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Senate anti Home Attend to Actual Ku«**
ine<4M .Money Take« Oatli of Units.
Brief Kjview of the Week Throughout
the State.
Salem has at last a chamber of com­
merce organized and in working order. Gersnan Schools In Prague
Tlm government improvement work
Attacked by Rioters.
at Bandon has stopped, the appropria­
tion having been fully expended.
An old-fashioned freight train ar­
rived in Lakeview from the south last TWENTY-FIVE PERSONS KILLED
week. It consisted of 10 wagons and
32 horses.
Faction« Drawing Ip for a Great Strug*
Santa (lHra the Reported Scene of Pan-
The entrance to Coos bay harbor is Incendiary Fire» Started i ■» All Part»
gio— (an the Emporer Bring
do*« I.MMt Figlit—Smallpox
of the City-Ten Thou»an<l Sol­
by a new whistling buoy—
Order Out of Cliaoa?
in San Domingo.
diers Now on the Scene.
placed there by the lighthouse tender
London. Dec. 7.—International ques­
New York, Dec. 6.—A Herald dis­ , Manzanita last week.
Prague, Bohemia, Deo. 6.—A procla­
tions have been temporarily over­
patch from Havana Have: A report
During the recent heavy storms the mation establishing martial law was
shadowed by the gravity of the situa­
that General Pando, who was placed in oyster beds at Willapa harbor were made in all parts of the city and sub­
tion in Austria, where things are aH
charge of military operations in Cuba buried in drifting sands until at least urbs today. Detachments of soldiers,
gloomy as imaginable. In addition to
by General Blanco, lets been killed in half the crop will be lost.
headed by an officer and a police com­
the imminence of a civil war, the next
an engagement with insurgents in
The Baker-Canyon Telephone Com­ missioner, marched from point to
few hours may possibly witness a revo­
Santa Clara province, has just reached pany now has the long-distance line
point. After tatoo on the drums the
lution in the relations between Austria
Havana. This has caused the utmost between Baker City and the Grant
commissioner read aloud the imperial
and Hungary, which might mean the
excitement in palace and social circles, county town in working order.
' decree ordering a military government.
reconstruction of the map of Europe.
and every effort is being made to get
The session of the house today,
Lyons’ broomhandle factory,
in By evening order had been restored,
It is hardly an exaggeration to say that
news from General Pando’s force to
Coos county, shipped 40,000 of its best which has not been broken since.
the factions are drawing up like con­ though it lasted but two hours, wit­ verify the startling news.
Throughout the early morning anarchy
tending armies.
The Germans have
No details of the killing of the com­ ! product to San Francisco last week. A
appealed to their compatriots on both Question of distributing the president’s mander have been received, but the portion of the consignment will le reigned. The window smashing and
looting was varied with constant fights
sides of the frontier, ami have appar­ message to the various committees statement is that he was shot in a bat­ lorwarded to Australia.
the rioters and troops and po­
ently prepared to run all risks to keep
tle with insurgents while on the march
the hated Czechs in subjection.
The jects dealt with. The conflict of au­ from Sagna la Grande to the southern keeper at Port Angeles, died in the lice. The shops of the principal Ger­
Czechs make no secret of the fact that thority came between the wavs and coast of Santa Clara, where he was to Sisters’ hospital at Port Townsend man jewelers were plundered.
Sunday. He has been keeper of the | rioters drank their fill in German wine
their final aim is to abolish the dual means committee and the banking and take a ship for Manzanillo.
cellars and then let the contents of the
empire, and to make it a triple empire currency committee. The battle raged
Officers at the palace declarethat the light at Angeles for tiie past 20 years.
caskets run out.
by placing Bohemia on an equal footing all along the line. During the day story must be thoroughly confirmed be­
The farmers who supply the Coquille
Incendiary fires were started in many
with Austria and Hungary.
To grant Grosvenor of Ohio fired the first gun fore they will believe it.
creamery received 26z‘2 cents a pound
directions, and the fire brigade was
these demands would set Hungary on against the civil service law, and this
General Pando’s plan was to march for butter fat, delivered during Octo­
tire and destroy the foundation of the also brought the friends and enemies right through the heart of the territory ber. Two thousand dollars was dis­ kept galloping from one end of the city
to the other for hours.
present imperial system.
