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    Speaks to a Gathering of
Sunnyside Republicans.
Much Entliiiiiinsin Awakened and Party
Spirit Aroused — Itepiib]icanw the
Itimet al ixt m .
The Sunnyside Republican Club, of
Portland, held a successful meeting
Saturday evening, January 15, at its
hall on East Thirty-fourth street, the
principal event on the evening’s pro­
gramme being the address of Hon. T.
T. Geer, of Marion county.
Glory’’ was profusely displayed about
the speaker’s stand. A line audience
of representative citizens of Portland
and vicinity were present to greet the
distinguished visitor, the hall being
well till ed. A short programme pre­
ceded the address. Mr. Geer spoke as
The periods of rest which the people
of Oregon are permitted to enjoy be­
tween tlie agitation^ of political cam­
paigns are both short and frequent.
With a state election every two years
and a national campaign during every
other one of these, we barely get time
to gather in our crops before the gaunt
specter of an approaching session of
our alleged legislature heaves up on
the political horizon and we are again
paralyzed by the unequally contend­
ing forces of statesmanship, intrigue
and chicanery. Only one other thing
seems to be necessary to transform us
into a community of perpetual brawl­
ing politicians, whose only vocations
will be to daily congregate at the cor­
ner grocery ami with busy jackknives
and jawbones evolve |>onderous schemes
for the salvation of our unfortunate
country from the distinctive clutches
of a voracious “money power,’’ with a
big M; that needed thing is the “ini­
tiative and referendum.'*
With the arrival of those halcyon
days when a “union of forces’’ will
bring into happy communion of pur­
pose o< r 50-cent brothers with our ab­
solute Hat “reformers,’’ when every
man with an original idea can propose
a new law and follow it in person until
it becomes a shining light on the stat­
ute-books, politics will become the dis­
tinctive business of the humblest of us;
the drudgery of physical labor will be
at an end, except for those who have
no original ideas, and we will be found
basking in the sunlight of perfect gov­
ernment as we glide happily around
the corridors of the various headquar­
ters of the “forces" after they have
formed their “union.’’
Of course, what our country most
needs is more politics; if we had the
initiative and referendum, we would
have more politics, and the distin­
guished gentlemen who met in this
city a few days since, noted for their
original ideas, would have more com­
pany in their chosen line of business.
However, we are on the eve of an­
other state campaign, ami the activity
of the “reform forces," led by the in­
spiring appeals which come in beseech­
ing doses, first from McMinnville, then
from Lebanon, and anon in fervid, re­
sonant blasts trotn Woodburn itself, re­
minds us that there will soon be Some
more offices at the disposal of the pub­
lic, and that the weeping patriots who
are willing to accept them us martyrs
to the service of their suffering country
are looking frnnticaly about in search
of an “issue" that will draw to their
support what is commonly called iu
political parlance a “tank and tile."
Now, the persistent and discouraging
absence of a “rank and file" is all that
has stood between many of these “re­
formers” (some of whom have been
“reforming’’ for full 20 years), and the
realization of their fondest hopes. Is­
sues may come and questions may go,
but what they want is a "union of
forces” that will give them a follow­
ing. This was amusingly, even seri­
ously, aye, painfully apparent in
their gyrations here last week. There
seemed to be au energetic, though not
always decorus, scrambling over each
other to see who could make the first
concession of some life-long remedy for
an endangered republic, accompanied
by the frankest possible expression of
the hope that such surrender would
so far foster the "union" as to—get
Was the speaker a distinguish«»1 and
gallant retired military gentleman
from Oregon City, who had eloquently
proclaimed from Ashland to Hunting­
ton that no remedy for the "toiling
masses” would ever have the slightest
efficacy until the protective tariff sys­
tem. "the blighting iniquity of an
age," should be wiped from the statute
Hear him now bohily an­
nouncing his willingness, even his
frenzied anxiety, to join the prooeaeion
of “forces" on any conceivable or in­
conceivable platform that the people
will indorse!
