and its delivery expedited.
days ago. The woman was a widow of
Another proposal that commanded good reputation, and quite poor.
some attention was the bid of the
Mecca of the Powers.
Reailic Engineering Company, of Co­
lumbus, O. This was a very compli­
Constantinople, Feb. 2.—The Rus­
cated proposhi to supply each of the sian auxiliary cruiser Saratoffam, be­
numerous buildings, furnaces, etc., re­ longing to the volunteer fleet, with 12
quired, as well as 150 acres of land, at quick-firing guns and 1,600 troops on
sums specified in each case. A special board, passed the Bospborous yesterday
point of interest about the bid was an on her way to Vladivostock. According
accompanying offer from the chamber to a dispatch to the London Times,
of commerce of Columbus to donate from Odessa, cabled to the Associated
$500,000 to the govern ment in the event Press last night, the Russian volunteer
the bid should be accepted.
fleet will convey in the quickest time
It will take some time to schedule practicable over 10,000 Russian troop»
all of the bids, but as soon as they can to the far East.
be arranged they will be sent to con­
gress by Secretary Long for the informa­
Aged Couple Murdered.
tion of that body in case it desires to
Grayson, Ky., Feb. 2.—“Virginia
embark the government in the manu­ Bill” Riley, an old citizen of Elliott
facture of armor.
county, aged 80 years, and his wife,
Steamboat Inspection in Alanka.
about 70 years old, were murdered
Washington, Feb. 1.—Secretary Gage tonight at their home, ami robbed of
today sent to the house a recommenda­ from $800 to $1,200. There is no olew
tion for steamboat inspections in Al­ to the murderers. A maul was the in­
aska. He points out that the tide of strument used.
travel to the Klondike fields has result­
ed in the establishment of an extensive
San Franisco, Feb. 2.—Hnlda John­
steamboat service on the Yukon. He son, aged 3years, was run down and
says suitable protection resulting from killed by an electric car this evening,
the inspection of steamers should be in front of the residence of her parents.
given the traveling public visiting the The child attempted to cross the track
Klondike region, and he submits the in front of a rapidly approaching car,
bill to accomplish that end.
when she was struck.
To Strengthen Spain’s Navy.
Hl« Horne Fell I pun Him.
London, Feb. 1.—The Madrid cor­
respondent of the Daily Mail says the
government will ask the next cortes to
vote £8,000,000 for strengthening the
San Francisco, Feb. 1.—George
Slankard, manager of the Wild West
show at Central Par», weas seriously
injured today just before the time for
the exhibition to begin.
He was
thrown from hi« horse which fell upon
him, crushing his head against the
ground. He sustained a fracture of the
base of the skull. His oondition is
critical and his recovery is doubtful.
Frank Beckwith, watchman in the
employ of the Ontario & Western rail­
road, was shot and killed by a tramp
whom he attempted to arrest in the
freight yards. The homicide was Ed­
ward Simpson, a former inmate of the
The wheat crop of India i« harvested
Elmira reformatory, out on parole.
| usually in February.