The Yamhill County reporter. (McMinnville, Or.) 1886-1904, December 03, 1897, Image 4

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    Whatever may be the operation cf the new Cl'llHEXT NOTE AND COMMENT.
(Dingley) tariff, the restoration of confidence
brought about by its passage put into operation
Maryland has given a repul■ ' an
millions of dollars which had heretofore been majority in three successive elec­
r. H. BAHNHAHT, Editor Ac Propr I lying idle, and that gave employment to hun­
Pal pita tion — Weak - Uncon
dreds of thousands of hands. * * •—Reporter. tions. The solid south is broken be­
J. G. ECK31AN, Asociale Editor.
scious at Times —Sleepless-
Let us inquire into the truthfulness of the yond mending.
—Kidney Troubles
above unwarranted statement by examining
China app<’als to the czar for pro­
the last official report of Comptroller Eckels.
Subscription $1.00 Per Year. Fifteen of Chicago’s national banks show d - tection from German aggression. A Recovery Would Seem Like a Miracle
posits amounting to >140,000,000 and loans and combination between
Russia and Yet Hood’s Sarsaparilla Cured
discounts aggregating only >32,000,000, au excess
than a “I had been in very poor health for
of deposits of >58,000,000. A year ago these same
several years, and two Bummers I was so
Reading notices in local columns io cent m per
weak I was obliged to lie in bed 3 months
line for first week and a cents per line tbeieaftvr i their Ioans and discounts were |«jt»,OuO,OOO, leav-
Display advertisements, annual rate on'- iwh ; j Ing un excess oi only >21,000,000. It will be
at a time. 1 was al! run down, had
per month 91; each additional inch 5U Cents p * t plainly seen that there is, at this time, >37,006,’ populist party is dead because it I
Unconscious Spells
Obituary and marriage notices n<»t exceedP-g : 000 more money in hiding in these few banks counts for little in the election re
lasting for an hour at a time,
10 lines published free, if furnished in tin.'- to ' than there was a year ago. Thus it is seen that
be current news. Additional mailer lu Cent* ¡*r the statement of The Reporter is not supported turns of the year. The populists re- doctors thought the trouble came from
by the facts. It is nothing but a pleasure to us, join that they have converted the my heart. 1 used to say that if I could
in the fulfillment of our duty to the people, to- democratic party and that answers only be up around, I should be so thank­
be so often called to correct statements, mads
ful, and that it would seem like a miracle
FRIDAY, DEC. 3, 1897,
through either vicious falsehood,or inexcusable their purpose.
if J should be well. The neighbors all
ignorance of the facts.—North Yamhill Record.
President Eliot of Harvard, talk­ know of the poor health 1 bad been in,
Yamhill ¿County Reporter
Eat Good Things
in Winter
and grow fat. Pure food is obtainable
if you seek it. We have mt st any­
thing you like, and probably so nethat
you don’t. But you can buy want you
want and reject the rest. Now there’s
k I/ v L c
wOil D11CKS«
Some people wouldn’t be without them.
others wouldn’t be outside’eui.
Mfinlp Qumo
Everybody like» It. We keep It in bulk und can».
Also excellent Paragon Honey Syrup. IV th fine for
ttapjaeks, whether uiade of Buckwheat, Com, Flour, or by Aunt Jemima.
Appetizing Chow Chow.
The editor of the Record is a very ing about football says: "Everybody and how much hotter I am now. I bad
tasted. Known to be pure und wholesome.
smart man. He very plainly says so cannot play football. It is only the! asthma for many years, aud some nights
The new mush product, Leading the van. Everybody
Could Not Sleep
himself, and doubtless if the eye of strong and well-built man who can |
VT »vaiiiiv«
buys it because It's good. It must be good. Competition !
Comptroller Eckles should fall upon expect to play the game with any de- ! my breathing was attended with so much
makes it so.
the foregoing bright comment, he gree of success. Therefore 1 do not
sit bolt upright in bed. As my general
would summon the Record man to a faver football for everybody. It is, health grew poorer, my asthma grew
clerkship—either that or he would of course, h valuable exercise to worse. I had kidney and other troubles
Tillamook Cheese.
enjoy a hearty laugh.
those who, as I say, are able to and seemed to be generally ‘out of sorts.’
I heard so much of Hood’s Sarsaparilla
The statement made by The Re­ play it.”