It looks as
wiiere General Gomez’ forces are said tributed among those who supplied tiie
When the firemen arrived at the
though the employment of force is the of Indiana, in a ringing warning, de­ to have control. Simultaneously with creamery.
scene of a fire, the mob would drive
only solution of the question, but clared that if a bill to emasculate the the report of Pando’s death comes news
A Polk county farmer has been ex­
against which faction will it boused? civil sei vice law was passed, it would of a battle near Matanzas in which the perimenting with tobacco culture, and them back.
In some cases the rioters wrecked the
The question of the provisional aus-
Spanish forces were driven from the lias been so successful tiiat cigars made
Eventually Dingley, in deference to
railroad engines. During the day spe-
glich bill (or agreement to prolong for
field. This engagement was bitterly with tobacco grown by linn are said to
a year, instead of 10 years, the compact the opposition of the members of the fought, and it is asserted that the be as good as the average cigar smoked I cial trains were employed carrying re-
j inforceinents to tiie scene. There are
between Austria ami Hungary, pending banking and currency comm it tee, agreed losses of the Spaniards was very heavy. in Oregon.
I now 10,000 soldiers here, fully equip­
arrangements for a longer compact), is, to a modification of the order of dis­
The same report says the Cubans
It is said that the next grand jury in ped for a long campaign.
if possible, more grave than the threat­ tribution, so as to send to the ways ami will not allow any cane grinding, and
Official returns for the 24 hours pre­
ened civil war. The Hungarian diet means committee ail matters relating also that the Spanish towns do not fa­ Curry county will not meet until Sep­
has given Baron von Gautsche von to the “revenues, the bonded debt of vor grinding, because they hold the tember next. If this is the case, it is ceding show that four persons were
Frankenthuin, the Austrian premier, the country and the treaties affecting zones of cultivation and grow tobacco apt to be a long time before the Van killed and 150 dangerously wounded.
The resolution was
Pelts will have to answer the charge of Three hundred and fifty received lesser
till Monday next in which to state the revenues.’’
with cheap labor, which they would
killing A. Coolidge.
injuries. Twenty shops were burned
whether he can reasonably expect the
lose if the reconcentrad os return to
After the session Chairman Walker
A drove of about 125 nice trim young out. The authorities are not confident
ausglich bill to pass, and, failing a de­
work on the estates.
of the continuance of order, the appe­
cisive answer, Baron Banffy, the Hun­ claimed he had won a decisive victory,
A letter received by a local paper mules, which had been bought in Lake
garian premier, will introduce Monday and that his committee, under the or­ from a correspondent in the East gives county, were secured al tiie luw average tite of the mob having been whetted bv
a hill whereby Hungary will act inde­ der, would have jurisdiction of a meas­ news of big fighting last week near price of $15 per head. They will be successful plundering which has been
pendently as regards the duties to be ure, as he explained it, to convert the Bayaino between the rebel Chief Rabi taken to Huntington and then shipped directed in a systematic way by tiie
leaders of secret societies. Some Jews
levied, continuance of commercial rela­ greenbacks into gold certificates. But and General Linares. General Rabi to the Eastern market.
tions with Austria and the charter of members of the ways and means com­ had only 500 men when Genera) Lin­
Joe Siver, who is making a tour of saved their premises by placing cruci-
the Austro-Hungarian
This mittee insisted tlmt the changes of ares had two columns. No details of the United States from New York and . fixes between lighted candles in their
compact between the two portions of verbiage in the order would not affect the fight are at hand, but the Spanish return on a bicycle, was fined $10 in | shop windows.
the dual state may be maintained tem­ their jurisdiction, and that a measure loss is said to have been heavy, one col­ Harrisburg for riding on the sidewalk.
An Exciting Day.
porarily. Hungary will establish her such as the president suggested, if in­ umn being nearly destroyed.