No matter whether it is the gospel
of hope falling from the fervid Iiof
the hustling brother from Woodburn,
or the patriotic and pained concern for
the welfare of a crushed people that
conies down in regular swoops from
the grassy plains of Lebanon, the same
magnanimous disposition to give and
take in the matter of principle is con­
spicuously evident.
Above all things else success is
wanted, and it is wanted badly enough
to unite with anybody and anything
that will vote against the Republican
I do not know what you, my Repub­
lican brothers, may think on this
question, but I see no reason why thia
heterogenous conglomeration of reject! d
raw material should not drill happily
silver coins have I cess of the people issuing money them­ butable; when they are assailed, you
together in the jieaceful unison of ular precipice accompanied bv a fierce gold standard”
can only state the facts and that is the
brotherly love. It. means a weeding beating of gongs, the while vociferous­ “equal treatment with gold;” but in selves.
When a Populist seriously
out from the laxly politic, in sefiarate ly shouting that “when prices are up, Mexico he would not do it, because1 Surely as a means of becoming rich, end of it.
lots, of every man who is afflicted with nature does it, but when they are dow n, they do not have bimetalism there nor and therefore plutocratic in our en­ declares that 2 ami 2 make 5, we do not
an “issue," or suffering from an the gold standard does it!” In other in any other free coinage country auv- 1 vironments, this method is speedy, debate with him unless we are other­
sure, direct and simple, Especially sim­ wise out.of a job, because we know that
“oology," and will afford men who words, when prices are up it is because where.
2 ami 2 make 4; but this fact is no
There is not a man in this vast as­ ple.
have sound views on questions of cur­ the article is scarce, but when they are
The recklessness with which so more firmly establisheil than the other
semblage nor anywhere else who has
rency and other national affairs an op­ down it is because monev is scarce.
Such appeals as the one made by the gone into a store to buy anything from many of our well-meaning ami honest oae that the law cannot make 100 cents
portunity to measure the extent of the
effort necessary to defeat their pur­ assembled “forces” which met in this a pound of sugar to a threshing ma­ citizens attack the established basis out of material that can be bought any­
poses; by all means they should mess city last week, based as it is on an ab­ chine, and, upon asking the price, has of sound money in all civilized coun­ where in the world for 45 cents, and
solute perversion of facts, will meet been questioned by the dealer as to tries is greatly to be «leplored, because force business men to take it for 100
When I was in the Chicago cattle­ with a very cool reception by the calcu­ whether he intended to pay in gold or pros|ierity depends on business, and cents.
There can be no mistake about this
yards last winter, I noticed that in one lating judgment of the common people, silver, because the dealer didn’t care, business men will not move actively
section there was a discordant and fear­ who understand even better than they since under the "existing gold stand­ ami with confidence as long as there is whatever. We may be mistaken about
ful bawling going on continually, and did in ’96 that their welfare depends ard” every silver dollar in the hands auv degree of uncertainty as to the fixed some propositions, but there are others
unusual activity among, not only the first of all on a sound, unfluctuating of the common people everywhere re­ value of the dollar on which all busi­ that we know we know, and this is one
ceives “equal treatment with gold.” ness is based; and yet, men who are of them.
men, but the cattle. Going there, I currency.
If it were as idle to talk to the mass
But why did our friends refer to This is bimetalism, practical, absolute complaining of hard times and need re­
discovered that it was where all the
lief, assuming to apply a remedy, pro­ of the people on these questions as it is
maimed and otherwise sick cattle were wheat only? How do they account for and unquestioned.
