The Yamhill County reporter. (McMinnville, Or.) 1886-1904, November 05, 1897, Image 5

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    fie was tickled
G. S. Wright, dentist.
Fresh Tillamook cheese at Bettman A
Eastern oysters in any 6tvle kept daily
at White’s restaurant.
You can get perfect satisfaction in pho­
tos at the Excelsior Studio.
Mrs. E. 8. Warren goes to I’ortland
week to select milinerv for the holi­
and so perfect in til and appearance
that the wearer herself might be able
Money to loan on improved farm prop
to forget them. I guarantee my
erty. Address Box 72, Lafayette, Or. 3-4
plates to be as nearly perfect as the
best material, educated skill and the
Mr. Griesen haB repainted the front
peculiarities of each case will per­
of his book and music store in the pre­
mit. Skillful operations, minimum
vailing fashionable color, brown.
pain and reasonable charges are the
The best 25-cent meal in the city is ob-
basic elements of my practice.
ainable at T. A. White’s restsurant-
Cleanliness and asepsis rigidly
Mr. ami Mrs. Ed. Holt of Newberg
practiced. I invite you to call for
were the guests of W. T. Macy on Sun­
examination of your teeth. I am
always pleased to talk about dentis­
Kay & Todd are now ready for the fall
trade with a complete line in all de­
LEROY LEWIS, D. D. S. partments.
McMinnville, Ore.
Mrs. Will Kratz of Portland visited her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. Dielschneider,
this week.
Big cut in prices at B. Jacobson &
Co.’son account of preparation for re­
moval into new building.
Mrs. E, D. Fellows and daughter Mrs.
and Surgeons Harry
Howard of Portland, were visiting
(Office over Braly’s Bank.)
in the city this week.
Why go to Klondike to make money
M c M innvili . b
O regon .
when you can make it at home by buy­
ing your groceries of J. P. Irvine & Son?
J H. COOK, fl. D.
Rev. E. E. Thompson will go to Seattle
next Monday to assist Rev. Powell in a
and Surgeon revival effort in his church.
Three leaders :Kimbal) pianos and or­
Rooms 9 aud 10, Union Block,
gans , New Home and Wheeler & Wilson
O regon . sewing machines; for sale at C, Grie­
M c M innville ,
Miss Hattie Rice, the new instructor
in music at Pacific collega, visited her
brother, John Rice, of this city, over
Successors to Harding A West,
Proprietors of
To whom it may concern • No one but
members admitted to rooms of commer­
cial club. By order of board of managers.
Choice, Fresh Meats, All Kinds E. C. IValker, Sec.
The injuries sustained by Ed Close in
South side Third 8t. between B and C.
falling on a revolving wood saw at
Lafayette last Thursday were not of a
permanent nature, and he is rapidly re­
Washington couldn’t tell a lie. Like
Mark Twain, we can but we won’t
Don’t fail to see the new goods arriving
We are located opposite Bums & Daniels and aim every few days at the Racket store. 46-2
to give all customers good treatment for little
money. Bath rooms in connection. Your pat­
Rev. Gilman Parker of Portland, gen­
ronage solicited.
eral missionary of the Baptist Home
Missionary society, will preach in the
Baptist church next Sabbath morning
and evening.
J. P. Irvine & Son have the largest
Manufactures and Deals in
stock of groceries ever carried in the
county, and now is the time to lay in
your winter supply at bed rock prices.
Milt Peery of Dayton brought in on
uidbrushes, and sells them cheaper than they
can be bought anywhere else in the Willamette Wednesday a fine specimen head of a
Valley. Our all home made sets of harness are mule deer shot by himself jq, the Cas­
pronounced unsurpassed by those who buy them.
cades, and will have it mounted by Mr.
Ayres. He says it had two inches of fat
on its rump,
Dealer in and Manufacturer of
Tha choral union has agreed on Mr.
Lownsdale of Lafayette as their musical
director for the winter, on a very liberal
COLLARS, proposition made by him. Aocording to
the constitution the union will hold two
concerts yearly. More good singers are
Practice is ex­
All work guaranteed as represented. Repairing desired as members.
of all kinds promptly done. First door west ot pected to begin by the 17th inst.
McMinnville National Bank.
The large barn on the farm occupied
Chas. Oatman near the river south of
town, was destroyed by fire about two
o’clock Sunday morning. Five horses,
two cows, and a lot of grain and hay
were burned, upon which there was no
Third St., between E and F.
insurance. The fire was discovered by
Wilson & Henderson, Props
Mr. Oatman too late to rescue much
property, but in his attempt to do so his
Everything first-class. Horses boarded by face and hands were badly burned. His
day, week or month. Commercial travelers
conveyed to all points at most reasonable rates. theory of the fire is that of tramps in the
Give us a call.
hay, the one usually resorted to when
nothing definite is known of the origin.
