The Yamhill County reporter. (McMinnville, Or.) 1886-1904, October 29, 1897, Image 1

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Entered at the PoatoOceln McMinnville,
as Second-class matter.
E' Ncliool ¡Hole«.
Mrs. Lewis of Portland was a visitor at
Joe Buttz of Hebo visited iu Whitesoil our school Friday.
this week.
Everett Latouretto was a visitor Wed­
Mrs. Forest started for Tillamook last nesday morning.
Saturdav. She intends making her
The Misses Hobbs and Patty favored
home with her daughter who lives there. us with one of their prettiest songs Fri­
Have an immense stock of furniture. They
Levi Bennett was bo proud of his new day morning.
barn that he went forth immediately and
have to keep a big stock, because they have a large
Last Friday morning by the invitation
bought shinglee to put a new roof on hie of a committee from the high school,
territory to supply. Prices on everything in our
Rev. McKillopcame to our school and
store are surprisingly cheap just uow. If you
Miss Ethel Booth of Woods visited her gave us a short address which was ap­
want proof of this, come in and price the goods.
cousin Miss Belle Booth last Saturday preciated by all. He was accompanied
and Sunday. She is attending school in by several of the delegates from different
Amity this winter.
parts of the state.
Our Sunday school is growing in in­
Rev. Ray Palmer gave our school an
terest and is doing a good work. We have address Wednesday morning on the sub­
a good superintendent assisted by an ex­ ject, “Will it Fay as Boys and Girls to
cellent corps of teachere.
Keep our Hearts Pure.” During his ad-
Uncle Dick Phillips, Jimmie Cruik-1 dress he asked all who were willing to
shank and Mr. Holenetine of this place use their influence against the o|>en sa­
will harvest about 8000 bushels potatoes loon to stand. The majority of the
this year. There are a number of Bmaller school arose.
patches that will swell the aggregate to
Cook School Sole».
about 12,000 bushels. No danger of
Canton Clipper Plows
Benedict is a new student of
starving in Whiteson this winter.
Frank Franklin of Oretown, son of
Superior Drills and Seeders
Harry Hobba has returned to hia stud­
Jerome Franklin of this place, was in
Right Lap Cultivator and Seed
Whiteson a few days since with a load of ies after a hard attack of poison oak.
fish; after selling them out he invested
The pupila of the seventh grade have
the proceeds in two barrels of cider for taken up map drawing with the aid of the
the benefit of the Little Nestucca folks. Burnham system.
Mitchell Wagons
Salmon and cider don’tvhyine very well
Several pupils are being kept out of
but they are both good all the same.
school to work this fall. Parents, which
An unusual accident happened to Ar­ is the moat beneficial to the pupil to stay
chie Graham’s pony the other day. It out of school and pick lip potatoes, or to
with another horse was running on the go regularly to school? Most persons say
commons when they got into a dispute as the latter but a few favor the former.
Air-Tight Heaters, $3.50 and up.
to which one had the best right to the
Professor Hargrave, principal of the
pomace dump of the cider factory. In the Grass Valley academy, Sherman county,
argument that followed the larger horse was a visitor last Friday morning, and
Have you seen tlie Newest Thing
kicked the pony and broke its leg. The addressed the school, touching particu­
in Stove Mats? We have them.
! poor thing was shot to end its misery.
larly on the value of concentrating the
mind on a particular point until it is
Those who believe chronic diarrhoea mastered.
to be incurable should read what Mr. P.
E. Grisham of Gaars Mills, La., has to
Probate Court.
say on the subject, viz : “I have been a
Estate Susan Sawyer. Final account
sufferer from chronic diarrhoea since the filed and Dec. 7, 1897, at 1 p. m., set to
war and have tried all kinds of medicines hear same.
for it. Last fall I found a remedy that
Estate of Jas. L. Steward. Will of de­
effected a cure and that was Chamber­ cedent admitted to probate upon proofs
kinds of Watches, Clocks lain’s Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
. All kinds of Fine,
D. A. SMITH S All and
taken in open court. Elzina Steward ap­
Jewelry for sale at
Remedy.” This medicine can always pointed executrix without bonds. J. W.