“Oh, yes,” I hear some “ardent” i pose a scheme that is not only not a to a few leaders who have only selfish
collected ami “bunched”’ in pens ac­ the unprecedented demand for ami high
cording to the degree of their injuries price of sheep and cattle? The price of silver man exclaim, “that may be true, remedy, but is the worst known aggra­ motives in view, the effort for good
government and sound money hail as
and natural defects. 1 particularly no­ these standard products of the farm has but the gold dollar, under the gold vation of the malady complained of.
ticed one job lot which contained an increased more than 100 per cent with- standard, is the measure of all values. ” j Now, this government cannot issue well be abandoned at once; but the peo-
unruly shorthorn, evidently deformed [ in a year. Has there been a shortage That is granted, hut after the gold dol­ a single dollar of money ami never di 1. ple are not only intelligent, but patri­
from birth, a broad-faced Hereford in the sheep crop somewhere across the lar has measured the value of the thing, It has issued paper currency, every dol­ otic, and can be depended upon in every
You can reason with the
which was bleeding profusely from rolling seas? Is a famine in wool rag­ the silver «iollar is so well cared for lar’s worth of which represents a debt emergency.
the violent losing of both horns, and ing somewhere? Figuratively speak­ under the gold standard that it will of a dollar, and the entire value of all people, but the “reformer” is “agin”
He is even
an untamed Texas steer which seemed ing, I now have my ear to the ground come along and pay for it every time the paper currency in this country anything and everybody.
represents a huge debt which the gov­ distrustful of his brother reformers.
to be constitutionally contrary from listening for an explanatory voice waft­ without any discount whatever.
This is actual bimetalism, and no ernment must pay at some time in tlm He has resolved not to be appeased.
the sheer force of the law of heredity. ed from the famed “bimetalist” of Mc­
The keeper of these unfortunates as­ Minnville, defining the failure of his man in Oregon can name a single thing future, anil when it is paid it will be (July today, in Portland, I met a well-
sured me that he had just effected a manifesto to include sheep and cattle that tlie gold «iollar does that the silver with money that the people will “is­ known Democrat who seemed to want
to hold me responsible because he had
dollar does not do just as well and as sue” to the government.
“union of forces” among them, and I with wheat.
Oh, what a misconception of the not seen the promised “McKinley pros­
know it was very successful, for I saw
I know two farmers in Marion coun­ often every day in the year.
If the leaders of the “union of principles of money and of the power perity.” I undertook to remind him
them match straighaway into the ty who, two years ago, were hopelessly
slaughter pen, much to the relief of daft in their professed belief that forces” who issued that address the of government. The very first thing that for five years the “forces" had
the other cattie and all concerned. 1 neither sheep nor cattle nor wheat other day think its glaring and mani­ every new government does is to call been in a perpetual state of hysterics
believe in a “union of forces."
could ever be worth anything again be­ fold inaccuracies, false premises and on its people to furnish it with money, because wheat was low as the result of
The industrial condition of the coun­ cause Ernest Seyd came over from farcical conclusions can fool our peo­ and, as a rule, the older it gets, the Republican legislation, but that this
try has changed so much for the better England in 1873 and bought up the ple, who know’ bimetalism when they more money it exacts from them. Of yeai wheat seemed to be itself again.
since the inauguration of the present congress of the United States, or at see it, they have simply mistaken their course, all other governments can issue He admitted the facts as to wheat, but
national administration that it has least until the said Sevd was hanged, if audience, for that “tired feeling” never money to its people as well as ours can, said McKinley didn’t do it; it was a
been a matter of common wonder living; or, if dead, then resurrected comes with such vivid distinctness to ami yet the greatest burden any gov­ “shortage in other countries," anil he
among Republicans, whom I have met ■ and burnt to a stake; who have devoted the intelligent man as when he is com­ ernment entails on its people is its un­ seemed to get great comfort in his add­
during the last six months, what the ' fully one-half their time during the pelled to listen by the hour to men | ceasing demand on them to furnish it ed remark that “if wheat is high,
everything else is low." I then ven­
silver-Populist speaker would say, if last two months traveling over Marion whom he knows have not dotie a single with money.
Washington ami Hamilton and Mad­ tured to remind him that cattle and
called upon for “a few remarks”; but and Linn counties trying to get togeth­ day’s physical labor in 20 years, and
the recent gathering here of distin­ er a bunch of 100 sheep as a means of whose knowledge of practical affairs ison were master spirts in the forma­ sheep are fabulously high, whereat he
guished gentlemen to see who could making a good investment of the sur­ is so limited that they could not tell a tion of this government of ours, and took a lot more comfort by saying,
make the greatest sacrifice of principle, plus money left from their sales of 80- plow from a beef steer, talk about “bi­ their greatest concern, after it was es­ “Yes, they are high, but see how «1—d
plainly indicates that they ha*e learned cent wheat; ami they have not succeed­ metalism” under a system that has not tablished, was how to devise some scarce they are!"
