The Yamhill County reporter. (McMinnville, Or.) 1886-1904, December 17, 1897, Image 5

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    Dr. Leroy Lewis,
Will soon remove his office Into his elegant
suite of rooms in the new Jacobson block. Pa­
tients are asked to note the change.
McMinnville, Ore.
Business School.
Cor. Third and B Sts.
Old St. Charles Building.
Book-keeping, Commercial Law, Arithmetic,
practical Penmanship, Spelling, etc. For par­
ticular» call on or adores»
and Surgeons.
(Office over Braly’s Bank.)
M c M innvii . ee
O regon .
J H. COOK, n D.
and Surgeon.
Rooms 9 and 10, Union Block,
M c M innville ,
O regon .
Proprietors of
Choice, Fresh Meats, All Kinds
South aide Third St. between B aud C.
I am located opposite Bums A Daniels and aim
to give all customers gessi treatment for little
money. Bath rooms in connection. Your pat­
ronage solicited.
Manufactures and Deals In
uidbrushes, and sells them cheaper than they
can be bought anywhere else in the Willamette
Valley. Our all home made sets of harness are
pronounced unsurpassed by those who buy them.
Dealer in ami Manufacturerot
All work guaranteed as represented. Repairing
of all kinds promptly done. First door west of
McMinnville National Bank.
Third St., between E and F.
Wilson & Iknderson, Props.
Everything first-class. Horses boarded by
day, week or month. Commercial travelers
conveyed to all points at most reasonable rates.
Give us a call.
Truck and Dray Co.
floods of all descriptions moved, and careful
handling guaranteed. Collections will be made
monthly. Hauling of all kinds done cheap.
NO. 3857
M cmiwsvili . e
National Bank
—McMinnville, Oregon.—
Paid up Capital, $50,000
Surplus *10,000.
Transacts a General Banking BusineFS.
Office Hours 9 a. m. to 4 p. m.
LEE LAUGHLIN, President.
J. L. ROGERS, Vice-President.
E. C. APPERSON, Cashier.
W. S. LINK, Assistant Cashier.
Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local applications, as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There is only one way to cure deafness,
and that is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness is caused by an inflamed condi­
tion of the mucous lining of the Eusta­
chian tube. When this tube gets in­
flamed yon have a rumbling sound or
imperfect hearing, and when it is entire­
ly closed deafness is the result, and un­
less the inflammation can be taken out
dfgiJ this tube restored tojts norma) con­
dition, hearing will be destroyed forever;
nine cases out often are caused by ca­
tarrh. w hich is nothing but an inflamed
condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for
any case of fieafness (caused by catarrh)
that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
Cure. Send for circulars, free.
F. J. O hewxy 4 C o .. Toledo, 0.
Sold by druggists. 75c.
G. S. Wright, dentist.
Typewriter supplies at C. Griesen's.
The Kay 4 Todd stock is going off
Steel-rod umbrellas at the New Shoe
The college board of trustees will hold
a meetiug on the 28th.
Eastern oysters in any style kept daily
at White’s restaurant.
Bettman & Warren receive fresh cheese
from Tillamook every few days.
Dr. Nelson has a very cosily arranged
suite of dental rooms in his new location
in Union block.
Waltham and Elgin watches, Seth
Thomas clocks, and genuine Rogers
Bros.’ ware at Wm. F. Dielschneider’s.
Calvin Long has gone on a visit to his
old home in Pike county, Kentucky. He
will be absent about two months.
Big cut in prices at R. Jacobson 4
Co. ’s on account of preparation for re-
raoval into new building.
The new display window at the Excel­
sior Photo Studio is the finest the city
has ever seen. It is certainly up to date.
The family of A. T. Hill, the druggist,
will arrive today and will occupy the
Fletcher property on Second street.
In God we trust. Everybody else pays
cash at the Racket store, and get the bar­
gains that cash will buy.
Miller Bros, bought F. W. Fenton’s
hop crop on Tuesday. The price was 12
Merchants, order your goods shipped
by eteamer Grey Eagle, and thus save
money for yourselves.
Don’t fail to call on Irvine 4 Son and
get their prices. Everything reduced.
You can save 20 percent, on your Xmas
The ladies of McMinnville have already
learned where they can get their sewing
done the cheapest and best. At the new
dressmaker’s, Mrs. M. Catlin, Union Blk.
1897 has already had the average an­
nual rainfall, 49 inches, and exceeded it
by an inch So Capt. Harris informs us.
Last year there was an excess of 5.90
inches in this locality.
First Secular church, Sunday evening,
7:30, Dec. 19th. Nettie Olds Haight,
lecturer. Subject: “The Attitude of
Secularism Toward Religious Reform.”
Good music, all welcome.
Are you going to paint your house?
Consult Elsia Wright about paints and
oils. He will give you the best material
nt least cost.
Mr. J. W. Ayers and Mrs. A. Hatch,
both well known and highly respected
residents, were joined in the happy
bonds of wedlock on the evening of the
9th. Rev. F. A. Powell was the officiat­
ing clergyman.