Big Alealy Potatoes.
that 1 decided to try it, and I experienced
porter is one of fact, patent to every
Best Moca and Java Coffee on Earth. A trial convinces.
The government has just giv- great benefit from it. 1 have recom­
intelligent and fair-minded person.
en an order for 50 ten-inch disap- I mended it to many people, and I cannot
The figures given by the Record sim­
say too much in praise of Hood’s Sarsa­
We are making a special run on our Queens-
pearing guns and 10 twelve-inch parilla. I have not been in bed for over
ply illustrate and corroborate it.
ware to clear the space for the approaching holiday =
mortars, and has enjoined haste. a year on account of illness.” M bs . S.
They show that the deposits in these
trade. Have you investigated the prices?
This may be taken as an indication W atson , 432 S. Columbia St., Warsaw, Ind.
banks have increased $53,000,000,
that the president does not purpose
over 60 per cent in the past year,
Yours to please,
that the country shall be caught
and their loans and discounts $166,-
nappingin ease that Spain proves
000,000. A vital mistake is made in
Is the best — in fact the One True Blood Puri­
intractable on the Cuban question. fier. Sold by all druggists. Get only Hood’s.
considering the excess of deposits as
Within the past twenty years, ac­ Hnnd’s Pille îuJe llver ln,; Msy ,0
money in hiding, whereas, it is mon­
to Mulhall, the population of ilOOU S i 1I1S take, easy to operate. 25c.
ey that has been brought out of hid­
ing by the increased volume of busi­ the United States has risen from 45,
Elcenses In Marry.
ness being transacted .throughout 000,000 to 71,000,000 souls an i ii-
Nov. 26tli—W. P. Fraser, of Lafayette,
the country. People engaged in bus­ crease of 78 per cent, In the same 37, and A. L. Martin, 27, of McMinn­
iness do not deposit their money in time the value of our exports has ville.
stockings or iron chests, but place it risen 175 per cent—that is, three Nov. 29th—Henry C. l’attv, of Amity,
in banks, where it is kept in active times as fast as the population. And 29, and Marian Sully, 28, of McMinnville-
circulation by the system of checks still the democratic party howls that
Will carry the celebrated Gotzian Boots and Shoes for
Don’t fail to attend Kay & Todd’s auc­
and drafts. It sometimes occurs dur­ the markets of the world are closed tion sales.
winter wear. Goodyear Rubbers and Boots, Mackin- fcj
toshes and Umbrellas.
ing periods of stringency that the to us because of the protective tariff.
circulation of the country becomes
To Cure a Cold in One II»)’
congested at the financial centers, Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
notably New York, and certain re­ All druggists refund the money if it fails
serve banks show large excess of de­ to cure. 25c. For sale by Rogers Bros.
posits that are virtually idle money,
Heal E»ta«e Tr»n»ten.
but there is acorrespondingdecrease
Week ending Dec. 1.
in the aggregate of bank deposits.
Alanson Savage to W W McDonald
That such is not the case at the pres­
380.42 a pt Jas Green d 1 ct 3 r 3$
ent time is demonstrated by the Jens Hansen to J P Johnson et ux
Canton Clipper Plows
November report of the comptroller 6J4 a pt J as Morris dlct3 r 2
T he Rev. Thomas Boyd of Port­ just received. This report shows Chas Smith to Mary E Smith 50 a
No matter
Superior Drills and Seeders
how much of
land in his Thanksgiving sermon that on December 17th, 1896, the t5 r 3.........................
a business wo­
man a woman
made some allusions to the rotten­ 3661 national banks had individual Chas Smith et ux to S C Ford 90.05
Right Lap Cultivator and Seed
may be, when
ness of the city government, and in deposits aggregating $1.639,688,397.
a pt D B Matheny d 1 c t 5 r 3
the little love­
god makes up
the course of his remarks said: “It October 5th, 1897, only 3610 banks Emil Jensen to Ola C Mortenson
his mind to
Mitchell Wagons
is not a question of gold standard or were carrying deposits amounting to 88.26 a I C Cowger d 1 c t 2 r 3 . .
shoot, there is
silver standard, but a question as to $1,853,349,128, an increase of $213,- Ola C Mortenson to Emil Jensen
against his arrow. Yet t man;
many a young woman
1000 whose affections are L..