Difficult and
bard times prices.
— NEW —
be depended upon for colic, cholera I Hobbs, John Hendrix and Frank Hem­
old Watches re­
morbus, dysentery and diarrhoea. It is bree appointed appraisers.
paired and made
pleasant to take and never fails to ef­
to run as good
fect a cure. 25 and 50 cent sizes for sale
For fine foot wear go to the new shoe
as new at
by S. Howortly & Co.
'i r ò
Jeoielry Store * * *
One Dollar If paid in advauce, Single number, live cents.
Europe is Hooded with advertise­
ments of the Klondike region, and a
great rush to Alaska may be looked
for in the spring. The first railroad
to the diggings will be the biggest
gold mine.
Secretary of Agriculture Wilson
says that within ten years this
country will be exporting sugar. It is
a bold prediction, as foreign sugar
costs us $100,000,000 a year,
events move fast in these times.
At the fall of Fort Fisher in Jan­
uary, 1865, the United States owned
a more powerful navy than that of
England. We need no such navy­
now, but there is no economy in
keeping one too small for the rank of
the country.
The late Chas. A. Dana freshened
his life with two or three good fads.
One was horticulture, and the other
a search for poetic gems. His col­
lection of selected poetry is said to
be the best book of the kind yet pub­
lished in this country.
Henry George says lie cares nothing
for the republic as it is, but will
worship the republic that is coming,
The coming republic, as it pictures
itself to Henry George, is a republic
in which Henry George shall be the
head boss, with undisputed power to
exploit all his social and economical
The eminent gentlemen who a few
months ago fretted themselves into
hysterics about the amount of money
in circulation, have not mentioned
the fact that, while under President
Cleveland the per capita circulation
in the country fell to $21.10, it has
increased under President McKinley
to $22.89.
tlie yankee weakness for British
According to advance reports from
Washington the annual report of the
commissioner of pensions will show
that there were over 13,000 more
pensioners on the roll at the close of
the last fiscal year than there were
at the end of that preceding. The
increase is understood to be owing to
the fact that the commissioner took
up and disposed of a number of old
claims for arrears of pensions which
he found on tile when he took charge
of the office. Others of those claims
remain to be passed upon, and it is
intimated that the number likely to
be allowed will at least meet the re­
ductions on the rolls which may be
occasioned by death during the year.
The commissioner expects, however,
that after the year 1898 the number
will begin to drop, and that once it
does, it will decline rapidly.
The way the “money power” of
Europe is sending over gold, increas­
ing the reserve in the United States
treasury and running up the per-
For Infant« and Children.
capita of money in circulation, is
cause enough for alarm. The “power” Th.
has its deadly eye on our surplus •1 futur.
tt -
wheat, corn and cotton, and it knows
On account of our Mr. Kay wishing to retire from the firm, he being required to give his at
tention to the Salem Woolen Mills business, we have decided to close out our entire business. In
order to do this quickly and at the least expense, we will offer our entire stock, consisting of about
$16,000 worth of goods, Mostly Bought New this Fall, at a (¿reat Sacrifice
Regardless of Cost!
We have always given our customers what we have advertised in the past 13 years we have been
in business here, and will now give you the largest lines to select from in Clothing, Hats, Shoes, Fur
nishing Goods, Etc., in the County, and at from
20 to 50 Per Cent Less than Regular Prices
Come early and make your selections while our assortment is large.
During the next two weeks we will offer any
Hat in our Store formerly sold at $1.00 at
During the next two weeks we will offer our
eutire line of $1.25, $1.50, Si.75 and $2 Hats at
During the next two weeks we will offer sev­
eral fine lines of Underwear, some of them having
sold at 75c and $1, at
Our entire business for sale in bulk at a bargain
a T| vz . ‘r»J.