Ami the man was really offended
nothing and do not intend to learn ed yet, because there are no sheep for produced it in any country in the method of calling on an already impov­
erished people for the money they must when I asked him how much stock he
anything; it betrayed a fixed intention sale anywhere. There is no better world.
I am in favor of bimetalism; I am a have in a way that should be as light thought the farmers would take in the
to lx« blind to facts and to mislead all property in Oregon today than a sheep,
people who can be induced to let the ami if anyone of the patriotic Jere­ bimetalist, and so is every other man as possible. If they iiad only known proposition that the Republican party
leaders of the “union of forces” do miahs who met in Portland last week who favors the gold standard; I am op­ that the government they had just ought to furnish them gooil markets to
their thinking for them, but the people will invest the proceeds from the sale posed to “striking down silver,” as has formed had the power to create money, sell their cattle and sheep in, and then
consult their own interests first, and of a few bushels of 80-cent wheat, been done in Mexico, ami turning it which “issuing” money means, if it furnish them the cattle and sheep, too?
Now, I submit that when several al­
would rather support conditions that which he was permitted to make even loose without any means of support. means anything that would be of any
give good markets than to follow under “the present gold standard,” in In the estimation of the financial ami help to the people, how they would leged political parties are reduced to
such absolutely hopeless ami desper­
blindly men who deal only in poor and a dozen head of French merinos, he | commercial world, silver has been a have rejoiced!
false maxims.
will make a greater contribution to the cripple for many years, and, save in | But they were new men in the sci­ ately imbecile straits for an “issue”
The man whose only title to dis­ common good and to his own pocket­ countries where the strong arm of J ence of government, and had never that they try to hold the Republican
tinction is a leader of “reform forces," book than by all the harangues he can friendly legislation gives it the support ! given the subject that “research” and party responsible for the neglect on the
ami who, last year talked by the hour make between now and the first of next of its twin sister, gold, it is today go­ honest investigation that are so char­ part of the cattle and sheep of the
to convince the farmer that his 40- June, begging for a “union of forces.” ing it alone on one leg, and that leg acteristic of the bits of financial wis­ country to attend to their natural du­
cent wheat could, under no circum­
I am just now' thinking of a man seems to be growing shorter year by dom that frequently emanate from the ties, it is high time they should “unite
stances, lie any higher until silver is near Salem who is an ardent Populist year.
“Bryan Republicans,” or, perchance, their focres” in order, if possible, to
admitted to free coinage again, will — I want to say, however, by way of
Every silver dollar in the United from your distinguished mayor and his postpone an inevitable mental collapse.
find a very inattentive audience from explanation, that the use of the word States,today has no greater enemy than i “Christian friend” at Oregon City.
It is to be hoped that the opening
men who sold their wheat this year for “ardent” in describing a Populist is a the advocate of the unlimited coinage | Our poor fathers thought the people campaign will be baseil on a higher
from 75 to 80 cents per bushel.
In­ supererogation, for the two words mean of more silver dollars, nor a greater must give financial support to the gov­ plane than the one foreshadowed by the
deed, when we come to consider the is­ precisely the same thing; if you have friend than the supporter of the gold ernment, while our latter-dav saints organizing opposition. There are ques­
sues that markeil the great national an old-time friend w ho has all along standard, and if the “union of forces” | have discovered that it is the duty of tions oi great importance to the people
contest of 1896, the free-silver party been noted for his coolness in delibera­ want to go before the people of Oregon the government to give financial sup­ that should be looked after, such as an
has not one vestige of support in logi­ tion, but who begins to grow “ardent” on their idea of bimetalism, the Repub­ port to the people! Poor Washington! additional economy in the expenditure
cal argument. It is remembered by on general principles, you may know it lican party is ready for them.