60.26 a pt Cowger die
__ 1, engaged,
________ hesi-
whether we have a population of 16 660,735. The loans and discounts on
of wifehood
gamblers and harlots and one honest the same dates were respectively: Emil Jensen to Lyman A Brisbine
and motherhood, because she feels unfitted
A 16-inch Plow for $14.
1 a and 112 rods pt Cowger d 1 c
for them by some physical weakness or
pure youth.” Doubtless the good par Dec. 17th, 1896, $1,883,407,457; Oct.
C D Hoskins et ux to C E New­
so.i intended to administer his rebuke 5th, 1897, $2,051,009,438—an increase house 12-100 a pt S Heater d 1 c
The special ailments to which the femi­
nine organism is liable, not only unfit a wo­
in non-partisan doses, but the great of $167,601,981. National banks are
Air-Tight Heaters, $3.50 and up.
man for happy wifehood and motherhood,
t 3 r . ............................................
but incapacitate her for any sphere of action.
humbug, Pennoyer, who presides not permitted to loan over 85 per J 1’ Beeler to Alice R Beeler lots 3
No woman can discharge tne daily duties of
over the destinies of the municipali­ cent of their deposits, and very few
and 4 blk 1 Morgan's add to
any position with comfort or satisfaction
Have you seen the Newest Thing
who is constantly weighed down by head­
ty and is something of a silver crank, if any aim to reach that limit, though
aches. backaches and dragging, weakening
in Stove Mats? We have them.
wrote one of his characteristic let­ the increase of loans and discounts J P Beeler to Alice R Beeler 231 a
pt C Richardson d 1 c.
ters to the parson and had it pub­ in the past ten months has borne
means a necessity of womanhood. They
are positively and completely cured by Dr.
lished in the newspapers. In it he nearly that ratio to the increase of Fred Matthies et ux to J R Booth
’s Favorite Prescription. It imparts
la int in lot 2 and n hf Its 5 and
said: “History is repeating itself. In deposits.
genuine health and strength to the womanly
organs. It was devised for this one purpose
the time of Elijah there were 450
by an eminent specialist in this particular
B F Fuller et ux to Rowland Smith
prophets in Israel, and everj’ one
field of practice.
T he fifteen republican majority in
pt Its 7 and 8 blk 21 Newby’s add
" For several years I suffered with prolapsus of
was a prophet of Baal. Now, nearly the Ohio legislature on joint ballot
275 the uterus,” writes Miss A Schuster, of Box
to McM .....................................
Rodney. Jefferson Co.. Miss. "Our family
a'l the professed ministers of God which the revised count reveals W G Davis et ux to B F Sparks
physician treated tue for kidney trouble, and ev­
else but the right thing. I grew worse
are worshippers of the gold stan­ shows that the Buckeye state did
l(,5l._. a pt G W Roberts d 1 e t 4
and worse. My body was emaciated, hands aud All kinds of Fine,
kinds of batches, Clocks
D. A. SMITH’S All and
dard, and their efforts to effect a re­ well in the recent canvass. It was r 4.....................................
4000 teet clammy and cold, stomach weak, with great
palpitation ol the heart. I dreaded lor night to
Jewelry for sale at
Difficult and
ligious and moral regeneration of the in the contest for the legislature that Union lodge No 43 F and A M to
come foi 1 would suffer with nausea all night and
hard times prices.
old Watches re­
so I continued until some kind unknown friend
B F Sparks lot 190 Masonic cem­
people, while they are laboring at McLean put in his most skillful
sent me your book with a marked page. I began
your ‘Favorite Prescription,' contraiy to paired and made
4 taking
the same time for their moral degra­ work. Every republican was confi­ etery ...........................................
my family's wishes, and I began to improve right
to run as good
away I have taken three bottles ana now I am
dation and physical slavery, will be dent that his party would have a Baptist college to Anna Matthies
very nearly well and am very happy, and thank­
as new at
ful to you •’
next door to postoffice .
as impotent as were the prayer# of long lead on governor, but no repub­ pt lot 22 college add to McM
Huai's prophets to bring down the lican supposed that the majority in
fire of heaven to consume the bul­ the legislature would bo as great as
locks which they had laid upon the it is now known to be. Taking into
altar.” The mayor of Portland makes the account the rascality in many
an important admission that was shapes which the republicans had to
stoutly denied by the Brvanites dur combat, and keeping in mind the
ing the last November campaign, tendency of the party vote in that
viz., thut about nine-tenths of the state to shrink in the year immedi­
miuistersof the gospel in the north­ ately succeeding a presidential elec­
ern states, and with them the bulk tion in which the republicans were
of the Christian people, ure upholders victorious, the victory of 1897 is seen
In addition to these Corsets, just received direct from New York new Dress
of republicanism und the gold stun to be one of the most notable in
dard. The people of Oregon have Ohio's history.—fllobe -Democrat.