He was allowed to go on condition of
Prague, Bohemia, Dec. 6. — This
claim to the right of independently
A force of 1,000 Spaniards, with ar- j his leaving the city at once.
afternoon a mob attacked the German
ferred by the speaker to their commit­
disposing of these questions.
tillery, have forced the rebels into the [
schools. The infantry fired four vol­
It is easy to see that victory will only tee.
hills of Pinar del Rio. They must re­ declared by’ the controller of the cur­ leys. One report says 25 persons were
whet the Hungarian appetite, and that
main there or come out and fight, a rency in favor of the creditors of The killed and scores were wounded. The
it will be a short step to the dissolution
thing the Spanish commanders think Dalles National bank iiave been re­ city is in a panic and many are fleeing.
of Austria, which, in turn, will hurl
they are not likely to do. Small bands ceived by Receiver Wilson, and are Nearly 3,000 reinforcements left Vi-
Europe into a furnace of terrible possi­ McKinley*« Cuban Attitude 1« Entirely are still moving about with great cau­ ready for delivery to the owners.
j enna for this city tonight.
Sat iMfactory.
tion. ’
New York, Dec. 9.—A dispatch to
Apparently the only hope of escape
Reports of the condition and move- 1 place these days.
is that the personal ascendancy of the the Tribune from Havana says:
meats of rebels in the east are most shipped out 10 tons of machinery last
President McKinley’s message is re­ conflicting. It is said that Gomez is
old emperor will once again enable him
Propose* to Turn the Chicago River In­
to solve an apparently impossible situ­ ceived quietly. Satisfaction is felt in coming west with 40,000 men, but it is Friday, including a quartz mill manu­
to a Boulevard.
ation. Failing in this, the reichsrath official circles over the statement that also said that Gomez is still at the
6.—Twenty miles of
will be dissolved aud a reign of abso­ the recognition of either belligerency or camp where he has been for the last 10
I docks on the lake front and the trans­
lutism will begin in Austria, and, tech­ independence is not justifiable under months, and is being attended by Dr. station at Salem.
One hundred and forty-four bales of formation of tiie Chicago river into a
nically. Hungary will have resumed present conditions. The credit which Candea, staff surgeon.
hops, aggregating over 27,000 pounds, boulevard by covering it with a culvert
her independence, the first step toward the president gives for conducting the
belonging to five growers in the vicinity from end to end is what Charles T.
a federation, as distinguished from a war on humane principles and for im­
Smallpox In San Domingo.
Yerkes proposes for Chicago.
proving the conditions of the reconcen-
dual Austro-Hungarian monarchy.
Havana, Dec. 6.— The deplorable of Laurel, were sold Monday for 13
The street-car magnate appeared be-
tradoes will strengthen Captain-Gen­ condition of the country grows more cents per pound. Tuesday 43 bales,
Rioting in HolieiniH.
eral Blanco in carrying out his policy. and more apparent. Refugees and re- aggregating over 8,500 pounds, were I fore the city council today and vigorous­
Prague, Dec. 7.—At Taber last night
The official feeling may be summar­ concentrados are growing more and sold to J. M. Russell & Co., for 11 Ji ly opposed the proposed deepening of
tiie river and the lowering of the tun­
Czechs attacked the houses of Hebrews ized in the statement that the govern­
more miserable. According to reports cents per pound.
nels. He urged that the city should
ami broke the windows of a synagogue. ment does not now’ fear the embarras-
from San Domingo smallpox is making
The grain acreage in Jackson county grant the land front it owns between
Several rioters were arrested.
The ment which come from action by the
terrible ravages among the concentrados. for the coming year will in all likeli­
Randolph street and Park row to a cor­
local force of gendarmes were called United States before instructions from
Since April last more than 4.000 have hood suprass in extent any year in the
poration with $50,000,000 cash to
upon to assist in restoring order. A Madrid could be carried into effect.
died in the city alone, to say nofhing history of Rogue river valley, and if
build 20 docks, each a mile long, which
mob of over 1,000 persons al Brannau The hint of ultimate intervention
of the suburban towns, which are like­ conditions prove favorable, the greatest
at the end of 50 years will revert to
last evening attacked tile houses of causes some uneasiness and discussion
wise affected.
number of bushels of grain in the his­ the city at the bare cost of construc­
Czechs, and in spite of the efforts of has already arisen over what is meant
Tire local authorities take no steps tory of the county ywill be harvested in
the gendarmes smashed the windows by “leasonablo time,” but palace offi­
whatever to check the mortality. The 1898. This, says the Tidings, is the
“Build them of stone,” said he,
and did other damage. Quiet was not cials do not interpret it as likely to
streets of the city are thronged with opinion of well-informed persons.