Another resolution of these “Bryan of public money; a lopping off of grow­
all men how the opposition to the gold is an unfailing sign of approaching
Republicans” (God save the mark!) de­ ing officialism, and a greater degree of
standard labored with energy of des­ populism. Well, this man came to my
mands that no more bonds be issued in honesty and openness in the manage­
peration to convince the farmers of the farm a few days ago, very anxious to in this new political partnership whom time ot peace. Certainly not; but why ment of all our political parties.
country that the then prevailing low buy some sheep, and when I expressed I have heard publicly declare that limit the injunction to the “time of ' Nothing would contribute more to the
prices were the direct result of the my surprise that he was willing to money Jias no intrinsic value; that the peace?” Why should a government success of good government than for
“unfair treatment" silver had received, make any investment until the money only value money has is derive«! from I like this borrow money, even in time those who are regarded as leaders of
and until “something was done for of the constitution is restored, he an­ the government stamp, and that a of war? A government that can “issue parties to take back seats in the prima­
silver” prices would continue on a swered that he lost $250 on the last piece of leather stamped 20 dollars by money to the people” would surely ries and conventions ami let the honest
downward grade, etc.
election, and was going to make it back the government, would be worth just have sense enough to issue money to expression of the people come to the
as much as a 20-dollar gold piece. ■
1 recall to mind now the substance on sheep.
Surface, unobstructed and unhampered.
of many of Mr. Bryan’s speeches to
Of course, we, as Republicans, take They, of course, still entertain this
It is a mighty fine thing to be able If these three things, and these alone,
the farmers of Illinois ami Indiana a degree of interest in the doing of our
to issue money.
Ami it is on such were secured, we would have indeed “a
wherein he said: “My friends, you adversaries as the time approaches for the man who lias a morbid hankering propositions as these that the “allied government of the people, by the peo­
are now selling your wheat for 50 cents our next contest, and I have, therefore, for the free coinage of silver at the forces,” with sounding and other kinds ple, and for the people.” But as long
a bushel, but 1 want to tell you that read with care, as you have, the reports ratio of 16 to 1 recognizes at least 50 ot brass, propose to appeal to the in­ as a noisy opposition, considerable in
unless you vote next month to restore of the recent conferences of the differ­ l«er cent of intrinsic vlaue in his telligence of the people of Oregon in numbers, discards everything else and
the money of the constitution and wipe ent parties which have publicly con­ money, ami when these two “forces” the approaching campaign. In their unites in a vicious attack on the money
out the crime of ’78 and the gold fessed to having a greater desire to beat attempted to engage in political matri­ address, issued a few days ago, the sil­ standard of the country, business will
standard, in a year from now you will the Republican party than to stand up mony there will surely be trouble, un­ ver men, after declaring the free coin­ not resume that condition which nat­
be selling your wheat for 25 cents a for their own distinctive principles. less domestic unison can be effected age of silver was the first great remedy ural circumstances would warrant.
under the plea that the free-silver ad-
bushel. Mark my words!”
for all the ills of this country, referred continuation of this course will be a
But it must be admitted that in some
But the farmers of those states matters there is a striking semblance
to Andrew Jackson as an enemy of the ) senseless pursuit of a dangerous folly.
knew a thing or two about the financial of purpose. A casual glance over the wholly so.
I “money power” ami a friend of the Let the friends of sound money and
question themselves,ami for six months various addresses discloses the frequent
people; yet there have been 400,000 good government stand together anti
the price of wheat in Chicago has con­ appearance of such expressions as “the of 16 to 1 requires to be put into a Hol­ times as many silver dollars coined the issue cannot be doubtful.
lar can be bought anywhere in the
stantly hovered about the dollar mark. ¡money
since the “crime of ’73” as were
Of course, against this fact which “trusts," “slavery of the masses,” world today for about 45 cents, and coined during the entire eight years
every farmer in the United States has “bimetalism,” ami the "silver Repub­
that Jackson was president.