The loss was a heavy one for Mr. Oatman.
Teach the hens to lay. The Oregon
Agriculturist says : About $10,000 have
gone east from Portland within the past
month to pay for eggs It is probable
Truck and Dray Co. that $25,000 will not cover the whole
Goods of all descriptions moved, and careful cost of eastern eggs imported into Oregon
handling guaranteed. Collections will be made and Washington during the month of
monthly. Hauling of all kind« done cheap.
October It is unfortunate that we are
sending away so much money that ought
to be distributed at home. It is not be­
cause of a lack of hens in this country
that we are importing so many eggs.
" WOOD WORKER There are hens enough, but we have not
learned how to induce them to lay a 'suf­
will repair your Buggies and Wagons manufac­ ficient number of eggs at this season for
ture Office Furniture, Book cases. Wardrobes,
Brackets, Whatnots and all kinds of wood work. home use.”
The grocery firm of Millsap A Son have
Two Doors East of City Stables.
sold their business to B. F. Dresser of
Portland and Miles Hendrick of Amity.
The new firm, which will be known as
Dresser & Hendrick, took possession the
NO 3867
first day of the month, Monday. Mr.
Hendrick is l«st known to the local pub­
lic, having done business for several
years in the county. The senior mem­
ber was formerly well known in Port­
land business circles. He is engaged
this week moving his family to McMinn­
ville and will occupy the fSno^^eo dwell­
Surplus >10,000.
ing npar the depot. Messrs. Millsap &
■tahMCts a General Banking Business.
Son make no announcement as to their
pffice Hours 9 a. m. to 4 p. m.
because he had his tooth extracted
without suffering any pain, although
he had entered my office expecting
to endure the untold agonies usually
incident to the dental chair. We
can do the same for you. All opera­
tions are carefully, gently and thor­
oughly done. Artificial teeth should
be so perfectly adapted to the mouth
G. 6, Wright, dentist.
Typewriter supplies at C. Grissen's.
W. C. Clow has removed to Portland.
G. E. Detmering of Eugene was in the
city yesterday.
Fred and Ira Nelson arrived from Ida­
ho on Tuesday.
F. 8. Harding has sold his residence
property to Mrs. Caley, late of Heppner.
Rev. R. W. King is assisting Rev. Mc-
Killop in a series of meetings at Albany.
Chas. W. Root, aged 30, and Ada R.
Jewell, 27, were licensed to marry on the
1st inst.
Rev. Wm. Gay of Lafayette is reported
quite ill. Dr. Calbreath is attending
E. C. Goodman has moved from North
Y’amhill to the Dickinson farm north of
Howard Hibbs and Lillis Chilcott of
thia city were married in Portland Wed­
J. N. Mills has gone to Maury, Wash.,
where he has a paying position in a
shingle mill.
Wm. Ball is in very poor health and
will take a course of medical treatment in
a Portland hospital.
Dr. Svenson-Barton of North Yamhill
has sold his practice to Dr. Pruden, and
it is understood will move to Portland.
James McCain and J. E. Magers are in
Salem this week. A case in the supreme
court engages their attention.
Dr. Littlefield and L. M. Parker were
up from Newberg on Saturday to witness
the game of football at the college.
Cotswold bucks for sale from $3 up.
Also some good ewes to let on shares.
G eo . O wens .
Reed, the fence man, has erected a big
paint tank, in which he paints a whole
bunch of his superior fencing at one dip,
Leave your order at the Racket store
for a suit of tailor-made clothes. They
guarantee a fit and satisfaction or no sale.
An Umpqua sportsman turned loose
five pair of wild turkeys on the head­
waters of the Umpqua river the other
Professor Reynolds' plan for promoting
the cause of better spelling is a good one,
and the suggestion should be followed
up by action.
H. G. Guild of this city attended the
burial of his father, H. A. Guild, in East
Portland, on Wednesday of lsat week,
Deceased was 73 years old.
E. N. Ford writes from Southern Ore­
gon to relatives here the gratifying in­
formation that the change to that cli­
mate is improving his health.
Mrs. E. S. Warren will commence
a special sale of trimmed hats on Sat­
urday, Nov. 6th. Hrs. Warren carries
only first-class goods.
The Woodmen will have a special
meeting Saturday evening, at which the
attendance qf all members is desired.
A. M. Mecklen, general organizer, will
be present.
E. Rose of San Francisco, who is said
to be standard authority, says California
will need most of the potatoes grown in
Oregon this year. They will also be in
demand elsewhere,
Do you know, that Elsia Wright carries
a full line of lubricating oils for machin­
ery? Owners of valuable harvesting and
other machinery cannot afford to exper­
iment with poor oils. He carries the best
on the market and they are warranted
not to gum.