“and Chicago will have the finest
restored until midnight. In Prague prevent the application of autonomy
famine stricken wretches, who succumb
the military patrol was tired upon, but within the time needed for carrying out
During the last few months a Crook docks in the world, not excepting those
to disease under perhaps some lonely
none of the patiol was wounded.
the detail of the system as directed porch, and sometimes fall dead in the county firm has purchased 16,000 head at Liverpool.”
Mr. Yerkes frankly declared it to be
of sheep, and are now handling about
from Madrid.
gutter, where they remain.
22,000 head. They are all in their his opinion that money spent to beauti­
Autonomists, reformists and conserv­
atives who support Sagasta and Blanco DUE TO THE KLONDIKE RUSH. winter range, and each flock is within fy the lake front is merely thrown
Further I’art iriilar» of I lie lliaanter in
convenient distance of big stacks of away. If his lake front harbor plan
will make the message the basis of a
I lie I * 11 i 11 p!»i 11 e «.
movement for the early union of all Big War in Passenger Rates to Ar­ hay, more than sufficient to carry them was carried out, he suggested that the
through the hardest winter.
The river be covered with culverts and made
Seattle, Dec. 7.—The steamer Kago­ parties to uphold the hands of the gov­
rive Soon«
sheep are all reported to be in fine con­ into a boulevard, extending from the
shima Main arrived here today, 10 ernment in its colonial policy. Com­
Milwaukee, Dec. 2.—The war in pas­ dition and thriving.
mouth to the ends of the North and
days from Yokohama, bringing Orien­ mercial interests are pleased with the
South brandies, making, the speaker
tal advices up to November 19. The pacific tone of tlm message, though not senger rates between Chicago, Milwau­
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Albert celebrated said, the most magnificent boulevard in
kee and St. Paul is likely to continue,
following additional particulars have taking it as a conclusive settlement.
and railroad men look for the liveliest their 60th wedding anniversary in the world.
Iteen received of the terrible typhoon
kind of cutting in rates further west, Salem Monday. They were married
which swept over the
Flre«l a Bullet Into Ilia Bruin.
to the big rush to the Klondike. ■t Wheeling, W. Va., in 1887. Mr.
islands October 6. devastating the prov
Butte, Mont., Dee. 9—A special
Albert is 82 years old, and Mrs. Albert
inceof Leyte, Manilla, and causing from Helena to the Miner says: Judge A well-known railroad man said today 81. A reception was he'd at their The Sail Fate of a Chilli Near North
that since the rate dropped to $7, reduc­
the death of several hundred persons.
Horace R. Buck, associate justice of the
home and a large number of friends
About 250 Europeans are reported to supreme court of Montana, shot himself tions in fares will likely result as far paid respects to the venerable couple.
Wash., Dec. 6.—The
have perished, and the number of na­ through the rigtit eve about midnight west as Portland. The nominal rate is The guests included seven children, be­
Lesh, a few
tive victims is put at from 400 to 500. at his home in Lennox, a suburb of
With $7 from sides grandchildren and great grand­ miles from this city, was totally de­
The typhoon seems to have done its Helena. He spent the evening with a and $59.70 first-class.
stroyed by fire last night.