felt, there is, there can lie no logical licans” frequently alluded in approv­ 45 cents do the work in commercial
Pretty big figures, but let some DiaaBtrous Wreck on the Southern Near
Colfax, California.
answer by any free-silver "reformer” ing terms to “Lincoln republicanism.” transactions that 100 cents have hereto­ leader among the “union forces” deny
anywhere; it was as if nature had
Auburn, Cal., Jan. 20.—One of the
But if Abraham Lincoln, with his
them. And every one of these silver
come to the aid of common sense ami magnificent record as a sincere friend tr.!.e the other step ami persuade him­ dollars is as good for any ami every most disastrous railroad wrecks that
convinced every man possessed of the of the laboring men, had lived till this self that the same law could make 1 pur|s>se as the most arrogant “200-cent ever happened on this branch of the
power to reason that prices of products day, he would be the last man on earth cent do the work just as well as 45.
gold dollar” that ever maddenetl the Southern Pacific road occurred this af­
In other words, the whole movement sight or burnt the pocket of a sensi­ ternoon about a mile above Colfax, the
are governed, not by the amount of to favor a financial policy that would
money, but by the amount of the prod­ pay the sons of toil 50 cents for a dol­ which demands the unlimited coinage tive, outraged “reformer.”
accident derailing overland train No. 2,
lar, and which system is known no­ of silver at the arbitrary ratio of 16 to
But I have said enough. I am in going west. Trains are drawn over the
This has been the |>osition of the where today in the civilized world, save 1, irrespective of the commercial ratio, favor of a strictly American financial mountains by two engines, and it is
advocates of sound money and the gold in China ami Mexico. To mention the is a mere fungus outgrowth from ortho­ policy, and such a one we now have. I supposeil that the front engine broke
standard eveiywhere, and it did me a name of Lincoln in connection with dox populism, and there is no cure for am opposed to going to foreign coun­ an axle.
The two engines were tele­
world ot good to read in the mani­ such a proposition as this is little, if it blit a thorough and persistent spray­ tries for either advice or information scoped. and the baggage car thrown off
ing with an emulsion consisting of two on this subject, although quite recently the track.
festo of the “forces” the other day that any, short of sacrilege itself.
the rise in the price of wheat wax
But the lamd of union that gives the parts of investigation and one of re­ a well-known citizen of this country
Hackett, on«' of the oldest engineers
caused by the failure of crops in other best promise of holding the tripartite flection. There is not a man in Oregon went to Mexico to become better in- on the road, was killed outright, and
wheat-producing countries.”
alliance together is the inexplicable who, after giving this diagnosis a fair formed as to what the United States the body of his fireman, Lightner, was
Here is the first gleam of hope that hallucination that they are all “bi­ trial, can remain a week witiiin the should do in the matter of improving found under the engine, horribly man­
its financial system, and, it is said, is gled. Brown, the second engineer, and
our friends may yet abandon the fal­ metalists,” when, as every thinking domain of the “union of forces.”
We have in Marion county a few strongly in favor of engrafting the ]>ol- his fireman jumped and escaped injury.
lacy of “per capita circulation" gov­ man knows, then' is not a single bi­
erning prices, for “a failure of crops metalist among the entire outfit. There dozen distinguished and resjiected gen­ icy of that foreign country in our insti­ J. J. Burke, the express messenger who
in other wheat-producing countires" is not a man in the United States ad­ tlemen who call themselves a “silver tutions; but the Republican party had a miraculous escape at the recent
They met in stands for the independence of America Reno wreck, was again favored, anil
simply means a short supply,and when vocating the free coinage of silver at Republican party.”
adopte«! some on this question, and favors the main­ escaped with severe, though not serious
the leaders of the “forces” admit that
resolutions; one of which demands tenance of a 100-cent silver anil gold injuries. Many of the passengers were
a small supply brings prices up, they a bimetalist.