Goods, Trimmings and Linings, Hosiery, Underwear, Mackintoshes, Umbrellas
uotions of their own us to who are
T he final analysis of the vote in
the local prophets of Baal aud who
From Chicago—New Capes and Jackets.
Kansas shows conclusively that it I a<
is old Baal himself.
returned to the republican fold once
From Michigan—Twenty Dozen of the Famous Kalamazoo Pants. The
more after a long spell of devious
T hi report of Hon Benton Killin
written guarantee is in the pocket of every pair, and it’s well
wandering. In 1886 the state elected
of Portland, U. S. cotnmisatoner,
makes everything good just as he advertises it. He never
a democratic governor, but at the
who was sent to Alaska to investi­
misrepresentations of goods he sells.
next presidential election gave the
gate the agricultural resources of
phenomenal republican -majority oi
the coast region and ascertain wheth­
82,000. She is getting lea'y to
er it was udvisable to establish an
eclipse that record in 1900. Though
From Portland—New supplies of Groceries and
agricultural experiment station, has
You will find at our Corset De­
goods every week.
been published. It is adverse to
partment a representative line of
such a project. The investigation
the justly celebrated
appears to have been thorough and fall carried the state by a plurality
intelligently pursued, aud the report of over 9000. Thirty-three countie
would be folly for us to attempt
abounds in interesting facts concern­
put in print all that might be
ing that part of I’ncie Sain's domain. Ican gains are general, footing up
To close out some lines of our present Hat and
said in favor of these goods.
The conclusion reached from reading
Shoe stock. On these special lines we will abso­
the report is that fishing, lumbering over 22,000.
One trial will convince any lady
cut prices in twain. This cut is not on all
and mining are the great native re­
that they possess merits not found
shoes we have in stock, but only on special
sources, which will in time support
in the ordinary stock corset.
lines. We aim to give bargains in all lines.
a hardy civilization of considerable
Prices ranging from $L00 up­
All that their nunc implies.
magnitude, from whom the nation
will draw seamen for the merchant Restore full, regular aetlon
■ ■ ■
the bowels, do not Irri-
marine and navy, but agriculture of
Ute or Inflame, but leave
will be a matter of subsidiary inter­ all the Sellcete dlgeetw» or ■ ■ ■ ■
eenism la perfect roaZlttoa Try them * .ruts.
F T ips rH oaly
U I Move A Uw, Lewelk Mi»«
Ol’R good populist friend of Tilla­
mook, P. W. Todd, sends us two sil­
ver certificates of the denomination
of one dollar, with the joking remark
that “this is populist money, and
you may not be able to use it out
there.” Prince, you are entirely “off
iu the claim that this is populist
money. If it were, there is no ques­
tion but your apprehension would be
well grounded.
These certificates
state on their face that “There
has been deposited in the treasury
of the United States one silver dol­
lar, payable to the bearer on de­
mand.” They are not money at all,
but we can use them out here in
this neck of woods, because the na­
tional faith is behind the 412} grains
of silver they represent, which the
government lias stamped as a silver
dollar and paid out to its dependents,
employes and creditors as good mon­
True populist money is fiat
money. We have never seen any,
but from what we are able to gather
from populist orators and writers,
t would be simply a piece of paper
printed across the face “This is a
dollar by authority of law,” and then
there might be printed on the back
a statement of penalties for refusing
tofgive a bushel of wheat in ex­
change or accept it in payment for
a bushel of wheat already owed.
That kind of money would make the
American eagle come [down off his
HOOd’S barilla
Wallace & Walker
| Che JVew Shoe Store^^- g
Jemelry Store * * *
Apperson is Aluiays on Top 1
Opening Up New Goods
W orcester
A. J. ÄPPERS0N, McMinnville