Mr. Lesh’s
worst damage at Tacloban, the capital party of friends at a neighbor's house, Chicago to St. Paul as a basis, the fare
The controversy between two quarrel­ 1 l2-year-old child was burned to death.
of Leyte, where the whole town was seeming to lie very cheerful upon re­ w ill probably be changed to $47 second-
converted into a mass of ruins. The turning home. After ehatting for a class and $57 first-class. He added that some members of the Vernonia church The- child's nurse had a very narrow
Isidies of 120 Europeans were recov­ while with his family lie went to his this was merely a preliminary for the was submitted to a jury, or committee, escape. The fire originated in an air­
The government house, treas­ room, and soon afterwards the slut establishment of an entirely new sched­ of church members. One of tiie mem­ tight stove in the nursery. Mr. Lesh’s
ury, barracks, etc., were destroyed. that ended his life was heard. His ule of rates to the West January 1, bers was expelled. The other was cen­ wife died 15 months ago in giving birth
All the sured and reduced from full member­ to twin girls, one of whom died tiiree
The coast is strew n with the wreckage wife ran upstairs and found him lying which will be much lower.
roads are preparing to make special ship to six months probation. It was months ago, the other being the vic­
of vessels torn to pieces by the hurri- on the floor dead.
The remains
rates to the points nearest the Klondike ruled by the committee that no one in tim of last night’s fire.
cane. It was reported that the town of
The judge had been breaking dow n region, and each road is after all there
lienioni, 0,000 inhabitants, had disap­ in health for some time, and it is sup­
is in it.
church membership unless he is imbued and the funeral will be held Saturday.
posed he was seized with a sudden im­
Senator Lesh started home today from
with love and righteousness.
er® Frustrated.
pulse to end his existence. He was 44
Washington, where he has been for sev­
A «»alilted With a Ball lint.
The Eastern Oregon Sheep Associa­ eral weeks in consultation with Gard­
St. Louis, Mo., Dec. ti.—A special
years of age, a native of Vicksburg,
Junction City, Kan.. Dec. 7.—Cor­
Miss., and a graduate of Y'ale. He to the Post-Dispatch from San Antonio, tion of Baker City offers a reward of ner Hubbard, president of the Moxee
poral Fennell, battery B, Fourth artil­
Tex., says: “Advices were received $1,000 for information that will lead Company, for which Lesh is local
came to Montana in 1879.
lery, at Fort Riley, died last night.
here this morning of an attempt to hold to the arrest and conviction of any per­ manager.
Fennell was one of the two victims
up and rob a passenger train on the son or persons found guilty of wilfully
French Fxprditlon Mimacretl.
Tiie dwelling burned was the property
whom Private l.each, of the same bat­
Brussels, Dec. 9.—Tim Mouvement Mexican National railroad near Mon­ injuring the sheep or property of any of the Moxee Company, and cost $11.-
tery, some days ago, endeavored to kill
The contents were insured for
with a ball bat, attacking them while Goographique today announces that it
well-armed Mexicans. The passengers ther reward of $250 for information
they slept. Fennell's skull was broken. learns that part of a French expedi­ made resistance, and the outlaws were that will lead to the arrest and convic­ $1.500 in two companies, but one policy
Private Riley had his jaw fractured, tion, under Major Marchand, while on unsuccessful. They are being pursued tion of any person or persons gulity of for $1,000 expired a few days ago.
but will recover.
The tragedy is the its way to tlm Nile, has been massa­ by soldiers, and if captured will be robbing sheep camps the property of
Horseless carriages have been intro­
cred near Dahengaheza. The survivors
outcome of a drunken quarrel.
the members of the association.
duced in the fire department of Paris.
of the party, it is added, retreated.
Austria and Hungary Appar­
ently Drifting Apart.
Washington, Dec. 9.—A new mein-
lier, in II. DeSoto Money, of Mis-is-
sippi, was introduced in the senate to­
day, and, after some brief criticism of
the form of his credentials, the oatii of
office was administered to him.
During the session, 108 bills, many
of which were private pension meas­
ures. were introduced, in addition to
several joint resolutions and some sen­
ate resolutions.
Au interesting contest for precedence
in consideration of Lodge's immigra­
tion bill and the proposed legislation to
confer authority upon the president to
act for the protection of the govern­
ment’s interest at the sale of the Kan­
sas Pacific was pending at the close of
the session. The probability is that it
will be amicably arranged before the
senate convenes tomorrow.
Dark Palon«« < rime.