A good 8-day striking mantel clock
with alarm, fully guaranteed, for $4.00.
W m . F. D ielschneider .
The Southern Pacific Company have
placed on sale round trip tickets to Port­
land and return from following stations,
tickets good for two days: from McMinn­
ville, rate $3.00; Whiteson, rate $3.40;
Amity, rate $3.60; McCoy, rate $4.00;
Derrv, rate $4.50.
Wells Cooper, who has been absent
from home almost two years, returned
Wednesday morning for a brief stay.
During his absence he has been over a
large part of the United States. He
has grown bo good looking that if he so
desire he can be a ladies’ man of the
first magnitude
Oh say, look at this 1 A new boot and
shoe and harness Bhop in one. Door
south of the Transcript office and every­
thing kept in the harness line. All work
guaranteed. Boots and shoes made and
repaired. Ladies shoe work a specialty
and prices to suit all. A. D. Hoskins, tf
A very unique and pleasing Christmas
program will be rendered at the M. E.
church Christmas eve. The principal
feature of the evening will be an old-
fashioned Dutcti windmill, Santa Claus
grinding the grist. The evening will be
made otherwise enjoyable with music,
recitations, etc. All are most cordially
invited to be present.
Why suffer with coughs, colds and la-
grippe when Laxative Bromo Quinine
will cure you in one day. Does not pro­
duce the ringing in the head like sul­
phate of qninine. Put up in tablets con­
venient for taking. Guaranteed to cure
or money refunded. Price 25 cents. For
sale by Rogers Bros.
The steamer Grey Eagle is now mak­
ing regular trips between McMinnville
anil Portland, coming up on Wednes­
days, Fridays and Sundays, and going
down on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sat­
urdays. She is owned and operated as
an independent boat by the Chas. K.
Spaulding Logging Co. of Newberg.
They are home people, who spend their
money in developing Yamhill interests,
and they deserve your patronage.
Mr. Harvey Walker and wife were the
victims of a joyous surprise last Satur­
day, when their children and grandchil­
dren to the number of twenty-nine
thronged in upon them for a family re­
union. With the exception of one fam­
ily unavoidably absent it was a complete
gathering. Those present were: G. A.
Shields and family and W. L. Walker
and family of Bethel, John Bewley and
family of Salem, Mrs. J. W. Shields and
daughter of Sprague, Wash., E. C. Walk­
er and family of McMinnville.
G. S. Wright, dentist.
New fancy silks at Apperson’s.
Fresh Tillamook cheese at Bettman 4
Candies and nuts by the barrel at
See Dr. Nelson about seamless gold
crowns and plate work.
Don’t forget Irvine 4 Son’s special
sale on groceries, etc. this month.
Order your holiday goods from I.ipman,
Wolfe 4 Co. through their agency.
Attend Irvine 4 Son’s cash sale and
save money.
The best 25-cent meal in the city is ob-
ainable at T. A. White's restaurant-
A most useful Christmas gift—one of
those good mackintoshes at the New Shoe
Mrs. Morris’s is the place to go for
Christmas presents, everything new and
Dr. Nelson says he has detectives on
the lookout for the person who took
his umbrella from the Christian church
Tuesday night. Please do not cut the
letter “H” from the handle.
J. P. Irvine 4 Son are the only people
in the city who buy sugar by the car di­
rect from the western refinery. Buy of
them and you are sure to get pure cane
sugar, and save money too.
Sauer krout.
Sauced pig’s feet.
Coast honey.
B ettman 4 W arren .
Music and umbrella racks, easels,
screens, tables and other novelties in
bamboo goods at Mrs. Morris 4 Co’s.,
Union block.
In buying holiday; presents bear in
mind it’s better to buy something useful
as well as ornamental. The place to buy
goods, reliable goods, is at Apperson’s.
Morning service at the Cumberland
Presbyterian church will be given over
in favor of the dedication service at the
M. E. church. Elmer E. Thompson.
Xmas is coming soon and you need
Xmas groceries. We have a nice fresh
supply of everything good to eat. Call
and see us and save money. J. P. Irvine
4 Son.
Do you know, that Elsia Wright carries
a full line of lubricating oils for machin­
ery ? Owners of valuable harvesting and
other machinery cannot afford to exper­
iment with poor oils. He carries the best
on the market and they are warranted
not to gum.
Dr. E. E. Goucher returned Wednes­
day from southern Oregon. He is in fine
health and spirits and apparently full of
confidence in the mining enterprise he is
connected with. The hydraulic plant is
nearly complete and will be finished in a
week or ten days by Gilson aud Wisecar­
ver, who remain to start operations. The
doctor says there is no question about
abundance of gold in the vicinity; it is
only a question of capital and energy for
development of the mines.
Yamhill lodge, No. 10, Degree of Honor
elected officers for the ensuing year last
Friday night as follows: M tb . AV. T. Vin­
ton, chief of honor; Mrs. A. Matthies,
lady of honor; Mrs. S. Wilson, chief of
ceremonies; J. P. Irvine, recorder; Bes­
sie Houck, financier; Mrs. P. Lingren,
receiver; Mrs. Maggie Hopfield, guide;
Mrs. J. Williams, inside watch; Mrs. L.