that all money, gold, silver or paper, dollar without asking the consent of badly shaken up, though none were in­
must also admit that a large supply
A practical definition of bimetalism
will bring prices down, or forfeit that will meet the approbation of every shall be “issmxi by the government in Mexico or any other foreign nation on jured. Two wrecking trains, with Su­
perintendent Wright, are out from Sac­
their right to expect the support of the body wonld be, “a system which in­ quantity adequate for the need of the earth.”
intelligent voters; ami when that ad­ sures the concurrent circulation of gold jieople. ”
Mr. Presiilent, I am not radical in ramento, and a special train was made
Why, to be sure; what is a govern­ my views on any question. I dislik«' up at Colfax.
mission is made, the whole necessity ami silver coins among the common
The accident occurred just below one
for the free coinage of silver is aban­ jx'ople at an equal debt-paying and ment for but to “issue” money to the fanatics, and have always guarded
people? Of course, there is n«» limit to against fanaticism. In religion, I be­ of the most dangerous places on this or
doned utterly.
purchasing power.”
The only reason ever given by any­
I will venture the assertion that the amount of money the government lieve in the utmost lil>erality and lati­ any other railroad. At Cape Horn, the
body for wishing the free coinage of there is not a man in Oregon who will can issue, but our “union of forces" tude of opinion and expression, as long angle is 45 degrees, and there is no ob­
silver is that we would have “more publicly object to this definition of bi­ think it ought to stop its financial incu­ as the domain of reason and morality is struction between it and the abyss
money,” ami more money would “put metalism. Then will some one point bator whenever the yearning of the not overreached, and I accord to our thousands of feet below.
prices up."
Unless we except the out a feature of our present financial people has b«»en satisfied; but where is silver brothers the credit of absolute
Denver, Jan. 20.—The committee
words “plutocrat" ami “Bhylock,” system which departs anywhere from the fiatlhardy individual who will agree sincerity; but this tribute is wholly at arrangements of the Northwest stock­
there was nothing used with more effect bimetalism? Can some one of the
the expense of their judgment ami growers' convention today adopte«! the
by the silver men in the campaign of prominent “Brvan Republicans" (?) and say when the people have got knowledge of the money question.
report of the committee having in
'96 than the cry against “falling who have l>een so frantically anxious to enough money? It is a “people’s gov­
Money that costs nothing is worth charge all preparations for the barbecue
prices." What the country wanted was secure a ‘’union of forces” in the inter­
nothing; 100 cents’ worth of money of the 27th. This feast will be historic,
for prices to go up, and they could est of "bimetalism” find some man in questioned right to an unobstructed use must cost 100 cents some way or some­ for the reason that it will be the last
never go up until we had free coinage Oregon who, at anytime during the past of thia magical power to “issue" how; the same law that couid make 45 time in America where wild Buffalo,
of silver. But now prices are up, ami 10 years, has tried to pay Any kind of money.
cents’ worth of materia! worth 100 bears, elk and antelope will (4 served.
that, too, without any change in our a debt with any kind of money and
Of course, there is nothing to this cents, could as well make the same The menu will consist of eight beeves,
financial system.
couldn’t do it because the creditor re­ nor to any other government but the value out of 10 cents' worth, or of four buffalo, six elk, 10 antelope, four
Of course, these facta are unpleasant fuse«! to take it? Such a man would jieople; asiiie from the people, th«' gov­ nothing.
The whole theory leads to bears, 40 sheep, 10 pigs, 200 opossum,
to the professional politicians, who see be a curiosity.
ernment is a tottering, inconceivable emasculated populism, and, therefore, 10 barrels of pickles, half a ton of
no place to “get off” just now save in
A man holding a gold note against a nonentity, and the rapturous spectacle to governmental pandemonium.
cheese, 40 barrels of sweet potatoes,
a “union of forces” and a grand at­ debtor will cheerfully accept payment of the government “issuing” money to
There are some propositions so well 3,000 loaves of bread an«i 400 kegs of
tempted “Sullivan rush" over the pop­ in silver, bwause, under "the existing the people involves the infatuating pro­ grounded in logic that they are not de- beer.