Palouse, Wash., Dec, 7. — An un­
known man was found dead yesterday
on the track of the Northern Pacific,
one mile south. The body was mangled
lievond recognition.
The man was 5
feet 8 inches, dregesed in a bine checked
suit, sack coat and brown overcoat.
The coroner’s jury returned a verdict
that the man came to his death by hav­
ing his throat cut, but whether by hi*
own hand or the hand ef another they
could not say. A bloody knife.
Kanaa« Pari tic Sale.
Spaniards Discredit It in the
Absense of Proofs.
Killed Her Hable«.
Philadelphia, Dec. ti.—Anna Nig­
gle, the young wife of 8. Niggle, a pin-
ture frame dealer, living at 738 Jackson
street, tonight killed her two babies,
one aged 3 years, and one aged 6
months, by smothering them with illu­
minating gas. The woman attempted
to committ suicide in the same man­
ner, and the returning husband found
The Coliseum at Rome was built by
his children dead and his wife in an
Vespasian to accommodate 10,0000 unconscious condition. She may re­
spectators. It covers five and a half
acres, and was 120 feet high.
Washington, Doc. 9.—Senator Mor­
gan today introduced a resolution re­
questing the president to obtain a post­
ponement of the sale of the Kansas Pa­
cific “until such time as will give con­
gress reasonable time to consider and
act upon his recommendation. ”
Messrs. Rice, Flint
Co. have
struck a vein in their Black Repub­
lican tunnel, in Michael creek mining
district in Southern Oregon, showing
very promising ore containing cold and
copper. No assays from this lowest
level has heen made. The third tun­
nel is in 210 feet, and will be pushed
some 50 feet further to crosscut tbit
and another parallel vein further in.
Protaising ledges are being uncovered
tn the district. A number of placers
are running light.
I.lfe-Saver« Drownml.
Margate, fingland, Dec. 6. — A volun­
teer lifeboat casixed this morning off
Nay lad rock. Of 14 men comprising
her crew, 10 were drowned.
the accident occurred, the lifeboat was
on her way to the rescue of the crew
of the Persian Empire. Later .a the
day the Persian Empire was taken in
tow for London. The Carlisle City,
with which steamer the Persian Em­
pire had been in collision, proceeded on
her voyage.
(Offii e of Downtnr, Honkin» <t Co.. Chicago
Board Ol Ti ><■!.• Brolo
711-71 u'hamber of Coui-
uierce Building, Foriiuud, Oregon.)
The interest in wheat has been any­
thing but keen outside the December
deal, prices holding comparatively nar­
row. Taking tiie May delivery, which
is more nearly an index of market val­
ues than is December, the undertone
has been one of comparative firmness,
marked late last week by the good ad­
vance and a subsequent period of un­
The world’s news affecting wheat
values has been on the, whole favora­
ble to higher prices.
Public stocks in this country have
not been increased as rapidly as for­
merly; while the world’s shipment to
Western Europe was liberal, they were
made up in great part by clearances of
flour from our own coasts, phenomen­
ally large and highly encouraging. It
is believed the Australian crop will
show only a small exportable surplus,
there are recent reports of purchases
on the Pacific coast for South Africa,
ami the Liverpool Corn News has pub­
lished further statements pointing to
the important shortage in Russia’s sup­
ply of breastuffs and feedstuffs. The
Argentine exportable surplus continues
a matter of uncertainty, and the trade
is less interested than formerly, but of
course will closely watch the movement
as soon as the new crop is ready, now
a matter of only a few weeks. Receipts
of spring wheat in the Northwest con­
tinue large, but it is the time of the
year to expect such. The cash demand
for wheat and flour is fairly good.
The corn market has been a sluggish
affair most of the time for a fortnight
past, prices narrow, interest at a mini­
mum, the undertone one of easiness.