E. Walker, outside watch ; Mrs. W, G.
Henderson, trustee; Dr. Baker, medical
examiner. Installation will occur the
first meeting in January.
When any part of the body isn’t doing
the work that nature intended it to do,
it puts the whole system out of tune—out
of harmony. Sickness in one part of the
body is likely to run into all parts of the
body. When children stand a row of
bricks on end, they knock the whole row­
down by upsetting one brick. That is
exactly what happens to the health when
the bowels fail to perform their proper
function. Constipation makes trouble
all along the line—puts the liver out of
order, is bad for the kidneys—bad for the
stomach. It holds in the body poisonous
matter, and because it cannot go any
any place else, it getB into the blood.
The blood carries it all over the system.
That makes sluggishness, lassitude, bad
breath and foul taste in the mouth, fills
the stomach with gas and causes windy
belching, stops digestion in the stomach,
causes sour stomach, heartburn and head­
ache. You can avoid all such trouble,
for Dr. Pierce’s Pleasant Pellets cure con­
stipation and its attendant evils. Send
21 cents in one-cent stamps to Dr. R. V.
Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y., for his “Medical
Adviser.” It is a book of 1008 pages,
profusely illustrated.
How to Prevent Pneumonia
At this time of year a cold is very easi­
ly contracted, and if left to run its course
without the aid of some reliable cough
medicine is liable to result in that dread
disease, pneumonia. We know of no
better remedy to cure a cough or cold
than Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy. We
have used it quite extensively and it has
al ways gi ven ent i re satisfaction.—Olagah,
Ind. Ter., Chief.
This is the only remedy that is known
to be a certain preventive of pneumonia.
Among many thousands who have used
it for colds and la grippe, we have never
yet learned of a single case having re­
sulted in pneumonia. Persons who have
weak lungs or have reason to fear an at­
tack of pneumonia, should keep the rem­
edy at hand. The 25 and 50 cent Maea
for sale by S, Howorth 4 Q q ,
I J Tïh©
Don’t Put Off
Your Xmas »hopping any longer. Do it
right away, if you want to reap the advan­
tages of the early buyer. Come in and in­
spect the large stock we are displaying. A
beautiful assortment of appropriate and
useful holiday gifts. Lots of pretty articles
from ten cents to »2.00, and higher priced
also. You'll find everything we offer sold
at a uniform low profit. You are cordially
invited to look our stock over. Looking
places you under no obligation to buy and
the goods themselves can speak more elo­
quently than the cold type. Two doors be
low Post Office.
W m . F. D ielschneider ,
Jeweler and Optician.
Laies! Hews 8
From Dawson City comes via Skaguay:
“Santa Claus passed through here bound for
winter quarters at
C. G rissen S,
McMinnville, Or.
I respectfully invite the public to an inspection of my
TOYS, every description,
§ I 4
$50 in Prizes Given Away!
Chas. Griesen
We are selling goods out of this stock cheaper and giving
better values to purchasers, than can be had in the largest cities
in this part of the country, and all we ask of you Is to call and give
us the opportunity to convince you that this is true.
We shall close the store ami move the stock In January, so
come and give us a chance and you will be pleased with anything
you purchase. If you should not be, your money will be refunded
upon return of the goods, and refunded cheerfully, without any
questions asked
übe Redmond Bankrupt Stock
Grand Removal Sale !
Big Cut in priceo!
$45,000 WORTH
Consisting of Dry Goods, Clothing,
Shoes, Hats and Caps, Furnishing
Goods, Ladies’ & Children’s Jaek
ets and Capes, Millinery, etc
Must be disposed of within 60 Days
Come early and get the first choice,
as goods are moving very fast.
R. Jaeobson & Co
McMinnville, Oct. 22, 1897.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
There were seven participants in the
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. oratorical contest at the college Friday
All druggists refund the money if it fails evening. The judges were Hon. O. H.
to cure. 25c. For sale by Rogers Bros. I Irvine and Revs. Thompson and Powell.
They awarded first place to Mr. Wallace,
Farm to Trade.
who won the honor last year, second
A farm near Newberg, consisting of place to Miss Noll, third to Mr. Hawtelle.
240 acres, 100 in cultivation, to exchange The other contestants were Mr. Knapp,
for a larger place. Inquire at this office Mr. Toney, Mr. Converse and Miss Belle
Grover. Mr. Wallace’s subject was "A
You can get perfect satisfaction in pho­ Giant Awake,” and the giant referred to
tos at the Excelsior Studio.
was China.
Judge Magers united in marriage in
thia city on Wednesday Mr. A. Rowman
and Maude Gillmand of Newberg.
Are much tn little; always
ready, efllclent. sat Isf ac-
tory prevent a cold or lever.
cure all Hver Illa, »lek head- ■
■ ■ ■
I ■ I
■ ■ ■
ache, Jannitlee, eonatlpatlon. etc. Price V, rente.
The only rule to take with Hood's daraaparUla.