Dr. Calbreath lias returned from his
trip to southern Oregon, whither he went
to inspect some mining property owned
by himself and others. Results must
have been satisfactory, as Dr Goucher
and Frank Wisecarver have gone down
to put in a hydraulic plant to work the
mines. We understand there are some
very profitable mines in the immediate
The Sunday school at McCabe chapel
has had for its superintendent during the
past five years, Miss Alberta Cone. Last
Sunday the school, in recognition of her
long and faithful service, presented her
with a testimonial in the form of a beau­
tiful opal ring. A neat and appropriate
presentation speech was made on behalf
of the school by Mrs. Mary Judd, and the
event was a pleasant incident in the so­
cial life of the little rural community.
Grand Removal Sale!
Big Cut in Prices!
#45,000 WORTH
Consisting of Dry Goods, Clothing,
Shoes, Hats and Caps, Furnishing
Goods, Ladies9 & Children’s Jack­
ets and Capes, Millinery, etc.,
Must be disposed of within 60 Days.
Come early and get the first choice,
as goods are moving very fast.
R. Jacobson & Co.
McMinnville, Oct. 22, 1897.
The residence of George W. Keene near
this place on Thursday evening last, was
the scene of a very pretty wedding cere­
mony, the contracting parties being
Hartley Robinson and Mr. Keene's only
daughter, Phoebe, Rev. Elmer E.Thomp­
son officiating. The parlor was vary
neatly decorated with flowers and drap­
ery. Beneath a bell of rosea and canopy
of drapery intertwined with ivy the
bride and groom, neatly attired, pledged
tbeir devotion one to the other for life,
After the ceremony the guests were
invited into the dining room where all
the good things tu be wished for awaited
the merry group, who were hilarious, not
with wine but good will and good appe­
Many useful and handsome presents
were given the young people to remind
them of their start on the raging billows
of matrimony, shunned by few and tried
by many. Among the guests present
were Mr and Mrs, John Redmond, Mrs.
Thos. Brown, Mrs. J. S. Robinson, Mr.
and Mrs. McKoskey, Mr. and Mrs. B. F.
Sparks, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Handley,
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse High, Mr. and Mrs.
N. E. Kegg, Rev. and Mrs. E. E. Thomp­
son, Misses Lillian, Mabel and Amy
Brown, Pearl, Mary and Nellie Robin­
son, La Versa, Nora and Arlie Keen and
Hattie Wright and Messrs. Thos. and
Chas. Brown, George, Roe and Brice
Robinson, Claude Sparks, Bird and Ear­
nest Handley, Aden Keen and Melvin
A business man is not the most patient
creature in the world. He cannot wait
to hear any long-drawn-out story of the
cause of his ailment. He does’t care two
straws about a fine spun theory of how
he should treat himself. He may be pre­
disposed to scrofula or consumption.
“That,” he will tell you “has nothing to
do with the case." He wants to be well.
If he can be cured, write out a prescrip­
tion and send in your bill. So, here’s
the first part of the proposition. Dr.
Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery is a
microbe hunter and killer. Many per­
sons of scrofulous blood, encourage the
breaking out of unsightly sores, to pre­
vent the disease going to the lungs.
There is no need of this state of dread
and discomfort. Purify the blood. It
can be done. “Golden Medical Dis­
covery" will cure 98 per cent, of all con­
sumptive cases, also of all other lingering
Linn county is excited over what is be­ bronchial, throat and lung diseases.
lieved to be a rich gold find. The quartz
Ed Tyler and son returned from Gray’s
assays $737.16 per ton in gold. The crop­
pings were accidently found by a survey­ harbor Wednesday.
See Dr. Nelson about seamless gold
ing party about a year ago, and the assay
has just lately been returned. The land crowns and plate work.
is owned by six of Salem's citizens, one
Bettman A Warren receive tresh cheese
of whom is Senator Gesner, and they from Tillamook every few days.
have their claims staked, and say there
J. P. Irvine 4 Son will sell yon sugar
is a mountain of it, enough to keep a by the sack at Portland prices with
crusher going for a thousand years. freight added.
Will the Willamette valley yet prove a
E. Cooper Brooks, aged 36, and Mag­
Klondike? There is kpowu la toe gold
gie C. Ryan, aged 24, were licensed tobe
in YamtiUs bUi» aieo.
married on the 3d inst.
A local poet and philosopher passes us
Kay & Todd have the cheapest line ot
the following: “These times are not such underwear ever brought into the city;
measly times as some would like to make
$1.50 undersuit lor $1.00.