Increased receipts are expected now
that farmers are practically through
husking and shelling, and in the ab­
sence of an urgent shipping demand,
0 inside ing the large offerings, specu­
lative support is lacking. Exports are
fair, but ought to be much greater,
and a large visible supply acts as
something of a weight on values. It is
worthy of note, however, that at exist­
ing low prices a good deal of corn in
the aggregate is being shipped out of
Chicago. With the close of lake navi­
gation liberal quantities will be pur­
chased by speculators, and stored in
the hold of vessels at a low rate for
shipment next spring. The market
has continued to hold ‘close to the 26
cent basis, with May hesitating be­
tween 29c and 30c. Low grades by sam­
ple 24 Ja @25)ac.
Portland Market.
Wheat—Walla Walla, 72c; Val­
ley and Bluestem, 74@75c per bushel.
Four—Best grades, $4.25; graham,
$3.50; superfine, $2.25 per barrel.
Oats—Choice white, 34 @ 35c; choice
gray, 32@33c per bushel.
Barley—Feed barley, $19@20; brew­
ing, $20 per ton.
Millstiffs—Bran,$16.50 per ton; mid­
dlings, $21; shorts, $16.50.
Hay—Timothy, $12.50@13; clover,
$10@ll; California wheat, $10; do
oat, $11; Oregon wild hay, $9@10 per
Egg“—18hi@25c per dozen.
Butter—Fancy creamery, 50@55c;
fair to good, 40@45c; dairy, 30@40e
per roll.
Cheese — Oregon,
11 i^c;
America, 12Vac; California, 9@10c
per pound.
Poultry—Chickens, mixed, $1.75@
2.50 per doezn; broilers, $2.00@2.50;
geese, $5.50@6; ducks, $3.00@4.50
per dozen; turkeys, live, 10c per
Potatoes—Oregon Burbanks, 35@40c
per sack; sweets. $1.40 per cental.
Onions—Oregon, new, red, 90c; yel­
low, 80c per cental.
Hops—St® 14c per pound for new
crop; 1896 crop, 4@6c.
Wool—Valley, 14(^16c per pound;
Eastern Oregon, 7@12c; mohair, 20
@22c per pound.
Mutton—Gross, best sheep, wethers
and ewes, $3.00; dressed mutton,
5c; spring lambs, 5'2c per pound.
Hogs—Gross, choice heavy, $4.00;
light and feeders, $3.00@4.00; dressed,
$4.50(85.00 per 100 pounds.
Beef—Gross, top steers, $2.7.5@3.00;
cows, $2.25* dressed beef, 4@5'ac per
Veal—Large, 4 *-2 @5c; small,
6c per pound.
Seattle Market.
Butter—Fancy native creamery,
brick, 28c; ranch, 16(818c.
Cheese—Native Washington, 12lsc;
California, O'^c.
Eggs—Fresh ranch, 30 @ 32c.
Poultry—Chickens, live, per pound,
hens, 10c; spring chickens, $2.50(8
8 00; ducks, $3.50(83.75.
Wheat—Feed wheat, $22 per ton.
Oats—Choice, per ton. $19(8 20.
Corn—Whole, $22; cracked, per ton,
$22; feed meal. $22 per ton.
Barley—Rolled or ground, per ton,
$22; whole. $22.
Fresh Meats—Choice dressed beef,
eteers, 6c; cows, o'2c; mutton sheep,
7c; pork. 7c; veal, small, 7.
Fresh Fish—Halibut, 4@5c: salmon,
3@4c; salmon trout, 7@ 10c; flounders
and sole, 3(8 4; ling cod, 4 @5; rock cod,
5c; smelt, 212(<t4c.
Fresh' Fruit—Apples, 50c@$1.25 per
box; peaches, 75(8 80c; prunes, 35@40c;
pears, 75c@$l per box.
San Franci»co Market.
Wool—Nevada 11 @ 13c; Oregon, 12
@14c; Northern 7@8c per pound.
Hops—10@12c per pound.
Millstnffs—Middlings. $2O@22; Cal­
ifornia bran, $17.50(*r 18.00 p«*r ton.
Onions—New red. 70(880c; do new
si 1verskin, $1.40@1.60 percental.
Eggs—Store. 24 @ 26c; ranch, 27^@
82c: Eastern, 15@20;duck, 20@25c per
Cheese—Fancy mild, new, 12tjc; fair
to good, 7 @ 8c per pound..