’em; though whether good or whether
A letter from I*oug McDonald, dated
bad depends on how you take ’em
agents mean to sit and chpw the v>d of i San Francisco, Nov. 1st, notes the safe
sad reflection, and blame their .luck (or I arrival of himself and family after a very
lack <4 pluck,) upon the last election; pleasant sea voyage. They were to sail
and stew and grumble, whine and fret, for San Diego yesterday.
Here are some of the bargains in win­
because wealth don't come to 'em, and
wait lor things to do thepieelves instead ter waists at EVA MARTIN’S: Plaid
Mrs. E. S. Warren will on Saturday, of help to do ’em —They’ll find the sun flannelette with white collar, 75cts; all
L£i LAUGHLIN, President.
I Nov. 6th. open a new line of winder don'4 shine for men who have no eye to wool flannel with white collar, $1.35;
’ 7 l . ROGERS. Vice-President.
millinery novelties, also ladies' ready light it; and ill-luck always grabs the braided henrietta with white collar,
’ E. C. APPERSON, Cashier.
lout who hai no spunk to fight it.’’
W, S, LINK, Assistant Cashier, made suits and ladies' wraps.
__________________ SHOULD SEE THE-----------------------------
New Deere Sulky and Gang Plows.
They throw out of the ground eight inches with one finger
and throw in with a touch of the heel. For sale at
Kay A Todd buy from first-class houses I Indigestive poisons are the bane of the
Not $1.09 worth of auction or bankrupt dyspeptic s life. When sick, see if your
sickness is caused by indigestive poisons.
stock in the store.
For Sale—A good horse, phaeton and If so, take Shaker Digestive Cordial.
harness, cheap. Inquire at this office. *
1 This is the only certain way of being per­
Will take good milch cow in exchange. , manently cured, because it is the only
way that gets rid of the poisons. You
The new display window at the Excel- ‘
sior Photo Studio is the finest the city - know that fermented food is poisonous.
You know that poison is unhealthy.
has ever seen. It is certainly up to date. !
Shaker Digestive Cordial clears the stom­
Are yon going to paint your house? I ach of fermenting food, and purifies the
Consult Elsia Wright about paints and blood and system of indigestive poisons.
oils. He will give you the best mateiial It cures indigestion and the diseases that
at least cost.
tf I come of it. Headache, dizziness, nausea,
Notwithstanding the raise in clothing by stomach-ache, weakness, flatulence,con­
the tariff bill Kay & Todd are selling their stipation, loss of appetite, irritability, etc.
$12 suits for $10; their $15 suits for $12; These are a few of the symptoms, caused
by indigestive poisons, cured by Shaker
their $10 suits for $8.50.
O. II. Adams has just gathered the Digestive Cordial. At druggists, price 10
second crop of Bartlett pears this season cents to $1.00 per bottle.
from a tree in his yard, and is justly
proud of the state which does such phe­
nomenal things.
The football team of Newberg defeated
the McMinnvilles in the game last Sat­
urday, The game was hotly contested.
We quote the College Review, which
ought to be good authority : “In the first
half Newberg got a touch-down and suc­
cessfully kicked in goal. The ball then
passed to McMinnville, who lost it by
kicking out of bounds. The rest of this
half was so hard fought that time was
called without further gain for either. In
the second hall the McMinnville boys
showed their lack of rigid, endurance­
making, physical training. They put up
a heroic resistance, but were not equal to
the well-coached, well-trained, tbree-
year-old veteran Newbergs. In this half
the visiting team scored 12, making a to­
tal of 18 to 0 in favor of Newberg. There
were a few accidents but nothing serious.
A split hand, a broken finger, a bloody
nose and a few minor bruises is the
Young blood about town was nnnsnaf-
ly active Halloween night, not to say
malicious in some instances, notably the
damaging of the privet hedge about Dr.
Wright’s residence, toy throwing large
rocks therein.
It is strange that the
harmless habit originating with the Ger­
mans of insisting that if their neighbors’
cabbage wasn’t pulled by October 31st
they would pull it for them and pile it at
their doors, should degenerate into
pranks punishable by law if the perpe­
trators could be known. lessons of
moderation need to be inculcated on this.
Halloween habit.
Haw t® Ca re Bilious Colic*.
I suffered for weeks with colic and
pains in my stomach caused by bilious­
ness and had to take medicine all the
while until I used Chamberlain’s Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy which
cured mo. I have since recommended it
to a great many people. Mas. F. B ctlbr ,
Fairhaven, Conn. Persons who are sub­
ject to bilious colic can ward off the at­
tack by taking this remedy as soon as
the first symptoms appear. Sold by 8.
Howortb A Co.